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Troy Taylor discusses the history of the paranormal in America

Feb 1, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Troy Taylor to explore the history of the paranormal and the rise of the modern ghost hunter. 2/1/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Yeah now west coasters on the East Coast many are still some room to. We welcomed me unreal Hilary do you myself Jason cause they always arson GB as the non ending. Whether up and down this continues and you know it's freezing. In upstate new York and just way too cold to one remain here but Leo welcome everybody hits it's reminding us how much a winter we actually still have to go I mean what is it ground hogs day is what now the rent on Federer first us tomorrow all right. You have lied to I think they what they call for a about another ten weeks from now well if if the ground Aurora sees his shadow there's another six weeks of winter I think is so works something like that kind of that's not even sure who knows I never talked to Punxsutawney Phil personally some not really sure how he does it. But something like that I don't know either way I know it's going to be in April before we actually have decent weather around here this is where we're told that to acceptance and you're sure. If you have an admission had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio radio late FaceBook page forest. Then had to be unreality reviewed dot com meet final stations we aero across the country can download a free iPhone and android. Shall watch listen I catch past shows join me online chat more. Where you just click the listen live button rational upside and right terror or click the Oden will slide in Chad and Alan GV myself immigrant community people in the chat room and I. Talk well we're talking about. Yeah it's great stuff also we've got some great shows coming up tonight Troy Taylor will join us he's the author of American haunting us. The rise of the spirit world and the birth of the modern ghost Connor. We'll talk about the history of paranormal and paranormal investigating in America and how pop culture has affected American history when it comes to the paranormal. What to stuff we're going to be talking about was Troy and am looking forward to that. Yes should be gracious take on the number of number 8446877669. Can eat for four. 6877669. If you have a question for roster Troy when he comes on. Hey guess some good news. Good news for me I don't know is this gonna make you happy OK again in search of is being brought back food that is good news that's really good news unfortunately Leonard Nimoy won't be able to host it. Well but it's Zachary Quinton who pleads spot in the model in a normal. Star Trek movies will be let's address and doesn't in the nicely you know this. Its search it was Triton scifi try to bring it back and he asked and it did really didn't do then they didn't really do that greater job with it but now. The History Channel it's. And I love the idea thanks History Channel has just some great shows on Nevada so in search of a TV show from late seventies and early eighties. It was hosted by both a rod sterling and Leonard Nimoy is being re booted again this time with Zach frequent so as the host did you just say that rod sterling. Hosted incidental to remember that yeah that's what the report says that he's the guy either do IE bug. How I don't know maybe it was formal firm not waste time have to look that up that's cool yes the series which also is re launched in 2002 on site site channel host Mitch pull use good friend of mine actually leaves. The book the guy runs the FBI and ex boss Tom focus on unexplained phenomena from all over the world. So Trade Minister channels ancient alien wheel house think about it the network said each episode followed until he investigated different subject to it and dynamics team. Such as alien encounters serious creatures UFO's time travel artificial intelligence list goes on and on. So I think this going to be good men I think they're going to do it and they're gonna do it right so are excited about this. -- come on mom met two I'm excited about it too we often talk to guests. Who when we asked the question how did you get started they've been reference in surcharges and other inspirations and I know that's the same thing for both of us to. On this thing that's it's one of those things that that brought so many people into into these in these fields these topics. So just see if if they do the right to comes back in unison this opens it up to a whole new generation. Yeah and hopefully gets them involved because I remember. A search of my loved and then of course she you'll lose interest over awhile but there was nothing else on the site sightings came and savings really reboot it a lot of that I think you remember that. A lot of people really. After watching signings they started getting involved again in the field yen and do so there's these shows are really open up the doors and then in on him for all of us sufferers are ghost hunters came on and and to a lot as well also. I'm hoping this really reboots. I'm looking forward to it absolutely that and I'm still watching curse of oak island or the that the person evoke island got me or is it. You haven't gone anywhere eighth governor do you want last week was pretty much just filler so at least they didn't give me any scandalous few of them seem to have been a little disappointing but I don't know plans to hopefully gonna find something you know I am well we'll keep waiting all right so let's take a break care and we come back morial listen to Jason NG beyond beyond our daily radio that. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond reality radio when Jason NG fuel profound mind a little later she should shut down the number. It's 8446877669. I'm sure you're gonna have questions tonight as we get into this conversation with Troy Taylor Troy is the author of he booked. That explorers. The history of basically being a ghost honor basically paranormal in America a book he said he's an author quite a 120 Boise talks about the one breath so talking about tonight is called American haunting is the rise of the spirit world. And the birth of the modern ghost honor and it's a history of the paranormal in America which we all know. It has evolved a lot I mean it's it's evolved a lot throughout the probably the nineteenth and twentieth century will get into this with Troy but in the last us. The safe 1520 years it's really significantly taken a new position in an American pop. Culture or assembly opened up and been able to be talked about a lot more in more openly by individuals I think that that's a huge plus. To see it that way and of course with him with all the shows that of Kamal there's been a lot of positive this venom and did a bunch of negatives as well. And as long as the positives outweigh the negatives I think that's the most important thing but let's welcome Troy into the show you Choi thanks for coming hang in Dallas tonight. They sure good evening good morning whatever it is. It's where you more personal. Where you keep it. I'm in Illinois solid do we even need for me here so yeah you're over towards all. Yeah well it too little nor has there now so up near Springfield in that area. Well we've got a lot to talk Tebow really anxious to have this conversation but let's little's let's get started by learning a little bit more about you tell us. I developed an interest in this and started to pursue it as a of a career path. Well I mean I I there's some type in an arrest in my entire life and I mean just from the tiny each of the young young child I was going to student ghosts and on and explain expressing. So I mean it I got older it just sort developed into something where. I realize that I could do this a hot topic you know more police you know it is cookbook writer and work I creator. You know it was kind of one of those things where I was able to turn that that the supernatural in two. You know tribal full time deal which is why when I get this book I read this book I mean your site and have done a bunch of books by. This particular Warren is just sort of really my favorite of everything I've ever done because. It was my chance to poorer. Every bit passion that I have more work. You know supernatural spirit world history of it and how it affected. That this history of pop culture in America are essentially it is what portable they'll commit it affected American history as well but. You know no matter what. This thing has been over the years whether expand you know. Hoppy about passion and obsession. A religion. On it's always been entertainment from the very beginning from HE 48 in the beginning of spiritual movement this is a bit about. Let's let's let's. Let's slowdown a slowdown trade because we're gonna get into history do we wanna learn by you first the history come out and learn more about you. As you became interest in this did you. Become an investigator yourself go on do research and investigations are joy always approach it from more of the pragmatic business side. No it you know originally that I I went into it with the idea of I wanna use the stock is. I mean that's not what got me started all the way back you know in high school you know people were coming to me I was pleased that weird guy in school you know who you came to try your ghost stories to work. The place that you heard about was ought to get it back senate thanks so I mean I'm not Goliath was taken referendum goes towards Halloween. When I was crushed. Not knowing that I Sunday that would be a job but really honestly it was just. Fascination distant interest to see if it was real and you know I got into you know ghost on the ad. You know in their early nineties you know corporate group and when we went out we did. Man I shall I couldn't even give your number I mean dozens hundreds fifty. I don't watch a lot of investigations. In the end. You know in that and I did that work for quite awhile for a number of years I don't do that much anymore. Art just because of just so many other things going on there and I kinda. Honestly I honestly have gotten a little cheated with that just because I feel like you know I've been doing that sure. 2.5 plus years and were pretty much using the same equipment we were using 25 years ago when we still don't really. I don't think our crew when it comes to. Gadgets in its most grueling but you know but that that's just my opinion. That's why I got into. Let's talk about that from an enemy Jason's had earned the benefit of being. Given equipment to use it's been cutting edge some of the season to lighten you know certainly we'll talk about it some of the hasn't liked. Armed is there any technology that's senators last 1015 years and Jason I'd love to have you comment on this too that you think is actually bend a leap forward in our effort to get answers. Could turn. I'd find somebody that the best equipment are sound and it's been a quick in the last years. There has been the stuff that combines. So many different. So many different types of Reading into one. Single gadget you know armpit that pick up a lot of because one of the things that I always. That I when I was really heavy into pushing the stopped. Was getting all with any kind of correspondent evidence you know people come to me you know what legal theory sheet and simple you know we have decided that we had this recording equipment setup to her. You know video cameras on it was a monitor did you have you know any color temperature sensing equipment Ono are cheaper. Cool but it sounds cool but you know I don't I don't hardly ever offer that is actual evidence. So one of the things that I got excited about what are the no beat pieces equipment they came along that had multiple different types centers on that you could get a lot of different reits and armed but again you don't get. You get into that thing where you go see what this is this is great and you know risk not getting all these readings and the temperatures dropping. But I don't really couldn't. Is that really our solid evidence you know it. It's interesting but do we know really know for a fact that a ghost can manipulate it electromagnetic field that we come to kind of all accept that. Can recruit editor in relief are scientific evidence is centered I don't not that I'm aware. And you know and I agree with you on that choice I've always looked at him more as. Ghosts are worth it goes well these spirits out their tend to draw from high magnetic fields Heidi electromagnetic fields. In order to to do certain things to manifest Exxon and sometimes we will get high magnetic fields that seemed to move around and I'm sure you've experience I've throughout your time. Just that they seem to. Move around an isolated areas but then again. A lot of times where terrible activity does happen there seems to be hiding medic fields already solidity easings are drawing from it. On two to manifest themselves but then again it opens a whole they can't worms like every time we went and we'd we'd look for magnetic fields it was always. Because there's also hyper sensitivity to magnetic fields which creates everything from. Paranoia hallucinations nausea fatigue skin irritation that affects the homeowner that a fix a client so a lot of times you're removed that. You've you've solved the problem there really wasn't anything paranormal going on in the first place. Right right now I agree with you and then I think just. The magnetic field thing always Cayman Cayman any money in my favor pieces of equipment that have been. Really shown up over the last twenty some odd years have been everything and being able the thermal imaging camera at a budget at a at a budget price. And also zero Lux cameras at things are locks cameras are great. If you cinema for long periods of time and a lot of people cents a put up the camera and then walk around her recorder will not thinking that the camp at the recorder act in the camera actually act is recording audio on it as well as put a better Mike on its. Brian Orr and connect our our right. And Eric and I do I do. And I but I I guess and then part of it part of my other she would say what is that. You know it just seemed like Il and I'm sure you can at this and kind of experience. It seemed like that this this particular field. For whatever reason when it comes to investigations around talk about that. The credibility of the field I think there's a lot of credibility to it a lot more than that given. Credit for but when it comes to investigations and stuff this is a deal with it seems to be a really low are. Free entry. All of you know anybody who has watched TV show. Can call themselves an investigator and start going in the people's house it's. When I hardly a hundred and agree with you on our ideal but it now and I thought there are no matter and I know you and I talked about that years back I think was it seven or eight years ago I remembered we have a phone conversation or whatever and this was. Brought up at that point because. Fact of the matter is that you you get a lot of people out there are now locked shell and the Buick you know how many investigate paranormal and the only reason they're doing it is first off to try to get a show. Or secondly because I think that I know everything because they watched his show. Yeah yeah you know I I distinctly remember that conversation. And so yeah it sounds. So I get you know and that's why I kinda this course investigation. Aspect of it around and took a step sacrament actually she years ago. On the opposite side interstate crystals follow it. Might still think it's it's fascinating. And still does come up you know you'd see video clips a word or the second thing I. Our net stuff fascinating. It's just not. Something that I want to do. At this point. Well and a little lonely and let's be honest we're we're get a little older leasing and wanna do is walk around all hours of the night in the dark can go from there but all get into a lot more that we take a break our guests our guess tonight's game Troy Taylor and just check him out yeah he's written tons of books great books. Is just to all around great guy you're listening Jason NGB on beyond reality radio will be back. History it's American. Haunting Burgundy going to get into that in just a moment reminders that test Thursday night's show. When we talking about big foot so if you're a big foot scripted fan William jasmine will be joining us he's an author and an expert discussing his encounter. And his research about before. And every Friday is a best of beyond reality assuming she tune and catch a show that night induce a favor sign up for a home just down the show from iTunes subscribe to it generated for ourselves social Ford makes it easier for people define who we greatly appreciated. Everybody doing that and other shows him being downloaded in the thousands thousands times today we greatly appreciate just raid force and it. That's what would we really need. Yet and it helps that helps an online and helps people find it and moves into the top of the list and we appreciate you doing that. Troy Taylor has written a book called American haunting the rise of the spirit world and the birth of the modern ghost hunter. The website you should check out his American hunting dot net and again Troy thanks for being here. We are talking about equipment and in the use of that equipment investigating in my question. To both actually you and Jason was in which what's stuff has impressed you over the last. You know 1015 years that may have move move this whole effort to find answers forward. And one of the things that has been now permeating. Particularly amateur groups I guess most groups are I guess all groups are amateur groups there's no professional group percent. But at the cellphone apps. And dumps you know some of them pretend. To be able to protect our ghosts walking around or roller coaster there exactly. Well quarter. Did you get other than in you use the word entertainment early on earlier in our discussion other than an entertainment value is there any real ghost adding value to anything like that. Well I mean and no I mean I don't think so mean there's nothing in your life all good to trucks anything. You can't think apple disaster to journalist is more than anything else so I don't. I don't the other have been practical use but people sure you get a kick out of home I think they're foreign but I don't I don't I mean I I'd. We turn on those great artist for foreign you know you can do it in your living herb and tried so well Michael Seattle and I don't know I it does not I I just don't really conceivably could have an integral part. Are there there are a ton of them Alter that people impede your belt therefore for that name but we and we had a a guy who Fuzzy wait for a company actually you were worked to help us design a map of Lee's record oil taps out and do it had a digital recorder. And also it's it was a recorder but it also recorded by it and vibration sensor to the phones are able to picked up as well were wounded. Had EMF and it was actually coded to. A round the actual magnetic sensor in the phone. And we away but the problem was every time that update the phone to change phones have you'd have to read it try to wreak code in now to sue Unocal operations and it just became too much so we decided not to keep on this because. I mean every time they change the phone we we'd have beaten paying programmers. For you know 234 weeks. Two to redesign the site and just became such a costly endeavor we're trying to keep it there minimum so anybody can get it. And it it's just one of those things were eventually he's units are charging 101520 dollars and haven't treasury crazy. But where there's but I agree with you their slate to go straight and I I've seen so called psychics use that acting like real. And you don't turn out on the plane itself in new that'll still surround it no matter where our hearts just ridiculous. Well flight attendants are ghosts to say about that makes our. I try omni. Before we get into the book again and Farina and district is really fascinating history and I think a lot of people probably don't know how far back it goes and how many people are involved in shaping this. On you know get getting back to your story you written a like I am I think the numbers a 123. Books. Which we've decided we're gonna dedicate the whole second hour of the show to listing them as. Take no question about it yeah hottest snarl well. If somebody write a 123 blocks. We're writing thing I mean well I mean but this much sharper point right here so I mean that's really and you look at the social and a but for five books a year or something now right now I mean in all seriousness no I. Meet the right thing was something that I had been doing not got. You know ring binder notebook filled with Scott I wrote in its great I mean it just you know at some level stunt but. When he came to. Writing about ghosts and and the unexplained and and that the turn normal. Really just there were people around my local history I mean I'd just I'd I just have always been a cannot history and found. That in those days when I was really into doing a lot of goes researcher in investigation. How important. History why I mean it was key to everything and factor. From being became more important than anything else because perhaps an experience. An investigation involving this history art I have been at some people as we all have hair you know someone contact may come in her house. One vehicle more Burton act kind of thing so I hit go on in this would. 95. I guess my corner and he fired. And they asked me to Mulder on the consummate to meet their stories but the big story that had what seemed to coax them again. In their bedroom. That was standing in one particular spot here this fireplace in the quarter. And they described in exactly what you look like you know this quote we moved the ball and everything about it and they describe to achieve an entity which show what. All content and you know it should become Perry had never ignition. And this sit in Konerko while and they just want it to try to find out what was going on get the a lot of soul. That's when you know I started doing all the research into the house and the like why didn't know this goes back in the if there was we. I think you know. Al Gore hadn't been bit by that yet it was an acceptable to most people I didn't have it you have to go to the library. Nick through the files stick to the records go to the micro fish of the newspaper it won't make that story shorter what I found out was that the original owner of the house. I had. Worked that they can count has that taken a bunch of money that disappeared at that urban crowd and when things were pack closing in on and he committed suicide. There at the house. Well some photographs of the guy and I brought it back to the house and I opened the story that this was what I can find about how else. And they sit bigger look at the picture so called prospects. Well you know the way I look at it is that I hit just. You know let them. Story and said well and could this speed a man you know that kind of thing get. Of course they're gonna say yes so like but north got to dig into this more so I went back. And I contacted the last four families who had lived in that house. And I mean you could imagine the phone call you know this is the nineties the stock is not popular time that you want about TB and I've calling people in Columbus and you know. I do its work to be diplomats wonder. Strange ever happening in your house. Likewise you know that kind of thing well you know they're telling my story. One and we didn't talk to meet with the others albeit an access yeah you know what else was on it. We're we're sure what part of me that's weird things happen and there was this. Car. That we can see him in the house. Ricky nude description so like but you know what I'm gonna do this the best way I know how went down to library got five photographs of different man. Took them to the people instead which one of these guys looks like I. Every single one of them kicked out the man who was the original owner of the house every single war. They didn't know each other they never met these people were completely unconnected other than the fact they all within that house NATO. Inexperienced would this man who they picked up this photograph. Now seemed to me. I couldn't come in there with. In the clinic gadgets in 1995. And come out of that place and an hey US and I think that's how Corbett. I'm not that street think speaks and I think that that shows me there's a ghost here. You know could have done that. Like to walk out of that house and don't hit street just called me just proved to me. That this house was on. Because I can't explain there's no way to bloc typically explain. What I found now from all these different unconnected people. So that acting does win this history became so important to me and her release started getting into writing and I started putting together the different ghost tours and a couple years later recruit other conference and from me after twenty years it's always been. About history I mean most of the books I write are. You know their clothes books in that you know they have coast stories in the but essentially they're history books most. Because I think that without the go without the history you've got. This. You know it's boring if you know you've got to look forward you know I woke up and great it actually was candidate in the by bad. I mean those that dot interest in after you know hundred. Some books I mean you have to be something that interest me here and what do. So you know the few times and I've taken on jobs just because Taylor appeal money please write to ask. I hated every mishap that you know while a weather check K but. Still for the most part that's not quite knew it I do it because I love the history of it and that's that's. How that's why I ended up writing Carter were entered books because I just. Well you know work in research and sister a lot of research as much as I love the research more than I did ghost and you know search much psychic well. Oh and as your long answer. What has to history so important to abandon this wired and so much enjoyed having my daughter on the last three years. Of ghost hunters is because she's a history major. And she would go in and she's she can just make research all the stuff and get all the all the information together and and it's and it really that that just polling history can tell you so much of the story of what's truly going on in the location. And we we had a case years back where. As the east the east children we're seeing these spirits walking around the house only from. Waist up. And and just going and doing history of the location everything found out that the foundation was the different highly. Then it was at that point with a floor wasn't everything else come to find out. We're these children are seeing these entities or. They were written these entities are supposedly walking on the original floor of the house and that's why children are only seeing them from the waist up because the new forest. So it was just a residual type halt these tutorials to pick up on and we wouldn't have known that without doing their history and really really delving into it's like a 100% agree. Our analysts tell us let's stick or a tree you know let's take a break right now when we get back equal start getting into did the details that you uncovering discussed in the book. The things that really brought us to we artery as far as it goes Turner's goal or just or understanding the paranormal in today's society animal associations. Mainly but right you'll see Jason GBM beyond reality radio today. Alliance for your car next hour so be prepared the numbers 8446877669. We're talking with Troy teller tonight don't we're gonna specifically Chad about his book American haunting us. The rise of the spirit world and the birth of the modern ghost hunter. Troy tell us what you set out to do when you begin writing this book. Well I I really wanted to capture just how important. The colonel Abel you know. Field communities hit a terrible events early. And how would an important part they have played on not only history of America but he's popular culture history of America and it. It's funny because we work earlier on we were chanting we were talking about how things could change so much their. You know it was you know so much you know easier for people with talk about this stuff today. And actually you know it really. Very little exchange. We are not that much different than it was in the 1850. Because back at that time. Everybody was talking about her at all. Most people have any idea of just how many people were in the 1850 America. Dedicated. About. The leaders and spear with them. And it goes in Horton contract deal was one of the water just epic as it started to halt in troop religion. It was one of the largest religious stakes. In America larger than than to follow them about how. And there were millions of devout believers there work. Dozens of newspapers and periodicals. We don't even have that now because we don't have that many newspapers are maggert and that more. There were dark and the periodical and magazine devoted to look. Ghosts in spiritualism. There were light shows going on all over the country on people we're. Ready to believe in this because it was something new. Because America has always been a country at extremes. So when a stat take hold in this country. It is. You know a week CNET and we've all seen it I mean it to hit everything in in our lifetime it's you know week we've seen a million different things become popular. In the same way. Accepting travel so much slower and more so it seemed. Because there it was and spread. Because it came around the exact same time. At the telegraph. That's why it was so easy to believe that it because when these young girls in New York's starter thing that they were communicating what goes through wrapping itself. That's exactly what the telegraph what's the ordinary person telegraph which is just the mysterious. As contact with the debt because this was something that people couldn't even rapper helped round tied dot dash is carrying news. Across the country. This list. Wrapped in taps. Cary news from dead people and it was a huge stack that was striking at most it was just I can't even. Describe for you how popular wise war. Not quite ten years. And it probably would have died out completely now for the support war. Now suddenly this whole thing went from being mass entertainment. To. Real. Jin U when most people believe. Contact with loved ones that they have walks. Because by the time the war ended you had tens of thousands of young men. All over the cardinals have been sent hundreds of thousands. Yes and Cooper who were gone and these were husbands uncles Brothers cousins. And now there was no way to. They could by the people they died in faraway places and people were used to when you don't like you got a whole you know you guide with your loved ones usually around you back in the states. You know in your own house in your old bad. But certainly these guys were dying you know hundreds of miles away in places they never even heard and how they spoke to say goodbye well. Remembers your two with a bid that. Exactly so popular few years ago it came back. And I always like say it was Abraham Lincoln whose shapes here because it's not work the fact that his son Willie. Died while he was in the White House and his wife became may do so that spear slips trying to contact. There side and then actually had they ought to in the White House. People heard about this and that's when we started to get into this you know its effect on popular culture. Okay hold on a totally pulled director Jerry Lewis I don't I didn't actually wanna get into as far down to this story the story of you've gotten already because we have a go to the heart aren't you don't connect. Yeah and they want to I had you know and we've only got about a minute but in some our our allies aren't all over before we go to break Bada. Animals will cover more but somewhere along the line around around 1940s. Though. Anything paranormal seemed to have become become the the obscure this thing you didn't really talked about. And that went on for a good and he could do it shows you did scariest police honor its or. Or business and to be sure things things of that nature. But I mean it was something he really didn't talk about. In civil. Again what we're starting to get to the late nineties to the 2000. And so forth that's when it opened up and people started being able to talk about it more yeah there was this huge range like fifty years or whatever. That just disappeared it was one of those things that. You talk about our. Start with a warm up through this hole and don't bite your I hear you let me know I don't know this guy does will probably due to that would do it so we'll take a break and and we will get into a lot more revealed. The fault lines phone numbers are 844687766. Night and told freed 844687. 7669. Were take a quick break more to come to listen Jason engine beyond beyond oil and. East Coast and. Parent myself juice and Bosnia results and achieve each ounce yeah. Yeah it's great ever ready along with us tonight were really excited to be here and we're excited to have you long. Yeah javy he's got to my problem. It's just and it's a number normal what is it what's tonight Wednesday night here and radio land. I Detroit killer is our guest tonight don't forget that we've got William jet coming and coming up he's a big foot recent researcher and author and an expert about big foot of Ito discussing his encounter with bigfoot actually. And researched you realize I got big foot. An altar call I guess there's briefly she Jews don't and shoes that you score on your shoes he can go on the snow make big foot policy it's fake bigfoot actually got consumer business failure in the perfect area to do that and upstate New York Yemen it that way coal creek journalists my kids of course one of them is Alex who helps a Sarah Michelle and James -- they got me these bigfoot thing that having used them yet I'm gonna need any of these big for tracks and might -- do for this no disputing legitimate normal. If he. I can make a bullet I think it shows a they if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page and had to be unreality radio dot com because final decisions we are on across the country and has stage keep on checking actors are constantly adding new stations. And also download free iPhone and android app to Los atlas of lie touchpad shows China allied Chad more or listen right from the oil sites by clicking the listen live or. Had chat endless library that yes. And tonight we're talking about ghost hunting particularly. The history of ghosts honing in America and how to become quite have an important part of pop culture. The book is called American haunting the rise of the spirit world and the birth of the modern ghosts and the authors Troy Taylor he's our guest. The website is American hunting dot net and again Troy thanks for being with us. We're really happy to have you here and you UK is started talking about the introduction of spiritualism. And what we would call ghost hunting all the elements of emotion that's what they called it back then. I'm in the nineteenth century. And are you certain to progress into the civil Warner a comment about the civil war because they think the civil war despite the fact it was a it was it an important part of American history just by the mere political and military. Influence and outer order effects it had but it had a major. Major effect on the American psyche. As you said. You know Sam ought to it was virtually not a family that wasn't touched by death from the civil war because it was Americans against Americans. And it lasted long enough that they drew into the deepest parts. Of American society to get soldiers and the carnage was just unimaginable. So everyone was touched by. Death from the civil war those who were living at the time were a morning. The loss of somebody if not many people. That morning. Led to some of the stranger talking about it led the spirit photography and led to a lot of different things that today. We we kind of take for granted or we've just come to accept. But it didn't exist prior to that it was really that event in American history that changed everything. Yeah absolutely they created the entire funeral industry as we know. I mean in addition to spirit photography and residing. In a spiritualism problem you know it's kind of that grave so to speak. Any debt that really created. You know involving. That that most of the traditions that we beat in Bangkok has been part of funerals. In the nineteenth century really you can't with the civil war and so we really. Patent. Dealt with much in in our history not in the way that we and had to deal with that when. For instance went and seen no train toward the entire country. People beaten using black screeners and on in to decorate buildings and things to show morning that that's something we've ever done for. That was new black or funerals became a pop because or but. You know its effect on you know beat it that the minds of the people who now want it to get in touch with their loved one really kind of you know gave reaper to Spierkel movement. Arm and into the 68 and 60s70s. And into Haiti relief boom peaked yet but. It was also what time when people began to realize that there work eight pocket to be. And that's what then about people just earning a living working and the medium anymore now you can beat mark. And that's really why. They paranormal investigation. You'll be doing that that's when the real first ghosts and Ers beat yet it's starting. Because a lot of them went into it trying to prove that it wasn't real or went into it with the question of all what it could reveal. But can I duplicate that because the park pool and I need to know what tricks to look work. And some of them went into it because they really truly wanted to shoot use. Scientific method to duplicate that stuff they believed this was a whole different. You know part of our world that we were now appealing work a lot of these mediums copied into Britain happen. And the very first coast Toni group. Started in February HE 82 in England. When the society for cyclical research began and it was a group of this wasn't just a bunch sit tight and matching T shirts these were. Scientists in the net scientist on the imminent members of British society who got together. And decided that they were going to formally began. Studying and delving into the art of the cart at all absolutely it would the American branch. Right true wonder what year did you see that once that they started this. 1882. So that was the first goat herding group. Yeah I mean there were other people who'd been investigating. You know medium and that kind of thing but as far as it becoming a formal Spain. That's one at all picking it. And then an NB may have to have some things to fill an in between here but it wasn't long after that that the ouija board came on to the market as a commercial product. As oppose and englishmen might make as a which order something like that and that are very very popular. We'll call it a parlor game it's been a silly game but that's what they called it and in people use that as a legitimate tool at least they've felt it was legitimate tool. To make these communications to the other side. You have what look what was happening and is that you had. Professional comedians who were Turkey that he'd get people to calm and you know contact their loved ones or they urged people people can't see them for a minute he Turks and you don't ordinary people. Didn't have that kind of money you know. That's why you know spirit photography came along around the same time in that post mortem Parker became more and you know most people didn't have a lot of money. And so when they would go would have pictures taken of their dead children it what is supposed to be more that that might be the only quarter they would ever have their children to the spiritual movement and the funeral industry order went home to incur quite a few years but. Personal ouija board those people didn't wanna pay. That kind of money to a medium so they can just go one by one apiece for a dollar to. And do the whole you know that's what it's supposed to be fun at all. And it went from being. You know castle group what they usually call home circles. People sitting around the table you know waiting for a ghost to knock auditor for the people to get now suddenly we had. This brand new communication that that that was a lot better than looking at that somebody knock on. A cable or knock on a wall this was your goat the ghost could actually spell out messages to view. And it between. Phenomenal and it became shoot sensation I mean. Thousands stop millions of these people work where were created you know out by block of different companies and and I mean art and still are created to this day you know. And it just became something in that it was a lot of fun and it was another fact that they came along that they're in the same time period and she seventy Canadian. Win you know the stock was still extremely popular meaning it would pay no one really spiritual component to the 1920. And that's really what you. Well one are things that we experienced during that same period is and you mentioned via profit motivation of a lot of this is well there are a lot of charlatans there were a lot of frauds. That preyed on your emotions in people's grief. Promised them a lot of things. I did open and spare start creeped in most cases turned out to be one of them. And that was another part of this whole. Quote unquote industry was the was a fraud component. Yeah and that's and that again led to a lot of people who works who got involved in it as investigators to. The pompous kind of stuff that's where you didn't get so many scientists who were into it because they wanted to expose spot. Usually sound like ordinary people or most especially magician. Stage magicians became really such huge park. Of the paranormal investigation sealed because they probably expose more fraud than in you decide to stick because they knew that the Turks were cut. So these people who were doing this to prey on people and don't get me wrong because I didn't get into all the great T help but there are they were a lot of mediums. Who practiced during that they hated spears went on that tip this day. Can't be explained. And Douglas Hume bookmark because this day a lot of I think he did including levitation in court quickly grew. I've never been explained and couldn't be duplicated even like people like cooking couldn't duplicate of the conceit but there were I mean it was riddled with fraud. So a lot of magicians like grouping what we get on a crusade to expose the many corporate card could. Pat are routinely especially he is one of the reasons why expert with the river died in the twenty I mean. It would have probably died on its own because of the 1920s which had moved until much more broader. And by the third and get into the depression were getting people care Archos. Make sure that he needs you know suitable roofs over their heads ghostly yeah exactly. Exactly so moving it to the roaring twenties and and and and moderate suddenly say art Cezanne. You know parlor tricks snapping sort of started missing kind of scale. And old fashioned and don't we deport her around they're still around I mean they continue to be. May draw all those years but spears looked in the in the industry. And it's effect on American history really kind of died and and not something that we mentioned to break just you know during that there. Late thirties into the forties into the fifties even in the sixties. You didn't describe what that really around there was a lot of the complete with a top. There was there was a period there where there wasn't a lot of this is Jason pointed out earlier to we're gonna go to break when we come to tackle pick it up there were talking with Troy Taylor. He's the author a book called American haunting the rise of the spirit world and the birth of the modern ghost hunter the website American hunting stock net. And phone lines are now open at 84468776. Excited until treated for four. 6877669. Gives a call you'll soon Jason GB beyond our. Take care of business Troy Taylor tonight he's here our guest is an author of a 123 books actually it's quite a volume work I think only Stephen King might have more. Not sure at her feet yeah Gortari about his new book American haunting the rise of the spear world and the birth of modern ghost hunter yet and we've got just a short time you were for a break again so let's go to our phone lines you've had some people waiting for a while this is Phillip from Charlotte hey Philip welcome to be on reality radio you're on with Troy Taylor. I its own out of just not into would be shown. On its. So I was intrigued look for is talking about on entertainment. And do. The evolution of the we'd be bored and American pop culture that serve here and I've I've done a lot of research more than originally read. But the spirit distant but Trevor rate were written scroll it around. On shortly after they can he mentioned 1982 and about 1988. On credible but ski came out with spices and failed. Which talked about. Follows the bone and what did you and sort of Atlantis and ballots that did its spiritual achievements all of the world. Errant. On. She she was 200 points race the aryan race. Era in between a society in Germany. Sprung from that afternoon. Blake Alastair Crowley was involved in the our own. Gluten in Britain get on any count on the long run but was that that. Spiritual movement led to the Nazi party. It. The I don't yeah I'm pretty familiar. With their reference your making their Phillip and there are some connections between it's not dissing the spiritualism led to them. To the Nazi party it's more that the Nazi party grass stunned things like the cult in spiritualism so there's definitely connection there. I'm did you and uncover any of that in your in your Booker in your research Trent. Well there there are a lot of connections between you know that they'll rise a bit and that it around that time into GT eighty and what it was actually a ball in. A ghost. I mean personally involved in it in a ghost investigation. That took place. Are in Vermont. It during around that entire period that he Eddie Brothers are they've worked mediums who works you know giving saying optimism became known all over the world with a number manifestations that to play external check out these. Goes it would appear. In costumes from all over the world speaking different languages and these were two guys to get captured arms together. And yet they it would of had been hired an entire company actor to portray ghosts if they were they. And she actually came and was there with a man named Henry Steele all caught who invest it in the newspaper and the two of them actually. Got involved after this week's and that that's what led to the creation I mean cook books were published after that all cop was always a part of that. That led to a lot of they're. No organization that they founded in the early 19100 and you know because of a lot of the mysticism and you know be a hole. That continued on into the 1930s. And as as you mentioned that knocking grabbed onto that kind of stock. And meet there you know that was something that was very appealing to keep when Germany at the time you know they were fresh talks. Losing the war or war and and and they needed anything they could decrease the symbolism. Of this power. That they were trying to bring to the people and he played a really important article. Yeah we squeezed out there is a connection there. We have a guest on how long do we talked about that pretty extensively Philipp thanks so much for the call we've got to let you go because we're actually headed to break here. Our its cell phone numbers 844687766. Dagen toll free 8844. 6877669. Feel free to give us a call she got a question for myself GV. Or guest Troy Taylor. You listen Jason did him yeah. Coming along with us tonight our phone number is 8446877669. If you wanna get in on the discussion we're having with Torre Taylor. About the history of ghost hunting or there rise of the modern ghosts and if you will books called American haunting us and kind of worked our way right up into the mid twentieth century with a all the stuff as. Things progressed slowly moving forwards will bring for. I support an era now let's go to our phone lines we've had some people waiting on hold them least get a couple calls in here this is Tiffany. Pressure were Tiffany's talk to interview where you calling from. I'm current Camilo war in Angel Michelle yeah welcome what's on mind. Wow that is actually and the warning it all back and all or none at. All. Yeah I don't wanna hear it all AN. Are you know this is a bit of chat joke I think. It might be. If I don't know he's but I do think just a few ideas that got no idea what's going on. I evaluate it when it cut corners and there ironic that Bakes out. Everybody wants had better all on land. And my caddie everybody every night and that black backpack that you teach me and me. You guys rock signals the end product help. And Laidlaw have a good night he can't hear me and I'll let things. Today thank you very much of it takes all you listen in the mixes show's success and thank you interview that was a very kind word popcorn as one of the kindest words so. I try I'm assuming you don't have a comment on popcorn but I do wanna ask you about post World War II when it comes to go listening to what point. Actually you know what let me back up because it meant to act as this one earlier. In the title of your book you referenced the birth of the modern ghosts and how would you define the modern ghost town. Oh well I would define it going beyond investigating media. Because that's really what the Euro was started out at. This was. You know really going around to see if these people were built for real what they were really contact in the dead it was altered some sort parlor trick. That all started to turn around in the late thirties or forties. How would carry Christ in England who was I I would say the first real water goes Carter because. He had started out his career. You know check it out mediums and you know spear photographer and that kind of thing and actually speaking and became really one of the first people to begin. Investigating haunted houses you know go in around two actual places that we're supposed to be haunted and always wreck being that the the big one of his career and he that he put into place for a year and they actually conducted a year long investigation of the house. You know using tool using equipment. Created the very first ghost hunters guidebook. Two how to guides for all of the different investigators picking your house and that was really sort of the beginning and you know key have to wait in the late forties and really. We we kind of dinner that dry period that we mentioned before where. Goes in and what it would still ghosts and ghost stories out there are in the 1950. At. On holes or start the comment prominent black parents think but goes became mixed in with everything else. Are especially for the late forties when they beat UFO Cray speaking and you know you pat. You know it all became so this orange interest at goats and then later that did you have it stored at the Loch Ness Monster and you know Specter Casey in the thirty to open up sort of blended together and sort of no big magazine. Decade there there are several quite a few decades. Are we really wasn't into the seventies when. People started to take an interest and you know you call it the super natural with the persistent. That sort of came along and of course happy entity will word late seventies and that became a huge cultural phenomenon there and it's an entire chapter in the book are. Dedicated to that yeah I worry because. It has such an effect on. No on pop culture in in the whole country but really you didn't get. The real stopped until you know she'll like unsolved mystery its coast episode and then he had site and and you know some of those shows and then. You know we we get into you know into the late nineties and early two thousands went. No really we wouldn't have that that goes stuck that we have today is not weren't gonna tell relievers are so hang with me. We wouldn't happen at the ghost that the colonel reality show that we are now it could not work Cox. That was the first yeah real reality show with cops that was crap and the camera running and until people down the street and second of all the real world. And I would also you gave birth to in here on MTV. And then fear would there and then along in Jason opened a lot and you know I kind of you to talk to Trent. And I agree with you a 100% on that and actually Craig Lejeune who owns pilgrim films who and we did ghost hunters with. Who actually worked on top choose one of the executive producers on that show and and that's why he was able to major transition and MTV's fear I I I helped out on the show numerous times it and that really opened a lot of doors as well because you had that time where scariest places on earth and Stew morals Jerry Storch from fox kids I know you will you'll dollar and scariest listener and I did as well. And and you had those in the those sort of disappeared for awhile and then all the sudden you had MTV sphere and that sort of opened the door to. The next couple of the paranormal shows coming Al and me in being there the whole reality television part. And in Troy let me let me ask this in a broader sense because I was actually. Going to bring this sub before teacher talking about the TV shows. I'm at you know and the 1950s when television became a hit an American household necessity. And everybody virtually had one or more. You know we changed our are. The way we consume media and it changed the way we consumed entertainment how did that play a role in the in the way we looked at the spirit world. Well it you know interestingly. Even UT it has some stuff that came up because back then almost all you people lie to you didn't how. And we never get everything was a reality show in a way to happen on stage. On but you know it really as far as. The paranormal. You know popular culture you really didn't have the effect that you would expect. Because they really didn't didn't change much because. At that point interest in ghosts was. So low that it was so. There was so little love without their armed yippee you know your hat Mack couldn't stop but it was such a arranged things that. There just wasn't enough. They won TP typical back and there it just wasn't there you know we just didn't you when you would think that it. What about something that are what about something like we don't. There were coupled television shows a groundbreaking modems at Twilight Zone which came in the early sixties and I'm trying to think the other ones it was one in the fifty's lead in the fifties that I was some what are going to be out of outs back there outer limit. Yeah those show yeah tomorrow to have must push the boundaries a little bit among those shows must've done something to do is. This you know as people were thinking about this. I think they did I mean I think they did and we knew got into the sixty's when people started. Becoming much more interested in. You know that that was when. No witchcraft. Became you know no longer it was Salem anymore it was it was here it was new and it was now. And that kind of stuff cannot begin to to capture that the that popular culture can't. And all of that kind of deal came out of the networking field. You know like you said you have the Twilight Zone and then you got and seventy could be exercise came off. And then there were a thousand indications that the exorcist you have the home and pack you know. Well in different things that were cashing in on the back the people work now insisted didn't coal that it wasn't. So weird anymore it was it was looting and that fringe edge and then you don't you get into the eighties and you've got ghost busters up suddenly. That probably had a greater effect. Then any of the television shows from the fifties or sixties because suddenly. Now I mean it was a comedy obviously by. People were talking about goes again and you know I remember. Russia a yacht must do's are not all that high school when that came out and I remember that we are are put out. In his book ESP Washington Turk and came out the same time this goes on arch and I know his last. Because you're with something that people could actually pick up and read in something look at that seemed to coincide with what they were seen in the movies and but it didn't really take off you know I mean you still didn't have a lot of stuff other fundamental mysteries and then suddenly in the ninety's you want to be excellent. That was the next big thing that kind of moved and while it wasn't sure about ghosts. It was a show up the paranormal. And it is again speaking in generating all this interest and I think that win I I know for myself. Mean that's when I started you know around the same time that the X-Files they're distinct kind of like got into. This deal that's when I first started doing ghost when I wrote my first pork and a lot of people you know in the nineties that's when the stock really start take off. But the biggest thing bigger than anything and probably we wouldn't again wouldn't have the reality shows and things we have today is not to the Internet. Suddenly the all of us to you know work isolated in the wherever we live in May be we have some brand or. We knew some people more know who were interested in costar suddenly. I can talk to somebody in New York. Whose job has been arrested ghost is buying them and suddenly we all began for me. Huge community and I think that was really the earth. What we consider it paranormal community now. Only immoral because appear. Well and I and I will -- also paranormal paranormal wouldn't be anywhere in January it is right now if we also didn't have cable television because let's be honest you know 45 channels delta air would have never played and shows that were just based around paranormal or ghosts in haunting and the idea of having you know 500 channels open up the possibility of being able to wells stick and stick a program like mine or or like scarcely sent Paris or whatever. On the east channels that weren't that the leading channels and having the pop mean that the the people who were adjusted and it. Have a place to finally turn to to launch something. There absolutely. So in which is why in the fifties. That had the fact that you know we had were three channels and end they were still. From the time they came on here in the morning to when they when here at midnight. You know and then suddenly like you said we have. Hundreds of channels and they all need to be filled with some. Well let's find something that everybody's interested there are a lot of people actually works really a knock people. Argun arrested him to generate enough ratings and enough numbers that we can elaborate tied into that so again it all entertainment. You know it all boils down you know from the very beginning to. Right now. I wanna just mentioned something the U good U kind of touched on and that's the movie the exorcist because I often look at that movie as. Probably the most pivotal. Horror movie as a relates to the supernatural and it was immensely popular thing was 1974. And there are many people who are doubters of the Amityville story who said that George Lutz saw the exit system used it as a model to try to. Do something to make some money. American to say whether I think that's true or not. On how ever a lot of people think that and and you also referenced the Amityville horror which I think ultimately probably affected more people when it comes to ghosts. Then the X assisted but those two movies go hand in hand in changing a lot of minds and a lot of opinions. Well and it were a good reason because both of them were allegedly. Based on true story. I and I think that's what. That I think is what scared people more than anything because even win the book the book PX just came out which terror by people in the movie. Really. Can people over the edge. Even even at the time it was and now also listen this is based on the troops to war. And I think that's what made it a lot more terror plot and that's why. You know what's. That the true paranormal is much more terrifying than any more anything and not just horror story. You know any and a bugle corps and then again I won't get into their leader if you wanna hear it. You know. But it was you know alleged I mean right on the cover the book it that this is a true story. That's why it was so popular certainly with the actions this was a story that you know that they split back to a young boy who is so you assume that because that connection not. And it opened up our written extensively on and done a lot of stock split up because that it is terrifying to scary story because. I think what makes this helps those scary why it scarier than anything and I want Stephen King the scary to think he'll ever do it because. This could happen to you. You could keep possessed or you could move into our house. That it ought to be without anonymity bill made it can happen to anybody I mean that's the feeling that you get when you pick up the book org you watched a movie. You know it's scary it may boom. What's really scary is that it's supposed to be true. And I think that's why it was so typical and why it was so important in our history in America the current normal. I've I've written about the Amityville horror story in the affected heading your absolutely right that one of the things it's often cited as making that book that movie and everything so darn successful was the fact that on the cover of the book said based on the true story. That made no. Had eight true story not even that's right you're right they had a true story that's what made it even scarier. But that's no doubt about it according to the copper. Yet to be when I was well it kept me up. A lot of night I gotta tell you wanna read that book so it had an effect on me there's no question. Yeah so I'm as you know you've got a hundred there was a 120 threes that we sell books I mean this this is the the newest one it sounds like fastened into booked but if you were to say. If somebody were to ask you to I wanna read Samir books where shall I start is just one he would recommend they start with. Yeah I you don't like I would this year is it something that you're just if you're interested he goes into rested but still this is a great place to start because I a lot of my books are are pretty specialized that right a lot of power. No problems. True crime and the ghost stories that go along with them so have a lot of books and like I call my favorite. You know they it'd be it a favorite of mine but you've got happening interest. Groups or you know she did it's something that I think commerce so much ground. And you know I try to present and in the way that made it entertaining. Rather than just some lie and there's plenty to write books their spears and leave a red ball. On so there's a lot of room out there and I just try to point you know I try to because people ankle but not be. They'll put up your old Victorian stuck you know they don't understand that the trauma and scandal and the sex. I mean that it it was Corey you know it was a crazy time and crazy. No movement that was going on in the country are. We've got to we've got about Gaza and little less than two minutes left here weren't sure it would take one more phone call this is Vince from Missouri hey Vince welcome to the show you got about thirty seconds your body. Now crack. Yet directly now. I totally can generally. They're trying to implement diplomatic. And kind of strong I don't know the regular trash. And don't have none until the popular web because it would panic right now if Europeans by. The argument that they have sent about the Cuban answered about the monetary about it or look back you know. You know or you know what really happened. And then you can't let that because of technology several central. Well that I mean that's good question we kind of touchdown and in the beginning of our discussion there's a lot of stuff that people are using. Whether it's Smartphone apps or other things that really don't have any basis. In now reality when it comes to detecting anything of value rate. Well I I think so but there's there's still plenty ways to to gather evidence of stops I mean as far as I mean that's what I think I talked about. It went in and anybody actually own you know I think my house on what should I do sourcing I tell everybody very first thing is keep the law books keep a journal every single thing that happens the matter when it was. Write it down right now what was going on at the time what the weather was like. Rain doesn't matter anything you can pick out and compile a law professor and you can do that. That someone can come in and investigate risk you know it doesn't have to he. Equipment that could be you know kids as a video cameras. Or idle New Year's record highs and yes as well Detroit we're we're out of time I know your website is American haunting stuff comes at the best place for people who go to find your books. Yeah. I'm sorry dot I think you are army beat Chinese court yet but we know what. You know that's could be experienced stakes are being on the show we're gonna look forward or you're back again sometime we didn't get to everything tonight. Troy Taylor again it's American haunting dot net that you stop by going back to wrap things up. Joining us our friends which sent her. Huntington dot net Jimmy out. Commission tune in tomorrow or in me talking with who will inject an anger about the big foot and big for researcher author and expert so. Listen Jason JV I'm young male later radio everybody have a great night look at tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV johnsons don't act. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.