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Ian Sherr (CNET, CES 2018 Update)

Jan 11, 2018|

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Ian shares out in Las Vegas at the consumer electronics of the biggest technology trade show of the year. And in how aria. And our area dumb hmmm well give power back out there. Yet we get there Wednesday it was safe but I need gay yesterday. Not so funny hop opera everyone back. Believe it is we had rain which is done incredibly unusual in Vegas stayed the restrain they'd had a 980 gates. And we had green and on Monday Tuesday and it was actually letting in some of the hotels. You know garage and stuff. So it is not like a quarter and like it got a little rain but they then I used to it doesn't then. Yesterday one of the transformers. Apparently in the rain we intuit or wherever and you know water let electricity most bad. And slowed suddenly got the power outage for two hours it was. Rather amazing to watch when you think again there's an electronic show and about central part of that electricity was not. What did. Companies do like what they do with their crews during this time I mean collected. Do anything. I know I've you know I've eaten there like super without them you know they all sorts of stuff so a lot of them we're just dark if you gone. Cnet.com we actually have a lot of Ahmed. Look like you have that kind of argued stories shouldn't have been you know because they're just not been there otherwise. I do well a lot of really good jokes still I think money mad okay very low. Intel to leave the chipmaker. And they put out a tweet picture everything dark and they're introducing black out trademarked. The biggest thing that he has not. I think it that they really recognized that this is you know they did it did these churn out lemons into lemonade right have little violent. Absolutely so short of that the blackout that occurred. What could be in the things that people have been talking about the most CES this year. It's really enjoyed being you know beat one of the big trends we've had this year is the voices that and stuff. You know yeah you may not know but we we learned earlier this year that. Amazon said that the the echoed doctrine which is the hockey puck thing that you can talk to and then give a command staff. It would be cops telling thing on Amazon. It's for the holidays that. Across all of them is that including diapers and and and whatever else you could buy it was a top selling item. So it is a huge device there's also Google many as a bunch of other ones out there. And so we started seeing this year this show. Also the company building the technology and and there's stuff like you know power plugs for your home right yeah mr. and build it in there. I'm they're brilliant light pictures that you you don't even have one of those dot things anymore and have them what area ouster as. Can't say you know elect and I'm legal you know your light fixture response which is weird bird interest thing. It kind of tricky right suddenly you have like. You know these the computer everywhere you can respond and are they even have a built into shelters and toilets which again. Seemed I'm in weird that they and you think well you know you're getting ready in the morning you need you know you want and the weather is about being that a bottom. So there's a lot of that happening which is really interesting and of course the question is hey who's gonna win it apple Google. That you guys Amazon you've got Mike or stopped all of these people are trying to get you to use an error. What is right and oh which one you're gonna need those and then the companies are gonna support that. But that kind of you know at that in the week to look the other place. Torn out as far as our TVs this year anything notable or just more for K devices. Oh my gosh I think one of the equal as divisive as seen in quite awhile and I don't mean to be I mean I'd be like. I'm usually pretty bored that it showed early whatever right Godzilla and the need there was any TV from algae that just. It went bananas and what it is we have a video and he'd had to go watch. ACC indictment Stevie that woke up like a poster. How Ed and it like literally I mean would people like you the most you can you know rather it is a widget that you need to movers to move it was yelling out. And now. The idea that you can roll it up into a little box and then like. It was using it to the Super Bowl game here it is Super Bowl party where you're done at the worst TV and set it up. And that's why China India and Iran and Britain America and let them and he. Sold yeah and that's really that's that's pretty much everything I need. Rank and credit look I mean it can't I boatload they don't even tell us how much a car that the indication of Arctic out. And you know but the interesting thing is that over time. This is literally where technology can doubts and by the way part of what makes it possible is the screens we have in our bones and a lot of other places now. You know Paul does what we've actually got to get out we're up against the heartbreak but thank you very much of the time and thanks for all the info here. After the that's you and share from CNET talking about CES and the big technologies that.