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Michael Brush (MarketWatch, Favorite Stocks 2018)

Jan 11, 2018|

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We know that many of you have jobs that keep you busy all day long so we've made it easier for you to catch up with financial exchange when it's most convenient Korea. Just download the I heart radio app on your phone or tablet. Search for the financial exchange of access to all of our content including individual segments and polls show it's. One of the hardest things to do is determine the source for your stocks elections how do you pick stocks and what are you rely on. Worse stock advice one of the fellows that I rely on as a guy named Michael brush and he writes. And newsletters that stock newsletter called brush up on stocks he also is a contributor to marketwatch.com. He's good enough to join us on the show today. Michael welcome to the program. Yes yes. Michael wanted to talk to you about. You know like if you Paul little missing Merrill Lynch just use this example. Indy V they have analysts and they'll tell you what you should be buying shares. Bank of America. But then you say to yourself well they have an extra ground here because they're you know underwriting and IPO for. Exactly. Talk I don't mean to pick on arrow. You know which is sent to category. So aside and have to be interspersed when it way under all of this it's changes but so are. And accurately at you know the analyst is on court building and investment bankers. Which are real engine and part you know down hall and you know you can see got to think that so. I don't know how that goes these news you know. It's cute or produce its. One newsletter I like in out I'd like your newsletter by the way Mike it's it's terrific I've gotten it for years it's called brush up on stocks dot com that's the let's go to subscribe it. George Putnam breaks one call turnaround letter. And on the value by her always had it right so you know I'm not I'm not a guy that goes out buys Google were in was on. But I like George because he's a deep value buyer but he'll tell yeah way not a lot of their divided. Yeah exactly. So are so this column. Job but reps and I haven't but up on via on Russia on the web section of synergy. It Georgia's appeared arsenic in the course Perry got a very good record any values and so his stick on the market is that. You know everybody's so excited that any surprises are going to be. And edited stepped. Value but he's done it and one of the stocks that which it guesses the one thing you were recently party's General Electric and. Did yeah yeah I got to simply an archer doctor Eric. Sir. Yes. Well that's my kind of thick you know and I've bought it in December when everybody else hated it and it my son tried to talk me out of that you know he he works with us and but I still bought it and I looked at it and I say you know I'd like this guy planner like what he's doing eight east act passed. Now get a seat in exe cute and if he can develop these divisions. You know GE u.'s O meters in three areas that it's in great if you care and power generation and so. Whenever you have that position on the gonna help. Streets recording companies are going away and I think we are even though it's Kamal. Now it's better to dollars and aren't. The biker dude wanna talk to you about your market LAU. You're one of the EU taught me years ago. About investor sentiment. Strained when when everybody else gets bullish Michael brush gets a little nervous. It. He must be a little nervous. Yet sentiment it's the crazy. Irate now and it is pretty disturbing so that's definitely you know. So signal rushing. The weight that I look at it is that sentimental. He indicated that the work. Fall although skewed to halfway there yet to edit movement on the rules of the market in the internals of the market that's like. Are racers. The momentum is actually urged. So so we have seen no matter where senator probably stay away and where in momentum really cracks that's where. Some we're not there yet. And why should we be because you know look around I mean some people eight from and that. Confuses the goal and conversation. You know be content to actually pretty well. You know anything. I'd never seen this when an economy's doing so well and the president is so disparaged and well people. I prepared because we had the same thing under Obama it in the interest being re heat is just editing let you know and beauty. He is the market did well but the economy was doing. Economy did pretty well under Obama it's a sick conservatives. But it gives same thing now at a Romney or mr. right so all of that. And the rate at a clarity that's. But you know my conservative friends now are you know. Really missed that article run on the yeah did and now marketable. You know or to a sitting in not acknowledging. Michael thanks for joining us at Michael brush from brush up on stocks dot com that's the name of the newsletter he cares take a look at the web site.