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Mike Lewis (Author & Founder of When to Jump)

Jan 10, 2018|

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If you're on the go you can still keep up with the financial exchange on the I heart radio app available on both your phone and tablet. Just search the financial exchange and you can hear individual segments or fools shows if you can't listen live we've got you covered with the I heart radio out. Joining us on the line right now is Michael Lewis is the author and founder of when to jump more importantly he is a college classmate of mine. And Mike thanks for coming out thus. Mike it's good to talk to you what what exactly is when to jump for people who are familiar with the. Yes to win the job security community and that's based on a digital platform when did you dot com. That brings together the people the idea is the inside frameworks and even resources. One did do something that's that's a giant leaving something comfortable to go do what you wanna go do in life and you know we we security community I wouldn't say you restriction on how to live your life or rather bring together you know. The group of people and ideas and Annika has set a tool that. They calculated change. How did you get the idea for this to begin with what was the impetus for. You know it's funny IE as he's steady you know went to Dartmouth with you I was I've played on the pro. Click on the college squash team at the time. And kept getting a little bit better a little bit better afterschool. While working in Boston and I had a job at being capital the venture capital group well what I was doing. But had this kind of point in my head which was you know. Book if I can play at the next level you know I played. And the professional ranks and as a kid that always dreamed of it that approach squashed or goes all over the world and it just seemed like and there are always. You know would have you know regrets not trying to letting go for it and so. You know it's one that jumps started in my office cubicle a couple of years out of school. You're realizing I think two things one. I I don't think I would ever order ignored his voice in my head to go to the press squash and number two. Don't gonna come in on the Wendy good to go actually reached out to another girl on our quick and interviewed in a magazine article that have to be happy to be on my desk and if she had left Wall Street to become a cyclist and so. I reached out and what she told we had nothing to do things cyclists result around. The nitty gritty and sexy stepped in I think particularly your show and your audience all around that kind of financial planning this savings and a the practicality they go into to doing what you love this stuff you don't associate faced occurring mr. Graham but they have particular account and I knew that that right there. With that it should be a book related community. Let's talk about that a little bit because I I had a chance I ordered your book a pre order tonight has got it yesterday and read through decent chunk of it just to make sure I knew what I was talking about. But that the preparation for. Doing a jump like that it's not something where you just wake up and say OK I've got this women I'm gonna go do it. A lot of these people plan for two or three years to actually make these changes. Yeah exactly if it no longer you know I was. Stating I create amounts savings account I had a a spreadsheet which sponsors to pitch I had flight decks made there's a lot of nitty gritty and sexiness that doesn't do what you love and I think that's a discourse that's. Not as sexy issue where when you're you're going through news Peter looking on and stripped for things are making a Linkedin posts. But the truth is if you look through the book you know. You know the books when it jumped if the jug that is and the like you want. I think 44 of those industries of the future maybe. You know 35 to forty of them are probably over a year of planning and adding that's the point is. Do what you love but it's going to be your you know a long and and you know somewhat tough road but it can be worked. Beyond the planning you that you mentioned in the book that you found a number of commonalities. Even deal between people who did completely different things when they decided to make a change what are some of those commonalities that you found. Yes you know I created what I what I call the jumper which is you know easy digestible framework to think about. Making it jumped and these were what I would call that the common thread that we're woven through. He's 44 stories really you know boiled down from hundreds of thousand this story that collected. Over the last five years from sketch in the cover agent 2013. Right securities and for common traits as seen. You know number one has. People are listening to voice and bike instead of course that won't go away number two they're making a plan. And that's a little bit more pragmatic to inspirational. And you go into custody OK you know. I broke three parts within make plant there's safety net selling where that you're building kind of a back up. In case things don't go well you're getting ready to practicing your jump and then there's the financial planning which touched on. That the next step is to let yourself be lucky to win you take a jump. You actually knocking and everything and I sure first. Many of your listeners that kind of scary to not to not know what's coming and there's a sense of uncertainty there because actually hedge against it and most people you know all of that step to the next one which was the final test phase of the Joker. You don't look back and the media so important if you actually planned right you know to regret jumping early now. Mike obviously this started as a website you now have a book that just came out yesterday were to people go if they're interested in purchasing it. Yep that's a quick question when it jumped dot com slash book has buttons across all the different places online he also just. Yeah Google it what did you book. And you get on Amazon Barnes & Noble we always like pushing folks taking a local bookstores. You know independents appear in the neighborhood did back Ayers stuff that under Framingham where every may be Providence like you know. Any university bookstores and have it but it's. It's everywhere you know we're giving. Shots from you know bookstore airports in. In Europe across the US and Australia New Zealand he get this anywhere. Last question for it before I let you go you're gonna be up in the Boston area as part of the the tour for his book next week where you gonna be in when is it. Yes so Tuesday. January 16 next Tuesday. I believe it's 7 o'clock start time trooper. We're actually going to be live with their founder who is a commercial banker turned founder of our inquiry along with another a woman from the book org accurate. We're gonna live at the fireside chat and a lot of construed in of course great Beers. At a cartoon and then the next night when there will be at the Boston Public Library look more traditional press talk. You can find in the phone book is events and went to jump dot com slash bookstore. Outstanding Mike thank you for the time invest a lot to get this thing kicked off. Sure absolutely that Michael Lewis he's the author and founder of when to jump the book is now available in all major book retailers as of yesterday.