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The basics of paranormal investigating.

Dec 12, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with paranormal investigator and auther Jack Kenna about his latest book and his experience as an investigator. 12/7/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JJV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And say there have good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. Yeah lying there and mil hanging a land line game. And I zone Shane sham and you mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On sale West Coast there's been on the East Coast many years to somewhere in between welcomed me on reality radio myself Jason Hawes the always awesome. Judy Johnson it's more like the inferno is of hell. On the West Coast right now as policy that stuff going on in California I mean didn't they they talk about this being the fastest consuming wild fire. At least in recent times something like 45000 acres overnight. Because of the high winds it's unbelievable what's going out on out there and it's just begun and hopefully people are are evacuating is as the in the officials are telling them to and getting out of harm's way because it's pretty scary. And I've got a lot of friends who have had to evacuate now I was actually talking my executive producer today. And he sent me pictures because I mean they they were creditor and heart of and my heart goes out everybody out there from. And tent just please stay safe and there was earlier today when I was initially was listening to it. It was like 0%. Control Horry is days they weren't able to have anything under control no containment unit you know did you send me pictures of and and what Disney World out there and it's just beacons you can see it's just right there behind. And I wasn't that long ago they were dealing with that other major wildfire that took forever to get under control and you know it's just it's just heartbreaking so if you're in if you're anywhere near what's going on their please be safe listened to the authorities do what you need to do to be you know out of out of danger and don't worry about her property. That can be replaced a more about belongings they can be replaced lives can't so. It out of the way if it's anywhere near you. Yes yes or heart definitely goes to all of you as well it would open all. Harms are real soon so a couple credits shows coming up here we've got us tonight we'll be talking with Jack Kennedy he's a paranormal investigator he's an author he is a member of a group called spirits as New England. And he's written a book called pontoons ghosts and demons were going to be talking about that he's also got a new book that's coming out soon called paranormal researcher comprehensive guide. To building a strong team. Will be talking analysts afoot that Jack in just a little bit tonight. Yeah injection great idea longtime friends somewhat afford to have an Amman and and tomorrow night we're going to be talking when James Barrett organ talking about artificial intelligence. And I want it honestly I'll the last time we had among great show but they went from being a thing about technology it's almost like a normal week or short conversation. It then it's frightening to it's frightening and you know we we are on this runaway train. Of technological advancement that we don't really fully understand the implications at the end of the line and they could be devastating and as a runner talk about what you. Well it's funny because they are so earlier today I was sitting there and the wife and I were talking about. Christmas things for the tree and it was these these orange balls that hang on the tree. And as we're talking about that and fine man just nothing going on. Didn't think about what he elects that's there arm or my phone or whatever. And I got up I went and sat down at the computer. And I want to Amazon.com access gonna try to do is Christmas shopping. And as mental as as I'm closing a FaceBook and everything to go to Amazon what shows up but an ad. Talking about Orange these orange ball and it was warned Blake. Ali basketball's in an author who is so we manhunt this no. And so something soliciting. And it's terrifying if you think about that suggestion having a private conversation with the wife and he instantly kicks up some ads on my FaceBook account and he. About what I was just privately talking to my wife about it's terrifying when you think about that. Yet no you don't have to think about it much forward to terrify you because you know of these things are listening and they these are these are devices that are going into everybody's owns now and they're very very hot a Christmas gift. And the implications are pretty severe might that movement Halloween three the third movie. After John carpenter's Halloween in 1978 and was about those devices and a nobody just it was really considered a bad movie although. Ali Aaron and we didn't have to do a quick commercial commercial thing and it triggered the devices. And it's kind of like the most horrible if we but it's actually being revisited as a actually a good movie. I think the reason it was it was soap and at the time is because. It was the third in the Halloween series and there was no Michael miners and it never been in Michael myers' Halloween and number three shows up there's no Michael Myers had nothing to do about with Michael Myers but. Going back to this whole concept. You know in that movie. There was a device and again and over the details and some we can call and give us in and gives the details of that bid there's some device that was given to the kids and win a certain word or something was uttered it on television it triggered the devices what's kind of the same thing here would tell you in are you talking about these devices and everybody's homes. God knows what they're going to be able to control at some point. Yeah and it is it's still it's terrifying legislate I fell. I really felt quickly like it was a total invasion of my privacy when that happened and and it took a point where I wanted to get a compliment and so what you're talking about that she made Orange Bowl showed up by the and it's gonna until we. Yeah alone in all an earlier start in a blue balls and and so it's Christmas ornaments and so forth but I doubt this is a late night yes and anyway as a person. Hey Tom carries a story kicked up just recently and if I found a really interesting Etsy remember that whole. SARS outbreak back in my 2002 right yeah that was your respiratory disease and I knew exactly infected thousands of people killed and about 800 plus people. Didn't they couldn't figure out where this is where the strain came from well it appears now that the they found out sort of exactly where well where where it came from on. This is a study showing bats living in a single keyed in China all possess the building blocks of the deadly SARS corona virus to. And potentially. The means to create a new one and just one that. A lot more than a whole lot worse in the original one. So in this researched none of the viruses from the cave by themselves display the genetic traits of the SARS corona virus the spread to humans. That infected more than 8000 people there in 2002 in 2003. But together. It was a different story in one cave there were enough genetic ingredients among strains to build a virus kills humans in also and the strings decree amplified. Viruses of the SARS virus. Wouldn't be oh of course a lot more deadly to to humans you mention all own team and fooled that's. An and one K the this stuff this is the stuff to scare this just demonstrates how mother nature is always going to win in the end I mean we can create medicines we can create two when are we wanna create. But ultimately mother nature finds a way to could get around all that and finds diseases and things that keep populations in check whether it's human population or others. And this is a perfect example of that and it's kind of scary. You know we've we've been bleeding for something to show up like you know the AIDS virus was kind of one of those it was very very scary. Seems to be someone under control and of course it's still very devastating disease. But there were fears when it was first discovered that it was just gonna spread through human population wiping out didn't do that thankfully. But there is a lot of fear and there's a lot of concern we had the plague outbreak could recently in Madagascar are and that's still a problem is that they're still trying to keep that contained. Yeah so it's some you know it's just a matter of time and all these things were talking we don't need to depressed people just christmastime we're talking about artificial intelligence taking over the world out here these are your love sounds of your loved ones contrary I miss so it's enough to depression. Well what Delores and are so we got Jack counted and colonel and vascular and also tonight and tomorrow yet genes America we're gonna talk about artificial intelligence. On and then next week we got some great shows yet another good friend of mine who I haven't seen in quite a few years you guys might recognize James Von Prague. So he knew he was the executive producer of Ghost Whisperer pass he's been altered forever and if you look at genes from Prague he you know. After a lot of TV shows with them whether it be. Larry King we did the view him on two shows ago so he's he's great to have on and the ones they were going to be talking with Jim miles he's historian and writer. The discussing mysteries at Georgia's military base. You got a great week of programs next week as we approach Christmas time and hope everybody's getting an opportunity to enjoy the holiday season. Despite these scary stories that we bring to you every night yeah I was just trying to keep the all fought us and if so. If you haven't had many Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. That had to be on reality radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone and enter into. Rate at which a logical is initialized touchpad shows during our chat more. Click on the station list and listen to us how many stations we are on across the country and that Lewis is constantly being updated summation you. Aaron you want and you jacket Austin. Or just click the listen life tab and then a connection online chat room orgy the united usually hanging around as wells a great community of people. And you listen right there from the website if you download the show do us a favor and please read it for us it helps push shall forward it makes it easier for people to fine. Yet and it I just haven't noticed that are guest for the evening Jack Kennedy is actually in the chat room onto replaced in Iraq would not just other listeners of the show them undress. Other listeners the show but I would Jason Knight and sometimes I guess we like to from the gasket in there but let's go to break when we come back to bring Jack in most are talking about his investigations his book sends experience already here. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. So it's beyond reality reading. Chasing GT re telephone number 84468776690. If we get time tonight. It is the other night goes but if we get time tonight book we're gonna try on another site to promote healing yeah we'll try another one we're doing a little different but we got to you know it's it's hard started on Thursday. Earn election to answer it's nice Wednesday so. Yeah whatever but it with fast. The people. Apple laden global re introduce that we'll see if we can do that again I think that'll be a blast and a ironing Otis can I just. No no you're disqualified immediately. We are going to be talking with Jack Kennedy tonight Jack his internal investigator and an author he's got a new book it's called haunting ghosts and demons. He also has some books in the works one is called paranormal researcher comprehensive guide to building a strong team we frequently get questions on this program about people. Who want to oh start in the teams are finding team to join in this this to be some good information so let's bring Jack into the program hey Jack. Welcome beyond reality radio script heavy on tonight. And each individual losing great to be thanks for heavenly by the. Thanks for coming on it's always a pleasure to talk reject. But that's all right. And as it always surprises Vijay is because no matter where you see you you always remember alliance. You can't play each other a lot by the community you know exactly you don't remember when. I think it is I think pretty all you and I have had some great conversations about the paranormal and stuff and I attend remember that. And I anyway yeah you're you're you're you're hearing your great guy and this one is saying that and you know it written is something to broaden and again. And I really appreciate you have me on the show we're gonna. Talk about a lot of things but yeah I do like to give credit where credit's due and you know art team spirit to New England. This brilliant because of view and grant that we survive their first few years as a team. With the encouragement and against you guys gave us so. We appreciate true that. That means a lot literally goes you know we're gonna do something little unorthodox story now just because. We asked a question and we did have some to call in about this Halloween three and I think Jackie commented about it in a chat is well. But I will go from South Carolina is calling the comment on this discussion he will welcome to beyond reality radio greet Evian. Yes certainly has got to assume. Yes sir good arm Jack Horner has. Little bomb there like Compton had a did you look but on. And they would. I'm I'm assuming yet I talked about it but they would let go testing room they were doing there are number one being evident I'm trying to. I'm a little younger but up steam all it like Alan it is but they they went over our favorite beat whether it. Watched TV and then makes him. Are cockroaches crawl out of her head out at telegram brought me. And they're absolutely just got scenes thought that this is it I actually do remember that I do remember that. I do whatever they let me ask you will just quick question because that movie's been considered to a failure as far as Halloween series but it's starting to get her a revitalization or re appreciation. Do you think doing its it's worth looking at again. I think I think it's sites it's neat it's something different I mean it's palate not it was an agreement like that what you think of how we need to demark mired bet. I mean I wouldn't mind I don't I didn't think it was terrible. I think if you look at it as a standalone not not connected to the Michael Myers story in the Michael miles character you might be able to find a new way to appreciate it thanks for the call will we appreciate weighing in on that. So Jack let's I'm we've got a couple minutes here a little less sexually and before we have to go to break here but it's a good I think it's a good time treated kind of give us an idea of I got interested. In this paranormal stuff to begin with us. Talk election that in my book so. Separately after the brought down we just. And I've actually been interest I guess I like as a kid growing up my mother had a lot of experience as a stuff. She used to tell me about Lisa talked about in my head experiences in my own home. Turn my name called when it's would sound like my mother but my mother wasn't calling me should be in a different world. It is justice and has been a problem that I guess all that well all my life sentence. Amusement and interest so it was one of those people always watching the of the different to be sure and search you know I was the show's about. And all that's. Fixed a few. So. I just fell into it and I can't wait for good for a long time and then there was because. Goes owners could seriously they get back into. And that's where it met. Don't McNeal we are seems founder and and the whole team I met him on the band reality form. Too it's an online and get non there and talking to people and they're involved cinemanow insert New York but we hooked up we connected and then we met for the first time that the the Spalding and Jason. Oh yeah you're talking about what eventually get out of it and talking about early on realities in your time of the beyond reality are you form from way back when it was initiated when we initially did the radio show before GB and I took it nationally syndicates. Exactly yet durable way to keep your gold medal has again it's not on oh let's not make some tools you back. When javy and they're young but aren't so we're gonna we're gonna take a break and we come back Kool given to a lot more you listen to Jason and JPM Dioner elegantly. Jason TV guest tonight is Jack Kennedy were talking about his ex. Variances of paranormal investigator also his book. Which is called haunting ghosts and demons is another book coming out soon as well called paranormal researcher from comprehensive guide. To building a strong team and Jack before I went to break. I'd ask you how you got your starting your interest used throughout things like cut the TV show in search of which just so happens to be won the Jason and I both were big fans of and it seems to beat. One and that anybody of our generation who is currently generous in the paranormal kind of cut their teeth on. It was that good of a series and it really created that much interest and curiosity in these topics. And you know it really didn't and you really think about back at the time there was a lot. Really not like today I mean there was a lot of shows. But I want to show. On the court for a winner anymore is that it was really well done and really gave he'll laugh and sciences. The different things that are out there UFO's and and stood in spirits and they got everything covered the gamut of different things so it was really interest and show lights and stalled financials like that they very interest. I remember the woman and I'm bigfoot which was terrifying to me. Punch to weigh in what you through doors and everything else I mean that that was the first time I never heard about bigfoot it was just. And of course that in my first and ever hearing about and goats terrifying scenario. But it was it but it was just it was done yeah. He analyze it and that he gave again I remember that to the united us in go to the shows I think that really stuck with so you know like our generation. And cattle and listened to direction we land. You know and seen again certainly I get away from it for a long time and a lot of other things and work for the department of defense and an engineering and and I think that even going all to all these other different things they've done over the years Sims has helped me. In getting or am now and and the fact again I'll say it again negotiators came on rekindled that hope for a lot of people I think from our generation 2000. We took a lot out there until leadership came along that was. It was just about. You know. Being Experian and the fright factor at all that it will list. Wow this is what I remember going out and do it and you know realtor and trying to figure things out and on an inning hit to a lot of us you know. That's that's why I think it was so popular. Yeah and and another saying that was contemporary to in search of was the movie cherry to the gods from Eric fein Derrick has book and that was another woman angrily fuel regenerate the generation that we're now seeing. Do this work in paranormal studies whether it's ghosts or UFOs or whatever happens to be. That move her chair to the gods was another one that really just laid the ground work for a lot of what we're seeing today. If I agree with that that was I used to remember that on that was agreed should really caught my interest as a kid I remember watching it over over over deadly putter hot and up. Yeah and it it isn't imminent but that's what I guess our passion for this vote came from it's like you know I think people in general or just interest it and considered just Sony he called the turn only color we want but but things outside the mundane. You know we liberalize you do or stuffed but we're always looking after something more interest. Mean that's part of who we ours does that human right. Well something more cresting and some answers to some very very long standing questions. Yeah a and that's and and we've ever quote a well I think we will find some of those answers in our lifetime some we won't. So we never well you know Japan and an ID you know he struck about one Duma elections steps to turn on one. People want to get into it and we talk about that and and notes that turn normal with regards to. New article goes on anger turn on the investigating. Figures spirits. It's a spiritual world. You know and and in it to me then there's that part of it you know and you can't separated now. For me anyway. It's intertwined and that's part of what the answers we go looking for his you know his her life after death what what is your beyond this. And in each you know I know what my beliefs aren't and what I experienced when it seemed. And as it is yeah it just for myself now there is a man and don't try to convince others that necessarily but. Premier accounts but a lot of my answers I guess it was looking for. Jack. Rekindled your interest in all of this is something that you had an interest in as a kid you know growing up. You thought about a lot did you do any investigating. Back then in those days or did that start after the rekindling took place. I do a little bit in mid America candidates are important things it's in my book towards suspected. If they discuss a real kind of first to read the whole investigation. Serious thing to do which was that my mother's old house arm and she would tell me the that the girl Oklahoma's opponent. We look back there and after my hand and I didn't hurt you know how to take care of some things stuff like that what she told me something better Romany upstairs so I wanna to check. Get a mountain. Ahead restore. Open every time like close a collection try it you know that was the thing it was trying all that before. It was a forgone signers ever came along and it was but the one that shall came it's like a couple of steps I was trying to trying to do who. Without any equipment in December and our industry to figure things out but. Weeks ago who. You know to play like this but anybody used to do when they're younger kids saying go to the the cemeteries and stuff like that nearly weren't doing too much investigating. It was candidate things always wanted to do you know and checking things out in my own house and senate that stuff happened and that. Which has stood out in and try to figure out what's really cause and that. Now and sometimes they couldn't figure out you know so it was the ghost runners came along and so really what they were. You guys are doing in in a real sense to try to help people out. Candidate is connected for ray. Want cemeteries are one of those things where you find it most and most people getting emboldened paranormal and I'm going to and it's it's one of those things where askew amenable in the kernel for a little while he start to think well cemetery and have people have been dead for multiple days prior to their bodies being brought the cemetery so lightly Nestle. Anything being there. Is slim to none it's more. Just to creep factor. These find out over time in and why we'll regulated cemeteries was because the fact of the matter is that we ever caught anything in and put it alta for the world to decide and on and then we have to worry about teenagers that are whoever. Heading their partying having good time taking over tombstone which we see happens all the time and it's just. And just very disrespectful. Right now I'm talking about like when we we did that they were in their teens and it was a speculative. You know the 1970s. And stuff like that you know obviously you know otherwise it was a creep factor more than anything else and usually get there I ran Halloween tigris on the it talks now. Anyway that's what it was but that's I think what tended. Begin to draw us into it and then we moved on from there you know science. And but but I have had a case. That didn't end up involving. The Cheney. All paupers cemetery out Springfield mass and I went there we had to go there during the day we rejected I don't wish he would GDP recessionary and we actually got something there which is kind of weird so. But it wasn't in the cemetery that is leaving to get my traction. Out of it weird. Criminals always stooges like that in my truck girl in a it would connect the whole thing did connect to the client's case that turned out at time. Well I also know it. Try to avoid discouraging people envy you when you talked about sure investigations. Prior to being rekindled by ghost energy sector you kind of you know laughed about a little bit but I also find that time those experiences. Where we weren't using K two meters and we weren't using you know fancy. Infrared cameras are any of this stuff is using our eyes or ears sometimes that's their best kind of investigation. Is it might help people that too like you know it isn't like you did I mean I learned a lot of what I learned from you that's synagogue on mr. Tom. Hum and and you team. The but that is true and I still hold to that one of the things I talked about even in my book that become an uneven and in this books. It talks about some of our investigations. Played up a little bit it's it's you know it's. I think she cap in Tokyo Chancery there's. But when you read it to combine east like real investigative techniques with some stories you know of relocations and think like that that we've got. But one of the things that we still people's and most important piece of equipment you have a view. And it's to do a psychic abilities or anything like that just has to do with. She's pulling her room well you know had a has. This room feel as compared to where it maybe just walked from you know dude is something came off as something. Protester got basically you know and they get chills is something happening do you feel ill entity can be anything from him masks two maybe your spirits there. But that helped me I investigated and there shall call what I did that you know. And trying to figure out how to get that door open but Gillick that would open the third time I turn my back. Some of the drastic. I NN I like you say that is the most or mental usual ebb and when people ask me the most my nation my favorite tool that or what the most important tool is. One and two an investigator honestly most of the time I tell them common sense because let's be on the hill there's content not many people out there. Let's just say there's a lot of people out there who don't have any common sense these days. And it and that common sense factor is huge is one of the most important tool you can have. And it helps you also look for explainable. Situations behind what and the activity that's going on and I think that's important is really trying to look for. Possibly could have caused it it's not always a ghost it's not. Not always and paranormal. Right that's absolutely true it that's one of the things and assess in the same thing to people. Even when we get people can't artistic amount investigate you know we lease sentences of eleven page form. Which is a form originally guests from wanna hear rents. We modified it for our own needs but similar form and haven't sold out. And you know on this then that's even before really talk to him on the phone. And they don't talk don't even know what you think should think external world this and that is certainly watch a lot of TV do you you know cut and it fine it's like. You're scared you're so this certainly is but you know that they're they tell me some things they can't like Luke well aren't well I can't tell you that the ghost but. There you wanna become texting that we can help you figure out what truly get on what's happening and sometimes there's a spirit there and sometimes there isn't. You know it's other things and they just. They frighten themselves. But watching too many of these shows that are on the east it's. I think they want so much further. It to have an experience that they almost. Can't make it happen. We're talking with Jack cannon Jack is an author and a paranormal investigator in his book is called haunting is ghosts and demons were gonna get into that a little bit Grossman talk about. A book he's got coming out soon called paranormal researcher comprehensive guide to building a strong team. The phone numbers 8446877669. Would love to have you join our discussion about. There's a good paranormal investigator and it's gonna we're covering tonight absolutely ours we're gonna take a real quick break more common illicit Jason JV NB honor Ellen revealed that. Johnson our phone numbers speak for 46877669. You should write that down you may wanna join our conversation with Jack and a tonight. Or you may wanna try a little bit later if we have time we're gonna re introduce our psyche experiments he somebody. Can get into our minds GA as we focus and concentrate on something different tonight most talked about that later with some time yet again a very scary place to get into but and I can pay off fingers and isolate well we've already seen how difficult it is to penetrate our minds and I do think that the tin foil hats has something to do with it. But Tom it's it just I think this is a confusing place for anybody to get into a and not a place now we are talking with Jack candid tonight he is a paranormal investigator. Andy and author his book is called. Ponting is ghosts and demons and injecting and thanks for being with us. Omni you we know we talked about Kenny getting a starting to investigating after EU got to re introduced to the concept. And saw the taps team out working by watching ghosts owners. Where the where the ideas that that they were presenting him in terms of the techniques they are using in the equipment they were using was and you do you it's time. And don't think the techniques. Were new to me or anything like that but in some way those techniques were being used. For parable investigated. A lot of this stuff like you know. Getting recordings or collecting what I'd like to caught is collecting evidence collecting data then you can review all that data to see if you have any evidence. Well it's pretty similar to kind of what we do in the engineering field and we do testing we have to collect a lot of data that we have to review at all there it's. Byrd doing audio works for tests were doing here there were two months but you or protester during a terrible work. Well there it is but it was addressing the C. Kind of engineering techniques are testing techniques used. In gossip. And did you feel as though. That the Temps team as presenting this technique on national television. Was doing they the community the kernel community service or did you feel like it was going to be create. An old one of the things that we often and are concerned about is that everybody became an imperiled Romo investigator for awhile because of the popularity they show. And I don't consequences to what did you what did you think on that and that no line of thinking. A year that's where things are actually talk about my my next book that's coming out which is you know the the Canada plus and minuses to a there was so there's a lot of pluses but. There was a few minuses I mean. The eighties some people say they were all the polls show did a complete disservice by just creating a bunch of teams have popped up overnight and everybody was claiming to be it goes on there and they had no experience. And that's partially true. But at the same time might think that tape to show legitimize. It's been in a lot of ways sort of the the paranormal fields. Couple. They have brought in more into the limelight honestly and that would that was our main our main hope. When we of finally agreed to do the joke is an issue we turned down doing the show five different times. Because we didn't wanna be on TV and we didn't we didn't know how would be portrayed or how it looked. And the fact of the matter is. When we finally agreed relate well hopefully it'll help it'll drive attention to the paranormal and make it so people can at least talk about it openly and not feel like they're in they're being mocked or made fun. And that was so that was the biggest thing. Of course you're going to get down and downsides of it where at least seemed of these teams pop up these. You know fly by night teams show up and tear and all this craziness but I think definitely the positive far outweighed the negative. Yeah I agree with that and that's kind of what I tightly in a little what you do you get positive and negative and everything you hit. Nothing is always gonna be 100% positive I mean he could goes through anything that ever took place in the history of mankind during. But can find a cure to cancer an intimate of trying to win weaponized it you know I mean. Yes to that it will happen. You know so there's over the pluses and minuses but the pluses. I think for the show outweighed. The minuses. And that's why it was. I know for me it did and I know for a lot of other teams that they came up and are still around now because that it did. You know hum. And again I would hang and it sounds like on the number number number I'm really you know second day of the pundits because it goes honors its streets of New England to Justin. Yeah Seattle I don't look at elitism and honest I don't get to sucking up is we've been friends for so long and we've had not had all these great conversations so it's it's just you know you feel it. Jack we have about a we have about a minute before we have to jump to break here and I when when you saw ghost honors and you get rekindled get re interested in re introduced to the small idea when did you start when he joined team and nexus are investigating again. Well I think actually get together on the the Cambridge description language was founded before he came along about a year before this one we want to Spalding and I met the mall there. By the end of that they yes we did during hurricane. And that was spec in you know my gut 2000. I mean. To 2009. Yet 2009 you know. Yeah it was a when Jason character someone billing when those times or was there are better. Or just general time is over its. Success is I think you know I think the first set it was morally it was slipping in the summer was July or August usually that putt. Countries we stayed in the Terry Jones the carriage house yeah yeah. Which had a very interesting experience. Now to tell us when we come back from the break and don't forget it's on every 446877669. Bondevik column participate in the conversation prior to take you were a quick break more to come to listen Jason GBM beyond our daily radio Rebecca. Yeah. Yeah. So Jason Hawes always awesome TV Johnson so I know we're talking about paranormal investigating senator our guest is Jack Kent and we're gonna get back to him in just a moment but to a story just came across a desk and a thought was pretty interesting. There's been more and more talk about some asteroids as they passed the Earth's actually trying to mine resources off of them because most of them are metal rich. You know objects that just fly by or wherever the heck they're going or error in orbit or whatever on. And NASA is looking at actually doing that very thing with. An asteroid that's called sixteen site that's what they. They've named it. This this particular one is or is it is a big one as far as restaurants go it's 156 miles wide but here's the problem. There is so much nickel and iron in this asteroid that day. Say if it was brought here the iron alone two was if they could bring this iron to earth would be worth. And this is a number that's very very difficult to even imagined it would be worth 101000. Quadrillion dollars. How many miles. Myles white as a so it's a 156. Miles wide the electorate that's like three in my state he's there it's it's gigantic rock. Flying through space but it's close enough and at NASA's already. Got a mission come there they're working on to visit this asteroid to study it if nothing else but they're also considering the idea. Of mining it and the but the problem here is that kind of those kind of resources brought to earth would actually destroy. Earth's on the economy in that it be like flooding the economy would value and would completely destroy it so. There's a bit of a paradox there will be interesting to suit they decide to do but. You know there's there's you know these these asteroids have a lot of metal or in some some of precious metals so would do if they can never figure out how to bring some of that back here in Buhner since you know. You know what it actually does. Yeah but then again it also opens a whole can of warms where they control I mean some of these are they talk about gold silver and all these things and these asterisk I mean. Then they. Mostly controlled that whole that whole economy is why it's justice is terrifying thing let alone I'm terrified that this our mining these asteroids they break one out they changed. Trajectory of audit. And now it's it's closer and eventually at some point it it hits yeah and presumably it was terrifying scenario is one. Whole bunch of things need to be concerned about bubble keeping Diana will bring you information as we can we do have some people on hold and we'll get to those calls. Soon though let's bring our guest back in Jack Kennedy is an art turner paranormal investigator he's members. A group called spirits the website is spirits of New England dot org his book is called on teens ghosts and demons. And another book coming out soon called paranormal researcher and comprehensive guide to building a strong team so again Jack thanks for being here with the story we appreciate it. Yeah and my pleasure as always. So you answer I work to work on some television. You work with some shows tell us about your experience there ghettos we've done. Have been an a couple of shows that are produced by a typical art house media had a kid and it's colonel survivor and on a case files. Which both appear and just finish America. And they're also here in the UK and Europe and and I have found they have a pretty good following over there and in the old country so I thought that that would just at a weird kind of funny. Eight and had a lot of fun on those shows. They're not like. Bill Saunders was we additional policy around her real go around cameras and stuff like that. It's more like it think but wanted and things like that where they do they do interviews with a it's the thought is they do reenactment. Yeah so it's kind of fun to do the army could step have to run around they skipped the signature get interviewed so. It's and really favors either that took it some but they've been trying to do in the in the pit crew out of the the company uses. To people there are a lot of fun to work quipped I have always had a positive experience with the and the company. And with the way they tell the people's stories. Speaking for. The couple. If you can because I had that I've done with them. They've been 90% accurate with the telling of those cases so. And I haven't played them up too much at the very pleased with the way they handled. Assess imperil survivor originally was on scifi channel's. No there was turn on the witness which. That this is too. Colonel also right early first came notes. There was actually the first term we'll show this company produced. And that was dedicated and we actually did filming in 2014. Victory came out on TV and Tony kept. The colonel witness I think had been non. The scifi channel. Which is a total different shall hold different companies to. Let's go to the phone lines a spring in Liz from New York who wants to comment on what we're discussing you Liz welcome to be on reality radio. Hi how are you guys. Good thanks. Actually I have couldn coupon and and gotten the president talked cute guys but I have a house that's about a 130 years old. On it used to be old general store and it's from the town appalling. Don't you noted in New Orleans. He. And technically we've always had some weird things going on in here like my son when he was really little friend's mom they're in the Stanley looked that the you know bookshelf there's room. Didn't like that. So what was happening with loud bangs and we're waking me up in the middle of the night and I hate it was actually happening so much that I try to really kill it probably isn't my mind. And so I decided to put out. The digital. Audio recorder. And the things that I got on this seeing are like wow. The last one my god was. Very close to the microphone in my son's room. It's down played with what found to be a draw. Opening. And then shouting and slamming. And it's so close to the microphone is. Unbelievable. And I got people whispering. I have music I have old ladies talked in like at all or content playing your own seriously. Was that all from the same nighter deserve our and it. I do periodically. And my husband keeps pounding. Because he doesn't really like it but if it's addictive actually. Well aren't. So are you looking are you looking for assistance I know I know Jack has actually not far from each Akron. It is that it's about an hour and forty minutes left. Will they mean yet and I don't have decided to go to town titled the Florida and that's the case but I have been done at all. How long peg. He we're revealed text general store. On and across the way it was stated that dance hall and then across the road from that was the tavern that went in. Liz I've been trying to determine from your demeanor if this is something that scares you or concerns you I don't necessarily think it does it sounds like you're more curious about it than anything. It does not scare me. I've seen things. Like one day I just happened sort out the window when I saw a lady walk up the walkway. She was dressed like so batting from the time you know it was like where to listen to captain black. And had one of those long downturn her feet dresses and it would literally Nicosia billowing with terms steps. And I knew that it didn't I knew about it and you wouldn't want another words such a big development of those. Are right now and and later that night I laid down on fleet my husband unfortunately works nights. And I laid down and I heard a lady. Literally say hello. Hello all a little like there and I just went oh good god. You know. I'm so quietly it doesn't get me nervous but it doesn't like the sent me to where it's like you know like scary scary. Since. I don't know now I just feel like they're here. Nothing's really bothered us. It was one shadow that kind of bothered me and house that was. It kind of took up the whole door in my bedroom. And I thought it was my eyes first. And when I look back it kind of went the other way and I want old crap that was in my eyes. And to which in turn my son who is in the living room sweet thing. Went to check and make sure that it wasn't him. And he kind of told yes Tommy did you go to the bathroom. And he said no he called but something just woke me up they hit me and my legs my back my legs. So I had to take. Tiger you know this really happened to hear you very crazy wondering exactly you know there's an even like having your carry passes you'd you'd see. That. You know arc I guess that's what you're trying to figure RA. What's really going on. It is so my question he would digital on the recorder like how reliable are that. You know a year it's it's that in the. Say about the reliability of the recorder so. It's what's going. If you're running that lawyers sleeping at night and stuff like that you have no idea really what it's going on outside around the house things like that are maybe what's going on inside outs. There early again beat Peters it's something else that's more natural. We used to tell people really don't miss seeing your whole. I never feel that's really good idea and I feel about that Jason but I never feel too good idea for somebody used net. Even if you aren't dealt with the colonel really don't investigate her own hole. Because if there is something going on you can encourage it and if there really isn't in my draw something in that if something's around and it so. Recorders are reliable it's just a matter what are you really picking up. And in what he's hearing I I would suggest maybe you have somebody review that audio. For you to see use used by well experienced with EVP work. And see what they get out of it in or have some between them and do little check you know little investigation per year. Traffic lights and stuff Q what they really find out Elkhart. And I didn't and also just let me throw in the event there and you can go and look up to certain digital recorders fed will they have Tennessee to pick up. For different frequencies that can pick up CBC can pick up Milwaukee scanners at us like that just so you know there are some Alter that do you deal with them to get a lot of contamination and bleed through and stuff it's one unit and be aware of that. But it is always group and this group's local team that can come by they don't they don't charge money I mean it's it's for a while there are group south of the dues or be careful but. You know most of the gay groups really don't charging money that Kyle did just there to document China. Help you logged document what you think you're catching and try to find Al you'll find some answers to help you though he lives. Thanks for the call we appreciate you calling in but you know Jack that brings up an interesting point John you mentioned you don't recommend people investigate their own homes. Obviously most people that have experience. Any kind of paranormal activity tends to be in their home own home 'cause that's where they spend and spend the most time. So aren't. I am curious as to why you think they shouldn't investigate their own home and be if if they do eyes are safe way to do. I don't even the best in I don't know but the country trap trap trap a kind of liberal would come. The reason I come home icon not a usually what people like that contact us and they just trying to figure what's going on or in some cases they are afraid of the activity but it still wanna know what's going. So they look at what they see on TV and they destroy do it on their own. And if Syria is so precise tell people not to. They've seen this in a lot of cases. If they try to and there is something there it just accept the activity and one of the things they usually want is they they want to activity is stopper either reduce or at least anyway. So now they're gonna kick it out because if you are communicating or something that it's an intelligent. And it knows you're trying to communicate to it it's gonna try to maybe communicate practice so that's usually what I recommend candid don't do that you know. Right on makes cents or less sick quick break and we'll continue our conversation on the other side are phone received 446877669. Or talk with Jack Tenet tonight. Listen Jason JP yeah. Just smashing her guest is Jack Kenneth tonight we're talking about paranormal investigating this specifically when we have really gotten to a so do that now but his book. Pontoons ghosts and demons and Jack. On what are what inspired you write this book. Eight EE you know I have always enjoyed rating. Definitely asparagus slow creativity should do what are working in in my younger days and privilege or degrading and it was just something they can always wanted to do I wanted to write a book. Actually I wanted to bring this up because. Before publishing this book and informative but take published published. You do that it's in that stern magazine published one of my earliest works. Yeah yeah it was for do you remember at the section and they're called the reveal. Whose members back in 2011. You get is so. Pub most to work it did about the teen winter palace investigation we did there. That was one the first one of the first things I didn't. Policy a little because you let. Me. Going rating horse. And he's Jesse knew we simply have really important or how much did you tell them we pay him to come on this program I was. It's not a madman wanna talk. Milk to her yeah I don't know I don't know I don't know. I guess we wanted to write it and and east title and drinking their affection. And so right combined. And you know reality of real investigations and that's what's in the book the true applications we've investigated. At least four of the mark. And there's photos of those locations. But with a little spin to this story is kind of like a based on lake is they do movies sometimes lines that quite is is. Could afford to does that. When confronted them introducing a new age sanctioning go to the web site and check out some of the evidence that we do capture. And then a couple of surge or just completely fictional and totally made up out of my head and then there's some other articles I wrote to get people think in veteran back in and and just some sections there that. This thing to get people think. Garrison colonel. And I understand that 990 and only about a minute minute and a half before you take a break bush and won your stories it's actually second stirring in your book ghost ship is is about the USS constitution now I've had the enjoyment of being called into investigate that location and we got some really neat activity some weird thing at the top of the stares down their some voices and what now when you investigated it and you did you catch anything what was it what was your experiences. Who we actually did it and more on that we did a beckoned 2010. That's a clear that we have to NATO membership and actually. And a sister come and do it we were local team and religious thrown out an email termination would you really come we have activity on Ireland on trying to trio what's really going. So it's on a week cooks we cooked some chemistry just late anomaly. Which we can explain to the state and actually Joseph action sort of one of my lectures and this response was what that was that extra you know and we talked about it. And we captured some shadow figures we captured a lot of EVP DBP of a young boy on the ship. And one of our own orbits is actually saw the face of the young boy and that was on the Gundy on the main candidate. I hold it hold it right there as we got to take a break anomaly comeback all get into that but it was a it was a great ship or just an incredible investigations are you listening Jason G yeah. He's our guest tonight is Jack cannon were talking about his work as a paranormal investigator and has book which is called on teens ghosts. And demons and and revenue actually pretty interesting discussion about how he was inspired to write the book and Jack. You said that some of the stories in your book you drew from from real cases and I don't know if you could share or at least one of those without us. Give us an idea of the type of cases that you considered to be inspiration for the book. Yeah we were actually let's go back to the of the constitution which really is it is with a bigger inspirations I think you for the book could truly. In the it's it's a case that we did that we just went in and we investigated for like. You guys it is true that the navy back in 2010 and and through the commander at the time and and his officers in the yes it's true and spent the rest two nights free run of the ship. We went in there are set apart equipment DVR system this. And just spent two nights asking questions we have the post was made Phil gag not with us. The first night. And he actually at one point. We were having. A door open a close to her garage it's a close for us is in the commander's quarters and another dirt we are close to what touch and so came up checked on us after an hour is like. It was Meehan back in that weren't there and were. You have in this activity and he's like going you know that's interest in doors closing which he is a district openness and now felt when coaches who stand in there are. Looking at the door that's just two days later a few inches open and he goes quote set to lower very significantly so open that door or. And that we hear the door and it was a latched turn in your alleged turn in the door swung wide open. Scared the heck out of him he goes at two words stupid and didn't like to have that. That type photos exciting he read option. Runner by ourselves we had to go get. Back out. I don't come down and and bring him back other ships we could finish investigation first so but we call a lot of stuff and we had some interesting things there and and our conclusion. Is that for everything and we caught. There's still some you know whole crew on the ship including a young boy is still on that ship crude the seems to think a black there was a really cool thing to have on the ship in the 1930s. And then arteries or shall we found is the last boy. They were designated as boys that died on the ships there was five that died in the 18100. So easily disable has a boy who died. And not in Duluth news the eighteen hundreds know about a black parent 1932. You know and and that was one of the biggest pieces ADP that we had that we played back for the captain that really caught his attention. So. We had a great time and it was a good inspiration for the book and and it's a great case because it's just the crew that are still there. Some of the curse on that ship I truly believe that. Just it's nice to where it's located you don't have to really worry too much well outside contamination Judy you're sort of pushed away from everything boy you still get you still get some that's there but just it's just a great location. Yeah yeah and he can actually I think that we have that the VP the other stuff and reps so if your one trick you know. It is a good location and we where we were in and docks just like you guys were when you investigated so that Tom nine. We have. Really anyway and certainly that's a result and closing the doors to to close and we can be peace during the time it was closing for us go to little boy left saying. Some crazy stuff certainly great administration. Jack when. People talk to you about you or or were with you want an investigation like this story just shared with us. And they actually get scared and I mean that's one of the things that we talk about frequent that's that's how people get hurt when you're running out of the building and they do we do run moment and they need you know terror out of their. What I tell people to calm them down I'm not talking about. You know investigators percent dug in about two you know maybe just people who are are afraid of what is happening. What do you Toma common down. Played well like with with Phil that are with anybody you know who will take the side mostly we're just talked about what just happened okay what you know. What do you think just have assumed locate that that tour just so much to self and opened. Okay. So what do you think that means should doesn't necessarily mean it was really goes we can try to figure out some more to the latched dissent be coincidence. Don't so we talked to and it's awoke in the worst cases and his Kasich who was a spirit. It did exactly what you ordered it to do is follow your order. There's no harm there you know there's nothing there to be afraid Everett. And gold digger from that perspective it's a shocking to them at the time so they just take off we're seeing his shadow figure you know. They'll say okay wolf you know. Intent sit down and just talk to them let them talk it out. You know and then we leave just stick to break for one you know and it recounts now we joke around a little bit in the count people that. You know. Was so don't be you know. Too overly afraid of it we don't really know what cheating going on yet so let's not make assumptions. Way you're you're writing her and he made birdie finish but I know it comes out next year the book paranormal researcher comprehensive guide to building a strong team. Don't tell us about that book. That book really deals more with this completely almost completely opposite of that sort it's. This and it's kind of an entertainment capability gives you some insight to give you some information that. That book to which I did not name any week we had a little conversation earlier today and I'm messenger about. Using a publisher vs self publishing. And with the public church shipped publishing his publishing that book and they named to the book. I didn't have a choice in the name of the book that status and about one pick but those that I do think it explains what it's about and it is to battle. It different types of equipment. Now did we and the remaining in this. Us. What kind of you know. What different types of recorders are out there how much do you wanna stand that I get into it a lot of of this city need to spend a ton of money. To start investigating your start trick came in that part of its building the team. I think that's a big part of building a successful team is building the team itself and figuring out. Who should be doing wind just because you're the founder and team doesn't say he should mean you should be a team leader and investigations. It's all about skill sets which I've done a lot with with more do I managed teams. Engineering some sort of to build those teens put them together in Austria who's best at doing what. And that's part of what you do when you're building any other tech a team including apparel to who's who's gonna doing Lott who likes to do what. You know. So that's part of it only gets into Latin and we do discuss. Several court cases that we have insights on those cases from the the investigators on our team. What that investigation meant to them. What you know what so they got out of Britain and what they think you the ultimate. Thanks for helping the client order. The location you know. Once you know how has this helped those people. So it's a little bit different eco policy in I hate to give the word that textbook but it is a book that and it seemed to taking go back to work. Gift to like a new person Cindy read this a little bit and get some information out. It's just too useful I think it will be useful book content topping tunes the older the groups and into the stronger team built together. Why I think it's highly important and that's one of the main questions I get everybody is just and it made. What how how about putting together a team on how do you do that eagle about it. And and it's it's definitely big question because you get these people that you mesh with the of people that don't match you get sometimes you get people that just don't work well. Together and there were people that over time you realize that there reason for being involved is totally. Not not the reason everybody else's so emirates it's one there's one virus that. Ego aside and it's not about really getting their ability emea destroying teaming up to a tree goes besides. And it also attractive and a lot of it's like we talked about for just about you know some common sense and when you're doing all this city to working with client to get into talking about that. And it's not for everybody. I get into the real you know work with people could help them resolve all the things we don't charge anything dislike you guys never did. Go to W what a lot of things with these people with mental illness issues or other issues that are going on in the family. And you've got to try to pointed in the right direction to get the original for that too which can help resolve. Jack were pretty much at a time here. Give people a website again and any other information that you might want to give them to direct them to the work that you're doing and how they can books. Is best location to go to for everything it is streets of New England dot org that's a web site. The books again are available on Amazon.com. Com the newest book is already available for pre order. Turtle research. That's real pre order that we coming out in June so we're just about them without on the publishers and stuff. Always related. Well we definitely gonna have you back on again -- and I said hello it's been along times to have seen her and we look forward to talking Egan in the future meant. Yet again and she did say the same idea do so should messages. To come back in it and anytime you want so. You have a great night and are gonna take a quick break you know if you wanna get involved in our psychic remote viewing experiment you can call now 8446877669. We'll explain how we're gonna do this. On the other side of the break it's beyond reality radio James. Last best. At that reflects the level by cigars yet no court Jack that it's not about her death yet again who by the way we appreciate joining us and we also are very very happy he spent time in the that if I graphic keystone chat room. Chatman some folks Anderson let's test checks disagree always been a great guy in the and that's why we always clicked so I enjoy talking with them hanging out and threw in thanks for all the kudos but at the south and about that means just a wonderful guy. We are gonna try something different. We're gonna do or psychic remote viewing experiment and if you wanna participate. CT have some of those skills or sensitivities give us equality for four. 6877669. And here's how it's gonna work last time we used to playing card. The last wounded was four times to expose like four weeks for for rustic and after that when figured out. On marketing is a playing card this time. What we have here is a piece of paper. There's something unique about the paper. And there's a sheep drawn on the paper you need to get both things you need to tell us what's unique about the paper. An inch tapes and what shape is on the paper. And if he of one of the two. We're not gonna tell you you got to get him both seem really have to focus on us this were going to be concentrating on what this is and what we're looking at and that's going to be. What you can have to try to come up with. And if you get it you win a hoodie and you know if if this becomes too hard well then. May we will give you some hints waiter on future book. Let's see where we go from yet so case of the number again is 844687. 7669. In this is not in any way. You know they I know that some people who have psychic abilities or. Sensitivities it's difficult to call in and you know within a few seconds he would make that connection but either way it's fun. We're doing it we think it's a good time in someone's gonna eventually walk away with a podium so let's. Let's go to our first line this is Cameron. From Indiana State Cameron welcome to beyond reality radio this is different in the playing card gives you had called on the plane article opens and U. Yeah yeah. So we're doing it a little different this time we've got a piece of paper in front of us. There's something unique about the paper and there's a shape drawn on it you gotta come try to come up with both so were concentrating diet. In the paper and or act. And that we are there armed. Now that's not it that's senate jerky camera which are doing at the right way so it is like Cameron be an example of of how we're doing this is silly question of what's unique about the paper. And what shape is drawn on the paper let's go to. Line three this is Chris calling from Boston hit Chris welcome to the show. This is different in the playing cards or more challenging the world were were concentrating twice as hard as we didn't playing card. There's going to be a little difficult. Police on. Well the papal wise Palestinians something different more like god. I'm not like parchment page paper. And the shape drawn on that was square. Now but thank you very much and thanks for the call Chris yeah we're gonna be doing this on for awhile I think listens listens going to be a little more difficult than the eliminating the the cards from the deck. Process that we did last night this is real true this is a true test of can people actually tap into what we're dumb I'm gonna call and it. OK let's go to if this is Vince Vince from Missouri events. This one night take your time with this one buddy this is a lot harder you've really got to Tappan doing what we're seeing here. So there's sit too hard but that's not right yet. Can't let it currently. Newspaper. With a star. Now but thanks fence yet thank since that one's not it has a lot more difficult than playing card. A lot more difficult in fact it's so much more difficult than we've got some you've got some people. They hesitated to call in because of trying to figure out they're gonna do this. Again we've got a piece of paper in front of us. Was it something drawn on whether something unique about the paper. And we have Swiss who wanna know what that is and we also want to know what the cheap it is so let's see here we are gonna go to. Oh okay this is specimen of a minimum Jason calling America a welcome to be on reality ready you ready do this we're focused. Yeah you know I am I'm ready. Okay. We're looking at this thing we're thinking about it you need to tap into our minds. I'm Margaret yeah. There's there's actually. A. Blow you nice try though is meant to face track but those who has foisted did their. Could have to Politico that he could have been our you don't have a hundred meters out and merit so. I think or where we're out of time here to do any more of these but we're gonna continue this next week this is a lot harder we understand that but that was the intention so Cam Cameron really set the bar for any has been in so that tested how we're gonna do it. I think disagree called so TF. Wow married so. Tomorrow night we're going to be talking with that James Barrett now deemed we had on the past about oh about a year ago right. And you just phenomenal guy I know him but he Steve DeVries written some books on. Artificial intelligence and it in on the subject we're gonna get into their being kind of beaten be scary like Kate said earlier when I was talking to the wife in the living room about. Some things for the Christmas tree and then all of a sudden I go on FaceBook can and today I'm getting ready go on Amazon and ads for the exactly what I talked in the west about pop up and it just becomes a terrifying scenario knowing that all these devices that we have. Are listening to us and listening to spend some time some of our. Our personal very private and private. You know conversations back and forth as a terrifying terrifying thought. The day it is it is very terrifying and weren't the only started to scratch the surface on the technology and the fact that the people and companies like Amazon or Google or apple are using these technologies to. Mine data from us and use that data for commercial purposes as this is all just starting yeah. They sell itself appreciate tune in for James Barrett next week we've got just an incredible guest coming on as well. Com and actually scrolling to a right now. Our and so he hadn't you'd Tuesday we've got James Von Prague coming on sure most you might gnome has done numerous TE TV shows a very long known sensitive. And actually was very executive producer of Ghost Whisperer at least. From the mine as well also he's gonna be armor and be talking to him about a much different things that we know Wenzhou dead Jim miles historian right or be discussing mysteries at Georgia's military bases. And so forth on if you haven't yet made she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. With the FaceBook page forest. And then head over to be on a later radio dot com and click on the station tend to find all the stations we era across country that this is constantly being updated so makes you a check it frequently. We can download the free iPhone and android app. Great there which allow us to listen to the show life catch past shows join our chat more or join us any night just by clicking the listen live tavern on the web site. Metallurgical listen wolf the Los Angeles in the show original web site but also hang out would GG myself and disagree community of people so our. And if you Dallas show from iTunes to us a favor please rated forests helps push forward and it's easier for people to find. This gonna do it for us tonight thanks again didn't jackass for coming on how you know with lists Jason GBB generally to radio catcher tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello fading sent peacekeepers will purchase most all actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.