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Faye Flam (Bloomberg, Medicare Age)

Dec 11, 2017|

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Vote on our daily poll question had financial exchange show dot com while you're there fire of the media player and watch the show while you work. This is the financial exchange radio network. Faith slam wrote an article for Bloomberg that I came across. And it indicates that Americans. Over age 65 have very poor health compared to. People over age 65. In the other eleven developed economies throughout the world she joins us now on the financial exchange they welcome to the program. So why or how does the America of the health of Americans senior citizens compare with senior citizens and other countries like Canada. Well I I. And it has been a basic and common not on and they you know number of comparative survey. Other developed. And they US is by spending more money on health care and other country. And that would work health outcomes for the latest survey added eleven developed countries and we. Were last played it and chronic diseases and the American and you die earlier eagle. Well. What kind of diseases are you referencing here. Well bailout it it can be the bike hard that these diabetes paper and what are considered chronic. The leader that he's the that you hated it can be treated that can't be cured. When I talked to doctors say I've nieces and nephews that are either in med school or in or are practicing physicians now and friends that are physicians. They tell me a lot of the problems that seniors face. Are based on a lack of preventative maintenance and and I liken it to not getting the oil changed in your car. For 50000 miles right you have problems in the car you don't change your oil sounds like the same thing with Americans help. I think part of it you know I don't I out. I can't find out what the experts but was going on why Americans were thicker. And a bit less survey focused on American over five and that eight that it is it about that line age group where people. You get universal health care we get Medicare has yet we're ill behind. And one hand it is that people. Under that age group with chronic diseases more. Board so that people in other. As we start to fall apart at age fifty deal went late fifties kind of what our and it's a pretty rapid slide and I'm and I'm speaking to you as a 58 year old that. I mean it's gotten pretty ugly in the last eight years. Well now I am confident about these. Armed camp there edited at Renton. Is that the biggest risk factors authentic or XP and it isn't skeptical and then I thought you expert on each hand. One of the put it way. EE compared it to the code and ally. I see your even more ideas relic that in your body. Why. The biological back there I'll animal. That light and a. Annika hands when we stop making babies and. Well yeah died in predict polite man and animals by. Alley at puberty and a when it's not reproduce and so far up. This is on and they aid plan it nothing your program is IE 88 elected that. Your body is really program that survived the port that in and you're out on the and it was legal problems even that you take good care of your. Now they can and they do. Hate is Lisa Knight who situation it it seems though. That a lot of the medical problems we have are based on people. Skipping care in not getting their prescriptions are not going to the doctor because of financial issues and you referenced that your story based on the study. Yes that the big problem year it everywhere they other but it worst years that people. People under 65 though are on and who have high deductible OK don't go to the doctor and and then they've come up a lot of people even Medicare. Couldn't afford the co pays and deductible. They ended up. Hi either not filling prescriptions or not not not to you know complete prescription because they couldn't afford it and instead or get things doctors. Wind and ultimately that ends up costing much more right because they knew you'd have expensive procedures. Late in life. That's generally is that hey according to the expert site up yet that the longer you let go up but more. Expand the city treatment that is that the earlier you expect you to maybe. They easier is it ill. They thank you very much for your time we appreciate your your research on the article very helpful. Think I have an anecdote. They flam and and you know struck the. The theory behind her which you say is that Medicare should be made available to people over the age fifty and I can tell you. If he talked to other. You know 58 year old or the 62 year old rather 64 year olds. You know your you can't appreciate this as your third. F thirty you don't need to go to the doctor more than once every few years probably death but when you're. Which when you get into your late fifties also in the docks like my doctor now he wants to see because I'm on medication he wants to see me twice a year that now. Because he's monitoring he wants to check my liver function in my kidneys because of taken Mets up. That. That changes and if you don't do that kind of maintenance when nearing your fifty's what ends up happening is by the time your into your sixties Europe mess right and that's that's why our health sucks. The week we rank eleventh. Adam like compared to. Canada Great Britain France we re rank eleventh because a lot of people between the ages of 1564 can't afford insurance. Also there's fat. While we are lifestyle. If it contributes to the problem.