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Dream interpretation - unlocking the secrets of our dreams.

Dec 6, 2017|

Jason Hawes & V Johnson welcome dream interpreter Cindy McGill. Cindy discusses the meaning of our dreams, and the importance of paaying attention to the messages. Cindy takes calls and offers guidance to listeners. 12/6/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Are childless couples once their skills to somewhere between welcome to be honor Eleanor you myself is most the only source and GE Johnson so have you seen the witch and the bicycle go by ending the windows yen and the this isn't this storm isn't that we've lost without power flickered twice and a has been brutal martian ice center screen shot yeah yeah that's going to be always a challenge when the power is flickering on and off so if we happen to lose Jason just know that he's in the middle of some kind of cyclone or some I don't know what's happening would actually do because. It's swept through New York State but it's always a little worse on the coast there really is I think just because where we are with the water and everything else it's I don't know for whatever reason just it's really nasty legislature you're tied down to something just in case it gets really bad I'd hate to see from Iowa at a perfect so -- they won't gonna be on reality radio everybody if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com where you can now click on the station Lewis finals is we are across the country can download the free iPhone or android app. Repair excellent listener line of cash past shows join our chat moralists are from the legislature by clicking the listen life tab. And that connecting online chat rumored TV and Meyer and usually I'll agree community people and you listen right there from the website. Yeah a lot of great stuff going on there you're gonna wanna check it out and tonight you're gonna wanna make sure you write down the phone number it's 8446877669. Is a couple of reasons. You're gonna want that number handy. The first is of course our guest tonight is Cindy McGill we're going to be talking about dreams she's a dream interpreter. Are going to be discussing what dreams mean and then look to take an opportunity for you to call when I know that everybody especially. Around the holiday starts having you those dreams for this group from stress and whatever whatever the reasons are people seem to dream more vividly this time a year and since he's going to be able tell you what those dreams me. Now volcano dreams all the donors so that people have Manto like javy in his volcano dreams anyways but yes so and it's it's always inching to have have them I have her on the show and and discuss these things it's. There's that is to actually it's at that time of the year where a lot of people tend to get very stressed. And have these says crazy dreams I agree with you under percent yes and and. You know anybody living in the Northern Hemisphere gets darker earlier and just you know everything's his little weird Australia yeah yeah yeah and I can't get can't get settled daylight savings and we need to stop that and we can't turn it around until I think December 23 star is going the other way but the other reason you're gonna want the phone number handy tonight is that we are going to. It has to be tonight someone's finally X. At the end of the night we're gonna open up the phone lines for our psychic remote viewing experiment somebody has got to get it tonight I think I don't bouncy anyway that we that won't happen tonight. Yeah I law much here we haven't seen anyway it wouldn't happen the last three weeks ago. But yeah and hopefully somebody will let narrates the whole idea behind this is we picked one card out of a standard and deck a cards. And well in still the same cart we haven't changed cards if you go vacuous in the past shows to your all the cards have been chosen. Nobody has chosen this card and your chance to win a free a free birdie in we'll send it out here just picked the current remote view the current guest Picard elimination whatever it takes to get to. Point via an end in you know what we won't tell anybody if you decide to re gift the equity to somebody else putting under the tree that's okay we're not gonna say it worked and as silly and I just wanna get through this so we can open it up to some some new competition something else yet you and diverted talked about this we're gonna continue with these. Experiments you date night with Jimmy well ahead. And I might and we will get any calls for that. But I'm we're gonna change when I know we may or may not pick another card don't we do this general me just pick a different object we're travel much different things you know works in Aaron that's what it's about and then tomorrow night by the way you should know that Jack Hanna is joining a season paranormal investigator and an author will be talking about his new book called haunting ghosts and demons it's currently available. And Amazon and Barnes & Noble dot com we can also discuss his appearances on shows like current and survivor and haunted case files. A destination America whole bunch of stuff. That's Jack Kenny you know Jack Jack. I am known Jack for years he's just he's a great all around individual I'm looking forward avenue mile Michelle and I'm talking about his bookie semi his book when it first came out. And he's just he's just great I was saying totally Sao. But eight eyesight to the post here today and there may be it was a little. Little abrasive I don't know but it with this new show that's being kicked up Arnold cheer about this TV but these ghost hunters are going to use a ouija board to contact the black Berry chill you know children and hurt you see the sort of you know. Our itself more a story goes goes on or shall try to contacted via black children for new TV show announces TV show overseas in the UK. On the colonel more experts I hate it when anybody calls any paranormal investigator an expert including myself and armed. They'll use a ouija board try to contact the spirits. I'm a TV documentary to be aired for next year and a black guy in China and black eyed child of panic panic case chase. Came in Internet sensation back in 2014. Following numerous alleged sightings of a girl with these coal pit eyes. I'm number of snaps of the spook Specter were also captured on film but now Manchester based parent more investigators dale Macon and just in cull. Of a TV series parable truth will set foot in the woods of cannon chase and Citi and they say they'll try to make contact filming for a we G dicing with death and I'm sure what that means Bada. In my my main thing about this is snack you know Handley has it may be as a braces saying just another dumb whatever idea. And it's just it doesn't seem like a Smart move to me I don't know what suits your thoughts. Well I just say Al goes back to the same thing you know I've talked about over and over again is that the everybody knew him when it comes to these television shows people are all trying to outdo each other look Trent you push the limits push the limits look for new gimmicks something has just to create readings and you know that's not what you did that's not what we do here it's not about that it's about really trying to get some answers and some information so. You know that it's. I have to look at that and say OK that's entertainment I'm not gonna be impressed by it and somebody may or may not it doesn't like the whole Texas schism on TV so I was gonna say it's the same thing it's the same thing and you know teachers don't let him say you know maybe some amazing evidence will show up on that we wouldn't expect but I doubt it. Well that's and I just I don't think it's I don't think it's a wise idea first off year injured just. I don't teach like I said to each their own maybe I was a little abrasive when he came off on it and I but still just act I think sometimes I do get tired. A so many so many different production companies or whatever trying to push. Bushel limit further and further and not thinking of any of the ramifications or. How could affect other people who might H right to attempt do the same thing well one of the reasons we love jays because you don't you're not afraid to speak your mind and that's important that's very brilliant wife tells me directly I should have a filter but the patient really have a filter most most of the time but now I'm I'm one of those people and I hate hate me for my honesty ultimately disarm or bottom line hate me because how straightforward I am and I'm OK with that. You know if you're hate me because I was a liar and have an issue with that but. Yes so anyways so we'll have to check out that show and if if you want if that's a clean and should interest you all and then go from there it's. I think it shows as one more programming note I'd like to mention that Thursday night we're going to be bringing James Barrett back on the program I think we had a month freak syndication. With the with Westwood One so a lot of the stations carry the show now. Didn't get an opportunity to hear James and he. He wrote a book about artificial intelligence in the fact that you know it's going to it there's a danger associate with a you know I've talked about that on this program a lot of times. There is people in the technological community technology companies that are that are sounding warning bells about artificial intelligence. And the fact that we're creating things that we're not going to be able to control at some point and James bird's gonna. Dig deep into that talk about it and we'll get some model it's great information from him on Thursday. Well it's funny to the retirement talk would Jameson is honestly the show if it becomes a very frightening shell. When we dive into these details and and the things that are happening out there with SuSE artificial intelligence and just technology in general. And if I have to say being be prepared because you'd think it's going to be a show talking about all this technology. But it really it's gonna turn into something out of Madison attorney to a terrifying thing where you're gonna sit there worry about. Having your phone next UN nightly sleeping or or any of these things so when she tuna and I think I'm. Positive it's going to be just a great show. Yet his book is excellent he's he's he's presents his case is very very well it's got a lot of great information some really looking for that discussion again and be serious and night slash Friday morning. Anybody who's keeping track of you know that midnight thing that that seems to harness every time we talk about the days of peace and assets etc. is just one of those things it makes a little more complicated but that's going to be wrap up the week of course and then Friday night we will have a best of program as you do for a week. It just do us a favor and a lot of people have been doing the source greatly appreciated if you if you play the show later you download the showed just do us a favor and go to iTunes and read it for us. His hopes push a show for it makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about and we greatly appreciate the sport of everybody doing. And we do worry so much so let's do this let's arm let's go to break. Let's get him ready to bring Cindy McGill and by the way again she'll be taking calls later in the program we'll let you know when we open up the phone lines for a dream interpretation phone calls. From Cindy and again the numbers 8446877669. Are you listen to Jason NGV and be on reality radio Lee back after this. But missed it's that was a close call your recovering nicely but good thing we got here for that emergency surgery when did it. I feel great now though here's the bill for insurance didn't cover would. 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Right now we need to energy use our guest for the evening Cindy Miguel is a dream interpreter. She her her website is Cindy Miguel dot org and her book is called what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep. Cindy welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you back on the show. Here it's always a pleasure to talk with so we've got a short so we've got a short segment here but it's a good enough time for you. Two lead anybody who might not have heard you on the program before know who you aren't exactly which didn't. Yell out while I'm a dream interpreter leapt to do that. And it seemed like that right now especially at the end of the year. People are just got a lot of change and that. Just stimulate a lot of dreams bench messages opt in Kansas State dreams that direction dreams and warning dream then. So we just try and put that second pair of eyes on it you know to be able cute. Give some insider may be a perspective that may be wasn't. Evidently you know in victory. Now is going to challenge and a hunting per. Should interpret during and we've been doing that spur a lot of time. Different festival. Burning man Sundance don't festival. We gave them into the adult convention. You know we just try and hit place that's what we think that people are. Maybe the direction our our possibly. You know they're checked in in a place to meet their identity. A lot of times stream school palace. Kind of who we are what Purdue that are changes that have gone on in our lives or how where they are all being in to a new. You know arena or area of our lap or spear of influence against. At what point in your life did just. Dream interpretation become a focus. You know probably. A real focus would be around early ninety's. It seemed like we were. I'm my husband and I both were jet stream and Mike Currie the and we need to. That these were just cannot speak to during machine on a plan like they were something that they're really had that advantage. Hidden or in our one open. In that in the Dreamweaver achieving at night so I think it piqued our interest I've been a dreamer my whole life Alan. Even from an early you know. The little girl I can remember having I'd dreamed of swimming underwater long distances and never have been to come up for air. Battle. I didn't know what that meant I was excited Ali habits. That I realized later on that was. I was kind of in things that are not on the surface. I was exploring deep staying directing that. Were. Took a little bit more effort our our you know we're hidden or submerged so. An and I liked it it feels like I just kind of go. Below the surface level. And explored. May be deeper our our more. Hidden. Messages. You know in the in my own life. You know cheap so is it being cool. Hang dreamed yes Italian and let. Others there's so many and we're gonna talk about all those when we come back from the bottom of the hour break here we're gonna actually breaks things down quite a bit get an idea of actually what dreams are because. We'll take them for granted and I think there's a lot more to our dreams then we we actually give credit to our minds are or wherever the information is coming from. There's a lot to us are gonna break that down. Don't forget on number 8446877669. Bloke on the phone Munster calls in just a little bit. And will be taking up also calls for a psychic experiment a little later in the program. Absolutely and there's there's also that whole aspect about trying to remember your dreams because you dream every night but most of the time you just don't remember them. And we wanna get into little matter of how we can actually focus ourselves to remember what our dreams. More what dream we had the night and and then make it easier to actually figure out what it's trying to tell us. Are right so again the phone numbers 8446877669. Tool free date for four. 6877669. Brit take a real quick break here and beyond reality. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fund that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Ha ha ha. Playoffs and the interpretation of those strains our guest to Cindy McGill she's been on the program before we're happy to have her back and Cindy. A good start this segment off a kind of breaking this down a little bit and I know this might seem like a very very rudimentary question. But. Let's ask it anyway and let's talk about it what exactly is a dream. I heard that the good question. You know. The dream that I. And think a batter would describe would be a nice message a message when your at a Rem cycle of sleep and of that year. And like a movie coach impact your hat on and it's something that you didn't necessarily reached or reached per year. And there some sort of a message in it. I remember. You know people can have my agent also so that's something to consider because the addition. Is different than a dream in my opinion I think you dream needs an interpretation and need. They're symbolic. I think senators pitcher language they're. One being can rapper and another. Ill with the addition it what you see what you get. And you can also have not Asian chicken happened in that day also. Just if sitting at a gas score. When you're in a peaceful place she can actually have a literal commission where you. Again mark against C a something. I wouldn't be here are you know would would look like something that you didn't make up on year. You know on your own. That dream. Happen interpretation or they need. To to have the Campbell's broken down they need to have be able to have someone and say well this. Represented desperate stand. It year in your dream and I. Dreaming in your driving a car that you don't currently own. Bennett that has. A message there's a reason why your driving at different type of a vehicle. And down. In I kind of put it together like a puzzle. I'm you have to have all the pieces together in order to make the picture and then when you see the picture Egypt identify what you see. And then that or what is the the focus of the dream what is the primary message what speaking tear the latter what does that. That your. You know that your eye goes to you first and then everything unfolds from there. Yeah let's talk about that in just him and men and wanna go back to the science of dreams and I know that you know that's not necessarily the way you approach him but I think it's worth talking about. Is dreaming it as simply a physical process in her brain is is it biological. Or is it something that is spiritual or divinely inspired or is it a bridge to maybe another dimension. Or is it all of the above. I'll be about. I think south and in you know I I'd approach it more from a spiritual aspect. Because I believe that we ignore that match. But. Bet. There every wondering I mean we. You know most of our lack a wee wee bit how many 13 of my life during me you know show we there is. A reason to pay attention to that there is a valid. Point to act being able cute. To dream. And you know I looked back from a spiritual perspective and I think of divine guidance. I think of how hot and we've been directed or guided in dreams. Even from our earliest days you know I mean if if we look at it from a spiritual perspective. And we can consider the Bible and say that well. You know people were about divinely directed injuring all the way through and they even to the book of revelation that whole thing was that the engine. So. I believe how bad. There are just things that we don't know. There are things that we just don't have access to you so will work he's ball and were actually being there were not fighting. And we're trying teach it to rest. That way and a message can be the strongest. And sometimes the most. Informative. And directional. Or at that time. You had you had mentioned that everybody dreams there are a lot of coal and Jason you brought this up before the break sir a lot of people that either swear they don't dream or simply have no. Recollection of the dreamy I'm process from the night before or from any point so what's happening there. Yeah. I hear about a lot I mean we've interpreted all over the world. On and people Francisco attorney and it is not you know I typically you are during. In order Q. Most the time not find it when people say I just don't dream are I don't remember my dreams that kind of thing. My suggestion is always we unique to consider it as a talent sort of information. It cute that argument if you believe and and you begin to pay attention to training or even. Put your mind into a place so. Being able to possibly re seat the dream. Then it'll activate it. Time and and I've seen it happen over and over again where. I'm staying at someone out and they are like I endeavored dreamer I don't remember my dream or whatever and I go we need to pay attention to them or give it space given a place. Q possibly. Beat. I'd hate to awaken you let it speak for that possibility of a message it's the very next morning. Our may be a day later they'll come and say oh my gosh I had this stream. And this part I mean now is awakened and here's my dream and sure an up it was a message that was. A directional for them and it really helped them out in their spot in the lives right hand so I am. That seems to be there is simple list. Way to help people jump start. They're turning you know are there during the lie. And then if they can't remember my dreams too well. Even at Q awakened. In a moment and you hepa. IPad paper your phone by the batter something in Egypt record even one little element of this journey. It's almost like a recall system that will go back. I've found and you'll you remember a symbol that was in the dreamer something that you can't remember and then all of a sudden it's like the whole reel play out again. In your aim in your. Oh waking hours. Well. And you meet Miley and you said the men and critically in the scientific fact that we all do dream but. There's also proved to us and to show that if you don't remember your dream within the first sixty seconds of waking up. Use sort of lose that memory correct. Oh yeah and that's why I think looking again. Just almost like reached out in your in your spirit in your mind and grab on to an element what was that was that a fire was that car was that a hurt than what someone art something new recognized. And again write that down or make a conscious effort. Should think OK it was about. Ari had this symbol in it or it had in the N com. I believed that it starts to a way can. The whole terrain like Gil you know because it you'll start she'd think okay what. Why was that. Car why it was that how why would that person in my dream and then all of a sudden other things start to come back in Q it. And sometimes that you know are. You'd start that process. And he'll either start to remember that dream that you had or the next night I have a dream and you remember more. Between you have the next and I increasing your building it's like. X it's like exercising right a muscle like something begin to activate. And then pretty soon you're receiving. A lot. Important or are very pivotal. Messages that. It and I noticed that especially now. That's one reason why let December because December. A lot of people begin Q. Start dreaming again when they have it. May be all year or are remembering their game all year. Because they're in it changed their position yet to their their new assignment they're. People are living their transitioning their something going on and on him. Emery get ready to enter into a brand new year. So. That is my suggestion that I've seen work honestly. With people and you know we can't that we haven't done dreams studies Iranian app that we have. Can't follow. People around. That have told that I don't remember my dream I don't know what you know we've given these little peanut. Just dark. And pretty soon they're now voluntary where I mean their guess. They're paying attention they're salivating at the year giving at a place that speak to them. Well it's funny because there's times that they'll be days meant I don't I can't recall a dream or weeks I can't recall train but that they'll be times that I'll have a dream. A wake up and it's almost like a story board the next night I'll go to a go to sleep and somehow connecting to Wear I Wear a liftoff from that dream yet and that'll happen sometimes and it's it's really interesting when that happens. It's almost as if you're you're able to put yourself back into this whole this movie and you've been there you are only halfway throw. And now I know that aren't in it like it cheer Ernie at Ike some kind of an adventure. And you know. And I need to have two I would have I do green where I was now it's getting the last seat in a first class airplane. But it would never get off to grab it only got about. Maybe a hundred feet optic around and I kept thinking. It's gonna you know the wings of the plane are gonna take out trees are gonna take operate separate top legal under under passes all the kind of weird action Alex having. This during over and over and over again and out I was in the process of creating a documentary on dreams. After the film festival. And I'd share that stream. I did that this that the money after you right to keep having that that's it never gain altitude. And someone who was listening to me share the dream that we needed new pilot. But I thought oh my gosh. I need someone else directing that bank in order to get at the height that it needs to go and that's exactly what happened. We had someone who would helping us. Create the documentary that they did didn't have the skill to do it and I needed to get someone else. He can drag this thing Hickey give it to the altitude that it needed ago. And so it was an adventure during for me it was like. There's some then Q hey you know it's got to go higher. And the and mock or Galen. Read we're talking with Cindy Miguel by the way her website is Cindy McGill dot org. Her book is what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep critic take a quick break and we're gonna open a perform mine's just a little bits are raped on the phone number 844687. 766 ninths beyond reality great taste yeah. Jason. You can hear tonight they told radio stations during the program around the country we just recently added KEX and TAM in Las Vegas we welcome them to the family. Stations being at an all time as the network continues to grow. If you can find that list step beyond reality radio dot com just click on the station list and and just costly checked editors were adding new stations all the time so it's constantly being updated didn't. It's all because you make you very much. And tonight we're talking with Cindy Mikhail was a dream interpreter. And there were talking about dreams are going to be open up the phone lines if you got something that you wanna have talk they interpreted talked about whatever questions doesn't matter we'll take your calls in the next hour. Cindy's website is Cindy McGill dot org there's a lot of information there are a lot of things you can check out also her book is what your dreams are telling you a mocking solutions while you sleep. And said he I mean we were talking about the mechanics of dreaming earlier in the discussion. And oh yeah one of the things it's always. I guess. I've been curious about. Is when people dream about. Things that are triggered during the course of the day and that night they surgery about that. It do you feel that there's a message related matters that are just a circumstantial dream just if you happen to be it influenced a stimulated by something during your day. Yeah I think that's exactly what videos I call it am. The technical. Flushing the toilet at a ink. It's bike you know you're got ugly things going on and is just a way you relieved or get rid of some of the activity that went on that really. Was taking you down by any downer just. You know so that you can just move on I mean. At some time at their significance. In that I dream. Related to an activity that you pattern pandering at it today that the most. I mean look it's really like chicken which unit that while ago that you I think it's it's pretty lecture you're just kind of flushing it out. It is kind of and loading it's like her are mine they're overloaded on without trial or we just start dumping things out you know tears can make Graeme for other thing. An American. Housecleaning the mind cleaning yeah. Why is it that sometimes. One were faced with problems in life we've only got a couple minutes here before us to go to our top of the hour break the wife Simone were faced with. I challenges in our lives. During the day we're struggling with these things but then you can have a dream minute halt to seem so clear while you're dreaming about it but then. He returned to your struggles the next day. Yeah well I'd you know peace. When your piece that's when you're going to be the most receptive to receive an answer. Because we struggle with are saying and we try and get things at all and we get worked the so to speak that. If you notice you know that when you're peaceful when your sleeping you're not fighting. You're not trying to make it happen you're not trying achieve. Strive to get an answer your chat at a peaceful place where. Something can be communicated to ask. There will make a difference. In I you know I can take that from even. From a biblical perspective when. Gerald that the earthly father Jeter had three dreams. How to keep keep her alive you know when Mary at pregnant at Christmas tactile. And how about that and but he was struggling what to do what do I do with her you know she's pregnant and I'm a debt. Early publicly you know this kind of staffing you know when he was during evening he got specific instruction on what to do. And how to make things happen and we've heard this from a number of people when they bench in a business situation or they'd been and you know transition. It it it then it when you're sleeping you'd get clarity you'd get the ability to see things for what they really are. And you're not striving to do it. In your pots down in her hand as well. One night and I can totally agree with that and we're gonna take abridged few seconds but I do a lot of woodworking and so forth and sometimes although a home in the garage and I'll have a hard time thinking about how to do something or create a certain thing. An awful sleep and the weirdest thing is. A lot of times I'll I'll get the answer there it'll it'll click on how exactly am supposed to do. It up and they go out and do it and that's exact and it worked out so it's amazing this is one of those things you're thinking too hard during the day. And that night it just sits in a free flowing in and it comes to you so it's it's amazing how that happens. It sort of open up the phone lines for folks who wanna call in and talk with sesame McDill and our next hour on so the numbers 8446877669. Paris if you have any question again 8446877669. Any questions and dreams give us a call. You listen Jason GB beyond reality radio will be back. Stay on the West Coast it's close when you start somewhere between welcome. To be honorary degree there. So it is because they always are some chief each episode tonight were talking about dreams and by the way the phone lines are full so keep trying to trying to get through to 8446877669. To talk to cinema guilt. But tomorrow night we're going to be talking about some ghosts demons haunting swift said Jack Hanna he's a paranormal investigator in an author. And his new book is called haunting it's ghosts and demons it's available now. On major. Two spots like Amazon and Barnes & Noble dot com we're gonna discuss. His appearances on term survivor haunting case files on destination American a bunch of other stuff. On his routine and I'm sure you're familiar with the yes Jack is a great guy a long time friend and it's it's great book as well so I don't recommend you check in now. And then that's Thursday we're going to be switching topics. Completely and we're going to be talking about artificial intelligence in the spread it that poses to mankind are. Guest James Barrett will be talking about his book. Which explores the idea of Maine and humans creating. Artificial intelligence. That actually will someday be smarter than humans sometimes I don't think that's gonna be too hard to do so what is he some people do I'm on him most immense help when it gets to the point where it is. Can out think humans then it has the potential of controlling we've all seen the movie 2001 a space Odyssey or at least part of it. And the computer on board. Which was and the acronym was Hal. Which ended up controlling the spaceship then it was preserving itself at all costs and it's a great movie if you haven't seen and recommended. But that's kind of the story. Look at terminator yes and that's almost terrifies me but James is such a great data talked to end. It's gonna it's going to be one of those shows that is gonna leave you really kinda scared with the possibilities of where where we're headed and just some of these systems out there I mean new wasn't too long ago Google it shut down their. Ai system because it started started communicating with other computers. In languages that it manufactured so people couldn't understand. Yeah I mean did you start thinking about the implications ramifications of that type of technology and you can very easily see how we should be concerned about it. And sole express cars trying to decide if who's who not to written who say it's just it's insane when you're. Really get into details so. But tonight we're talking about dreams and we're talking about the interpretation of those troops what do they mean what are they trying to tell us and we have a whole bunch of people on hold waiting to work to talked where guests in the McGill and Cindy again thanks for joining us on with hedge on the program before and it's always a pleasure having won we appreciate you being on tonight. Well thank you for having me I'd like Cameron. So we're gonna get to the phone calls in just a minute but Saddam before we get there. Is of us a whole mood or some type of standardized way to interpret dreams or is it more along the lines and I think I heard drew wrote kind of touched on this earlier. That it's ready yet to look at the big picture it before he can really determined. What a dream might be saying to a person. Yeah it can be up by a couple you have to put all the pieces together. You know we believe trying to start with certain things I used to have people say. All what that swimming pool lien Annette during an act out well in context of Wyatt. I mean are you at a backyard or is argue in the cool order. You know that kind of thing because that can represent different thing leader may not have the significance that you may get bad. Until we get a hold terrain and get a whole picture. So very and yet you you need to know more the story before and you can honestly answer that sort of question. Are well let's go to our phone line to start bringing some of these folks and this is Lynn from pits and I believe it's Pennsylvania Palin. Welcome to be Ariel to read a great to have you on. Here on which an email what's on your mind. So let's discuss some of the same status I have a then you're saying there'll stellar scrambled up but there are terrain so very spoke about that very clear. And. You need interpretation. It looked but what I what I'm gonna look stronger. When. It is ultimately it's different I don't know what. I'm I've been able to. I'm sorry it just kept unstoppable. But it is silent I hadn't stations and I. But I have to. Try in principle and it looked okay. You know when people are gonna have gone. I think I'd you know little bulk up by cracking tasteful wedding dress let's. That's well that's not afraid. I won't require a warning there I had a jury OJ came to let ultimately that dream that they did that in. It's peaceful final it happened altering. A halt to eat my it's never gonna look at how. So it didn't gain channel it's. The next day. And uplift this you know went very yeah. Don't let our our our they had never been out before. And other pick outside network and in trouble if you like I was very young she allowed me to just go and our time. Have a manipulative. But I have to applaud you look at the girl what analyst Sheila Sheila vote. Like that ultimately has also. Had support and not terrible things happened and I am mentioning all right to them that night before. It came true that night. While. I'll do all Lin is that that's been happening all your life. Well this started about eleven years old are lowered into the in my life. Elite. I have to tell you about salary cap like say my mother medal went to church. But that rule out capital and so we won't delve into that country to end. Stanley tests show that cemetery. And yeah I got. That's spikes but it will form both. An outlet Bob Ryan. It's not a in the but lately but I have to say cable or not or nobody had done my best escape to England can't. Up borderline out and no leadership both terribly much. Huddle real hard time with me split I want a chance though haven't been war well fine they were throughout the about the not that it probably out there but where I came back home as fit and that's what had happened. Well let's get let's give Cindy's take on all that Lynn has set a lot there Cindy I'm Sara summary your summer your parents how much you wish you Stalinist. Yeah I. You know if you dream something. As specifically like that especially that. Significant. A lot for a death either wind. Europe you have. I gift and basically you're able to see your note thing before they happened. And I believe that. You know it it. Is something that it at this company about you okay more than about the content of your dream it helped me about the kind of gives that you you'd have. And that you were probably born with it at eleven years old if it begins to come alive and but at that time. Something else tried to use intercept or Q. And you know and he says. A demon are or some sort of bottom. Something from that dark side tried Q I'd come in and in end. Interceptor take that. Broad captive okay. But I think that you that you use got back on track or you'd begin to realize. Your understanding about. I guess dot. Intercepting your life that that would. Anon I'd like. Yeah not bad at it that they took the first church I'd ever been. I rushed some of my mother my cap and get back to that church and about my first community. And that changed your life obviously. Yeah the Len thanks so much for the call we got to move on here is we're gonna run at a time this is Liz from New York hey Liz welcome to be on reality radio you're on with Sunni McGill. I gotta tell you. Cindy. Honor I have a dream on it there here's an entry occurring. On Monday and I'm 51 years old in a fullback and middle school. Okay your rebate. At at least yeah. I believe it's going to it's kind of different. At times putted solid this same kind of thing. Okay I'm coming down our hallway. Or coming out to. A hallway that leads to the office that leads the doorstep so I'd. There are OK last. Yeah and technically when I make a corner Horry hit the bottom of the steps. To go to the boss. The buffet starts kick off. And they are on the line. And then by the time I get to the doors. I think to myself I'll wrap I gotta go chase my boss down which is the first the one who want to. And he went crazy there no way across hold parking lot which is predict. And and then I just resigned myself to fail not crime without a walk home. Yeah which my what my house is probably eight miles it's not warm. And then I don't. Ignoring you again right up there a country road. It every occurring during part of god for years. Yeah how often and it's a middle school effect correct yeah. Yeah it has to do with education. It has to do with something of they there's something that you're learning that you needed to learn or. Got I'm gonna say that got it's probably bringing something back to your mind. Bad. You were in that transition placed. Holloway at her transition places an unhappy many doors of opportunity. But when that you don't get the bus. I year year year. I'm learning something now there's something that you have access to it keeps coming back. That says I wanted to teach you this when you were in middle school in other words when you were that age. A comment you were in between India middle school acting as a double meaning. A year in the middle of being a commentary actor you're you're not young but you're not old you know in the middle there. And I think that there is some information and there are some things that. EUR. I giving him being given access to. At that pertained to trading lower schooling are learning or a something of education. Al why it was a school but that's why it was a school that's why would a middle school that's why keep coming back even though you're the age you are now. And so I would say. Just begin to put yourself in a place to receive the answer. What it says that I was going through in that transition time in my life. We and that doorways were open or or over different Nortek could have gone through. And what is it that you want me to learn now. And I think you'll leave them probably happened during where you do get on the back. We're talking that you're human effort it's not going to be that you have to walk home or you have mile per mile to go I see it. They'll be some sort. A dreamy you'll have that will give you the answer. And give you the education that you will be able to get on the bus and learn that you know or are in that learning process. Thanks Carl. I. Liz thanks so much for the call we appreciate you are calling in the numbers 844687766. And get a bunch more people on hold. We're gonna take a quick break before we get to those calls we've got a lot more to talk about. And easily you listen Jason NGV NB unreality rated you back after. And there were talking about terror dream interpretation are to taking your phone calls at 8446877669. Cindy's website is Cindy McGill dot org. And her book is what your dreams are telling you a mocking solutions while you sleep and let's. Go to the phone lines when I get as many of these calls in as we can before ran out of time tonight. This is Chris in Louisiana hey Chris welcome to be on reality radio you're on with cinema deal. Any 80 you do. That. There earning. Pretty up and they kept dialing and come back in and a lot. And it back I keep losing night welcome. And or my purse. Yeah they'd pour it. And it's there it it it is stolen or block it in mind. And it LA. They whether a lot of people like emanating. And then going on and I went well and then. And it's like say you know intimidate and bought a cake. I have my own yeah need to watch. This unit and I talked to me I turn around and all there. And and I have badgering. And dreaming. Revert that I listen only. And I wake up from acting talent that was died. In undergo brain. Yeah and it's the same thing what's happening. I don't know why isn't. My thing. I. Year and a transition season right now. And that's probably why you're having it especially eager are you having it now or is this hour. And it. I mean you're having it right now backtracked like repetitive what I had I yeah like I it got up but it. Yeah it has to do with your communication. That's what I'm RA is that the ability to communicate Turkey's. Court on without one another and that they are a new level our new way of communicating that you're going to be stepping in Q. When you lose her purse it has your identity. It has something to do with our debt held to it you know your personal items then. Especially your identity so there's something changing right now there's a new phase of your lack. That you're coming in Q where you're gonna have I in that you added that a group of people there that help meet that. You look I got a new assignment is gonna require new communication and it's gonna require change on your part. In order for you to keep stepping in Q. A new understanding or broaden the understanding of who you really are. And so it the good thing. It is not a bad acting and I feel uncomfortable it takes you out of your comfort zone you feel I am on careless or not. You know a bit of paying attention or I need to start harder to hold on to something but whenever you lose your phone or you lose. You know especially your own it has to do whipped. A new way. Communicating. A new. And it in and and the people that you'll be around will be receptive. In the way that you're communicating with them. If that makes them so. Don't be alarmed or break that you know I'm just. Lieutenant like from being who. Very careless and I know it's kind of a panic. I've situation. But I think it's transitional. And I think here you're coming into the new season and things are gonna start to look a lot different true here. I'm in it good why. Is it growing up. Yeah Chris yeah Chris thank you so much for the call we've got to go to break here's rapidly to go we've got more calls and we'll get to those on the other side of the break. Don't forget the number 8446877. 669. And wrestle free at 8446877669. Or to take a quick break more to come you'll listen and Jason G neon Deion are illiterate you won't. All right Jack Kennedy's chances talking about this sport haunting ghosts and demons he's paranormal investigator and an author and then Thursday night. We've got a James Derrick coming in talking about the dangers of artificial intelligence have we are to turn the corner we already in trouble when this artificial intelligence stuff. Is that a question well it's a rhetorical question if you got an extra four or do you and you know my feeling yes I think we're screwed but and that's about it though James of their will be talking about that and and there's an eyewitness or we're looking forward to that program. A little bit later we're going to be taking your calls for the psychic remote viewing the experiment we still have the same playing card that we drew from a deck of 52 cards it's still here we're still focused on it and you get a chance to call and see if you can. Tap into our minds and figure out which card is sitting in front of us but in the meantime. We're talking with Sunni Miguel our guest of the evening she's a dream interpreter who website is Cindy McGill that org her book it's called what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions. While you sleep and we're gonna go to or fall months are because we are gonna try to get everybody's phone call. In if we if we can manage it with the time constraints we have here but this is Lloyd from New York hey Lloyd welcome to beyond reality reader you're on what's in the Miguel. And our emotional language thank you Iceland should. Shooting and what's on your mountain. Lust in the streams out I'll kind of straightforward budget could be some other shall and that kind of arose from number of years ago. Com. IAEA and the dream where my grandfather died. Com and then number will copiers later wherever. Where. I ain't got metal and you're giving me a big code and so I forgive you and I think about a particular argument. And we're at all farmhouse and there's a whole bunch people around the corner and I am pretty sure wars Israel it is. You might like grandfather Brees went right. And it. Okay yeah. I get out that you usually you know. I'm an epic closure. Oftentimes you know people castaway and we can't conflict are we haven't resolved certain issues or things that it happened. They're memory I don't think damn I did they get their memory or something comes up in in it says I battery doll bass and a I feel like countered. You know it kind of make an Ambien despite giving you peace in giving you closure and giving you a space in the orange and because that was her grandfather it's something also. Did you it would appear. Biological grandfather Earl was Egypt she said the grant I think you'd new. Yeah he's not there wasn't biological blah you know he's our war group. Yeah and I think probably there's some things that he invested in new anti EU when he was living. And I believed that you know there's some really great principle that he can still continue our instruction that he can eightieth. And is it feels to me like that may be coming back even per unit out to get to it get another generation. So I think it's a healing thing at a forgiveness saying it brings relief. Qiyue. And it is it it kind of really which you have a really positive space. And to be able cute. Knew mine is not anything holding you back. Are on. And investing. In the next generation. Like the fact that it was not armed. Our it was a rancher or something like that you think it was. Family oriented so it has to do with something that you'd been entrusted with now to get to scrambling. Our Q I'm. In particular to bring him back grant street which is a really great saying in people need that right now. I especially the younger generation you know with Scott that was guarantee it now. Lloyd thanks so much for the phone call we appreciate it let's go to Brad in North Carolina he Brad you're on with Cindy Miguel welcome to the program. Thank you by the way awesome bumper music. To their. Keep it up Adidas contract. I have. Two very strong memories from my eight early childhood. That I can still remember it vividly too the state. Partly because I believe that did not quote the most stable. Happy train local satellite. And one of them was. Liable in the backyard and believe me up in the air flying through the loop to loops over the long July. And then on the opposite side of that being chased in the jungle. I had jaguar or some big answer. And root. Patting you know listen to this show. And just you know finally having thought about it 168. And be happy to be skating. And the other one is. It would distress serves no less than happy childhood. Yeah. I think that. That's fine art and expect it when you're younger. You're just. Able to live about it. You know you're you're able to Q live and see from a different perspective you're not any year in a different apple. You know you you are lucky that I may be escaping that I think beyond that eager you're still enjoying your innocence and your childhood. Despite your circumstances. Jaguars chasing you do it jungle or that kind of thing Oppenheim though it could be predatory or they could be something that. You have fear about. But it actually propelling you are making you run in cheat your future in NG your destiny so that very thing that was. Meant coming trying to destroy your take you down is actually pushing new man. Q your positive future in. In an Albert coming lie like you're not NN. These projected or you're not gonna have. You know these threats and fears trying to take it down. You'll be running in making forward and really hit it hard. As you. Overcome. But that situation and now. You know a year your life lessons have pot use a lot of things good and bad. But you're gonna take the positive. And be able to really. To advance in in your future. Al. An effort through all of yet finally. I would never caught by the cat. Yeah I put the invite the patents. Reducing Brad thanks for the call and the city I've got to occupy the last couple minutes here we have with you because I've a question it's kind of personal for me. I think I lost both my parents I'm within the last three years. And that a data as in go. I that it don't think about them and they're both tragic deaths not accident but illness and down you know is with them during the last months of their lies and watch them suffer and so is very traumatic. And I've been looking forward. To I appreciate that but that much I've been looking forward to having. A lot of dreams about them again I think about them every day but the dreams have been very. Very rare what's going on here I feel like I should be dreaming about them more. Oh yeah outlaw I think you probably well honestly. I think that united did make a huge impact in your life and you were very. Closely connected with them and I and I think that. You're probably just in the process right now I know I'm my dad actually died on Christmas C. In this with several years tick up back in 2000 and I think I didn't have a dream about him until. Maybe 2006. Or seven and one idea ahead. It would sit there. I healing moment for me it was that. At kind realizing. All the things he did for me the type of provider. And if so. He came to me and that way like in fact I was needing a car and eat that you meet look at a party need. And now it's like all right guys here we go again so. I feel like you're probably in a process back in the year greeting. Is different for every one. I believe that you will actually have dreamed about your parents again and I think it's gonna be. Kind of a milestone moments for you where you're gonna over current. Did the grease trap written in enjoyed the memories are they you know. I'm looking forward to that point my sister's thirty there I'm looking forward to it as well since you run out of time I appreciate so much you're inside and and the discussions and I know that all of our listeners do as well remember the website is singing McGill dot org. And anything that you want send people to were real let people know about. I don't think the web part in it do that we're gonna trying to get some more information up more clips that during that we actually go on the street and interpret and we're looking at and you know trying to put the YouTube channel together will we can go out and and and have some footage. How many different kind of during that people have because oftentimes. You know dreamed other people have register in the hearts of people who have very similar dreams so. That would be the best way to go is to go to the web site and just to say Merry Christmas to you guys and that. United and I'm really looking forward to a bright future. Or a lot of active were in change in transition in new assignment and in the coming into a brand new bot I think so. And I all right appreciate being on here you guys are Currie. Well thank you so much Cindy we look forward to talking to you again in the near future you have a great quality as well and we'll talk to again yes thanks Cindy don't forget the number if you wanna participate in our psyche experiment won't which we will resume on the other side of the break it's 8446877669. Harry listen Jason did he. OK so we've got his playing partner we've drawn from the deck of 52 cards regular role playing card and we've had this actually the same card here for going on for weeks and fists and idealistic to two cars a deck to market the idea is that you know a lot of the people in our audience. Some scouts think you'll feel they've got some sensitivities and we wanted people to be able user trying to use the sensitivities tapping and to our minds as we concentrate in the scarred no I think 51 of the 52 cards have been guests so that it's really become down down to a numbers game at this point we're gonna go quickly. Through our phones if the winds busy keep trying because as we let callers go the lines we'll open up its 844. 6877669. Let's go to jail Jeff in New York first Jeff your on workflow concentrating on the card. What are you seek. I see the ten of spades. No but thank you very much for the call all right let's go to. Let's let's go to. Ed in wilkes-barre Ed this is your chance were construing on the card will EC. OK buddy I think we spoke to be a diamond and not about play a life or right by the diamond. No no that's not Ed do you wanna tell us why you're thinking that LPG said UP. Goes though during the day there was a woman on who. Gets a central diamond. And she. And doing very in the risk and that middle of the diamond didn't sit so diamonds usually what it will also for a sport. Yeah I did that intentionally threw everybody off so to itself he read only about a little too much into it let's go to Wally in buffalo while listening conversation WBN in buffalo hey Wally welcome to the show this is your chance to shine we're focused on this card pretty sick. It. Was. Or. My gosh what has a winner all you ever consider yourself to call him. Issues. So the popularized the have a winner Mike it's been four weeks which works fine because we're audience. Well in the past. Askew did T I think you might be on a speakerphone I need you to pick up your phone and it is reverend real tough time hearing you when we're gonna need to get some information from you solicit to introduce a little bit better therefore. How low American that your mutual mutual. You know are you on a speakerphone by any chance. I'll approached her eyes and hit wall it is the for a diamonds in this cart has been sitting on this desk here for about four weeks. We. We want you hold on the line there because slicker Alex one of the two's gonna grab some information. From you on and you know most Indiana hoodie but thanks for thanks for so lights for a ticket that cards it was console annoying as it erase it was it was a yeah it was a long process and think about this we're gonna examined a different ways that we can do discontinue this psychic experiment because. It's a lot of fun. And you know and there are people Harding incident tree genuinely do you have some money interest and abilities next we can use terror carts. And they're going Tara I didn't know which holes those cards went through the terror card none I don't know when you look at what it would do the pictures are they wouldn't even know they're not like to traditional playing cards and only the center position I don't know I mean hand. I've been on an up but we'll figure something out so on price a little some requests to your jedi and you know people remember last Christmas time when you and I did some fun stuff. It's time we get a bunch of great stuff coming up. Yet and we've got about to snuff time here to bring this classic back UN I had a little fun with the the theme song America's not the theme song to the song. From the animated Dr. Seuss classic mr. Granger Armenia still here you are thrown it back and forth at each other do we worry and we've had some people ask if we would be willing to play it sort of play this two and the show on we've got a bunch of stuff for working on because we always have a lot of fun at christmastime so sore all the holidays green and we always like to do it by so don't forget tomorrow night Jack Kennedy joins us and will be talking about his book on teens ghosts and demons Paris everybody enjoys this send OK till tomorrow night. You'll wind there. Yours because she knows she needs forward yeah. You're a sure thing first. You were cool ones. And you'll. Your hair line is very challenging. You can only. What. Rural Florida yeah. You have polls. Specter the Tonight Show. I take it. Do. And you're right. In my. You're just brought. Miss and. Here. Winning and thoughts. Yeah. Rubber tires but mr. Seoul. Polling jump overflowing the most disgraceful. Sort in the war room rubbish imagine. Mangled up the tangle. Yourselves Jesse. I see you all. You must see nothing. Just right you. Jane. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria Johnson's it's. Only your real ingredients. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason both smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.