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Haunted Northwest Arkansas and other gulf coast haunts

Nov 29, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author & paranormal investigator Bud Steed about his work compiling an researching haunted locations throughout Arkansas, the entire gulf coast and the Ozarks. 11/29/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. There are. L West Coast ones they are still many are stuck in between welcomed me honor Hillary do it myself just because it was awesome Jeannie Johnston you're ready to walk around and act like chicken. Yeah and one. I don't know if I'm win oh and the now it's going to be interesting welcome everybody we've got a kind of a cool might not originally on the schedule lower adding I guests tonight's program. We've got to greet Howard Dean need joining us. As our first guest tonight and he's a hit the test that's Howard Dean Howard Dean like Houdini again as I don't know now from our original yeah I know rate but he's gonna join us and he is going to go talk about his magnetism not exactly sure talked about possibly trying to hypnotize us or something. So we'll see how that goes but and then later in the program we've got blood Steve coming on we're talking about his book haunted northwest Arkansas plus a bunch other stuff he's done. Which I'm really looking forward to because a bug in his book writes about the crescent hotel which is one of the best ghost hunters investigations and I think we ever did. It was we we're able to catch what appeared to be a soldier who would have gone everything else in the thermal imaging camera right there's just a wild location from the get go away and we're talking about bags being moved up against doors in people's rooms. There's actually a lot of things and there's a lot of information that alarm and that people don't know out there about things that happened to us and and we'll get into some of that went mad about the hotel being struck by lightning owners vary catching fire in just a list goes on and on. But it was such an amazing place I'm looking forward to talking to two but about that didn't and he gets into the history when we saw it with crescent hotel. There is a morbid history yeah not a lot of people Melba. Yeah I was gonna ask you this is the one with the with the cancer doctor yeah yeah yeah and weird stuff and just sing ceded to the patients and mean and then when he finally got. Busted for at all. The don't just Howard what he was sentenced to what he was trying. It's just mind boggling use you just my gosh if it happened to stay in aged. In the person be sentenced to life in prison that new and very line and him just started be just insane but it. Wait to hear the story. Yeah that's great stuff that'll be with bud speed. Tomorrow right just to give you quick preview we've got Dallas Morgan and joining us Dallas is a writer crude producer director. He's got a movie that's coming up called sightings which old BA unique. Tale itself character driven scifi mystery about a dysfunctional family that lives on a ranch in Texas who are being threatened by encrypted in the way it's. That sounds great one on Thursday were talking we're Cheryl Costa. For the first personal while she's can be discussing the latest news in UFOs. And the second hour rim be talking with Shia are. A medium so be prepared we're taking your calls on that as well if we get a chance and I mean let's see if somebody can finally win this week. Who win this remote fueling cars like that we've still got we still at the scene. Darn ardea uncertain to think this particular card two says some kind of block on a because nobody seems negative is funny this was gonna say. It's like it's got some mental block or shut everybody down it's the same car we haven't changed it no it's been so if you've heard all the other cards people picked it's pretty much like the last card last. It's got to be the last and although less I think last night we had a few people guess the same cart and I know not everybody gets to her shows us or is it to tell but yeah I'm those the numbers are dwindling as what the possibilities could be the you know were rendering the Christmas season here which you know very religious time for Crist Christians obviously. And there's been a lot of talk about science being at odds with religion particularly christianity. Science skills tentative early setback frequently I frequently they're at odds but it seems as though at least for the moment that science is actually substantiated. Some Christian not lore I guess you call it the tomb that Jesus Christ for soup was purported to have been buried and has been reopened. Indeed it and all of the dating done on the mortar and nowhere in the work on the limestone that this tomb was carved out of has compact saying that it all fits with the dates that the Bible. Say it should. Which is doesn't prove it was jesus' tomb by any means but it does prove that it was there at the time it should have been there and that it could possibly be that too. Interest yeah. This has been reported in as several magazines and they're doing more and more work on the despite. It says that's got people who are. You know the special this coming year excited about done and done Jesus Christ in the birth of Christ in Christmas and christianity all that stuff pretty excited about. A science finally doing a coming around and actually supporting something instead of turner died disprove it so it's good news from them. Yeah that is wild so on another note did you hear about this fall kennel. I've seen to stuff I know that it's that's threatening a lot of people and I noticed Izturis yeah all authorities have evacuated nearly a 100000 people out 224 different areas in Indonesia's island of Bali this weekend after the eruption of mount. And gaga I guess it's called the gong whatever it's it's spew judge Terry and clouds of potentially life threatening action the atmosphere. A to 7000. And a passenger planes stranded on the island at the main Bali airport because they can't get off the ground it is. Everything community so it gets into the engine and 80 it's like it's shut up will you and I were in. We are in Florida one year and hundred Jean Stein and RL Stein. Friends of ours were stock overseas and England and they couldn't get back Buick does is that Icelandic focus tackling that. And this is all this they're saying I guess. There's an emergency management system over there. Said that this this was shooting ash 7600. Meters into the it was 24930. So. God only knows how bad this is going to be right now they're saying to people who are stranded on the island and visitors and so forth that are there. As they're instructed to stay at least four miles away from the volcano. They say that it's sort of a safety zone for but I don't have to singles off you know I would I would think it is he's he's tournament or it's. ED with mount saint helens many people died thinking they were Sarnoff away. They are taking pictures and and wood whatever else they were doing and these things are just the tee and completely and accurately predict how. Big eruption will be but they can be catastrophic. I mean the senate if it's shooting stuff 24 almost point 5000 feet in the air. Mean them and miles what just over 5200 feet. You'll that tells you right there a chance to four miles Nazi zone now not and no I don't know I don't know. Aren't so how about tennis let's let's get the single annually wanna bring in our first guest I think it's time let's go. Yet we've been excited about this guest for awhile we talk about hypnosis on the program quite a bit we haven't actually had someone who is willing to come on and actually perform. Some hypnosis they're gonna try to hypnotize you do your me. And you know see if we can Beaufort air the over the air which is pretty exciting because this is this is that it without a white without a net run a wire without a next year I would this particular. Guessed at but I'm excited about it and and he's known as the great Howard Dean he. Yes some humane Allan many of you may not but. This should be interest so I say let's let's get to show on the road that's let's do that okay. Howard Dini a Euro on the unreality radio welcome to programs really great to have you on tonight. Thank you Brad. Yeah I'm out of being here. He can definitely tell you sonics I didn't we arts it would look at Florida now I just have to ask you though have you done this before on a life radio program where you've actually tried to hypnotize one of the posts. Ever on radio but I I did it on YouTube wants. And all so I had Craig Blair and by they would very exciting night here why don't we know. You know I think. Well we hope we gonna do this ago we've Jason neither Jason nor I've ever done this on air force about how shall we set this up do you think we are you just gonna start or do we need to do something in preparation. Well urged shake early glimpse shake your lamb. There are neighbor your body and we'll share it carbon negative energy out. Her parents practice I just didn't come on shake in a way. I wouldn't think your head. And do I got a 360 degrees around your neck just blew now detention wanna be barrier the. It sounds like the hokey pokey that okay yeah I. Okay grandparents I'm we're we're bolts were loose here within this zone what's the next. Out yet sit down at your scene on the ground. You're theater. That's where unplanned all the negativity from your body urged okay. How big that. Fair Brett then to show. And then hold. Allred wreck pound us patent. Okay why aren't you very far side Eric that. And now what itself erratic now these. Good counter Barry. Why aren't here. Already crew. Who are Dini. Lulu. He's had who wouldn't move and how convenient you there is it aren't so what do we take a break normalcy login back. Are you listen chances JV on Dioner earlier in the right this. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond real. Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. And I don't know. Just can't hanging slick slick said the great Howard Dean he is still connected so I'm not sure what's happening it was checked back in here with a news. Howard Dean east or you witness. Harry just who I think are I don't know what Dexter on there but turn it down now what do smoke starts. You'll have to love another test done. Figure itself via I think and I think it's time what we can go to or second guess him and I don't know I don't know I'm not sure if this is what happens to discuss all the time. Narcolepsy us as it makes the list auto let's go to the other line and let's bring in but Steve buddy is an author and a paranormal investigator. His new book is called haunted northwest Arkansas a bud welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Thank you appreciate you guys say they don't. Others are coming on and I get beyond a student I think your books Creighton a covers a lot of locations. That more I've been to in some of the best locations I think we've ever investigated. And it's it's it's just a great read and I love all the extra information that you put into. All appreciate that I'll put a lot of history in my books and you know from looking around at the I think they history tells the story you know that the army to go slaughter on the place. You spent some time and interior on the crescent hotel you know the stories everything that goes wrong so this is a pretty cool area. Yes beat before we get it we only of this are pretty short segments why don't wanna open the door to any of those histories yet because we won't have enough time would tell us how you got started in this to begin with. What kind of grew up enough in the honored house which has moved a lot of people say that the without little kit. One mom died when I was three weeks old when my great record straight and in I wake up at night and see this guy sitting on a year to repair it and never used it it needs while we wait that mean that constitutional virginal. Earned under the felt frightened or anything I have my grandmother about it and she brought out some pictures and I waited out on the it was with the audience he certainly don't have worry about him that your great cripple this week on great grandma. And those troops is my great grandmother passed away and never saw in the yen up until assassinated at point oh. While they that this is an amazing amazing experience a story just for them to be you'll say that and then when she passed on. You never have that experience again sort of solidifies what. Was set as being true. In my grandmother was always pretty well into effect on the stats he kind of took things like that structure that was out of their concepts and should always you know very matter fact about it and your took time to explain it in the Billy and other things happen around the farm and that kind of stuff is you know kind of on explainable per cent. Yeah I mean it's just it was just always something that was a part of me. That experience that you had did anybody else in the house have that does well or were you the only one that saw your great grandfather. No my. My grandmother so uncertain times he got up one night when under the kitchen is sitting at kitchen chair could. There and it is the only team around from time to time my grandfather sites are in the one of my hands it's on mountain the bar in is just thereby discredit to didn't strike you know that really wasn't. Going to harm anybody here there was nothing bad about and you just kind of an errant. And then when your great grandmother passed you don't you do you didn't see enough from that point on. Never saw him or her that point out is like you just kinda weary corner which has been they just went onto wherever it was they were going together. And as that open your mind where you week where you at that point curious afraid to and eager to learn and who would who would what was your. Driving force in emotion at that point. Curiosity I think more than anything. I was never really afraid of anything we know there at the forum but I witnessed anything like that and even later in life. You know nothing really really bothered me in the and I got longer time to time not to really frightens me that. Curiosity was my main driving point you know wanted to know why it was happening. You know what what was the whole point of at all. And I and I think that's important if you re if you grow but I house where. You're taught that these things and they're not scary it's just normal and normal everyday life due to a dealer connector possibly sees these things. As I think you growth of the total different mentality than most of the rest of the world. And expressly as a child here. The child's not taught to be scared of a possible ghosts or spirits or things like that it's later on in life through. Their connection with other people what they're hearing from other people what they're seeing on TV or in the movies. That sort of brings them to the point that the paranormal then becomes scary. Exactly a teacher sort indoctrinated into the fighting part of the you know just like. You know racism per trips usually when your little child not brought you know you you you don't you're not born with a racist intent that. You learn that if you go along and I think that the paranormal kind of the same thing you know. People worried that frightening part of it's like he said watching TV year what books or movies of that kind of stuck and it's slowly becomes part of their life changes are you. Yeah we're talking with but Steve his book is called haunted northwest Arkansas has been number of other books to his credit as well his website is bud speed dot com you should visit that we're gonna break here in just a minute and don't come back and to continue talking about these books before reduce just checked the southerly wind you're generous and its embassy was going on. And we won't. Now no conspiracy still ozone. She's okay and one and I and I do recommend people definitely check out the book yeah haunted northwest Arkansas by about students agree booked you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the like FaceBook page that had to be unreality radio dot com where you can download free iPhone and enter that he could find all the great stations we are on across the country. Or he can Wilson lives by clicking the listen live tab and join us in the online chat listener from the website. I were to take a real quick break more to come you listen to Jason GBM Dioner islander do. Jason championship. Its content and I don't know bush in a lot more technically her have been. Extra sheets but our our guest tonight. Now anyway is bud Steve embodies the author. Of a book called haunted northwest Arkansas is also paranormal investigator. Also a bit of a treasure hunter and a bunch of other things got a number of books to his credit his website is bud Steve that spelled ST EED. Dot com and but again thanks for being with a someone to ask you about. A self. A term that you give that you describe yourself as witches. I'm a history geek tell us what that means and how that a sexual work. Well. I kind of like history units. To me history is there is is. Is the basis of everything I think which wouldn't make any sense but those and I hear myself say it but. Behind every paranormal experience there's some bit of history's something started that those stories something's starter that. When there was a murderer or something like that history lies to court everything. And me that's always been a fascinating subject because you know especially I like investigate like historic areas. And two you can always it'll other historical background to match any evidence that you happen to get letters EEP's name to look in the come to crossed. This easy to cross reference you know on historical site more than it is on our private residence. So history though is that real fascinating for me insist it's something that I really enjoy. You know getting into so that it carries over a lot in my books I guess may be little to buttress some people it's a close but. This is something into. Well I think first off and it. Travels over and the books perfectly because. I myself am a huge history buff my daughters are meant to add on the shelf for many years she's an actually has her masters in history teaches teacher and so forth. And I think it's just it's really important because a lot of these locations that that we investigate that we checked in to. There's so much history to be able to dive into and a pull up information which a lot of tension Corley with an investigation of the property and and so I really think it's it's one of the most important things you can do. Yeah I agree and they were we investigated Wilson's creek. National battlefield. Not for the history charter for the Travel Channel. We got a certain names became overall GDP and we were able to take those names go through the casualty lists look who's got the battle. And actually match those things up. With people who are actually there at the battle so I mean having. You know the access to the history. It a historical location or shoe over private residences is just great. Well in the fact that you did the investigation and then tried to back it up with a history after isn't as important is if you go in there. Well already knowing all the history of the of the location prior you sort contaminate yourself. During investigations. Yeah that's exactly right eagle and with preconceived ideas are very you know you're familiar with who was there. You know the thing that happened at that particular place and and easier to do in cold up there and just do it I think and then go back and then. Kind of cross reference any any type of information and evidence which you've got to consider historical records he actually did catch any during their you know it's it's factual. Now I want I am in a few minutes I wanna start talking about some of these these locations are you jealous in the Baltic specially don't wanna get the crescent hotel during the before that. I wanted to just if you can explain to our listeners out there. I know a lot of people don't realize that minute northwest Arkansas and certain that it has a pretty pretty violent history and a pretty crazy history and everything from. Well some of the indigenous people in the past down to Jesus in the days of the gangsters. So could you fill and everybody else some of the history that's happened down that area that would lead to a lot of these so called on to things or why they're there seems to be so much activity in those areas. The other was. It it's got a pretty violent pretty bloody history note he northwest Arkansas and selflessness or eat at the yeah ozark mountain goat that you're kind of violent you know carry grudges in the future stuff. End up. Accord to end the civil war in this area look a lot of the lakers' certain the guerrilla warfare and then of course there's some battles pea ridge curry grew. You know Wilson creek Alter their. A lot of debt. A lot of destruction a lot of suffering. You know that kind of stuff. And it carried on over into your your prohibition days. Eureka springs for instance is pretty much but Hayden you know in the twenties. And you know for gangsters they would come down Chicago and their vacation down there. And I mean it's not a pretty bloody pretty storied past I think carries so and so. Particularly with they can get away with anything out there during those days correct. Oh yeah I mean it was a wide open territory for the most part in the towns are few and far between the roads were decorate your used to travel it was pretty much a private paradise around there for you know whatever anybody wanted to. Do you it is the just about get away with it really. I'm so sorry for your sense of the jittery. And when it came down to gangsters and everything I'm I mean I know some of the history literally there there were even murders are happening in in that area of this sort of Lincoln and every day event because people again people get away with anything prostitution gambling. You name atlas was just analyst. Well sure yeah I mean it's you know they had a lot of illegal gambling debate some park hotel they had done slot machine does not sit up on the upper floor. And card games going in. Couple guys got their throats cut you know trying to go to run out on gambling debts and in the I think one. The spirit of one person who was killed her to basin park still hanging around there. End courtship prostitution over where the palace. Bat out there thinks it's that now. Just wide open territory I mean they can come down. From Chicago and nobody knew who they were they just run free in order they wanted to do they had enough money they could pay off anybody in his support. Really poor economic area. So you really get down there and start throwing a bunch money around and people who turn their head the other way. They buy to bomb as you're getting ready to write this book how did you pick the location you're going to include two wood was journeys certain criteria other than I geographic location. That you use to select the locations. Well. A lot of it and do it through my own personal interest the thing that caught my attention and not like. The civil war battles and stuff like that so naturally out in the earlier you know period curry broke that kind of stuff. But eureka springs is always really fascinated me because of the history behind the place you know he had the crescent hotel the basic pork. Is just is really fascinating area and I spent a lot of time to underneath my wife were actually married yeah really just bring many many years ago. And so heavily spent a lot of time down there and in people talk you know and David tells stories and when they find a cure paranormal investigator. It's almost like you are certainly there father can censor or something because they just start going out these stories about your bank and happened to them and in second it's since like had a lot of really good stories from the air down there and that's what really made me focus in on the on that part of northwest Arkansas. And it had a good chip. In addition to the stories did you set out then when you started dislike these locations and actually conduct investigations at the mall or did you did you share other peoples' stories how did you assemble the data that's in the books. I shared some of them my own personal experiences and then a lot of other people's experiences to a lot of stories and other people told me. It's just it's kind of a mix of the two. I didn't get to investigate every place that I investigated basin are gonna of the crescent hotel. Both for the battlefields. The national cemetery in Fayetteville. You know I tried to do a little bit of an investigation. Even if it was a short one just to try to get a feel for what was going on in tribute to bite you get anything could back up what you other people told me. Well and I will I will say one thing you said when you know when people in eureka springs area find healthier you investigate paranormal. I mean it literally everybody opens up to you and the craziest thing is I have to say. That when we showed up it was one of the union and they all knew what we're there to investigate. We everybody was so accepting of as being there everybody was they were just so happy to have as I mean that the mayor every everybody was their team to greet us and say hi. And introduce themselves and just be there in case we needed an event. Yeah I mean they're really really great people down there and I mean what would you guys came down I mean it was a big deal you know that area right there. They get a lot of tourism Mecca and the stuff that nothing on a national. You know. Focus like what you got to show you brought to them. And that figure there's a lot of really great stories down near the person just takes time to sit down and in this week that some of them spoke earlier. I want you fill us in on and I wanna first off we have we had some incredible experiences owner of the crescent. And we even had some crazy things happened prior to our investigation we'll get into a little bit. But once you shall ascend a little bit on the history you know all of the crescent hotel. Crescent hotel started off the there's a resort area basically and that it. Made its way to a girl's school and eventually became the Bakker cancer hospital. A guy by the name of Norman bakers from looked to Iowa he was basically a quack and a he had this sort of supposedly cancer cure that I was basically water and hallowed ground of watermelon seed corn silk economics that. He got a lot more horror and then didn't do it the people meet a lot of inflict a lot of suffering on people one guy he kind of a hole in the guys who didn't import the stuff it. And you at all reduce your guys' side later on from the of course that. He would take a lot of money from people you don't need supposed to answer yours. And like four million dollars I think is what they estimated. And after that it went back to kind of a resort areas and then eventually to where his mouth today to a hotel. Well we when we first it started and we got there and we get through security historian and look over some of the files and everything else. About the crescent hotel and annaly had bought a Beckham it was 1937. It was when it was turns it is the bakers cancer curing hospital they called it. And he divided the building yet have half of the building was being used for a new patients coming in the other half was pretty much where the patients were dying. And and he didn't he did some crazy things I mean we we looked at some of the paperwork and there were there is an individual that he used crushed walnuts and mineral oil. And he he put on on the guy's brain. And there's some other things which you were talking about. And the fact of the matter is every so often he'd have all these these. The ball he show up. At late at night and he would he would send the bodies I'll leave it nice and nobody saw it happening. And this one on there are quite quite a period of time. Yeah I mean he he had it down pat that you wouldn't be out. He really really had it down pat that. Billy had more period down thereto and yet an actual I guess he is the actual doctors who are built autopsy communities or room. What they call departure and anywhere where they had to jurors of various body parts he collected for some reason or another. But it yeah I mean that's pretty horrific thing to Netflix. Yeah and it's just say I can't believe that he got away with the so long I mean. You're looking at a guy was making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Doing him an aspect in the 1930s. Doing this to people and this one on for years for the economy and like you'd said. In others they estimated that he initially brought in about oh about four million dollars awful business. Yeah yeah and then you have to understand I mean back then news didn't travel very Fastenal. What happened in the certain area pretty much statements certain area unless it was just really horrific so. You know work word of what you do it really wasn't giving her. In just pretty much of a flip planned man I mean he was a good salesman EU that sales in chapter on these poor desperate people who would look in particular. Willing to pay anything and he knew he played on their emotions you know their their desire to use survive to live and they just a really pitiful creature. One when he was finally caught who's caught 1940. I believe and if history serves me right. He was only charged like four years in prison and only charged 4000 dollars of fines. Yeah upper mail fraud. He got he started sending out brochures or something like that postcard or something I can't remember now. Advertising basically is is cancer her. So that's what they end up catching more. You know which is in San mean all these people died due to go and so did. And he only got charged 4000 dollars in fines even though he made 40 well four million dollars this that it. And it's where it and it Daley has served alias or dislike for years and in what levens or. Yet what eleven or say they're putting up there for four years and then they they get so he goes to Florida retires will he ought. It's just scared me it's just. You know people who work. All right so we're gonna take a break can only come back we've got a lot more to get into you listen to Jason GBM Dioner Ellen revealed. Guess tonight's quite steep talking about his hoof hearted northwest Arkansas he's an author an paranormal investigator also bit of a treasure hunter and before I went to break. We are talking about well it was a it was a case that that the taps organization and ghost owners featured and remember what season. Yeah and and sounds pretty fascinating things. In that area particularly very the crescent hotel. What little on the experiences we hadn't but I'm sure you've talked to the people up there and did it did anybody cellular and other things happen to us when we first got there. I actually watch the episode that I didn't. Anybody about what happened when you got first got there. It's crazy because when we first got there we we set up manage its and of course we know we're gonna be up for the next four or five nights late so we decide. The world gonna hang out and just chill out so we all hang out for the first night about 5530 in the morning the site were gonna go to sleep. We had back to our room. And about 6 AM the building get struck by lightning and catches fire but it blows out all the all the electrical systems so they can call us tallest buildings on fire they can't in the community and there's no fire alarms to block a system. So there's a spore old guy you just walked everybody's Roman knock on the door and tell everybody that the buildings on fire and that we need to evacuate. So it was like the longest lose the most craziest thing I mean it was just one thing after another with a little stuff going on there. But and that. That from there it we just we Collison incredible activity some wild evidence and it became one of the best investigations I think we have reduced. Yet to pretty cool place there's a lot of stuff that goes on narrow that some some interesting things happen there too much like tonight's state group force seventeen. End up. It's got these big four poster bed there are a big four poster billionaire it's about six inches by six inches square flat top and when we first got in there earlier. It greatly didn't like it's seventy scientists water bottles used to regular bottled water or no konduz stationary thing a sentinel on them. Pose with a simple on the footwork. In theory go to diversity by ear just blew the water polo on. We will now we ate and came back opened up the door and sure enough there's water bottle cigarette where we left did not sit well craft a strain that been going on in his place about the time we sent that the water bottle just. In a complete flip off with a clipboard landed about three feet away from the debt. Title looked but I looked at each other like. You really feel that so what got the water bottle we put it back on the clipboard or jumping up and down on the slightly towards went to a door back and forth and they wouldn't you don't try to it would depend who don't agree treated who get it to do. It's a pretty cool place. Yeah grand actually had a situation where his bag was actually in the room moved up against the door there was only one way in the room so. And it was a one of the strangest things but. Our eyes so we I know we need to take a quick break it and justices wrote short segment went along with the last one we've got a lot more coming up if you haven't dementieva FaceBook dot com slash B unreal you readily to FaceBook page you have any questions give us equality for 46877669. And 844. 6877669. Elicited Jason NG EB unrelated radio only that after. Our reality here in our soldiers in Bosnia was Austin GB Johnson so we're talking tonight. About. Haunted northwest Arkansas to book written by Boyd Steve he's an author Andy paranormal investigator bunch of the places actually taps and ghost owners have visited so we've been Emmons of fun with that. We've got a lot more to talk about but with I don't know should should we check in with. Don't do about the sick and our Jeannie guys have any chicken to consider it periodically assess. Him yes she's is to completely else. We interview them later don't throw it tomorrow misty don't forget tomorrow night we've got to Dallas Morgan joining us Dallas is a writer producer and director he's getting. Feature film that so I've been recently released called sightings and it explorers say. Family that lives on a ranch in Texas were being threatened by crickets and downed their good movies about crypt as recently that. I'm anxious to hear of more about this one. Yeah Ellie cheaper cover on dark seas and so I thought this team being moved except I. I'll mention it but it's you don't wanna proceed any news B movies from scifi but anyways. And then Thursday we've got Cheryl Costello will be on for the first hour talking about latest news new foes. And then. And second guess will be show on medium. We're going to be talking about a medium ship them all aspects of that area and also how we are all spirits. In the human body in and we can all communicate with spirits are. We getting into a lot of that you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio like the FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app you can find all the stations we are across countries which are constantly updating and adding your stations. And or you can listen right from the web site. Start clicking the listen live tab. In connection to a chat room great community of people and Judy and I arrow sooners while if you do if you download the show which we know what's being downloaded and in tens of thousands time today we greatly appreciate that just do us a favor please rate at forest has that helped push show forward and he gets in the front Alyssa makes it easier for people to follow. You like RPG thirteen second of the rating to conform our triple a certain subsites that are approach and then probably yeah probably were on the effort arts yet. Our guest tonight is but Steve his website is bud steed spelled ST EED dot com. He's the number of books including the one we're talking about he's also written now haunted Mississippi Gulf Coast taunted Baton Rouge ozark Ozarks ghosts and on dings. And lost treasures of the Ozarks Oklahoma just have to talk about but again thanks for joining us tonight. We we've talked a lot about the crescent hotel and particularly because staff spent some time there. What is your experience then there are did you get an opportunity to investigate. And down if so what do you keep doing did you catch a much evidence. Yeah we got just investigated to you've got a lot EDT in a word it's. You know things like that. Touched he timed terrible accident stuff of course the water bottle or told to go fly a little bit earlier. But I haven't really strange experience down in the in the basement. Where this water is apparently you've been down there for the people who have never been earners. Well it be on the west side of the building in the basement they've got a smaller area down their editors at the long haul it runs down over toward the morgue area is that. And in the his laundry airing now on electronic stuff. I was sitting in. The hole is about 2 o'clock in the morning in as a big long haul and I leaned up against the wall. And the lights started flickering in this kind of strange because are all ones circuit but polite to want it all started flickering candlelight where I was at that the other polar occurred at all. I could see somebody standing down at the other at all. But I got my camera this apathy pictures about the time I get that. Everything just went black it'll it'll help. Light came back on air and everything looked quite a bit different comedy bit on average when the first one out when I. Was originally sit down of course it's all carpeted in nice drywall wall what kind of stuff. When the light came back on it was a hard concrete floors and clean up its raw wall in a scene is worse pushing this Gurney. Down the hallway. It she locked eyes with me and looked right at me. And then the lights went back out in Munich the honest when they came back on news might carpeted the drywall wall. And all that. And I almost felt sick to my stomach kind of nauseated. I've been doing this a long time I've been marked the first investigation nineteen sit on Kurt Germany and I never had anything like that happened before in. Illegal what happened is there was competitors. Like as a ripple and kind of something I I don't had to explain it to. And that's what I was gonna say I was gonna say that it almost sounds like somehow time overlapped and in that. And that exact second. Yeah I did it for the stranger things as I've ever had happened to me I. I talked to a lot of different people about it Courter by screwed up their series and open reporting armor. You know just they're putting something in your hand they want you to hear that kind of thing that. I really don't know what happened to me is sort of restraining order occurrences that I've. Ever had been reluctant you know to be involved in the witnessed their. It was so I mean it was realistic and it was like like she was probably in her late twenties or so Randall nurse's outfit on and there was nobody on the Gurney covered up with she. She's just run it down the hallway and it was used an attractive looking girl woman just everything just was so real religious. Weird but I've never had anything like that ever ever happened before and it just did let me scratching my head still does. But Rio loan at the time. Yeah I was hit it into the hallway we do a lot of stuff ourselves we. There are cameras and you know keep the media recorder were under the neck on the spokesman. Did everybody in the hotel or it I don't know if there's anybody else for them any proximity DT with the times did they all experience a power power outage. Nobody else bit. Dave Harken was always down over in the more cute sitting in the in the cooler released keep the body. And he didn't experience anything there's no flickering lights are not. Nobody is down this water and I was the only one that was in the home. And and it just happened there are just too you. Yeah yeah you heard just to me I don't know what the meaning of words why you why it happened anchor. Well you know it was just a really weird experience. Knowing I know that I know the crescent hotel is made up of a lot of phone lines limestone which is just throughout the years of investigating it seems for whatever reason why I'm so seems to hold enough energy and helped fuel global activity correct. So and then the fact that you got the natural springs the springs around there and everything else. Do you feel that. Those those are big reasons on why the activity seems to be so great at the crescent hotel. Well yeah I mean you've got on a building that's basically built. I hope limestone blocks sitting on alliance stone mountain. What's running water underneath that in an underground river and spring training underneath there's what there's like sixty spring around eureka. We're around eureka springs itself. Most account is built on limestone and an assist. And yet here he's been out there for a long time that it's a conductor for you know spiritual energy and is in place was going to. To be that way it would certainly be better. Yet duo deathly seems to hold the energy it definitely seems to amplify whatever is going on there. Other than the that is personal experience you had where you saw a nurse proceed pushing a Gurney. With a body on it. A bomb just was or anything else related to the notorious Norman Baker the doctor baker cancer doctor. That you caught when there was an easy peer any other type of evidence that might tie back to that time. Well we kind of GDP could hear a woman's voice saying I. And we got another EDT this as I wanna go home. I don't know that was from a cancer patient maybe that might have been there and tiger what they. Those were the only two BP's I think that we probably cop it would relate you know anywhere close to the to the Norman Baker. Receipt we're gonna be a running at a time rather quickly seems to happen on the show a lot so let's move on tell us also in eureka -- eureka springs is the basin park hotel what happened there urging get Tulsa little about the history than your experiences there. So that they support. That look we talked about before about the gambling that was the illegal gambling haven right there they had slot machines and they had the upper floor was called the bear football or are there and are slot machines. These to have advances and all that kind of stuff but they're in and out. And keep killing bell behind your own crackberries group cut back therapist that. I stayed there quite a few times and got to investigate a one time and one of the stories that I always heard associated with the it would submit a report or ballroom. If you are injured and I couldn't close the door and you sit down and stayed really quiet you see Shannon start the past current winter IP or their. This thing's five stories up off the ground there's no way to beat anybody from the outside. And they that if you sector along in a pretty soon you'll hear the story murmur of voices and music and economist the I was just kind of blew all this you know just in the urban legend kind of training and I'm that a guy and one time we told me that he would went up there and it's now. And that's somebody grab the door and then he couldn't get the door open. To get out of the ball the ball over. Which I think he was probably pushing on adore the poll Booth and discreet you will outsmart the I actually went up there and sit down about 2 o'clock in the morning in that at my audio recorder running. You and I sit there are about fifteen minutes or so I start to see the shadows absent from the windows. Well maybe it's like from outside reflections are looking like that so. I stood up and in walked over in nothing and industry was just in there's nobody around ball. Didn't like sort of rational matter quarter my battery pack. Saw it shut them out its new batteries in and went back over to sit back there and started up again. Precision the shadow started on back for a religious. Churn out if you start to listen to just. They leave here like people talking like conversations going on really such conversations going on. And pretty soon he could hear some music so like appear or something. And I got up again to go look out the window seat to anybody was outsider. You know he's been finalized all voluntary thing. Nothing nobody around Celestica. Total silence. Went back to back down. After awhile you start here and it'll get there and a couldn't really figure out what was going on I didn't get any evidence so and on the audio recorder. For anything immunity system. I never got crap like that and I think he did it I had no trouble getting out the door but this is one of those things that. If you sit there you'll see the people sort you would like figured walk in front of the windows and conversation like a part eagle. Most that's interesting Eric let's do this let's take a break. When we come back don't get into the civil war battlefields and we've done a lot of work it's at least a couple are in that area and there's probably more. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy we've got a lot coming up the phone and receive 446877669. If you wanna call enough problems special. It's. Steve doctor. Later in the program we are going to revisit her psychic slash a remote viewing. It's experiment and give you an opportunity to used those talents if you think you've got them calling and focus on what do you and are looking at Jason and I think it amounts he didn't get this a playing card that would look as. This is psychic slash remote viewing slash stab in the dirt stab in the Antarctic slash not a pretty much. Yet just elimination what exactly that that's but anyways that's so and it's still the same card it's still we have not changed the cards so if you listen to the issue over the last two weeks. You know that it's only down to pretty much info. Yeah there aren't too many left to but anyway we're talking about good old fashion haunting us tonight with sub but Steve in his book. Is haunted northwest Arkansas he's got a number of other books to his credit to you can see everything at his website. But Steve that's spelled ST EED. Dot com things like haunted Baton Rouge Mississippi Gulf Coast. And in many many others and hopefully less from time to talk about some of those other whereas. Others but this is kind of a short segment by but I wanted to get into these civil war battlefields you've visited and has spent some sometime mid today at a few of them. Yeah I really enjoy going to I like the history aspect and it's. You know there's it was really a lot of bloody battles rights either leave a lot of high casualty rates in a 2500 people you know and in one day. In most of these places. Especially Perry grew very group was really really bloody bloody battle rector around the board and oust. But generally it and Nader report later on that after after the battle that you're fighting it console stick it you couldn't take a step without stepping on a body. Right there around the panel some else changed hands nose back and forth several times between consider yankees. In and a nearly reason that this microproze in Afghanistan. The original house actually caught fire burnt to digger don't. Right after the battle in which is probably fortunate because of the shock over anchor anyway. And he the guy notable and important building new house club or the exact same spot. And there's just a lot of fascinating history at least targeted these battles. You know use it all the people who got killed and then who were wounded in the stories that they've got to tell about it which is dubious fascinating annually. And just like it did before you eat you were able to cross referenced any evidence that you get battlefield because. They kept detailed records of folk who was there who fought helped battle wager back for. In new hot spots to go to reveal where the battle awaits the heaviest kind of stuff and there's a lot of and to organize them. More one of the things I find very interesting is frequently will have conversations with people and asked the question you know how did. You develop your interest in the paranormal or when you do get started investigating the paranormal and so often. Because we're in the northeast Gettysburg Pennsylvania has brought up as the spot that started it all for people. Other something about some war battlefields because of the amount of carnage. The amount of emotional strife the amount of of devastation. At these sites that he keeps it can't help but have. This. Paranormal energy the stuff that fuels these things that we we see would route investigating. That's exactly right and you have in such a short amount of time and it's so much suffering and feared and downright terror all these emotions just you know bubbling over and then the best friend you know people who who. Just war ready to go there and you know in the shock you know that the dying and he usually leaves an imprint I think. Yeah and let alone happened so fast I didn't know that actually on while others that and there's also are there also the fact that idea and then. The civil war is kind of unique in the sense that weaponry started to improve and so therefore there is more accuracy for these guns they were using. Which caused more wounded and they still wouldn't have way to save a lot of the wounded they would have to amputate and if if serviceable it was lodged in a bar and a person there there there were gonna die there's no way they could really. On the original antibiotics is infection would set in I mean it was horrific during and then after the that. And you get these fifty caliber. Guns you know he's rival. If they had children or you're gonna lose the article is gonna take the phone with I mean it's just there wasn't anything they could do for those people back there. You had great shot canisters coming out of the cannons and just. Feel like what our modern day shut Arnold's army just all kinds of stuff out. Or they would they were just knock downed lines in rows of of people as there were marching on the battlefield park. Yes so. You showed a fifty count now is openly to do for you anymore Annie and at that point anyhow are sort of take quick break more to come elicited Jason NGB on the unrelated radio will be back. Crystals Morgan right. Producer director of the film called sightings. Which explores the idea of being a family and a very dysfunctional family actually living on a ranch in Texas. And their being threatened by encrypted in the muscle ultimately overcome their conflicts to survive in this crazy ABC have you seen the trailer for yeah it's pretty cool. I mean it's just. I don't know while and than Thursday we've got Cheryl Costa coming out is going to be discussing the latest news in UFOs. And also the second decimation on a medium. We're going to be talking pretty much about median ships and all aspects of that area so this year tune in for that. Got great stuff spring now we're talking with blood steed who is the author of many many books about the paranormal including one we've been spending most time on here on a northwest Arkansas. And the spring bud Beckham the programs the phone lines here we've got some it's been waiting for while want to share something with this this is Joseph from Indiana hey Joseph you're on with the blood Jason and javy. What are one show. I have about a little bit back beauty out what you eat out not covered. All. Our. Whaley of Whaley house is that or California. Now we are supposed to investigate then they were the actually stopped just prior to us getting altered and javy remember this because. It's the one is the place that. Thought that we were going to debunks her haunting surveyed didn't end up has so they decided not to have us. That's right what's your connection to the place Joseph. I. About checks has. Outfielder Tommy was your family and now I'm sorry but what are you good to have you had any X any experience with that please see indeed followed into all. Not not have not been out there. Aren't they Joseph thanks for calling any sharing that with this we appreciated. Let's talk a little more about the civil war battlefields that you visited when you've done investigations of battle feels obviously it's a little more difficult. I had to do an investigation outside than it is and it and inside environment where you can control. What's going on a little more easily but. Outside with these battlefields. What do you wouldn't be caught anything that says you've been excited to bounce and if you had Cherilus. The we we cut them. EP. One of them was almost like a scream like a moment. Is very very humble. We got another one that you could hear somebody's yelling in the background. Kill kill kill ball. And we've got some sort of photographic evidence. Can you. Because the picture. That was actually Wilson creek and we took a picture and of the trees and I was Walken it is daylight to daylight. In Turkey. It is just flew out of the woods on some startled that they'd fly out the lyrics and what sort of taken pictures and you can see the outlines. Looks well looks to be a confederate soldier you clearly CPU mental line. Right there in the edge of the tree line. We got some pretty pretty interesting stuff around there on the battlefields. The tough part about investigating though at the battlefields is also worrying about outside contamination whether it be noises dogs animals things of that nature. You know exactly are so much outside incrimination that. You know use your really got to be careful when you're listening you know to return to your audio. Really pick out your got a tank everything you know eager something in the background got a tag actually know what it is later on reviewing it that. Yeah I mean it's I like to do the battlefield to night. Cost you a little bit of money could get in there and did it and I mean. You have to pay for and this court you know one of the park Rangers to a scorcher in that it'll crises that it will work that I'm here it's up. You know you don't have anybody else around it's 2 o'clock in the morning you know it's choir. Pure investigating more about houses everything is it just took required. You know you can you can look at a lot of good stuff sometimes. Let's change the subject here because we're gonna or at a time pretty quickly you bomb all sort of book of basically a book about lost treasure in the Ozarks I think you've you've spent some time actually. With a metal detector out they're looking for things. What do you look for with the metal detector what if you found that would be particularly interesting and Telus would put ressam these treasures that might be scattered around the Ozarks it was should be headed out looking for. But others there's a lot of traders are not the Ozarks are reluctant to let. The Spanish that supposedly came into the area. There is. The more bored by the last debut commitment to their own dollars back in the 1820s. And this closely at a loss to remind. Well you're welcome on this stuff out there are back in the day you know our beatle people. We take their money and they would bury him in Mason jars you know in their backyard. A longer. Foundations of their house that kind of stuff so. Outbound call carnival corns. You know of course usual junk of course she used and that kind of stuff you know option years. But there's all kind of neat stuff out there and indeed there's a lot of coal. Secluded place especially when you get out more clean forced. No old old abandoned forums and things like that it's known by the park service you know people live there anymore. Various packed open in the left and didn't final content stuck out around there don't. Part of of a pistol the in the 22 coastal actually. There's probably from the thirties it was really all metal bolt but you have the other three groups in Pakistan gives about. Two feet down in the current buried enough in the rock books somebody injured or something they're so. You could find quite a bit of critical stuff faster. When you've done your metal detecting I know you do it more out of curiosity thing saying. You've found a part of a pistol he found anything that you've been able to tie that tenure paranormal cases. No I've not I've not felt anything like that. What Michael outlook and you know if these different home sites and and things like that it's just. For me it's kind of and give away you get away from the paranormal and I put my focus somewhere else is it kind of like recharge this package at stake is my focuses not ghost a finger. The next book underwriter what project I'm working on just you know there have been. And I've never I've never really found anything that I can say it was like to a murderer or. Anything a mutated into kind of the paranormal. You know type of thing. Right in as far as these treasures that you've written about that you've heard about I'm sure there's. More news more than you've heard about or read about that you've been able to write about in your books has any of them ever been recovered that it is that you could say aha that one boy. True. No not to my knowledge although. With Yoakam dollar story and and I did find a Spanish in get this thing was probably. The good foot long by a mortgage and six inches wide by the name the and it had a different engravings on it you understand it would market but certainly ratings too European fired look belong to discuss. And a guy fell back down by Koreans and real close to where we were looking for the further these people also reminded Yoakam. Which. There's two separate stories to that one that the loss to the mines and other so it's super stashed Spanish. Stashed there. Apparently came up from Texas you know robbing you know kill the native Americans taken their silver which I don't know how much treat serious to that that. They did find that Spanish in get there. A guy by the name already Ayers isn't really old gentleman he's so World War II paratrooper. In this district really cool guy and he's got pictures of the big eaters actually found on his plans by one earned. That's cool on. That boo boo the turnaround time here right dose right away as soon don't have a whole lot. To left to talk but I wanted to get a sense from you what you working on next and you're constantly on investigating looking to place he's been a number of books already in the pointed series of what's next on your plate. Actually I'm working on a book access got quite a good day today about the the blast ax murders you know axe murders is pretty up close and personal kind of thing. I thought well were there any others before they're raptors they're the same advocacy you know taken. The shade off with a win at the putting into the east CEK you're the table and chairs look like them. And I found some that predated Alaska. From Colorado all the way through. Kansas and then after Glasgow one in Columbia Missouri in another one down you're not distancing. My theory is are those related to the ax manicure. So that's kind of what I'm working on now on piecing that together. And church yet cope. Are you bud thanks for being with us tonight we appreciated I know your website is buddy Steve that's ST EED dot com are your books are listed their their links. Is there anything else you'd like to let folks know on and transfers how they can get in touch with the you're trying to more about your work. You can just find the all over the place them on FaceBook. Interest contributed under Wear out their yearly get it yet but the web site. My email is good at sixty dot com or try to keep it simple. I always answer my emails back. I'm I'm very reachable. Well thanks a lot but and I'd definitely look forward talking you get at some point. That's credit okay so we're gonna break here when we come back pull us are taking phone calls. Again would this remote viewing the psychic experiment that we've been doing and you know it's been tough numbers come this particular cards. Team same cards and carted spends so the numbers 8446877669. Again it's still free date for 4687766. Nights ago the so called phones Philip quick. And will be back right after this suicide Kissinger. Our first guest agree yeah on the line here so I don't talk of I don't know let's just check back in NC you know OK Howard senior U witness. Blew through the yeah. To lose. I can't deal. Yeah. Oh. They look look you're you're. It's okay you don't want to okay because it is Jack what have. And we knew we were just like you know. Everybody. Aren't here and you've entered a low round is meant. Wallace so immediately it javy and I like thought that we just did a whole radio show and you're asleep on the phone no way. It was at a part of this. Well our bet that. I've I'd maybe Boeing. So really so that never really happened javy and I were hypnotized and while he ends. The whole time and you weren't sleeping and we are and all that we were an alternate reality just like hypnosis that's amazed. Aaron the O'Malley. That is amazing that was probably one of the most incredible because I don't feel like I'm lost any time no. But I. Really like I think I kind of super glory and it's part of our. Bumped. All. Okay all right already the great Howard Dean he would have to have him back on and try this again because that was quite the experience. Yeah I mean the guy got to sleep through Ross show. That embryos slated to him we were the ones and under hypnosis and we think he was asleep but whatever you know we should probably we should probably try this and see if we got anybody who's going to be able to get this car and Stewart Tom so congress risks inherent OK who's still starting with him let's start with this is Nancy in Massachusetts Nancy. This your time to shine were focusing on this car that we picked randomly from a playing card deck and you better get into our minds and tell us what wrote that. While the cut but I thought well I heard you talk about a look it is I thought it was a. Now. Now but thank you very much -- ethics are given it a shot their Nancy let's go to Jason in Kansas is this is and Jason I was pretending he's in cans and those are now and I don't know I think it's stricter and our way it currently is gonna Jason in Kansas hey Jason it's your turn we're looking at this playing card we've been focusing on a for most three weeks now. Men it's burned an image in my mind you should be able to read. I am I can't eat ten times. It's dark how. It's not a lot of hope I was rooting for you with the name Jason I mean you had to be cool so I. Tonight thanks for trying to write let's see here we've got time for one or two more this is. This is deep in Kansas City don't dig you ready to give us a shot did turn your radio down first your what are we listening to turn that down forests. And the season there are data are you ready you ready to give this a shot were focused on this card. Yeah. Not a it's not it's now thanks for that. Thanks Dave. Boy this one's a really tough when I really think there's some kind of mental block with the scarred I know like I couldn't be thinking about it anymore infect skin when weird to me yeah I'm thinking about it nightmarish to. Aetna with a mean seriously it's been almost three weeks or an. It was and so our economic and that's the other day dad you plea or you know things with the current. As a matter and one nothing. No nothing to do with cards right now because that's that's what's been running through my handle let's go let's see we have time for another one here this is Alexandra in Toronto. Alexandra welcome to be on reality radio we are focused on this card. Take your time tap into our minds use your psychic and remote viewing abilities and tell us what this playing card is. Have group date 88. Now hole it's not are not did you have a road to that can be used to play in a strong message or how did you pick that card. I can see a black black dimensional and a good look at aid. I did. I just thought of that. At all sure there was yet but carbon locked I thought I'll try to. Absolutely we appreciate you given us a call terrorism and negative try. Yes so OK let's go to. Vince in Missouri Vince's a long time listener to the program Vince's your time to shine body nobody's gotten this card yet. I now while it's not Vince it's our events are Mattel I think I think it was like France's third time yeah I think Vince's turn a few times giving few of these folks are threading the times and down and gnome has just announced just not happen yourself. I think we're out of time for doing this I don't do you think we should pick a new card how I died. I'd feel that if you do that because. It is supposed to be a psychic is spear experiment I mean is supposed to be this simple process of elimination tournament is this and people have been tightening through it and using the elimination process to speculate we kind of take that away from. Okay Mari turn off. I don't forget tomorrow night Dallas Morgan joins us to talk about his feature film called sightings which is about encrypted in the woods threatening its family living on a ranch they're dysfunctional they need to overcome this personal conflict. To unite and survive. And you look at the trailer actually on YouTube it's missed an entrenched and so looks like it lean and it'll be neat so on and then after that we've thought so we've got our friend Cheryl Costa coming on should be discussing the latest news in UFOs. And then we've got an issue on who's a medium. Coming our are we talking about much medium ship and all aspects of that. And how we are all spirits in the human body and we all can communicate so spirits went to a. Slicks as the great Howard Dean storm here in yeah. She's emotional. Who doesn't know and yeah it's. A man you are right he's gonna get sake run prison money I think count you have party. And then I just can't believe we're lesson most Christmas. I'd that we were talking about it earlier it just doesn't seem possible I don't know where the year's gone I don't know where the months have gone is just as I just don't know. It's in the interest in CD's that dream 3000 machinery you know I was thinking about that day actually updated at there's new version of that there was just put under the Mercury you know someone mentally I think it's a 4000 I'm not sure might have to go back and look but I am I do you think you're gonna send us a sample copy the tryouts on. You are right Scioscia having yet to make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like to FaceBook page over there for us and then had to be on reality radio dot com and we can download the free iPhone and android app. Again totally free illogical listen live catch pass shows on the ago. Join me online chat more. You can also you'll click on the station to have finally rescissions we are across the country were constantly updating that list. So while Amaechi jacket and or just click on the listen life tab and join us any Nightline just adrenaline say Regina and I usually in the chat room hanging Al. And you know he come and hang out with a assess question Trey from the Aaron and so forth if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and read it for us. It helps push shall forward and makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about her greatly appreciate the sport shows being downloaded and tens of thousands stunt today. Greatly appreciate that. Yeah that's. Lou we do. Number two keep track what we've got going on you can do all that on the web so of course. And on the FaceBook page but it's always great stuff coming up on the program and we appreciate you being part of that we look forward to announcing some new affiliate soon as well. Making them beyond really radio Stanley even bigger and everybody agree next Jason and javy okay tomorrow and. And I don't know the media is supposed to play Jason Allison GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's can only be on Rio in radios. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will purchase most hope actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you like to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.