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Occult Detectives - who are they and what do they do?

Nov 28, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with spiritual counselor Judika Illes about her recent book - a compilation of stories featuring occult detectives. In addition we explore her work in witchcraft, and paranormal studies. 11/28/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Now West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast many are stuck in between well. Totally unrelated radio myself Jason girls they always Austin Agee Vijay arms and it is it's great to be back in the saddle here and of course we have a lot of great things coming up the series at all. Well like I called this cherished mindset that's it's. It's they BR are saddled Lisa this tonight on the machine and may change the name for tomorrow. We've we. I got a lot of stuff going on. On some cool stuff obviously tonight were to be talking with the Judy capitalist. Who's a professional tarot card reader. A spiritual counselor she's got a new book out called the why is your book of proof of a cult detectives which is a compilation of thirteen classic stories about a call detectives people like. The X-Files folks a Scully and been to Mulder and it is a three named minimalist Scalia and you know the the supernatural guys who whatever their gathered to remember their and Arizona do you assign brother Stanley Pozen you know people like that who but but you know as much of classic stories throughout the course of history the people have presented she's compiled them to report talk about that but also she's got a lot of history in other books including. Common encyclopedia of spirits. The wiser book to Doug guide to the paranormal hold onto things and talk about. With Judy to tonight. Degenerative tanks if yeah it was fine it was it was fine it's always nice to just relax a little bit man got to do that and you know here we are but I'm just happy to be back. Yes I am happy to be patently 25 pounds heavier. I think we're all balls don't want to do that curse what you're having MH he had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page forest. Then head over to be on really radio dot com where you can find all the grease stations we are across the country can also talent Treo iPhone and android app. Right there which was the listen live sketch pad shows ago and also joining online chat as well which is click the listen libel. And that'll allow you to listen right from the website Walton a communal chat room which is just community of great people in achieving an arrow is hanging out there as well. So mission you do. Yes a great shows coming up to bud Steele be joining us tomorrow night he's an author and a paranormal investigator will be talking about his book haunted northwest Arkansas I didn't realize that you could. You could pinpoint some much colonel more activity in just the north. West. Part of Arkansas and I love the fact he's gonna also be talking about some of the some locations Bennett crescent crescent hotel in eureka springs Arkansas where. Won his first season we caught what appeared to be a soldier in the locker. I am coming off of the thermal imaging camera. Which was one of the area and the best piece of evidence that are you talking about a bunch of those places are excited about that. And then Wednesday were going to be talking with Dallas morning news or a writer producer and director. Recent release of the feature film sightings. And we're going to be talking a lot about that which are false of course and are aliens and and different things like Eric I caught some of the previews from its released. Yeah and then Thursday we've got to to guess actually you'll be talking about the latest news in UFO sightings with Cheryl Costa. And then sights on who is a medium we'll talk about medium ship and all the things that go along with being a medium and how. We are all spirit in a human body and we can communicate with the spirits and how she communicate so much things going past lives. Sorts of stuff on Thursday night. Summation you tune in and if you download the show and deuce favorite to screen it for us from iTunes. Apple's push of foreign makes it easier for everybody to fine. OK so you know one of the things that we wanna and I'm out and indeed ask you this question and I think you're gonna know the answer right away but. Summers are great timing here for everybody Tom what is along one of the most irritating things about summer. Irritating thing on knowing a winter's coming well that's us courses as. Am I get here. The irritating things about summer then. Now I don't have anything at all and maybe the bugs yet yet that's threats rose gone when this particularly the ones that bite of course and nobody likes to be bitten by a mosquito especially in an age when there's all sorts of disease risk I mean obviously malaria is one that's always been we've what we've all known but then you've got things like Al West Nile Virus and Zeke and and all these other things that are showing up in being. What's that. Cast your soon. Yeah so you know there's just a number of things dengue fever whole bunch of things that they can be transmitted by eating beef fevered Mika I'm. It. Can be transmitted the Florida went by mosquitoes but there is good news actually. And you thought that Smartphones were only good for playing Angry Birds. Texting and taking some funny pictures Rangel also reading your care and by others or is that. But now there's a new app that's been made available for a Smartphones that will identified because. Frankly there are 3500. Species of mosquitoes in the world only forty of them actually bite humans. And it isn't just the isn't just the mail's too because it's a female cynnex how budding. And I'm good players felt so if you've got a mosquito buzzing around in wc one float around re here we know that annoying sound we just yes the one. That's the one from. In May or may not be. A dangerous species and now this app on your Smartphone. You just start the app you'll let it pick up the scent on the mosquito that that that a whining sound and it can actually identified. What species it is and what diseases that may be careful not reward because I'll tell you right now and when I use shows I am trying to figure out a song has. She's. I usually hold it up your speaker it's going to be loud how closely got to meet a mosquito for it to be able to pick it up so I don't know the answer that I think this is going to be a trial and are kind of thing but they these dues than any developer resources are limited time yeah cook. He kept getting about three segment for the singer wins in my arm if I can even follow in my eyes it's getting harder to deal. But there are teams at Oxford in Stamford that it actually develop this software. It takes advantage of the very very sensitive microphones that are now available on Smartphones. And it matches the with the whining sound of the mosquitoes wings. Against a database of the known examples of these 3500 different species of mosquitoes and can tell you which one it is and if it's a threat of a disease. That's. But you also Lear giving usually I mean I don't know about you usually it's at once you realize the mosquitoes landed on you bitten you it's kind of too late imminent at that point in liberty they're stealth formally get in there and they get on your leg would have been even noted there. Yeah I am I immediately and had us winning. It if you don't lose big each of these an opponent and I circles I always get these weird one city to look like you've got some disease after yesterday that you. But I was a Corpus Christi spent some time down their film the show goes honest. And tell you that that was horse experience manulife Corpus Christi mosquitoes. So big fell east thanks acute care you'll way I think that is so big down there yeah I can actually I don't Mozilla in Mexico and Q what it is for this for you people across the border all the time don't they but they hurt they actually hurt when they like you because I don't think there it's insane and as result posting get a crazy things a year most going around the San Andreas Fault. More I know what can go on dissent entry is all I can only mentally being closer to that. 134. Tremors have rattled San Andreas Fault in one week. And a lot of people are wondering if signs of something big coming. Well obviously the threat there is that Tom you know that fall line is one of the most active in the world we've been relatively safe from anything major for a very very long time but. Everybody knows it's only a matter of time. And that's the thing they're saying at fears that Henry is that a huge earthquake is about it California after swarm a recent tremors. The last week 134. Earthquakes have hammered a three mile stretch around Monterey county on the San Andreas Fault. And one of those earthquakes. And of those earthquake seventeen. Were stronger than a 2.5 magnitude and six of them were stronger than three point now. With more terms expected to come within the next few weeks Tom. But yet they say it follows re fears a raise last last week when the big one is about to hit after a series of ten mini quake struck the same area. The swarm included 14 point six magnitude quake consultant San Francisco more than ninety miles away. Well it be nice to have a geologist on was those two talk about this because I'm only guessing at this point but to. Events major earthquakes in Central America recently and I think the San Andreas Fault kind of connects rate down through their so. You know we're looking at in some threats here and I don't know we know what the plan as if if California gets hit by a major. Major earthquake not the kind that we had Beckham was in 9394. When a halt to the World Series from ams are there's a decent sized earthquake but didn't cause the kind of devastation. That you know that that. Could happen which we all know god forbid but I don't know what what happens in and that's the there's some major major catastrophic potential there. All I can tell you I was in San Francisco one point and low and I was in a hotel we're we're filming out Wimbley was actually L contreras. And I was on like the fourteenth floor. And it was more my hotel room was and an earthquake hit and the strangest thing was I remember it X I was on the phone I was talking to the life and though you feel the floor moving hmm Benicio you feel like you're all the sudden really dizzy Euro off balance. And Jim it was a strangest thing to some watching the windows in my hotel room. Just in Dayton features warm days they sort of them and flex with going back and forth. It was strange but it was also one of the most amazing things it's something that it just doesn't feel natural on the grounds moving bomb beneath your feet like that. Yet while one and one of the things we have the advantage of a supposes that we've got some advance construction techniques and seeing codes and regulations that make some of these buildings more. Resistant to that type of damage but again the big one is going to be the big one and I don't know than anything. Prepares for that and they say there's there's huge one Marie here on me and East Coast as well also and no one's just begging to go so. But anyways hopefully everybody Stacey felt that way and just keeps there him Q2 Q sir and so. I think the bottom line is when the officials. Call or stop by you or a broadcast. Evacuations. Now take it take it seriously and that's really that's what has to become as slick aren't so let's take a break Shanle combat cool our guest on. You listen to Jason. And CD MB honor really really. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the and things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I Allan Ray Allen Jason campaign you can jot down the phone number will be taking your calls a little later in the program he. 446877669. Is being number and tonight we talking. But a bunch of things specifically a book called the ones or book of the call detectives written by. G Erica Lewis and Judy it is also a professional card reader any spiritual counselor. We're talking a whole bunch of topics hang out with the Carter aiding Greece haven't and the imperial territory we expect. We will be doing that later by the Edison might have been just for everybody out there we picked a card it was almost two weeks ago now. And of course home because we had a week off for Thanksgiving by and nobody's been able to guess the current it was one card out of a regular and death playing cards. And if you listened to show you know that pretty much every card but this current impact. So you'd probably know exactly were carted his house again. This started as our psychic slash remote viewing experiment and it's it's kind of become a free trouble Ricky gone with it until something gets this darn cars and yes we will but in the meantime let's bring our guest into the program again tonight we're talking with that Utica -- in Nigeria to welcome to be on reality Reid agreed to I'm gonna show tonight. It's great to be here thank you. Let's start with this is a kind of a short segment forest but it gives us enough time to give a little bit of your background tell us much self. All I'll probably feeling star from New York. I have an author I am most known for writing nonfiction I write books about magic spell that card reading. And witchcraft and spirited campaign and now I've turned these chew. Anthologies of vintage as satiric fiction scary stories. And IEA IE. What else can I tell you prefer that the. Boy I guess who won the questions and be willing to do all the stuff start start to catcher Ronny. Always always you know on display this way I have a sister that's twelve years older than I am and when I was sick she was eighteen and she went off to college. And she went to college in New York city's east village. Where a if the camel lights are bookstore bureau of the original Kindle like a bookstore. Was that in which is serving you know I've come full circle because you weren't creating these books for like your book publishing house affiliated with this store. But she would bring home astrology books and tarot cards sent. Parliament street numerology everything and I just needed I you know Ifill locally and I love this term. So human studying this stuff and sent all. Oh. You know all clear you know in the beginning you're never studying at the beginning you're just. Playing with Henry you know I almost consuming and it it's just really just. You know I would spell bound to cost. When you're gonna be one of these rare people who and we we meet several of them a long way on this program baloney these people who. Kind of touches a little bit of everything and I know you foot you know you've you've heard about which crashed you've talked about aliens you've talked about I mean you really have. Tennis or pure white. Fat. But you use your hands and a lot of things you've sort researched and investigated a lot of these things and written about most of them. Have a curious mindset that. Well it's all gonna runner we're gonna talk about on many of those topics as we move through the night. We're going to a go to break here in just a minute your website to some people can start taking a look at what you're doing Kazaa and all your books from there plus some other information. Is Jim McKay Ellis spoke spell it out force. It's JUTIKARI. LLF. Dot com. And as a lot of great information on their so we're gonna take a break we're gonna take a break here in just a minute when we come back we'll get in some of the details don't forget tomorrow night blood Steve joining us he's an author paranormal investigator will be talking about his new book. Haunted northwest Arkansas. And then once they were in me talking the Dallas morning writer producer and director for the recent release of the feature film site. Switches. Is wildly out of caught some of written you gotta check canal but you have an Emmy Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio. And like FaceBook page source over there and then head over to be on reality radio dot com. Where you can click on the station tab were consciously updating news stations at a news station's arm all the time. On transition illustrate their station or across a country can also. And download the free iPhone and android average or from the website which allows you to listen to show life catch pass shows all magnolia and also joining online chat from there. Or any time you want just clue listen Rick who website click to listen live tablet connecting chat room great bunch of people. And to listen to the show right from there if you do down the show from iTunes just to us a favor please read that it helps push to show forward. It makes it easier for people to find and the shows him and we know it's been downloaded Lodwick greatly appreciate that so ours are gonna take a quick break for numbers are 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Loosened Jason didn't. Don't forget to stop by for. Web sites you can take a look at Phyllis dot com JE UD IK AA IL LES dot com. She's the author of a number of books and are we talking about many of them tonight including the why is your book of a cult detectives. The wiser field guide to the paranormal the encyclopedia of spirits and is a whole bunch of Romans also on a website you should check out as well. Let's bring in June to back into the program Jacob before I went to break you're telling us a little bit about how much are you developed an interest at a really early age in these topics. And we've. Along the way found there's two kinds of people who do this much work. In researching paranormal type topics one is the kind of person had an experienced early in their lives and it made him curious in the other. Develop the curiosity first and is still waiting for a major. Experience in the paranormal which which of those categories or is that a hybrid of the two do you fall until. Are now. I mean I get out the first although you know. I don't know but I appreciate you to different nature experience you know I I I have always seem to go. That. You know. They didn't bother me I like scared me with the company realized that. Other people weren't seeing what I was seeing in you know if Pineiro. And tapped into the killing saying. But that's sort of normal to me I mean it that keynote title came. Interest in this started very young I was really child size 67 you know. Both from a you know experiential or you know I have to protect the terror card act stole them from his sister. Also. Just. Why hearing you know I've always been fascinated. By these topics and I have always seemed to start off. And also you know music you complain to great music and you know I heard. I heard they're Rolling Stones singing fortune teller and I knew that was what I wanted to take. Well and a lot of people don't realize that all first off children they're not born scared of of the paragraph and I'm born scared of goes so. When the when he sees these things they're young they're not frightened of it its way it's when you're an adult and Hollywood and TV and everything yeah are you that these things are scary that's that's when people really are dealing with a with a frightening aspect of it. I think I don't come from a family weren't listening to literally talk to be frightened. All of these things. It perhaps that's something inappropriate grandmother would have told me to be hated not Barrett are. You know ash I I would not. Indoctrinated to be afraid of sort of magic of go out of which as defending America. It's one thing to on the develop a curiosity be took them a lot Federer I don't know I'm I'm really really don't roll your sleeves up and didn't end you know would. Put your heart mind and soul into a lot of these. Paranormal type topics including witchcraft and done spell cast and I met him. Yeah you have written a lot about that at what. Did you start to taking an interest in that specifically I know I probably already inning as well. Always you know I'm a compulsive reader Tyler injury very early my mother taught herself English but teaching me how to read so why I read before I went to school. And I went through you know any which bookkeeping you'd stick a witch hunt for something. I read. Had a black cat on it I read you know coast. You know handed over I will read it but I've always been like that I think the interesting thing with you not when it started at how how faithful and consistent that's been you know Miami you know decades later I'm still reading the same stopped testing you know and I. They keyboard cat level. Balance on the school books you've written an eight year covering spells that are tilted China yes juniors Romanian international yeah. Stalls everywhere. It because belts are human art. Every culture around the world has become sort of this spell casting tradition. Whether and time. They're pleased with the whether or not they blame it on their neighbors it you know they they really. Elation of. As you learn more more about witchcraft and spell casting the when did you start using it in your life admit I don't know if it's daily but however often you use and new life and how to change your life. Hiking and that kind pretty typical I think sir. Up are two times just protesters there to dispel captures who. Are getting because it's fun and it's romantic and you know it's. The last night of October let's do something and number of people who are you committed spell casters and they are. Using it Q improve their lives and get out of make this situation to my immediate transition to confront started off that's the that's the first type. And done it with something that I just loved doing him and it's fun you know it's fun and it's. Exciting. And then the dare let supporting where I mean for me within infertility situation but for other people it could be all sorts of economic. We do whatever whatever it problem is in her life. You know I I hit a wall where the conventional solutions weren't working for me. And at that point and went from being in essentially it silicon puke. You know hard court practitioner because I tried some things Leno. It's a simple what the hell moment like you know I got into this let's try this and it worked. And that's that's the moment you know that that's the moment where everything changed for me. And you brought up a big point good point there where you were saying in some of these people only get into in the get into a more because. It's this is the sexiness at all and so forth. In a lot of those people to the to they end up in all just dangerous situations by getting involved with the stuff not really knowing about it. You know the people you know appearance this. This mystique and people want spell casting to be very dangerous. People like danger if people are dangers that you can get them to all sorts of danger. A lack of lack hours or something the lack of and it's not understanding something. You need to do more things that pull happy to have you with this spell in general much fuel are doing something really really stupid. Is nothing the worst thing that will happen with the spell it won't work. And you will be stopped. Or you know with this change that situation you were an up or alternatively. You kept this talented duct work. And that's the problem because you got what you ask for but it wasn't really what you want at. Mean you know both for the danger. There if he you know. Going you you can do it safely you can do it with intelligence pain in my book I have to. Books that are really about the spell casting process one the encyclopedia 5000 spill which is a thousand pages dispel from around the world and due to the typical the big book practically built switched. It has smaller book that has more instructions. And it will tell you how to do it in this case intelligent way because people have been casting spells for ever. You know literally. Since the dawning of recorded history of the earliest occupants. Documented writing we have two types. The court record to tax food and that's expelled. That's at eight dozen people of documents. And you know if people have been doing it for theft the viewer to not getting into trouble and you can learn how to do not get into trouble tip. What do you think though that in some of these TV shows some of these movies out there that. And get involved whether it's them TV shows charmed or those shows sort of opened up all of view of something weird. People will try to cast certain spells and just sort of put themselves in NN that slightly. My pocket in charm to the last season biopic appeal which cryptic it it's it's that featured in when the episode to actually get a lot of email. From people about charmed but it's it's almost the opposite because the big thing in charmed if you cannot have to spill for personal gain. And you know actually Patrick spoke testing is about it's about making girl played better. And people are very pretty comfortable that its initial which you can keep your entertainment. And they are not. There're there are written in their created. By people who are not spell casters and not which has they're they're writing funds stuff. To entertain you if it's not meant to beat. It inning construction guys to spiral guest is actually that they you know that's a lot of people first. You know learn about the. What and exactly and that's that's what I'm saying amiga some of these people they look at these things in the get this in these ideas from the show's. And not really known know what they're getting into as a guy who. I've been investigating paranormal for thirty plus years did it on TV for thirteen. And people a lot of people looked at what we didn't on how well LA is skin it's easier we can go and do this ourselves well but they don't know what really goes into all these things. Yeah sees early traction you can get in trouble. Exactly and yet and so they've they've put themselves in situations they were on prepare for and a lot of times. The young younger girls and and so forth getting involved in these things were learning by watching TV and thinking that. There were able to do some of these same things that sort of open up the door to him to put themselves in dangerous situation. Although in my experience it it's almost. People are afraid to do anything. Because. These CD TV show Karen. You know hyper gets in trouble. And or you can't do this and you can't do that and it is they're almost paralyzed and you know. Afraid to kill me thinks it's potentially opposite. It's you know eat you need to send you need to get some serious reading into it it could to learn from real people and if you. Which story in your area. And check it out and see if they have workshops from reputable people. And and it's like anything else it's like calling the plumber you know people should have references. Yeah just can't just you know. Everybody. Anybody and everybody can failure of several which I guess for the orchestra yes I you know my. My greatest successes a 100%. And 80 you you you could ask for references because of everybody needs to have critical that you know it's not that allow it to supernatural felt so I'm not ask for things. You know. You know I've got a web site you can look you can read my books didn't take my word for it and that's true of many other people. We're talking with junior careless and we're gonna talk about her book. The wiser Boca who call detectives and just a couple of moments role sooner touch on some of the other books including. The wiser field guide to the paranormal and the encyclopedia. Of spirits. Little bit later in the program the phone lines are open and 8446877669. If and when calling join our discussion turning point. Yes if you have a question for lesser or our guest at 8446877669. GBM Dioner elegant radio and back. 67766. Max beyond reality greater Jason harnessing our TV glad everybody along. Tonight we're talking with Judith Kay a listen we're talking about a lot of things including her book. Or most recent book the wiser book of a call detectives. And digital let's let's set the stage for this so this is something you worked on for awhile tell us about the book what what would somebody expect to read. People. That the genre vehicle detective with the super popular that people don't always know what it is you know twin peaks in the X-Files and Scooby Doo and it's police if investigation fictional investigation. Some things with an element of the supernatural and I. And this book contains the foundations stories of that Chandra and English language. They're firm Arthur Conan door handle and I'll I think early historian here at 1855. Alger -- black would your stories written by a cult reflecting on fortune's Andy Helen coupled plot to ski. And what can usual about this book is it's the life your book of occult detective penalize her is one of but the foremost publishers. The call literature. Fiction and nonfiction in the world. And so often when you find these sort of supernatural stories. Hey you noted very dear Lou. Cure rated in describe to make people who don't ticket topics seriously. Oh we do and so I wrote the introduction to it and this an introduction to Leno what is an occult detective and how. Additional group literature came up around this same time at the beginning of spiritualism. Beginning you know punch out and we AG board and the golden dawn in the ghost. And how this paralleled a ride to the detective fiction. Which was the one time very disreputable and that's considered the bottom of the then you know good detective story. Or Sherlock Holmes and you know results to doctor reasoning and clever loose sand you know trying to figure out and happening on any provision element that the whole. What is considered changing. You know summit these detectives. Sometimes irregular detectives towards solving this somewhat. Paranormal Ulish. Are you know really paranormal crime there's a vampire story in there. In other cases it's a detectives themselves who have. Some sort of a power there did you detective who. Do its effects drummer who also worked for me and cute stories since he had this dream detective to solve mysteries by actually being on the spot at the crime and you know he he kickers sit down and we've got another one with the palm or stand. One who. If felt protesters spectrometry which is to touch things and you can definition of what happened. And you know occasionally it's Blake can Scooby Doo where you know it looks paranormal. You know it's really tough and gritty kind of let. So it's fun it's a lot of fun there's some great stories and I was really it's a very blessed and privileged. To have been able to to them put it put together. You you mentioned some very very curious to me because and we've got a couple minutes left in this segment here but over the course of mighty. A being aware of television shows there's been an attempt here is there other I think in the seventy's it was a cold check. Oh series that you know these paranormal series and these are these the kind of touch but they don't really take off but suddenly. It seems like every new show has some type of paranormal. Yeah this text file for wearing it it changes. Because it is that before that it tended to Turkey to politics stop that from late at night and you know there's. You know it's not it's gonna continue bracket but watching it about highbrow and then the next trial comes along. And that changes everything in the and I think supernatural. Come Sobel laughs without also. Changes the way people perceived. Topic. You do this did you censored did you see a shift in and popular opinions on some of these topics that have come to those shows are was at the other way around. I I don't know I think it's related to organic thing pitch just evolved to eat you know they showed. Become popular. And more on. Except it. You know people you know you're not embarrassed saying like camp Leo and I you know what you PX file or watched Keeneland and I watched ghost hunters or. But also. If you get acceptance of the topic also you know it's artistic chicken and the egg which came Kirk. Yes exactly and I think that's that I think that's the formula because just as you start to figure that out and it changes. And yet and it's not like that that are are different topic as the community had. Great shows that there were Kamal and then and then. You know and disappear for awhile though the topic we change whether Libya. Once search of Jim and then we had sightings sightings is a gray one and and all these shows help fuel interest in the paranormal but then up again for years there was there was nothing it's like they would come they would. Do great in the ratings than they would disappear for a wild topics we changed. And then years later something else would pop open and bring it to light again. All right so on that we're gonna take we got to take a quick break it and the phone numbers 84468776. X wagon told freed 844. 6877669. You listen Jason GP beyond really radio. West Coast Tuesday in East Coast maybe your stuff in between welcome Dioner really he really was. Myself Jason holes railways Olson Jeannie Johnston I'm finally caught up why I think it caught up maybe I'm an episode behind in the Walking Dead. I think you know I've talked about it a couple times already and it's still quite of popular television show but my personal opinion is there and loses its appeal. And I honestly a lot of people thinking that and the ratings for the show have dropped on the wrong it's still. Stirrings still through the roof Michelle yeah but they've they've dropped off I think last last count was it was down almost pt percent well and that's a huge shift. You know and is something's gonna go back and studied this Sunday is where we're talking about this for their guest. Guess in Utica about you know some of these topics being covered on television this is one of them. On the kind of reflects the popularity of these topics and pop culture but. So to go back and and look at this and say okay. Is is this a symptom of doing shows with twelve episodes put the mall you know in twelve weeks in the not seeing it for another you know basically almost a year. You know is that gonna hurt them in the long run is that that what's killing some these shows you kind of lose focus you lose your. You're you lose interest something else grabs your attention in that timeframe. Or meal assists late game throngs Ernie you're waiting you're waiting a year and a half to almost two years for the final season come on Annie is. But after two years. Where way to go Mac and with ghost hunters I mean we do we start the first time with the first season we did it goes on as we did ten episodes. But then on we did 20/20 426 episodes a year you know so the show was on all the time and then and then you had an issue were scifi started messing with the schedule and it got all weird on people all in and then that was the final straw that and that's one I wanna warn them one year about that and they say they wouldn't do it again and then I got a call just before that and has season elevenths are daring. And they said hey this is what we're gonna do one. And I I sit in on the moon I'm done I'm mama dawns in because you guys said you are going to do that anymore and they tried to pull back on and say they weren't going to but. At that point it's just a you said you're gonna do something thome weren't I was all set but you have and and that's a fact I mean. It's the shows will be on and then there's these huge gaps in between them. And and people tend to lose interest below we're talking about also the last hour was Howell. Things seem to go ways where even the colonel John you have shows you have like in search of which came out. And was on for a long period of time. And then there's really nothing that filled in the nightcap when it when it was off the knew it was gone for a while menu that shows like sighting sightings came on. It is phenomenal for many many years. When that one often there was a gap and then continue to have MTV sphere which you know we knew we helped out on as well. A mysterious places on earth popped up real scary stories fox kids all these shows pops up. Again disappeared. And then years went by and the ghost hunters and everything else can soak. There's d.s way of civic and calm that comes in people who are interest and then interests kinda dwindles often that it it comes back. Yet stepped there's definitely a cyclical nature to it in our guest tonight. Adjudicate Willis has been talking about this in her most recent book is the wiser book of a call detectives and Jessica when it comes to pop culture. And it comes to some of these sub genres that we've been talking about is there ever a point that you secede or saying quarter becomes. Dangerous. Anyway let's let's say for example. The the did romantic aspect of vampires and then you have a lot of kids kind of venturing into this vampire lifestyle literally know anything about and you know we've seen some harm come to people because of things like that. I think there. Sometimes it's hard for people. You young people especially that may not exclusively. To understand what they're watching it fiction. You know there is so long and I mean I come from you know my chemical sort of part of the world where you know there are vampire. You know I I like listening to it I watched Dracula to stitcher they'll negotiate talk because. He reminds you of why there. Yeah you don't know what you see as good entertainment has nothing to do leave the old traditional folk lore. Vampire. Which is not attractive and which doesn't sparkle like you know it's not sexy and it's still bring her illness. And vetoing and you were taught to achieve peace and vigilant and watch out for these things. And I a think that there is shut disconnect because. People. I'm not talking about people who are. Devoted to the topic with a real interest. You know look at someone like you were like New York I'm sure many of the listeners. But people who are attracted to the fictional aspect alone. And don't have any grounding. In the you know whether what what is thousands of the year it's if of folk war end and you know history. And I I think I think you can get in trouble would have. I guess that comes soon you know with anything it is the supervision and guidance and some some. You know and education. Kitty cat that you gather reading you got to talk to people in any kind of be curious and any camps and watch one TV shelling and you know everything. You know he got it because it decent majestic picture if and and really really learn before you venture in Q. And you know essentially your venturing into the handled with very very little information and that that's their first think I think. One of the problems we have in this program as we often find ourselves running short on time and I'm afraid we're Gannett and of doing that here sort of move the topics around a little bit we conserve back. Two the wiser book of the call detectives in a bid but. A lot of chat. Going on in our chat room about your book the encyclopedia pick cycle PD of spirits tell us tell us about that this seems really really interesting. The encyclopedia of spirit is a large book that any. It has to part. The the easier part explain is that it is. There are entries. For numerous. My culprit spirit and sit equalizing things at you know there are goddesses and fairies and or ratios. And Jan. And ghost and all sorts of being in that book but you know what I call a lot of Scottish and another fairy thing didn't. That spectrum rank them and I didn't want to do that because your fairy. May be more important to you. Then any other you know so called gotta fly I try to use an equal placing term and senator entries for. All sorts of being. And in the beginning of the book the first half of the book. Is an introduction to the world spirits and how to work with them and communicate with them and it mutually beneficial. Way. And that only means spirit and that's very important. He could which don't wanna do if she killed when a if a week cheap border similar spirit for a missing now hey you know without fear within the room it's talking to me. And you don't knew who they are because it could be anyone. And and you know they're not they're not all night. And around that issue or lived dean who. Have a reputation. And have a history. And have a consistency. Chew them you know. Saying did you middle would you know which you're dealing with and in many cases they can be very very beneficial. There are you know there are healer and there are. Being sure who. Off for all sorts of help to people and how do you do that in this Safeway howdy do that in a respectful way had he'd do it Dwayne reed don't get in trouble. And you know ideally you have this. And it's desk it is an incredibly positive experience. And and so how do you how do you retain that kind of an experience and that's a couple of them. As you cataloged and chronicled on these spirits and again that's a term that you use that kind of his own caucusing for your purposes here. Are these all eternal beings or are they categories. Or both. They are yet that's hard to say there there are longer lived than we are and I actually did discuss but in the book. Some of them maybe eternal or more roll some of them may not be played here gear leg spin it certainly longer than our. We didn't. Think we have a tendency Q. Go into hibernation and also wake up in the half periods of activity in periods of may be being reclusive. And I the example I will give this in my used the goddess Diana was incredibly incredibly popular. You know every you know which in which can listen to Diana there's you know Titanic witchcraft. And I can't say. One is obscure you know what did you think you'd know the show extra played Macbeth she was pro life you know other than hard core which is attaching this. Fairly obscure got it and now it's the river. A couple of years ago they were ritual stand for her and all of a sudden. Everybody's separating her initiative very active and it's all sorts of artwork devoted to her. And it's almost as if she came out of the slumber and you know started really interacting. One of the things so that I have another book that's very similar and same sentence the bench different but the beauty of spirited. Was supposed to have angels and saints and they are also but the manuscript got to begin to sell. I think that's her own book and hopefully one day I have a half finished book and Angel hopefully. Applicable if elected they went gate to the one of you know I I would just like ticket. Mean this in words but to their attention to people would come up and each day the great attention to stick. I mean in there you know if you stick saint Jude in the Africa sample you'll or or could pick up a poignant. You'll get. Sold many things that people want to buy and that's you know this being very very active. First this therapy Q you know you'd stick their name in any search engine and you compare to trying to anything and then perhaps that's may be. Either four lumbering bean or. A morsel like fifteen maybe penal they're only interested in communicating with this small group of people very specific group. And so you can get a feel for them. And I think it's actually for his run of the heard anybody use eBay has a ways that we have to figure out how well Barack. Now active a certain speed or goddess are or ever is at that time that's that's different. Jericho when you use the Hancock all encompassing word of spirits for this purpose. Do you include the essence of it deceased friends and family and loved ones is that is that the kind. Entry of go from there yes I mean that's the word I would use I'm and their answer to dribble in there also I I I. Differentiate between the two. There are also some cases. Particularly in East Asia where you have very negative growth you have angry. Rampaging through a source very very constructive. But it's true. Ritual that he's been stay York. They are come home and it and transformed. Into positive helping beating. Which I find very fascinating. We have we have to go to break here in just a minute but it you brought up we deport a couple times during the course of our discussion here tonight what are your thoughts on the wage board. I think the kidnapping you can you can do it too weak report that you can also could do with a mirror. Like some people but tickets are confessed to put but the fact I think as with any. Any tool. Whether it is typical tool or power tool you have to you to carefully. And with the knowledge and with proficient. And not be carelessly. Or we bring them up on and many times where it's not the board has the power I mean you can draw you can draw a week. You can draw the symbols and everything out on the ground in the sand or whatever effect it's that's more the fact that your allowing something to use use channel through you to commit a court. Exactly and at coral. You have to be careful with what comes to get out of port also mean desist you know if you. If you live to the basic video you can leave your front door open for anybody dished to war can. Exactly and it's all fact the yearlong something you shoot channels so are able to with that we're gonna take a quick break do you listen to Jason NGB on the honor elegant radio. Our psychic slash remote viewing experiment see someone it and then tap into our minds and get this plane current that we picked couple weeks ago now yen may sharing you know start calling him because the lines and lines get busy real fast on. Four numbers 844687766. I get tall tree at 844. 6877669. It's talking with the Judith Kaye Ellis website is it is is turning should look at Ellis dot com. And a number of books to her Freddie can see them all there but they will include the wiser book of occult detectives which you've been talking tonight. The wiser field guide to the paranormal and the encyclopedia of spirits which we were just talking about and Jessica I've got a question related to some of the things that you actually talk about in the encyclopedia of spirits and one thinks it caught my tie was vampire pumpkins. That I'm really stood out tonight what are we talking about here. And in it or Romania. In in the Balkans it's it's at several money tradition that it's spread Q other groups for money being kinda negative he's. There is the belief. We don't and a mystic in in the sense that everything is believed to potentially happen bowl. If you have a pumpkin. And you. Led it. Get too old. And by tool to it and we're talking weeks next year if it take on the eighty. A malevolent entity and it becomes featured destructive. And it you know it can cause some illness that didn't keep up. They can't cute too much damage but yeah it's it's a thing. By no they've done damage to my front porch before they set to look I'm mentally I'd stay on and he can't he can't even for weeks I mean there that's the nasty smelling thing that you could ever imagine when they miss their two long. Well he's given that would be interpreted as. And as you know why why is it's an alphabet lobby kicking. It's it's it's it's the spiritual or. And every time that I guess every couple weeks after Halloween. In my house we've got these vampire pockets Monday and threw a throw into the woods so that gears and everything else we. That's the thing to do with them right can she don't wanna leave them at home because that means they are believed sort of created in the negativity. Now I gotta wonder stick to assess the gears and everything else that seems this year. We've got about fifty seconds here and anything else stand out in that particular book that that. You'd like to share with us. Think the important thing. Is that there is consistent history and people these petty human heart can you people talk about the dark car authority you know. Magical arts but there at the human aren't. If you could go back in time and speak to your ancestors thousands of years ago we we we we see that didn't you know people people. Had rituals we keep their burial rituals can we may not understand them but we can recognize that altered for cave bear. The system and how people are wired. And you can learn how to do it safely. And positively. And not recklessly. And fall forcefully is its. It's something to be respected and learned and it can make your life better and be happy experience. President scary experience for you that you're hiding under the bed and calling him because I. That's when we come back from the break we're gonna touch upon the wiser field guide to the terminal two before we let you go. Ours so we're and it's a real quick break more to Tom Gillis is Jason NG EB unrelated radio we're back after its. Willis and her. And continue to hurt just a moment don't forget a couple things one we've got some great shows. Coming up the rest of the week tomorrow night bud Steele join us by disease and author and a paranormal investigator will be talking about his new book haunted. Northwest Arkansas Dallas Morgan joins us Wednesday. Now Dallas to daisy would writer director and producer and there's a new feature film called sightings are we talking about. Wednesday they should be really uninteresting in the Thursday we're gonna have two different gas gonna have Cheryl Costa should be discussing the latest news in UFO. And our second guest will be. She bombed a medium and or me talking with her as well so should be great which shows. Yes some great stuff coming up I don't forget if you wanna take part in our psychics slash remote viewing experiment. Well take a while guests tore apart so easily and had tip of you can call now at 8446877669. Malign those phone calls couples are doing that. I'm in just a little bit but in the meantime a springer guests back genetic illnesses Willis with a us in the website for information about Utica is her name Utica Ellis dot com. We've talked about a number of the books Utica and wanna just a touch on the infield guide. To the paranormal. Do you address some pretty heavy topics and pretty intense questions in that book. Well isn't an intent at top. The whole thing. Every little bit of zero chance of I mean these have been mysteries of life. And there are the biggest questions. Added to the driving force be to leave behind a lot of what we do I mean the question of life after death isn't necessarily. A paranormal questioned it really. Kind of is a question that all cultures. All religions all non religions all people. Kinda have in the back reminding if they think they know they still wonder. Court. Of course he knowing you know. What happens if you don't what happens after we kind what happened you know before we're born you know are we alone in the universe. These very UT huge huge question. Well I think it's also just one of those questions where. Everybody's everybody's terrified that when they close their eyes that final time that that says there's nothing after illness. And and so that's that's just a big thing why everybody wants to know if if there's something more. You know and it's the sort of thing where you look he you can talk expect your own experiences. Are people container on Leno on short or something because. But you know until we get there or the socialists can know for sure. Exactly will find out effects. You know that in this book is and it's due wiser field guide to the paranormal you talk about life after death you talk about communicating with the deceased you talk about. Beings from other dimensions you Dermot aliens area 51 Russell I mean when we say this covers again and it does. It's a little mini encyclopedia. I have a lot of fun writing and went on any. Have written for peak encyclopedias. And buy it because it means that if smallest one that's 750 pages from the largest to settle for a child turned. And then I have the opportunity to rate do you feel that's true what are your books. And having written those huge books to this with just joy for me I got to do these these. It's a little lean protein and very frustrating because there are a lot of other things that would like Q. Write about it well you know I'm between. Helps some data will be evolving into that thing you know they'll let me get a bigger one you know hull where. That's just fascinates me how much you know at the of the underwater extraterrestrial both are. You know it it if it's offered to mind blowing. Stopped to think about it but I I really enjoyed writing now one and I think what was what's unique about that book is. The paranormal to him to be split Q you have. You that the people who're appearing in just stayed in extraterrestrial. And then you have people who are very interested in life we know what happened after. But. I put them up and there. Because he got I just trying date I was after writers feel kind and so on until we better we better represent a lot of different stuff Chris political fault. And you know all clean all all these pieces victories at the university. The Turkey itself fascinating. I I can't imagine why anybody wouldn't be introduced at the topics. Duca were at a time. You've got a lot of stuff that we haven't talked about tonight and again your website is chock full of information about your books about you I think there's a blog pick their. What else can people expect when I go to your website. Well I need to updated at gonna put my event has been that there are you thinking AG Canadian sensible get the bat quickly. I'll have my event I teach I teach. And I you I lecture and I I'm done for 2017%. Cuts and could date coming up to two tested eighteen inaudible try to get that up pretty quickly. And you also on offer some consultation options that are too. Am IQ IQ personal consultation both. And we didn't know that India would get to mention the tarot cards or anything like that black yes absolutely. Every that we definitely an area I got so much cover. I. They can you have a great nine a case yet so once again the website is Judah cut elicits JUD I Ke KA. I LL ES dot com I'm we will make sure we have linked. Minor social media and stuff like that so are so now we're going to do is we're going to revisit our psychic slash from a few. Sperm you can always encouraged to claim our rights so we had a regular deck of playing cards we chose one card. Aaron one card out of the stack nose out of jokes we took the jokers out. So and people have been calling and trying to remote viewed a we have not changed a card is still the same card that we chose two weeks ago. And you want you to focus on just focus and javy I'll focus on the card you see if you can. Ticket Desormeaux view it whatever you want Gloria what are the Mets I don't innocent and you know if if you're able to win able to gas and then you win a hoodie. You win a hoodie or send it out here. But people had a hard time it's been soft on I don't know if there's something particular about discard that makes it harder or not but though we're gonna see what happens tonight anyways so let's. Let's start with. Let's start with Vince in Missouri vents this your shot were focused on this card. We've fits the same one we've been thinking about it for two weeks now what do you see. Democrat can doubt. That's not incidents. Don't know our best banks are trying let's go to Audrey in Kansas they Audrey welcome to beyond reality radio Jason Meyer looking at this card. We're focused on it we're thinking about it what do you see. Please help if it time. Now it's not these diamonds aren't the thanks have a great night thank you for that trial let's go to Joseph. And Indiana hey Joseph welcome to the show were focused on this card what do you see. It no it's not Joseph thanks for try thanks thanks are trying to again I know this and people are looking for the phone number 284468776. X nine. If you wanna try this. Take your time a little bit were knocked him overnight gives all day but you know really focus just focus on art thank yeah okay so this is this is Cameron. In India Cameron we are focused on this playing card. We can't thank you about a firm for basically two weeks now Israel has so what UC. It's a bit. I'm singing. They check prosperity. Now thanks for the call yeah it's not the carrying Karen are you do you consider yourself to be someone who's got some psychic ability. No who will ironies. I have always. I guess. So not very comfortable around a lot of things that people. Are always said that they are very comfortable that I don't consider myself very terrible but are always in. I've always understood. Things that when I spoke with people who. In fact it's so that they've seen ghost. There's very much and I've associated with them and I want and that's certainly. Even say that I didn't seem goes more so. And I'm quite conventional and so they are true spirits. Everywhere. And I'd just I'd take a whole different perspective or when it comes to toaster when it comes to you good spirits that. You've do you feel you've got your one of these people who just has that sensitivity and you've had an earlier life and yeah yeah right like Garrett chairman thanks for the call we appreciate you joining us and trying to do this with us let's see let's go to. On this is meet in buffalo hey Nate Jason and I are looking at this point card it's an ordinary playing card were focused on we're thinking about it. What do you see. Quote. Now. Thanks thanks for the call yeah thanks and tried there. This is another call from buffalo the name I don't get who put him on the phone here. Are at an hour. Ngo OK so that's what it does say here and practiced thought it was a mistake welcomes the program and joked well thank. We are focused on this playing card it's the same when we've had for couple weeks now people been circling around at what do you see. I that and I think it's called cloud. The blacks who would three little. Looks like a clover it. Yeah and now it's not that thank you very before allegedly I'll argue no are you not that familiar with playing cards if you weren't sure that was called clubs. I wasn't sure what I thought first I thought the ten that night that it was black and and I the little things so. And say well that. Seattle and Joseph thanks so much for calling in from buffalo we appreciate you listening out there on our affiliate WB and in buffalo greet station we love having them on our affiliate list. Let's see here this is Randy we've got time for a couple more Richard. Yes we do okay. This is Randy from North Carolina Randi we are focused on this card we can't be thinking about this card any harder than we're thinking about it Britton now and hopes that you content into our minds and get it. I. Now in somebody to say that I think so when you're on hold sometimes you don't always catch catch what. Went to in what people are saying hey Randy do you you feel like you're somebody's got some psychic ability. Now it. It's like his dad is Australian now no not at all. Today's article and I strap or have ever great holiday season if we don't have you back on the program between now this flower that was our I mean no no not at all no I'm like I'm like Iraq let me ask you this too if I'm focused and -- can you. Definite line in that easily one assailant this. Once again I don't know if you've got it's actually probably don't have any time to take any more calls but man thanks everybody for trying to I don't know maybe we'll keep this tomorrow night again and you see as the scars scars haunting. Really it really really is I'm not sure I mean I don't know maybe this is just one of those rare occurrence of his of some to block on it is. I just told it's a tin foil hat you're wearing I mean that's it. Suppose we keeps air from grown. I thought at victims of this case at all right let's take a break would come back in just a couple minutes wrap things up it's beyond reality radio we Jason TV don't go. Yeah. Okay. All right slicks slicks telling me that own the amazing Saki is on the line has got some very very important talk about okay. Hey we're gonna show hockey IIGGGP. Keep asking me. Legislature when you ask every time in weakening that we can hear you want to put John funky we can we hear you know what's what's going on slicks again it's on the very important talk about 1818. Actually going to be dealing knee Christmas special since it's coming up and in just about seven or eight weeks. You mean like the Brady Bunch Christmas special Tom Jones or something like that does those things are really really popular seventies show. It's coming up to like 44 weeks. Yes especially sat out four weeks and now it's gonna be at Christmas tight. Adam Curry each national now what I wanted to do what I wanted to keep his hands the ability to. But I eighty. By anyone Meet the Press is killing its second infantry. And so on Terry fox yes you said why one by by one for the price of two and get one for free I was that premises who spoke there. Now that's exactly what I'm saying. I want them to be able to buy it once an oppressive to get the second one for free. That. And they're not really getting the second free sake that doesn't seem like it's a it's a particularly good value what are they getting nothing I think I went through a crisis kill. And tackling the charge them on the second one and make it easy for. But wouldn't you party charged them in the beginning when they. Paid for the two of them nature you're charging them in advance funky I mean it opens up the same. Now he would be different if at the end he said okay this is the second heating and going to HIG this much. And so forth let. Because you bought this national and I thank chancellor. Why did your mom help you with the math on this island and just curious does this was not involved not a one thing my mom does she stays out of my business affairs. And I just wanted to make sure that everybody was getting very specialty. Record collecting anything funky special. There's a so so devious if I bought a ticket. If I broader reading inform me even and I paid for two of them you'd get the second one tree is out or it's funky. No no you're saying if you bought a ticket. For a year and you pay for a second one and she even gets sectional for free and has now and saying. I'm saying hey if you buy one for the price lifts you up front. And he the second would prefer. Missed two readings has got to go to the same person for the price of two (%expletive) with here insensitive psychic abilities can you tell how confused I am at this moment. I'm. Sorry Jason I sort of can that you understand and change he cracked. Why understand and ultimately when it comes down to the bottom line here is they've paid for two and gotten to some not really sure what could give webpart is here in the paint temple for one I think that's the second first. You can hide and amassed what works as you say it doesn't it stone suited the special value their bad. Hey you know. Veteran of crazier skiing yeah OK Truckee where can they go and get this. Awesome and amazing. Deal where they can actually interacting in my taste page and Betsy he's cocky and you'll be happy and anxious and you know. And we'll we'll do connect I can I take money orders I take checks and take a credit cards. I take. Quarterfinals. And as an added bonus for an additional ten dollars. We'll make sure that your second eating is a positive. With positive things you can look for IQ in the past and the future that's a whole lot of positives that's a lot of positives and putting guarantee five here I mean if if you're doing truly doing honest reading this I can guarantee they're going to be constantly if. They don't have a positive experience. And there's no money that they have to be given back and it was for free to start. Hey music at an angle there that I I guess they go to my FaceBook page babies and hockey. And just singing message out there. I will work with them however be paying ten to pay eating campaign commitments it campaign. They definitely LA and because I know as a psychic if they'll be able to make interested payments and then Leila. There I'm glad to hear that your in the Christmas spirit funky and that you're doing things to two ought to give your your your all heart in your own giving. Thank you and that's where my mother's at least CNET nation that you're willing to kin. Almost as lackeys are willing to take and that's important. In other words are willing to take more than a memorial for a little bit more anyway dance class possess the mental health relaxed. I think you guys very much for taking time for having me on to explain this incredible this uneasiness special deal. And if anybody's looking for these positive readings. At positive note. Positively guarantee. Just know that he needs and hockey here. Free so I want to crisis cute he can the second one for free anything hockey I'm. In my head is spinning time I just. I don't know how does he not understand. Well and how do we not finished yet and if you're crazy like a fox Jersey discreet yet again thank you religious we just stupid but with this it's just that we can't comprehend and I'll. This is marine org that fast or that slow yeah that's that they eighty QB on either end of the spectrum but he's on one of the ends the Brahms. If they step up if I'm a RNC. Well why does well. It was for which he had an notes certainly have a great show tomorrow right so join us for blood Steve we're gonna talk about a hearted northwest Arkansas yes and they should Utica for coming on tonight hanging L thus if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it to FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where he can down the Treo iPhone and android them. You can join us any night life just a click to listen lies tablets right from the web site. Or find many agree station where across the country but. It's gonna do for us beyond reality radiates and everybody have a great night kitchen tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason thanks GB Johnson into this why don't seem to regional incidents with. It's an old home week you don't really read news. Yeah you know start going and finish the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason long slow and chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.