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Bridget Carey (CNET, Holiday Tech Gift Guide)

Nov 27, 2017|

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It is that time a year where we start thinking about the holiday ship holiday shopping gifts we are joined now by Bridget Carey from CNET talk about all the tech gifts that are out there this year welcome Bridget. So I asked re going to be you me in line somewhere in the night. Online off because it deals actually buried just like key to our next year that because there's more Mort door buster deals online from the big box retailers. Normally they only have the stores. Just so that if you. Shop online are up. I've I also was seen that late in terms of she'd get things that are right good for under fifty dollars. This is their time ticket. One of those Smart speakers at the Google Khomeini yet. You have Amazon's version that echoed he's small wife I'd speakers even talk with the witnesses and. Next I am one of the big ones first to be able to set the system or can you just by the manual. On the days they were just I make them have music man and the if you wanna have. Really quality musical there you're differentiated to spend more and also with Amazon. You know it it's actually better speaker it is with a line now and that's a big part. The thirty bought up. Comfort that you know I think skinny Black Friday at sixty. So it. Interesting time canister record but in I know the big box retailers like best buy target and Wal-Mart are trying to sweeten the deal with Google version by Germany gift card. I do your homework maybe Amazon better for what you might either go. Okay well we so want to walk us through some of these some of the slightly more expensive yes support Gerri give me I'd a top three or top five. What are you looking at for some of the higher and tech gifts this year. Well let me add. In the latest volley ball in like cheaper under I say. Those are televisions right now especially perplexed but the cheaper you got the mark garbage again ammunition that are very doing Stevie like is it. Blocks but I'll have to like go crazy hunt on the day of Black Friday were seen good he need not feel right now TV that. C recommends it's. And I EEL one company's unique one before he TV. Broke up and it. 400 dollars 8200 dollars and all right no. Big and I say do your homework on TV you know don't care about that like. That cheap CD-ROM front Polaroid did you pull in anything you do tests. Yes exactly do you read anything I have one actually. Have a one. He had no other great eighties that still has failed to Cuba. And Ricard. And of course. People think about tablet at this time a year Apple's tablet have been counts everywhere it normally don't. I'm I'm I'm about getting. The really cheap tablet they go high with that I've got more or even go and the bond and a thirty dollar up around that normally it is their. It expired that. And they're not in it and actually right now their indication is seventy dollars right now down usual a hundred app that we perplexed Friday. And a lot of these deals are just going on right now. Anything in the wearable space that you're seeing Ares. Haven't really seen it catch on anywhere but hey any deals to be had in. Any of those wearable devices. Of the things weren't getting ours is that fitness checkered shirt that. This is that they charged Q. It's a hundred dollars it. What it's on our favorite ones. That's. You know for writing it about fifty dollars for for Black Friday there at best buy it's not a bit like top count. Com and it's one that I particularly outlook that it means that by the I have gone there because he's so. Is she in your view of eighty gosh it's for other I think it I want that is why it was not like. All circuit is he characters whether it DB eight hours or marble you'd Captain America or out in many mountains. And has little colored screen and can make it eighteen to get Mark Spitz. I can make it you'd bet it does walk market apparently you know here and maybe making out Hilton might actually be enough and that. But yet that now eighty dollars if it that's going back. Inch while I'm on US are right now as a lot of different categories you can search search under fifty computers distinctive. Finder ridiculous to Black Friday assistant inching stuff to be had over on CNET tech com and now we appreciate joining disparate. They care. And into the pool or it may TVs in the authorities making it does the initial after six seconds. No it's it's a little while war. A warm up put it it's a slow day today Tucker's us from 2006. Yes it's not noticed legislate one you throw in the bedroom it's like 22 inches something like that. You'd be crazy cheap these TDs. I'll answer for JTV with Wi-Fi enabled. Did 5060s. Reformed box and see what else or it makes at this point. Besides cameras and might TV judges. They actually have stuff three different TV lines they Ka. They do you have a couple different cameras and things like that. You think that there were up their production in or quality TV since all the Smartphones are increasing their camera. You know quality pretty much yeah yeah you you'd think that would be an area of focus for the and if you ever buy like TV is Christmas present now or never ever. I haven't either. I mean. I T do it after ST yeah just lost our one day news. Sunday morning at like 1130 turn on for four full four but that's a home like Jihad and be can buy a new TV. Yeah I've got a TV in my bedroom that is. I wanna say twelve or thirteen years old notes McDonald's ran into the ground like dust on don't want my only gets all upset about the new technology but slick look you buy the best thing that you can't at the time of the need to run that as long as you can't the other one I have now I've bought like 2005200642. Inches it's sharp. I'm Scott ran into the ground pretty much yet by the way here everyone's until it's no longer sharp. Own good I go to and people wanna like adapted to new you know technologies the united TV over Internet you don't need a brand new TV you do mister scope by one of those little chrome cast things are but you know any of those things will help you. Make your team via Smart TV don't need to go by breaking news succeeded on TV it is absolutely.