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After-death communication - is it possible and how can it help us?

Nov 14, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Annie Mattingley about her book The After Death Chronicles, which explores the idea of after-death communications. Many of us has stories about a loved one sending a message in a subtle, or maybe a more direct way, and Annie discusses those messages and offers guidance on how to manage the grief of losing a loved one. 11/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Yeah west coasters and the East Coast many years and between welcome to be on reality radio myself Jason is always awesome Jeannie Johnston fresh off any Rhode Island comic con weekend you uses a little weekend hanging out with a comic con folks. Yes yes I did didn't it was it was a it was a fun time and it's funny to say merit 1 point oh am on. And he here in the Korean army which on non discriminatory and does it take a break. And I look up. And it's William Shatner right across from a school because apologies in a cappella rap artists did you look did you derided hello. She says he's still in his into Williams and her most corrective action. Yeah exactly. Let's it was a good time of course are a few hiccups at they have it at the convention I am only 27 celebrities and that canceling but he was more particular thing due to emcee and smoke yourself Bada. And analysts in Wheaton and our table we were listen only three different places in the at one point we had a panel but. They put some Arab journalists and 130 people well the problem with that is the line to get into the was in town around the corner on the pan downstairs and so they have eternal hundreds not beat analysts were upset about the yeah I guess I'd be upset too funny. Drew a mile an effort to get to an event like that which isn't an easy task is a lot of people lot of lines lot of waiting a lot of shuffling through crowds and then need a lot of people in the area you know and then the one thing you wanna go see any can't get into as overcrowded that would really be a drag. Yeah and it was but it was it was fun time is always good to get there and hang out and a just get to hang out everybody I. Our arms sent senator one point Barbara Hershey. And many you might remember her term beaches beaches of course Herman Miller and a the entity and then she did she has walking by the table and she stops and she yells. And it comes running over and searched him I don't know I'd noise usual as the first didn't play. And you know she's like been following the show through the hole and since the beginning and it was just great to see somebody like that that all the sun when it click I realized who she wasn't like while she was the star of the entity and can choose the star of beaches and in all these other shows that it was just great but. Bellowed everybody out there are tuning in to be on reality radio if you're having a mission head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com where you can finals rates stations we are across the country. You can also download the free iPhone and android app. Where there were told us listen live catch Paris shows and and join the Walt and more. Or just click the listen live button right what sing you to listen right online on joining online chat with a great community people and Judy and I arrow is hanging in there as well. Yeah and we did a great show lined up for tonight we've from we've talked about this topic early something similar in the past. Who we're gonna talk with and Mattingly tonight she is a researcher and an author and she has a book. Called the after death chronicles and she wants to talk about after after death communication. And we'll talk about grief relieving aspects and things like reducing the fear of death and waking to the reality that consciousness. Continues beyond death which we've heard from other people too so. The shooting more and more people coming out we've done justifications. And evidence that this there might be something to this continuing number consciousness after death. Should be a very interesting out conversation and tomorrow we're gonna talk three is for. And we'll be discussing synchronicity. Dreams success and his book treasure hunt follow your inner clues to find shrew success. Are you afraid of this plague. Or play the plague. Our needs are and mogul in this showing up oversee and man against our primarily. Yeah I saw I actually post is something about that a couple weeks ago because that's. Sterile right that's why Maurice Morris trying to keep my I in my eyes open floor and this has huge fatality. Credits is it's a very high fatality rate for people who get it. So far it's killed a 165. People in Madagascar are there's about 2000 more. That are infected currently and there are starting to can be concerned that this thing could go global they've been trying to contain it. And Nat gas car which is courses an island off of south East Africa. But there's certain to be concerned this thing could jump those borders officials at the world health body is now admitted there's a real risk this disease could spend spread to Europe. To the US and across the globe. And it has when you when you're infected at say it's like an 85 or 90% fatality rate as far as reading. I know it's bad and I know that time it's it's wiped out large populations over the course of history at large part I have my half of Europe was wiped out one point. On during the Middle Ages when this this spread through. Euro this something different about this on the strand of it we don't have a cure for it numerous 'cause I remember reading up on and a so this is one of the things like Darman and that is eventually something like that's gonna happen. Even top science south Anderson's going to be a play or super bug. Or something that just is resilient everything we had. Yep this plague this disease as it's been known for hundreds of years can kill people in 24 hours that's how quickly did it at work. And there's a real fear of a global pandemic. The black death. When it went through Europe the last time in the Middle Ages killed fifty million people that was a third of the year of Europe's total population of time. And it's this particular strain of the disease. Is stronger more resistant it spreads through coughing and sneezing or spitting in his almost always fatal if left untreated. The good news is that he can be treated at least in most cases. And a but it's got to be pretty quickly until you're 24 hours. Well yeah I mean you have limited time I mean with how quickly. You'd have to show sex. Just so fast when it comes down to Bagram. My yeah I mean who did the symptoms start rather quickly and you'd really have very little time and I mean the sad part about it is is it mimics a cold in some cases so you know when you think he might just have a little bit of holes. Too concerned about the we do need to watch it and if if it starts breaking out of the borders of Madagascar are we need to be on. Art for sure absolutely cheats while surrogate that sooner or something strange aren't so arm. Stray cat is suspected of an attempted murder. That streak yet returned to murder somebody I knew and were not blustery cat I knew they evil I told you cats evil cat cat's just a tough little animals but I. So an investigation into gruesome attack on an ultra elderly woman in Japan has led to a surprising suspect in the case. On after my Yugo mass student moto. Was discovered with nearly two dozen cuts on her face please terrorized due to the spirit of the incident that someone eternity killer. Since the 82 year old warming can't it could not speak and the intruder left no signs of entered her home authorities or sort of baffled on. What actually created this and boom bizarre murder attempt arm. Over break in the case came when they observe that the woman's wounds closely resembled what one might receive if they were scratched by a particularly vicious. Acts. This led police to consider that perhaps via the assailant was not a person at all but. And the suspicions seemed to strengthen Lebanon that started spotting several street cast lingering near home. And they found one that actually had blood all over it and they're trying to test that one. To say think that once guilty if the end and I mean attempted murder it does to these two denying licenses it. I guess you're gonna get to chat you should you know it's it seems like you know the that would have been Smirnov the slick itself clean after that attempt. So that it could get rid of the evidence but differently not tourists yeah I don't think you stick it out on output at its geez. Now while well we what are the thing we gonna talk about because we did not have anybody who demonstrated enough psychic ability last week to come up with the answer to what our mystery remote viewing slash psyche test was sure we give Blake some sort and never done or no parents no hints whatsoever that relies just remember everybody out there I try to sit. In this. Do or take calls later not now later in the program. For. An opportunity to use your. Psychic abilities he endure your remote viewing abilities we still have the same playing card gets the same guard. Same card sitting right here from last week gray here here's zone is witnessed you listened to last week showed you should know what cars are our dimensions yeah and then we'll take calls and as mobile pulled do this experiment again and see someone can get break through the barrier of of the miles and does seem to get into our minds and see what scarred we're focusing on and we had a we have but he will give way exactly that. And the numbers just so you know when you when we are ready to start doing that is 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. Are so we're gonna take a break when we come back organized and be joined by air or gas you listen to Jason. And GBM beyond reality radio. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. 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Was 5150 interest and okay I think by far it was their bed they had some great songs were prior to but just you want to do was excellent snow okay well that's gonna start a great conversation channels I don't I don't care right now accomplished yet I don't guess that's you guys run with a. A welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio would Jason javy don't forget the phone number and open up the phone minds of little bit later. 8446877669. If you wanna participate in our psychic slashed. Remote viewing experiment be ready to call for that a little bit later but right now. We're gonna talk about after death communication with the after death communication researcher and author Andy Mattingly. By the way her website is any Mattingly dot com is an EL EY in Mattingly. And her book is called the after death chronicles any welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. Our. So let's start by learning a little bit about you tell us what you yourself. Well I've been in just getting conscious since then what happens after death the cup siblings and I like those from my entire life. And die a year and a degree and that sealed. Consciousness studies quite some time ago and never had much use for it until I wrote this book. But it was good for me in my life to. Because it's stirred a large questions about the meaning of life and the meaning of gaffes and what happens suddenly died and so on. There certainly aren't any questions larger than those and Daria and it just seems as though we're turning a lot of corners here. And like we talked about in our first segment Jason and I were mentioned we took our guests on recently that are. She bringing evidence forward and ideas forward that really do support this this concept. That consciousness. Survives after death and I guess the big question for you though is whizzer and inventing your life to something happened. That really Miki meiji wanna take a look at this so closely. He served very big and very difficult to. This event happen didn't when he 107 years ago. My daughter. Diet and but some weeks later. Much to my surprise even though I didn't think we fell off the cliff let me guide. And disappeared and nothing happened. He has never given any thought to the whole subject of after death communications. And she appeared 1 morning to what she didn't appear not physically but I I mean not visually. But I felt her in my body. And she awakens may have I was completely shocked I didn't know it was terror but nevertheless. Much to my surprise I sat up and went. Randy it is that you. And execute do something blue something until I know I was looking for that evidence that you're talking about. And I didn't get that kind of evidence like at a different kind because I heard her voice. And she said mommy your body know this. And much to my shock I realized that my body Kitna I knew that she was there. I knew that she was okay. And I knew that this was really. Really hurtful. And it was astounding. But it wasn't just a single incident. Because within. There were few days after that while I was kind of adjusting to that the new reality. When it I did not have contact with her and then she began to. And visit me every morning and we carried on conversations. It's immoral it's amazing. It it was totally naked picture it was a wonderful and it was amazing. And then I began to tell other people about it kind of cautiously. And they all had their own story. Everybody says all my father died such and such happened or something like that and I became fascinated and that's how I got into this little subjects. Well and executed Korean in a day in January it seems like more and more people are moving away from the churches from their religion over aspect. They're still grasping for something to show them that there's there's more and more. So life and when we close our rice for the final time that there's a right thing and that is something capture. And it's it's. And it's strange to see them pulling away from religion which talks about all the stuff heaven and and everything else but to still look for for some sort of guidance to show them that there there is something there. Oh. So and I brought you you were able to actually have a firsthand and I'm I'm very sorry about your loss. I just. You. Any human are a few may have answered this thirty and we only have about a minute you're forced to jump into the break but how long of a of a period of time was it. From when your daughter passed when you started receiving the communications with her. Quite a L two or three weeks. That's what began Andy. And ten. Daily. Communication lasted for months and months. And don't and then began to Peter off so that now. I simply get the sensation in my body if they kind of had goosebumps pitcher sensation. The left side in my body that tells species there and that doesn't happen everyday but it doesn't happen on a regular basis step. So is that there's. So it was more one of those things where she was there are more often to let you know answered sort conference human and that the hardest part time at all. And now else you'll still feel or at times just know she's there she was there and mostly when you needed most. When I needed it the most and also she was deeply supportive possible that there were. This obviously she wanted to. As I believe they did do they want to stand now that they are available and she wanted people to do here about the information she told me. It's important that people know that this. So she was. Kind of biker cheerleader. This. Especially at first certainly is because of my grief silent. It was hard for me to think about doing this project to. No absolutely right I can imagine and I aren't so we're gonna take a quick break and more to come we come back to listen to Jason GBM Dioner Elena. Back to show you when it's beyond reality radio would JC JP can you gonna wanna jot down sewn up. Retief 446877669. Tonight we're talking about a topic that touches a lot of people and our guest any Mattingly has already said when she started to talk about. Her personal experience with the passing of a loved one and the ability to communicate would that loved one after the fact. Interest or to share her story without the people should realize that a lot of people have similar stories in. It's those stories that many of us tonight iron I have went to jail I know you've been involved. Onions in some of this as well it's those stories that bring a heck of a lot of comfort to a Sani. And they kind of paved the way from what we would consider a very very. On and a time full of a lot of grief to a point where we can accept what's happened and our lives and move on isn't it. Yes that makes a huge difference to. Where real worried when somebody does not appear we can't help but be concerned with. How they are there where they are and the simple phrase. I'm okay which is the rumor I heard most often from the 84 people that I interviewed. It. It makes all the difference in the world. Of course it started stellar. And it's stifling Adam which you more at peace knowing that there and that there's someone there to receive that and because again there's a big reason why a lot of people. Looking to the paranormal or anything else discussed they and their terrified there's nothing after us and there's nothing on the right side. So it would be able to find out that a loved one and that did pass on to it really goes somewhere. Is it just at different warms your heart. Real and it yet you're right knee is beside the comfort. For our grief. It's says to us all. I'm really died too but it's going to be okay. And that it may we may not fully take that in from hearing it from someone else but at least it's just started. Exactly because the scariest thing for almost everybody else there is the fact that if they closed them when they closed arise that that says there's nothing there's nothing abstract. Any or get asked this question and I don't know that does. Answer for it and it's kind of curious as to what your opinion might be in the form and answer because we've asked that of other guests have talked to a summit topics but. Given all this given what we're learning giving what you have you've experienced and the stories that you heard from other people what is death. Yeah you're right that's a hard question to answer but it is simply. Of state I would say my opinion is that it is simply a state in which we do not have physical reality we don't have a physical body. But I'm not sure that. At least initially I don't know what happens necessarily over hundreds of years. At least initially week existed that same play. That we did when we were alive would but we do have body. When you. Lost your daughter. And then you had your first communication with her prior to that period. Did you have any other paranormal experiences. Or a Jew it had bent the DA did religious at all and what was your background in terms of those things. But I look at religious. I've never been a member of a formal religion but I've always been fascinated by the whole subject. I I even as a child. A what do round a lot of people who had. Religious beliefs and I questioned the idea of the big white guy to open skies angry and telling us you know that would be able of this is good and so on. I thought. That whatever this creative force wise. It would deny. But it at least for a good four. And so I use that kind of an underpinning that I think has stayed with male. Because I still believe that even when we have. Experienced this that are incredibly difficult and painful. I believe that there is some opportunity in them. Some potential for growth. And it is that makes all the difference in the world and I am sure that it made all the difference in the world even after my daughters that. Because I. I've book to stick he knew what it was like could not not instantly of course but what it was that I could learn from this experience. All until I think that's helped me to. Not just in my eyes but to grow from it. You know doesn't let that it did your whole question I think he's just there I may have missed that China again. You want nobody did definitely it definitely covers I mean I mean aspect of it but. So you're under the same bully sounds very similar to me it is you know glee in the traditional type of guy do you believe in that in a higher power something that's all there that's. That's police wishing wishing good for house. Yes yes I don't know how it all work. Utley he don't trying to figure out on the on the same idea I guess we all find out at one point. Any when Tom. You put this book together again the book is called the after death chronicles. You used your own experience with the loss of your daughter in the news started to talk to other people about that experience reluctantly I think you said in the beginning. But he started to recognize that. A lot of people had similar experiences how surprised were you by that. Well initially it was incredibly surprised I because I thought it was kind of our best kept secret. You know what let's talk about that. I even heard stories initially. From people who I've known for a long time but they had somehow never meant to mention of these six there says. And I found that fascinating. And I wanted to know why people were talking about this and of course part of it is because there's a lot of judgment in our culture. Well he's salute donating around don't be particulate that's can't see that there's a lot of reaction. And some of that reaction is not just. From friends and family but from experts. Who who say they can't be back to back can't be your making this up because if you wish to be comforted. You know that's a that's a great point asserted enroute but that is a great point because so when we're amazed on this program and how many medical professionals. Has decided to come forward with stories and books frankly that. Recount and chronicled. To use the word of your book it's some of these experience at their witnessing. In the place where death is certainly no stranger in the medical facilities of our of our nation but it was not long ago that the doctors and the medical professionals were kind of refrain they kept it in the closet they didn't wanna talk about this for fear of ridicule that's changing. I'm so happy about it. Mean that's part of the book because I wanted to change the balance and if it's happening. From the professional medical profession malevolent well that's that's marked or that's absolutely marvelous. Especially seeing as so many have pretty much step forward and they're now worried about the bear and her colleagues. I'm making fun of them mocking them or anything like this there there really there's so much. That news that their patients are experiencing then so many of them now believe it is there has to be some sort shrew is behind us. And the is them opening the doors and reading books and talking about it I think also opens up the doors to other individuals in. In those professions and scientists and so forth starting to really looked for answers. Anything that's beautiful yeah it takes a certain amount of courage on their part. I really does. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and even when you from were researching these stories any your own personal experience. The communications were of a comforting nature for the most part. Where they want where they two way communications. Or was it more of of receiving messages of comfort that. Put you and others at ease. Knowing that everything was OK or was it it was a full blown the dialogue two way conversation. They're more sound. A two way conversation and certainly mine was was the primary that's how hours worked. But for most people it was not to add or is it was still way it was. For a single time a few times and exchange. But not to I'm the only person that I talked to go ahead this. Link could be repeated his two way conversation but I've heard of others and their people have written books about pressing so. It's not unknown it's just not as common. Well. Still many kinds of experiences. In mountain dream and vision and auditory experiences and olfactory experience is just so many kind and just astounding actually. Why do you think yours was more intense or current link theory than than most. Well I can only guess really but I think that it has to do. Or it may leased out all I can pick it may have had to do with the fact that I embarked on this project. And she was able to support it not in the fact that she you know she didn't dictate the book that like some people have done from. Beyond the grave. But. She was definitely there. Encouraging Meehan and encouraging me at all well. Should get something I found surprising. Because. Well that would sprang. Up and other people who have. Written books that were based on the connection that they had with someone who had died but I have a lot about the afterlife. They ask questions and they received answers and that was not the way what Randy was not interested in. Well communicating very much about where she was. But nevertheless. Over the course of the first couple of years she came to. Come. And numerous family members and a friend in all different ways and I felt like she was going doubt it check list saying okay mom. You better do it chapter on dreams and you better do it chapter vision and so on and so forth. Because it was not just that she had a single style. That you know with me it was purple but that isn't the way it worked with anyone else. I think. That's a common message that we've heard when we've talked to other people to experience these communications is that. Did those though the limitations of what he has talked about her pretty strict and one of things is I guess have been a little bit frustrating if for everything that's comforting about it what's frustrating about it. Is that we don't get any real answers like one of the questions are very nasty and he was. You know what what is death there. You know what happens to us after we die we still don't know the answers and it doesn't seem like that's the kind of thing we can get information about dirt from these communications is it. Well there are. I can think of two books there's one written by a woman named Helen degree of fiscal tightening testimonial light and there's another. Annie Kate gives book the afterlife for Billy fingers. Where is the deceased person didn't tell them a lot about what was going on where they work. By. Those seem to be the minority. I if there's there's almost this sense that they don't think that's important to. And maybe it does concern us really don't mean just having a little bit of the unknown to mystery and allies is probably good for us. That's probably true were talking with Andy Mattingly. She snapped after death communications researcher and an author who booked her book is the after death chronicles on the website is any Mattingly that's when the LE YE Mattingly. Dot com so we're gonna take a quick break here Jack. Our serenity quick break another phone numbers 8446877669. If you have a question for us or gassed again 844. 6877669. Elicited geez. Achieve the end be on really great. Can show. Jason GP don't forget tomorrow night. Re is for is our guest spiritual onto an oral B discussing. Synchronicity dreams success and his book treasure hunt following your inner clues to find true. Success and will be having him on tomorrow night but tonight we're talking about. After death communication which is a far more serious topic in my estimation. As silly and something notes and highly intriguing to me because I spend most of my time investigating. Claims of the paranormal and this is this is one of the the main things were always looking for. And our guest tonight is any Mattingly and her book is called the after death chronicles and you can find out more information on our web site any Mattingly it's a NN I. Mattingly with and only line at the end dot com. Any this is there a strictly short segment here won't get a couple minutes but I did want to ask you. About some something that you action you have on your website it's is he talked about how we would go about her how we would open ourselves up to. The idea and the experience of after death communication and you say we must unleash ourselves from logic what do you mean by that. Weller head spun ago if you can't see it it doesn't exist. And I think we have to let it go on that we have to find some way. To. Accept or to open herself at least to be invisible world. There are lots of ways of doing and some of them are. Would fall under their album. Spiritual. Prayer Monterrey is. And contemplation and meditation practices. But sometimes that can be as simple as that Immersion in the creative process sort. And spending time in nature something that's still the mind to handle in other possibilities to rise. It seems as we talk about these types of things more and more I I'm. Coming of the opinion that we our own worst enemy we were kind of rigid and are thinking that we're kind of closed off you know we we use. Our our site media are are. Ears but we kind of let the other senses kind of follow on to the wayside we don't let ourselves experience some of the stuff. And I believe that's very patient group. That I think that well. One of the things that happened to have happened for me and listening to people is that they start out by telling me. Well when they hear what I'm doing or what book I've written on television I've never had an experience like that. And then we talked for a few minutes and they sort of quietly go well age except for maybe this one game into a all because they have had something and they do remember it. But they are afraid to allow it to be pretty well. Trying to get to the left active they've they've told someone and and not been totally gift. Dead dead fear critical I think is always one that's a strong one nobody wants to hear that nobody wants to be laughed at. About a minute before we have to go to break bites didn't. Limo to talk about some of the ways that people with receive some of these communications on the other side of the break we start the second hour. But in the short time we have left I'd mention your website I've mentioned the book but go ahead and do it as well and any other places you think people should look for information about your work. Well on my web site that the web sites probably the key factor. To keep place because I do have in fact during any event there on America. And there are references to the events that I've already had and also there's an opportunity for people to engage with me if they'd like to. And this year story that we are still. Fascinated to hear. These experiences from people so there is no way that that we can that happen interview where someone can simply right to a home on not on my web site. And everybody out there if you go to any Mattingly and its LEU want me at the end any Mattingly. Dot com and that's the website and also there's links right there for the books and and everything else. Are you so we're gonna take a break if you have an Emmy she head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality radio like the FaceBook page. That had to be on really radio dot com where you can finals agree stations we are cross country he can dull the Treo iPhone and android app which a logical listen lies cash Pashos only go Aussie can join me online chat or attack. Com you can also glycerin from Los edges by clicking the listen live tab. The connect into our line Jeremy Clausen right from the site if you do download the show floor just from iTunes or anywhere else. You do us a favor and just help read it helps push shall forward makes it easier for people find and that's what it's all about it listen Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio. Yes definitely I don't forget we've got to the phone lines open at 8446877669. As we get in the next hour not yet but as we get into the next hour. We'll start doing Nara psychic slash remote viewing you experiment again healing guests are elder. I can't guess assignment. It wasn't even looking at cards on the wood there. Going to quick break point in the season. On the West Coast teams. East Coast and respect between welcome Dioner really you redo a. Myself Jason snell is awesome achieve each edit and welcome everybody it's great to have everybody along we welcome all the radio stations during the program around the country thank you for doing that him being far part of the beyond reality radio family. And we got some coming on in the next few weeks are excited to announce when we can't I think next in the next week we can announcement immature and another coming online pretty soon interject. Yes sir why now I think we can always say where there are a couple where. And a couple are beyond reality rating will be live in sin city Las Vegas. This week yourself. Yes some stuff and bigger and much or places to commend him so. Those California analysts keeps on growing and we greatly appreciate didn't we know the shows only a success because of all of you Linda and I we're just happy that the show airs all across this great country. Yet it's also it's a success because of the great gas we have coming on the program tonight we're talking with any Mattingly about after death communication will continue that conversation just a moment. Tomorrow night ray is furcal join us raises a spiritual entrepreneur or. He'll be discussing synchronicity dreams success and his book treasure hunt following your inner clues to find true success. So that'd be great and Wednesday we've got doctor Rajiv. Part tree the heartbreak doctor author is doctor Sherry he's gonna show three things he's learned from near death experiences that saved his marriage new. So great week of programs coming up and of course every Friday we've got a best of program. A little bit later in our show tonight we're gonna take your phone calls to do this so ESP slash. Psychic abilities slash from remote healing you know experiment we've got to playing cards from a standard 52 card deck. We started this with the same card on Thursday night of last week. So if you listen to the show that you know the cards that it's not it's and has a bunch people called in and and made. It took gases and there and missed it so as long as you listen you can give yourself or did some good hints on what cards yet and I'm. It'll say whether this was good or better in different but a lot of people are guessing spades. Last Thursday when there were calling asking about the car didn't. That's interest thing if I think some who look off to seal works out but we'll open the ball up the phone lines so that a little later out to JV just give you good tipper actually say that while excessively let it asks what you need to earlier I think. You if you have a question for our guest and you wanna talk about the topic tonight which is after death communication we welcoming to do that. The phone numbers 8446877669. So let's continue that discussion must bring in any. Andy's website by the way is any Mattingly that's LEY dot com in the book is called the after death chronicles and any again thanks for joining us. How askew as you were talking with other folks in getting these stories. Did did you listen to how common these after death communications are is it. Almost everybody is it 50% of the of people who experience a loss how common is it. Well my guess is 80%. That's it. I don't know I can't prove that. But that is might get from just. Being in a room full of people having come out casual conversation. Whether it's in the post officer on the street corner. With people that's about 80% of the people that I mentioned this to. Tell me some kind of story. Really and that and that's another thing I wanna put out there Fergus if they've if they've lost a loved one and then that loved one has come back and then visited them or let them know. Communicated from the other side give us a call and bring them up to a suite of security for 46877669. Get to a treaty for four. 6877669. And it lets talk about some of the ways that people share their experiences what types of communications could because you said that they. They spanned all sorts of things whether it's a seemingly verbal time communication or. It's a dream type communication Horry shows up in some of the wisest talk about some of those ways. Okay. Well that the most common one that I heard I don't know across the board if it is indeed most common is during I think. Because we don't have to do if I try to unleash ourselves from logic so much for that. Many people lose and if not most people except that during her okay. And so that. Is the most common in those games are. Particularly vivid and often unforgettable. And it they don't have to be written down to be. Recited didn't in great detail years later because they lecture at significant. Another way is experience sister nature where birds butterflies to rainbows and something happens that is. Out of the ordinary and draws one's attention. And again tend to be unforgettable. Are potentially that you grow marijuana if its interest in that you brought that went up as we've talked about this in the past if you Wear. My grandmother had Lou Gehrig's disease and she was. Issues pretty much on her death bed and her favorite thing in the world where butterflies and my youngest daughter. We are here in Rhode Island and my youngest daughter was man jumps in a pile he isn't all that she came around there's a butterfly sitting on our nose. Now when that happened. The phone rang in the house were called and then. Come to find out my grandmother just passed away now and then we had a very similar experience where she was my little girl was in the bathtub. It was right after that. And him and me if some butterflies in your how should panacea but strength of butterflies. Were any issues in the bathtub we turn over turn away for a minute we turn bag and there's about a flight there again and just write with and it was just it really gave the MG gave the feeling because that was my grandmother's favorite Mario world on home it was a song was assigned from. Right care and the fact that. It is these are both unusual experiences and leave with the first on the timing of course just so precise. Just what you're getting phone call but the other is that. Recognition that you had that this was something. The ordinary something unexpected. Part of how Lee is the only evidence that we need as a person who has the experience. Is that no. Going well. Upon the find my daughters know who if you're not well that's. Offered at that point out technical. And you you you sense that this is that this has meaning. I know you haven't and I know you haven't gotten through all of the ways that two of these communications has taken place but I wanna jump tore foment who's had a lot of people. On hold that wanted to share in this story or ask a question of her let's go to Joseph from Indiana he Joseph welcome to be on reality radio. I got a bit of him in now. And it don't order it ought. Has been able. What are ought to bulk up. Give it a bit off but. Joseph my first question before any help you out here is are you have you open yourself to all types of things have you looked at things kind of from outside the box if you will just to. Be sure you're not getting some kind of message. But I am. I mean that'll become and here are a political Birdie Putt yeah about that haven't had a even deeper. And I. It's great a lot and other people. Smoke and part of it. You know people look like people. What are the war. We are onboard. It does get it. Up or how. Well. He's. Well there is something called doubling which is exactly what you're describing tell. In which a person chose themselves through another person usually through that similarity. It can be as totally uncanny at times how. A strong that feeling can be so you may actually be having contact with him already. In this fit and it's it's making subtle but it is not insignificant. No I don't and I'm gonna. Look or. But do you live in an area where well where nature is around you. I. I used to. But not look at. Him. OK. Well even walking in the park. And and becoming. You can't stop thinking about your ordinary. Concerns about what's going to happen network or whatever and to try to get to steal your mind and pay attention. To divert the trees the grass. And just. And even ask just ask. Say well could you company could you show me your put itself in some way. And to act and then be in a place where you're not having conversations where you're being a little more quiet in yourself. You may be able to have contact in that way more than you already are happening because that does sound as though you are having to south. Joseph I know you've shared this through this before on the program but how long ago did you lose your son. Or ten years. And I'm sorry terrible I thought we were really well. Now on. Number our our our. What got older. It. We got the other. We're like cold days. Now at. He called. It. Thirty oh. That's why am I. Am. Not. We now understand it. What do you client. Or about it no we. Go. The a new world ninety. And that are ever bought pork and urban. We're at our ability of the art. Equipment. I'll give them a little bit all of them. All off help. Good good. Joseph I would just say in any mind you I'm I'm sure you'd agree there's certainly no statute of limitations on these communications and it could happen any time and the key here. Joseph I would say is just open yourself up to a dinner and as Annie said clear your mind clear your thoughts in just. You know be you be willing to receive it in and it hopefully it'll happen for you at some point thank you for the call Joseph reprieve. I expect make another protester until. Okay. If you see something like that the doubling experience for you see so I don't say that makes you. Think that this could be him telling himself. I thank you. How router just came in your mind to think thank you into his name because I have been known to encourage. More communication. Yeah my throat and a lot how. Felt good to be Umpqua but it all I. I am by my belt on my adult all. And I'd do her state now. There are five. There are only about but odd man out there about oh. We're gonna help. Good that's a that's a great exercise Joseph thanks so much for the call in and best of luck with that we'll take a quick break here when we come back we'll have more with any Mattingly will also take more of your phone calls. As we continue our discussion about after death communication. Current phone numbers 84468776. Exciting yeah until free at 8446877669. Illicit and Jason dvd on our owner. Ask her her. 46877669. Or guest tonight is any Mattingly. Who's the author of the book the after death chronicles her website is any Mattingly dot com is an elite wide from Mattingly. And again we're very appreciative any being here. Any one of the things that people may be curious about its. With the spirit of these communications from deceased loved ones or friends or whatever happened to be relatives. Commit the ticket sinister tone or. Is there anything dangerous or negatives that's that you been told about a warned about. Well they can sometimes take any sinister tone. What I found that I didn't intend initially. Can go in this direction because I think the media kind of covers all the but all that big hunting to the idea goes center. Things it will come and disturb. That there were very few people who spoke about these kinds of things but what I can't discover was that. We have a lot more power to adopt those things that we think that we think we do have something happens that's frightening thing now. Now let's get like beat all of drug thing just say no. How we don't have to accept. And something that is less comfortable or the scarce if it's scary thought it would get out of it we and the physical have the power to do that. I would only say that if that did not work if you were something was happening it was uncomfortable but someone should seek out professional help there are lots of people. Who are able to deal with those. DC to people there are there's an I think it's a small percentage of people who seem to get stopped. Yeah between the land of the living in the land of the dead. And it is and isn't that in that place so I think there's this sense of disturbance. And they can do something that is disturbing. But they are. Italy you buying public as well recommended there are plenty of people who can help those. Deceased people to cross all the way over and go into the big nine around. Sometimes it's that simple as so a woman who. Had a via. Her brother in laws say he won eager to do something you want to dirty describes something to act as some of his family members so that they would know. They were that he was okay. And she didn't wanna do it she said well why don't you do it he said well they don't know on here which it's not uncommon. And he said I want you to do it and if you don't do it I'm going to haunt you and the very first thing she said lets you cannot haunts me. And then they they made an arrangement and it turned out she told someone. She told her husband and he recognized. This. Shirt that was being described and that she told the other family members and everyone was very relieved but the key to this story. Is that moment in which she that you cannot talk to me. And he didn't. And I think that we can do that kind of stating more we have more power that we know we have. Well and I totally agree with that that's something that we've always told families when their having paranormal experiences and shifts until its spirit. And they want this thing to leave the need to sit around an entire family and say you know this is bizarre place. You're not welcome here we want to believe and and they Dele most of the time they couldn't all just move on don't wanna be somewhere where there arm wanted. A lot of times they're only they're trying to communicate anyways because they want somebody to know that there. Not paying attention of them in an act communicating with them. And there's no reason for them to hang around. Okay we're talking with any Mattingly got a jump to break here I know we've got some people on hold don't go away we'll get your phone calls on the other side of the break. Absolutely so iris or to take quick break and phone numbers are 8446877669. And 844687. 7669. To listen Jason. GBM yeah on our military do. Workers called the after death chronicles her website is any Mattingly dot com entries stop by and check that out and we're gonna continue our conversation with any here but were first. Well we'll bring you any end we're gonna go to the phones here we've had a lot of people waiting in a wanna get some of these stories and questions in here for any so this is Diane from New York. They Diane thanks for waiting on hold welcome to the show. Thank you so much I love your show I listened to it every single night. Both shaking that bad but. My mother's there and had passed away ten years ago. And it seems that anytime I had something going on. That I'm not sure about it now have a question and and I'll either get somebody else to give me an answer and I know what was my mother. Or Larry you know she seemed to be around me when I need her well I hit as. Might and you need placement and and I got an infection and I was sick and I hit a fever and and I said mom I really need Q I just I I I'm scared that the they're gonna have to take till my leg up for anything again. I fell asleep. And all of a sudden I felt something on my shoulder. And it was my mother's voice and she said dying and you're going to be fine. And the bulk up in a court she wasn't there but I know it was my mother. And she came down and and you know in my New Year's ski healing just fine. That's that's agree that's a great story and that I just want to ask any about that because. Any one of the things that you talk about in the book is the fact that some of these communications can come as messages. Not just of comfort for grieving but as they can be situationally can warn you of of of a problem they can. They can also. As Diane just related to us they can help you get through a circumstance in your own life. Absolutely I mean some of them are as simple as. Someone driving a man and that the husband's voice says slow down. That's that kind of thing that Diana I have I have actually experienced something demand more subtle by. Similar to what you are describing and I'll tell you what my daughter said. Because I would highly in the middle of the night it is our feeling really ill like I was coming down with the flu or something. And I could feel my daughter who had been a doctor. I could feel her moving her energy through my body it it would likely even that started at my feet went up to the top of my head returned to my feet repeatedly. And while this was happening was very comforting and I fell asleep and I when I woke up by felt totally fine there was no effective at all. And I LNG visited me in the morning I ask my daughter. If she could cut you off. And she said well we meaning the debt come with a light trucks and the light is healing. That may be an act that's the only explanation I have for health act could work but they found is that you can experience this into more profound way because you're. Potential would feel blessed with far illness was. Board faction was a larger than mine simply having the flu or something of that nature. Diane thank you so much for the call let's go to Tim in New York Tim welcome to show your MB I'm really radio. I hate you do entry into the show big cervical spotters. Are might just had a question for your guests. OK on it is possible for someone. Who know. It is guess. What during operation human compassion. To be able to have welcomed mental chronicle bad. You mean all right in the terms of a near death experience or an out of body experience is that what you talking about Tim. Near somewhat similar to. I have got hurt surgery. Bought for five years ago and armed might out on the table and in such a and ever since and I've had. Flashes. Of things. Now these flashes of these things that happened you while you were. To put her dead. Or are you are scratching things for others or lie or Jeanne what are. You load. Are the operating room things like that of of nothing like floating over the keyboard and just little things and I just wondered picks kind of like chronicle to. He would. Look I'm not an expert on near death experiences but it does sound as though that is like you have happened for you. And certainly having the factions can't return like that are a part of that it's sometimes it's not just a flash it's complete memory. But you are remembering what happened to you when you were. Not too. They moved in your body. To that is at this comment at all OK and has benefits for you. I would think that if there are awake for you to be at present as possible with those you might to. Even development. Abilities that you did not have before that experience. We could condone what we care a little bit of law. People who what do you didn't like that and root site can be operation a little bit more such wandered. Interest from Tehran that's that's for interest and thanks for sharing that story musical let's try to get one more in here what we have time this is. Anna from all and from Massachusetts summits in any there. Yeah yeah what is the show. In my opinion another deal or background on the would you please just turned down what are what are resource should listening to do as we can bring in. I just did our quarterbacks. And all sorts of what. I had to love went on my mind. One is my mother. Who died ten years ago and her political circumstances so hard for me to feel that connection with the that I used to have. And the other is an animal. A pair of a beloved caddy who died a month ago. And I'm wondering if you had experienced it. What about oh well what about an animal. Well there are people definitely who left this Hillary and you can't have a contact with. And with an animal and I've spoken to people who have had with captain with dogs. So there's. There's certainly just as watcher chants there one independent fact I'd that it actually during went with those beloved cat who died years ago. Have you had some contact yet with and had no. No but but but I'm very open to it this group an exceptional cat I would be very close to him eighteen years. And eighteen. Contracted Alon with his. And it powered since. Quote it to me. He got the kidney to being beyond there. My good times that the most has halved with that and hit a lot of them he he had and it earned. I. Big heart and and strong spirit. So of course I miss them terribly and it and I it is that if I could communicate with let and let Annie. Four legged. Friend it would be ginkgo. Is there were there any any suggestion you might give me. I I let with a pick apart haven't been. It as just too wounded to the show within the past couple. Less than an hour and and I know. Creating my mind and and being. Being outdoors he's loved the outdoors the youth in government but I learned that actually he was dying how much he he adored being out with me. And it just just you know NN and I if you miss the beginning of the show you can download and listen to it afterwards but any as far as. Helping and a to make that communication with her deceased loved beloved cat anything special we would do friend moser is an all pretty much the same stuff. But would be a game but what came to me if you're talking Anna was the idea of setting up some kind of a ritual maybe an altar which you could do outside. Something with the you know in whatever field. Ceremonial tee you. A candle a picture of flour. Catnip so we take that might have to have I have loved. And then do well to do some kind of if it took around this in which you wouldn't fight to ginkgo I think with the same. Hard to connect Tokyo. And make it out a formal effort to that can help with people as well but the first summary in this came to me if you are speaking. Okay we're gonna try to sit once they keep answer that call one more in here it's got to be equipped when Matt welcome to the show you from Missouri. Good to have young. Who met either. A character that's a very short when then throw it more or less theft of this very very quick when matter either Matt. No intent right. Any were basically at a time here again one that you give your web site the name of the book where people can get more information about what's going on because we do we have a lot of people interested in in seeking out the book. Okay well they've iBook is the apt to get to chronicle. True stories of comfort. Guidance and wisdom from beyond the pale. My web site is my name www. Annie and then I. ING LE life dot com. I'm on FaceBook I'm on Twitter you can find me in the first place since. I need to do blog says there's a lot of information on this on the web site itself. If you let go back into the old blog sorry sorry you wanted to China for the Netherlands or if you have questions all want to. Sherrod story when they. There's an option for doing that on my web site as well. Well thanks so much for coming hang analysis and he and we look for Idaho again that it will deathly have you back on the future you have a great night. Thank you and we're gonna go to break thanks Annie we're gonna go to break here right now and while we're ongoing in Brey equal line of phone calls to see if anybody can use their psychic and more remote viewing. Capabilities to figure out what plane card. Absolutely and it's the same car we haven't changed its 8446877669. And 844. 687766. Ranks are given circle you listened listened dvd on our older. The tactics. They might be heard of sensitive have little bits of psychic ability remote viewing abilities. Yes this is an opportunity to kind of test that out and if you can prove forward do it can show you got a little bit of skill there are sensitivities. We've got a buddy we're gonna sent Williams are hearing abilities. I'm I've I'm back and see you actually works might doing right is he here. You're kidding me you're saying you're number one GO. An amber and that's in real quick to flee Cingular really good if you hit say say that's what it's finally call an 8446877669. In this is really an opportunity didn't can attest these abilities because there is a playing card we drew from the deck on Thursday actually. Regular 52 card deck Jason and I will be concentrating. On the card and you descends have to tells what carded his and if you get it right we'll send you but he it's that simple also. Let's start here by going to assist him I think Tim may have just been on the show this he Tim welcomed by to be on reality radio. They are human yeah I was back on here we used to go out there. Well welcome back OK so Jason -- looking at this card. We're concentrating Jason's site uses smoke is coming fast this year's he's thinking about how surprised. And I was I think usury usual remote doing really remote viewing and or psychic abilities tells Ricard you to focus closer Verizon thing. Aren't they do need to stay. Us nothing Speights and not good guess though thank you for thank you yes senator let's go to. Well this is Phoenix from Chicago Phoenix welcome to be on reality radio and this is it time for you to use that psychic ability. Neurons or pocono play like it just don't just don't throws over now there'll quick innings take a second set price and focus yes I notes to say it played almost 2 in the morning. You know. We're focused on on the card it's your turn to focus on what we're unions. Come up with a card. I'm sitting focusing. Could is that they. I think. All right well at jeopardy music. Now and is it. Nuke it news dude dude dude dude dude dude do you know stalling now. I hate being wrong and it. It is the return of hard. You're wrong but the fact that the culinary into and we should just said you're not right that that would have been fine. Eric your. Well thanks so much for Colin and we got it we've got to move on to get a bunch of people ready to guess here let's go to the C this is Horace is down and work for Chris on front. Anchor she got to turn down what are we listening to their forests. I hasten Chris Reddy we're concentrating were located thinking. Right he's is that the. It. Now I know it's it's not. Sorry I meant thanks a guessing where this let's go to Joseph Joseph it's your turn Jason and I are focusing on this card. And it's your turn to get into our minds and tell us what cart rule you don't wanna be in our mind charts by traders. Yes grandma. You. All. Know of clubs I don't think there is its growth did you Jack of clubs. Yeah yeah the Joseph clubs is definitely wrong but the Jack of clubs also rock so brief that Joseph thanks for calling in and thanks to playing with a serie. Let's see if Sherri can do this is might be the last wanted to know how much time we have but this is Cheri. Cherie Jason and I are looking at discard we are focusing we will thinking really hard really hard and it it's it's hard it's starting to hurt us really emanating there and after Russia. Now I'm sure it's not it's not it's not block clubs tonight there was lot of spades. There's just read an island and anonymous and I I'm not saying you know one way or the other but tell murder have to carry this to tomorrow night again. If you put your contract I think we've already gone through forty of the 52 cards I had an ultra I figured somebody was gonna probably get it tonight again I knew him well. Anyway that thanks everybody for for calling and we just don't have enough time to take another call tomorrow night we've got re is. Burke on where this who is a spiritual onto Norah will be discussing synchronicity dreams success. And his book treasure hunt follow your inner clues to find true success. And then Wednesday were going to be talking with doctor Rajiv. Archery. Heartbreak doctor or and author. We're going to be talking about three things well he learned from his near death experience has saved his marriage. Going to be an interesting conversation and big thank you to any Mattingly we had a great conversation there's so many. More questions that I had and we actually it's not of people that wanted to share some stories on the phone lines we just couldn't get to everybody but it's a really fascinating topic. Dan tell everybody else there if you haven't yet Amaechi head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only the FaceBook page forest. And then had to be on reality reviewed dot com you can and download free iPhone Mandarin out. Allows you to listen to show life catch past shows join me online chat more. In total long ago. You can also urged reconciliation. Station Teva find all the stations we are and across the country and matching his were going to be adding on lunch more. Coming up really shortly and Judy and I am very talked about our adding them Vegas Las Vegas and some other areas and and us that list is ever growing this crime because of the sport you'll you'll have put behind the show we greatly appreciate it. Or any night just feel free to click the listen live button. And that'll connect gene or online chat room GB and I arrow is in their we're talking with the with are there other people similar interest on the show and normally we go from there but it's it's a great community of people we have a good time. If you download the show from iTunes or wherever you might download it. This to us a favor and rid of for a so we know is being downloaded a lot of times it tens of thousands times day we greatly appreciate their support. A bridges rated forest because at Kohl's push shall forward it makes it easier for people to find approaches it further up into via. The main list on on iTunes and everywhere else and that's what it's all about is trying to get the word out on that but again thanks everybody for tuning in tonight in an. Birthday cards that were guest tonight and last week I mean where were continent nor cotton the odds weighed on TV so. Yeah we are and again I think forty may be 44 of the 52. It's a big guest in the news tonight so (%expletive) if nobody was zoos keeping track of that stuff if your card county Bellingham display and now. Exactly RE SS Jason and javy am beyond our own theory everybody great night look at tomorrow at. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's normally don't really read news. Yeah. You know stopped going to finish in the agency's slow fade getting some peacekeepers will purchase and install an actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.