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Lee Harvey Oswald's former girlfriend opens up about new revelations in the JFK assassination conspiracy

Nov 2, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Judyth Vary Baker, former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, to talk about her relationship with the man accused of assassinating JFK. She claims he WAS the patsy he claimed to be and her summer in New Orleans with Lee, Guy Bannister, Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman and others, gave her insight like no other remaining wtiness. 11/2/2017- Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I'm not wolf it's been. Equipment from. Okay. Our team. Creature this mean you mean I. It's. OK okay Diana and her in the morning Diane yeah needs me. It's. Yeah. Yeah it's. An unknown handles. It's. Jus T you want answers like they kind of tight yeah I'm. Q okay. The only true. The dog. Ready to go. It's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many start somewhere between welcome to be on are leery of myself Jason Hawes railways arson achieve each speaking of stocks somewhere in between you're stuck in lake in the middle religions for the last few days you heard these are teaches you conclude our cages is right no power for. I would just three days of what the heck is going on and and the worst part is my daughter Samantha who's three just threw three miles on the road is still without power and they're telling her that she might not get it back until. Either late tomorrow night or Saturday or possibly Monday. And today it's just it's it was an incredible storm for sure it was an incredible storm. I had I mean you had a eighty mile an hour winds eighty mile an hour winds and unbelievable. Rain into just the whole thing was just an it was crew was crazy it was it was not. Yet the it well and beyond that. They were saying that up with a well first of their hard to 35 to forty mile an hour winds. And then all the sudden it was hitting only extremely you're saying eighty mile an hour winds. And we we have boats in Warwick here that were lit literally lifted and with that docs and all and put up in the yards. And it's most insane thing ever in. In a we finally got power back thank god today and I was out of the chains are still cut number branches and and we we were lucky enough to be running off of generators. But I'll tell you I don't know how. The people in in Puerto Rico and Texas on Monday without power as long as they bend without power it's just it's insane and I don't know how that. It god bless him. Yeah I don't know how people do it either of them having been in some lewis' circumstances but this is one of those storms that. They just didn't expected to do what it ended up doing you know they have pretty good about being able to forecast storms and Malia I mean they do a lot of money be shifted to Iran for fifty cents and it's time to this one this woman just caught everybody off guard emerged with a tropical storm just. Became incredible and just and pepper really taking a self. Yeah. We've got a pretty interesting show lined up pretty interesting show lineup tonight we are going to be bringing in somebody who. Has a direct connection with the JFK's assassination this is pretty rare this is pretty pretty rare and it's a real treat for us do this were bringing in. Judith. Very baker who was Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend for a period of time. She has written a number of books about Oswald in the JFK assassination. As we all have talked about there's a number of documents about 2800 documents I think that have been released. The last week. That have been out up until this point classified. As top secret not able to be read by the public and now there out. That'll change some things. And you know it seems it seems as though we've got a pretty interesting path here we might start getting some answers but. But we'll get tonight is a real detailed account and it direct. Personal web firsthand experience. Of somebody who lived through all this stuff dude it's very baker she's going to be joining us a little bit later in the program. And they should be highly next thing we users are. They especially with police files that have been out recently I'm sure she's going to have her own feelings and thoughts on that patent. The bench to get into that both lake terrace sang you and I were sorry keep on having audio problems I think it's still. Then there you go again we lost to rely honesty again there and I don't know what's happening but either way we'll get that fixed what the wanna mention. And we kinda live in an age were things. These diseases that used to read kind of across the globe and just kill people by the thousands or even then tens of thousands. We kind of live in an age where we don't have to worry about that so much anymore but now. The week sexual plagued the middle eat Middle Ages disease known as the plague. Has made a nasty resurgence in reappearance in fact the island of amerigas car. Is undergoing an outbreak of the play this Ari killed 128 people. There's a thirteen hundred people infected by this disease it's a dead leave. It just deadlier strain of the plague then has been seen previously. On the World Health Organization from the United Nations has warned. Nine other countries. Then they need to keep an eye out and quarantine anyone who shows the symptoms of the played. And and this is a pretty scary scary situation. Okay beat army now back to him I probably sound totally different among different microphone yeah sir but so salute. Well OK so they need to look out for anybody showing symptoms. Yes I see there is that Madagascar's kind of the epicenter of all of this and they warned Ethiopia Kenya. Mozambique South Africa. And a couple other nations that they need to keep denying anybody traveling particularly from Madagascar with any kind of symptoms and they need to quarantine this is really scary stuff to play wiped out a third of Europe's population. During the Middle Ages. It was spread at that point by ticks and other. Give parasites basically it was a bacterial infection that there was just no. It is very little resistance two and when it killed most people would've infected. On and now we're seeing something in the even deadlier hit Madagascar are. Yeah now things are talking about is that. But when it's kind of exacerbated the situation there's a local practice by via folks in Madagascar that when a loved one die is. The after the burial they dig up the deceased relatives and dance with them. Well that's probably part. That Reid and dare beset by now they've they've banned that practice for the short time there were short and geez what they shorts or do you think he had that you would've thought that would compete and beckon like this may or may mean. Hundreds and hunt deer secure and it's something that doesn't seem to be right in any for any circumstance that knocked the question their customs I know nothing about their culture. But it just seems to do they don't have to that is just start right there's health risks written all over that practice with that sound like yeah well and another no thank god we're out of Halloween because. This action cyst had warned Al Halloween costumes or causing demonic possession. The customs themselves work. That's really really stories of the day the same customs. Were actually. Causing the problem. Well I we gotta we gotta we gotta get back to your audio here Jake who's who saw having some issues here's what's this'll stick a break we're gonna get ready to bring our guest in in just a little bit work. On the audio issues and we will be set when we come back it's beyond reality radio until. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your webpage get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. This shows beyond reality radio. Gremlins are continuing to cars has picked this is all related to the power outages of couple days ago that you just. You just got over and OJ is and frantically trying to get to everything back. To normal here and will continue to work that is so he does. In the meantime we don't really really a great show coming up for you tonight and as we mentioned before we're going to have Judith. Gary baker joining us Judith is a former girlfriend of Lee Harvey council of course Lee is the man who lose. While legend has that are the Warren commission has it was the man responsible for shooting and assassinating. JFK elbow there's a lot of questions about that theory in about that those accusations that. Remain a mystery today. Yes and it's one of those things that aren't that god only knows if we'll ever know the truth. And the whole truth behind it I mean they keep on trying to keep a lot of those records spread. Yeah and there was an attempt to get a lot of them released in a bunch of them were released but others were held back just this last last couple of weeks here so. We see today everytime we get some kind of document dump or information dump we seem to actually get more questions from those documents than we do answers and that's part of the problem with this. Paradox while this has 90% armor actually black oh. Yeah actions in the Renee extract pretty extensive and me are able to just read a culled or it. And each thing never anything that Caroline now yeah well some but there are guest tonight may have some answers for us and let's bring her in again the guest guest is Judith. Very baker former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald also authored books include. Mean in league. David ferry and a new book Kennedy and Oswald the big picture and Judith welcome to be on reality radio it's a real honor to have you on tonight. Judith are you with a us. Okay well we're not having Judith either so I would get it we get a Dick. Time out here and see what's going on because we're having a couple of different issues here I can hear her in the back in June to see you here. Hampton comparison. Cheek I can hear her but I don't know which is a legitimate movement of a mute situation going on here we better connected by Skype. So let's see if we can get that fit exploit just a night of good gremlins here maybe assess this is like Halloween hangover or something. Only it is maybe it's making up for the the Halloween that I was I missed out yeah did you get to do anything like user trick or treating. Yet while it's with flashlights and everything and people at people around the neighborhood are awesome because they're all standing out there what's widths are spotlights and a bond fires going and they're all standing out in front of their house and for giving the kids came decent start from we do we took more around we put him on a trailer and I told him around him the neighborhood on the back my truck. And they're able to you handled house's south and still got a nice full bag of candy. So on I guess and everybody around. Yeah I mean you know it's it's a pretty it was pretty is challenging can't imagine trying to trick or treat when there is no power I mean you can go to people's houses emanates for some people are just. Working in scrambling to try to get Tom and get their act together not having any power let alone try to answer the door. And provide candy for Turkish traders but I hope everybody had a great. Great time and you know boom boom around the rest of the country in and Halloween was. The blue uneventful and a bad way anyway and unlike what happened in New York City. And down you know of course that tragedies still unfolding and people are still trying to figure out exactly what happened in New York. Our hearts go out to those folks. Yet the one thing I I didn't get a chance to be on the radio last of course the loss of power but I do wanna say that arm to all the people lost their lives and and those that were injured and those who are. Have loved ones that have lost their lives or were injured Tom our hearts go out to all of them in just its hits such. Such a crazy scary time. The world and mean with the with the people out there and and the things that oats harmed when it costs it to people that especially in a Halloween night I mean. He looking and the night where people are out there with that with their loved ones and there are walking around and we should feel safe and just just the fact that they need to deal with this. Is just say it's it's heartbreaking and it's wrong. All right let's if we've got our guests with a snow Judith Uighurs. They're OK there we are all right thank goodness we had a little technical trouble there and we are trying to get John before but we didn't hear anything so we're was on the croquet now. Earth Day. So we have found a few minutes here before have to go to break concern about the late start but to we've had some power outages and some other gremlins in the studios here that are. We can little would have picked. But tell us about you particularly. On your import your early life growing up in odd how did everything gets started free of how much time we ordered a half where every now we've got about five minutes. And then on the other side of the break we have a lot more time obviously. While they slogan no to skew your brief. Overview my father was a genius. Invented a lot of things worked with Adler over in Chicago. Who had you know admitted in remote. The control of the Shia TV sets in all kinds of my father invented for example quality 66 to I think we called it. Dad had created so airplanes fly over it wouldn't disrupt TV reception also working color TV. In because that Debbie Jean and over Chicago had the first color broadcast the United States owns. And so I I built my first TV set his jet is when I was eight years old. So while. From the beginning I've always been interested in science and everything and my father believe that though girls really crawling with only interested in marriage and children you know. Cell and he really want to keep me home OnStar assure anyway I did go to. When I was in high school. I invented a new way to get magnesium iron seawater had been done before Dell. Bought me patent rights for 500 dollars they said. We don't you know that right seriously I take it. That's where we're. So wait a second so he when you were in high school you do all this process or invented this process had a patent forehead and Dow basically strong armed you into selling it to them for 500 bucks. But I have cat writes you know and he's not just at a 1000500 dollars or just take it as a city is modified slightly and then you know great minds. That's the way and you see college people stocking. In order being very nice Q at the international science here and at that time I brought my work I was doing cancer research there. And make contact with Walter Reed and little ridges so on and when I went back to Bradenton. It telling how well here's what happened on Canada Britain like under my first and hundreds of mice. Worked with them. Doctor shot I believe another doctor there who didn't treat it Oak Ridge and they weren't along with amber train CIA doctor's degree preclinical. Training preclinical meaning that your learn how to. Well grow cells in test tubes actually cancer cells so CM fifteen years old at that time sixteen. So and then by the time I'm seventeen. I have managed being with the help you know all kinds if help from. Well the high school and I was on my own that I by correspondence panel as well and in equipment brought in line. My instructor is. He was sent graduate West Point. And he had lots of military contacts they even gave me a course taken Russians so I can learn. How to. Translate rushing cancer article also we had all these retired military officers interest in. In what I was doing they are very worried because you're gonna. I had tested highest I Q in the state of Florida that time and I was receiving a lot of attention and lots of newspaper report just so I'm. Well. I had. Finally broken through and actually gave mice cancer lung cancer in only seven days in. I bet they've never done it even in the you know in the regular class with all their millions of dollars you're did it. And it's stadium her high school in Atlanta with that are there you know. Well. I decided that the doctors that I was working with they could not comprehend what I had done. So what can't this. Well I showed little you know little leg and hit. It buster picked me up and took me across highway bridge dropping off the doctors. Well I won't say well. In say Peterson and Florida where the biggest conclave. Cancer researchers we're meeting with select media personnel ahead with me my high school trespass. And as slipped in between two guy race. Industry. Into these chambers where they were presenting the cutting edge research. And then unfortunately everybody sat down recently earlier everybody else's. You know Atlanta close are they were in suits and there was one woman parenting and. Our let's let's hope let's hope let's hold the story right there will get right back to a Judas after the break as it's it's interesting I've got a lot of questions it's beyond reality radio Jason javy. Don't go away Vincent. Kate Katie thank everybody for joining us so they're pretty had a great Halloween as we work through some stuff here. Really great show though we've gone Judas very baker joining us. Judith is a former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald also an author books include me and Lee. David fairy any new book Kennedy and Oswald the big picture and again and Judith thanks so much for being with this and we had to jump to break you were telling us about how you. As a high school student. Actually made some significant advances. In cancer research in your high school laboratory and and you also mentioned that as a girl. Most. People didn't expect a girl to jump in the science now when you're facing a lot of obstacles but you made some amazing. Amazing progress and very very short span of your life. It was so interesting that I. First of all. There's a crash that seminars and telling about it was the national center where everybody came up front where these three. Magnificent well refined them altogether. Doctor Harold Jiri. You know one. The Nobel prize in chemistry sitting next mr. Robert Robinson. The young doctor. Carol deal with the vice president of American Cancer Society it in charge all the research and with him wasn't very good friend. George Moore who are constantly at lady banned cigarette smoking refers to get written nation. Now two or more and more and act in doctor deal had a very good friend doctor well last year the three that we testified. That cigarette smoking is dangerous and become good friends. Now here I had given lung cancer this is cigarette products. These mice these these were really in my state we're germ free mice. And they had no resistance. Some kind of cancer. Virus had infected women and CE cigarette products made it just going to galloping Mo. Well when the police are going to coming kick me out you know because I didn't belong there. Doctor deals than he'd like young people and he said wait a minute he said what are you here and I say I have some researchers to show you. Well he said come on and had me sit down on the podium and behind them. Not on the station and continued. And then at noon I got to meet his life. It's this is kinda shocking my grandma died of cancer and that's why it was trying to do something about it. In here's doctor deals like featured by American Cancer Society. In his life has two huge and enormously swollen aren't your breasts have been removed. She tests. She's going to do radiation all kinds of things she's probably going to die. And that's the best they can do is. Shocking and meet her she was so kind to me. Anyway all the newspaper reporters of course got an innocent and got all the newspapers and what happened this step up and after going to my high school shut it down it was so dangerous when I was working. And I was invited to Dr. Georgia our own line personal. And doctor I had flown down to see what I had done when he joined. It had a cigarette tax act now to an outright winners very nice doctor Robert Robinson statement train they're in it to Brooklyn New York. And doctor Yuri was giving me advice on how to better handle earned. The design experiments is on how he was wonderful work hours other young people. I don't know Genzyme. So now I'm it didn't matter it's all the newspapers. I'm glad this is important because this is time ended up in New Orleans after march treaty it was would be almost 230 more years. Because this is in 1961 in the 1963. Before New Orleans as people say oh she claims she went right out of high school lets users. And it right and they're real they're real and the truth that this is that they put me on some pretty heavy training. And this is at times but consistent you know and and there was like a race going on brain race as well as a space race. So here and I don't have been sent to conduct and we're slap. Two big things happen their one or how to handle SV forty monkey virus and a bunch of other cancer causing viruses. Which was being really at that time suppressed. They are afraid to tell people that these cancer viruses seem to be contagious is they didn't if you're afraid people wouldn't take cure cancer patients anymore. So did that virus can cause cancer was really suppressed for decades. It was product they're rarely. Finally went big for us to make money off of one. Human capital. Virus which causes you know cervical cancer so until they care they finally have come up just want to make money under vaccine. And a friend of big pharma. Sounds giving the key gonna at all so actually some of the biggest problems come from them. Because there's no incentive for them to cure cancer and get more money. Doing the usual cut you know Edberg in poisoned route its primitive and it is and it's unfortunate. Fortunately for us. We have people overseas who that prosper on because when you have governments have to pay. Hospital bills you be surprised how much is that there is eager cancer. Favre has interfere in that regard to the numbers that would. Aren't so apparent imminent Russell park. Institute Buffalo, New York. An architect doctor grace the most time spending with doctor George Martin's personal. This is where I learned about cheery thoughts and do you know if I do now. Do not T we been trying for years. If us is that we're five Greek means to eat answering each spectre just iris that each bacteria. And it can be modified genetically very easily it looks like little looks sort of like a little mosquito as solid unity stuff I'll run into its little. Ideally he's okay and it looks like and the steelers' effort and get right into a cell and suck out he would remain you know information or DNA it's all art and and then injected all it changed to sell to. To multiply it a lot more it's a little self are now let you know if this isn't trained to go to cast yourself well guess what. We were working on that Ian they have gone everything you know why is it's very cheap very easy. Today they are using your eyes. It is too well. Kerry penal. Now packets of keynote to cancer cells is it having it. The that your facts detect cancer cells they're bringing they're kind of bacteria us. Piggy backing in eagle that makes it very expensive that means that you patent their word that they are doing. When you see if you have this little. Virus in your system and it eats well I'm being very blunt in and simplifying. It but surely fit. Graciously each and every bit of cancer in your body and in falsely. Can't come back maybe it'll come it'll wake up and kill some more so once you wouldn't guess that that kind of that your thoughts modified into your system. You would never get cancer. You know could be cured. This is possible if we can do it probably fifteen years we do. Well we had an it technology started way back in 1962. So this is such a shame and they never got there it because it would just be very cheap solution to cancer. Now it doesn't work from certain other cancers or worse from many of them. Aren't so I'm very excited about that you know an agony into your excitement in my voice to this day. I'm so excited to work in all these areas and then there something else we did this is the main reason besides knowing how to handle. The SE forty monkey virus in other viruses like that cause fully on cancer and everything mammals. And by the way the polio vaccine. Even CC's final set so. Was contaminated 98 million Americans. In 1961 to 63. We're administered. Polio vaccine only was free everything free. Speech. Baptist free polio shots. And neighbor and contaminated. With SV forty monkey virus to create it. Multiple myeloma on Mel owe it all kinds of wholly own cancers is sold on. In mice. And rabbits. And monkey and here we share 90% of our routines that they don't. So what are we looking at we're looking at. Any contaminated polio vaccine that was administered and they said it was only it was all over 63 now the last dozen materials. Oh finally. You know basically sifted out and from the vaccination. Matrix it and that the had they are growing news on monkey kidneys are lucky hit decent kidneys were still viruses. Is aching from wild Africa. African green monkeys oh my gosh are seen have all of these viruses that can. And that it SD forty it was just number four you almost viruses. She can't hear contaminating. The polio. Ha buyers that was it was early on this material. It wasn't until 1999. Hinting at an all out. Well unfortunately. Almost everyone has in her system handy if could you. You're in new single astounding no you can probably get cancer that they'll never tell you. This is the reality even read about my book mainly you can read it it has book called doctor Mary smoky. Yeah we actually we had a bad week I'm sorry to interrupt you there we had ahead on the program on we did talk about this pretty period in bloody hotel and it's a fascinating story and it's it's. It's an amazing controversy and scandal and it's it's unbelievable to me that we're still only scratching the surface and getting information about all of this. Yeah it is suppressed despite the information out poorly is this press in what you get actually you know released her volley is it's. Disgusting and I hope I get a chance to show you just got done. But it does point out here right in in his lap in the thing that we were working on. Besides. Finding out of the contaminants were all these products. And we're a metric for us. It was steered his heart was a new formula is today it's called it RPM I'm 1640 formula at that time it was still under construction. We're still working on many many additions help let's check. Fetal calf serum to add to it and how much Argentina or whatever state. And this. Formula I probably. Leaving his lab they kept up they sent me immaterial I was still doing research. Yet Etsy Francis up in Fort Wayne and then at the University of Florida. Yen in University of Florida and added a new way to detect cancer in the bloodstream. And that was important for the project in new orders as well. Now it took forty years and for the highly indebted to another. Iran test like I had intended back in 63 I was kicked out cancer Reese your core objecting to prisoners being. Who were volunteers. They are supposed to be terminal having terminal illnesses and instead it turned out they were perfectly healthy. Did volunteer for cancer research and had been prisoners Angola. In had been brought to mental hospital Brigham and they're not only changing mayor you know. And if they get there volunteering for something that if it were it would kill them because this project in New Orleans was to change. Early cancer and to create a biological weaponry that he. You understand that at any hassle understands two I mean this what does. Outrageous but tell me what other things that CIA does it is an outrage. Yeah there's there's a long list of those things. We're talking with Judith very baker or former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald scientist researcher author and much much more we're gonna get into the details. Of what Judas did who she met when she went into New Orleans when she actually ended up meeting and dating Lee Harvey Oswald and basically months. Before the JFK assassination right up to the to the point where John F. Kennedy was assassinated two pretty interesting story we've got a lot to talk about. It's beyond reality radio to listen to improve. The show is beyond reality. Jason it's easier opponent. Received 446877669. He should make a note of that tonight we're talking with Judith very baker. And we in the middle of actually bringing her story in a New Orleans where rich. If anybody has seen the movie JFK you know the New Orleans was a very very important. Spot. They say if you if you believe Jim garrisons conclusions. Or any of us and then the many conspiracy theories norms of luck to do that in the people she met. An associated with the New Orleans were very very important in this been in these discussions so Judith we've got of about five minutes here. The last actually let's let's bring it to the point where you got to Norman's first all why did you go there and what happened when you first got there. Okay well because I handed out this formula that nobody had it was very important bring me and you Arlen. And they were working on the project. They told me that can do with the virus and I can say we can't let me that I I would after all knew how to handle things under primitive conditions. And I ended up in on the secret site because they're two weeks earlier than you can read all about it in merely the problem I had is that. When I reached New Orleans I had kind of two weeks early this the University of Florida got out. On east trimester system. Doctor Rossiter didn't notice are we supposed to meet him. And doctor Mary Sherman printing out for state dinner it was going to be so nice and elegant and I hit and you sit back and treatment. The thing I was gonna mention in the other segment is at the newspaper articles mentioned. Atlanta assignment after leaving Russell bar. Was due to do research and making cancer more deadly. I was told that a that this research is necessary to to figure out. How to make cancer and that. You know added to affect cancer growth in net immediately tell us to think yeah no cancer and saw I used. And and I trusted authority. And we trust in the media we trust in government reach dressed in everything Houston and I trusted these. Eminent in court and doctors who're up to their eyeballs turned out aren't actually now we have. I've record to come out suing a doctor ops here. And got an Oxnard clinic where involves CIA in November 8 1963. Independent you know. If you had it hasn't won and you have all that you're in New Orleans. Two weeks early my doctors out of town. You can see all the circumstances. In the near me. And also add to some extent it's also in the new book. Canadian all the big picture in course David Perry and mafia pilot that. We'll give you all the information about him it's important to know that David Perry went on hate it Kennedy because he was. Responsible for what happened at the big race. So he told everybody and some military officers approached him because he say Kennedy ought to be shot. That was at a special meeting he was kicked off stage for CNET that this is still a big audience fill it. Military officers and summer came to him after that meeting said. They we you're gifted man you're brilliant and genius you're wonderful car and you know Spanish. We can really YouTube because we feel the same way we think Kennedy shot. Now later they found out it was Kennedy's fall Canadian fired missile fired Dallas fire in nature that general Campbell. Where's fire candidates realize he's telling everybody how are case Kennedy you know he's learning Kennedy's well. So secretly he has changed his mind he was passing on information. Never. Plans afoot to kill Kennedy and he was privy to a lot of them. I'm so grateful and he really saved my life because after objecting to the using prisoners like that. I can kick me out of that project I was sent back to new from New Orleans to Florida. But in the meantime. Must sit asked to April may June July August pregnant just a number. Yeah and they I've been sent have been sent to protect our project. To pretend to be broad cast or to find out who what's our cast are sending in New Orleans. And he had been sick because making two weeks early he isn't experts technique. That's so that's a great place to go to break here 'cause we can pick that up as soon as we get back. Listening to beyond reality radio our guest tonight is Judith very baker she's a former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald you know that name of course. She's an author a scientist or researcher her books include me and Lee. David ferry. Kennedy and Oswald the big picture is a new book in this a couple of web sites take note of as well Meehan we dot com and Judith mats with a wide JUDYTH. Judith baker dot Blogspot. Dot com we'll talk about this and a lot more when we get back. It's beyond reality radio don't go where there's so much now. You radeon GP welcome everybody. Storefronts stuff turns studios getting things back to normal after the unbelievable power outages that rate wreaked Havoc across New England particularly in Rhode Island area. And I'm not sure if we've got DJ here an idea and I am here I am here but I'm very early here in temporarily I'm not because you know what is its at some my I am on my side it really gives you the power outages and you know eight coming in and Alan. I think it really messed up something in the sense are a little therefore be fixed by tomorrow for. We have all we have a lot of a lot of work to do tomorrow we'll get it all working but tonight it really really interesting show underway we're talking with Judith Jerry baker who is the former girlfriend. Of Lee Harvey Oswald you heard the name right you know exactly who want talking about. She's an author a scientist or researcher. And now she's telling us a story that is a long time incoming. You won't get into the reasons why she didn't come forward before. But there's a lot of stuff to talk about here and Judith again thanks so much for being with us here tonight. When you've got to New Orleans and you realize you had been duped. And you thought you were coming to actually do some work unknown finding a way to cure or cancer. It turns out you came you were brought to New Orleans to work on a project that was trying to make cancer deadlier and make it a weapon and you must have signed yourself and an very very awkward situation shrouded by some very very powerful people with a lot of nefarious connections. Yet you had a job to deal how did you handle that. Well first of all he didn't tell me all at once what was going on I was entered used it for example in David Carey. Because you sit align our doctors chairman and he she's not time yet but to what we're doing seeing an. They thought. It David Perry was homosexual and he thought I had been brought an Ascot and no. Because of the seriousness of the projects. That. They he thought they set it girl because it's all sex that they didn't wanna send a guy in their kid hell can't assist him. Add Sony thought it was me actually someone else right even before they did. So then I had a problem on their hands because. I have noticed by using his canoe Mickelson. I had also dated Tony minister's schedule receipt finance minister of Cuba. Son. That was ripple mistress here's yet. And I knew all kinds of anti Castro Cubans in Florida University of Florida. So I mean here I can't really anti castor oil and at that time I was anti Kennedy until Lee told me the truth about Kennedy. And you know how we you know weird just not exactly man who's in a responsible for all the bad things were going on. And because I knew so much and that doctors were out of town they thought I was a person had been sentenced that sent forty help them because David ferry. Presenting go to Miami to offer and he is also working for Carlos Marcelo thank god father to help cancer he wouldn't get deported again. In a trial coming up that Bobby Kennedy was running. That scene didn't fare is secretly involved with Bobby Kennedy. Well mine goodness you're right comedian in so ignorant and by the time the doctors got that it was too late I had no I knew too much you know I had to be on the secret sites that gave me Anna Lee. Covered jobs. End that was an experience that this remarkable because I had a reliever. Have to go somewhere we I have to cover for him and I even had to clock in well a lot of the times it was even there Riley Riley was very conservative. And here we have this young. These factors so called this comeback from the Soviet Union and he spent thirty months there's a hierarchical more. What happened I less convinced finally that we are doing the right thing that Fidel Castro had we had to get rid of him. Remember I was in Florida so those tanks rumbling down all the rated Key West I saw missiles being brought down. And we came so close six months earlier in the Cuban missile crisis to having nuclear war you know. Yeah and that man. They told me and they had pink material and information from the CIA at the rate that you and I ordinarily wouldn't have they showed me. Yet even now. Eight an impasse can be reached indicate an acute as supposedly took the missiles out. There's a lot of the missiles and nuclear warheads were still there after the bell asked. After the fact that infuriated me and and they realize it Castro life didn't do you know didn't file. No just run I just understand Judith who showed you this information this classified information this come from. Lee Harvey Oswald that suggested elsewhere. No he and his group that I say group because. They already knew this I didn't know. They knew that get metric that lobby and to pester people we're in the pro Castro. Guinea information from cute Lebanese refugees came in so they understand that these missiles were still rare. Now here's the other part of that. Lee Oswald has a track where he was brought in for several reasons first of all he. He protected me because I came in early and I was getting the wrong company I didn't know where to dollar dude. And the other part that enters the Oslo was pretending because he could it be. Pro Communist and pro Castro he's handing out flyers three times he does it New Orleans. He does the ducks so that people will. They pick any decent bit of photographing and that's why we can't film asks well Debbie yes you to film ever others taking photos to. Here's what happened he's passing out these leaflets in countless. And he's eat go to the areas where he knows casters spice will be in that zone dot. That was canal street Mears is very important. Places and also trademarks. Are right now he's passing these out. And it says they're played for Cuba committee that committee. But he said he was the secretary that it never had eighty. It never had an election. What happened is if any of these people actually went to. The post office box you know replying to or are they went 497. Magazine street art it would defy a court can't street. At that time they were photographed. Checked out and a lot of gaga important back. OK so so let me just make sure I understand where you're saying. Lee Harvey Oswald was handle handing out pro Castro flyers. People were taken them and if any of the people tried to respond to those in any way where there was is that one of the addresses on the flyers or. The post office or whatever happens be in an effort to replied that. The government was taking note of who these people were assuming they were pro Castro sympathizers and deporting them an hour or imprisoning them something. Check out and I can't after this woman or something to check out the whole family. And I know personally one case where they found out that this was cast strokes asterisk by pretending to be anti Castro. And they planted drugs on handing beat him and he deported him to Cuba as a drug runner and so that was during nice that this would they didn't. So all of the reports of Lee Harvey Oswald being pro Castro pro Communist spending he did spend time in the Soviet Union. But I think what you're saying here is that he did that in an official capacity. For the US got. So Utley. And that's why you do not seek tax records released I'm sure they will finally released Photoshop. You know. Alter tax records. Lee told me that he was receiving cast your pain when he was in the US is our. Pretend you BofA defector says anything happened to him in his family would be taken care. So they don't want any of those c'mon you're not seen the us we'll check circuits street you know really real ones nightmare other and other files as well. We're gonna find this tonight it had is slipping away here because time go quickly and wanna get into a lot of things here to tell a little bit about your personal relationship with Lee Oswald like how you met him. How your your relation to golf to you know I mean how how did you get to know the man. Here are your fiance and I had a problem. I offered me full scholarship and an after the internship conduct search early summer I was supposed to start at Tulane medical school. I hit well in low action for all of a sex aren't. Young men and yes they sure are in under an 86 get a higher IQ that I did which. It hardly ever been able to find a trend in Britain just saying it gets very lonely up there. Right and that doesn't mean particularly Smart and other directions aren't so anyway. And he was supposed to write every day each kind of daring me but I didn't know whether he. And here I'm at the post office and an angry because there's no letters from him again I'm not what are I don't know if he's really an incumbent Mary me. Even if he does not gonna tell him that I'm going to be going into the lane in the fall I wanted to marry me and find out. That I am going to University of Florida why because I was pretty wouldn't marry me from talk. So you know a factory get married now he's interested geology and eagle on Louisiana because. The geology departments they're so much better than in Florida of course is it and everything. In Louisiana and be written you know they had bigotry yeah departments he was interest in net I can do when he. Are you an I an angry Internet routers don't know after a letter from my fiance. And it's nice young man is standing behind me. And I Lincoln on his left hand there's no written. So I flirted with the nicest something in Russian to him when he picked up and piece at a newspaper that drop. And so I said cutters are providers on that very very poor Russian okay. He read any Russian I wish. Well anyway of course that was interest in this young man who can talking Russian who was clean cut he didn't look like the Drucker is in the other segments seeing so much of the New Orleans. Answer me again why he should call you back to the wine. At that time I saw springs on his right hand he had been buried in the Soviet Union or in one if it's not affiliate nations. And that really interest me. You see I said I had known spy before Newt Mickelson. End and read a lot of an inventor interested in what to call tree craft I learn something that. Ram and anti Castro people want so here's this young man. He spent thirty months in the USSR. He had it day it's in the newspapers he renounced his citizenship he wrote to his brother that he would detect any soldier. American soldier wearing an American uniform. Them. Yet he is going to go to the diocese are and you could tell all military secrets. His sergeant and I don't know Delgado. Our annual dubbed idol Canada yet. Over in at the YouTube station Sunni Lisa ditching all columns because. Fleetwood. They didn't call it the way they they know how long they you to stay in the air how high would be where the base where everything. This man nevertheless. I was so impressed. Blocking in New Orleans he's not in jail I mean he honestly with all that behind them they should get. Probably even executing him yeah he was. FAA inspector and then he was one of ours imagine how impressed analysts. Yeah I mean mr. we're watching any trial that's just concluded here of of a quote unquote defector bold bird dull. I'm in Iraq and we're looking at how he has been handled and how he'll be punished and in his you know his. Defection growing call was minuscule compared to what Lee Harvey Oswald. Was accused of our let's take a quick break when we come back we'll continue this conversation we have a lot more to talk about it's beyond me out yeah. Shows beyond reality. And you've got to be brief conversation underneath here talking. With the Judith very baker and we're in the middle of her discussions and her experiences learning about them anyway. Informants and just leading up to the time it was the summer basically prior to the assassination of JFK and she was developing a relationship. With Lee Harvey Oswald who we all know was eventually the official. Assassin although there's a lot of controversies surrounding those official conclusions and I Judith again bringing him back in here. Tell us about this this group of characters that you found yourself immersed in Lee Harvey arousal was one of them you mentioned David ferry I know the other names are Clay Shaw and guide Bannister. And Mary Sherman I mean there's a bunch of people here that if anybody has seen the movie. I JFK they know who were talking about but in your words who were these people what were they doing we have about been about four minutes in this segment. Your eyes and let Mary Sherman Lewis they had me at. Orthopedic society and I'm back in the exact name. I in America she was huge and laying import it won't and a leader in orthopedic surgery and an oncologist cancer cancer of the bone especially. I mean I was. Told I was gonna be working with earning an internship even imagine and then there's doctor odds are I mean he it. Sign me at work on melanoma I have published in fact. You can CD. Asked after that the same time I was breaking until he was as well. In so I felt like I was 101 most wonderful air and the doctor and a huge clinic there. And you whistled treating you like it grandfathers. And all you do is you're just a wonderful person. That would change and I injecting you know now. He became my violent enemy and was shocked. But at this time almost a slogan war. No result. Here's isn't so they told me I have to put you on the other side of the project because out you know so much you in my slippers something distant. There's every doctors in there less. Witness and they didn't want the ring to everybody could be connected know about each other as they find out that the project was. Eight to create a biological weapon to kill Castro. So you know what you're going to do well David Perry who was there he tried to find a cure himself for cancer his mother died a bit. And he contacted doctor Sharon they had become friends. And that the whole series especially in dignitary mafia are my work. So I invited to top two doctor Sherman she comes funny Regis town. And I go over the year and I expect him to meet her she has nice. And meal set out there are you know finger sandwiches and tea and everything like that. There is David theory and it met him earlier and I didn't think that much that. He was a renegade with a brilliant mind and he was untraceable no way everything. That he would be doing cutting edge research. And that he would be involved in the project to kill Castro. When he was telling everybody hated. Did ferry we have about thirty seconds or to ferry he have any formal education in any of this or was he just passionate man who self taught. Well here's formal education is considerable. In different areas but here's the point I hope I can get across. She showed me. Cancer like I had never seen before they've been working out for years. They hit they were coming into the eighth inning they had to get to develop they told me in Ricky kill cast your time. Kennedy wanna be killed imagine how I'm. Wow well that's that's that's a like a lightning bolt coming into the room hard we're talking with Judas Mary baker we're gonna we have a lot more chatter about when we come back don't go away. Former by the way is it 446877669. So much more content beyond reality ready to take. I know does a great guest recruiting director Judith. Jerry baker has joined us she's the former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald's during his time in New Orleans. Leading after the assassination of John F. Kennedy is also an author a scientist or researcher her books include me and Lee. David ferry. Kennedy and Oswald the big picture that's that's a new book that we're going to be talking about. Couple web sites take note of me in the lead dot com and Judith with a wide GUDYTH. Students baker dot Blogspot. Dot com. And Judith found you know and as were kind of following this timeline. Knew we were talking about some of the other people involved in this group in new loans and David ferry was obviously central character. And if anybody has seen the movie JFK you know exactly who were talking about. But there was guy Bannister Clay Shaw who was eventually. Put on trial for the conspirator to assassinate JFK tolls would have been about those two guys. So you've also like to mention that I founded in we're running pretty. Fifth annual JFK assassination conference in Dallas does it mean whoever 1718190. Wow you are JFK gals conference stuck. JFK Dallas characters come and register you're gonna look at 31. Honest researchers and honest witnesses. And they're you're ready here a lot more because we're talking about. Three full days you're gonna hear everything is it an assist or JFK conference ever and I hope everyone will try to get there. So now we're talking David Perry and this and all that he was involved and they try to do. Why you know make it look like he was not worth very much Jim Garrison knew the truth about him and most people did I'll tell us there's analysts. He was working with our minister for people who don't know gang Bannister was he was former FBI chieftain. Or all of the FBI officers in Chicago we're talking in a hole here over 500 men and now he's in New Orleans. He is Santa how corrupt the local government was especially at least when he tried and cover the corruption basically they fired him. He was so angry he started working with a poppy. OK again sticker police because they didn't like the police either and feared that he was funny all kinds of information about. Plots against Kennedy because the mafia wanted to kill Kennedy. Now that doesn't mean he loved Kennedy quite out he was a racist and other problems. But he did have a sense of duty is ours. You know looking into various other things seat at the really cared Kennedy Dieter not. But David ferry didn't. Jerry realized that he had opportunities because of ministers. And Dayton dignitaries friend us well. Mean I'm falling in love my. Fiance came to marry me and then hit enemy mean he was on for like three if we. Time so the man to them and that you're engaged to who was still in Florida two time you were Norman did come to New Orleans and you did. I'm Mary me and he said don't do you make a mistake and I wouldn't birth control it like it up for it you know and it. This is it sexual revolution you know what I was what was his screen lady you know I can't earth and so I did this oh I'm so sorry I did that there was. The man. Mary me in the next day he was gone this is what happened. I'm an I thought I got a nice little place live it was a beautiful. Mentioned in New Orleans I thought well look how beautiful women are dressed look at all these men. It turned out it was house of prostitution are very high class. And a police raided it tonight that my husband one day. Left and I was thrown into the streets and police realized this is my Mary slices that was one day old. Yeah wasn't involved at all there's I was crying and they didn't tell him. What's your name. My name wasn't big boobs or anything frightening list this Robert Ellis baker the third you know. Early in street and golden night. Yeah. Yeah. Edit only name I had a number is Wesley east because again that doctors still out of town I come home and gosh I mean. In just things like that that he he just did an arrogant that's where when it thinks he was supposed to do to protect me. And of course I got an emotional traction in that weren't that. We just hit it off and I learned how how. He had worked so hard to become the CIA agent now urging he was borrowed from the only time he. Given up smoking and drinking everything and even if you're you're drinking it was just. Nursing a beer and pretend you know just like that for the liquor you know into the into the plant in high kind of thing. Are you Bob and Heatley you just did so much. And he was trusted he came back from thirty months in the US our in whiz. On the streets and do it and he didn't and can you imagine after all that he that was in the news about him. Yeah I know that seemed to seems very curious that's very curious that he wasn't tried for treason and put in prison. The State Department and even gave money to come back ended in fine print it says it only can go to a citizen in good standing. We met. I guess so much to tell people they really think cancer and come to the conference. We I'm just saying read the books now that recent books are more important note an Everest many new files come out. In these files had substantiated. And verified and some other activities for example. That we had more than 500 rifles shipped in from Caracas Venezuela. In an Oprah that before just my own work. Another bit of we have a file for example came out saying in each sit big reckless shipments were coming from Croats. There are many more things like how important Jack Ruby really well. Easter Ursa and met told me that they sleep with Jack group beach in hurting yet again. And then if they were really pleased and he take it to Las Vegas where they might you know have their porches they strippers there in Las Vegas. And nice and pretty it's an important man in 1990 I had people crowing already saying new didn't know a thing about Jack Ruby now. Re an overtime and of course people realize how important he has become. Jack Ruby you know step forward shot lead us well in an. It's hard for me guitar that. Yeah paranoia I can imagine that's a very very difficult and emotional thing is I'm here it's really hard lesser nearly an uncertain unsure and I'm sure that's the case and race file came out and here he is in Tropicana hotel there eight days for the assassination. He has checked in with a girl and they're mr. and mrs. Ruben and they give a Rolls Royce to use so some lesser than it was an important. Overcharges say that he was homosexual I don't want. Anita says that I'll lean when he was at eighty I notice because of my medical treatment when he rolled in two after he shot Jack Ruby. They think they shave they'd genital areas there because it used catheters or whatever your operation. And what does tutors say he says aha yes no QB here that means he's a homosexual. And soda stuff. Crazy it's crazy on Judith we're gonna rent on time sort of make sure gets few key points and gave me an opportunity to tell. A few these real details on yet as you were developing this relationship of Lee Harvey Oswald in the months leading up to the point where you left and went back to Florida and he went to Dallas. He said he was giving you information about him his his senate career and life as a CIA operative. Was he ever given you any indication that he was involved in any kind of plot. That would affect the present the United States where there was an assassination or otherwise. He has a lot of and he told me that he believed he saint Kennedy's life. Three weeks earlier this is only 37 and a half hours or the assassination. And he's talking mean we're crying because he says he. He has been under suspicion because he says he believes he say the president's life. Years after act says that an after my book came out it also we can't Abraham Bolden. Seekers there's Asian others say yes I'm an angry. Was the one who informed the FBI safe Kennedy's life that are Kennedy did she caught and arrested. These are individuals. Lisa Suzanne it was a suspicion he would join in at fourteen. When Tim marks her act and got to know me better able to get on evidence files he wrote the afterward brilliantly. Sony I had a lot of betting that you won't hear from the paradise all right. Others to get her arm really well one of hearts and they have trained him because they couldn't in good marine who could say I'm CIA if he did. This context in in the US is our redouble agency wouldn't executed. If he knew it would not be trained yeah the other eight. If Oswald's. It was everything you say yes he was in a not disputing it you have a lot of very got a very a lot of very compelling evidence and personal experience a share but if he was what you say US why would they sent him up. To be to use his word the patsy it seems like their other characters that would've could've been much he's friends or. Others for example there is mr. that he elaborate Chicago he would have been patsy if we hadn't. Right to say Kennedy's life over there. I always have a plan B he was just in the and that meant they had control you know they can't he would join our team name made sure there. Oh it's it's horrible to see what they did to him. Only got in and so deep that there was no way you'd bet if you ran that they would kill me didn't kill his wife and little baby and end and I you know it it was possible intercourse. I think it due to say and a taxi in the tech. Intel now. Now he he you know he he you must've been in just in shock when it's a Brian Kennedy it's. What what where when Kennedy was assassinated beat. When they paraded Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin in the NC when he was shot but. Prior to that when was the last time you spoke to him. 37 and a half hours according assassination. We call it we even Creighton and you and he was an eight iron and I see is that the timing was. At least great premium on personal life your right hand because you treat this assassination and he said. You don't ski yet he said I've seen too many faces when you see that many faces there won't let you stay aligned. That was last time you spoke Tom. And and you arm after. The assassination in after you witnessed him being shot by Jack Ruby which must've been horrific for you as it was for the nation. Like I can you remember what happened two days it complete blank. What happened there what hell what happened to you because I know that you felt you had to kind of go underground. Weird yes. There aren't we can pick it. He told me he said in a ferry sinking in the papers. In 1967 he was Smart invaded there for a long time when it came as he called garrison people and he said it looked. And it didn't end. Five days later he was detonated it was a natural causes you'll find the real reason in my book game hacker mafia are. I'm telling you and I I can't feel revenge. And revenge at the time I had to be very quiet mining could get hit a pretty changed my record. Who invented in new way to get magnesium I've seen what it race. And on and on where I was my life was ruined. I join him aren't sure they're good people there I was only sister baker nobody even heard my first name. And for seventeen years I kept hidden Natalie. Finally after last child left home. I went and saw the movie JFK for the first time in my heart just was broken and believe that all evidence of at least innocence. Then. It's still well they are still winning is that you know you really looks close into it they can see. This thing is so shot shoddy so patched together and it's so many lie about this good man. I wanna get a couple more questions in here before we at a time. Hmmm when you. We you ever directly threatened or we every directly he coerced by anybody that you got a mean of ore from. Well here's the thing. After History Channel did that you gunmen who killed Kennedy at that time recently told me. What and it released three name's David at Philips and Bobby Baker Ian. Yeah Bobby Baker then Billy so last days those three names because they were the reason and that was Lyndon Johnson. Who knew about this and union choice either going to jail because corruption charges were coming instant that singing Kennedy was shot. He can become president. Now uninsured yen Li told me there's any tell me that he wanted me to stay alive in to tell his little girl someday. He was a good guy and into I had to stay quiet. And be in nobody in I don't care about I went cured cancer people. And they're I have a name only to you do this again I hope I preserve life right it. 2003 when it came out on the History Channel. I had death threats in the last. Could it ever since 2003 I have lived like a woman without a country I live mostly overseas I can move every ninety days. And a lot of friends to help me. But I can't let's say the United States and here now. Because when you're spotlight your precinct I have to go back. So all time now I am a woman without it countries or us by a loss. I lost my true teaching ala they stole almost everything I own. And you will hear very bad things about even people who meet meet me no god and people and I would never tell you guys the light. And I get nothing out of this every penny from the sales of these schools that JFK. Assess each conference crown Plaza Hotel every year cost a lot of money in that's where it all go so people can learn the true. One more question for you and I wish we had another hour to talk. You you obviously saw the movie JFK and I'm sure you're familiar with Jim Garrison spoke on the trail of the assassins get. Did he get it right. It rained inches of mice and there. Yes it does did did he get it right. And where. And nice long run it. It's amazing that in when they film the men who kill Kennedy that episode eight. In the back of green house they're after all the years they were still a big mouse. That was going to be interest and a they didn't tell you what David Perry was late night joke that you lose weight assured I. I'm more concerned I'm more concerned with that wins his allegations did you actual Jim Garrison trial. He put clay sure on trial was he lets talk on the right track. Yes he. Had he lived in New Orleans is outs in the bill I am arsenal. So she didn't hear bring him down remember everybody once today just a little wasn't CIA who did it. It had to beat a mafia went to this isn't paying at all. You can't. All kinds of people so many we're involved in getting Kennedy that that would have been good point and another because it could regret that easy yeah. Occur as well as well ultimately excuse that's how they get and how they're able. We are at a time but I wanna give you thirty seconds here again to let everybody know your books where they can find him in the conference any doubts need to say you need to let folks know about. Used so much in congress 31 speakers wit and these are real witness is not just people with. I. And they're telling truth that's why they're there. And on top of that exit at JFK Dallas conference that come November 171819. You will. Nolan is history when you've been as we can't always wonder people are dying I'm going on semifinal. So I tell that we have the books David Perry market immediately is the music T all of this many thousand how can not showing at this look. In response thank god that's why people are listening to me now you can get these books trying gay TR I when he turned eight come. Or course Evers very quickly if you come to the conference call sign the books and you've written books I don't care. Just calm and learn the truth and then we're gonna have dvds also will be for sale again you can get an aunt JFK Dallas conference to come to. Yeah Julius thank you so much for joining us we wanna have you back and we can continue this discussion would decide a time. Good luck with the conference and thanks so much for sharing your time with us it's beyond reality radio will be back to wrap things up just. Jerry baker for sharing your story this obviously very emotional impersonal one about her relationship Lee Harvey Oswald and these lead up to the assassination of JFK. And what happened to Lee in according to hurt he was the patsy he said he was. I just had so many questions for her I audio does not stay contributed to ask these questions and get rid illusion any second here to this beige Saturn unit you noticed a still makes you tune in tomorrow night we got a great show coming up in if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page that had to be on reality radio dot com we can download the free iPhone and android app or find any degree stations we are on across the country if you download the show from iTunes just it was a favorite treasury to help push to show for it makes it easier for people define knowing I had to cover -- you're going to drop out I was ready to I was ready this is where I had a substitute for you ready this is what we're gonna do. Sent to eat this they all. Now I want to see I did that now you're a currency prince. Does everybody have a great night it's beyond reality ready would Jason JV we got a great show lined up for you tomorrow night and of course Friday and it is a best of program. We'll be all had a great Halloween and you know stay happy stay safe and we'll catch you next time beyond reality radio.