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The history of Halloween and other fun.

Nov 1, 2017|

JV Johnson talks with Scotty Roberts about the history of Halloween. From its Celtic origins and its adoption of myths, traditions and practices from many other cultures Halloween has evolved into something far more than its original intent. 11/1/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Term. It's. Beyond my only real on TV cheese. Well we'll. Not entirely sure where he is I know that that windstorm. That plowed through the north east two days ago now took out his power he's been without power for a couple days it forced us last night to actually run an older show. A humble we were able to recover enough that Tim we've got tonight show for you as miles Halloween how do we know do that but Jayson mall we witness he still struggling with getting his power back hopefully tomorrow that'll work for him. How have you back here obviously be able to continue as normal right now. It's just me so welcome and happy Halloween everybody I know that on the East Coast we've past midnight therefore it's technically not Halloween but as far as I'm concerned. Halloween starts. When it turns dark on the 31 and continues into the wee hours of November of fur so welcome everybody got a really great show lined up for tonight we've got Scotty Roberts joining us. He's a historian and author a stand up philosopher. Are going to be talking about the history of the Halloween. What is it what are the origins were of the roots what are we celebrated the way we do you will why do we trick or treat all those things really really interesting stuff. That's coming up in just a little bit I do wanna mention that it's not a happy Halloween for everybody obviously we had a tragedy in New York City today terrorist attack. A lone wolf attack somebody rented a truck from Home Depot. And plowed into a bunch of pedestrians on a pedestrian slash bike path. Is real tragedy I think he lives lost at this point and they've captured the perpetrators he was wounded promptly shot him but they took him to a hospital and I don't know his condition at this point but either way is just. Just unbelievable and unspeakable tragedy in these types things. We've we're getting really really tired of talking about them on this program or hearing about them on the news and I'm sure. The folks that turn on the news and see this stuff happening and Justine are shaking their heads once again. Dealing with the stuff sore hearts quotes all the people affected and all of New York City that once again has to deal with the aftermath of a terrorist attack. Within its borders some new Yorker and our hearts and minds and thoughts and Sorrell Sam was but. We are gonna continue on tonight I will mention that we've got us some great programs when we last night's program. We had to postponed on big gonna guess we had scheduled because of the power outage and Jason had. Humble we will get that rescheduled tomorrow night we've got Judith very baker joining us. Judith is a JFK assassination living witness now that were into November we're going to be thinking about. The JFK assassination as we do every November particularly this year because. All the documents that president trump had released from. Security clearance and now those documents are being poured through I guess there's not a lot of particularly new information but there is so enough stuff that people are asking some more questions is not the way it always is people just ask questions. He get more information you get more questions but. Judith very baker was there she's the former girlfriend Lee Harvey Oswald she wrote a book called on me in the lead and she's got another book coming out. That will be called Kennedy and Oswald the big picture will be discussing why they're still a massive cover up regarding the JFK assassination. And why it's important that the American people know the truth were very very excited about that. And Thursday's program is up in the air what do you might have to make a schedule change for radio we've got a Judy kept Hillis. Though joining us a professional card reader and spiritual counselor she got a new book out called the white search. Book of a cult detectives which is a compilation. Of thirteen classic stories. Occult detective to explore paranormal mysteries or years of abuse their own supernatural gifts to sound. Solve all sorts of crimes lot of great stuff coming up up this week I'm beyond reality radio. As every week don't forget to stop by. Our web page check out terrible we've got going on there he can also listen from the web page and you can join the chat room. By the way happy Halloween taller chatters good to see all their. And also stuff by the FaceBook page says FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio lot of great stuff and we've got a lot of stuff coming up so make she stay tuned it's Halloween. Happy Halloween to you all. And GV beyond reality radio don't go plumber. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah that's the music service so unwelcome on Halloween edition of. Beyond reality really don't forget the phone and received 446877669. NGV Jason is. In the midst of storm damage recovery lost his power couple days ago during the wind storms that swept through the northeast rain and wind was actually kind of crazy. He should have this power back by tomorrow more. I'll be back to normal but tonight is just me. We've got to a lot of help from our good friend and guest tonight Scotty Robert Scotty of course is a historian and author a stand up for Los affirm. Has covered a lot of stuff spent on the program a number of times it's always great to have him here Scotty welcome to beyond reality radio always awesome to have you on the show. They Jimmie Johnson to be here thanks or have me and happy Halloween. Thank you happy Halloween to you too now. Spent a little bit watch a little while since you've been on the show when he got to what's been going on. All men same old same old just working away working on a couple of different. Frankly it's it's you know I used to think it was hard to write one book try rating to a street this same time. Meeting deadlines. And so I'm doing a little bit of that. Working on that a book report from Scientology's. Able friends and to post a ball within their series on. Not comparative religions. For younger readers. And it's very hard to not be. He said we wanted to become a sixty minutes like you know reporter on this and and it's very hard not collapse into the negatives and really go off on foot so that's been. But on prod is more into. I'm certain that has to be the past to be rather difficult given the current climate and the criticism that you can basically see daily of Scientology's and and some of the things we know. And some of the things we're guessing. It's gotta be hard disk on the senior tour when your running something like that. It's really hard that of the opening. Paragraph of the book. I said something like. I was acknowledging that did this is part of the series on. Compare your religion but do we have to look at things. Like science biology and start to gauge whether or not it's a religion nor cults and and what those the definition of those things are. And so I went into that in the beginning and so I was able to say you know try to keep it in a positive enough light. And say you know this is the religion that is what started it was a bet he had with a couple of other authors in the started this this religion. And yet there are there are negatives where we shall we know where it's gone and we got some of the recent to work that's been done. And so it'll be very interesting to see how this and the publisher likes to pretend it. On Tuesday we haven't talked about this on the program in the snow or intending to talk about but I I find it interesting. I remember as a kid seeing the commercials on television quite often for the book dynamics in oil Ron Hubbard yeah the one that I saw he had and he used to come on all the time and I never really knew what it was didn't really care at the time and then to see religion as as. Strong and as powerful as it seems to have become. Spring up from a fiction work like that it's it's really heads fractured it's going to be interesting to get some more analysis of. You know Fermi two it was a book that. I was kind of surprised that they ask you don't know absolutely nothing about Scientology's just. What I saw an ad in that I knew you know it was one of these cult than them. Well Ron Hubbard wrote some cool science fiction books that were really kind of shrouded. Would you call them not not advertisements that really pushing this series or or is that this is cult like religion in the books. And so I didn't know much other than that I took on the challenge is short for. But 3035000. Words in that range they do about half the size of most of the looks of them new page and so you know it's. Sit there days I could sit in rats. Do a lot of snow elected in term papers for a for college. But. So I've got to be somewhat substantive along with moderate to. Well yeah I find it interesting too because they stayed in a hotel recently that this is the first summer scene this. They had on the and nightstand next to the dead they had eight menu of spirituality is because what they call but. And they had a list well I think six things you could call the front desk for a one of them was the holy Bible one of them was the Koran. And one of them was one of them was the book Scientology's. Which I thought was really really bizarre and I had never seen that before. I can't hear a different tool that lets get a different. The sides. So diabetics in the weeks when you get. That book written Scotty we're gonna have to schedule program have beyond and talk about Scientology's specifically we're just gonna have to make sure the doors and windows are all blacked out before we. They're hurt. But some love red line publishing is is the name of the culture. I actually have a friend that works there yes me IP and should running book and Scientologist said. Maybe and then his publisher contact and so it'll be it'll be interesting albeit in the lead yeah right well when I'm done. Keep us updated so you even writing reading books and I have to ax ask you know one of masking what Europe to I was gonna ask the question any more kids are just the six Stiller what's gonna. Up up. My god it's. A yes you know there's there's. Funny that this might be a little him like for some people but it's a funny story to me 2627. Years ago. My doctor told me. That I would never be able to father children. That was very downcast. As kinda. Blouse and such an ally this idea misdiagnosed if ever there ever was when she right now we're very malpractice suits someone I W you got some pretty great kids that wouldn't be too upset about it and you know your daughters are doing really well what do stick a second and tell the folks we've done more to. All my daughters are doing phenomenally well they. Twin daughters were 25 dormant first kids. And my my angelic children like to say it like imperil my kids it's only my twin daughters I would say they were they were kind of like. On the web mainly due to please you today. And world saw my other kids were like father and what may we be fortunate over throw your empire today. You know that's that's the feeling I get from them sometimes but it being the younger ones to go one on free and they re going to 25. But my daughters when they were in college. They were they were. Actors at the Minnesota Renaissance festival which I'd done for twenty years prior to that. And desolate had a grew up about their new everybody in the came on deep stuff and they were doing some cost human and they were possibly could make mermaid tails. And they were kind of reluctant but they did. And that was six years ago and they are now believe it or not there's a mermaid community out there that will be delighted. I don't even know what to compare it to but. People who buy mermaid tails in my daughter's made these in forcibly artistic. Fails and that they they base amount of all different kinds of issues for the look that they do. And they became. Really the premier manufacturers. Out there must secure later. That's that's what they are and is that written up in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago today. Our does that you know the hot twins who are who are entrepreneurs. And that which you know so well entrepreneurship and they started their own thing and I gotta tell you if you can gauge success. By finances. And products being sold on things like that. My daughters are light years ahead of where their dad watch. And so I mean they just just just by way of example say you they just ought to a new building an old building about a hundred years old in the Lincoln Truman. North Carolina. And here's like 45 year old kids. Or cannot actions but delete cash and go to federal data cash you know it's and I quote data is needed to get a mortgage. A doing very well if you ever want to look him up there option spoke productions stopped. Did good for them and I know that I know all of the mermaid community that you speak of we've had some guests on the program on that are part of that community and it is really pretty either pretty into it. It just it would get a better about a minute here before we have to jumping to break and after the break we're gonna get into this history Halloween stuff but give give folks an idea of like what does it cost to get. Custom made mermaid cents. Oh let's see well that the hail themselves to go from the waist all the way down the what they called fluke yeah. The same at the bottom. And they range anywhere I believe. How about 19100. For a very basic. Now this is the custom made stuff very basic trail all the way he looked at 5000 dollars depending on what you do with the what you want them to do with it. And egyptians that are you know scuba pins that are built into the same. And they've also come out with a new line just this last year. Tales that are under a thousand dollars they called mystic. A mythic tale line and we're we're there they're pre manufactured mediation and work on the yet. And so. They're they're expanding their finding ways to try to keep well and relevance in the whose. So and people buying these virtual they put them on all they jump in a swimming pools in some cases swim around and done have a grand old time. Or will we have people that we've seen that taken. Photos in the ocean deep ocean diving women in mermaid tail shipwreck again. Of course pools and things like that they might kids have. Our clients all over the world they have yeah. Great Barrier Reef aquarium and and it's called in Australia. Our order tails and carnival cruises comply and so such they've done a pretty amazing job of temper problem. Oh yeah and you should be we're talking with Scotty Robertson just a few minutes were to come back and get into the history Halloween. Don't go away it's beyond reality radio our number is 8446877669. If you wanna become part of the conversation. Here and watch the pumpkin patch to see if he great pumpkin pumpkin will show his I don't know into the face of pressure our guest study robbers got you look great pumpkin believer or is that just limited the Linus. Well you know I've spent many a night. Frosty ninety here in the yeah upper midwest. Not far from Canada as the crow flies. Sitting in the pumpkin patch over the years waiting for the great pumped into appears never yet if you don't. But I haven't seen Santa Claus either. And could are skeptical reaper I'm Jessica I've wondering if there's any correlation between the amount of blue bin that someone might consume in the sightings of the great pumpkin think there's any connection. Well you know. You know in the accordance with Mike Celtic roots. I liked to have a little Jamison when I know it's late night and watch for the Greg can. And many times. I recall a story once of a sitting in a misty field in the full moon. It might kill and a bunch of friends in their kilts and we polished up a couple of bottles of Jamison. And one big. Scottish man. Grabbed me about six foot six he grabbed me from side under the armpits and started twirling in a circle are killed swine in me since Scottie. It's been with me and so that's the kind of put great pumpkin want to be huge did you learn the course now that I'm a little older. I can still do that just hurts more. This hurts a little asserted her longer to over several Dell saw but it got it brings a parolee actually. Important point there are a lot of traditions a lot of things that have come along with Halloween in the season actually that have true roots and and and and connections and traditions too long ago and and whether it's hundreds of thousands of years ago it all boom kind of boiled together to get what we today call Halloween and the history is a very interest in one. And don't talk about that I know you've written about it I know you've talked about it before but why do we do what we do on Halloween what's at all about. Well what what we're seeing nowadays in courses are your listeners maybe I'm just and speaking to you and essentially preaching to requires they say. There's probably a lot of people out there that know the basics of the history album. Com and tonight as I was walking around in the it has not know yet by the I gotta say when I was a kid I don't remember ever being this cold appears it is these days. But so world bundled up and are Willie's been my kids are our trick or treating and getting candy and screaming and you know do little things that kids do women fighting over candy and how little they can have before Bennett. But there's no real religious significance to that anymore. It's dressing up. And costumes and even my little daughter's my five year old and my two year old. Who's going on three and wouldn't it frankly probably going on thirty but I would yet. The vocabulary of the three year old. They all want to look like zombies and white and blue you know is. Like. Blog for your three year old. And a five year old and a cute little girls some and the blood. And so it you know so daddy made democracy I didn't do we need blood. That's just really is like saying then you have your old but the tradition we have that would dates are so different. And so watered down from what they originally were albeit there're people I think who still celebrates. Halloween or silent as its Sammy pain it is to expel the silent. Which turnaround from that the Celtic traditions. You have your wickedness in your pigeons in. And others that will celebrate. Some of these things to the old. And when you start really looking into it the roots of how we go back even further than we think of of Ireland and and the celts. I goes back to the ancient celts you know over 2000 years ago and prior to that a lot of the traditions that they picked up. And there if you will pagan worship. And taken by the way don't let anybody get turned up other attorneys reached country. There were the teton. And but they have this country believes the country says the earth he belief. System and it really came from. And and finally is this is I looked at so specifically because of my interest is really had to start in some of the spiritual practices. Of Egypt and ancient times. And then it's all about. They did the resurrection of the dead. And the celebrating. The resurrection of the and this and this is really all Egyptian religion was all about what if you look at everything about ancient egyptians spirituality. All the tombs all the good the ways that we can see things done. At a course mostly see the nobility and in the oil he would ancient Egypt. Not a lot less of the common folk they think is probably affordability centrist. But that the building that grand tunes that. Had things that they would take with them into the afterlife. And it was really you reunification of the body. With despair. Are the sole if you will and that's what ancient Egyptian spirituality. Was all about and that brought was brought all the way into the True Religion and our practices of spiritual and of course solemn and eventually he. Which was appropriated by the church. One in the church came around. You noticed that we needed any this step and a little more detail but when the church came around. You know some 2000 years ago probably about 18100 years ago and the good trial. They appropriated. In order to placate the people groups it was there that they're holidays. And they didn't you Christian holidays. And Halloween being one of them are solid more units all sync stage the next day. And so there are some very interest and respect for mr. Coulter history Halloween really good with a and one former Turks. Since the get ago. It's really a fascinating to follow and Trace it through time whether it's Halloween or nor any of these. Celebrations are days that we observed for whatever reason religious or otherwise. Because they do every every civilization kind of adds its own pieces to the puzzle and it becomes a canvas. Of mosaic if you will of of different cultures and different religions and different beliefs. And best though those on the shoulders that we stand on specifically when we're talking about Halloween and we know. You know a big part of what we. Observed and how we view Halloween came from the celtics' and use their festival which basically ended summer and they would light bonfires and they would Wear costumes generally of animal skins or animal heads. To ward off evil spirits and I think a lot of that. Simply in here you'll know better than me Scotty but a lot of that simply is is it connected to what they were about to face says the days were getting shorter nights we're getting longer winter was common in. There there was no I don't basically life ends at that point for most living things and doesn't come back until spring and they look at that as a spiritual thing. That that's exactly it it was October 31 was the end of the the Celtic calendar year and it was. Really solid I think the meaning and turn remember my head as to demeaning meant something like going into the dark days or something of that nature was the end of the harvest. The end of the social and this is where you have all the you know even things like like modern pop culture that felt you shall leave of the court all of this corner is drives it to the end of the harvest all these different or things are to be pardoned come pop cultural. Find their roots in a lot of the old traditions whether they know they wrote that into that or not. So Halloween and and and the start of the yourself when was the end of this cycle and it would be entering into the dark. Dark portion of the year which would twister. And they would like fires there there were two very. Specific places some of them dating back almost 5000 years you've got that you still of that effort that you looked. In in Ireland where you can go see the mountains that are there are others are there's the other one. I think it's pronounced. So luck stuff. So or something like that enabled they lit these great fires itself and celebrated the end of the harvest in the end of the year. And then entered into the dark age. And I tell him that is the very appropriate to in the British child if you've ever been to Ireland or Scotland or England. In dip in the the late fall in the early winter can he can get pretty bleak there. And so that's that's what they celebrate and that the time it was he was also meant to to celebrate that reunification. Like with debt. And the resurrection. Which men in the spring of course saying they had another celebration. But. Was that reunification. The body with the sole. The dark with the lights. Like with a dark at that time of the year and he was so. Something that progressed. For a whole time. And it it. What I find interesting about them getting a little lost because I'm thinking that way ahead of something else wanted to say about it. And pardon me its just progression. I'll human civilization the progression of human religion. I may have mentioned this cute and in the book I wrote with John were on the exodus we talked about it now. If you look at some of the stories in the Bible Genesis what does the EN story of Adam and eve and someone in the Serb all of these things were. If you will plagiarized. By Moses who I believe was the writer those folks farm. More ancient religions messaging and religions. And you see very big similarities in the names in the practices in the the thing that happened in the Eden story to the ancients and much more ancient myths and stories. The unlucky. Their creation. Humans to be slaves if you will choose the dots. To food till the ground and keep it for the in the mine their resources and then humans one of their freedom from the gods and one of the god thank you came down. Delivered the forbidden knowledge of god to them and the humans won their freedom against without. And for the safety and his followers were all cast of the subterranean caverns of yours to do well forever. And and east play. In the story that track and assists who has called. Well I think is also known as yeah. In the old literature and guilt in uniform and the again it was the place where twelve. And that became eventually know what the progression of the engine ER step became yet that she didn't. And all the things that happened in those stories moved with the progression of religion from the Euphrates River really all the lip and advocates in that region. Became known as ER way which is just over. Absolutely chief got to give those Elwood shut. Beyond hello and all these names forgotten not keeping all that in mind without getting. People would lessen our eyes over that history lesson is that received that same progression. Halloween. What we have now it's Halloween the very watered down americanized. Can't be commercialism costumes all of that has no meaning really anymore but it also started to. Every single civilization and culture at their version of something of the reunification. Of the dead with a living the resurrection and that all moved up true. And they're. Eventually christianity. And we more would assess our needs. At the time on this is what we have now and I know we'll have a degree revived as supplies you know I don't think. We're gonna have anybody you know celebrating as the drew woods did a much a part of that religion. But just that we have now. I'm assuming when you save more to Demeter need you mean more so that we get snicker bars because that's kind of what's what I hear not a great. Now there's a lot more tell it. Snicker bar by the way snicker bars are good daddy tax. Halloween candy nice Gilbert goes through the ties that's the time or Mario welcome your first go to bed. We've we've got to jump to break here in just a minute but. It's it's it's fascinating to see how. This had this relationship between the living in the dead. Manifest itself in so many ways not just on Halloween. But and throw out all the religion plus throughout our daily lives anymore this program alone is. Exists because of a TV show known as ghost town right which is very much a show about connecting with the dead. When that show was conceived and when that Jason regret doing that show. I don't think they have the foremost of their mind hey we are replicating nature religion I don't think about that all that much. No offense to anybody that wasn't the purpose of the active ghost hunting of investigating the looking forward what's fair what's left is her arrest directional light. After debt of some kind that's all part of. All right we're talking with Scott. We've got a lot more ago and property almost an hour into this program it's beyond reality radio Jason is off tonight because he has no power he is in. Whether ravaged wrote linemen but we'll. Will be back tomorrow and GT gold. It's beyond reality radio keep the phone number handy before. 46877669. Tonight we're talking about the history of Halloween among other things are there guess Scotty Robertson good friend of programs Scotty. This is a very short segment room about ninety seconds here but so we've been talking about this. Thinning of the veil between direction more of the effort. Of the living to reach out to the dead and Halloween and another occasions as well do you believe NBA so what you've learned is there any. Staining of that veil between living and dead on Halloween or any other time for that matter. I believe there is. And that might go against my academic. That's been done things and me being the believing skeptic as I mentioned before. But this singing of the daily news it was believed by the ancient celts and prior to that that this kind of the year this day. Was worth the bail was there from. And all I can say about. Deciphering that is is that. Sometimes surveil us we just can't seem to piers we just don't know we don't know or contact you know what they're. But there are many people who have who have experienced this. And know that it that it's bear them and that it is. And there's a lot more we can say about that. As we didn't one of the match segment. Yeah after we come back from the break we'll get into a lot more of that and we'll take some phone calls again the phone numbers 8446877669. Actually I think I may do little trick or treat trick. In the second hour of the program too so be stand standing by for that we're talking with Scott Roberts tonight again the website is Scott Allen Roberts dot com. Don't forget tomorrow night it's Judith Jerry baker she is a JFK assassination living witness and former girlfriend. Of Lee Harvey Oswald talked about somebody who actually knows what the heck is going on. Has written some books including me and Lee and also a new book coming out called Kennedy and Oswald the big picture that discusses why there's still a massive cover up. Regarding the JFK assassination why it's important that the American people know the truth and committee continued to demand. The truth it's beyond reality radio I'm JV don't go away. So much more. Coming up in the second. Beyond reality radio I'm JT Johnson Jason is not the site because he is recovering from the major storm windy marine. They blew through New England just a couple nights ago. He's lost power he is working on getting it back. I don't think he can physically put the wires back up and no peace after trying to get the utility company to do it for sure he's got some generators but just not enough to get the studio up and operating. But we'll be we should be back in action tomorrow and everything to be back to normal. Tomorrow night and a thanks for hanging out with a us tonight we've got. A great friend and a great guest armed with a Scotty Roberts studies website is Scott Allen that's spelled a LA and Roberts dot com he does so many things got your list. Of things you do. Is longer than most people's list of things they don't do I mean I think you do you ever even did basically everything. Well you know I I I said a long time ago that I I throw Albie. We're used to kind the kind burden of the world I throw all the do you do up against the wall as he puts sticks. All all within a certain Bailiwick under certain umbrella. And I have always. Wanted to have that that life of adventure that light of doing things that. I see too many people then and I saw a long time ago in my life and a lot of people that they're just live life day. And that for some people it's great. But rebelled against the idea of having the ninth at five. Jobs come home have a well until I crack addict you know exactly Al Bundy. And oh yeah guys sit around we got our fingers and cover bad yeah realize were doing and watch the fear that's all I mean. Is and I rebelled against the continent since this quote by Mark Twain and I don't investor did over the years but. Basically it said this twenty years from now you'll regret more the things you didn't do in this thing you do it Q. So cast off. From the safe harbor. Sit here a tree you win your sales to the trade wind explorer dream discover. And I thought. Too many people who die come to the end of their lives in died never having done. It's like that that what was in the lead to dead poet's society where. That movie with Robin Williams Woertz is set I went to the wood because I wanted to leave deliberately which was yeah quote of but I Amber's. And it but he goes they go on and they add something in the suspect I wanted to shut out all the Meryl life. And put to death all the ones that like so not that when I came to dive realize they had not. And so I have this personal. Philosophy if you will that it's for me. That says life is meant to be enjoyed because you don't hold on. You don't know what's gonna and the you may have to be under the twelfth. But who knows but. And so do the things like is meant to be enjoyed should go out there and do those things. Otherwise you're gonna get down the road you're gonna go. Ocean and that's 120 years ago and you know other things that I I look back in the technical I wish I'd done that. And I hadn't done and of course when you get a family is yet to have a job typical mortgage. Especially in America here and you know life is like and there's times you could be out. Mowing the lawn or walking the trash out to the street and an early Tuesday morning and going. To Solarz. You know there's got to be more. And I don't ever want to do that. Despite my family what's due to my family would of people. And so that has led me over the years to try to give him a lot of different things. I mean I. As you know and some of the listeners know and I. I went to Bible school at the seminary I rebelled against that they wanted to advertising after that I wanted the Marine Corps after that. A little older in my early twenties. I want to be an officer to fly F sixteen jets during the Reagan there. And broke my back a lower back and that training that was shipped home with with a medical discharge and so I never did that and I've tried different things Jim my hand and archeology without any degree. So again not a professional at a certain an academic as far as is that in its concern with archaeology. This street travel. All the different kinds of it and I've gotten to and the things that I do still mantle are things that I say I can be incidental to do them and I think everybody needs to that you could say this for yourself. There's been you look to do that you find yourself the you look back and maybe those reflective moments where you're sitting your gesture and a spinning slowly looking at the lamp fictional like picture on the ceiling could. I sure wish I could do this and that but of steps here to get my responsibilities and obligations. So how can you incorporate her obligations and to becoming the things that you look to do all our. And you know I can't honestly say I have achieved that they're basis just fallacious basic order we do it ought to be doing something else. And that like like. Adult they need to you know where I. I'm so distracted that can be talking about. You know history one day and that to a regulatory bikes and not like that. Is that how it would make much of my life worthwhile. The way I wanna I wanna live the life without hurting others it's doing it's important to sell. All that. Prejean is sorry about that listen. That's me that's that's why do the things they do and that. And I won't sit. When it's not fun anymore stop doing more or what have achieved that goal or or. You know move on I'll try something different put it all keeps winding back into the expire rule. Force do is probably the better way to put yeah you know it's. That's and this is that the data is Decatur is the seller since it brought people problems. Let's Angeles jumped to the home runs here we have Michael calling for a candidate who wanted to comment on our discussion Michael look and be on reality radio great to have you on. Yes. Good morning I guess it's morning germs. And now it's got a hundred. I guess the questions from laughter tower fell pickles like that. The church has always as far as centuries. You know observed All Saints or all social opinion on November the first. So where does the idea that the church has gotten that Halloween calibrate that dabble. Great question agree question that is a good question and I think I was just looking at a site during the great cure. About what the church sure had to say. Because. What you have a better right in front of me something about it destruction it's says. The Bible doesn't mention Halloween how are both Egypt or urgent that we units modern customs. Sure to be a celebration based on false beliefs about the dead and invisible spirits are being. So where this all comes from my bank. Is this idea and I can tailback and seminary in the district is very easily. And say what we taught more as if you were outside. The word of god quote on quote as the Bible as we interpreted it in our denomination. Which was very conservative Baptist fundamentalist. On the Q outside that you've never in the realm worse Satan one which should be. And that's the way we painted every room and Halloween. What they saw I think in ancient times and I mean 2000 years ago 18100 years ago when we started. But I spreading into Britain throughout you're uncertain the British Isles and place like that. They saw these people as pagan. People who are obviously warships doubles because they were not worshipping Jesus or gone. And so they were trying to draw them into the bowl. Sometimes forcibly. Sometimes it will is less appropriate. Their holidays and mix them without orders and what interest in that the church. And All Saints Day in November 1 all souls day on November 2. Which coincided with. Oh my goodness the ancient calendar which at the end of the year all resurrection mobile beneath the veil all of this took place on October 31. Between October 3 person November 1. And so they just appropriated that and there's that appropriation of trying to let and by the way if you look at. A lot of the old could be rules some of them still not spending that. Gateway that the old churches in the chapel and the ancient get Eagles some of them still standing. Or most of them in Europe built on ancient pagan site. So what they would do is they would go down of it and chop down or burn down. A pagan Gertrude Grohl. And on that site. They would build a church. And they were appropriating this site. Good example is somebody wrote about this for somebody. Just just a few months ago. In the no of the holy land in Israel. There is. The site of the church. The nativity. You go to Bethlehem than the traditional birthplace of Jesus sent. You can still way down in the little grotto underneath this huge massive beautiful cathedrals. Bad which was originally built by Constantin like and for some reason her per person his mother and sir turning missile command my. But she went on the tour the holy land back in the 300. And try to identify all these sites. What was there originally was a chapel. If you will or try and that was built to mistress. Buying by one of the yen Roman emperors in the US second century. Even a little bit before that believed Trajan. Sort in my mind and I haven't refresh my memory but he built a chapel on the site. That was supposed to be the cited in the city of Jesus and then. The Constantine brother came along and re appropriated the site and they built the church Christian church that eagle on top of the and that technical still stands to their course and expanded for over hundreds of years. But the interesting thing is passed back to almost the first century. This was a site that was dedicated to mistress because. The emperor the time and was. Innocence rebelling matter rebelling that he was working against. Christian science and saying we're going to re appropriate these or power got a patent got the bill there are sent here to mature it's. And taking over the nativity send them. She came back him. And for some reason somebody please type it and some work caller yeah security. Guy chatter that China's milk the that the cathedral where so. Likewise. With Halloween and the church believing told devils and demons and someone. I think it's because they categorize anything at all any ancient god any faith in god. That falls outside the realm of christianity or the Bible is. Obviously. Satan therefore demonic and I think that's true that. Yeah I think so that thinks the question Michael that was a great one Tom I wanted to try something tonight and I'm sure we're gonna have time given how quickly denied is going. You know this is one of the nights where I think the folks in check who say we need a three or four hour show or capsule ready yeah just don't have enough time. But let me think about this through the break we do have to take a break here Scotty woman come back we'll continue our conversation there's so much more to talk about. Don't go away it's beyond reality radio with Jason and javy Jason is not what this tonight due to the storm damage from the winds and rains came through New England over the course of the last couple days. But he'll be back with us tomorrow. I'm JV it's beyond reality radio don't go away. Welcome back shows beyond reality radio and TV Jason. From storm damage we're back with us tomorrow night our guests and discuss a rubber Scotty we're gonna run out of time I'm I'm already looking at the clock and looking at things I wanted to talk about this. And wanted to play and time is running short here what is is a mere units along when did tonight. And yet I always say I can say in 101000 were most people continue and we'll probably babble much but there. Put quarter in me and I'll talk for an hour. I want to have a little fun and it will start this tonight we'll see how it works and if if we don't finish it tonight I'll I'll pick it up again tomorrow night but. I like to do these kind of mind reading experiments OK so I've drawn yeah I've drawn a card. From a standard 52 card debt I've got it in front of me I'm looking at it. And what I'm gonna do is we have people call her take you know some calls throughout the rest of the evening here I don't wanna see people while I'm focusing on it. If people can actually folks figure out through remote viewing her mind reading or whatever else they might wanna use. To see if they can guess what card this is and if they do it will send a little levels and a hoodie attached but he. To them as kind of a treat so the numbers 844677669. We'll get the calls lineup surgery again and to be thinking about the scarred and Scottie I'm gonna text do you. What it is to see and think about it wouldn't do them. I I got a picture of the seven of clubs in my head. I could be right now I could be way the hell. You know what I I I am not looking at the seven of clubs are now but I tell you that the first cart I drew when I was playing around this was the seven of clubs and I put it back into that theory because there wasn't sure I was gonna do it. And then I decided to do it soft pulled a different card debt this whole that is unbelievable Scotty the first thing I started it was a seven. Nice about it psychic as Iraq and it's a so that but that's agreement in my mind that is what data its collects seven. That's cool okay we have we have a taps but he we're gonna send it to the person. They can guess this card 8446877669. I'm looking at the card Ameritech's Gotti when it is so he knows what it is is well. He'll be thinking about it too you're gonna have to either reader reminds me just make a great guests and I'm not sure what which one Scotty just did for the first corner pulled but it worked for him yet. Our site I just. Quote. Yeah ordered all worked out tickets back to that question that I'm Michael had forest when he called and about the double how much of what we. Consider and think of for Halloween today whether it's you know ghosts goblins all this stuff. Is just a mere if fabrication of pop culture verses any kind of real tradition. I think it has its its roots in the tradition. But it's become just pop culturally in the two very watered down. Because. There was a time or even the church. On all hallows eve who would do rest children. In costumes or masks. To ward off. Demons and evil spirits and they'd walk around with terrorists that were supposed to be the head of the dead. And then of course the yeah in America became pumpkins because they were readily available and can open up better than term but. Iowa found it very interesting. That the church which wants to denying. Anything else spiritual. In a certain sense it does because that even the Bible Ed mandates against. Doing something divine spirits conjuring the dead and that they were mandates against said that. Something in their mandating against it must be because there was something to which they just label that is something different then then what we believe about it. And is so all of those traditions the costumes and all of that the true warding off evil spirits. With the head of the dead with the costumes and children step that's all that that we picked up on. In our our current traditions. And that is really came over to America in the 18 or eastern Irish fan. Gotta catch up America's we got a drum to break we'll continue this again the number 84468776. At. It was just does. When my nose. It was. A month. Sleep I'm right. And Melissa. And yes pretty much. Explain what water and burdens. Boy I have my task for which to complete its typical store and play church retreat. And those who. Three. You guys. No way it. Here. And we said look for goes tweeting me. She can. Primenews like. Last what I need to say is your company. He was defeated. Cars can't. Hundreds if that's enough following five Jerker treat everybody that's of course Jason I've fool around with. A classic the monster mash and using our good friend Duncan for rule who as you know has been known to invite belittle and call the program Scotty we're not we're not vocalist by trade so I hope you don't judge too harshly on that. I think I'm in the mood to want a little Jamison yeah I think I'm Doug I think junket through his outlook for the great pumpkin. I'm up for those who are those of you were eternity ago what we're doing we. This playing card thing is. I've got a playing card in front of me I'm looking at and I'm thinking about it we want you to call. And debt if you can use psychic abilities or remote viewing abilities or just a plain old gas. We've got to taps so hoodie that we're gonna send out his Halloween treated if we don't we are gonna be able technical sites because rooms out of time. And so if you don't get it tonight will carried over more continue tomorrow night the phone numbers 8446877669. Must go to the phone mines and bring. Sandra and from Las Vegas hey Sandra welcome to the program and before you guessed Scotty and I are going to be thinking very very hard about this car that is in front of me now OK so before we even go there would you do for Halloween. Nothing okay is that the way electric. Well where we live there's not really that many kids. Old. You get to watch a good scary movie here and he's not even interest in the. Well we've actually dead aid from the Resident Evil act. About a night ago Al wouldn't OK so you've would you buy zombie Resident Evil assessed. We will watch strengthen and it all it. Up for the new one back to back and called all dressed up like zombies. Now unfortunately that would guarantee. Okay I thought pictures Jerry that was OK so I'm concentrating on this playing cards. Scotty you're concentrating on this play in cart I don't go ahead Sandra let us know what you see. Apart. Oh. That's not it I'm not gonna say it's far off but it's not dead he's got something going there are so I appreciate the call let's go to this is Joseph and India and Joseph you wanna give the shot. Okay I'm concentrating on this playing card I know Scott he's concentrating on this point guard would be UC. Well I told her jacket space but the government to change the that are. You can say I'm gonna give you one guess go ahead. We do need it tonight. I. That's that's pretty good that's not the one night shouldn't be giving hints that's pretty close thanks for the call. Let's try L Leonard in Kansas take Leonard we are concentrating on this card right now. What do you see. It. No that's not it either but thanks for the call Scottie or get some people circling around the thing here yeah I shouldn't be telling anybody that because we should completely keep it completely neutral but. Some good guesses there so. Let's talk about some superstitions because we know that Halloween is steeped in Stew superstition things like black cats and you know witches hats and broom sticks and all the stuff. And again my question goes back to pop culture verses true history and where does this stuff fall I know that a lot of these superstitions come from Middle Ages fears but. What else are we looking at. I I think it's really just that whole progression of time. That transferred. That really transfer is that that evolution of of ideas in these superstitions go along with a that's gone through all the religions and all the different cultures down through time. Superstition is a tricky thing to it's it's funny because I'd like to say. Especially when it comes to ghost hunting and I like to say that there's not much it scares me scares me anymore. I mean I get startled and things like that that can still really steer me now I say that that was the lightning bolt hadn't won that something's hovering over me help you my bed. I don't. And I can't stand out would we leave them in a forested area it was lots of Woodson we've got. Several acres of woods around our house here or else stepped outside advice sometimes. And you you're Russell here or something moving their. You know insist that a coyote or is that. Big foot forward. You know we don't want into the was my my eight year old son will look at trees that are go Dan looks at a assess scorched so. You know and so they're dirt there are superstitions we Kerry Wood that I think that's just part of being human yeah is that things that we can't explain. We put things on them and we go with the familiar saying. NE AMP Baldwin and Moore said that they. You know the way we eat thing. You know there was only superstition and you look at the tribe that. Some artists. 5000 years ago he did something on the cave wall or the Stonewall. And say if you go outside the bounds of what is our village. The thing is gonna get cute and here's a picture of a on the wall that we're storytellers they were demanding that the many terms refund it's superstition also have their basis in reality. That there's some nugget that the core. That that founded that. Yeah well that's that and those of the stories that sesame fascinated me those truths that you know the origin of some of the things that we don't really understand Billy quite. You know why were I have a fear or some of us have fears the number thirteen and and you know why we have the fear of walking under ladders personally I think discuss some could fallen head because there's usually something about it. We we had refers here and repairing storm damage. Just just this last week. And they had a letter on the front debt going up to that the roof. And I was walking toward the house and I started going underneath the letter I just automatically shifted outside the latter I stopped myself in my head what. What I do that. I have no real firm belief that walking on matters to the cause me seven years of bad luck. Whatever nets in the mirror that's brilliant Amir but yet a semi right there at her let's let's let's let's go to back to our phone lines here let's see this is Barbara national Barbara were you calling from. Hey and I'm on the height pen and I'm headed to the French collider can pick up my son from wire. And I'm. I'm I'm here in the heart Obama now and you know like I. Outlook on to WWL. In New Orleans again. You know just to keep myself entertained while driving. And you know I'm here your little thing about the hard. Okay we don't get I don't guess yet okay this Scotty and I are gonna focus on this card okay so yeah I'm focused I'm focusing and looking we're sinking of that what are you seeing barber. Well I have to tell you I was saying that seven of club. Urged I was being there seven and no wind and the other is at seven club I'll. You know at a wreck I don't like alma college and then you set or that the fire Arctic outside that well you know. Humbling and play along that ain't so what I. Seeing now is the channel diamond. That's not it but the seven of clubs things intrigues me because that was the first cart I pulled out of the deck I was going to eat I did that the first hour I was going to started and I decided not to. Put it back in the deck. And then when I decided to bring they bring the idea back up for the second hour I pulled a different parts of the seven of clubs was the first when I told Barbara thanks so much. For calling in and their religion the end thinks are listening and Orleans assistant one more here before we continue our conversation. This is Joseph from Indiana hey Joseph welcome to the show what do you do and on this Halloween. Or actually. I'd. Street suite. You must history you must be seeing some pretty strange stuff if you're out on the streets the slate and Halloween night. A market always. Also of are you. I'm gonna have slick Eddie call you do Brooke you was aghast as I think that would be quite entertaining. All right so. Yet a case of Scotty and I are looking at discard sinking of this card we're concentrating what are you seeing. I. Joseph that's the card well. Joey and that's the card joked yeah okay. Now let me ask you this do you feel like do you have any kind of psychic ability or eighty remote viewing abilities or did you just. How did you come to this experience. Just like really just. That's the that's the kind of humble approach that I see with a lot of people. Vets say. I don't have any psychic abilities but they probably are loaded with psychic ability and they just don't. They don't see it that they don't want to bet on themselves and say well I'm I'm something great because as psychic ability and I think. Everybody's got to to a certain degree you probably got more than you think. So listen Joseph we need to do to this new need to stay on the line because we have to get your address governor sending out of but he will be two sides and all that stuff and our congratulations thanks plan along. I flop I appreciate you guys are great I was period also point by. Evansville on. Awesome thanks so much for doing that and thanks for for being part of the program so Scotty I mean you pretty good point there. Infrequent oh shoot again on any Joseph the call specs I think we just lost and so Joseph called back into the program cycle that your future information certain about that that was my fault. But you know you could point there and whenever we have bug people with psychic ability on the program they often talk about the fact that. Everybody has in one way or another some of the stability within them is just a question of whether they choose to access it in developing. You know it's funny even when I got to heal back to this does is the first thing that popped into my mind what aspect of my seminary. I remember seeing a little verse in game I think it was one of the books of Peter percent computer. When he talks about he uses the term in and in those days meaning in the hereafter in the afterlife. Like you sing it in those days our minds will be open. And I wonder about that when you yourself and say we used maximum between eight and 12% of our brain capacity throughout her life and that's. What would happen if you could open up. That other 88% of your brain. And use it to what capabilities would you there are some people who are able to cross that boundary at Pitt. Did Einstein cross that boundary with the intelligence. I've often wondered too when I'm at its psyche to. When you have that kind of intelligence suspect come along which is that in into wishing that that that join in this bad intelligence. So. I think we all have a capacity to reach beyond our limits if we if we can. And I think what you see psychic abilities go it people who get those momentary but it door opening and closing made this something slips and they slip through direct greater capacity. Because the brain is a very powerful. Yeah it's unbelievable and as. As people explore. Didn't new ideas and new uses that it notice a little strange uses for the brain and it's amazing what we come up with a now. Things that we thought were impossible or were or are fantastic at one point and now it's part of our everyday lives. And and think of it too if we are indeed if you just if you step up the outside the box just science. If we are spirit beings if we are spiritual being. And look at the world I think everything has. Spirituality. Of one sort and I don't use that long term to mean religious. But does the spirit inside the supernatural. Side which is really. Does the natural it's just we don't always experience that. I think it works spirit beings and we have a spirituality that is built into it because the universe is the spiritual place. And and we see it sometimes in some of that if you will the mundane or even the pop cultural would ghost hunting and all of that. I don't think people sometimes realize what they're tapping into making that. Yeah I had intended actually to finish the show with an Edgar Allan Poe peace the reason but we've just had so much fun and have just on so much to that we tonight that would tournament time to do that. I'm we've got to about two minutes here Scotty before I have to let you go and in that time I want you to give you an opportunity to tell us a little bit about the books that you've got currently available. Or did things are working on and working people get a hold of all the stuff and find out more about you. Sure I've got a few bookseller view page books. It started with the rise and all of them that believe followed by the secret history of the reptilian. And John and board and I wrote together the exodus reality. I have my very first book the rollicking adventure is a camel hair which is. Fiction and purple more size. Set in fifteenth century England Ireland and Scotland and they also illustrated that book. Then you can find all those links on my site Scott Allen Roberts dot com John and I are currently working on a new book. Fox and bears the adventures and sir the chronicles. Of lord bracelet and professor two very. And that again fiction. It's. After more lies that fox and there are marquee out British archaeologist in the and they an American historian. Set in 1912 Egypt and all the adventures they go through in the supernatural not historical and all of this stuff. We're also working. Of the ten most amazing places to travel in Egypt. Which has been shelled for awhile but that's one that's still in the works and also the lost army of kemba it's because of three we have Dolan. And so that's by trait of an illustrator and has done that so that you work you can see all that stuff. Again in my sent Scott Alan and Alan a LA and there's like twenty ways to spell Allen. So Scott Allen Roberts dot com. That's great in Scottie thanks for joining us tonight is a special night we really appreciate you being here sharing your insight. And look forward to having you back particularly when you get that Scientology's book on. Absolutely have loved to do it Jim thanks for having me. Good to have you okay it's Leon reality radio I'm JG we've got to take a quick break and come back to wrap things up just a moment to. And winding things up on this Halloween edition. Jason working on getting his power back so he can be back where this tomorrow I'm looking forward to that. We will have Judith very baker joining us JFK assassination living when she was there former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald she was there. Author of the bestselling book me in leak and also. A book coming up called Kennedy an Oswald the big picture that's tomorrow night's program can't wait for that. Make sure you stop by the FaceBook page it's beyond reality radio on FaceBook also visit the website to check out the stations we are on we thank everybody for joining us thank you Scott. Roberts remember his website Scott Allen Roberts it's Alan ELE and Roberts dot com you can see everything that he's up to there. We'll see tomorrow night I'm JV for beyond reality radio and Jason have a great night. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's an the only the only angry news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.