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Kristen Wong (NY Times, Clothing Subscription Boxes)

Oct 31, 2017|

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This segment of the financial exchanges dropped do you buy leader bank with the leaders Zuma reward accounts you get 1% cash back with a debit purchases. And an extra 10% back. When you use your card featured businesses to qualify for these and other rewards. All leader bank it 776917900. That's 87769179. This year's. We are joined now by Chris Long from New York Times talking to us about the growing industry of the clothing subscription box and welcome Kristen. Yeah so you're talking to a guy who pretty much has five different versions of the same dark suited wears a white shirt every day at work so what did you just start by telling us exactly what these companies are doing and how it's really shaking up the industry. Sure as well yet clothing description but there is that they work just like any subscription box service Israeli blew labor and you get. I got booed every week dollar saved clubby generator every week with close and it's got in boxes that you get a box of clothing. Meter every month or every few months or. You know however however often you decide. But make it easier you don't like going to the story time to go to the store and try and god and and shot a close able and that directly via. And I mean I've I've heard that there are a lot of different providers out there what are the big differences between some of the big ones that are out there and how fast has this been growing. That it's pretty active there are a lot of different companies that come I think strong carbon that except probably the two most popular ones but the big difference between. You know they get between Al. The different types of services. Is there are truth subscription boxes where you get a bock bock a quote every month and you keep that you don't and the back of my maybe that doesn't bad or something like that. And then there are trying and by servant of protecting your palate of more interest in business model if you are. You if you can give you the convenience of working with the personal stylist. On the you fill out online profile aren't you answer questions about your personal style all the credit goes you need that you need to mark all of maggert or at a conference in common. I'm YouTube and Turkey killed by your body measurements and then a pilot actually take out. A box of quality and are you puree it and send you a new trial on. All the clothes that you keep what you want and then send it back there. But there's definitely be a expectation that you're gonna and that all the clothes that not yet that the next article that not all of and then just keep what you liked. Will how much additional costs is factored in here's a fine ass time doing this I'm working with a personal style list and they are sending all my clothes me. What sort of premium might paying comparison to just going to Macy's or Nordstrom and picking up my clothes myself. So first bell has been there were so low barrier to entry with the service what makes them very appealing so. The shipping and very typically like belt and that you are free shipping back and Marie Anthony's and make it very easy to stand back and look at you like a prepaid. I met you know mailer and and the box they'll let that he had taken directly EPS are under aren't. On another styling is usually between 125. Bucks but it is that you need any formal they usually you'll. Credit you with dialing eight and that you know sort of being like they wait if you deepening. I'm so it and then and services actually don't even have a parent at all that kind of like you know why not use them as if everything is free and and if you don't work that happen is is needed eagle like anything that they and that you just send everything back you've wasted some of your time much. Look at what kind of do attract how to close Bonilla. And who is this really appealing to his aid they mainly target men women is it pretty broad. Specific age groups. We know a lot of it targeting women. He. Expects I now has made they have their own might admit they got a bit of a mad at you and there are. Opened up everything their specifically just a man I love it if you look at the backyard at least in my I couldn't buy it happened just like. According to description box and if you look at the fact according of the of the description but in general like. It is better is we're met by market women you and me that it usually like late millennial generation Macs there. I'm but you know based on my own research just pouring through hours of online or beer and talking to people. Both men and women it's usually been a busy professionals who are also parents and have families and don't have time to drive to the dark by our party but it out close. I'm ever in their I nine and ended at that that the description box. But it gives them an easy way you know build their orca. Well it's it's a really interesting and up and coming industry and I mean in an area where retail is jest. Continue to struggle this is in different way of looking at it out Chris and thanks to harmonize and explain this to us appreciate John. It. That's Christian wants New York Times talking about the app clothing subscription boxes that are just really starting to disrupt this whole the whole you know brick and mortar retail industry although probably supporting a lot of the actual clothing providers have either of you used one of these. All that I looked into it but it didn't you go through with that I'll live Ireland looked into it because he going to shop from my own clothes and Tamika my mind when I want. So but I'm not editor I just opened its price rate Padgett picked answered. Line and a blindfold on I can tell and pathetic. Yes register reached in the dark and pick something plan. Honestly I Wear these now I have I haven't even looked into I would consider them but. Honestly got to Wear the same darts I Wear a similar dark suit every day I Wear white shirt and a guy. And I don't spend all that much time wearing anything other than astute resentment work on the ta da. I don't like the idea of having it sit up on subscription with me buying something every month he had me I just I I don't know. I know I don't need something to brag. You know it's like. I came close and I don't I don't tell my wife doesn't demonstrably resilient because I'm better worse dressed you know someone on the preferred probably looks means is G chuck really looks like crap today and to that I say thank you my only concerns the continue put on weight every month Petraeus might not need the new clothes every is that so it's not wait it's just more. Shock yes they give it down like that.