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The must-hear discussion about B-movies and what to watch for Halloween

Oct 31, 2017|

Jaosn Hwes & JV Johnson talk with TV Host, actor, and B-movie expert, Mr. Lobo about the kind of movies that are so bad they're good, plus - your "Must watch" for Halloween list! 10/27/2017 - Beydon Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Are all everybody it's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast in many were stunned him and we know welcome to be on really revealing myself Jason clause in the always awesome Jeannie Johnston. Yeah I gonna push buttons to. Especially earlier question about so it was so it. Look at the show everybody. You and I were just having conversation I think this pretty interesting I know that people are paying attention to what was going on. With the JFK assassination in the release of yeah a lot of documents related to. The investigation. The governments look into what actually happened things have been classified for how many years now fifty whatever years six years whatever expect I'd have to do the math quickly. And president from ordered the release of these documents which present from what I understand has the authority to deal. That is correct but here's the problem the CIA and FBI. And sort of overridden that because there is numerous documents that they want to redact to before. They were there early excellence and a 98200. Plus documents which. They edit which makes just really sit back and wonder I mean c'mon you know what first of why do you why have you blocked these documents ups for so long. If you done if you've done nothing wrong right and I know part of it is the CIA. While it to tick CIA forever before they came alone openly admitted to working with via the mafia. To try to. Handled that all that stuff going on Cuba yeah right now but anyway if if he's done nothing wrong and why he got us keep on ticking along. Keep these documents from everybody and then keep on covering them up and hiding more I mean my horse for fifty something years later yet the only thing I can. I wonder and it'll just remain to be seen what what is and ends up being redacted but I do know there is there was a Soviet Union component to this whole story there was to Cuba component to this whole story. There was a lot of international espionage if you will and you know. International relations involved in this discussions in May be either some national security issues there I can I can see how that might be the case that would still effect. I'd how century later normally it would affect as if you don't want to admit to something that you'd done and you know what they rush navy assassination attempt on Q are not Castro led NATO. In the government of the CIA does not. Wanna admit that then doesn't want to admit it now maybe it's something like that they just do not want to ever have to admit to pretty much. Everybody involved is long gone. Mountain and that's the thing so. I don't know it just drives you crazy didn't it it's just. Especially when us as and where the American citizens and I think that it gets forgotten a lot that we pay. That you can charities paychecks. You know we pay the salaries we get treated Lakewood it's ridiculous. We need to know basis and they don't think we need to know but I think that in the documents desserts thousands of documents being released today 1800. Is that comment beyond that there is some information that's new information helps solve some of these things and I'm excited because just jumping ahead a little bit next Wednesday. We're talking with Judas Judas very baker pool was an assassination witness she actually was there who is also a former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald wrote a book called me and lead. And is in the process of getting ready to release a new book called Kennedy in Oswald the big picture which discovers that. Cover up in a much other stuff so it's really good timing for us in every conversation. I absolutely am hoping she reads up on these documents that have been are stuck Judith but I don't know exactly if so it Jie AE you know how we eat here. And we talk about there are completely clowns and William might wanna stay clear Burger King. I knew and they what is Burger King doing with violence. Well fast food junkies of the fair clowns may wanna Rica reconsider where they eat this Halloween Burger King is hoping to attract thousands of clowns. To five selected restaurants on Tuesday by offering each locations first 500. Clowns to. Free whopper sandwich list. So there they're intentionally trying to track clowns and at first I thought you say they were going to use. That's spray that those are guest in the North Carolina invented to attract business it may be she invented a clown attraction spread and nobody said. But just gonna give free watch person you have the from the locations in Miami Boston Los Angeles Austin and Salt Lake City. And so yes you're gonna wanna a void to avoid certain things at this point I. And you know her story like that ice and immediacy get a little suspicious and we sure that's a legitimate it is and actually as a memoir things and in the press release that they've put oil for this whole thing and he. Then they also were talking about how clowns aren't second or third. Most sought after holing house this year you know Mo we mention that in the top ten the following customs that. The movie hit in all this these creepy clown sightings have really made it very popular Costas to feel something's chemical patent. Office it was just to be have a whopper to begin with is as a starting in Toronto I mean it's just gonna see me where it's that's going to be ambulances speaking of clowns tonight we're going to be talking to mister Lowe but no he's not a clown. That's a tremendous amount that it bogeys and TV host. A writer and an actor and a producer he hosts a program called cinema insomnia which takes you know basically B movies from in the older Buena 50s40s. Whatever. And then it shows them ease it in expert on those films he's also a start in the remake cannot use the word remake a little bit loosely a plan nine from outer space. His motto is the not too they're not bad movies just misunderstood and we're gonna talk about the movies you should be watching as do we into this weekend before following. And so endless should be up there and if you have a. Add movies that you like to recommend or that you've seen and you just talk about here. Exactly the numbers 8446877669. Until 38446877669. If you haven't yet and over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com weaken click on the station tab. When Melissa all the stations we are across the country were costly updating that list. At a news stations here America. Aussie can download the free iPhone and android app return from the website it'll nationals in the show lives attached past shows join online chat in too long ago. Where you wanna listen read from the web sites click the listen lines tab. No connecting to a chat room which dvi and a much other great people hang out throughout the show and as you can listen. Right there while talking with a bunch of great people now you know our good friend Duncan rule. July yeah I just think Duncan actually goes on and he hasn't hasn't called into the program awhile ago only probably because he probably hasn't been stated figure out the numbers he probably has been hit the operative folk when no one up if you haven't heard Duncan called the program before he he has a tendency to celebrate a little. Too much into often impact all of the time and then never it is holiday for direct nonstop yet. Well. In celebration of this coming holiday of Halloween we have little treat. Yes yes we do and I think that's a so we can do that now and then we go to break and bring in mr. global after the break if we can and if we if we don't run out the door screaming after this or Japan or can you secretary. Play it up here we go little treat for Halloween. Beyond reality religious and NGV. It was just us. It was. A month. Sleep I'm right. The Melissa. And yes pretty much. I'm from Duncan barely stands. And then you explain what water and courage. Boy I have my task for which to complete its typical store and play trick or treat. And those who. Three. You guys. No way it. Coherent when we said look for goes sweeting. Finish approximately. Primenews like. Asked what I need to say is your company. He's receiving. Cars can't. The right place right. I don't need to be strengthened and. Stay beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners to now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. This goes beyond reality radio would Jason in. Eighteen and number 8446877669. And wanna break that down you're going to wanna participate in this conversation. Are we talking about movies that you should be watching in this weekend leading up to Halloween which is Tuesday night and where that you wish you never get you some of them might hurt. Watch announcing just a wider eye wash that it would wish they never did and that's just part of the fun right. And regularly give if you if you got to just so horrible movie or whatever or normally. Give us a call and let us know what it is because I wanna I wanna write down a list I just set the projector up down your digit even in the Sierra I literally got projector mount at the ceiling now and I think also that now and how we consider watched. Horrible forum horror movies and you know in the dark on a projection screen that sounds perfect to me and I bet it sounds perfect or guests mr. Lobo mr. Lobo is a TV host and actor producer his website is cinema insomnia dot com this global welcome back to be on reality radio great to have you back with us. Greetings guys. How warriors. Idiot spooky is time of the year I'm I'm really excited that. We get to talk again you know we were actually so and their site you know it was in the middle of the trick when you got it. It's really exciting but I IR YR I rearranged and stuff and I definitely want it are you guys at least. You know for an hour here I can't comment before area breakaway. It's pretty neat neat but com. But yes I'm here to talk about misunderstood movies records they're not bad movies just asunder. Just misunderstood anything can you tell us what you're filming is this something we should be excited about. Are you actually I can't tell you that you know you know it's watching that and so does he needed to. Two pretty big convention appearances earlier in the month and just a stacked up and I hadn't shot might call special yet. And so luckily you know my own streaming channel also you know as I can. I can just need to show at the last minute and throw up their all. OS five certainly for is my channel and we are doing a bit empire special column we assume. From 2000. Confirmed it independently knees don't got a lot of horror actors and like them. You know oh. Four Ackerman and jar a car and you know. Data Roebuck and you know all those kind of monster kid sort of rip Bob burns and all those sort of guys in and I even that he. Yeah the guy it was Freddie and return of the living dead it is my brain is on maps used stereo. Tom Massey uses in its account and actually moving over vampire hunters club. It's never had never have a video released a never been broadcast. Hence. We're drew basically wrapping it with a bunch of there partly trailers or partial word we have a Vincent Price fifteen minutes of intense part documentary about vampires Carlo the feature out. An initial public going to be hosting a long would count as blood sugar yeah and it should be a lot of fun. Sounds like a lot of fun and that that will be available as of some Halloween night he said it streams or is it available from her on demand are so early. It's street history little retarded man is basically aren't mayor we have a roku channel called OS are certain or. It's kind of yeah HF stations from another dimension a lot of weird can't turn on their block cinema and so on your stuff. At least ten or so episodes at a time. And there if he had it will be available. Basically. Midnight. The thirty on the thirtieth so it will be there should be there all day long. And there are gonna have to averted yeah it'll have to watch and a demand because they'll be listening to us at midnight at that point but that's okay. Oh. It's also too little. Sentiments army of empires special on him you know. It will be free to watch they're too so. You know I'm I'm I want it I want this content defying you Wear your ID so. Regular watcher on the Internet if you can you got a look and cheering wanna watch you're you're you're Jimmie could watch on TV. In early in that you. We have actually a few seconds or for a two run drive by tour break and I wanted to ask you bomb other then filming and attending conventions. What else it may not to sentiment on the show awhile which was about six months ago I think. Yeah you know although a lot of weirdness you know I'm in her. You comic book in the UK called bizarre dimensions were kind of broad crypt keeper. In that comic book. I. Hosted a whole monthlong. Upon capture video games. Or video games are actual whole week art gains. We get a bunch eighties arcade being poor arcade games were close to them. Like a movie. I I'm in a movie called Mars vs cheerleaders and in a movie called swamp on these two. I think we are Mars or your daughters are a lot of great wonder what terrible mostly terror. The marchers from Mars vs cheerleader so good so little left to talk about that only come back from the break but. Are you listening Jason JPM beyond our elder radio. You know it's the season to watch scary movies and for some people to season to watch bad scary movies or just bad movies in general which is condom actually some you know what to do all the time. There is no one season for me although sometimes it's AXP 2:3 in the morning I'm important test of other I'll turn it on because you know at that point I'm feeling sort of dumb anyways so. If this works out fine. Laporte so perfectly and we've got an expert on the topic with a site mr. Lobo he's a host of a show cinema insomnia. He's an actor he's a producer. He does it all. And I know that he's in the middle filming so we've got we're going to be maybe you have to run off may be you know we don't ramps kind of play that by year as we go along mr. Lobo but. Does it mean. But or as we looked at this particular Halloween season and we aren't assessed this the fair that was being introduced in theaters for scary movies it's dry ice and and a bit about creativity drought in the horror genre what do you think. Well you know I think a lot of things are moving to streaming having a lot of things are moving to the small screen. You know horror movies and unfortunately. Our. Sometimes a niche and and and and then when I'm what I mean by that is that you're dealing lives and are typically. And leave it might be not target for the whole scrambling. And you know the way that things are working out like everybody's got to make their money in the first weekend we have. And the movies that typically succeed attack. Our movies are big budget superhero movies or or animated movie listings that our problem you know typically target the only. What what are the into trying to surround I think is it. Stephen King it. I mean that's kind of they ended new word if I thought was fantastic and it did really well box ossetian met trying to it is all a little glimmer of hope there are four. You know on movies that. Is scary and maybe not for everybody. You know succeeding at the box office and hopefully we'll have more things like that I thought Annabel to is really good. I've bunkers and Chuckie was really good but it's really hard to keep those things in Peter's very long just because to. You know those are the kinds of things that people wanna watch may be. Alone in the dark and house. Well yeah and in your right if you if it doesn't do well and the first in that first weekend it's sort of like that the media and everybody. Just. Just slams him. And then that people people just don't go see it because there and being told the movies horrible it didn't do well that first week in an analyst. Now I'm confused about blade runner could Dario on one hand Armenia on one side of you here. Oh it was a huge success it was the biggest grossing. It made garnered just million dollars in bubble blog Ramirez sent out to big failure. In the movie cost a 150 million dollars so really broke G that are opening weekend. You know to go which as it you know you know I feel like a movie like blade runner which was a cult success at most. Originally even though it's a spectacular silver ornaments favorites. You know I'm old enough to remember that nobody liked that movie came. And you know and so you have a movie it's kind of a cease. And harper an intellectual and fought hard for people to really get. Ecstatically. And then you make a bigger budget version that was already took them forty years to make their money back. And then you'd make a three hour movie out of it's the only get half as many screening that day. And somehow it's a failure when it makes a 150 million dollars I think get to success that kind of move. And when none you're getting ready to watch. Films particularly for the Halloween season what what how do you wonder what do you like to watch. All gosh EI you know I'd I'd like things that are stupid I mean I like to consider on. You know I mean I I you know I really you know I think I watched plan nine from outer space every year. I IE I really enjoyed knighted the creeps that sort of my favorites on the you know virtually. Absolutely whose mother MG monthly. Yeah you know aren't here over the good news or dates are here to the head that's a tough match up you know. Yet tarmac in drill me you know I mean it's here that so many great lines and and what we're definitely breaks every rule -- sort of one lead in a movie like that. This movie goes from axe murderer there murderer and assist keys to their body snatchers too. We know zombies to aliens. It just goes all over the place both you your win you know you're it's just it's just art com. And you know I was very impressed with the nature Kia truck. Armed. Brad pork Brad to Doris. Daughter. Yeah you know in. She is amazing I mean she's amazing on the aren't you know the certain Dirk gently. Beat Douglas Adams a finger on scifi show but she's tarmac. As they holistic serial killer Celestica assassins used. But she's in this which Turkey movie Erin because she looks like her dad. And sound record she really emulates the dollar human beings so it's her role in her. And in this screen cursor jerky movie was released foreign. And and then of course historic Jennifer Tilly and there is so Arabs. Brodeur in the air base they have the big kid from the first movie as an adult now gun nut. And you know. Needed to think he's going and sing it all the talk heaven. You know it's just great it's just it's it's champ B it's a lot of fun and it's a newer movie with some older Celtics. You know OR and number I'm real impressed a lot of the TV show strangers things are really enjoy got some are aliens or to order a lot of really great TV show. You mentioned plan nine from outer space and of course you're talking about the Ed Wood Selma from I think fifty meter somewhere in those lines to one that rarely goes secret you're way ahead Dolan goes he quote unquote starred in although it was done posthumously and the same. The minute and a half of footage just played over and over again and then. Double easier to who doesn't really look anything like bella Lugosi with a cape over his face to finished the scenes. But what I want to mention did you actually starred in a and I use the word remake kind of loosely because I watch him I think you warned me about this when we talked the first time. I'm there really wasn't really remake of plan nine it was more of a homage to it. Yeah I mean it definitely is kind of a level there could be movies in general Eric thinks it. Ed Wood is the jumping off point so that it kind of feels a little bit like a lot of eighties remakes like eighty law. Or may be return of the living dead. But. You know it's all it's real it's uneven too you know it's not a perfect so much still a low budget some by Hollywood standards. And Bart yeah it's interesting you find it to get. Very different reactions of people people either really enjoy it or they don't I had a really good time eating crow as well I mean that was a dream come true army. Present past and it would shanty. Even be considered. To be com. Chris what was or wasn't real the real treat and armed actually. Not just be a narrator Gamal is castles or post I'm always like mr. low blow to a cameo and this time it's like a jumping on top cars in Jordan armies and so that was that was released on. And it was nice seeing results and Wal-Mart. In the discount racks. Actually it really enjoyed some I watched it done Amazon prime Amazon streaming really really did enjoy it. And I also love to Ed Wood movies I mean I think that for all of Ed Wood shortcomings he made some some films that regardless of their. Quality of the storytelling itself wolf really give us treats in and maybe some tricks for years to come. Yeah you know he was he restrained bird you know I mean seeing our here a lot of demons in your order terrible problem of alcoholism and you know ear are a lot or bizarre assertion as he was sure. Kind of Islam. You know but he was probably our first truly independent director. In a time where there are independently directing style really wasn't safe. And you know they're in danger at any age now where people are just making movies and their backyard putting him up or YouTube is he really was kind of the forerunner grabbed it you don't need anybody else you know rookie year you you know you can so far in Eric's there and you know your future posse together you couldn't you can make a movie and and what. It would do it was magical because. He really you know I was justice to your article saying it's like if it takes five apples to make a movie. Navy pants three apples are best at any givers. And the fact that he was able to. Do something that was totally impossible to you don't have a part to even make a move that somehow you still make a movie it really wasn't a choice between making a good movie or bad movie making a movie at all. And a lot of people give. Eric and Derek and that's why he resonated and that's why you are also makers you're right I mean if so with a nineteen year old director called we agitated. Revenge of the parity which is a yeah Spoelstra re animator. And he noted that nineteen year old kid whose idol is it would you know. So you know in that its interest in how this story resonates I think you spirited independent spirit resonates. I think there's an applied to turn participation of all I had some you know paper plates or whatever. Some styrofoam like it makes some tombstone and I could make it could be. Academic psychic and figure it. So I think that you know there is are kind of infectious. On wood at all I think part of the monsters target most coherent movie he's are. I think or seen again it is really hard even know it's just a bunch of saucy striptease Dax in our cemetery. Exactly what it is a. It's pretty much all it is but you know at a party it's great to have on in the background Teddy might actually shot. The the cinema to the cinema talker featured so I asked our work done on Astros on the street with Ted and our stride gum and he cared you know you worked with Ed Wood. You know on orgy of the dead you know what would you like in England oh he was just a writer I did talk to you now to go okay. Problem. But. You know it and can it be Michael on the making you know. Twelve angry women and had a doll squad and were meters and the court strangers. And all. Not you know all of those. He looked like the seventies that would you know. Did did did the introduction of this technology which basically as you said allows anybody to make a film in the backyard and uploaded to YouTube. Sometimes. Get get in on Netflix or Amazon and other streaming service assumed to be new stream service every day you think that's helped. Or as it just watered down. Still making and made the consumer just kind of kind of glaze over because there's too many options and a lot of this may be our worst watching. You you know I have I have an extra little ball and that like every timing that we really are there HR you know now obviously had a chart will be done there. Yeah I mean sometimes feel like there's too much. But at the same time I think it. You know I think it reach a point where we're going to be your theory. People going to be become very. Their arteries their own standard of what they wanna watch and and then and be a little more particular. Audience. And I think it a lot of this. He appealed to the great thing is though if something really is terrible. And terrible not far away. The word gets out pretty. You know. Armed you know I think that it's important that you know people like to talk down things and say oh that's terrible that's terrible. I don't I don't think to that I think we get too much of that. I think we need more. K this is really good I saw this movie that was fantastic you've got receive this you know I think that werder myself you know gosh we know we're so connected now. And and I think the value of critics and M or close you know your raiders. You know people who do watch a lot of movies I have opinions about some of the older ability your guide your you know people who were who were gonna help you wait true this stuff. And you know and you could have been you know again because it's so easy to make a movie easy to chew. Personalize and moving almost in a got blade runner where there's like five different versions like you know you know whatever blade runner extra dark earlier that with all millions. You know Blake plays runner you know I would cookie crumble you know actually get terribly rhetoric try anyway you war I don't know that's gonna teach you or how. But that's the world we live in where you know if there's something really specific that you wore. It did you do you can find it if you if you look hard enough sugar that's gripped kind of exciting I think it's a new era of these movies you know that's what was happening in the sixties you know those drive ins and has brought thousands. The demand was so hard for contents debate which is cool Internet stuff out I mean literally were important in their mouth and they had to have movies and there are all there all right. And double features and you know I think that we're we're intact arm again where were consuming so much. Is that there's been used as. Even though it's it's it's it's had to walk you know it's it's overwhelming amount of contact. After at the same time it's it's exciting because you know I grew up with three TV channels certain. You know calm week Arafat through a lot of really boring stuff wage or something interest. Mullen now now the fact you can you can be watching a movie lawyers sitting in the airport are sitting in the back of the current phone and so forth but and we'll get into a lot of that we get to operate but we'll talk a little more on the subject point comeback elicited Jason GT. Beyond really do read you will be back after months. Radio phone number eight. 46877669. Were talking with mr. Lobo tonight we're trying to set the stage here for you to go into the weekend as we approach Halloween Tuesday night. Where they list of of films of mine entertain you make you laugh maybe make you scared a little bit maybe a little bit of both of them maybe cry if we have some of them well I promised. That missile lobos the expert on all of this so again welcome and I know. Beyond reality approved. -- motion pictures this is it particularly short segment here because before atop the or break but I wanted to get give you a better opportunity to talk a little bit about cinema insomnia you mentioned what you're doing your Halloween special bull what's. What's the schedule how often and what are you showing what he's talking about where can people see it all that stuff. Sure. We are getting ready to shoot sixteen. Season of our show. It's started add an ABC affiliate in 2001. They had an overnight movie. But he didn't care about re importing an inch short. And RI just offered to. Create a program. Around a movie. A little a little you know you know you worse there yard area do comedy I interview people. You know we have background on the movie we we we play off for the movie. Complaint with the move make fun real quick photo of the movie we have but would it be like to ask you like give validated by presenting. But he. So we we started that and we did two years locally and then we went into syndication and and then we were carried. On the a lot of Loeb over the air broadcast stations we still are aren't a lot of over the air broadcast stations. Small market you know to places were teaching issues are scarce. You often find. Simmer sauce coming over the airwaves some of those smaller she stations agree and two quite. Are and quite warm more recently come we've been extremely used to be a horror channel called Barbie cheesy. And that is no war. And now my wife and I started our own channel called OS or should at least for which you could add to your roku. But if you could also watched content on video. And I righty who we're looking to make. Problem. At least eighteen episodes. Bombed this year but to be artists we have been. For a long time we've been doing tenor less new ones a year relying a lot of our backlog. Older shows on that we have been rotating. Some actually very excited to get back into doing. You know hopefully eighteen to 26. Episodes now that we're kind of bomb a little more established with our channel I kind of feel like we have a little. We have a MySpace again and so it's it's kind of timed occurred there and got dark current of thought a lot of street unity in expanding. Our last big high water mark was 2000. 2006 I think we had a full credit 45 million homes you know or six. But you know that was that was after the decline of broadcast you can kind of I'm trying to figure out what works for that I'm really excited about streaming I feel like it's quite. The league it's like. UH yeah yeah over. Everything's in flux that's for sure are it's so we're gonna take quick break him more to come you listen Jason dvd. Radio today. Thursday on the West Coast Friday scares her stocks are. Yeah reviews myself Jason cause they always awesome GB each ounce and we have mr. Lobo with us tonight we are to be heard talking about movies good bad funny sad whatever they happen to be. If they're bad men there. Bad they're just misunderstood according mr. love very very assumptions very misunderstood it must be extremely misunderstood. There say unless there is a list that's probably a mile long and I tell you mr. global I've actually and I know I'm late to this game. I've actually discovered what they treasure trolls of B movies is on YouTube I just never realized how much stuff full length feature film stuff. Is actually available to watch on YouTube that was it's a complete revelation to me. Yeah a lot of stuff that is never had a dvd release a lot of stuff that was sure you're somebody recorder offered GZ of eighties or they carry copied out of DHS tape. And he'll find things that either the rights of expired horror. Nobody. Nobody wants to take credit for them and you know you are you'll find some pretty. Interest income specimens circling. Aren't you to assure. Yeah actually on YouTube. I yeah I took my kids and showed him the whole banana splits thing that oh yeah he's thought I was one gives him one minutes and then the stimulus didn't clean it in their play a really you know you watched this stuff when you really don't I don't you read get do we Saturday morning cartoons. And police goal Toledo and nor yeah a little blood on Rosalyn gold ring order a little bug he's he's a drive around and so cool. Jesus doll like there was 32 watching Aetna could spell. I. We didn't spook within a parody of the banana splits aren't sediment are annually. Robot mark that are air may. A lot of air and base fielding in the air and eighty diet Margaret I do monster here there you know airlines the and we. Peter spooked. And we wanted to like it's Saturday morning. Part two being certainly came up with a song called com I'm watching TV and we sat on the right here to America years because we couldn't get to sound right. And out of the blue Ron Dante of our cheese. Contacted us and sent him a big fan of the show. Is there anything I could do for you guys Mike are you kidding me you know it's like you did there original reasons the butter cups commercials and you know thank sugar sugar for arming Archie and you know. Live in the Coca-Cola commercials and. You know I mean did that he direct ties voices is synonymous every time about cherry cute teenagers and Anna burger Archie he chased by zombie error or mommy you know he's here Iran Dante. Two union are so it was very exciting for him to come in and produce are having jacket play guitar produce and sitting. Are your problem. Are under arrest Luke's you know so it ended up getting nets down Saturday morning. I'm bubble gum pop. Sound and we did a whole banana split. Spook so it was really fun. You know I don't know Britney younger people at any point you were doing but we had a blast doing it. And I think it's it's all part of that in the late ninth Saturday stuff in the Saturday mornings stepped up a lot of similar. Things to them you know they were foreign you know you're at your kids show hosts do or post and you know. When you're younger are a lot from its it would of the movies were better when we're younger I think we work better. As so Oprah yeah you know we were just so hungry for anything different or weird. I think it comes sometimes when you get older than that the gland shrinks and you don't have that anymore com. Increase our draw a line in the sand and go OK everything after 1990s or socks. But. You know art icing tidbit that we you know we sometimes need to go back to and try to bet. Openness where we dislike things that are foreign. Right I would have actually take little more serious tone here as a weaker yesterday the day before I'm not exactly sure but George Romero was honored. With a star on the walk of fame. In Hollywood. And you know it I had an ice is if I understand the story correctly was that he knew he was going to get it obviously he passed away this July so he wasn't around terror received due award. Maybe it's it's too late in coming but finally. A man who actually should be credited with the along with his partners rush griner and non John Russo. With creating sure what is considered to be the modern zombie genre Walking Dead owes everything to these men. And their movie night live I don't. And I'm hoping hasn't thought that act which circuit herded we have a moment of silence here I'm not sure what. Yeah I mean there is a shame because you know arm torture Romero from god bless America is giant collapses you know. George your marrow. He did Christie did you know he didn't. He works fine I mean there were zombie movie. Number they weren't quite the scene you know I think he can eat probably took a little bit more errors he undid. The last rare earth carnivals souls. And mix them with some of the movies about booty zombies. And kind of calm creative hybrid cool you know I mean the first tubular goals some don't call them Arby's and first on. And so. You know. Our people is something that really captured the popular imagination correcting some biology are. Step forward towards a ball she's a but I think I think symbolically. What that were present. Take you know it is kind of a quiet revolution where. You know most older someone else. Other than a human race has inherited the earth and there's really nothing you can do about it which just marcher planet anymore. And and I think that's a scary idea to wake up 1 morning to realize it you're on the bottom of the food chain. And I and I think with all but two of the politics and the turbulence from the sixty's forward. That really resonates you know back kind of super sugar or revolution and something we're really here. Com so I I think stated you know I think it's that bad that facts interest being hurt think it's a potent. And still remains potent. And if they took on a lot of social and political career and chrome. You know. Issues and in just sells and in a divorce they were Teddy it was Smart they had something to say in the secure mean they were rumors there was some of them were darkly funny and and and and had to kind of bite to them that maybe you know George Orwell stop smiling or you know whatever Mark Twain you know which you're you're you're you're kind of making fun of ourselves and apparently we are our home so yeah that would either he was a great man and he she gave us a lot of iron and you know even got our start creeped shows a damn good movie you know they're nothing to do. Night of the living dead but. You know you know it it's on so much in anthologies as. Apologies were dead and after that and amazing stories and culture in the crypt and you know so many things came back as a result of the impact does it show which was internal. Real fun great following moving unit so great but George here. So. Yeah agreed mayor circling around. Affected bizarre. Piece of their guards you'll use. I okay. You might batter batter start but. Yeah I agree greatly in effect expected on the genre and I think she you know again small town in Pennsylvania. You know got a whole pound together. And and changed the world and I think that's something that's very inspire inspire I think that's what he's a hero in similar to Ed would only on the other end of the scale where. You know years ago who just played by his own rules. Arm was not a Hollywood guy not a Hollywood player but would still able to make a huge impact in the air and the ripples are still strong today and yet watching get would not exist. Without torture murder. Axle yet and it's a particularly. Interesting time for the liberal Merrill legacy and particularly night of the living dead. Last week or was that the week before my deeds Roma star appear we had rushed trying to err on the program he and John Andrew Serwer and bring New York City for the premiere. Of the four K digital restoration of the film night of the living dead which there's nowhere are excited about yet and it's doing a big screen at Tor four in the next few weeks built. And it's being received tremendously and I know be out on Blu-ray in the spring and early winter. And that's just in time for the fiftieth anniversary of that film which is just. I cannot believe that extra hole. Yeah maybe it. So amazing it really is it really really is and to watch it you know there are a lot of what we would consider may be flaws in the filmmaking itself but the story telling is is unmatched and this story itself. And the idea is one that really does add to nightmare fuel. Sorry let's do this let's break when we come back bullet will talk a little bit more with mr. Lobo and we'll start compiling that list of seized four the summer when we contaminant. Is serious and get ready for that RA if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone and android atlas atlas and lines catch past shows and join me online chat. Com you can also click on the station tablets which shall give real ceased to air across country or just click the listen live button connect Juno online community. Receiving and I hang out there Greek community people and Youkilis on the show right from there were at stake quick break more comes to listen to. On April 46877669. Or talking with mr. Lobo we're getting ready for Halloween we're getting ready to watch movies over the weekend as one of my favorite. Things about Halloween is that. And those kind of different than it was. Years ago we just don't know things are different but still a lot of the channel also have good -- horror movies on her classic monster movies whatever happens to be and it's just fun to watch it because their usual weekend is refused to cook with really no difference you just say it's checklist because it's Halloween weekend what's the difference I guess they just throw one extra on top of this I guess maybe that's it I'm sure you're right it's what I do every week it was just a low ball out of actually throw one actually hear that I rediscovered. Just a couple years ago and I don't know why you'd it was so elusive Ernie but. And we all know you know that the the Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and Santa Claus is coming town is claim nation films. That children love every year and there's a Halloween one it's called mad monster party. And yeah it's fat or list Tom why tiny disappear from pop culture for awhile seems to be kind of clawing its way back to our attention but you it would I didn't read a kind of disappeared completely night. Had had forgotten about it was just recently we were reminded of it. You know aren't you are watching as a kid I loved it there was it was structure only played over and over again com. As a programmer for Halloween on television. And the reason was call mad monster party. Is because I believe verbeek herdsman who who was there originators of Mad Magazine. From. Broad and you know had a kind of Mad Magazine. Sensibility. Arm and I and then I am. The artist. Paul Coker are change. The designer of it is the guy who do a lot of stuff for mad too and that kind of mad. Who he's kind of sixty's sort of look. And there are still Stiller and pick right right. So yeah in order all the monster altogether. Except promised how to bring. Diner the break or movie. It is that but it almost is never satisfying when you have good starting Dracula and Google man in the the mummy and I'm hunched Bakken and every one all on the same story short but in this case it works and is just hilarious and well written and try and and great songs. And it's kind of disappear for awhile I think that the rights were in dispute on on some of it aren't widgets and a kind of put into obscurity we had a sixteen millimeter and we will show it shows and boy. Nothing mean they're just they're gaining Arab drunk or adult happier than to achieve that projected. On film somewhere. And so we did that often so we we limit a lot. At like to try excellent shows and why don't shows. True bill in Oakland we do we do we didn't run it your hat kind of underground. Armed lights there. You know with people who were so much some collectors but yet it wasn't there a dvd release or anything that was real notable. That really broke through and number yeah there is a wonderful thing about streaming at all these things forwarding her. Sugar are churning out. You know TV shows that only have four episodes. You know kind of like we've got a whole documentary about the Dana Carvey show you know that Taco Bell David Kirby sure. You know. There you know it's amazing things that you you forgotten about that that he thought would never seemed delighted day. Again are getting another chance. Did this pretty pretty spectacular. What are the things struck me about this bad mark monster party. Certainly and I was actually watching it earlier today was on. And there's that one of them quote unquote monsters in attendance of this party is Peter Lawrie is the care at an even for sure what character it is. But Peter Lawrie is an interesting actor in the sense that he his his accent and his face is are pretty well instantly recognizable and he's often associated or horror genre but he really didn't do that much horror. Arm he did the poll shows would Roger Korman would put into Croatia and or our coast. I'm Boris Karloff. So there's so in the sixties you know he did and he was an M. Where he played a child murderer. Com so. You know he was. All you know he was always gruesome even it into whatever he was yeah. That I did because Warner Bros. cartoons imitated Camelot was presented as Igor. A henchmen. In in Khartoum state he kind of it kind of migrated in intraday chart aren't people's minds. Yeah I think that's true this is his real but his most famous worker films with the Humphrey Humphrey Bogart probably because of market and some of these others are mean. That was really the main state jerk or the mr. mode all crying. Out here how improbable would he ask him some great films there he was in but easy to Bloomberg. He reached Greek economy legal and went straight. That's exactly idea exists. We have about a minute your group we have to jump in to break when we come back let's if you could come up with maybe a top five must see for this weekend films that you recommend people aren't aren't yet no oh no the -- you're gonna have about six minutes here attitude to think it's Bruin and really really come up with a good solid list forest of that. It is that there aren't a de Ferran. I don't forget tomorrow tomorrow night to best of program of course in the Monday night we've got mark frost joining us on the program he is a Chandler. He's going to be channeling Seth at the non physical author and educator who is responsible for the Seth returns project in the virtual guy film project. We strongly channel and that night it will be held city as soon talking and and then Tuesday we've got our good friend Scotty Rob Kurz on Halloween night. And oldest discussing scouts books which are great spokesman issued check amount. But most importantly will be discussing the history of power and it is simple story in the wall hope we don't always talk about it we just know it's stricker treatment there's a lot more to it. A lot more to our eyes we're gonna take a quick break more to come usage is. Dvd I don't really know. It's beyond reality radio Jason GB tomorrow night we got investor program as we do every Friday night on the radio stations that carry the program Monday returned with you lives. Tonight we're talking with mr. global as were preparing for what is the weekend before Halloween Halloween falls on Tuesday does it make it any less fun. If it falls during the week do you think. I think it's because there are kids can sought to go to school the next yeah so it's sucks kind of kind of take some of the front what do famous who have a. Oh era though the big movement is to actually change it to the last. Saturday of October. I don't know I kind of delicate have to beat the 31 but Beatty. May be a reward could organize their trick or treating it could be armed army. Unfettered aren't on the Saturday. Before you know by now I really feel like every day following you know any excuse here help you work or bad man out for it what are watching it. We you know we can group we can bleed a little weirdness into the work work week I think any chance you get any change you can get. It should totally be socially acceptable. To traditional show up at any liquid audio Michael Meyer. Or greater work. Zones on certain meal where you can where you're Tutu and he did delete him but I word of my hidden and deals get afraid anybody. I'm. I'm trying to younger when you. Certain Tutu are picking toxic avenger Alan king and now you're into it pretty with the mop. That was a great well this tells you know a lot bigger is a great Sonoma earlier. I refer to their Halloween movies but certainly of our movie you know I mean trauma is probably the oldest independent. Film studio in the world if you think about it while you know and I'm bit they're not owned by Disney and it still turned around and you know their guards could leukemia and got her own talk show and there's still do and so it's great you know the poltergeist. Yup that's right there a lot of funds are used to the give we've had him a few conventions and hung out with a more defined. I'm all right so I don't know if you're just trying to delay. Were all anxious partners a car he had you have overall anxious to to know what you recommend. As our as your top five this is what you gotta watch this week and as you prepare for Halloween art. I would give you our top five in I'm going to be mentally I think our self. I did not include any of the movies we talked before but I would hardly recommend. Planned nine and this is before my top five on the same thing to talk about the before night of the living dead. Talk. Planned nine knighted the creeps though go without saying now that that this person chart he's great you'll see that. You know everything Leo talked about earlier but that's not fair because we wanted to do some brand new album Contra. You know if you ask you this tomorrow market by department. As I speak the original poltergeist for a number five. You know. It's hard defines it for some reason I don't know why. If you've been able to find the original Poulter perished now chancellor anywhere. Actually I haven't. Omissions may be it was on Netflix a one point or might remind imagining that I Ganassi me. I don't know but there's that horrible remake with Sam Rockwell. I accidentally bought you know they've got beat at Wal-Mart beat preppy wonderfully designed. For Halloween they need like sugar scolded aren't out of all the different or characters. But it got virtually got Chucky that this shivers go I mean gaga. The Butch Harmon and from maternal living dead end and the coast of bigger Terrell and Alter Derrick I've bought older guys thinking oh this is exciting is another reason to buy the and it was this camera are well remake a culture of like yeah why. Are you kidding me I would I would I just marched right back into order back I'm sure they almost tricked you or do you get a almost trick we told you Cooper. And Steven Spielberg and and I think it's somewhat murky how much Spielberg directed much Tobe Hooper directed. But between that between the two of them I think it's one of the best goes story movies certainly imitated I insidious and everything else. I think the original poltergeist is number plus the an army. And number script number four. This is gonna be a mr. controversial. Halloween three season of the witch. That is very controversial given how heated that movie is by so many people it's a Rob Zombie like no no that's that's the older I don't know anyone without Michael Myers Alitalia. Without Michael Myers now let me give you the truth background you know I didn't show we have. And our starter the actress who who verbally and mentally. And number brainer it's much trigger but. She had said that may have worked when they win when carpenter made your result Halloween. The premise of the of that of that of Halloween was is that every year they were going to tell a different Holmes story. And the first story was the baby sitter killer. And that was the Michael Myers story. And they were gearing up to do the second story which was this season of the witch story which they have written they had a strike by writers who wrote later mass. Write this story about. These. Gorloks who wanna take over the world would these masks their arm. You know make your Ted erupt in this Nixon's first fighter. As part of a ritualistic cleansing of the urge every few hundred years there were there. And and they also make robots but anyway. This was the crevice was the premise of the second. Paula we will installment but the Michael Myers story it was so popular that the studio demanded to immediately follow up would be another story about. Michael Myers. And so they get all into more of the night she came home in an attempt to try to really contain it as one story but it's still did not. Take it they have the appeal of that character. What so strong and people identified with that so well. And that some people thought especially in the wake of sorry the thirteen and things like that made people really felt ripped off when they went to goes the following three. And they finally got to do what they wanted to do which was tell a different story. But I feel I'm calling three if you look at what was happening or films you look at stones. Com from the leader are from from that country like maybe 101000. It has a lot of similar aspects might might joke I don't tell is that we should you do didn't get a stand as a movie so we should. Which could actually make which changed the name Halloween treat just 101006. Eyebrows. And make it a bonus stand patently. And and then that would Halloween and can have the purity of their Michael Myers movies without getting but I it's a very fun movie. How Americans are right at the creeps lieutenant. As as as the lead it's very carpenter asked. Has great music it has go it's a lot of fun. And that they bit the silver sham talks song has become. Probably one of the other than a monster mash all the most recognizable. Songs associated with a hole. Right right and so what you're saying would that particular film is. Get Michael miles out of your head get there and get the Halloween franchise artery had watch it from that perspective. Yes I have it'll say yes exactly I think with the masks and the songs and everything it's great to have on at a party it's great to have on. As part of your calling their it's a foreign movies Apollo. Get don't think about Michael Moore. And number three I aren't letting their stance has I think the original print out. Is that there's a classic and it's so surreal it doesn't make a lick of sense. Made by a bunch of filmmakers who got high. Mean Epstein every weekend and so mom. And the me stitched it altogether over the course of a year. And so the whole. Thing of it either is this kind of a repressed creativity. It permeates the whole I would call me and does the flying spears. You know just morsels and at the book the humor in it the side firing in it it's just it's a Great Britain. Yeah it's one of my favorites to win is for all those reasons you just said it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense and did its it's one of these. It has a lot of B movie elements and then come but it's just fun to watch. It's almost a remake of planet from outer space if you think about it. Yeah that's truly does it has a lot of the same story elements absolutely there. Or run a number two. Under number two. For number two are announced currency here okay yeah story number two million is another somewhat controversial one. Killer clowns are matters space. That's got to be on any lists no matter what the list as it anytime I may kids watch that last year or make. Isn't so wonderful I'm so confused activist terrible Aaron. It it it it he kind of fall apart a little bit and let me quickly out of the can hear the sound of her own voice your concerns he might be tone deaf. He's you have sour balls. He is better right after the I don't ever see that. But. Yeah Britain really it's marvelous it's just it's a person it's up for modern more modern B movie actually get imitates the blob almost. Almost beat per beat it's almost a remake of a blob overlook arms. And it's just great. And number one the number one. Number one assist costs Hedo and again I knew I wanted to avoid are the obvious when he talked about John Russo. You know and did you know another master involved in this particular song is do you know Brandon who of course it was alien. And total recall him and dumb. And so many things to be seventeen story from our heavy metal and dumb. Dead and buried them. And on and on and on board armed general ban and dog Russo gave us. Return of the living dead which I think is. On movie but it's also a scary movie. That all of his arms are like EC comics characters there's the army and a yellow manners which. Whether all interest in there now like it is not hordes of zombies come so you get congress to really fascinating modern. All monsters you get. Old people and the folks working together. Which is. The and you know working class sponsors working class older guys trying to just. Stop these things from taken over the world. Failing miserably but still at some cows are. And and you know Berlin has quickly again. Doing strip tease in her weird. Merkin. Where we are rubber Merkin and covers certain goodies. There's so many weird. Aspects of this movie where you feel like. And San present as the Steward did it has screen logic. You know you really try to tell someone the story go out the smoke this this this movie doesn't really make a lick Serbs but if you buy. You know when your when your in the stronger but it is. It's are moving enjoyable. And and and I have a tidbit about their program and see if we have Thai sugar yeah. You don't have barely passed away ought to have been questioned by. Also. But in Italy in the wake about a hyper sleep. This fight aliens. Ideally in and they go back in the hype sleeper at the end and so there's a scheme of this waking dream. Airmen and to check on bird or plane. And then this canister knocks amount. And from work for match point forwards on these are real. And in return of the living dead. Gradient sorry go down into the basement to check out the leave the army air and in the barrel. And the gas leaks out and they get knocked out from that point in the story on these are real and in total recall. You know keep your ego a Quaid goes into recall and as you know our map point UC first so there's there's waging two leaned tool and almost. All of its film is certain is very very fascinating. Are are always wanted to ask him. I'm why that Steen was so important to have them and and Alabama's not here yeah I thought was more Palmeiro and. And a little lost admiral treasures. Sure yeah. He missed a global we are at a time I know you're in the middle of assuming project you've got to get back to work to. Once again to offer offer folks more information about how they need find out you know what you've got coming up what were they can see cinema insomnia all that stuff or more times so they have fresh in the minds. Sure OSI certainly afford dot com is my channel armed you know cinema and so on the dot com and my web site I mr. Lobo on FaceBook. Lou we have this I don't know or science cinema and some anti jumped states booked. I'm I'm pretty much the easiest person or an army Internet and I loved talking about horror movies so that come on over. Perfect thanks so much ever grade Halloween too. Thank you have a wonderful Halloween guys it would it really was a treat to be able Pataki dark guide to a lot of radio programs. But. Most of them are awful things. Really really sure what they saw many you have a great night never great Halloween we'll talk to you again soon okay we're gonna take a quick break we'll come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality radio Jason GB. It was just the does. It was. A month. No junk. Sleep I'm right. The Melissa. And yes pretty much it. Explain what water and orange. Boy I have my task for which to complete its typical store played church retreat. Those who. Three. You guys. No way it. I hear when we said look for goes sweeting. Construction can. Friends like. Asked what I mean to say injured Duncan. This person. The cars can't. Anita back. The right place right. I don't need to be so I think definitely you just. Illegal in the states. That's the temperature here is Erica I don't know yes trick or treatment there's just there's a little below is all right anyways thanks for tuning and everybody tonight machine tune in tomorrow what's the best and as the next week we got some great shows lined up you listening Jason NGV and beyond reality reveal catcher also a man. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.