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What does it mean to be wiccan and how can that affect your life?

Oct 26, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to wiccan priestess Cerridwen Greenleaf about her beliefs and practices as a wiccan. HOw does it help her and those around her and what importance does Halloween play in these beliefs? 10/25/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Exchange Alice goes west and the East Coast and you're stuck in between welcomed me unrelated review myself just in almost always listen. Each arms and the countdown continues. To Halloween. And oriented to flee it's closer yen until it comes in and get sense pass and sir it's getting close to whether or not technically and starts getting hurt America expected. Excited I don't know I just I just love the Halloween season. After the show less than actually went out and took awhile ago X sixty people in your town I mean a 65 in. And I'll get dressed up. No I went for a walk us and it was really blustery you know that that autumn cool kind of cool but really blustery wind and the leaves are blown all over the place and is it's kind of a magical time it really is is to the season is just so short I can actually deal with. Autumn for like you know six months I'd be OK with that. Well if you gave B summer for six months and then spring or spring spring and fall he exploded and Africa just a 333 spring three on us artists and domicile with winter being my body hurts too much these days I don't know what it is it's the years of Vienna. A master tech in the B in a plumber and all that stuff. It hurts yeah it is in the cold than in the dampen that and that's the knee surgery that I had everything else just in around get tired. They are welcome the challenge everybody if you haven't Imation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like to FaceBook page. And had to be I'm really radio dot com we can download the free iPhone and android app. July's listened to show lie of a catch past shows join online chat morrow also Jean quicken station tab. It'll give he'll assault stations we are on across the country. Or click the listen live button in joining online chat where javy and I and a Greek unity people hang out and Youkilis in the shall live right from the. Yet it's a great way to do it Tom NIC that the via this functional again we had some issues there for a while Laura migrating servers and stuff everything students VOK now which is pretty cool. Hot tonight what are we talking wins as Sarah Dwayne green leaf Sarah Dutton win is an astrologer and a wiccan priestess and she's gonna talk about getting ready for Halloween. And also hobble learn about your power moon phase and how you can use that help you must be successful magical workings she's written a number of books numbers spell books. From a bunch of stuff so we're gonna get into all that a week. I will seven generous in time we talk. With people who were wicked because there's usually a lot of different interpretations of what that means a number of finding out what the differences are and how different people observe and appreciate it. Well you know how everybody in Hollywood it's ready for him right. This pastors seemed to let the camera and tell and everybody's so really it's no common knowledge what can I must not be my son be in the Hollywood scene where you need hollowing out how Hollywood her majesty but I just mixed hollow I know it's our Hollywood all it wants season did. I just know Kelly and yes well it's right. Staff and he Hollywood site there's a huge mentality from the West Coast east Kos is a huge mentality difference. And it's I I love California but yet LA LA drives me crazy LE mentality analyst against. But OK so a pastor claims that Hollywood is full of Satan list featuring children's blood all explains a lot I mean. It's how. The this is the essence of I know there's a lot of blood suckers out there will be Armas and Roman Polanski got kind of close I think but. This is for both parents are pastors claiming that Hollywood is full of double work worshippers who engaging human sacrifice and drink the blood of children to talk assigned technology and went the munitions saying that allows a judge or radio pro critical of those people have cameras on you -- their stock in your Collins is into the window he jeez you don't wanna do that Tom Paris so. This is claims from him these people are full of full of the double these people can't even. B recent Rodney Howard brown said in a sermon over the weekend. They have already given their soul the double are you with me these people go through say ounces these people drink blood these people sacrifice children. And a clip posted online by right wing launch. Howard Browne added they sacrifice children at the highest levels of Hollywood to drink the blood of young kids this is a fact. That's how that's why the next thing to be exposed will be all that pedophilia that's going and that's going to come out in Hollywood and come out of Washington DC. Human sacrifices and cannibalism had been going on for years. That's quite an assertion that's quite an allegation. It's aren't known. I know can be pretty strange you know there's some where things in this whole holt Harvey Weinstein that I mean you know all that stuff that's been rude tennis and that's just brutal man that is let me tell you I. My own feelings on that and I've I've dealt with the wasting and wasting company and so forth an arm. It is ashamed that so many people say I never knew about that I was never at that level but. It is a shame that so many people knew all that so many people letting go to students in that drives me crazy as a father of 33 girls. At yet four sisters it drives me crazy. The way that the women are manipulated so extra sleep in in that in that. High level area and a guy who. And would pitch pitched people's terrible movie ideas and so forth their maiden make movies out of their terrible ideas just to keep a lot of them quiet. It's ridiculous. It is I mean and I think that people kind of new old people in Hollywood a lot of knew what was going on in just can look I'm way for people outside of Hollywood also kind of suspected a lot of the stuff was going on in. Kind of took it for her you know as X as an accepted practice and I think now that the the cat's out of the bag I think a lot of the stuff has a chance of being correct you see. A lot of them dropping out to a lot of McGinn hit into the sky goes on to say though all when someone told Howard hound that they don't do that he insisted it's worse than what you think. Com or brown the discretion the suppose satanic rituals that go on Hollywood many of the Hollywood actors that you go see on screen. What you don't know they bring a which they do a big saint John's right there on the set and they worship doubles and allowed doubles to come in to them before they take the part of what they're going to act he said. It's a fact what I'm telling you. The pastor and his lawyer for the founders of the Tampa based revival ministries in its river church Howard brown is also known from holy laughter. That's when he touches his faithful followers they collapse in laughter. As well as is onstage and expert the guy's crazy are beyond Australia festina DreamWorks so we're just an oral. Well it and one of sensitive appropriate to but hundreds interview that we could do we can have on the original songs through history facts I don't know how to say it's a fact. And you can you prove to me that these people are allowing doubles into them. That's an wanna hear from him and he's going to be seeing actors walking around or syringes and straws and little children you know running for their life it's the weirdest thing or I don't. But anyways so any actors GS follower probably drinking the blood of children and eating people. Area doubles. I guess he's an audio engine and that's when you that's I guess that's how he sees you sell your shoulder had already sold your soul loss with assault that's how you sell your Solon and for success I don't know what they're doing and elect had a Scott Downs we could explain in more detail. Tomorrow what detail it have to be here all night I know tomorrow night we're going to be talking about ghost physics. Recent findings in quantum physics and medicine and how they relate to paranormal events with the doctor Joseph jury don't. And then Thursday we're going to be talking with mr. Lobo. TV host writer actor and producers appeared in many films most fastest. Chris well in the long awaited remake of plan nine from outer space which is a bit of. The misnomer. Dead of film that was actually called plan nine it was not called plan nine from outer space and it was not really remake it was kind of more of an homage to Edwards film plan nine from outer space. I'm in just had some references it really wasn't a remakes a miniature white why would says that but. Mr. -- was gonna tell us and we're gonna kind of go through what your hit list should be for Halloween weekend movie watch it but but film should go home. And plan on watching as the how weakened before Halloween hits us this coming week. I just look Gizmodo they're not bad movies. Just misunderstood. It urges even those some of some of our ruling that horrible just horrible that butterfly and whether you wanted to admitted announced it just horrible spot. They'll get him to a few animal will have to write a list and again took place in January we can sit downs like asset write last time we had a mom. I sat down I start to watch a couple of these movies. But I only got into that I had like 1015 minutes and had to get up I'm not one that its economic cultural and legal in the garage and build things and do stuff like that. Should remember with a list was last time I don't think we have any record of emotional back and listen to the show which might have to do. To get him in preparation for having missed a low point there is in ninth but it I'd like to know if aside and actually watch the sponsor and Stukes and remember. CA. Our eyes so let's take a break from him we come back Lola Colby joined by air guess you listen and Jason NGB on beyond rarely revealed will be back after. Jason our student Johnson thanks for joining us or telephone numbers beat 446877669. If you wanna join our discussion in a little bit we will open the phone lines a little bit later. But tonight we're going to be talking about two and being a wiccan. End Halloween. And power moon phase and doing stuff along with those wide broader interest in stuff actually yeah it with the assert when green leaf. Yes and I can't wait for some skin be really interest yet so let's bring certain went in and let's get this conversation started welcome to the program's great to have you on the show tonight. It out. Maximum hang analysts. It's a beautiful and then let deny it no better place and beyond reality raised. Grills had just checks in America as well says let's let's get started by finding out how you got started how did you get involved in everything we're going to be talking about tonight. You know I was born a little arm and wept urging and I had an on to touch you know pot mean like in the state of the than than an astrology and you know let crystal and rocks were out in even likes flowers and herbs and I had no idea I decide how to really. Cool odd and then at a certain point I realized. Are you can't Wear it as dead at wits and this is buried sensibly and acting any indicated that direct and that way you can amendment. You know Richard ignored you know halt arms teenage girl girl action and then that your complaints. I I really needed it in my life you know and I it started started practicing again and studying and reading and joining excitement and trying to collect accents. As juror. Discovering richer arms was. She's had a good which did you at any point have concerns or reservations as for as to what that meant in. And what the implications might be or did you just accept from the very beginning. You know I think I accepted it because I was so. You dying and for whatever reason and I mean like I nearly all out of college in my line and ready to find means like even before it and but first grade so it should be very scared. Education and of course placed yeah I was gonna hang up in the Bible well and it came time you know my mom was taking me to church every Sunday morning and every Saturday night so it's kind of funny like I H. Learned all strive to have it I have to say that. You know I love being. And I loved being in need sir it really. He's my experience and all helped me to be really connected. To the earth and it terror at a certain point sentenced to connect bank. Now did you try to keep it private though when it kicked in because especially being in the Bible Belt must serve. Most of added some serious tension or were concerned for you in that area. Yeah I think people ought I was kind of weird. And I ought to also like Terry nice about it and I didn't you can't force anything on anyone in the truth is that like you know when Sam. So croissants somebody and he let containing an attract any attention to her in return. She came to me can work out a lot bell and local much I guess I didn't sort of agreement on that a little niche. But I didn't hide it and they can't again I think it's just about nature and being connected to the earth and honoring those cycles. The third man star is. And ten at the end of the day you're wearing your campaign you can't get expelled from healing people helping them a very loud. Like something like that extra help help I honestly think of Aaron. Kagan. Self help and Kagan acts of kindness. When your. Hero who observing Iran term practice this and you were learning and being introduced to it all what types of things were she doing. That so and quote. Classified her as being a which has oppose it just you know becoming acquainted acquainted with the Ers and and connected to nature which I know is all part of it but what are the things were she doing. Well. We started hot and it doesn't really interesting actually recommend that part anybody even at city facts. It gates kidnap how to navigate. Like it here in the woods or get locked in something you need to know how to navigate I don't start burner north star and think like ten. Constellation earn center and all stand up. That's survived she taught me yeah which means we're credible I'm an attack need an island and San Francisco Bay Area very hurt and as it fights and driving or walking down the lane and I see clean and place here entered tall pretty we need that. Light flowery tops I know that while all of it that. If things got tough. I can check that because the greens are little baby carriage. Secure teaching me term viable guilt in nature and that's how it started. To add to that you do and the content. Try cast. You know and again we lived islet on Centre rather like a mile and a half away from a highway a good connection. And debt and it and once I was able to get ready and I think maybe at that time I was in like the third or fourth grade and we would get a visit. Caught either and their house until meat suit very sophisticated occasionally drink on a pro I am a very big city can mean. And I know the terms box like how the astrology. And and on console from the meaning of Chris told them meaning of greater sense leaves he'll ringing at. And they let her at that time I think there whether even that many wiccan back at me now like their content which is wonderful. At that time an eighty's that wasn't. Popular and that I started figuring it out mice doll and master plan worked up the matter to say on either. The actors need him to stop and then you're seeing sent out by gear. She quit I don't think she ever lived holding him are fighting it out because again. She Richard caring what I see it with them get past sound from personal character and opt out oftentimes. It's you know from. Why is women and year teaching how they're like the elder at Phoenix itching to nine irons and actually I think Aaron. There's them match reliving all linens from. And then momentum wanhatten. Brent net passing of him and generation down and so forth also in this one of the things as well these these sort of always kept that quiet. A lesson Allison was and direct question asking about it. And we'll get into a little more that we come back we gonna take a quick break. Our phone numbers 844687766. Arrogant tool free for 46877669. You listen to Jason. If he'd be on really reveal will be that. Insurgency. We can. Number books to her credit including the book of kitchen we treat. Moons film magic house magic magic crystals in gyms and others. As certain when I wanna get back to this two discussion we're having about how you a kind of your journey of self discovery here and to you know when you started to be a practicing wiccan and no it's. For me to better understand this because we have a lot of people who come on the program and zero seem to be some nuances in the definitions but what does it mean huge deal wicked. Well it means that you patent. Did definitely. And spirituality can get trapped in your health care and learned kicked out to mount texture goal and user magical school van content. Ideally. They're Goliath solo practitioners you know actually I was stolen and Holler I would be a solo practitioner. Bet you can't you ideally you're part of a group account and and there to celebrate its parent and against what coming out on Halloween all hallows eve I'll blame. And there's rituals. Foulke and the constant learning I have to say that. Your wit and they're gonna be some of the smartest people on any grand it has. We have to read a lot and that constant. Body. And that's one of the things I love about it actually. And when you say comes a city you just are talking about everything in the world around you any anything assert game for as far as learning ghost. Well I would say that and it means should be here I guess owning your crap does that wreck and my you know learning. An apology. Astrology it's fairly complicated. And sat out here articulate advocate better. In that they're reading and study to really understand. So that you can really understand standard stalled the people around you the world. Around here and then all they'll. Even create. And then flying here and rituals and owl. And get on serve when you can't and shouldn't explore and see that you create and spirituality or. The facts and you see everything in there yeah they're they're at. Midi bowl Blackstock medieval mount sack and. This weakens our very erudite people I think terror terror. They're Lerner at their life Lerner and Serb most of your listeners art Taylor I mean that. One of the things I remember now on he met you know when I'm figuring out what her deal I'm. But I got it this has. One mole lake but south about US Canada and all that I was thinking I really like my seems cool kid eccentric that play. Everyone spot that you would extra track. Stand we we learned that you know that she lived practicing the crap. Now when it comes down to Halloween in general and now it's been accepted of course answer all religions on all over and and they'll look forward to the table what does it mean to you compared to what it means to pretty much everybody else. It's one of the highly high holy days into the major sap and it. And that they Celtic new year. So certainly I'm celebrating that how lame. Halloween X. Come out there celebrating exterior during these years they're the real of the year turns a man on November 1 which serves. I haven't. We have all All Saints Day inspecting for Mac people. Is a day where we. Start a cat and it's the first day of the new year and it's an opportunity. To create changing your life interior. Silk stocking your job or are. You better do something your not happy whit about your howl or here. Our relationships or whatever you have an opportunity. To. Plant seeds have changed to stand and and you can actually all they do that any Nieminen and sorrow we are a couple times a month that we all help the opportunity to. Engender positive change our lives. And also of course it's a big fine day. The temperature at camp area. I've never I was pretty shocked by age action. Eager to try to work the entire Bay Area accurate crazy term Halloween. And I feel involved Seifert an outside event. Last year has striving constipated for as early on and Halloween morning and I hadn't had much. Copies that's kind of sleepy and then all of a sudden I realized that they originally I'm. The next cycle and had to intervene and he is trapped in a certain way and haven't seen all much. And I realize that it would Captain America and a look so much like Captain America from an armed. I was like oh my god that's about following cost and I've ever seen much center in addition to obtain. The Celtic new year and that real of the year. It's a lot of fun here it's to gather together. Would your card and your round your loved worms and that she and celebrated. Title AJ. Now do you. And you also believe that now. As many say that it's the day that the veil between our world in the spirit world is the thinnest and is there any truth behind it in your belief. Yes and I usually am I also it can and it may be having the the even the night these four are. And age spiraled cans actually it was great. Wiccan priestess and teachers start blocked brother Burke called that spiraled to answer and I returned it. Heard spiral downstairs and that we bringing Arafat or perhaps an and it there's our loved while we sat out. And all Terrell can do attitude that. The jets who have pounced on the other side which. We shared stories of how our loved worms. And then have Miguel and shoot a ritual skate and Medicaid added. Call out to them and bring them into the circle you can bring your ancestors and topped ever loved ones and that can be a magical time and there's our parent. A lot of matters Sharon you know people are. Re being calmed me trot community really messed our people and all approach instead trying to begin contract and cherished its its sense of deeply special time and yes the bail as an outsider experience. Major contractor I think we all can and I actually I talk about and and several of my books about trot to gear it in and and stuck and it spells and ritual and steps you need to take city can. How as deep spiritual connection manner and that. Mary Bonn packed into that mine dating game today world. So do you think that as an apparent more investigated do you think that that day. Would be a productive for for people to get out and investigate do you think it is to have that much more of a chance of catching something them more than any other thing. He'd dearly and it might be patent and get things are Karen are all about Decatur here get them solved and indications here. A spiral can connect anyone monster come into the wind and the temperatures camping area. Speaking contract dealing you can contact me and I'll give them an indication because I think again knowledge is that. And and I think it's I think it's a very worthy person it's. Certainly I'm. Your also up priestess when I am in in your tenure with a religion in your 'cause believe it discarded of the hierarchy of your cover and how does that work and what does it mean. I that would mentor that's certainly understand if you will all that priest at that my career for many years and haven't. That meant to you know turn a calm and eating at. Being a clerical assists and actually you know are gearing optimism listing trying to work and then alt. Organizing retrieves. A running ritual out earning and tool and changed the ritual and the it I think you have to make sure you want to do it that you're serious about it you're in it for the long haul as listening to. And then all their old you are men or are pretty status she needs to make sure that you have that's popped out here you're able to get rich. And it is now life for every line that yeah because it takes a lot of time. And they're vanished Shannon stood out after I would say. Five years. And have deemed it a chance to its line priest says ask. It's sad you're ready and so you know achieved. Brought me and told me what extent can turn it like women's mysteries and secrets ticker carried deeper level. And I would theory on third and merits yeah rich lol. But trick plays I was inducted into the trees to sanitize mail. Carry on our honored and grateful to occur and also with Stanton and now on I continue to receive from arm. Also a medieval scholar and a lot of what you do has its roots in media meet evil history immediate medieval practices tell us about that. You know my mom still wondered what in the world I was thinking you can't be sent when you come from a originality you gather pollen you're expected to lay Tennant. Stood out dedicated changed so much this year to play what you gonna do it. Interbank I would be an academic and you know go on here at teaching college sent an. I can still that you see that at my retirement gag. You know it's a different pop permeates. I with especially interest and chopped herbs work and everywhere and and from Canterbury tale without her. You're really understand the top sir you actually need to understand the astrology. And all signs that patent. Pagan I mean at the time you know days didn't really think candidates pagan elated with if you were a person. What. Let's have a wide range of acknowledged he knew everything dramatically at six to you know Q. Literature to geography. I can have everything. And I really at a certain point out amongst my Arab ally. Students. I had a better understanding of its posture because you know I had learn tram on Egypt and then went on to study on my Aaron. Astrology and metaphysical subjects. And patent and I even pat realize that there words spelled that and can change senators and things like cap that other people were mentioning. But they're right there on the page if you knew what the look for a few understood that. So I went quite excited to feel like I have something hammer on the other students try. And IE. Apply without actually in my anxious to scrutiny that's occasions and things like that out and people are only talent howl. Yeah we didn't that was turnout like yes that's right there either actually know what tailored to read it and so I. I got into formed. My understanding. You know magic and history at mount sack and general. I definitely apply it Q what I do now and I'm designing man ritual than in things like uses the curb and patent. It evil men and Matt chicken things like stop. What you do you just broached the topic here that we need to get in tune that is the magic component of all this are gonna take a quick break before we do that when we come back I wanna ask you more about how it works. How you know it works and what you use it for. Yes so we're gonna take to break out of phone numbers 8446877669. Yeah and 8446877669. If you have a question for myself JV or our guests feel free to give us a call you'll soon Jason. TV Dioner relatively new. The show it's beyond reality radio get phone number 844687766. Nights and they were talking with Sarah to win Greenleaf. Certainly and is an author she's that we can and an astrologer NW hold what's the talk about the well certain when we're gonna. They're trying to it's some of these phone calls to hear but we do have some people waiting on hold so we're gonna hold off on the magic discussion for this moment I want to go to. Pat in Missouri hey pat welcome to be on reality radio. They welcome the show. That would undermine. Well I would Landry had very and you you know which we CNET act act. Error that they liked and not hear many on the Iranian note taking or happening on Iranian. You are on the radio you're on the radio and it's a slight delay back tell you yeah. And what about Arab foreign quite bad. Isn't anything any specific questions or you just wanna get the other more detail. Well I think Langer and Ian you're a little bit more details aren't Canadian ski and seek it and she may be Manning guy need to where to find out more about Aaron. About how about how to use them in what you can use them for. Yes I am very entrusted in an online order 88. In the very end. Honey great and you're dead you can't. And certain when what do you think you do is when your book's cover that topic and what can you offer pat from Missouri is turns advice. Chat I would steer you she might open kitchen which area which has. Cute chapters on herbs or chapter on the gardening term to and there's a lot of what you probably having your back yard available here I mean. And the lions might irritate people like to have a night practically Greenlaw an entry into. That stat that green that not only are healthy export air. I haven't come alt if you keep it. NH CR a light T entering gay or you know eat and use that like sprinkled around the house all that I actually can and. Don't get out and steer it out of the house that it's kind of funny in the same church or haven't. Lavender. And relatives Mary a few mixed lavender records marry you jumper. If you were to you can even. Like mop gear how to clean your countered or something like the next served. Lavandera Rosemary. And it retraction and how to actually leave like a very nice you know all the way it diet and the content and energy sheriff. And it cleared out about energy and leave can look at energy. And app that's actually kind of mount and it's terrible EG and when you start working with herb and I think it'll feel very natural. Q how much because you know. Before I think you know we are start living the modern life and tattered Cyrix. Turn your hand that you're getting groceries. Delivered an end Neil delivered our front between blacks. People raised there and gave you know we re parent adaptable and earned something like I think it is here. Find yourself attractive here than it sounds like you are. I recommend you check out the blackened kitchen which are age and just start. With what available sea air and then if you wanna carry on their pets you know I can also has scary to and. And herb story region in order king dom lying there have been a wonderful about the highest is herbs it's healing. Telling people healing yourself killing your loved alarm so purple seats it would either say I would recommend it starts. Thanks for the call but those are great question I just needed to ask you one thing certain in. When you say like something like dandelion tea didn't new aegis is a fresh deadlines gifted them three process do you dried them. Or how does that work wim about a minute your form of total break. You oh right now the art trashed. Written some really well all and then. I'm an order four pot boiling water over them ST you know more than three or four minute. Interesting what do what properties to they give you. Well they are there they're healing and cleanse saying actually in my cramped her liver and things like. And in the free or how much you're like sprinkle them on the threshold your front door something like still Wear the dramatic. Out of energy from getting yen and it to get energy they keep to keep to get energy again in about energy out. A tape because if there's anything I'm good growing his stand the lines and tell you that I know I'm a master at that man my yards full and half the cars are we're gonna take a break him more to come you listen as Jason GDP I. Really revealed that. It's Tuesday on the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast when you stop somewhere between welcome the unreality reveals. Myself Jason -- I always -- chief each yeah it's great to have everybody along with us tonight hopefully you're listening nice and comfortably either in Europe the comfort of your own home maybe you're on the road listening to your car maybe using the at media listen one of the great stations carrying the program whatever ball into the program with great great to be here. Absolutely if you haven't yet made she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page and had to be unreality radio dot com click on the station tab. And you can find all the great stations we thereon across the country were costly updating that. And you can also download free iPhone and android operate there which allows you to and is free logical listen lies catch past shows join our online chat more. Or if you're lying to us and listen right from the the website just click the listen live ten to connect you into an online chat room creek community of people. Nicholas in the show right from there. But do us a favor if you download the show please read it for us and helps push it forward and we know a lot of your downloading and being downloaded tens of thousands times a day would greatly appreciate the support. But reading it hopes pushing forward makes it easier for people defines so we'd appreciate that. Yet we we do appreciate it feel to Stew that's and I were talking with Sarah to win Greenleaf who is so wiccan priestess and also an astrologers were going to be bring her back into the program in just a moment. Tomorrow night it'll be ghost physics and we'll be talking about how recent findings in quantum physics and medicine relate to paranormal events. With doctor Joseph security owned and that's going to be great discussion because we'd love it when science and paranormal start coming together in kind of substantiate one another. How silly when working together on him too big benefit. This Thursday were in me talking with mr. Lebow. Take it all these TV host writer actor and producer. Appeared many films and a and we're going to be talking to him about oh well just about movies a lot of the in the movies that are out there and it has motto has its they're not bad movies just misunderstood and yet they're so it does and some of us momentarily sat in facilities that no matter what you say. My my my I can we talk about my list of the five worst all time movies that I happen to love because there's so bad they're good at those confronts what's the number one worst. Geez you know I don't know what will be number one but it will tell you the bird damage is right up there have you seen bird Emmerich and our national bird bird damage yet they act epidemic but it's birds so it's called bird dammit oh my goodness it's it's it's almost painful. But it's so painful it's kind of funny and worth watching yet one that's it let's in the top five for sure yet I'm sure mr. global bull level but talk about that one as well as Amazon I dissect who sought an Amazon prime it's they're for streaming I don't think it's our Netflix but you might wanna check it out if you're looking for something to watch later tonight as after the program force us to get to the name of this movie. I watched from Arizona on a plane recently and much final Smith Fargo with Samantha. And that's got the name of it but it was on its on Netflix and it is one of the worst movies I've ever seen and it's made no sense it's like somebody really centers said. They inflate there was some screenplay it's just if it takes you know what let's do this but if we do this because none of that made any sense that a connected. It just it would change up random identity of the name is just an older movie is a scenario obviously the year to only use it but it's the most horrible mole hill there and I want us. I wanna know what it is. It's so we have to be sure to join us next couple nights of course Friday night is always a best of program. On the beyond reality radio networks so he can be treated to that but again tonight we're talking with surge when green leaf and we've been talking about. A bunch of different things a bunch of different. Things as it relates to being. Being Witkin and what things that we had kind of touched upon. Need help me understand on exactly how magic plays a role in everything you do. Where and where the power. For the magic comes from. And down there always is a spiritual is it to is it from the earth what is this all come from. You know I think that's an accountant from our consciousness. And then all you can. And agreed to end to the power of the earth and I that you wanted to now how it got. How I got started and the and the IE. And the Tencent that in heights like but can grade. My first spell. Where a lot expelled because right at Stratton the we're being ignored by abortion at a craps on her cat and I. Studied up on what we're very attractive magical spell and you know tried my hand that there. Pretty nervous and thought now it is gonna work. And what how and where that worked too well and he went from being completely content just had. Not knowing she liberal lies almost being a soccer action and it's scary to me and I thought oh wow I I don't I have to be careful at bats and inserted. Put it down and thought I must return to that's when I know. More are about how he used that and so are you where I am afraid care. In March spelled. Played on my and I thought OK well I'm living on my and I can be whenever I whining so I decided to. Get serious about. The cop again and and the one of the first and I can't win you know I'm. Join the cabin and gotten together with like minded key goal we stock it together that ritual. And it's. There are some weird energy and that's apartment now granted it was very hate distract the famous haight district and its. Separate church and Katarina at let it happen and that's a part of that are eyeing native began. There are some really negative energy if you were sensitive to energy conceal it. I sent him my pat try and Penn and teller who we can present what it but still at an stand on contrite there. Speak with the density energy whatever it is and three adopted and can live on and leave this place. And what have Lyon France and it died young man. It's cool I'm gonna record that was achieved record here and I didn't think you much about it and we did it. We couldn't really towel whether we are effective or not. And that we you know get their ritual welcomed the energy. Tainted for its service center off. It by saying year span did that do. Energy clean and clan thing. Rituals. And can't act your words we're kind of cleaning out and chatting as people care. And Darren can sense I'm gonna play the recording and get lots terrorism voice on the recording. And I have to play like I never really solid you know and the attractiveness of magic and ritual. Hearing about physical risks. IE I. Which actually you're gassed from our our IQ I am afraid that. It's sounded like a very unhappy. Older. An angry. Man. And and then you can hear little young piping blazers sang and now you can. And then I would bet it would content and the rest of beats. Tape recording which aspects parking strict kind of sticky sticky and again ray and we were you know it that senator David crater. We they're wired. About energy hair stand we handle that property and get lots let their bonds. Now we need did you say that he district. Yeah. You know and he passed area that's right mid because. It still does more affordable than many parts of severance and chipping area. Still at all I can afford it for me coming from actress and I didn't have too much and now any lie. Know again exactly but hum who. I'm I'm not really familiar with the history of why it's called hate mr. He out screen didn't speak to her hate HA IG HT not to HT hate prosperity Aaron it's a minute let's just like them. Working class neighborhood. And then I think in 1967. Or something like that. To get these hurled hand and it became a famous you're kind of funny Kirstie area. It's still play where young people go and then Aaron the you know. Get their first department sent lived there arts C you know blockade. Drinking capped here a lot and it's important. You know I'm I'm. I'm I would much happier after we get back. Clan thing. So last night we had a guest on who practiced old style conjure and I'm not sure if you're familiar with that who do in. And brutal working there were some good names that she gave it as well. And she was talking about magic as an associated with her craft and you know the a lot of there was spells are in plantations there were. Formulas a recipe is not sure exactly how you terminate. Terminate herb get broke an attorney would give it but are we talking about the same thing here it's in is the power the same are you familiar with conjure does that work the same. You know odd that Afro Caribbean I think is there interview interview airline. It is. I mean I think at this payment terms and your changing consciousness and here working their energy. That stared at I would say. More and tan one of the fortunate thing that happened mine it aren't ever like our job and publishing actually. And harper Collins last. And we have published every kind of bucking every kind of spirituality. And I got their lease at key east. There it figure who've increased their step practiced at that dialogue. Contra raining and it has not all different Saturn. Guillotine you know god and got a they're not they're much more trickster energy. And and I think it seemed then like cricket related to turn to react. I'm and I would say that. I wish I'd well I will have to download the sentiment since yesterday so. It's kind of skill and time are me. I like and wicket Pickett that he'll carry grounded in nature it's very sensible. It's really started late you know you love and he's playing and positive change and things like. Whereas. Conjure as late. Paper and turns like I mean I think they're you know probably tracks breaking Aaron. Laying on purchased and things like about. And or. Yeah I think it I think they're drawing from a similar. Energy source. But two different they're two different styles are two different pathology. Yet and you're right about that our guest last night talked a lot about. X.s and and in cleansing and and and people. Putting Texas and other people and having to determine I mean it was a whole. Hole a series of things like that so free someone is understanding what you doing in in his is common throughout. The wiccan community. There are no on taxes there are no malicious type spells are in temptations is as some think it's all healing and done. Com more beneficial than that. Yeah you're protecting future Howard Turk the. However there are there are I am tax breaking pain and in the back help Matt checked that I just completed. I have them. I have ten things like patent. Quick money out floor watch like I haven't which has herbs and spices turn. Things like that that you could hear your hot water and a mop gear your floor. That you can't hit Aaron. Yeah and to give money money trying and money now Jack and so we're more agitated and braking action. We're not interested in plain text says that they're all kind of different you know kind of Matt one of the also. Think that I got an app from working in publishing with Alastair Crowley at that's Matt equipment today. Ceremonial magic that's so complicated and I think we we need an entire. Yeah a decade to talk about. And that is again like very different from wecht. I'm interesting and worth at checking at all. Okay are so we're gonna take a quick break and we come back more and if you got a question for us sir guessed it was call at 8446877669. Dental freed eat for four. 6877669. You listen to Jason and TV. Beyond really really will be back. It's beyond reality radio phone numbers 8446877669. Times and unsure. Another guest tonight. Saturday when Greenleaf by the way she's got a number of books bomb on the market I know that you can get them through Emma some find out or else the book of kitchen which are reading moon spell magic house magic. Magic of crystals in gyms and others. Certain when I wanted to we have a short segment here and this is probably enough time do approach the subject of astrology you do that too. And how does that fit in with your work is a wicked. All in salt can handle it signed the minutes then ultimately China China can and you can chop on the energy it's late. You know for example. Women did anything Capra corn are berg I know I can Rolen might leave and that everything down my to do much. And also you know the old farmer's almanac we're telling it like out is. Secretly you know I had it'd be useful for Rick and they probably. Appreciate there's and sheet yes for. Decades upon decades old farmer's almanac has been giving all kinds and archer logical and litter information man that I am very dead or everybody including applicants. And we come we have to Brooks is objectives of moon's power phases well we only have about a minute here. I'm probably enough not enough time to do that. But I mean can you tell us what debt freeze even means moon's power phases. Yes I'll admit it you're oftentimes. It has its men and and earned the same sign of a viewer and beatle or as Catholic your actual birthday. Like say you are age Capra corn and dominion with an area when you were born and every year you also have a lunar birthday it's not necessarily going to be the same day as her birthday. It's old farmers on the back our doctor dot com. And that will be your most powerful day of the year you're remembered today when the trident and earn the same time they were when you were born. That's your lucky day go for nearly an hour per day. And so what does that mean it's your lucky day it's just important. And must potential. It and then also attended the universe to world you know error and the facts are like and harmony where you are being announces. It bounces you are energy. And channel it and it truly need your. You're one you're not power phase. You got to date to really you know. I don't know until at least there try to get any jobs whatever you wanna lay that bastard dream okay. So is when your energies at its its presto there's so. With that we're gonna take a quick break the following numbers 8446877669. Until freely for four. 687766. Are you listen Jason GP. 46446877669. We're talking with Sarah went green leaf. Tonight we're talking about a lot of different things with the Halloween approaching a bum. Can rapidly here were who were under a week away. From a night that is rather. Special and unique to surge winning and anybody who is a wiccan and we just touched on an earlier. But certainly and again remind us. How important Halloween is. In this time of year. To view and and and folks that done that also follow the wiccan religion. It's at Celtic new year and fair that we all of the year return. Arm and a alt satellite which are about instead. Chimed in to bail is Dennis between world and he can they contact we're here. Love to land that your ancestors. Something like and it's they're a beautiful. Sacred trying to leave and let. Loved Latin don't like minded. Farrakhan at some high if the high holiday when a major Scott that every year Elena. All hallows eve which. I think you should definitely. If you can spit some kind of ritual I have some really great plunge and tying I'm an end. The book of kitchen which are we not only cop flick wonderful. Elton ritual you can do that also. Recipes Turkey feast you can gear and so it's baton. That time we use rebates. Start the year again. So it now also with it being in the senate and the prevails and it's tennis is are also concerned. Having to worry about negative type things coming across and coming across negative type energies are entities. Well that's always a concern because I think that we always have to be you know there's a lot of you know there's a lot of it by editors a lot of spirit getting bad and in between. And that's why you have to do your energy management and that's a big part of what are the wicket how offers the energy. Management studio welcome if you're out of spiral can carry your having tea. Halloween ritual you welcome dead spirit and you communicate with and you can program X and ten year. You send them on their way you've closest circle. You that you never believed magical circle program for that and conduct swirl around here open hands. And then he closed it and the they're I tell you exactly how they do about in my book. What is the the reason for these seemingly increase in popularity. Of the of of being with and following. That the wiccan beliefs it seems more and more people it's attracting more more people more more people are talking about what's going on. I think a very empowering actually spending it here unhappy about your job you can get some prosperity abandon them Manny Mac stacked. And change it you can you can do something about it you don't have to it's just extract shared space you can do and. You can't spell charms ritual. All kinds of things to it. I mean we can't stop that. At the very beginning of the shadow it itself howl at wicca and sell howl in the also can help other drew gearing. Healing work in healing ritual turn and working with herb something like about. You're not only helping your sloppy and helping other chair I think people like the idea. Being empowered. And owning your own personal power. And an art ideally you'd think that Fredricka the and I would say that I am love magic money mantech art that you that popular. Being Patton and of course you know of course it's going to be that way because you know you've got through. That's what legal pot and try yeah Scotland and Annie. But it but isn't there and when it comes down to using Sproles tune for love and money isn't that. Sort of and I'm Tennessee wouldn't that be like a negative things just trying to. I've heard mixed reviews on that somebody's. Like a cold core inner corners exactly something I mean I can see how if you're manipulating somebody else to love view. By use of spell or obese and that could be viewed negatively. But I'm here here and remember I told you my first foray into your it was frightening to me and I didn't know what. Could hear about every time I did you a lot of thinking standing rear repurchase carefully. The concerts dance. Thought all managed about it and I would deterred anyone from. From you know using it in a manipulative. Way so you're not and your your not compelling. With your magic you're not for a saying here. Shifting Condit church consciousness excuse me and they are in creating the energy a possibility. Man you know let. Nature take its course. And then it. I have to say that's you know perhaps because I we're very read up on caller let's pretend when I arrived. Here I went sock and carrot to get to realize how much money we're gonna need to on a daily basis Blake can get. Hi. The worst for money that together and then mantech I don't even know what would have happened to me. And I achieve that and pop I you've got a pocket terribly. Yeah I'm getting its top and things like outing getting a better job curtain. Getting a raise standards. He's having that right crystal certain impact slate gotten. Having petrified let our near ground at work as an act for your time op and it is gonna create. Really can't manner money or future and when you can't win an ounce for the Bob. Her reign is that possibility is going to be there that you actually have to. Did you work in particular and parents say they're right works and where it can be a good job. To get arranged so it can tell our forest to treat the energy a possibility. Now you had said that one of the things that is attracting people to this is that it's this is so his sense of self empowerment did it allows you to actually affect some positive change on your life. And maybe others. Some people feel that Tom prayer to waive what we would consider a traditional DD whether it's the Christian god or other. Have has the same kind of power do you see that as well. You know I interior and my mom is like a a wonderful Christian lane that prayers prayed every morning and every night. And yet somebody an ailing relatives she'd trade expert manner. One of the authors I got to work quit when I with the harbor consulate doctor Larry thought she. You read that called healing. Prayer could very controversial and it first came out the computer doctor Newton medical doctor you to try and says. And he admitted that he prayed. For his patient and and pat explain you know why it worked and they cannot turn an assistant consciousness. And creating the possibility. I I absolutely agree that care work that air intake there are many former pick can be extra medication and it can be. Getting a frenetic hand all that you trust what lavender oil all. They can be you know praying. Traditional Christian prayer aren't strong Norwalk amid the aged. What ever you gave it to connect with that thought higher spear your personal choice. Higher power duet because I think that's. Inner work that spiritual development that we do that humans as some of the most important thing we can do you. Fart sound that's helped development that really. You and making yourself a stronger person and a more cons says. Pothole per cent and pat I totally against planetary citizen and well. You bomb you you you told us the story about when you were in high school and you your first efforts in with magic and how powerful was and they kind of scared Joseph little bit. This sense that time in in all the spell work that you've done what is been the most. To you know impressive. Accomplishment. I'm captains say that would any at a ritual. That we did for a friend had been diet now and let. Breast cancer and she was very scared all of our ordinary. Scared and we decided that we were going to create a healing circle firms are. And it was led by. My preached that I mention the great and he did it casts and it was all. Date thinking touch. And involved a lot of herbs and flowers and Robbie honor our appointment from thing that we have made magical. Stealing herbal ointment. Com and then a lot of setting intention that you can't intending for heard that speech year old. Visualize saying that. And you know during that ritual and the belt where. To create that possibility. And few months later she act came back and pitching plans to have that thank you ritual. All of us because Sheen ten when she went back. And got her out. Hands to keep me there are now saying. And the the doctorate or sock and Starr is that I said well we rarely see that where cancer felt completely disappear. And she sent all I'm not surprised at all that it was important ever delayed. And can't isolate. Participating in and helping her irons keel through Mascoll it turns her virtual work as. It that they get better than Matt I'm really proud of. Yeah as you should be. If someone wanted to get started. And in relief from from square ones start and kind of follow your path here how would you recommend they do that. I would recommend date that patent and ritual for magic and meaning a tie at an out a year cattle. And it takes it from you know from it cannot start Mike the very beginning temple lot all explanation earners. How to setup and all our power ranger school they're meeting and every. Crystal meant trying herb at platter and then give issue ritual for every day of the year. And they can you can get out of any level he can you can be. Completely a beginner. Or you can progressed to the point where you're pretty advanced. And I would say that's sort of my tremor ritual for magic and meaning. And I know that judge your books on Amazon where else can people find more information about your work and what you're doing. Can manga PG like this tree remained there MA in Sierra dot EB. But a lot of my bets are fair and actually I also blog. My blog is your magical mountain got Blogspot. He felt that it it will carry it wouldn't green lane and I usually blog at least. Three trying to weeks sometimes more action and I kept original owls. That are. Schematic are based on what's going on. And just. Lately things have to and so distrustful and I do think a lot of its. Commenting may have taken account could be structured life and things like that I think I think we army black. I think we could all use that kind of mentally recruiter for sure. I'll send you so much for being on with us tonight it was a bit of fascinating discussion we appreciate your time. My plans Eric. And it happy Halloween. Our main thing we talked again soon have a great day all right so. Get her phone numbers 8446877669. And and a big thank you cared when green leaf for joining us tonight. Yeah absolutely and execute an email about. That phone number yet you know I was gonna actually mentioned that teach you wanted you want to do that after the break so wonderful how fast they'll call ME and it's only an apparent that it will be that deal wasn't Jason GDP unreal. This show it's beyond reality dating your seventeen Kenya before it's projected to. It's I'm really very curious about this thing at English turn and wished check this thing out you received an anonymous email about some demonic whatever. But wanna call yet know the email says you know if it's that we should tell our listeners that if Thursday. You know if they suspect they have their involvement and indeed demonic possession here's a phone number they should call and yes he's so you think we should give you should give us in the track the I was just trying to OK let's let's policy got men's and number OK apparently tracked the. Not. I haven't called this before reticent to. Mean she definitely yeah Sonoma. Morning ask you for a press for. Calling demonic I'll. So long in English. Have you been following question. Art. Our. Car all our. What is your premier running. Yeah. And it's illegal. All or are. You all. Are. Thanks for calling them on the session cup and I got my name is hockey kids can help. What what what what what what what was that there was there was feisty. Who that the wonderful hockey we know just a little I'm thinking there's only one side is only the volume. Opposition how Powell's home day we'll keep that number to the side of the U socket. All Texas if you've hit it to have enough time to try to squeeze in a quick phone Ellis took a socialist right here is we've had two people waiting patiently this is John from Kansas he John welcome to the show. Rate well we want only about a minute here what's on your mind. Well your lady that you have on there was 41 best Serb couple questions. One is a wonder find out it's. She considered herself. As a wiccan if you is quite magic are black magic it is she's ever had. A it's spelled. Actually worked for her. And if so how many percentage wise. She had war for and a. She did say she she did did the money one then and so forth moving out there aren't that worked out for current. She was pretty much talking at home while the white in the white magic aspects. Am the other thing I was curious about is whether or not she had ever. Cast spells. Two. Keep somebody from. Getting some system. That they actually wanted to herders say that she did so well was the love spelled. She had been called off for well. And a bridge now wanted to know all this is so number retired cops. And when I was detective with the department of world war I investigated a call activities. Are several years and we had a lot of whipped him. Which is surround or IMAP and. Well we we don't have to touch you we don't mean to cut you off but we are out of time but police officer give us a call back and with the we'd left oxymoron that. Are so we're gonna we're gonna be caller for tonight make she tune into Marley and another great show he'll listen Jason NGV beyond reality radio cajoled. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason knows GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's normally don't really radios. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase most all actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.