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The magic of "Old Style Conjure"

Oct 24, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with conjure woman Starr Casas about her work with hoodoo, conjure, and rootworking. These "folk" magics are descended from practices the slaves brought with them from Africa. What is is all about and what can it do? 10/24/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's on now West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast financial between low and beyond really reveals myself decent clothes and. Awesome and JV Jones so it'll here about a week away from Halloween campaign and plans have to be made some assuming you've decided what you gonna dress up as for Halloween. I'm going to drive a truck with a trailer attached to it as they can pretty much Trevor Google like it's going to be fun. That doesn't qualify though as one of the top ten Halloween costumes for this year there's a there's actually list out of what most popular costumes are. Hoya mourner. Well. Number one yeah. And it really seems to be a theme here number one as Wonder Woman. Course the new movie Pegasus done rather well Ivan see yeah I think you actually have some I do have a I don't Wear it. Harley Quinn is number two and again another when you have an and then at number three I find pretty interesting and again a movie related one is a clown a scary clown. Cities. Rich tourists from this win is just bizarre number four is a unicorn is that related to something that I'm not aware of because. Is there a movie that features unicorn is no idea had no idea actually last year some parents walking around some technical. In my neighborhood okay I don't see that on the list so that's pretty neat lost in a number five is a rabbit and that kind of relates to Hugh Hefner it's passing it's kind of kind of a Playboy bunny kind of saying. Sixes or were is that a witch that's always a favorite around Halloween seven is a mile or so I'm not sure if that's always a favorite but it's pretty common. Number eight is a pirate specifically vis A Jack Sparrow pirates. GM and number nine is a zombie. And number ten in this is a sign of another one this kind of unique is a dinosaur and unless you've seen those costumes that are kind of like blow up their you feeling clean and again. In a dinosaur constant as soon as number ten on the list I've seen that around a lot. Souls of the top ten costumes of fort when he seventeen Halloween and we got just about a week if you haven't gotten yours yet nine you know what's popular I'm gonna go as a rock. How do you do that who's gonna sit on place. Just in now make any noise. I'm I'm not gonna move among an interest attorney ten if it's only it's like he's losing your accuses become make on the Afghan in the white sorority of so Amanda all projector systems set up with the he mesh things sort shoot from the rear arms of the scream as the kids coming on the driveway so you have these ghost place as ghosts. That are you know in the driveway and kids can see where they're coming from and I like torture I know I know we don't get we don't get a lot of fur traders here because it's. Beyond Pacific scared economic driver I'd known her to refine I know you always put quite a display and so on visiting team you intentionally trying to scare him away religiously just like to have you really don't with the festivities while I am. You know I I'd be a liar if there wasn't potentially turn here that gets the greens holly site. It's kind of a yes I am I gonna affect similar driveway and giving presents I mean it's Halloween so exposed because spooky today and and if they can't handle it well there and their crap model in a day candy bottom line is they can't handle it handle that they're not they're not celebrating her and out for the common in my house and that's right bottom line it's a ghost hunters are so I mean come on I didn't do anything and be. I don't it's you would mean Williams walked all through the neighborhood you wouldn't be living up to two year reputation as he did so that it was. It was pretty out there will can be on our earlier radio. Com haven't yet Michigan head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like to FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com. We can download the free iPhone and android operated or Los Angeles in the shall live sketch pad shows join me online chat moral long ago. On the also weakened final series we are click on the station tab or just click the listen line you can join us in the online channel listening to the show over its new computer. And a hail the great community people that are America. Yet we got a lot of great stuff this week for you as well as we lead in to Halloween and tonight going to be talking with star cassis also known as mama star. She's a conjure woman she's been helping people with her ancestral heritage of old style conjure works. From the south of the Mason Dixon line we're talking a lot lot of things conjured jars and who do and jinx is and bone readings on a lot of lot of interesting stuff with the star cast tonight. And then tomorrow renewed talk pursue her dream green lease astrologer and wiccan priestess. I'm simply get ready for Halloween so I'm sure you'll have her on Shimmy come on talk about the armed cheeses. Magical workings and so forth. Lot of stuff and then doctor Joseph securian own will join us Wednesday night and will be talking about ghost physics quantum physics and medicine relate to paranormal events. So a lot of great shows coming up if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and treasury at forest held skip the ratings are. And that's what it's all about letting everybody know that where the show is and how to find it. It is and don't forget the telephone numbers joining join the conversation and any point 8446877669. If you wanna call and tell us. So did you her about this Russian guy who's claiming he's there incarnation Jesus. Nobody if anybody was going to I expected to be some Russian guy Malia. Meaning he is in the wilderness so Siberia even even more perfect season out of thousands of people flocked to him on the small town named accusers as Russian Border Patrol Paul all our. Which kind of tough place our Russian gas. But I'll over 5000 people usually at this place and he's going by guess the name. And visit our REM it's it's weird animal but he's. It's a private communities they got up there he give sermons and Alex 5000 people are showing up to hear him give a sermon and all the stuff but. Our heart descended only time bunnies eat his followers are forbidden from drinking and smoking or using an. Always usually goes. But in place the second coming of Jesus but it's so I noticed was claiming so it sounds like he's been doing this for awhile for most people to hear about him and make the trek there and actually become quote unquote followers of this guy while there's not a lot to do I think a savior so some discriminate Jesus at least if she's so confident on the weekend. It's just one of those things were somebody says hey this fungus on the side of the tree looks like the virgin Mary and everybody flocks to it and and considers that a miracles are one of those things or is just. Some guy who who is pretty smooth talker convincing people that he's got something going on at. He's a pretty smooth talker Gary's in our Arenas had no they're to meet the so called summit on the floor action and a and it's it's crazy but I'm sure most you've seen them you can look it up it's. We had it posted on beyond reality news.com. And also impose economic FaceBook page the other day. But now it's the weirdest thing in the world and yeah I mean one of these times summons actually going to be the right everybody did that but that's gonna put that opens of a whole new uniforms because okay like that old song what effect I was one of us French remember John Osborne you know yet and the fact of the matter is. If somebody does come along and and say they are. And 300 strategies or whatever the second coming in and you have if that's what you that's what you believe in hum. Heidi how will it be something that people mock will be something that people accept. And how little. How William Howell I mean it's it's it's just it's a tough call well. It is really this day and age yeah it is it is a very difficult call I think miss so much of it has to do with faith. That. It is you where's the line them where's that where's the line that that separates season. And manipulation basically comes down to that has to have faith is is one thing but. For somebody to be able to do certain things and and legion on the pass them to make you believe that they are who then they are who they're saying they are whether there are not. I mean then that is fine lines and how do you how do you prove it I think that's I think that's that the biggest and most important. You know I I eat I suppose that is it truly is Jesus and it truly is the son of god coming back to the end of days I think it it'd probably make itself obvious at some point. Probably won't be a lot of guesswork and edited yet and yet I don't happen it's too late everything you write crap really should have sees what is America. Sound but who knows an armada on a weird things going on out there. Definitely is our let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest and again we're talking with star cassis tonight about conjuring she's conjure woman. We're an Orioles we get back analysts and adjacent JVB honorably radio we'll be back after its. 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Ready for being with this when you listing one of the great radio stations around the country carrying the program or you listening online welcome to ball. And you can find all the stations are going to be on reality radio dot com just click on the station to ever constantly updating and adding news stations so tonight we're gonna be talking about conjuring I read. Your speech without a movie won't help boost a measure that's the right word and start cassis who has our guests left to a street is not a net. But Starr is a conjure woman she's known as the mama star. And she's been helping people through her ancestral heritage of old style conjure works from south of the Mason Dixon line in star. Welcome two beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. Hi ya hang out golden. Good start thanks for coming on hang analysis tonight. Thank you for having me. So start Telus is it called Conn dream or is our is that not the right word what we're talking about it. Oh wait hold conjure. You know conjure brain conjure. Really work conjure. And I'm old college it. Who do that's HO ODOO. So tell us exactly what conjure is that. Okay we're at work conjure. Who are who do whatever you wanna call. It I type. Well my day. It came over here. Witness shall lie out of Africa. And show it to work went to British are what you have in your home. And eat it some bad debt. Family she did you know now they hit it really popular. All of that back in the day when Albert go wouldn't. It will trying to hold hands and it would get on and that was it done within that bam they are you would go to an old guy or. Tuning how huge worry. And take care of the folks in the community. And that sort of wide but in the way the Internet. Someone gotta hope that information. And now every one knows about it. Okay. And the difference between who do and Vudu is on food is an ancient pagan practice article is right and who do is a full match. We do do it actually. Related to. And it gave our conjure. Is go to war but part. But we're working part. Like a folks who practiced. They did at several agent opted. Do they do which it but working par. In my my consent. A little bit super got a lot of questions. We're gonna talk about this for awhile before I think we have it all straight. But time you can you also called that route working a war being the root worker what's is there are different answers and all part of the same thing now. It is all that I'm Mitch yeah it is different terminology. To build nuclear talk a lot for me inch and growing up. The only time how hard wired to do. What lies in who do you can put the route all the news it's a question. But somehow. It India. Being called. To a bit part of the law. App Hartley didn't hear that girl now it would data are being more weary of war are conjure. It just depended on who would call. And did you say I think he used the sentence who put the root are new so his roots of where is that another car from a white but did jinx or is it. What what is yeah. We're good show rooms okay so we don't call either conjure workers. All were worker. Are out to practice this if you talk to someone that cap I will explain. So what is the market at bat. There are different recipe. That you can mark it shall out of a game you weren't repeat child. It'll be easier for you understand where the bridge coming. Shell led only that you will have an issue what are spared to. And tag. Back in the day when this war start started there was no they are parked directly because quietly you know. They're slightly that would not allow that ancestor was not allowed have fun and moral I'm happy he showed this time about why they're all. But prosperity. Is as of march that you can do and there are I schett her words since our. Lie. Shut our. Scheck have brass are in it should gumbo he'd like indicated any grocery store. It is very good at Purdue brought prosperity. It can hear well. Stop finger grass is another car hit it dead. Ford drawing prosperity. And I cited that route would do whatever the fingers around here and little bit. Do you have. John McConnell probably we. It I I must very and it removed all the law and any saying that held in action you bet I'm actually that your goal. And eating here finding it to them all. It shake and show you could take them better on the bank adding to that war and you have a Latin may. Money cure all playing an all actually made in danger where that your petition. Is that accent. You it's starting to I think we're you're gonna have to answer a whole lot more questions before royal yeah. Sort of completely accents and were were coming up to a break here so we can't get into too much Steve till the moment. But somehow I did do you look equates ME group where does that power come from we have about thirty seconds for jumping to break where the power threats come from. The power come from god here and Chester. And your prayers and your potential. So open. What is taught it felt like Dodd are. Vineyard and check it. Almost all Honda workers that I know that work with their ancestor. There egg and Sean are not Christian. This should work. Totally content should vote markers traditional markers O workers are accepted my agent Barry. Our first and show it to dog. Here and sector and in the prior expectation. And well hedged item about. Believe that where the how. Are handling we've we've got a ton more questions well lord in me asking but we're gonna take a quick break and we come back will kick it back and you listen Jason NGV and beyond reality radio we'll be back. TTP Johnson. Her numbers 8446877669. Tonight we're talking about conjure old style conjured factored guest is star casts assault Sonoma is known as mama star. She's a conjure woman her website is old style conjure dot com she's also authored many books including the conjure workbook volume one. Working in the root and again Starr thank you so much for joining us send. Forward to break used a phrase that I wanted to ask you about you said that so I'm conjures now getting the respect. It deserves. What was it viewed as previously thought wasn't getting respect was it was it kind of kept underground. How how was a practiced and what do people think of it. In main main plot that. It backed not okay. When I was growing up being work with kept within ten right and it was actually get thicker. Look at it like it wasn't clear out their for everybody saying we in the hammer the Internet. Children got it from got some sort by chance and shuttle now like all over the but in Hawaii yes it is the number expected that it may. And that issue didn't have had herb were hanging around but spiel. It it on current. What I call like walks and I'm not talking about. Why. But I'm talking about water jam you know back in the old daddy that DLY course. And the water damn I sure you can take that how that in that we are. Yeah so in this day and current. Because some folks don't wanna work like that oh. You know they're not Christians and so they don't want everything to do what christianity. Or whatever action they will try to take that we are that. That Bible out of the war. What sure you can feel it but when you dude that it should no longer on JR. You say and say more argue and shot and he. Well when that change what their what law over here. Truck at work don't work not Christian. I've dealt being not bad at all. But out we'll shut in the Danish then adulation about that Beckett are tired you are right change but I worked almost to bake urged. She showed that you learned. I've got babble about war that math because most of that could not bring you more. Didn't show beg memorize it and so the old chest well within it should work. There is a lot of what are we in the old testament back while wrote the work what apple. To try to elect well. Shape. That. There it kind of war I don't know much about that they're testament. But I'll I'll also right now oh. And Shaw gave you an example. Don't Walter you're. Jostle world so a lot of folks don't realize. Or maybe they don't know. Ball ball. It doesn't look good job actually that are power but Joshua what should it talked out. Tearing down walls that could not be toward band. And god told Josh what you're going to go and you treat your colleague your board too terribly well down. Josh will will Wear black Lawler ever but they try to take him down and I cannot compare. And show he followed the instructions. That god gave me you know. And what happened on that show that the die they'll walk ten tumble and. Should hope in my line of work if shell won had he doesn't back you don't hurt or done. I'm crossing definitely bar the war and no finish had hail. In terms Chet follow those instructions. In that GR shall work shakes. And carry them out law that are holding back. He gave you kind of got an idea. How this war war. So pretty much when it comes to who'd do who do is a denomination awful of Vuitton. Under voodoo. Music nut. There's two Gephardt thank you because you then do it a revelation. Could really not outwardly. Wind ideal I don't want to lose kudos prelude I mean you Hutus mainly practiced by Roman Catholics and and so forth on it. Said Matt coal expect. The war. If it gets confused then because. It like I lacking heart what I say they do it hit. If you're trying to invite rod. Yeah and had to have been in the long. That's where that's where get there and that's where get this confusion because I've been I've spent a lot of time in loans and I heard I heard of I've heard of who do but it's always. Under the same mean yeah on. And. Our act I I don't know a lot of it explained that are actually walk and keep a light immersed ourselves. The venue and you do it Internet chat urged correct. And not. Didn't quite. But yet cracked it condor work and what shoved about all this it. The issue that I'm saying literally they're related and not every Condo wire there. Are part of net package that they're Dave. And whatnot I am not. I don't know a lot about that it I mean I have a shot your wallet that my partner. We opened up shop here I'm getting a lot. And I ball Lott spoke to crack it they did. And the magical ash stay out and that would be underwater are the it ejected in her trying to hit here but if you go deeper in the shut out. It later climbed here we are what are are just the war. It are an idiot I am and who do is mainly practiced by wall. Southern Baptist Roman Catholic kin and so forth certain that's where Hutus mainly practiced by them. Where Vudu is more of Haiti and and so forth. Yeah and then and that's its own group looked via. Correct black not murder partner. Is I patient. Made it for eight ball a lot harder right. Can show. It I'm simply just apply now we're woman's debt supply no. Congress won't. I don't I don't practice. Voodoo or are you should do you judge directly on the war from what I was all right and what I'm not a. Let's talk a little bit about that because you come from a family that has done this for sometime right. Yeah not much there. My mother was all water right end and South Carolina. And show rural went. Did what their best way I think free bella I understand that it did it what I achieved that call. Ol' black tie. You know what I mean. Don't cross I don't go to the great dark without crocodile moral outrage more water area where we're at I am. Tech spotlight off. You know I carpet hand in age sugar. Killed more. Turkmen town I mean you're very good ball protection. Are on Clark saying and bank black bag. So superstition more. A lot so. Look at the bad shape our station and opened flat ten. But it's truly not because they did the white my mother right. You know mom mother. It's a bit more had a lot of old powder. And we're getting are that teach that washes them. And shell went bank wouldn't go along with best in Carolina. My mom my doctor. HEK did. Chip pattern that they ever not make sure I don't let them. When we came in from outside the edit I Mark Udall at the door and my mom might not bottom out actually. And she took command put about all we went in there and in our credit. Now when you're borrowing. And and other children momma bell is this stuck. Your lack moon should show what you really we mumbling you know much more able to talk football track stale and children. About how if our our local law. But neck at all no way no word on why I know what I don't know now mom but you get NASCAR watchable bullet. Neither Egypt it. And I'm no doubt she explained. Are the bottom up our shoes off at about. It can someone had dropped there sure how long but long did it we would not. Born yet in our path. Yeah yeah I totally so then what and who do. Is there room for both blessings and cursing as well. Course there is you can't have one without the other I mean you can't have blacked it out why I can't live without dark. Or. Only saying India said it's important. All I want her. Debt in need work that you do no matter what idiot that what are ready at Betty beat Jack. Which means you have don't have. Our league and Purdue and what their radiator benefit I don't take any job from anybody. I'd like the low ratings are you worried that car toward the ball. I don't really care are covered by our network which I watched and it. Care aren't even though I try. But I had to light a hard cap is actually one because what but until you. You know what there so I did not that I could not be on the trade. But sometimes we see what we want actually. So important as a marker on May. If Bob Bullock technology all I am responsible for the work that I know that it justified and that it felt like pervaded. Shots every job start with a very glad that the product that Apple iPhone won't let. You know there are something like that but it it's a late night I rebar well. We are why are all around a lot Cheri it why are. Because they're worried Barton well. Is if you the only black child Warren can't put the word so you are hash. Crop you are these are the arms each to where I thought this side. And you go and you do every bar while. Didn't net that they are well is more teaching and there are that choose. I don't think that it debate bit which your own bar. I don't wanna be it was math and she and shelve their sport that's life in order to meg sure they are that age yeah step by. So yeah in other words as long as you'll but even as long as you think if you feel. Are you believe that something is justified. Then yeah it's it then it's OK it all so. Curse and and so forth as long as you can justify your actions on the so the ethical laws I guess would not apply. In that as the as they would do in it with the normal Roman Catholic religion and so forth the as long as you can justify your actions. It's okay to to do that. It is typical apps and and and I sanctions condor workers are Christians were did a little bit. There have been happens when why and child on hedge trump too many are personally bail. Her black probably just so odd. To be able to their advantage and have done overeating or any other part of the ball and check that no. And show they're lower I wouldn't do. Part of the final light our cash stopped not all of shell. Tribunal and shot and that I heard actually spell. Let me just step back because at the outside every action causes every action you know what happening books so. If I wore them. Some war in and that's what I call it I don't know shell one she and it. Then they know they can work art they goat would another marker. And Bill Walker KL AM oh. Someone did something to eat. Every person knows who it. And begged you'll regard well are begged you'll cut earlier art beg you look Clinton. Are against the walls of Jericho. Did all what ever be it it who want to come back I'll make. And shelter for how will be it was all the more China doing thing not a anyway yeah I don't care how bad I don't care what goes well if I like that part of it by about what may but now that. See I'm I'm I'm learning I'm slow learner madame learn excel and I grabbed this eyesore and a take a break and only come back more you listen to Jason and she'd be on Dioner Elena. About a week. Away from Halloween I think it you know it's not rinse is not really a national holiday I think we should start the movement to push for Halloween becoming a national holiday. You know where everything's closed and all of them and going home we'll see if you make it a week long thing and I think people like that. I mean kids get a week off for. Just say thank you that we offer that way they cannot sit around and route their teeth and McCain defending candy and that's whatever it takes agreed to you know on the movie's big play those movies more you know maybe start Alexei ski like family dinners and stuff on on how we get to draw you get is like Snickers bars where there's just give peeping can said he giving kids candies can slices of Turkey or chicken and what effect can that I think the kids would have something to say about that if we tried that are your house first to get exotic matter that is exactly we're talking with star cassis and. I'd our bush also known as mama star with stars are conjure woman her website is old style conjured dot com. And she's got a number of books including the conjure workbook volume one working the root against our of this is of particularly short segment because we went. Long in the last second but I wanted to pick up on the ancestor component again because you mentioned. The components needed or necessary to perform this work. One of the things that you made a real point of his ancestors so not only is an important that you you were exposed the senior. And your upbringing in your household but clearly you draw on that energy in some way. Yes yes I want the right to believe. That our ancestors have our best at a park. Shelve your inspectors will be there for you when no one out well. And so in my home I have on all of that shut. Try my ancestors and expand might Alter. All the that kid everybody goes to bat Alter what might have issues go well. And it should be part of our lap that you know in the their culture. We all worry each show that children are right still won't respect their an. Can't we we show being backed bill would chip in great art clean in the current age taking care is great deck right banner. All of Pollack day. And check out the little dead in. Our camp. You have pat. And showed some why didn't actually larger bit and won't know what you are that's. Armor and and shut their two struggled. And meg a YER. Maine a mile lap would be. So I would not write it that you know all their logos pitch that hit a ball that. They just forget about whatever much a big part of my op. And I'm not children's blood and knock him quite a lot. You know. Him and is suing Unita you know only honor remember your drawing energy from them and them yeah. Yes that's that's that's important. Unlike I said this a quick segment because who have long in the last segments we've got a good break here on the other side of the break when we come back we'll talk a little bit about when this work is necessary for person when somebody should seek out someone such as star castles and and has some work Donner reading done. And solicit or initiate quick break more to come illicit Jason JV BI. Rarely do review will be the cast of us. It's Monday on the West Coast museum. He's just been used to continual commitment Eleanor Eleanor do. So Jason Hawes and the awesome javy and it's a week before Halloween get this kind of kind of odd though because. It always seemed to becoming a bigger bigger event every year or but I hesitate to use the word holiday but becoming a bigger and bigger observance every year. Make tickets actually second only to Christmas as far as people spending money on it for whatever they happen to do. But you know didn't disappoint you in the Halloween movie stood have been on. You know things like Netflix and aren't any good ones where where's all the good scary stuff these days. I don't I mean. Horror movies most of them have really gone down the tubes and just say it's more of just one of those. Jump around scare you Arafat movies instead of where released have a good. Could storyline that we keep it locked in elaborate on two I watched rose Mary's baby via that great movie. And it was phenomena technically phenomenal but then you go you go to I think the only good movie I have seen that normally has been hit. I thought it was pretty good yeah I haven't seen that when yet to you know usually this time of year there's just you know the theaters are bombarded with new. Horror movies and you know they are what they are whether they're good or bad bush did some Sudan many just few I don't know some strange I have not been impressed no neither my. They have you haven't yet mission head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. And had to beyond reality radio dot com where you can doled triage from an injury and operate there wrote to us to listen the show lies catch past shows join me online chat. And all free of charge. And then you can also click on the station tab which are LaRoche and Walton lists all the stations we air on all across the country. Or just click on the to listen live to avenue and be connected into online chat with the Greek community of people JD and I are always in there as well Nicholas and the show around. Yet we've got a lot of great shows lined up for this week as we do approach that magical date of Halloween which is next Tuesday tonight we're talking would start gases who's a conjure woman. We're gonna talk more with her in just a bit tomorrow night. Sarah Dwayne green leaf will join us certain is eight and astrologers and a wiccan priestess were gonna talk about getting ready for Halloween and also. How to find out what your power moon phases. And then when they were talking with doctor Joseph corona. Ghost so physics of how recent findings in quantum physics and medicine relate to paranormal eve. Since then to kick off our entry into hot though weakened before Halloween we're gonna bring mr. Lobo back to the program we talked with him and or when that was it wasn't to loosen spring sometime I think but he. Is it TV host he writer and actor and producer he knows a lot of things about scary movies are gonna. Talk about the movies you should set yourself up to watch over the weekend as we approach Halloween. And last time we had a Mon actually people we have people calling in telling us salaam the most horrible movies at its answer in and it was and we are running down lists and to hell and terror watch I did. I'll be honest I tried watching a few of them on the list. Amid about 1516 minutes and then now and yet lost enters. Yes some numbers so bad it's hard to their hard do you keep your attention some people like that I happen delight that especially I don't know if you've ever watched anything like mystery science theater or log jam and M when they take a bad movie may make fun of it it nothing is funnier than when their when their it's their land putting those so movies he has good stuff that's the only time that's the only way as able to Citron and yet it makes a begins a new life for sure. So will look for the talking with mr. Bo Bo I don't forget phone numbers eight. 446877669. Oh and stick to break when we come back to bring. Our guest back into the program yes interim general quick break more to come to us and Jason and. Even beyond really great you better tested its. Beyond reality review Jason GP pharmacy. 46877669. Tonight we're talking with stark gases also known as mama star. She's a conjure woman her website is old site so I'll conjure dot com. Oh those one of the books is to conjure workbook volume one working the root in star again thanks for joining us tonight we appreciate you being here. Don't you. Thank you for Aaron. Tell us a little bit about how the other side of all this works. You mentioned that when you were younger or mother used to wait and wash your clean the bottom of your shoes. And you realize later that that was in case she had stepped on I think use the word trick. I hope church yeah. He also known as Tex hex or some how just how does that work and why would somebody want to do that. To another person what's what's the thinking behind that. Okay I kinda shy of what their voter I should Matt they eat. It could be that a lot he use it to be part of a ignited man that it could it. Okay do it for many here are very certain. And I can not all day. That a bit backstage jaw. Walt water all the Irish stated well of course you can't do that there. You know and patterns and real big back in the day when I was album before that. Because it. Pattern Barbara my day well. The white out talks like. We dare should make a bigger problem there graveyard there are they can work. Close on Asia wrote it can be from a crossroad configured they're yellow arch. In need you market it you've got sparkle back. Where they will walk and that it. And show it it shout out war coverage bit which you know. But the other side of that one here is one thing in at eight just that. And that part of meg here or how that. We're glad that shocked that it not lie. Can they do play and doing all the great art at all all cross saying all whatever. Didn't they're gonna in that it hit me here all voir. And I can't explain. In my years of doing match. Bad. I've not been hit with my call water. Because I'm very careful what I say is a bad back kept saying marker looked like touch area. Just they bought back. You know sometimes completely. They get to know why you know you don't do the work anymore are back on something else. Step. Because well I'm not under and to right mr. market and I think that because it felt simple. You know you're gently used in the thing that you capital around how that it couldn't possible you think how well. And that is that they must cut. Did market I'll. And it came out of that turn and wind protection. For your amoral. People know all flights for mere spam like. Betty and Shia. What did very important and Barry need. And show there are many different things that you can. Simple red pepper ate your call well and red pepper mix if someone comes figure alt. And we all have folks that we in her act where it in our family within our home. You don't reviews you get let a bigger because India that they were caught up big issues. She if you try it sprinkle a little bothered Rick harper under the chair that I that area. I think simply let it walk our back door and check your Lauren rich. We set out about her and AM she obviously didn't read it before they come back. Really seeking the way for good like that time. Yet. Our US tightened up the room and as they're walking. Quite a bit about time. You know if they Enright was my mother when we're never left side with the Barton. 880 that that my children were bat or a laugh out my grandchildren. Which never allowed the plywood and aren't. I'll get blown an intellectual who. Correct any and you know that Obama cannot be bought somebody they eat. Are you know maybe they won't get married but I'd rather they well in our war if you touch my people that burn out of a hat there. And that spark things did not warrant didn't spit on because our. Our bit Arab Gloria hold block. They shot their stick clear at all. Because I believe that if you leave my fate indebtedness sure what to do well issues from the law. To draw issue and it cannot block. That I don't want there bump local site that old superstitions. Well that I picture. I'm not okay but water that still light out as the right back what up alike. You know only the blue ball bobbled in right there and we're all company's common it never let me down. It cannot borrow them I'll pick out. Shot but he would not he would go down man Greg get outside our normal on the cab and company conference. Sure not someone would get shell law. So and so in other words whether it's a wise teller or not you live you live by this just because it's it's the way you were brought out there in it's the things you. It seemed to seemed to coincide with a. Correct. Don't play a lot or maybe it did not get stopped then that I did an all right job I had much. They're way out Elektra label it a lot if you went tomorrow how. You would be big but I'm not dole is a bar. That hit it. If you put it you don't want company common are a lot of folks traction in an eye out for whatever outrageous put the head of the board not the bill. Because you won't have a lot of companies in math. Yeah Lauren day hour day and of course it's going to be open and the biggest bully Hawaii any and let my. They ignoring any and to hear how affectionate they. CC in my house safari if I push you are using the room chances are you'll come back it's another use for terror for a coach or some let's quickly go to the phones here we have listen wanna make it common this is Delores from New York he Delores welcome to the show. Thank you so much I don't know who made the comment about Roman Catholic. That we were doing who do we're Vudu or completeness or what it was Jason or JD. That's sounds very familiar by the way it. Well anyway is this who do is practiced by many Roman Catholics. Come in in the cells that it's it's it's a fact but now what we can say right. At that felt they had well any weight is the only thing I was going to say his stare is correct there is good there is people. There are things that you can do but one of the most important things through whoever's listening. Is that in terms of Roman church. It is the holy. Roman Catholic Church Catholic means universal. Is speaks to all people of truth. And our lord Jesus Christ said I AM which means pure B no potency. What they mean it is everybody isn't potency you weren't potency to come to the program. Up the stairs and potency to move for prolonged. Do their bones. But the back of the pure beef came from our lord Jesus Christ well. And a lot of people don't understand they had this team what if gas. He was pure B pure act. No potency and they had only belongs to get you get if they are you gonna if the priest UPS the minister. You can ask the bishop. The poll they will never say they're bad. Or earlier weren't you Greg said the act and what's interesting is. The ball until Muhammad apparently Dinah the bones of confucius there and Shannon sun. That cremated bones of boulder are in need Paul. Or nay Paul I think it's pronounced and that one of them has ever said they were Gatt and no one. Even among the 38000. Plus religions this gives them. From Christ's church which he founded. That's the only true church. Thank you Delores for the comments or appreciate that in and star I think you're saying some of the same things but I need to ask you something here because rim hit a break again. I'm talking about the jinx or the taxes of the sexes or whatever we're calling them. On what types of things can those. Ax duty world how does that how to what are the symptoms how do you know always it's you may be affected by something like that. Yeah yeah everybody had to bet the black eyed and come back at some camps may you know they got a couple of agents that are. Didn't happen that happened she its patent everybody had thank you know already learned a lot. That did not let that there remained you have a heart condition. Art that you bid conjured. What that range Asia probably eight to do ever but Clinton and Clinton white wherever there. But if multitude. Change. Star hat and big thing. Do you ma cool to look. And they're worried that can actually exactly winning bargain what the bill now. In your lap had to turn up whatever it started to worry around what would go on now worried are you worried. Did you have a issue will not much they get it especially now I speak. Stop they need both had. That hit it the bar it eat it all on the Internet she can't vote and that it cooled. To click what you're at it about true. Bought conditions how to do they have out there in a mansion the only thing he had that it it enhance the vote. Did you not know what they're building and they just below power and they don't realize. Said it well one. What it stands to not well. Our other partners who have been doing this far along time we have a lot of talk and dull at all. And I take it all it's gonna go back where pat. I mean is it normal shock. And you don't go back to work at a drop some outlook ball. And he yelled marker to never call anybody night. Because really truly don't know you might think it fired I do not want our. Don't know Lackey car seat I'll wait a heroic stick it stuck it in his yard. What nick debate I don't the I. So you don't never know it so that bad light it too gently. Well it sounds like blue men what they're burning there and do in the war where they won't worry about it that it. We should always looked at precursors for. Usual to the precursors prior to correct. Yeah correct correct you always have to do a great and some turn to the reader is booted out. You know they can compete in port trying to what marriage cabbage are. But such deal in all a BM you should never call all anybody not. Just let it got my ancestors take care of it and letting go back work kind. Back at it until. Right we're talking with star cassis it was a conjure woman on her website is old so conjure dot com gonna take a break when we come back gonna find out if you happen to think. They may be you've got one of these taxes on your tricks on you. What's what is star recommend you do what's the first step in and you know ward is a go from there. It could be half the problem with something. Well I'm starting to thanked him I'm starting to think that I might turn. Summing it so our serenity quick break more to come to a city Jason JPM Dioner LA area. Certain disease and astrologer and a wiccan priestess talking about getting ready for Halloween. Also talking about hormones phase how do you know what your power moon phases and how do you work your magical workings all the stuff on and it's going to be. It's going to be an interesting conversation tomorrow night. Yeah that's going to be very extreme frustration I think kernel colonel and we always do win obviously every one of these should suffer retain digital entertainer that Arnold. That's a story that's makes everything everything is new every night that's when a wonderful thing about it you know I remember everyday every day's an adventure over the phone numbers 8446877669. Tonight we're talking with star cassis about conjure and his particularly particularly old style Contra which is the website old style country dot com. And start before we went to a break we were talking about of what some of the east Texas or curses or tricks can do to people and and when you might suspect that you have one. But let's let's take a step further if someone suspects that may be something like that does that play in their lives. What is the first step and walk us through the process as to what this person might have to do. To be. Internal security is the right word but terror we have the situation rectified. Okay am collar and thank. He actually bring our great art well that's what they'll. There shouldn't let the law and and I think a lot. Markers will get the recipe above are on top of that. But I didn't hurt though it ended and truly one of the arts to ones that. Every little liar and and that I still stick wit even said that the debt. Into combat operations I'll call eight. Cable fault and Beckett. And the recipe got a cop a strong black call it. If it didn't now day but I'm they don't have a good are they did bad or does he expect com. But you'd like that pop up all day. You put four cable. I don't have a ball. And in that cup of coffee it went for cable spend Becky sat. And you put it in there and you disparity in talent deep ball and then you put that in the back. And news you watch what it and did all but prior the end of it. Are you are I'd I'd like your order you want. I'll wait it out loud though that Arab bloc but spare just. No good cheered overall. Our air. And the songs to what they are. And when you want a lot to just help me what I want whatever you are English artist when he buried. Any contact apart ditch has built more than my share production out wall. That you really stressed that. Because that god promised that we should never bit about it and then knuckleball in each that. And showed that it I would like to get it. I'll let you. You can all so do obliged down. Term you can you to handle outdoor room. Chick it and the what you do debt issued trampling our. Crap I'm very hit and you go down or they get sick and don't you just aren't there pop idol it. Don't why can't go why did they are managed by. A little hand they'll work out on bail going all out war. Mario party that whatever it they're being written and I'd be sealed into the cable being relaxed cabling Barnett. Chicopee shrimping black candle huge grant went down march and that they were at that chickens being. Is that he pitched two hit that chicken scratch actually lose stared and he would grow too big and so they are constantly. Cleared that message. And troublesome right to believe. That they can only Charlie Aaron thank you better grow and your yard. And that won't scratch. And big get I have a blister. Popped his baby debt. He's act don't hate about four years dialed back now and I've got here and these young merge their larger ball. Edit it for somebody. In had inundated tightening. And show him. That little back date may either race or a pregnant. And I've watched the movie all the years and I truly believe what our Ramallah that you try. Because my thing saying B hit Erica it is not how. Are back in stride and did you get on top of that Lou. Not Harold that are scratches and hey kids came Crowell. Cho chickens they are very. Popular or a lot of balls out worked what didn't. And then of course the barn just pocket or in camp are checked. And actually a light it can all our life. And you shouldn't leg fracture spell the wind down words. You didn't use in the dorm room at school and these studying law help. We're late solve whatever it hurt if you tried playing and they do not the war. Beating you need to do Hillary bark well. And bill came gold are usually two columns are simple block handle our Asia both black kid. And a I got rid of the black cable but black actually. Dull. And in. All of it when you're going to handle work you do a little bit and don't and that I think you could put words that are your petition. All that there. But it appeared. Doing I read our follow our. If you're doing hey I'm crops that are claimed the outlets at all not to love goes. Children what ever you were checked get all can be all the kids. It won't be pulled off that you would go into the cable or whatever get a lot came north try to get prior to your petition. Belvoir goes. March up part two if you love the kid don't think you have McCain will not all that bad. Then there's no room. But what has come and all that either now or are kicked up. You said earlier that when someone comes to you who is one of one of these. Issues. You do arena in first thing you do is a reading. And and from that information you decide whether or not to you will help them you know what are you looking for at that point. We not do so leading. I went in any terms that out of their bones are light your card check out. The thought I'd do any of that. Start. Over and over about going to call. And now outlook column god and that tragic. Error calmer and sectors that I beat. Delay in the Iraq direction apparently ago. I don't wanna I don't expect it to show me what it appears that they can about this part of that (%expletive) and Bynum. Let me know what it straight let go home and children out light. And some termed boat. We'll kill you some bad and it's not exactly the white it. The world that help we all have all. Harsh action. They'd better role at all in our lot. And so sometimes. What comment I would like. But it oh my god don't Edward news. Why are every ordinary saying that I. It bat out of handled letting them and then go on at all. In my lap that I know it well and so hit it a little while more selling pot like Colin Powell. And all they need that. Outlook are popping and should be you know had an act it the more you eat kale. What is going now because I haven't had it not that I'm not we employ me to do. I've good play and the amount are out there outlook pause. That. Wind wouldn't we thank you still only an hour lap if we don't try to cheer they. Did something that happened did all that BO well Mac and showed some time to make Leo. Like someone had the war belt. But then there are other. What about act. Truly do have issue with news. And that sent them conveyed many. Your car or you lose your job money blow out of that door back Urbana content then. Everything same debate glory in Angola and all met at one time. Net and work out a way that other event. So those could be aren't that well Warren let alone so you are big baby back act say it. That you just let things go too far. And slow thing had to deal and that they would vote is. That was one thing goes along all day and they're like oh my god methane levels but are always thought. Ever say everything nobody ever at any age show what they're doing my major talent spirit Qaeda look it here. Car and I'll wait for everything not match current stick our neck and going. If you played that long enough. After a while that spirit that law would use it like to begin to belated. And so that's Charlie what we want you have. Had to open all Catholic cited last I get by it. Play that saved it for you borrow. Show your client and I stayed within your own beer they want in your world and that's what happened. So sometimes it's hard to check that they are a bit and then that. I have just let dale get bailed him B what army is something that someone had actually done to. All that bad why would you don't know it just put them in the back. Usually wore on more bit at church picnic yet. Lot bet not but what do you suppose that they better not that I get buried I don't think they. Well I'll bet he assured they claim that a football and everything minding your luck. Should teach our children erratic. But you have to be marriage all how do they eat when paying adult while waiting to hear a lot. We knew we had issues. You have to be mindful. Not to date on year years years now. But saying that bill moronic you have a black are made at the top. Six. You know if something that goes wrong and you hang of the world just don't buy a lot style block. I've never had money I'd never have. But it had not bail I've never had a bad that I because you peak lineman Matt. Bet it did exactly what is watching pat you're not gonna help adapt to. Star we're gonna run out of money Arab money time here pretty quickly take some. And I ask you about something that you specifically make it a very important point of on your website open and that she's saying you know that you are. You you don't come to you for medical advice or for cures a mental condition Jews say go see a doctor. And I find that I find that important any interest in why why do you make such a strong point that. They can apply not a medical doctor I did not have that is very active not college. And if you are the hell do you need to go to my doctor debt hateful I changed. And find out what it go on now what you. Act at content workers and spears told markers. None have bought her a lot and Bowker and it's important that we might actually. I don't talk to anybody about base and they all you know my outlook held about a doctor. You know go to go to a medical doctor should do is alive and to figure out what is legal now. I think I think that's important to and it does a lot of people altered claims to be able to do the heal thing in. We actually had a friend on the the radio and a lot of about a year ago went up. Relying on somebody with patent and passed away next couple weeks after and so I think it's important role that you you put that Alter. I'll get paid a very important you know. Oh wait no prior of the stuff we do not know anything about illnesses but medications. And saying that so many. If they are deal. You know you you should always go to the soccer get attacked. Sir we have about we about a minute and a half left here but I wanted to ask you about the conjure academy what is it in what can people low learn from it. OK they're kinder academy it shoved them that are great. To teach spoke to give them a validation for this lark. And it bit by six black that are still boggle. Wayne Allard where there were kind from. Beyond you know they import it kept trying to keep the work action and pure as possible court eight change it to where I you know because bank strange. And bid that second. To model it Anwar who learned how to do it split the war. And get hurt and how you start your own bed. You don't it can pull back. Did it work it is very import. And I get blown it. Votes to be able to learn how genes. Deal with Iraq like Arnold wore on the back and sent let it work how much so that block bargain. Idea cat. Your website has a lot of things for people a lot of resources there are things they can buy. Just give us about thirty seconds here. As what people can find on the website and again it's. Old style Contra dot com is the web address. That is correct. There it all packed with step back. And I have a lot of people I should all Matt let pat how how do you spell because not everybody has lied about. But all park had no bargain aren't as bad. Contra bags my books are all there. Any. It just mini gipper type that name. Spoke might finally we'll enact you know I don't know and share name on my ancient I'd do a lot. A big into not everybody has money and I'm pumped boats jet may help that they. And struggle went patted Blair White I didn't get a hold that may. If they made hale you know and that of course I have not I didn't. Fact that I don't know all the hot check every ball and so I don't want in my lap belt on vital. Letting you do a great job of the star and thanks so much for coming in halo with a list. Thank god where has it even more heavy dark not track. A little that we have you on again you have a great night now. All right thank you Starr were to take quick break when we come back we'll wrap things up. It's beyond reality rating Jason June. And and now my finger but I think. It's gonna happen and who made this whole world. This whole thumb war room on May have been something to do with somebody put in some kind of hex on me and recently put a tax on mainland. And should shall and having it removed a would have to do and those coffee doubts that OnStar was talking about. Coffee that's sounds like perfect way to wake up but it actually does it smell pretty heated at. It's intravenous and I guess that's the other waited until the drift a big shout out to start for coming on an analysis tonight me she tune in tomorrow we're talking about. Well it would it would and Tony with a wiccan priestess you know you're getting ready for Halloween and all that stuff so and and Tom Apollo moon phases and they and Wednesday were going to be talking ghost physics. Our recent findings in quantum physics and medicine early two paranormal events. So life you have if you don't with the showed us a favor and Israel and iTunes forests helps push it forward makes it easier for people to find. And like FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio station tour and everybody have a great night we'll catch you tomorrow it's Jason GDP are literate. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced when held Susan Johnson insisted. Yeah so can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's still going to face in the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.