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Paranormal investigations and exorcisms - do they go hand-in-hand?

Oct 18, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Andrea Mesich about her experience as a paranormal investigator and as a participant in exorcisms with the Catholic Church. Andrea also discusses the role of women in the paranormal community and offers insight into the world of demons and demonology. 10/18/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Tuesday on the West Coast Lindsay and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to be unreal you redo it myself Jason honestly always awesome in. JV Jones so when you come back from Fargo, North Dakota he has to be quarantined for any length of time limited they have to check you for anything's left. Says like in the middle of nowhere. Follow in the funny thing is today here so for those you have no idea where talk him out. I did an appearance this weekend at shooting star casino Allen mall and then. I guess Mohammed in Minnesota but yet it in the Fargo and the closer you are actually in Minnesota. So you wouldn't really real feel and think with that and Bo is so yes only in Fargo in the driveway and two hours but. And there's literally nothing. There it's very very remote. Oh the the very very well liked but yet agreed eventually had a lot of people there and did is there in their quite quite a few people there I. Now also with Steve. Steve installs the tango my daughter Samantha. I'll grant and saying you know where it's Chris Smith and Scott Porter from haunted Townshend goes asylum. I'm Josh gates was a speaker but he ended up giving hung up and Egypt and at times he's hooked up with good Duncan's rule and funky over there is in trouble legion plot. Miami Josh would probably along pretty Utley will they didn't this'll be honest now but and Zach has act bag in this from a ghost adventures disposed theater but. Eden him and his team didn't show our north American and but it was agree it was a great time except for you know while we're there are just one of the people who were there to attend the event but it didn't nose up that way Jim. They have a huge. Drug. Issue heroin and things of that nature. And I guess she is not a lot to do you know and somebody somebody actually has used 23 year old girl. Lost her life over to us overdosed and just before that somebody else had had past couple days and watching the news but it was like five people over the last you know he's so. Our two weeks it's just it was amazing well I you know Josh. It seems there's a there's a lot of attention in the in the media these days about opiate. Overdoses and overuse. And it's into the nationwide epidemic and I'm not surprised that in places like that where like you said it is very very little would do. That people plummets it doesn't surprise and people get. Introduce two and then addicted to drugs like that it's it's sad but I can understand why there'd be a problem yet but it it. It was great place and it was the seventh in you'll hold shinning stars seventh annual parent on my attended the second one. I'd been asked to be there many times sense but I just I couldn't work it around schedule. And so I made it out to this woman there is there a few thousands of people selling Stephen night. We when we had a panel was pretty much packed house meisters Dyson second up there and got to hang out with everybody and and I don't I don't do enough of those conventions or events is now. Yes so it's especially this time a year I mean what rate we're smack dab. In the lead up to the Halloween announced the season into the Halloween itself and you know a lot of people. That are excited about it a lot of decorations around on people talking and a lot of great stuff on television related to a well and then that's always. And the crazy time of the year from me I mean it's it's kinda like Santa Christmas and it's our story during a holy comparing yourself to center to. It wouldn't be Arizona's Santa but but during the Halloween and during the month of October. I remember one point. Grant mine doing twenty and as a journalist JV 26. Theaters Malia and sore and all around the country and in between that I had to fly out and do Ellen DeGeneres. And had to fly and now an LA. Her show I had a flight to New York do The Today Show that I had to fly back felt that way to do Larry King we are in now mirrored the Stanley Hotel near the slide you do Larry King down that was sent to the second area. And so it just it gets insane I mean there's been in days in October ram and it's three different time zones. So you just the same time which is just a meat and eggs that statement you know and that's where that guy John teeter Cameron and let's price this time travel. But an honest. They won't commit to be on reality radio everybody he if you haven't you Amaechi head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial it to FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com. We can click on the station to Avant final agree stations we are across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app. Which allows you to listen live touchpad shows join me online chat more now I know. The IOS is going to be fixed soon Poland the IOS version for the iPhone. And they're having a slight issue with the chat modification elements of it should be six oval it was a mixed day. But yet you grab that that's all free right there where he just click the listen lifer from the website join the online chat hangout GV myself a great community of people. Yeah a bunch of great people in the chat room I'm always have some very interesting things talked about renowned living complaining about the apple. At networking with the we promise we are getting it fixed promise eggs and gross. I'm great shows this week by the way were already do you ended day two for the week but we've got Andrea message coming on. Tonight she's a paranormal investigator going to be talking about women in the paranormal and I've got a lot of curiosities when it comes to this in other differences between. A females. Investigative techniques for is a mails to the get different results is there is there anything to that to this you know mother's intuition kind of sensed. That and some women seem to have be it as a whole bunch of interesting things can be talked about there so we talking about that demon Knology plus working with the Catholic Church when it comes to paranormal cases with Andrea it's honest. When my Forte and talk about that all night but I and I will say though it. I don't think there's enough women in the fields apparent I there's atomic guys. I think I think women in the field really Dayton they do a phenomenal phenomenal job they're great to have on the team and and I think a lot of times there there are more connected to bacon. And just seeing them work seeing them sit down and talk with the fan only try to go to communicate back and forth I think it just seems to goes so much more smoother. With them and it usually doesn't guys. Now I tell a consumer that would be the case but we'll get those answers from entry tonight and then tomorrow they met phrase you'll join us he's a psychic medium literally talking about dreams. And other signs that spirit the spirit world uses to communicate listening to him and even not even realize are actually signs from the other side. That if you look at them more closely and you take a second to think about them they could actually be communications from the other side. That Thursday Chris. And pull it moon. Chris psychic medium colonel more researchers and Paula psychic impact our researcher will be discussing Nikko spots. Book end to war so much beached. Yes so great week of programs Friday of course is a best of as always. Jot down the phone number it's 8446877669. If you wanna call in and join a discussion at any point. I know injury will be taking questions later. We always take questions so I feel pretty good so Holler if you wanna chat about anything and here we're talking about so would you and it on this everything. And you usually do nothing to yeah that's why did everything this weekend just to make a throw the weekends and did nothing. Now that somehow that makes sense this as an indoor and understand how or why it's so it does it's. All right so we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen and Jason. NG beyond beyond really revealed that a. 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If you wanna join our discussion it's beyond reality radio Jason cause Stevie Johnson thank you to everyone for listening we love having you along we're gonna have great cumbersome it's this is actually. A very appropriate content conversation as we enter Lesotho we have this week in the next week and then Halloween is the Tuesday after that is I don't thirteen or yeah thirteen days it's right answer get real close with a move to homestretch for Halloween. Everybody's thinking ghosts everybody's thinking about scary. He encounters. And our guest Andrea message is a paranormal investigator she had play any of those and the springer and Andrea welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Thank you so much for having me really excited to be here. How long were excited about having her Wear rule to forward this is going to be in sixty topic injury the first yeah the first thing you want to find out about is you personally and how you got started know this I know that you started out as a skeptic tell us the story. Well actually what ended up happening and it had a tight and two Y a little nervous about being on the show tonight. It started in 2004 before ghost hunters who was on the year. And I didn't believe in ghosts I can't believe in bigfoot and a lot this monastery could try to tell me any of those kind of stories I'm usually the one. It's different kind of before like Twitter and everything but if that's it we had social media I would have been one of those trolls mocking her body telling their stories about. Don't stand hunting and everything I didn't believe that any of that. Did you did you actively did you actively. In it disregarding what you had those stories did you look at gas I can't yeah. We disregarded my own brother. You know he would really big into the paranormal which is and then girlfriend at the time. And when I'm ghost tours and goes con and they would travel to some of feel what they would call the most paranormal haunted places in America and it would get beat something that I sound ridiculous and Knight left that quite often. And a lot of a lot of people please alt at all a lot of people felt that way and a lot of people still do it's just oh now now it's used be more of now the respected or at least it says field that you can more talk about succession and not feel Chris. List yeah more accepted definitely if not completely respected and one of my favorite things to tell people. Is that I had so many people go up to me and say yeah I don't believe any man any of that stuff we heard this what happened to me when I was ten years old I saw my grandfather you know when they have their own story which makes it even. Even that funny but I continue telling us how you got started. Well what ended up happening was my brother and his and fiance at the time during Gettysburg and they get one of these ghost tours and my brother is not really if you think your person he doesn't like to go to would get shot and pilot and they managed to par he likes to actually bring something that's more personal and he gets kind of bad talent and he's like. You know cheap. People listen this is Gettysburg bait the soldiers probably walked here from people may be down right here in this is something that's soul. Strong and so emotional and so he picked up at pebble and he said this'll be my souvenir that it. This is something that I'm going to remember about men and women who are men who died on that on the field and and everybody who keep seeing the ghosts. That keep wandering in this area. And he brought it home. And maybe I state 24 hours after he had returned back to where we live. He lived at with his girlfriend and my other brother at the thing coal to steel base. Our best deal basic something in Milwaukee celebrate French history and lots of food and music. And got my dad was in the hospital that the country unfortunately he was suffering from terminal cancer and she did so the point where he was in an out of the hospital nonstop. And so it's just me and my mom at home by herself and how the upstairs watching television and I heard these heavy book I heard the door open and close. Very happy bullets walking through all my kitchen and then down the hallway by the stairs that lead up to my bedroom. And my brother is the typical cowboy and he wears cowboy boots all the time. So I thought it was him coming home and went downstairs to ask how this deal base was. And I noticed the light and his crew was on and I knew that he had to be home can I turned his flight out personally because my mom is a stickler for electricity. It alight upon and there's nobody in the room she wanted off so she had we turn it off before I actually went to bed and watched TV. Do we have the same mom because my mom did the same exact car. Picnic I don't know but you know a lot in the Roman against the public about to knock on the door to door opened by itself. Which you know I didn't think anything out that it's kind of but drafty house you know the door doesn't block properly. And then I went and I looked around and he's not homes sell I went and I asked my mom and the badger lately and pull her up and said. Did the police come home and you know pick an IQ an apology but no I hurt somebody come home Ellison who won it. And I think you heard that to them right into that gap and they said well there's nobody in the house and candy like somebody's not there. So I thought well maybe my brother Andy took off and they were back out doing something like called him. And I heard this steel base in the background. And they were still at the festival and the festival is thirty minutes away from the house. So there's no way that he could it come home and back at this field is within a matter of seconds. So I walked back in Israel and I'm sorry to freak out not because the goats but I'm Frick an option because if someone just. Try to power again thank you intruded. Yet now I go out and I got a gun and my mom has to butcher knife. And I sleight of knife into the basement door so that if something went it's not downstairs they can't get back up is now they're kind of trapped down there. And then I'm doing the dirty Harry like go ahead make my day you know pointed the gun just kind of search in the policy and looking under bad then nothing. All the doors are locked all the windows were locked there's just nothing there so I went and I turned my Brothers laid off and ask them walking out of the room it turns back on by itself. And I'm like okay that that's just creepy like turn a light up again. And it turns back on by itself again before I even don't believe I'm looking at this which can listen to an old fashioned switched. Aren't the town is opt out is on and there's no in between they can't get stuck it gets kind of pop up. So I'll leave it literally throwing wet. Facility literally throwing itself back on Islam. Hang itself back up he could hear the click get it doing it. So my brother rush home because they're both police officers my brother John and my brother Andy. And they are searching the perimeter of the house and they decide to do that. You know gotten a little wet and muddy because of the rain and there were no footprints except the ones that they were making searching the perimeter of the house. And after that moment being just started happening like crazy I was hearing my name being whispered when nobody else was home. I was looking for batteries I couldn't find them I gave up and maybe twenty minutes later up box from the top of my closet pushed all the way back against the wall. I'm shooting now that meet lied about eight beaten only stopped get that hit might bad. And when it rolled over there it batteries everywhere just all over the place. And I don't try to pass that off and logical explanation all that maybe it was just teetering and it fell. Or you know I'm hearing things you know I hear somebody calling my name but that's probably just someone outside playing. And what ended up happen let my dad passed away. It was a really tough time we also a lot just a few months earlier we locked my grandma. And so things kind of gotten thrown into a little turmoil. I will hold it right there because we had to take a break can only come back we'll get into little more of that initially when you started off the story really started some like to treaties when they went to Hawaii and have with the Tiki and based on the tab I mean literally at least took that back what I was by the are so we're gonna take a quick break and more stimulus in the Jason TV on be on our daily radio contact. Back to the program it is beyond reality radio and Jason James Dean and thanks for. And that's tomorrow night we've got Matt free drawn a psychic medium we'll be talking about dreams and other signs that the spirit world. Uses to communicate with us and sometimes and realize it's happening. Tonight we're talking with Andrea message an entry is a paranormal investigator. Has been doing a lot of things in the paranormal world and community including investigating we're getting a little bit of back story which is where we left off before I went to break in trio. Pick up the story where you left off I know at this point. Your brother brought home our just upped the tempo pebble from Gettysburg from the battlefield which if I if I had to tell you the number of times. People have said their paranormal journey begins with Gettysburg I think we'd be here on my because that's a common story but. Yeah your brother brought this pebble home put it in his room and things started happening. And then your father tragically passed away and in things got even crazier should tell us where went from there. Well what ended up happening after my father passed away. Live on the night a month later. Decided to come into an all that 2000 and we've got their first. It was a landline machine that actually had eight digital. Police recorder we were using a little tiny analog tapes for the longest time and as the digital age is becoming more popular culture dating we expensive and harder to find so we bought our first Landmine machine that had. A digital voice mail machine and we are really excited about that it's actually when we went shopping one day became home. And the red light was blinking and we got a conference about the system well well can we have literally no lives. Literally the most exciting thing that happens to us. So. I pressed play and it just wait noise that he felt like somebody but battlefield. And I can listen to sometimes it was somebody but LP that they take stupid things are they're talking to somebody and Andy yeah little things that they don't want other people hearing so I let them on and kind of like oh boy here it happened quick. Don't tell me if all you're all right yeah you pay the price you can budget next in the prison solo. I was listening and then I heard something that I can only describe as light jet. Shocking from I'm not an. And we just looked at each other we didn't say a word we get stared at each other and immediately I called my Brothers and I told my brother come home I want to be here that. So we played it for them. And they get kind of looked up without saying anything and that finally said well let's just kind of say it at the same time just so we know we're not influencing each other. And immediately all four of us said that they had. There was one other boy after my that my dad was very clear that they keep that I love you and that phone. And then there was another male voice and that male voice said dared the light let and then it cuts out. And after that all paranormal activity. Ended in my house. And the only thing that I can think of was what ever my brother may have brought home with him from Gettysburg if it did come home with my brother. And it left with my dad. Leading media might get the terminal and my dad was a very spiritual man and that he was gonna crossover. And the spirit maybe didn't know how to cross over with here for our all these decades and then finally settled he's gonna help me and then he went with my dad. And is kennel where I actually learned about Jason and that's what. Was the turning point in my life. I had never heard of paranormal investigators. And I had started to realize that there was something more then. I really understood was out there and I it was starting killer and that maybe the people I was laughing at. Actually had some things that you know people really needed to pay attention to it takes seriously. And one of my friends actually told me about your new show called ghost hunters. And that is the first time I'd ever heard anything about people who actually went to homes and helped other people. Find out if they had a problem and then it it turned out to be paranormal. Helped them find a way to solve the problem. And went to let me just say you know. Let me just say it's always great to be skeptical. Of course but. A skeptic is just someone who's never had a paranormal experience. And so to be skeptical is is agrees saying I think the best investigators out there are skeptical or going out looking for real explanation. And and what you're saying with the spirit. Possibly follow me coming to your home in. He's staying with your father 'cause he was terminally ill on the it's not uncommon I mean a lot of times when these these things pass on if they don't crossover. Now they're they're looking for for a way to to find that light at some point again pass over and of course being around somebody as the as the past. Gives them that opportunity. Exactly out and then Leggett said it cap was hard for me to come to terms with that. And then I started watching ghost hunters and I started learning about paranormal investigators. And I started realizing that you know there is something there that I don't understand and I have this mind where if I don't understand it it just. Frustrate me. And I just kept the desire to go and understand it. And ever since I've been in the paranormal investigative field and a couple of years ago I graduated to doing a lot more with the demon knowledge insight and working with the Catholic church on cases. Demonic infestations and possessions. So I had been doing this for a long time but it all kind of started with goat countries believe it or not. That was when I found out that there were people that could help other people and it made me want to be a person that could help somebody. There traumatic experience that I went to rule before I knew that there was helpful there. It doesn't sound like you're experience was all that problematic it sounds to me and correct me if I'm wrong you had some activity. But then when your father passed you had that major experience with the rule with the phone message and that it all stopped. So you piece on the Q pretty quickly had it resolved do you have an embarrassing I just went away you understood it I guess is what I'm trying to say. I mean it it took only is from the very beginning when it first happened to a my father passed away it was about six to seven months. And so and 667 months they were little things that would only happen things would disappear and then come back. Polices I would hear voices I would have things falling out of my closet just kind of fly yell at me but I was always able to. Explain it away in some form that made me comfortable until that message because that was a brand new full. First can we ever had a digital machine in our house. It absolutely no way it could've been. I can't exploit from a long time ago just kind of in the airwaves you know it just kind of got imbedded are implanted somehow. Make medically until the machine and I can't ever set I love you over the phone he always felt like that was something he needed to see in person. So if he didn't get you personally he would never say yet so it was something that I couldn't deny any longer. And for me it was kind of traumatic at first step I mean it was one of those. And my whole world and my whole idea my whole belief system got completely flipped upside down what I thought I knew I no longer bill. What I thought I believed I was starting to have a hard time believing it and it was really hard for me were a little line ill. But slowly the kind of questioning and the wanting to understand that the wanting to Noelle took over and I can I got over that hump and the curiosity got the better of me inside became an investigator. But just hearing your father's voice that's the most helix such a brick. It did I mean I think I cried for a couple days and that wouldn't even be the last experience the other experience with my Brothers. And he received that same night on Macedonia in mr. Graham and stick it out. In AOL instant messenger I think it was called the singer and all that stuff. And it was from my dad's name and it had the lightning is beautiful up here. And my oldest brother John shares my dad's name is soul you know he didn't think anything about that until he found out my brother was on duty and was in the middle of traffic stopped. That he couldn't be messing around on computers and whenever. And then when my brother went to take a picture of it it disappeared. But it was that name my dad's name the lightning is beautiful up here. You always have what have we met at an event that you told me this because this sounds really familiar. You know what I mean I don't know chic pick because I couldn't. If you add an event or I told this story so many times not to live my book I told it on different shows. Because it's such as I think it's such an important story for people to know all about how others. Kind of got their start in the paranormal and came to kind of understanding the paranormal and it's important to share that so that other people don't feel alone. You don't don't feel like well I have nowhere to go ahead no one the top two unstuck with the experience and I don't know what to do with it. So I share it a lot so that people can it'll come to me and say hey I had this experience to. You know what do you think about this and then they feel better because they're talking to somebody who understands that. The two and have have we actually met so. I don't think we have. It's aren't so I have to ask injury to take a break you're just a moment like that before you got the message on the answering machine. And in view suspected something was happening with this pebble and we have brought something up from Gettysburg with your brother. Why do you think it was seemingly targeting you in the house. Throwing things out of your closet mentioning her you were hearing your name being called why do you think it was you. That is still something I asked myself to this stage I don't know why it was me I don't know what maybe it was because that was the skeptical. And it is just kind of trying to yell hey I'm here to somebody. Maybe wake up somebody's mind I don't know why I was tired and I I wouldn't do that would target my brother is my brother with a believer. But he didn't happen he had the experience is the only one who share my experience with my mom. And then everything else was towards me and I hate to this state don't know unless. Knew that this was the path I had to take that I had to become an investigator I had to go and help other people. Boy and possibly also just the fact that women have a lot of times are more open Suze something like this panel on moving guys are most of the time they try to fees and LT. They can just don't want anything to do with and don't want him via. In an associated with it or or to deal with it and because guys take it for whatever reason we we tend to be. A lot of us tend to be a little more fearful of it where a lot of times the women are more accepting of. Our Richard Quick break and we come back we'll get into exactly what Jason just opened up here in the discussion about the differences between a male and female investigator are there. Differences in perception differences in results from investigations from the different genders. And all that it's beyond reality radio Jason TB control. You just talking chatting about. Amazing experience. Yes. He had a deceased parent and you came home saw your answering machine light blinking. Click to play. And heard the voice of the deceased parent on an answering machine saying I love you can you imagine. How that would feel it just it's sends shivers down my spine. Yet the law and I can I can sort of relate now for a time ago but a friend of mine crescent you know read before the show go senators took off. Tom Chris was actually we're hosting media to vaccinated go to Gettysburg and he was killed by a car accident. And Chris Angelo and he had left a message on my phone. It just a few our part of and I remembered just mute as you might be a year I always say that message because you go back and just listen to him. In register because we hung out all the time men you know little things like that just one that she wanted to hear is voice again soul and I can't match apparent. It's got to be in tenfold. Part of. Yet and our guest Andrea message is is with us and induce telling us that that's basically what her introduction to the paranormal was it's what changed everything for her and injury again thanks for joining us. This is a particularly short segment so I just wanna open up this conversation but will rejoin it at the other side the break. Armed women in the paranormal. Do you think there's any differences in the the in the let's say just an end in the investigation itself. When a woman is is doing the investigation vs a man is there any difference in the response is there any difference in the outcome is there any difference at all that you've seen. Well I actually have seen a lot of the difference I think what happens especially in investigations. A female kinda takes a gentler roll we're that you see a lot of mail kind of being a little more aggressive are little more imposing or intimidating. Where sometimes the woman that just kind of sit there and be like OK you know what. Yeah I just don't let me talk to me you know just. Let let let's trying to figure out how we're eagerly and today it and there's a somewhat of a Bork had about. A peaceful and more approachable kind of a feeling I think when there's a woman in the room compared to like if you were terrific group of Matt. So to try out it's a kinder gentler investing what you religious thing. And it really is I mean it when. When a woman sits down and she's talking with the family on investigation. A lot of times that families more at ease they may feel more and more open and willing to discuss this and then discuss things going on. With a female than they do with him with a male. And and I and inched its just how it how it works out I think that that's very important. I've always loved having a female there helping expressly helping out with the interviews and and and so forth it's just usually you get a lot more information. Exactly it's like it and it's just that kind of like a gentle. Almost like an approachable mother or depending on DG grandmother kind over at sister or somebody that you can confide in. And Gil de wit and whereas a man can sometimes be a little bit intimidating. In all we get wind. You know sometimes the way they ask things that maybe a little harsher or they're more curious then nurturing mark sometimes you know they get big imposing guys with huge loft. No I just wanna point out this is coming from our guest who just told us that when she thought there may have been an intruder and house at a time. And did a crazy hairy around the house or what a 56 and try during an area tonight to try to see if there is an intruder is so don't give me this kinder gentler. Well but I I do is say the one thing and I would I even when I've interviewed clients and everything. Com I have been told that I can sometimes be very too because I tend to steer people or the eyes and I talked to him because I wanna watch for any fluctuation in any movement. 'cause I'm looking to see what if they're trying to remember something or to trying to make up something affair. If they're being honest if the if they're trying to you know keep stuff from side. And a lot of times and as you said a guy comes off with that more aggressiveness where I'm doing doing that to somebody. Is more of me and sort of making them a little more concerned where. When a female does that. It's more of a connection. Yeah I I don't know how to explain it other than is just I think it's just that feminine. Kind of you know they don't know me personally so they don't know if you look at how. Top I can actually be how intimidating I can actually beat sometimes especially when I'm on tape especially as a demonic case. But you know when you're sitting with a client and you wanna put in that. Nice to have somebody who can house. I guess just like a smaller appearance may be to a quieter police ignore the something that just. Brings them that he isn't just kind of makes it feel like okay I'm not gonna get judged. I'm not gonna get that hat that they she understands she has to understand because she seems so nice and so quiet and and it just brings a level of comfort in not even just with clients that I also think that there's a lot of don't there are spirits or however you want to identify an album that actually tend to be a little bit more active around Whitman. Just because also of that nurturing feeling that they get. And I yeah I agree with you and we got to take a break when we come back I wanna get into that hold the monitoring because they will say after all the years of working with the churches. I I think it worked with one female on on demonic type in humans had cases I wanna get into discussion on why. So we'll talk a little more about that we come back Gillis and Jason je Giambi unreality radio will be back after this. It's Tuesday on the West Coast losing. He's just missed from between welcomed Dioner like review. Celtics are always Dawson chief each arts I still can't get over the whole concept of actually I'm coming home seeing a light blinking on your answering machine playing it in hearing a deceased loved one on their leaving -- a message from the other side that's pretty incredible pretty powerful stuff especially -- it's a brand new answering machines and never been used before -- then there's no way the voice could have been on their in the first rate and it's a digital once a solid there's -- you know there are some deals -- kind used cupid has some bleed from from you know an old message or something like that it's not just none -- that's possible. Now at this mind boggling and it's it's one of those things. I think I think if that enemy at. I'd save I'd say the answering media here and when we bring Andrea back and we'll talk about that we are talking within your message to match is paranormal investigator were talking about that particular incident plus. A women in the paranormal deem analogy working with the Catholic Church but other stuff tomorrow we've got mad Frazier joining us menace psychic medium. He's gonna talk about dreams and other signs that the spirit world uses to communicate with us there are things that happened. During normal course of the day that may actually be a sign from the other side. And then Thursday were we talking to Chris and Paula moon chris' psychic medium paranormal researcher Paula it's psychic impact animal researcher we're going to be discussing the ghosts box a book in tore. It Chris has been used in the go sparks for a long time and and there's different crucial yes it is it's settling controversial tool arms so to be interesting to get his take on that. Hopefully he'll have some month recordings we can take a listen to and you can all draw your own conclusion. Yet to be a great discussion as always the phone numbers 8446877669. If you like to call and can be part of our discussion. We are in the final two weeks in fact two weeks. From tonight is as Halloween and actually. If you'll we've kind of crossed over into the next day but. No not this and in two weeks from Tuesday to assume the willingness of quickly approaching and it's their favorite time here. But he on us. I'm going to issue. It's I'm not going anywhere but. And if I do as negotiates with the president of the exact initiate your head with squirted to the radio show I would do. A B is you've just like you need to just like me you'll do the show must talk blueprint image that you just you know real grown epic goatee in this shortened probably not. Not to snap like that and you. And I won't shave my head for hours we come by a mockery earlier exploitative if you get a huge volunteer to do that. Anyway I hope everybody's having a great Halloween season and take quick break when we come back we'll bring her guest into the program it's every message we're talking. All things paranormal all things ghosts all things paranormal investigating. Today if so we're gonna take quick break Mordechai and listen to some TV. I. It's 77669. Is our top. Telephone number field for calling her and her comment in any of the topics were discussing tonight with Andrea message entry is a paranormal investigator just a book called the ghost in the coal cellar we'll talk about that in just a little bit injury again. Thanks for being with a Snyder thanks for hanging onto the long break there we appreciate it. Well thank you for having me again. So before we went to the break we're talking women in the paranormal and you were expressing a belief that there are some differences between how a female and male investigator go about their business. Other results different do did they get different results. I think a lot of times. I wouldn't say they I think they get different results based on the way they handled this situation. Again a man comes in he's a little bit more imposing. Sometimes he doesn't get as many EBPs or at many patent what every piece of equipment he's using at that time it. I could say it's sometimes feel a little bit more distant and then you bring up female into the same room. And the dynamic and it changes the the mood seems a little bit call alert at big maybe they feel a little less intimidated. These barricades you tricky little places on the EBP can start to see the light going off line. Different leaders whether the key to our whether you're male meter or whatever kind of equipment you're using. And it just slight. It depending on the type of spirit you're dealing went. Again when you're dealing with a demonic it's no holds barred it really doesn't matter what you are who you Mardy you obviously in. But with. Regular spirits were talking about human soul. Which are people who have been passed on they'd they'd have to wade but they couldn't move on to you know next life. And they seem to be a little bit more comfortable when it's a less intimidating figure especially if that a female ghost story child's spirits. They seem to kind of a catch and felt more to somebody with a little gentler. A little less intimidating maybe talk to them on their level a little bit better and as tight I think you get a little bit more upper results. We need do more of the intimidation. Are the masculine. Flurry in all the kind of an opposing figure out of mail. Usually at ten to get a little bit more reaction if the spirit is I'm more masculine spirit or get some more negative energy in Indian. And it kinda want to push back a little bit and so there's kind of like the body of the head then. So I think each. Different personality in each different from whether it's male or female they're going to get their old results. It just depends on the situation that they brought in jail. Did and they can never like you were saying they that females can definitely make a better connection. I owe it to people who are targeted. We're nurturing and they're just softer and they're more fighting like you know I want to talk to I wanna help you were a man just like. Can a lot and they are just like okay what is going on here. Well exactly I think exactly and again the guys more to the point where are at a resolve this problem and do whatever but and the and the woman's more trying to. To understand and to try to also. Kids the mindset of the family and really just just understand the dynamics it's going on. Exactly circuit like you said they're the hard men. Which in itself will get results depending on the situation. But then there's the softness and I think that's I had a good to have both black and male and a female on the team. Working together as a unit and differently in a hole in those countries you got the divide up then. I think so it didn't have a man and a woman just because there's that dynamic and there's that feeling where. Is nurtured going to be helpful or is that more of feet you know come on let's talk let's let let's beat the outlook skull. Ill and then kind of find that balance between the two liquid can get the best result. But now when it comes down to demonic type haunts and working with churches. So. And this can open up can't forums I know brought up and the fact of the matter is like I'd been involved with dealing with the religious organizations forum. 25 years. And the one thing I will say is for whatever reason there. There are sort of tough I'm bringing females and to include that that area now. Nothing in that's not me I I'm more than willing to but they are tough and is that something you've noticed too. Oh yes actually it. I wait I mean I need a lot of people would say technologists. But they they're kind of they don't really work with any religious organizations they just go in and say. I have a ghost hunter who hunt Stevenson I have siege stick. And it and I think that. I think that's important is it to put out their for all the listeners is epidemiologist all the human knowledge justice is somebody who studies demons not a fact of the matter is. Somebody can read a book an inkling that their demon colleges. And that's that's the tough part in this field. Are those that may just readable can claim their deep knowledge is are those who truly been involved in this area of expertise for a long period of time. And to the people who just read a book can go in are the ones that end up opening more we can of worms and themselves in the families and anybody they're going going to help because they're really. They have no idea what they're doing. Exactly and that's notable in not only do your research these very careful. As they read a book and now they think that they know all the stuff about demons and in so front and it's really not that hot tub blackened one. No I could you're dealing with different religions and different religious beliefs and but there's a whole dynamic interval theology behind it and that the hierarchy that angelic hierarchy had them on a carry hierarchy and you know you have to know kind of the pool facet of it and just sit like say. I watched you know it's somebody on a television show it all and they block didn't and now I know I saw how they did it now I can do it too old. You know and it helped to be intent behind because there's so many people look and claiming to be gained knowledge as. They're going in trying to find a way to make a name for themselves so that they can have their own television show. I mean. He and that's a huge issue because and in this day and age and on the on sustaining a lot of people are willing to sell their soul for fifteen minutes of fame. Oh exactly. Exactly and it's not helpful to the client at all. No but now what do you think so when it comes down to it it it females being involved in the in this area. For whatever reason the the church is a religious organizations. Seem to me sort of meek. Give them hurdles that they don't give men to jump. A lot of it has to do with the fact that. When you look at certain relief I feel well with specifically with the Catholic Church because I am a Catholic and I can understand Catholic PR OG. And I've studied the Catholic belief system when it comes to demons and demonic hierarchy. And in the Catholic Church especially and it's not so much with the priests and the deacons it's more with the planes themselves. When they are seeking help they think priest a priest is a man you know. That it was going to help meet you know so they don't want a woman because the woman not an authority figure in the church a woman is not. He apologist for the church tell a woman is just you know like the median non. But ilk are not and none of their their theory hesitant to want you kind of involved. And then that can no leaks to actual church itself there while. The client doesn't feel comfortable because they're looking for a priest. But the problem is that we have such a shortage of priests and an even bigger shortage a access yes. An act stupid to really honestly believe and what they're doing there are so many priests who acts. Actually don't believe in demons anymore they believe in the demonic a personal evil. And manifestations. Of self gilts. He's so much harder it's for you know people can really. Except women in the field because it's so hard to find in men in the field anymore. Well and but you just also opened up another another issue which Alex actually dealing with dealing with the Roman Catholic Church ideal him very very closely with with many individuals. High up I have been in that Aaron. On the fact of the matter is can you name 11. Person of one female that they have and that they listed as an exorcist. Now they act there are adult female actor says. Roman Catholic Church. And many priests. If you are not assigned to be an actor says you cannot perform the rite of exorcism. You have to have the every Dicey this supposed to have it priest that it specifically there for access systems. And the bishops have to give permission for that priests to go in and perform an exit system. Now that we as Lehman whether you're male or female we hang out. Right within the church. The war of liberation prayers. And we are often you know the preakness who are open to meet helping about men who usually used me as the first line the defense to go wind. And investigate and gather the evidence they need to go to the bishop whip. I comment during an exorcism or during a house planting an ice assistant prayers and I used prayers of liberation. Because sometimes that is actually what is needed for the liberation rather than the exit system itself. And our line of work we say it's what god wants. If god wants the excesses to perform the duties and that it's gonna work and got delivery that person based on that but sometimes got just wants. Prayers from the faithful from the late and people who really truly believe in their heart and that's what works. It in God's time is in God's hands and it. And what god wants and we just have to kind of go on tape but Lehman can be inept for prayers but it's very very hard as a woman. To get that footing because a lot of the clients say. The priest at the actresses to the priest that the man you can't be priest if your female so I wanna man. To cut men and help me even though I'm just as qualified to help. But I've been noticing the longer than I've been doing this and the more that I've been helping to route different diocese. The more that I am starting to get trusted and people are starting to understand what they do and they are calling on me a little more frequently. Now do you also feel like the church needs to really step in to. And 2017. And understand that. Men and women are capable of the same thing and really start needing to give that ability. Or at least have them more respect towards the females in in this area. Me personally. I believe in. The priesthood I believe in meant increased steadily and amending the excessive. And again that's not to say that we are without power because in the Bible it specifically says that all those who are baptized. In the name of Christ and who believe will have the power to cast out demons. But I believe that our place is performing liberation prayers and you know just basically being kind of like the back opt. There's always a leader there's always the general in charge at night and look at the exit has decreed that the general. And then we're there for back up what I personally think the Catholic Church needs to do and this is just me as you know just from the outside looking in. They need a whole lot of re education. Because there are so many priests. When people go to them for help. They get. Guess you have to personally interstate and I don't you know I don't believe and that you're candidate. Good Dina and I met up for the just personal evil that they don't exist. If they're not real just go go seek psychological help and and that it cannot shout the people locked and the people get very disheartened that they don't know where to turn and then they're desperate. And I really feel that there needs to be and a greater or more widespread education. Honor the demonic and the demonic hierarchy and understand that there's not an archaic practice for the medieval times is still necessary in this day and age. And the demons are still bothering people in harassing people and electing people every day and they need help. And turning them away and telling them you're just. Is not helpful there is mental illness but then there are. People who are really truly having problems with either infestations are possessions. And it's just so few priests that are really there that can understand and help and I just think that education is something that's going to go a long way in the field. And I am a 100% agree with you because one of the things I will say there is when I get sent down to out to a case to do approved preliminary report for the church I guess Sentelle and these this family will blatantly say. I've been trying to get help for years or only have been I've been asking. For help for a two years and so forth and it church keep on turning them away. They need to somehow make it easier for these families there should be no reason that two years the Stanley still with these issues for two years. Before I get sent out to their house. Two to write a report today and turn then they get sent to the Vatican or wherever else before somebody else gets involved. So there needs to be somebody else there that can. And it needs to be a lot easier for the families to get help especially since the families of the ones who are. The throwing money in the doing donation box and the one showing up all the time for prayer there there therefore they sell it will get into a little more than because we got to take a break and we'll get into a little more of that but that is definitely one of the hardest things is his for families to find help when they needed. Very we're and take quick break the phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Listen to Jason GDP on morality radeon. Welcome back for the show it is. You know the ingredient 2446877669. Tomorrow night. Matt Frazier will join this man is a psychic medium to talk about dreams and signs and other ways that the spirit world. Communicates with a some new ways we're an Armenian even be aware it's actually happening to us a lot of people. Dream about things they don't even realize that there could be messages coming from the other side. Richard Anderson tart Paris armies and purchased. Now here's a message of ever earning anything don't remember your spirits and I think they were born I've seen those commercials with the food taxis in those. Post harper committee the food attention comes out of from behind a bush and the big hamburgers meat and you know has it wasn't like that noticing just kept on opening and closing traders trying to buy and that sounds like a different probably just biting back. Like for different kind of Columbia. Reality retailer but it and we we are talking about while demon Knology and women's involvement and so forth and ensuring an hour Sanders. And and at what and where we are saying before he went to break if we are talking about how you'll just a lack of women being in the in those roles of of demon knowledge just the next assists and and things that things like that and I understand what you're saying where. Where you know priests are considered man but there are many religions Al they're now that. Print there they have female priest as well and I don't know why a lot of the world. Why there were on the Roman Catholic Church mainly has has stuck to the that the fact of priests are men in and none nuns are women and because it is always has that that sort of hierarchy Wear them the man is. Is the top in the way and the women are humble old and that is that just doesn't seem right to make specially. In this day and age. Yeah I need an I get it just depends on and it your perspective like I actually in the traditional Catholic I believe and the pre Vatican two. Version I really shouldn't say that because I get lots of trouble and every day that with the church. But I I am Margaret traditional Catholic I the pre Vatican two Catholic and I believed in his successor you know we started with Peter was the first Pope spent. Does the priests are representative. The apostles and saying you know kind of having that. You know I don't I'm not one of those who really helped it problem with the hierarchy whatsoever I don't feel like. You know I am being a practice the woman just because they can't be a priest. I don't feel. In that kind of an aspect about it the only thing that I wish was a little bit more her. And not just with women I believe that should be with men kill. I do wish that the priest or a little bit more. He had a new education and their reintroduction to be an analogy and demons and the existence to demons. And then I wish that there was some sort of practical training afford criminologists that they actually. Just like an exit just goes and they have to study to become an actor with an extended the theology and I Iraqis. But there was a specific plans to train. Actual Catholic deep technologists who can go out into the field and help a priest. Not just win at the exit has on the been prayers. But also for collecting the information in a timely manner so that people can get the help. Factor. I just waiting and getting rejected waiting and getting rejected waiting in getting rejected and then finally. Okay we're gonna send this person to you and they don't know what that person's role is they don't really understand what that the human knowledge justice. They if they get like TV like you know a lot of paranormal investigator an and they feel like they're. Once again being put to the side and then finally if they find the evidence that they need. They'll get the help I just wish that there was. It's process to make it smoother and make it easier I'm really happy I've worked with some great priests the ones that I have worked with. They really love the parishioners they will do what ever they can lighten particular priest from my diet it'll bend over backwards. He doesn't care if you're Catholic he doesn't care if your even from the area he will help you would he feels that you need help. But there are so many creep out there that are not like that and they just sit on it and they take their time and they don't even send. And immunology at the look at me and think that I'm some wacky person. Because I believe in demons and I believed in immunology and I and they're just they dismiss me as much as they dismissed their parishioners. I wish that there was more of an education for them more of an education for future criminologists and more of just an understanding of what this does. Well yes and the only reason I brought what I what I did vote and female. Issue back up is just I guess because. Obama. And I have four sisters and father 33 girls. Three daughters and the fact that matters I just wanna see everybody treaty vehicle and I get totally blew a totally what you're saying. On that. How do you think because I ate a 100% agree with you with a hole it takes to Long Beach these families and these numerous times have been sent to Al. Finally to these families who've been looking for help for years. Before I get sent top of the churches to write a print what preliminary report on what I believe is going on there. How do we rectify that with church how to we finally get the church. To understand that this is unacceptable. When these families are. Earned their supporting supporting you there there. You know pre praying to god at your places. In your leaving them hanging for years at a time when they're truly looking for help and I understand that fizzled animal 99% of the cases out there. Have nothing to do with demonic entity should do it has to do with the other issues. But you can't tell me that the church's soul overwhelmed with these cases. That'd take that is seeking to him he had two or more years how to how do we rectify that how do we get the church to understand. The that's unacceptable these people are there for you unique to be there for them. Therein lies the problem again. Ever did and again and again so much trouble I hope my priest as a listening covered by it. I really believe that there was a big shift in Vatican Q and and Vatican two was trying to modernize the church and make it church popular and you know it it it kind of started going a week from the doom and gloom and fire and brimstone. Could that happy god you know that god where everybody goes to heaven it doesn't matter you know what you do in an end of the things that even picked a bad god not. There's no vengeful god there's no raffle god they're so even there's no pain at the suffering it just happy happy happy blah and do good things then. And and and they think they kind of erase the whole. Spiritual realm aspect. And I can't feel logical fight with at what priest friend who you know that they called me into help because. Somebody's been pestering on the pestering dominant big scene be like either coast to coast trying to show like this since and it K okay can you come in and help me. And it will have the theological fight about whether or not even exist. And that attack machine that there are creeped out there who do not believe in the demonic. And that's. I think that it just. The biggest thing is their needs to be a complete. 180. On the way they're being trained in the seminary because from what I hear from younger priest is that they don't even teach that in the seminary anymore. Which has. It even colleges are into an actress says. They're just kind of late. Wading through the water like what the heck am I doing. Boy which is crazy does a very booked at their preaching talks about the did demons. Actually the fact of the matter much that the candidates' kids that derailment in the. Personal demons and I say well the the site saying that he's not there mentally ill. Well that's blasphemy how can you say something like everything yeah I'm not you are you're telling me that it's able mental illness and Jesus actually had a conversation with Satan. Terrible that wasn't a metaphor it was actually he had a conversation with statements they are attempting up. Well and and the fact of the matter is you're sitting their preaching to me from a book about the way I should live my life Hawaii. Why I shouldn't do these things and then in the same same breath fewer yet are doing it I don't you don't you do you don't believe in demons which is. Very much a part of the variable that you preach. There. I you know it and it how hard because. So a firm to it and the it could mean the Vatican two started in the sixties. So we've had decades of this re education which was actually moving a week from biblical truth. And 28 or what we want to get people to come back to the church so we gotta make it fun and we got to make it convenient than. People don't wanna comment state here that their demons and actors howl in laughter. So they try to make it all happy and nice and then fiscal Spierkel wound round trying to get ignored. And then we file into the problem that we call until. Which is why I wish there would be more criminologist I don't care their male I don't care their email. I'm not that big feminist you know let you know everybody has that female priests female I don't give a crap if you're male or female. I want you to go I want you to get an education I want to help people I don't want you do it because you want to get on TV. I don't want you to do it because you think it's cool do you think it's fun and want she did do it because people need the help. Priests who actually believe and as priests who are actresses. They need that helped. And I think that would go a long wait to actually educate future human knowledge it has a court. Forty terminology through the Catholic Church to teach the hierarchy to teach the theology. Says that there are people that can help. And it you know I I thought all denominations I don't care you're Catholic I don't care if your Lutheran I don't care if you don't have a police. I will help you the best way that I can't. But we have. Have to have more I can only be spread. Hold and it didn't even knowledge is starting to slowly wither away because people want to be on TV people want to go to. You old Waverly hills and it urges that any planetarium think they just wanna go and have fun and there's not that. Connection that's why I can't admit those counters. Did you get used to go while we used to help people in addition all hate this time it turned out not to be anything but this time it turned out to be something and it is how we helped them. We blocked that in the entertainment field in the entertainment built it strictly I can catch you go to the mere. She you know it's not possible anymore. I think we need to get back to that. Yep I have. I get the impression on manager that you've talked about the subject before consistently fresh and get out and get it. Let we've had people waiting on hold armor I just realized we're gonna run out of time here let's the stick to call this is Robert Green Jersey he Robert welcome to be on reality radio. Hi how are you doing tonight. Andrea I discerning more of the say that I reserve code caught off guard with your program man and I just wanted to tell you that. You're spot on whatever. Well. And now I'm glad I didn't feel I. Some armed are actually writing on the subject right now. And brown. Well. When there's one thing aren't you bringing out of all the anywhere what women are sort of suppressed. When it comes to the right of exercise and but there's there's one thing I wanted to bring them out. And that's that are around our blessed mother. It's actually. You know every key figure. Who. It into Edmonton and she's been given power over the double and I just wanted to say I don't believe women or suppress yeah. Says I don't believe that the Pratt because we have great power. Coming through with our faith and our prayers of liberation and assisting we are just as important as the exit says when we're there assisting the exit this. So I don't feel that there is a practioner suppression of women per say. Because I still say that we played an important role it's just there's not many of us who want to do it. Or who are expected to do it at this time because. People just looked at actors sit and mail and they feel more comfortable with the male figure in that role. So I just think that we need to add more women need to be open to doing it into helping people. But I don't believe that just because we can't be a priest or we can't be accessed just doesn't mean that we don't hang out. As much power as an actor that because. Prayers prayer and sometimes it got listens to billion liberation prayers even more than he listened for the exits as forming their ritual it depends on what got more. And makes the call but yet just so you know I mean it was me pretty much same path itself. I'll I'll I'll take it you don't know and so whatever but they may cynical. Yeah Robert thanks for calling in from New Jersey on the C do we have time we might have enough time to take one more call here on what who has okay. Are ya let's go to this is Michael in Canada actually Michael welcome to the welcomed the show. Actually from Toronto while Onterrio. It's. I just have a question before. The guest and they couldn't seem to remember her name but anyway. Yeah. A location here you know well do say. You know you had experiences with years here that earlier on and now you're talking about the you're known to demonic possession and the Catholic church and stop. Well the question this doesn't want to have for the Catholic Church ten fundamentalism. Dismissed gold says demonic you are any kind of I don't. Move forward and anything to do with the caller says Karzai demonic. He wants certain drill. The failure of the Catholic Church there are many effect of christianity that deal. But many within the Catholic Church especially access to do understand the difference between. The demon and human soul I mean and they will express that they don't call ghosts they don't call spirit to callebs human souls. And they believe that human soul to play a role in our capacity even back in the Bible Jesus himself that. Ghosts are heated tickled that real don't believe in that it did that get demons he can't look at me I'm not go. Gold still have a question though and he I don't flashing ball and I am not adults because that's what is his disciples were afraid that he was the goat when he first appeared to them. G the credit that now those don't exist. The but. Michael thanks so much for the call we just were to simply at a time yeah and we as we have to keep going Andrea that are great discussion thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for your book is called the ghost in the coal cellar I believe that's available on Amazon and other places and your website is in the process of being built. Yet it and it should be backed up by tomorrow. We get had a few technical areas but it paranormal realm means that Blogspot dot com. Grade level deathly we'll talk again some point. All right thanks yes thanks so much really ticked quick break more coming up more phone calls it's beyond reality really decent TV. Just hope he says that you've got actually a frantic caller on the line and we don't get a lot of people at a frantic when they call. It is something wrong I am not sure this guy's name's Ken he's calling from New Mexico he wouldn't say where reason he was a little nervous about didn't count but he saves says he has something very very important Telus OK a couple of lock pick and welcome to be on reality rating you're on the air. It. Yeah we're we're fine can our producer said they get you were. Is it pretty anxious serious something pretty important tell us what he. I have some of the most amazing information. And you wanted to shirt and GO and the rest your listeners. Good I'm excited here with desist yeah holes let's hear who is Lewis happening. Uncovered a true story. And ten and again. Ten you gotta see it again mean eat but you know reserved it would what was it. And and each and I think you hit buttons but stay somebody there you know opinion turned against slow download that. Eight market and analytic and I have uncovered a true. On what had been lock. GG yeah I'd emotional immune his Biz Stone uses buttons ten it's a what happened at where. How you might know. Are now my ears are blown because I believe the McDonald's right search and its military and and forgive us please tell we're here and it's found zones are reading these are Thomas. Okay well I created web site pedal which information on is located at www. City and city and about the song. Little extradition on a website guess are you located at www. I. A general still make kind of stolen continue to exist. Sounds like it's on the important but yet you continue it can be email you can we contact you. Sugar it can. Fast forward. And it I give up and you. When you're gonna see this. Or answer all your question no I haven't. Yeah. I love I love tends enthusiasm here but yeah they saw little. Now he's got a two distinctly for Marcus is a little too excited either fingers are cheeks so Campbell try to find out what what happened. During the breaks yet so he's he's got to keep something away from something there but we were at a time its FiOS tough critic thanks so much for joining us can try again tomorrow emaciated tune in tomorrow we get a great show thanks to and everybody have a great nice Jason NGU kitchen who had. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know stomp my feet in the agency hello fading certainties because well Jason hello slow and it chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.