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Lydia Ramsey (Business Insider, Allergan)

Oct 11, 2017|

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If you're on the go you can still keep up with the financial exchange on the I heart radio lap available on your phone or tablet just search the financial exchange and you can hear individual segments were full shows if you can't listen line we've got it covered on the I heart radio. We're joined now by Lydia Ramsey from business insider she brought a story to my attention that I thought we would talk about and that is. Drug companies and what they do it artificially. Inflate the price of drugs that you might need to take Leo welcome to the program. So let's talk about Allergan what are they doing to protect a patent on one of their drugs. And there aren't out again America's passion and that and it extracted ill let. Read the and Olivia and they get the patent you by the big bucks a mr. it it it irk people caught I. Am about more than during Ali it out every ear. The what they did was hit by the power and Q did at the heart track. But he's accurate but it's our community at current patent on patent it's very specific channel that there. Potentially it. What is that being in the tribe have to do that again is it because Indians are protected somehow and and bad bad and I've Errol we're call. Indian tribes developing a lot of drugs historically. He stepped it isn't pretty much had passed and I have never heard about it out. There there are you groups that are able to kind of and operate outside camp are patent challenges that you are these. I'm not include air America. Out of the bit and you mean I got them. There is Smart. And if you're at it that ideally at challenged as his base and. So it's not illegal but out as our Ginn defend their actions I mean they've made a lot of people very angry. Greats at 8 AM think that there were Eric I expect. They basically but there arguing that they're trying to protect their and the acts are double jeopardy you know. There is not hatch act that's exactly. Back it can get away. Very generic company you get on the market. Got a lot of pat and mayor Kirk had a and a crack and that mean. There that prompted the company couldn't. Be keepers sketchy and create a lot of hand and conduct. There was they're happy to Alec and now is happy to you. That course and be under patents and it actually writing and right now in the car a bit. Car over back to you that's what it meant that second chance a patent on it is is it something. That was set up under active you got on and and there are. The patent litigation that it's really need anyway I did it. Here I'll pitch count. Something's up into parts for the car into what arrogance. From happening is getting on that. So on happy to get there once. And. So. What what's the net impact on consumer right if I need devers would you congress passes. The drug. With what the impact on a consumer. Who's taken that drug. Right you right now Adam talent and technique has patent on the cat and our twenty all right Billy packer. Originally at occur by the act and yet it's coming into that next he added later. I. As it rang out here you can only have one option for a strike he can take the Grammy category and and now they haven't achievement. But ideally one day. There should be generic competition neck and back and let it looked at the break down you know if I can get the right and it's able you. As heat it's jet on patent for longer that it means it it'll pick up our ears hurt her lower back and it to the market sort. And can understand. Now what's the response from congressman. Have there or not he'd leave at 88 victory epic its and it confronting it. One group. Democratic and it Eric apps apps are correctly. I am at it it's it can make pelican that. At 88 at it by the talent as Graham McCaskill instinct that lie actually trying to make it illegal. And it is at stake and that and represented at how to act up. And ask mark at that station in the current. So the the base dirt they kicked the hornet's nest and Allard. He writes yes it it's in pointing that out in and out. Patrick is. At stake and it is what I'm. Double digit rate is going forward at at this point the other social contract that really need. Back at the picture and men and edit it and it's it's kinda people keeping their beat. Well remember the you know the the guy Vernon that company. They can say whatever they want that they work for the stockholders. And they're gonna do it's ever in the day and buoyed stocks trade at 207 bucks a share. And Ned too badly about stockholders what I conceit thank you Lydia I appreciate your time. Lydia Ramsey business insider is you know it's dirty pool it is is I mean I'm trying to think back this is gotta be one of the most. A bold and creative and public. Exposures in the loop hole that I pursue all I've seen a million of them this is pretty mean they do this take advantage of they add native American tribes that this through it to get out of your drugs through. Patent litigation that's that's pretty bold. Now ID I think this comes to bite them I think this is going to longer term draw away more attention they're camping they would have liked. Munich I think so I think that there going to be an ambassador for this in dragged in front of congress I think it's going to be I don't think you know him. Detriment to hurt their stock on well I take a look at their stock. From July this year down from 260.