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David O'Connor (Founder of Mindtrek VR)

Oct 11, 2017|

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The financial exchanges live on FaceBook and YouTube watch Berrian chug discuss the issues of the day and see which one smiles at the most. Days as the financial exchange radio network. Every Wednesday at this time we interview a business owner if you're a business owner go to our website and can't reach out to our producers talk herself like he'd love to schedule you'd come on the show and talk to us about what you're doing to run your business today. We're joined by David O'Connor he's the founder of a company called mine tracked the arts a virtual reality company. And you have an arena in Woburn. I've I've read a couple stories about your company tell so if you can Canada what you guys do and who your consumers are your customers are. It in short what we do is we have an indoor perjury arena via the easiest way to understand exactly how that is. What that is and how it works is if you could picture paint all laser tag. BM blended together with virtual reality that you wouldn't have what we have out. So unlike most virtual reality where somebody puts on a headset we've all seen the videos that kind of funny you put on headset yet you feel like you're on a roller coaster in your freaking out. And we all sit here and laugh that you watch you do it there I didn't let me left and right so you don't see us when your in the headset and we don't see what you're seeing your really kind of isolated. In this scenario I can put everybody in my warehouse in headset and you are all in the same game together participating together ha so solar cells and work. Wait vivid description of I read. Was like it would seem that would appeal to a lot of young man. Yes and it. And there there is a war game scenario right now are running a zombie survival game but that just happens to be the one we're running I have we have a game right now that is just really almost equipment or corn maze and VR also can really go taping we want it to me. That your point on the the consumer and it does seem to be predominantly younger men but we do get probably about 3540% women. But it is by and large the colonials colonials and corporate groups so the you have this facility in Woburn how much space does it comprise. The game itself was 4000 square feet so the space accords a little larger as we. Everything else that's needed in the giro on getting in gear and whatnot but the game itself has 4000 square feet and how many people can play at a time. The way we do it is we break the 4000 square feet into two separate 2000 square foot Arenas and and I can put eight people in nature greener at times a sixteen minute time playing basically now right. And would it be if it sounds like here. Here they're wearing computers is that if is that what kind of technologies involved. For the participants snipped so what happens is this. There wearing a backpack in the backpack contains a meany and a mini computer that Adele. It's an alien alpha computer alien alien where alpha computer there so they were in a mini computer its battery operated and that connects to your headset in earphones so that's how you can see and hear everything in the virtual world. And then within camera plus I would in the ceiling we've mounted a 168 cameras are. In they seek infrared so they're substantially it's on so what am I looking through and wearing goggles you're you're wearing a VR headset VR headset you'll learn a VR headset you're untethered you're not tied to a computer and your body is the control you're gonna get up and go. So the cameras take all the data wirelessly. From you send it back to the server and and really on your information to everybody else and that's how. Vacancy were you are you can see where they went in the virtual world. What's your web if somebody wants to check it out in and try to be you know come up and and take a visit and use the machine which would stick with your what's the actress. Mine trek VIR dot com did you get that Tucker mind track trying to. No yard diagnosed check out some videos of users on line this morning actually playing the game would just take pretty entertaining yeah yeah that's pretty pretty cool technology in does that like bar that comes over. The top of people's heads or is that of those like sensors or something yet so that's the tracking the cameras don't actually physically see mere use the cameras seek light so. There's some tracking devices as you just mentioned on the top of somebody's head if the agreement on this one in the gone. So the cameras Kara that information related back to the server and and active players doing it ninety times a second room and that's how we track Q what was in the virtual space. I think anyone system laser tag people he mentioned this got to be seen truth is really cool for the stretch and after like every room has done. I stumble into Travis yeah so how how frequently do think you be able to update with new games at this point well this to think so there. Technology is. To buy company called zero latency in Australia got so contractually would them. They call us a certain amount of games they've already there we've only been open for three weeks and I'm Woburn opening in about two more months and my Alvaro and they are ready. Three games ahead of schedule. But the way it works right now we have three games that we can run now. They own the at least one more game than a year. In and won every year there after but they also all upgrades to the existing games that remain popular so kind of like I now call of duty. And mine crafts and lasted fifteen years each the reason they can last that long and keeping the number one team every year is if you play call of duty today it's not the same as well as several years ago they keep upgrading making it better so long as people like. Yeah right Sam and Mario mine has been around for so if if our zombie game is super popular people wanna keep playing at they won't add new variations in levels to it. Has this that's phenomenal. Phenomenal. I think people like it. Paul Aaliyah I mean you could go on FaceBook look at the reviews I've been in a lot of businesses for a lot of years I'm going to be our guy Ametek I am an entrepreneur mark. I've known bars restaurants trampling parks clothing boutiques. Have coming in a lot of things. I've never seen anything we aired the feedback is as positive go and find the FaceBook page Patrick via Woburn. I think we the last I checked well over a hundred reviews in just the first couple weeks ago. I think there's three that unified stack. And I think this is attempting to fly right Yankee you might have a bachelor party group of guys come over the party. In the end is there bar there that there there's not a and and and we're about to experiment with that I think about it physicists or after I got out that that I have and an experiment in and out and in the long run. Part of my vision is to put food and entertainment around this in turn this into the top often via via that that Michael anything short of that we didn't write how Harry Boca. We put we released tickets for about three weeks in advance every Monday we released more tickets for the third week out he and the current week tends to feel about half. 50% leading into the week in in the video we want people walk in and pretty much kills. And what's your it would tear capacity how many customers can you take it. Well again it's all based on the open hours I can run sixteen people through a game here physically in the team for about thirty minutes company please the need for two runs it and again this is strictly easily agree that it does it it's not too labor intensive I get a body Q2 in Austin which is. For Mary yeah I am Marian currently park Korea and Australia so that this is pretty simple but. As far as schemes can run like as at sixteen people at a time the game takes about thirty minutes 32 people an hour and now it just comes down to one hour's worth being open is it worth being open on. Tuesday at 2 o'clock when everybody's work and all right so right there aren't what we can do is they are big days would be. Friday night Saturday Sunday's would be big thing right now yep exactly like anything and entertain that we. Make all our money basically for Friday afternoon to Sunday dinner but we do pretty well during the weekdays one thing that really surprised me we knew we get it. I guess that with a ten to deal I didn't think it would be street right out of the gate. Is the money through Thursday's we are still busy open and public on veggies and these are jammed with corporates corporate events in and it annually to the college is Vegas. Yeah yeah and that and you're going to be slant it it is it is totally viral we've we've already seen it 7% we do and after you come in as a service you automatically get done and he great corporate. Great you know team building all at a camp where it's. Right now we're against a much of party literally within the last few days he'd double the staff that for you if it. The web site folks if you don't learn more about this I'm gonna take a look at a minute chance of its mind track VR dot com that TRE EK. Mind track VR dot com. And you can book Euro corporate event team take a look at the site and who the heck knows maybe they're hiring you're looking for jobs here again difficulties. He's a good hire and your move and you're gonna open a facility in Marlborough Massachusetts. Correct that's gonna open probably around Thanksgiving so to your point yet lea hi Aaron and mama Hogan and and maybe into Connecticut some time and the next one on the docket is king of Prussia Pennsylvania and then on dangerous you know usually you end up. Congratulations. That's David O'Connor founder of mine trek VR dot com joining us today on the financial extra. You've got Barry Armstrong. Financial exchange shall look I mean Cilic ginger radio network and.