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Brian Bolan (Zacks, TSLA, SGMO)

Oct 10, 2017|

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If you're a landlord take advantage of zeros it's a fully automatic online rape collection tool that is free from landlords with an account at any participating bank can always free for tenants. Sign up and have rent checks deposited directly into your account call 8776917900. Today or visit he right dot net for more information. We're joined now by Brian both from Zacks investment research talk to us about a couple stocks we've been now we've been mentioned as one of we've been talking about first one up on Melissa's Tesla so welcome Brian now what are you what is your take on the company right now. They like action at a meet in all I really like hassle you know right now this docket that is Zacks rank number three in at the hole. But that's just based on. Earnings estimate revisions so over the last sixty days so there hasn't been any estimate revisions that have meted in his back system and that's what holt right now. But I did see this morning at Morgan Stanley raised their price target on the stock from 317. To 379. Does a lot of things go on without flaw obviously I think we're talking about the model threes and kind of production numbers are going to be there. There's potential for a bottleneck in the system there. But for the most part I think we're a good news from the earnings report that comes out on the 25 of October. Leno you obviously haven't seen a whole lot of movement in the stock price over the last I guess since the beginning of summer really has just kind of gone up and down and ended about flat from where was the certainly up what 70%. Over the last one year. It's for me I get a little bit concerned like you said about that mop bottleneck on the model three and then just some of the language coming out of the company. You know why didn't we know about that bottleneck a lot earlier than we did is what concerns me. Yeah you know I think thing and that deliveries numbers that have consistently come in below expectations. Wall Street hasn't penalize the company that much in the past you know that if the question is does that start to happen. As the model three comes in because a lot of expectations are built into that model three. So you know I think at this point really have to wait until January to get the real delivery numbers from. You know the December it I think in previous tweets when mosques said that he's gonna have a need you know a big. Monster deliveries. December's probably gonna be the first one. Brian near Macon car parts by hand I mean I like I and I don't know the industry but it. I I in either the Wall Street Journal's got it wrong or I I've I am I would be short the stock before I belong. Yeah I think if you take a look on YouTube and to look for tussle factory yeah will be able to see one of these videos were robots. Are making them by hand I mean that's the story but I don't know that there's that much truth in all. Test servant afloat take a look at. I have also I love the card don't get me wrong I just. I you know they missed their target would be produced 200 cars and they're supposed to do 15100. Well I think it you know 200 harshest is that deliberate for the model Torre and you know that's gonna be a little light so I think. The next couple. Months you know on December is supposedly gonna have 20000. Model threes delivered in that month so we'll get that number in January I think until all wolf that point this stock as. It's pretty much interest in country. Okay bird Brian would if they lay in day and they they they put out 5000. What does that do to your opinions. Well I mean that would really hurt it. You know it was significantly off yeah you know that's that's a big amount you know there's I mean. Our investors. Are their investors like fidelity on the tunnels Morgan owns allotment and unit is a lot of big institutional money behind tussle. Absolutely and I don't think that they're gonna sell out just because of one minute number that's the very beginning of the Iran for the model three which could basically does he game changer. Right no I think if they can crank out 20000. Even by the end of the first quarter I'd be pretty impressed. 20000 a month. Yet and yet if they're if they're rolling out 20000 a month in December I think. You can see this doctor at well over four. Well and you're gonna see them everywhere. You know late if people are gonna say 011 knows where nobody you know you see them on television but yet he can't go to dealership in the C one. If you start seeing your neighbor to one in these raving about if in fact a great car then to your point is going to be pretty the stock to hold. It. Yeah can we switch over real quick to this this are coming Sangamo therapeutics and really heard that them what can you registered is exactly what they're doing. Yes thank therapeutics it is actual rank number two that's the buys. And they both styles core eighth and the values score of now do what I say that you probably like I don't wanna buy ads and apps and value but. You know on the growth diet I'm all about broke in any timing the divergence in the growth score and the value score I know that I'm on the right track because growth investors just want something different. In value investors. No this is Biotech company that in that very hot space of gene editing. Taking in the tickled to DNA and they can edit and Indian aid to try to improve things or or you know policy cures have body. Cure itself you know so we programming DNA. They have with the copper zinc finger. That's kind of a new. You know. Process that they're using as opposed to us some of the other stocks that are in this. At a crisper caps nine about technology that they're using. I added it is one of those and yet NT LA is another one. And the our past he has won but. Saying Nino has been in the stocks under ten portfolios since I think about a month and a half. Apatow and it was nine dollars when we got into it and it sixteen bucks balance though for a lot more room. Well Q really cutting edge companies obviously at Tesla for ticker symbol TS LA and that Sangamo therapeutics SGM thanks for joining us appreciate it. Thanks for is much is on nervous about tussle that darn stocks up six bucks today.