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A Christmas Story, Bigfoot Juice & Back to the Future - what a show!

Oct 5, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome three guests. First Zack Ward how played the bully Scut Farkus in the lovable movie - A Christmas Story - talks about his career and the iconic role. The, Allie Webb discusses her product called "Bigfoot Juice" which she developed and says that it will attract a bigfoot when used. And finally, Ricky Dean Logan, actor from 2 of the Back to the Future movies and Freddy's Dead discusses his work. 10/5/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's unsound West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many years. In between welcome to be unreal literati myself Jason Ozzie always awesome JPG I think it's the Twilight Zone on the West Coast and it's the Twilight Zone in the outer limits on the East Coast and that's where we aren't some people are stuck in between there because things just weird things happen tonight. I mean well I think scope. So I had a race right if he's trying to cracked me up half the country and Greg really you know bomb bomb very bulk up a very vocal she is not my intent to do we got a great show tonight it was it was gonna be good to a pretty good show too but you know had somebody somebody backed out last ma'am I really get into us and we childish. Yes it is the we've got a better show and now we've got just really cool stuff coming up levee can turn outlined this as it's all come together in the last fifteen minutes we've got Zack ward will join us in the first part of the program for a quick segment. Zach of course is the actor that played Scott's caucus in the movie a Christmas story which has become like. The indeed all time favorite Christmas movie on your arm my kids and I watched every year sorry you know you'll shoot your ride outrage great talent and set Berkus is the bullied kid who wins of getting his nose bloodied by ralphie ultimately in as Scott's a great guy and I finally loses it just snapped yeah and Zach is a great guy and he's done a whole bunch of other movies sense he's duties had director producer and still acting in. He's gonna tell us a little bit about what he's up to him also. Anxious to find out from him. What it's like to live a of the life of somebody who's got an iconic role in a movie that's as iconic as something like one of these fever Christmas movie and you. You can't go anywhere without somebody calling you back character's right you mean just it's a possible animal at least on its funny thing is he still looks very much like he did Anatolia so alienated by it it's different I guess when their kids to the growth a lot of times they looked totally different right. So they're able to still have some sort of a private life but. It's it's a great movie and where we watch it every year laughter yeah it is definitely classic he's gonna be it's scary kind and so we're talk about all that's up but then we're gonna have Alley web come on now Alley is the woman who. Invented the big foot spray slash bug repellent. And TV's gonna test it out as that meeting sprayed I didn't see anything on meetings. I had not agreed that so I don't know where you can over that. But yes we're gonna talk to Alley and I know a lot of people are excited about this finale has a full. Line of different products and G Hatcher. To the coverage for a I don't know but she if she does just that should be an excellent goal blood. That's all you have expected to be the next month. And then that's for the third part of the show no not third hour but the third guest we're gonna have on tonight is Ricky dean Logan and this is going to be interesting too because Ricky dean. It was in back to the future two in three plus she's had some paranormal experiences here vampires and yet and Baywatch and lose some tells us on his resume look really cool. Tell remember in a minute. But. You know you we talk about time travel on the program one fact we had a whole controversy about time travel with a guest John tighter. Yeah I teach them what went all different directions are every every time I ask a question you talked in circles and chart over my right but the idea of time travel was still something very very important to us and we need more like to have guests on but what does pop culture think of time till I think. Anytime somebody thinks about time travel and pop culture sensed the back to the future movies come to mind they have to. Oh absolutely and what it's funny that you bring that up because there's stocks in the news about the time ago. So you have to pay RS suppress a bright but it. Yet time traveler was arrested Wyoming. A time traveler wants me time to a so called time for a question we get through this so clearly is that changes the whole because you know but and it just. As a cops in Casper Wyoming recently responded to a rather strange call bottoming in claiming to have come from the future. According to authorities Bryant Johnson & Johnson was causing him to scams related to. And on Johnson wanted Johnson's not only not related to imperil our meetings here experts are so many of those kind of a crazy story analyst but according to authorities Bryant Johnson. Was causing some sort of disruption at a residence in the city by insisting that he was a time traveler sent to sea of humanity. On moments quite a boast has put a claim candidacy was sent to sing and I mean they sent to the Castro why he ominously six maple they're probably. Thought he two the young man weaved a remarkable tale in which he would come from the year 2048. That his mission was to Warren a modern day residents of Casper that aliens would be arriving next year. OK so we came. To save humanity through time traveling to Warren. People that aliens would be coming next from its when he 48 he was sent back to 2017. So to warn us that in 2018. Yes events at a desperate it's a little confusing because. Am hoping to keep the citizens of the CDC from CT invasion Johnson reportedly requested to speak to the precedent of Casper. There's a president of Casper Wyoming problem is there is no scientist position at it in Casper but hey Andy and his defense may be it's 148 terrorists that's true it could change because uh oh okay you never know attitude that can beat new capital of the US. So but anyways please contend that Johnson did not break the laws of space and time but he actually violated Mora. More mundane ordinance by way of being public publicly intoxicated. Makes more sense now on but in an attempt to explain his drunken seat he actually insisted to the officers that it was the aliens fault that they filled him with alcohol so that is body can survive. The toughness time travel well you know our good friend Duncan rule has said that an occasion to Duncan well I mean Duncan during so much. She. Are you lose the weight for fight days later he loses me and means it is time and so he kinda jumps into the future if you think about that come by however he claimed that his journey was far from flawless as the ET's. Allegedly sent him back. Two the year 2017. By accident when he was really supposed to be sent back to 2008 team when did you sit aliens and have been yes Sony's they sent them back to. Awareness of an alien invasion is Canada's. But that's a so but they sent a practice so that would make the actual alien v.s in 2009 team. And not 2018 if they mistakenly seven back to 2007 team and not 2008. I don't know I just don't understand when aliens would send it back in time to warn people that they're coming. Because they at least one funny I mean when Obama made it essentially in bad approach opinions if they get here we're screwed as it is. So but but anyways so in 2019. We have an alien invasion we will be taken out according to this drunk out of Cass. Or Wyoming no it a second though our guest of the other nights I'm blanking on the name at the moment but so we were talking about the faces from near there the writing near the pyramid somberly and aliens were coming 20/20 three I thought he said. Yeah well 120 into the aliens one hit each of interest in particular Casper oral message mr. Casper who can. And it's cents or harmed or with a plan so. But on that note. I'm gonna get ready to bring the one and only Zack ward who also is known as probably better recognize discussed for kiss off from the movie to sort of bring you minute there's essentially intends as quickly I'd be really careful are you sick no. Lloyd and I trouble while politics on that our assortment of quick break Mordechai a mom hey if you haven't yet made she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. 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Coming up in just a little bit we've got LE web joining us from happy body care products essential oils she claims she's invented despray it's called bigfoot juice in fact. That will attract nearby big successes. It fetuses of big feet big practices but it also doubles bug spray so we Benelux talked her about sky and other stuff club stinky dogs spray a bunch of different things she's so much with our expert notes 1%. You know mobile phone I don't know I can't answer for you so don't look at me like yeah that's but that's also good thing to perfection making things that you would never think. It's just a minute spree some stinky dog expert in this room. It and it'll it'll cover era cheesy foot snow spent the hobos because she's just so. But we bring here and we actually Jim we get we've got a real treat tonight we're we're going to be talking with Zack ward sack of course. It's probably best known for his work in a Christmas class and he can't turn on the television anytime in December. Without seeing something related to the movie a Christmas story you know ralphie in the red Ryder BB gun. And in although although the Greek debts in that film in Zach played the part of Scott forecast the bullying that. Not film who end up getting his own and Zach hey welcome to be on reality radio so great to have you on tonight. I thank Garrett appreciated this front. I wanna buy some notable big foot X. They're right they're related to but it's too good not to buy it. But yet you are doing a lot the second brigade into some of the things that you've been doing recently because your your resume is just huge but be taught. Beef pork out you know before we can do that we owe it to everybody who knows you with scud fork is to talk about this a little bit. How how did you get that role. And I know the story you told me the story before I know it's a little different than what people you know might assume so tell us how that all came about and know we gonna talk about what it's done. For you sense a. Okay. And certainly this salad is thirteen years old. And I was going to what we call like cattle call audition. That means that there's hundreds of kids. Little electric 400 kids. So you get when you make a startling case and Fiat expects. And you go through that like twenty times they get down from 300 down the means fifteen other guys. And I get the job. And people don't know I think this is the fingerprinting is that when I got the job. I was just the sidekick I would utility. I think my lions are not you're until we get over here. And so then we are cheap movie had never met the director before because we were auditioning on videotaped a brand new invention back in 1982. So then. I get this sad time put in wardrobe into the first time to meet the director. And I right beside the guy who plays over Julia and Oneida. And she sees that I am basically foot taller than them. And that piano and he says 00. Thank. You get his line if you get yours go to the proving sidekick to being the bully. But with a characters' names the same or did they switch the names to. There are the Manger Rick Edwards chose saint he would always Grover dale and I was always steps carcass. Having done that especially aid as as a kid of thirteen years old going through that would all these hundreds of other kids are mean it's kind of a nerve wracking processes and. I mean there is no it isn't and didn't. The because my mom and actress and structure when I was ten years old and I was going to a bunch of commercial auditions and so you get used to the auditioning process and he didn't really. Indebted with too much. Mary. Because you you you know you've got a little kid eagle a lot of additions you Gumbel commercials and I don't think they're really got wound up about it because. Out of it really conceptualize. Hey it's a movie. Together and get debt is just well I don't know them something really. So I don't think I ever got stressed out about it I think I have just up the first time I saw myself in the film I literally cried. Because because you didn't like your performance or because. This is that in debt it is. I get to see them. Over the Olympic gold Davies is that how they checked to make sure that the for the dork so back then it was also 35 millimeter not digital. And so I was in the screening room with Bob Clark and their mom and it was this could. It was that he or I'm going. Yeah it would continue you know it I think there may be an I had a very drag. You know they had seen. And I would never before. And incredible true indicator repression during course of course are facing. A good look. Template that in the same and so they're biography of the man could get represented Pacman then you get the daily news. In my own terms in the I think I remember that were reported you can she told the story to be times you term commitment. And I'm crying apparently. She goes hunting which wrongly. I'm so. And Olson's that the character element in my head couldn't have a guy I would regret. That we are there and human beings beginning. It's so funny it's because last year watching as we watch it every Christmas and I've got threes thirteen year old boys and one on my twin sons turnaround because. Daddy this. I would not that kid how could I I'm I'm I don't know why I don't usually let's kick it exactly it's. Well that must be something that kind of play due to forbid any way you know that character is so. Battered him number pulse of necessarily uses almost you almost have a bit of a sympathy for a bit the same time when you just wanna punch and so you know going through life. Would that character attached year back must haves I don't know if it ever create problems for eBay is certainly had people you know scowling at Chiat day. It was funny because you know I was thirteen when I did it and also the great thing about what Bob Clark did with the movies you remember. That market gets his comeuppance Aaliyah and that is a big iconic hat not doubt that he should step in the east we're going to blurt out his nerves and just a little kid. Again just a stupid jackass. So. I think that the Clinton people are also led the character to their loved watching games but beat and then just being a little pond. So I met people later on the life as a movie so they hit its stride and became what it is now. There response he was always one of his body is aggressive grandma you locate the correct that they. Those those more sympathy and anything else we've got we've got me and what you will probably out for regular duets and it doesn't make sure we got about a minute here in this segment hopefully he'll stay for just a few more minutes after the next after the break your. I need to ask you this did you ever expect this movie to become what it's become today. Are you why are we waiting for Bruno go have got to many you can answer if you can't answer no and we can win for the break as a team. Unless I had magical powers that be no way to ever. Didn't know or prognosticate that this had been hit the hit movie would turn. Into such an amazing iconic film in American history and the fact is it's entered as on the top most important films of the last century. I Library of Congress. And I have a little kid and I had no responsibility for that. So now I had no idea is the thing is an incredible incredible honor. We're talking with Zack warden come back from the break we're gonna talk about some of his more recent work he's done a lot of stuff checked. Absolutely has been exchanged look at this list goes on and on and on. Are we're gonna take quick break again had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page a call in numbers 844687. 7669 guarantor Freddie 446877669. You listen Jason. Gigi younger Hillary you. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners to now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short on help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Channel. We will chat room grew it was a it was a story about a guy who knew with the last name Johnson in the few comments he made about John have you seen what's going chatter about Johnson not a lot of pain I can repeat the stuff without the fear of revoking FCC licenses or not gonna say it. But if you do want to find out what they're talking about go to beyond reality radio dot com click the company I chat button you can join the chat room see what's going on a lot of interesting things to say is just Zach collapse to send some pictures and itself. Looking forward to you I don't know if you would be no Zach if he can come do you get anything from Jason Hawes within attachment don't delete a written pleas to sit at their pitchers a JC EST that. However all right so this is tackle more question about Christmas story than a one of a move on of course on. That movie I mean it's you know what 84 what you did it come out ready tree 83 rookies who came out in 83 in a really didn't hit its stride until. Ninety's when wasn't that it actually was. At all costs they discovered I don't know I know it had played before that but it really hit a stride at some point. Yeah it in his tipping point and like the twentieth anniversary. And that's when it was sort of culturally agreed upon that this was the movie of Christmas. That's really hit cultural identity and idea it was played 24 hours. Marathons and TPC at TNT right and everybody kept watching it in and I everybody can combine the dvd nonstop and it just became that thing and I got I watched it grow and people would say never heard of that and then everybody in the room and heard it. And it just it just slowly became a thing. And it's funny because that you bring that up because honestly I never never knew about it when it first came out it wasn't windowsill. The late nineties early two thousands that it was on every year and that's when we step and we started tuning and initially when. When I turned it to that I thought it was a different different movie and and we just sat down like what is this. And Dick system remember that and we watched in the and his shoes every year we've watched it ever cents. Yeah well if the funny thing about that is that is very similar to what happened with it's a wonderful life. Because if Atlantic copyrights so the reason why you it's a wonderful life was played toward firmer at times over Christmas because there are no advertisers paying for Christmas time and they have this free movie did all these different. Affiliates could use. With Christmas story eighteen he bought it from the MGM a library and it basically throw into the never did any money in the in the theaters. So they can always get in big movies and navigated. So they put it up as a loss leader. And so slowly it change what. How pal people dealt with Christmas this crazy. It is crazy and has has changed your life as that movie continues to become more iconic does that does it change your life. Oh yeah I think my electric Christmas story our embedded. I mean. My left. I can't imagine my life without Christmas are now every single Christmas I travel around the country and I do. Charity fundraisers. And the relationship I have with people on Christmas because they know me from this in the they jury in the greet me like norm from cheers like some long lost uncle. It's. Yeah it's it's going to be it's a bizarre amazing wonderful thing. Okay I've got to ask you I've got to ask you one more thing is this a this this game to mine from one of our conversations previously. The sequel what a disaster right. You have to sort of act as. Yeah it didn't work out. And never side but I do I heard that some of the original Christmas or fans that are really intense about it literally have burning. Yeah and I guess I just so bad for the actors not there. They're smokers now yet. But you've been doing a lot of stuff sent to mean just looking nature I indeed he list to me that page goes on and on for ever I mean you've done a ton and it will be here all the Detroit it will roaring on your Rory you're born a year before me let's let's calm that down. Yes we're pretty we're both pretty. But one thing that's pretty exciting is that at scare con this weekend where you'll be with us and Mulder we're gonna be story showing one of your films. It's called restoration we're showing it Friday night at 10 o'clock at scare con. Tell us a little bit about that film for anybody who's going to be witness to see it and then also some of your other work some things are happy you're happy and excited about. Okay world restoration. Is suspense horror film that I wrote produced and directed. And acted and I who wrote it with my operating partner games on grass sick and he produced at plant until I actually directing. Yeah and defend its based upon a true story my fiance is brother lives in general contractor in Seattle and he found a ouija board. Inside the wall. Public building collected 1930s while and I'm not superstitious but I know that these beliefs surrounding the Wii U border that if their curse. If something bad happens on them yet have taken up the holy ground. Instead of months fired a prayer in Korea and if there is something bad happened on him and he wasn't bad happens somebody else. You put into a wall. So that just meant the so we had really malicious intent to treat them the right base via a basis for home on that. And I young and we moved into the new house. And one of them as general contractor get a while ago like that and doctor. And that as you know opening of the house. He finds its relic from the past is not a ouija board and then as he gets more involved in finding out what's happening. This story involved it evolves and dismissed ghost appears. And then these sort of hold down the rabbit hole. And my mom did oh cool. That's 82 years old killed 10. Yeah she did make. So that says I'm very NASA almost called restoration again we're going to be screening at its Jericho on Friday night which of the day after tomorrow whatever. At 10 o'clock we're excited about that you've done a lot of other things Zach what are some of the the things he would consider highlights in your career. Transformers. Originally the apocalypse. Almost famous I did a little known film called trade with Kevin Kline. I've produced a couple other films one called don't blink the Mena Suvari and burn up some green and myself and another phone call Bethany. That gains and I didn't it's out on dvd and so forth and now I'm writing in these series that we go into production in December. Except kids scifi and post apocalyptic. Adventure series so. Posey had the picked up visit visited there picked up for airing. Now that say here here's another thing is you shoot on spec meaning your financed and you shoot it and you make it look. Sexy and gorgeous and then you turn around to Amazon or iTunes or YouTube or any of those other channels and say would you like to. And they do tell us who's a billionaire. Yeah we're at at this it's OK it's all changed hasn't it. It really advocates. What the world was like when I started during different from what it's like. All right. We we you know who I I told you were when do we had to talk to bring you on tonight that we keep you for ten minutes we've already kept you for half hour so I hate I hate it I hate to drag it out. But done you're director Euro writer you're producer you're an actor I'm sure their other hats that you Wear that whole process what do you like best. It's hard it's really hard that separate them I would say that producing sucks. The problem producing is it that thankless job. No when no one likes what you're doing the always have been better suggestion and none of them are responsible for the paychecks. So it's like herding cats angry angry cat scrutinized for tales. Directing a lot of fun writing straight adore writing and acting valuable. Well Zach I want to thank you so much for jumping on with us tonight we appreciated look forward to seeing it scare kind can't wait to see restoration and it's going to be great weekend. I don't for a cure in I've seen people drop by say howdy and cannot receive a movie. It's perfect Austin and Henry and I now. Thank you yeah it's OK Zack ward again he's going to be appearing it's Gary Condit from New York if you want information about that just ticket that's their conduct Tom in a couple minutes Jim we're gonna bring in Alan Webb. Yes and start talking about some big foot sprain and some other small things she's from she's worked on throughout years are so let's take a break and we come back more. US the phone numbers 8446877669. Dental treaty 446877669. If you wanna give us Cole talk about anything. Elicited Jason javy beyond our military doing. The trifecta. I've ever done pre gas before Jim I think this is a first on the show. And we did back when we used to or we'll just try and forward. An arm for Wii speak channel guests every night because waited three hours and in an hour per guest when I savor and I was once a week battalion that was the norm back then. We have as hasn't gone syndicated we've we've had like. Three people on the phone at once which was kind of weird because I. On this night there are pretty Laettner who even had three seraguso it's very special might. And our next guest is Al Lee Webb and Ellie is the proprietor and ate it designer developer on the future which Paula. Of the line of products called happy body care products. And she's inventor of the spray. That she claims will attract any nearby big foot but it also doubles as a bug sprays rink just to get to the bottom of this talk about it Ellie welcome to be on reality radio cavium showed tonight. Hey thank you for happened me. Now thanks for coming on this is Estes. Great because javy and I have talked about this numerous times especially when since the story broke into and a disinterested sweet wanted to we want to learn a product yet we need to know the before we know about the product let's tell us little about you what do you do that you're designing and sprays. I think that. At a pace so. Are at this break and about my husband to work well he is in any big every thirstein. Here so he would take my bug spray out that we make and have a little bit more or less than and now do it. And he was warning offense and that had a little bit more of an earthy man like Nell but that did not our girl. Armisen and then you leave it said Alan Natali were just trying to see Europe. Something that was you know Phillip didn't get the job done for the and it is they're doing that has been a step further and that if they both going to be attracted just pray. What would it ally and we just started kind of you know it's been following ideas and we kinda came up. With the concoction. The next home that was the next. Today you went out our and that any. I I again I mention I'm not sir. And that they had an encounter with an apparent they let them. OK so let's let's make sure we understand all of this. You. Had had already made a bug spray that was something that you do normally. Yes we have about that we felt normal. And then at. Yes I just I just want to make sure we have all the pieces here. On this or you have party have a bug spray you post your husband is part of the big foot researcher were investigation group he goes out they use your bug spray B you said it's a little feminine spell smelling. So they asked do you or your husband asked you to create some minerals and more masculine in the process of all the issue evolved into. Speculating. What kind of older would attract assessed much right. Oh. Okay. And your. Husband and his team took that spray and went big foot 21 night using it and they had an encounter. Okay did they get any pictures. I expect that it. I have coolant knobs. That is the paradox of bigfoot hunting we if we have been in net in that does dilemma for a long time I realize this so hard for people to pull out their phone they were just got a Smartphone on him and take a picture. And oh. I have had the same thing if it. So so LA really have to ask you though you have a whole line of products here no are you a product. Developer. Yeah. This is something you've done for a long time. I'm Ian and it's something that we had dabbled in for a little while. Wouldn't say a long time you know it is not definitely decided that we are passionate about and that we quiet. And I products that work healthy. Order. For people believe that you know there wasn't class and many chemical down. And then it out and make a home but differently. Okay and when you decided did a dig kicker on this whole concept of creating a spray that you single triple might attract big foot. What we've going for we actually going for big foot spray or was this more a marketing angle. I don't know when wind and leave you know we're really did think that. That the not a marketing angle it hit it that they. Why it's it's brilliant one but it has gotten no notre brilliant point if it is because you've more fresh ideas and as an unbelievable so I'm I mean I applaud you for Lebanon's trying to figure because. Honestly if you have a spray here that will attract big foot Jason and I will sprayed on ourselves and we will sit and wait and wounded or spray it on JV you can take us I'll set and cameras because that's what I'm good and yeah. But I mean this is the million dollar question I knew if you have a solution here we want you involved. Absolutely absolutely acting and it would be off from a epic disaster. Just open because they're alert. So now you you said you said they were and how they. Being counted bigfoot to have this experience. So that that is 11. Test I mean have you have you sent others out with that have other people on mountain and used to have similar. Ian and Lee. Bryant had other. That they went on that they have been able. He has really can't information for. You know I don't think that they necessarily had an encounter like it did look or. But I think that it definitely helped I don't think that it it hurt me saying you're not gonna hurt or that there are wearing. And what kind of scent attracts a big. I mean what is this what is the smell a bit at a two and one I think a big foot I think to a creature that. Probably is not gonna smell that good. Yet as though. Well we believe that it is a little bit more than not he's now. Something that Angel earthy that's gonna keep him interested or are. But it's not going to be filled our living like. Well like at the door. You know our natural human Mel. That they're gonna say oh yeah that definitely he waiting to stay away from them up front and and I you know it's not going to be so. Are all day. But definitely have that interest factor for them. So in other words sort of lake. While some hunters though use that that spray when they're going out looking for deer that sort of its abuse than the smell of human and and they're able to. It closer to the dear and so on and so forth is that we're talking about. I. Okay and two can you give me some sort of an idea of what the smells like I mean. Do you. Hey there look we here at the natural and all that our products. So it it it has an earth be essential alt now. Got so little that must keep. Alec and turned your copyright of China and Russia and what we'll do what it's gonna what's gonna smelly and if I spell as my pals can reach skunks or is there is no matter. And at the end deadline not a nailed it it year eat all else. Not where improbable liquor you know act act for it on my kids when I go out. There. In hopes that all stay away from them or they that they get taken by you by a big foot. That the plan on how to pay that and in the why I thought I'd get that trust me I have kids so I were talking. Who is Alley web from happy body care products who has developed a spray. That may or may not attract big foot. On but also doubles as a bug spray really take a break we'll come back we're talking about some of the other things that she offers as well little later in the program Ricky dean Logan. From the movies back to the future to end three plus Freddy's dead plus a whole bunch of other stuff that he's done. We're gonna talk with him about time travel plus some paranormal experiences that he's had. Himself some pretty cool stuff. And then tomorrow night or me talking with David Meade oh yeah yeah yeah over him Tyree and if you all don't know who David mead is all these stories of him and I'll there about. The end of the world happening September 23. A lot of those were taken while it was David's an initial story but he didn't didn't claim the 23. The media sort of put that date Al terror. And dale that'll explain what he's talking about this whole end of days and how this is all coming about to make she tunis going to be a great show. We're gonna take a quick break more calm if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page that had to be unreal any radio dot com we'd find stations we around download the free apps and much much more you listen to Jason dvd on Ellen radio. Last weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrity. Leaks over twenty. Get your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't bring a look at Matthew Miller and shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique vendors to skirt on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then they're the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West in Georgia Merrill with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. Kid fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot. This Wednesday on the west coasters and he still spinning your stuff in between welcome to be on really hearing you myself Jason honestly only saw us in achieving Johnson's. We're going to be bringing Alley web back into the program in just a few minutes of talk about her of body care products including a spray that she says. We may get attracted big foot if you Wear it it's also bug or part college because some of the things but don't bring up some in your because and again this is not. Not a new show it's not a political show but we all know what happened in Las Vegas is just you know couple days ago it is stated that this this story that's coming out now. It is so unbelievable. And you know originally. The story was this gunmen. Was a nobody who had nothing in his past and who was just kind of you know completely. Invisible to people mean who was a nobody but it's turning up that's not true. And it's turning out that he was far more common. Eager to do far more damage today and actually occurred to me and one of the things they're saying knows that he was firing at jet fuel tanks. While he was in that hotel room window to try to get them to explode which would have basically been a fireball. That would have killed thousands of people. And it didn't work thankfully. But there are damage to these fuel tanks are McCarron airport but anyways so it's just it's amazing how this is turning into a far more complicated and far more in depth story than was originally thought. Yeah and so and of course I there's a lot of wanna especially when the first himself there's misinformation shows up everywhere and everybody is posting as quickly as they can without really doing any research on it. Just try to be the first of its stories are which I think is. It's just sad not because of being honest with you and I am I saying. OK if you wanna tell the story fine but you know and that person should never. I mean just in just. Saying the name disgust me and look and aspirant saying it. And recently of course mean brunt of a story about it's just and it's it's heartbreaking I mean anybody who wants to once it. Take somebody's life like as just as I count. Yet in others there's no putting rhyme or reason or sense to it it all and you know there are also looking at his girlfriend as somebody who was far more involved than they originally thought that this is going to be more Scioscia sent away right before yes yes so I think got my guess my only message here is people should really good you'd turn on the news or some and at some point and kind of get a sense of what's going on here because it's it's it's it's an unbelievable story and an unbelievable tragedy ending injuries you said. Our heart goes out everybody who was affected by it in the nation as a whole. But that's how we're here to talk but we hope much assist talk about organ bring Alley deck and in just a moment after the break but before we do that. Tomorrow night we've got David Meade coming on the program to talk about on his beliefs. That signs are in place that point to the biblical apocalypse the end of days. And this is great in this release and not that strip of sand of the huge hit senator control Nevada. Honestly because David had all this information showed up everywhere and you know as illustrated Judy I mean it was it was showing up on every news feed you can find about how disposal this plan it's a crash and earth were all going to be dead on September 23 because this a guy who cook calls himself and Christian moral largest. So it all the all these things and the funny thing is. David does he know where that cool Christian numerology is thing comes from because he's a call self that. And he never eat according Tammy never said September 23. And all this other information so we're going to be talking to him. I want him to clear the air on all that explained what he does mean does he did say that a lot of things are happening. But more than it was significantly the Mayan calendar I mean everybody saw the end of the world's contributed javy and it wasn't it was just a new beginning so. And that they were let David come on and and they really explain. Yeah I mean as simple as you know as long as we've been doing Michelle. Are so we'll take a quick break more to come you listen to Jason dvd on. It's. Beyond reality radio phone numbers eight and 46877669. That's the number anybody can call to join the conversation if you want to. We always welcome listener calls and we thank everybody for listening. On the radio stations that carry the show around the country but worthy of listening online it doesn't matter welcomed everybody in Chad we just like having me on long. Then you can check out that list Cisco tooth beyond reality radio dot com click on the station tablet analyst all the great solutions we are on a cross country are constantly updating it was more stations so yep and right now we're gonna bring our guest back in LE Webb is the owner of happy body care products essential oils. I'm she has a spray it's called bigfoot juice and Ellie we've been talking about a little bit. I wanna know about some the other things you have access thicker saw something like stinky dogs sprays and another when your products. Yet they have at sea dog Ray Allen we have a German shepherd. And Sheila to the app act and it that you and in bad and act cannot end without crack at. We decided to make it. The at little critter round gent the nonprofit board and take in Iraq and the doll trained. Without hill also will help combat the dog now it it comes along without calling out bad. Colonel I think you need to call it stinky dog. Cover ups and a separate sticky garlic bread I'd been under the hole impression since GOP tell me this that it was for some reason you are creating a spread a smelly stinky dogs that. Oh man has this is why the Gary Gary Billy Daly thank you. My kids got those things that is the worst thing in the world and I didn't go right just so disgusting so I'm Ellie Ellie we only have a minute or so you're left with few but I want to know one you've got a whole much stuff no losers dia. Do you sell it directly mean how can people find out more information about all these things that you have. Yeah Ireland that should be slam obviously it's gonna be happy party here in. Right now we're on faith that currently is just going to be happy body chaired the hearing and if you have any questions you know they'll read it check our product. In the any messages I love talking with people. And it is you know we'd love to hear from me. I need to know though you are you in do you intend to introduce a whole line of paranormal or crypt did based products in addition to the big foot Jews. We will see in Latvia markets generated the end you. While and I would've thought the unit that website up and run long before he created the big foot sprain. And only a viral Gloria I mean if it's sleek. Wow. Well you know this had they came at a narrow landing. You know we created it we didn't say it QB did they give it hit so far. Or that the early. Eight hour forty hours delete the Internet a lot would have in this business. A little bit past track about it every saying. Well did you get it did you end up getting a lot of orders for the Vick for express. So in the lab. Really he's killed a couple hundred and. This is what we need you to do for us okay we need you to take some cameras and take your husband and his buddies out into the room for a field sprayed all of them. Put the cameras on and show us what you catch OK because we wanna see this. Definitely if I get in the picture galloped a mile he got man. How close are right on veteran on the radio station page is like 44 million visitors a month and they'll be able to check it out so we we need video of that and actual bigfoot nobody nobody's really. John Osama some solid evidence. Or we can worry it and I was thanks so much for being on with us we appreciated good luck again it's happy body care products. LE web and we appreciate your being on so. Number two we're just gonna bill in between guests here Jim wanna I wanna mention a couple things because a lot of people would chatter talking about this Las Vegas thing again and and down you know people are just to just completely baffled by how somebody. Could get as many weapons into that hotel room is that man had. And it's not hard I is that I don't I have to be honest that you do over time well but not not even that it's just as a guy who in union on IE. I collect I collect weapons I collect guns I haven't done it for years have I've owned guns since it was younger. And and I have cases I have looking cases and everything else that that the guns going to duties before traveling to Ted into the gun range everything else and honestly if if anybody ever looked in my truck and saw these they would have no idea what was sin. So anal and the guns breakdown on the come apart. So I can put an end to any any kind of a case so it doesn't take much to actually move something in the let alone all it takes is somebody sticking something in a suitcase. And you know putting clothes on top of it and so forth well tallying you've been you've been with me in Vegas it's not like they're going through your suitcase. And the guy drove in from Nevada so it's Balaguer you know they're going through your suitcase is not like they're looking through the through your stuff. And I don't know. Yeah I mean -- the old big classic gangster movies you see is you know the piano violin cases with with guns in the mean so it's it's pretty easy to support its heart cases and all that's exactly exactly so but of my guess my point. But ultimately be that we'll probably end up seeing video surveillance footage of him going in another room or something sort pro innocents -- Vegas where there's cameras wherever every five feet pierce camcorders are now. Yeah it's it's insane I mean over every table for every every vaccine are now I know I know somebody that probably has a quite an opinion on this and a whole bunch of things we're gonna bring them into the program now Ricky dean Logan. You probably know him from back to the future to may be back to the future three may be Freddy's dead girl or one of the other hundreds of things he's done during the course of his career. Ricky welcome to be on reality real great to have you on tonight. It so we were just talking about this unbelievable and I know this is an obvious what you expected to talk about but. It's unbelievable what happened in Las Vegas this couple days ago in Hebrew as a nation we're just reeling from nests. Yeah my my heart goes out to all the panelists lodged. Lost family members lost follows another lie to kids some a parent myself and down. You know got out of nineteen year old daughter who go to Carter Chad. You know AJ accept the so don't worry about it. An energy guy talking about security stepped it goes on in Vegas and you know I think what people need to realize is that. You know big issues security is based around. Cheating and still. I bet that that that's really what they're based around I mean that's what our whole security programs for cheating stealing. There I don't think there're there are looking for. You know guys were bringing it to you guys shared. Guitar case and are piling Casey's or. But you know can you imagine how many trips you had to take into his world to give up much. Edgar on an animal into this woman get nobody did nobody noticed it. Not that not have made not housekeeping not. Not security. You know debt debt debt that kind of work where I was at what might not comment is how how the elderly get that step up there. Well the problem with that is that again may come they come apart it's you can you can take you to eat on a par and shove it into. And any kind of bag any kind of a suit cases it's. You know and and I just know that because I've gone from. Then from here to that you other states where I've I've been doing things. And you know I've taken them with says state trooper friends of mine to goad goes shooting and and we've. Packed numerous guns in into small cases 'cause we just take my partly who assembled when they're there and so forth or in pelican case but then again he can be going down it was car bringing up a suitcase every little while. With it with these things and it's at home who knows that it's just that it's. Yeah I guess it was there are three days to advance so you think derby was to take a suitcase up the day you're there are right on. They ought to have a I have a I've a good idea let's talk to us in the happy and yes that puts it to sellers here because. We're not and this is not why we wanted Ricky what we wanted to talk about this couple things actually review first of all you're gonna be it's clear on this weekend which were excited about. Armed you've done a lot of work. That you noted for the back to the future films obviously very iconic films. We talk about time travel a lot on this program and I know back to the future is. You know fiction entertainment however when you say time travel to laymen immune to somebody who doesn't release and the stuff immediately backed this feature comes to mind. Is that a fair. Representation of the types of things we talked about. When we talk about time travel. Yeah yeah I think so you know I IAA. I think that that it's time travel and it's shop like that it is is is what what what whopper and and. Bought scale we're trying to come up with what they would do the script I mean I think I think you know if you look at what we did this film in the ninety's. Actually eighty. And and we almost got the cubs right. History we shortly or we're what you're away from the cubbies went in the World Series which which which is right. And I got a lot of things right thumb as far as that goes now is proper time traveler I don't know about compliance come. I think he got a lot of things right but I I think it's their sorry yeah. What's there's this theory called musical the grandfather paradox. Our our grandfather paradox and that's kind of represented in those films and it's something that I think most people who study or believe in time travel. See is a real danger of time travel. Then I. It I was missing what do you what do you think of fun as some of these reports the new we've had we've had people on the program who have claimed to be time travels people have said movable wounded. Teeter said he came back near 2032%. Think he's been living among us and he went he went on for years talking about this until he was found to be fraud porch. Well you know what here's here's the deal I I can tape from my experiences. IPad is as we all know what they call it deja Vu. I'll Wear year in a moment and you realized sure identity for. I know exactly what's going to be said next and it just happened to be a which you seem content it shell. And the same thing happen to be absolutely will call or webcast rates and we were outside for second on a break. And we've both looked at each other and she said you felt it actually yeah it was vegetation I'll be a lot like. We were right here at this moment right that would ban I've never been to talk the quite restrictive Kentucky ever. So actually had goosebumps all over her and she's like look at my leg a colleague I should I know I understand why I felt great. And and IA IA I election I probably where I'm I don't people continued great because whoever you want but I I think that dumb. I believe there are a little soul I I do not believe it is my first trip here. That's for sure. All right we're gonna take a quick break here when we come back we're gonna talk about Ricky sprint paranormal experience he said a couple that he wants to share with and talk about some of his work is back to back future stuff. Is not the only things he's done and I'm anxious to hear about to his relationship Michael J. Fox do. Absolutely and if you have any questions feel free give us quality of 446877669. Tall freed 8446877669. To listen and Jason GV. Dioner really revealed that. Jason GP phone or received 446877669. If you've been waiting on hold to try to get your calls and why else. Hum our guest rate now is Ricky dean Logan Ricky this third guest we've had on tonight we always say the best for last. Well well you know what I appreciate that but you know what I don't appreciate crop charity event. Folks if it's true we are a 102 is a great group so I have to ask you being involved in the back to the future franchise and that's an iconic. Franchise's first American film go. On and Michael J. Fox obviously. You know well loved and well liked actor what's what was it like working with him. I'm not gonna tell you man Michael was incredible war quest com yeah it was a huge fan appears before I got. The ball on and I only started as a brilliant actor and in Algiers just Chichi just a very kind. Cool. Guys and I I was lucky to had experienced a were quick comment and Robertson backers sand. You know like you said Libyans to be such an iconic film that. Yell at that receipt is just made me because two to this day. You know there's a whole new generation of kids that are kit to to the film and it it's it's double side. If you watch it today that it so like it it's so light in that in the now like it's almost like it was made yesterday. Yeah one of the things those find interesting is frequently seems to have happened a bunch of times and I don't know if we've. You know gone through all of these dates but I'll see something pop up on FaceBook page today's the day that Michael J. Fox went to. You know index in the future whatever and these dates keep coming in you think to yourself boy. When I watched that film back in the eighties or whatever was. That's like so far in the future and here we are. And now here we are now exactly. Now that we we. Drag them back to the future franchise it's it's probably not an overstatement to say it's been a bit of phenomena I know that you did does some appearances I think overseas with the group. As as part of a tour part of a convention I think it was you were telling about in you all unbelievably. A received overseas as well. Yeah we were in London and it was unbelievable that we had. Over 6000 people and the audience what we do the job would you paddles were you can actually go in and the world on stage you can ask questions on that list. At that panel London duke 6000 people packed crowd. All big yet it is it shall blow my mind it's it's it it like a sense of franchise never goes away. It's eight I get stopped daily still all like a cent from young kids. It today Google paid you boat goes forward don't work on water or. You know any of the iconic Gupta we get it and yeah you're right it's it's one of these they'll say I don't think. It's gonna go away any time soon. Yet and because their time is kind of short tonight with few wanted to do shift gears a little bit and talk about your work with Freddy Krueger. And obviously that franchise another iconic franchise that what happens to be in the horror Rome. But to you were named its one point as Freddy's quote and quote favorite kill tell us about that. Yeah yeah next that's absolutely correct I can take check gonna happen we were in need Robert Robert don't we do all of which are traveling right now we're on our 25 anniversary for criminal street six which is try to stand my belt. And so I just got back in Kentucky was clobbered at least a little clock and getting out soul. And you know on brushed Jones and I mean we were all there to say well all of this where there are additional Robert and sound. Yeah it's it's you know it's funny it's another iconic that home you don't got to see these these iconic French charged into them which are very cool for me. But yeah Robert Robert Robert an incredible guy we've been traveling all over that are you know all the country right now which has been great. For people that haven't seen your film what is your kill scene and why would that be quote unquote steady Freddie Saber. Why did you say I can haywire what doctor Robert about it what you mentioned debt. You know I I I play. Gasket in the sale. So Oprah Robert she hit he'd love to kill and to stay curriculum because. They all drink till pro Freddie. Ill Freddie could be. Go one out or somebody that has here and apparently it you know federal she's sort every gap because because you're a terror aren't handicapped we just can't hear. And now one of the great things about that about shows. I'll have a lot of the gas committed to come up to me Bob now they're older and database a you know a bad EU made my light. Better and an animal waste told backed by activating commercial whoa wow how about possible at all. I got killed Freddy killed me and it should have been horrible for you when they were like no because. You made it cool. I'm too to be hard of hearing okay you know to. To be gaps and because I chose to do the character. Not in your typical sense of up of adept person and I I chose not to do. The boy where you know you you hurt you here. Normally when you're adept person Nate they never before they had been Catholics speak and I I talk to produce and it should look at I really wanna play this guy. As normal as possible. Because I wanted to bring attention to the fact that just because you're you know you can't hear doesn't mean that you can't picture stupid to get to when he thinks. LH just to get an apartment I have friends say it our depth at that our change decision as far as I'm concerned and I would trying to really bring attention to about. And it hit a chord where is the kids they came CNET elm and when they went back to school they said. You know Dave became the cool heads and that that's that's always an exciting for me about it agency you know heart warming sure. Well yeah I know you say is true because actually as we are putting the other scare con in Europe attendance was announced I actually had a a hearing impaired person email me was so excited. That you're going to be in attendance because of everything you just said he really did make a difference. Yeah yeah that and actually don't patch batch. Man ultimately guys patched that's why do what I do you know I'm I I I love my supporters and you know I don't do a lot of shows and down. You know what I started to do down. I've realized Citic got a lead to connect with white supporters. Who you know who loved my work and and all we status is is all I live. It's eight you know I I can't do what I do it I don't supporters love what I do. And so for me to be able to connect with them and talk with them and spend time with debit cards are stories. It's overwhelming sometimes I like always we show sometimes stretched completely. Out spiritually. Exhausted. From from the love and add and we didn't allow an aide to chased you know it's. I can't say listen up I wake up every day great hole. Initial idea to do this time around in my life. And I still get stunned when Nikola table and ask why pitcher. And like a 200 that's right Leo okay. And it still yeah my mind. He and I'm sure it does and you know we've talked about a couple iconic franchises that you were in and have been the most important one to you know I think OJ and I agree is the Baywatch stuff tells about the about bossy. Halfback I. And I would just what Christie wanted by the way Kentucky and she's absolutely incredible and still loved it was upper hand and just such sweet incredibly young lady. I'm what happened to real good director and she asked me to come in and do a you know kind of like I guess school on it. How how I know that I was going to die in lying on the floor for about. 62 scenes why it's. A like what are you a little carried it is you know quite dead body. Itself but I'm beetle it's funny because I. It's great to eat all the character actor it's it's what I do and and I and I I loved doing it looked different everything that I do you do get their roles. And I and I kind of make those little. Pieces that I do. Iconic you know I I I came in and and I only had a small role of Buffy. I'm into the I come into the auditorium and I'd say there's vampires out there I told my neck and I dial the pork. But you know it's it's still it's the way that I delivered the aforementioned. If people go back and you are so funny kind of like what sign LPX saying you know I get changed up from the sign belt stops. Right and again I'd I brought a Baywatch BC be skirting the issue here. I. Baywatch while I I I did I did two episodes of Baywatch. They get a television series and that they called it back. And they ask me to come in and do. Like I thought it was a fun little film and I it was funny because C producer. Past needed to. A goal which is housing is like this one of the writers and he actually had new right. Might stop which are which was really incredible. I'm and I got to play this great you know role I kind of look at him as you know the whole the whole Baywatch thing listing all the pretty much. Do seal that you had that debris with numbers the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii. And then I think it was gray or Peter picked up discontent and that's dipped a capital. Well that's the same thing is like character. I go I picked up a rock off the beach and I was supposed to pick up and I end up fallen into a cane and I get all this bad luck that happens to me. And it it was kind of based content you know loose on that whole thing. But I had a blast that was that was a double to put peace to do. And then deal episode I mean and again you know I got to. You know rod chat lotion all over one of the most beautiful women in this race. So yeah but I'm an earlier today might push it so. You out of that we get such of them you know is there being some I mean I don't you get a gag camera for a right into an off camera. That's. Rick yeah I did. The guy had no good they'll tell our adult. We don't have a lot of time but you've got a lot of stuff in progress a lot of things going on now what are good people look for you in that might become announce soon that you were done. He had gotten great since going on man I just finished up a bill that I. Produced and starred and went on an incredibly wonderful actress Brooke Lewis from you guys should check grouchy awesome and it's called cycle therapy and it today it's in the I'll still circuit right now and we're winning a lot of awards are just one guy Charlie Chapman award for best actor. Which overly proud I'm. And then a might I was the only one that was allowed to do short as thirty year anniversary for back in the future so to go to my web site. Felt like it just because I can. Ricky dean Logan dot com go check it out and it's called back to the tweet fifteen future. And I get a short for. 44 my supporters and had Michael and it dock the senate and not a whole lot and played gold Eagles fan a Darlene Bogle was rather have a sister. In the dome and as of yesterday we just hit. 895000. Views and I'm just stoked about. Well. That's great and you do in the convention circuit people who see out and about you be at scare con this week and anything else coming up in the near future the people should know about yeah. Yeah albeit albeit they Alamo. Can't let me that says I get done what JB and you guys over scarecrow on an overt or are available. Let's get infallible show which has been. Check this shall Beagle RB had an Arab and back Colbert era go to Brussels I'm going to Birmingham. You know I'm I'm traveling all over the place right now which is kind of cool because I'm. I'm also are producing and directing the same time and am working on my tractor trailer and it's just he has been crazy and it's it's been awesome and I will be it Garrett on. Yes so so everybody please come to date show on these guys have brought me shall reward their butts off. And I I I can't wait to see everybody like get there should be a blast. And one more thing we should mention before we let you go if you're a musician as well you've got some music out there. Yes I am a musician and not to mention I think you sit with a captive. Is an incredible position that people probably don't go well. Are they got Colin JP that's that's a week all of you guys that we should actually or it's yeah he's incredible mutation clergy. Since saying he's he's got some talent to their animals. Now if that's a sub. I'm malls where we're working people if you're music you've got to nine not as something. It will LaSalle cloud and got to track and so club right now. And I'm like sort of more economic CD and now I should have that out shortly army between everything else I'm dale and and Ed and maybe come to scare on you might you might Jason song who notes. A all right Rickie thanks so much for joining us we appreciated love chatting with you look forward to seeing this weekend. Yeah yeah I am looking forward to everybody show up spirit on. You know it grown itself. Thanks for governing and I'll talk to you again soon okay so we're gonna take a break when we come back equal wrap things up it's beyond reality radio Jason in TV don't go away we do have more. It's known Riordan so it's. Appreciate her and I never get to next show Bogut stuff well it's a fun here it's a yeah and just eating you know Roland you don't land screw you go to. A vote for Boston and all I can only guess trying to. Chuck but I heard that the chase and to argue that chase were Christie Kristy Swanson matches and I Delis without his name boy in fall trilogy in front exits and what I mean I fell in love with animal. It was one of those my gun movies I was good news is now but anyway. Moving on Dario we got a great show tomorrow night I would be talking with David Meade about. The end of the world in the world I mean that's it was a great topic but nothing specific just the underworld a fifth. And day and it'll be nice to Dave oh come on because David had made a lot of different claims and the media picked it up and ran with that and I want David to come on and just explain because this whole September 23 wasn't really days that he came up with. That he would that he had brought up saying that there was going to be the end of the world. And I want him to come on explain that for whatever reason the media seems to have grab it and run with it. According Davis claims and what I've found is I haven't been able to really find anything. That contradicts what he said so on and I think you were looking into that to you. Yet you know that's one of these examples of the media taking something and creating its own narratives and just promoting it that way. Traditional set the record straight tomorrow night MH is to have the conversation. It's got a pretty compelling argument he's been at this for awhile so it'll be interesting to see what he presents to us. Yeah if you haven't yet may she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page. Then head to beyond a reality radio dot com. You can download the free iPhone and enter it operate there and illogical listen lines catch past shows join me online chat in also finals stations we Airpwn across the country just clicking the station tab. Or he should just join and join me online chat listen listen race from the website by clicking the listen here. Button and that connected online website where we all hang out during the show everybody talks it's great community of people. And I think you'd enjoy yourself so. That'll be it for tonight and thanks to an and you listen to Jason NGV beyond reality radial catch all tomorrow and. And it's. Taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's can only be a really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio de Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.