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Ben Fox Rubin (CNET, Amazon New Products)

Sep 28, 2017|

Ben Fox Rubin (CNET, Amazon New Products) by The Financial Exchange

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Amazon announced the number of new products yesterday in here to make sense of it all as Ben Fox Rubin from CNET. Ben thank you for joining us. Ben what over the the biggest devices are the most important ones that Amazon announced yesterday. Upload the one that people are gonna care about them those are the new act so which is gonna be under dollars he echo watt for under fifty dollars. And the echoes but are under thirty dollars you don't let me. I'm with you would talk to me a little bit about what those devices due to previous ones didn't do or any year completely new the second spot I don't think I've heard of before. Right echo about it probably the most interesting won the game out it basically. But we're pleased you're alarm clock wit. The little bag gadget. That include the Amazon elect simply assist them and also as a small display are. No actually you could wake up in the morning and start watching I don't know yen and where you. Outward checked the weather and get a little bit more on the display out way. That you echo and the echo what are basically the flagship devices that do macro. Had we are designed it got better now and he had the nice shall do it the kind of got a later bought Spanish. The echo what. Provide a lot of Martin capabilities. As well so it depending on what type of use page you wanna use now there's like an echo or. I don't know every possible consumer every season of the year however you wanna look at it. Do we have any idea from Amazon how many people are using these devices at the moment. They'd pay if they stole millions of these devices. From third party research and also in the spot on that ballot agers. It looked like he echoed dot which if he dollars and can outlast you are used by art that they get. Seller. Though with people just starting to get into. Our home point is there's been getting used the idea. Microphones that are always on listening or specific weight word in our own. Right now it seems that people are most comfortable with getting the one other cheaper devices a fifty. Now under the Amazon also came out with they a new fire TV device is there anything of note there is a pretty much just a product update. It mostly a product update most of what you're gonna see in the war. It's when it comes to that tree boxes and you'd be our work AH ER they also. Dot. I'm quality out got dole the acknowledged. I support as well not surprising there it also has done. Eight integration with a lack so and I'm at UC. Basically connecting collects it is just about all product. All of it is iron range products. How much can you do with Alexa at this point what what what can you do what are the limitations at this point I don't have one of these systems. But if if someone is considering them how how much can you do today. Well I've lived. In my house whip. To back it at or I've quite awhile now probably should hear. And most of what I used a foreign but when he. Yeah quite gotten different. All the skills you can use it for about. For the most part my wife and I he uses for playing music. Checking the weather better Amer it would have been. Another really really basics. And it can be really useful if you don't hear only owned or where there's a clock in a certain group. So helpful to like play music player cook and it's so we aren't a lot of value you'd been doing that however. Always important to remind people that you know if this is still a fairly new technology. Voice recognition technology. So as a way to go to go from being good enough which it is right now it's a really great. So be it Doug at times get things were on our you know the top of rock answered a certain things and it's important for people recognize that that's what you're gonna get when you do by. The right. One of the things that I saw Amazon talking about was taking Alexa beyond simply the home and it looks like they're trying to get Alexi in the cars now can you talk a little bit about that. Yes we have partnerships with both full court and then yesterday with BMW. Idea there is you could I'm. Really. I think it is there really interest in concept of having integration of elect that car we can act just you know I hands free. Which you're Boyd things like direction making phone calls. Like that but with certain air and vehicle. You can already do already I I think what elect. We've already got. This sport is when you're home people are really. In fact that's that people really open not finished the doors what possible with one of these you know digital Butler how much more can actually do trio. And on the ball expanding into all is well you can imagine there. Our is that they're really trying to where you could potentially apple. Which you and all kinds of the day just you know act in question and you need maybe maybe eventually they're just gonna have. You know a little thing that you put in your ear. Like in the movie are you just chapel. Whenever you need GO. Do we know Amazon makes or loses money on these devices doing that the actual sale of the device are they making any money on that. Amazon is super secretive when it comes to a lot. Is it Ito let that relate to that so you can't definitively say whether they do or don't make money off these devices. However they used on the matter at what price point and a big. Strategies for that in general when a complete that basis is that people used to the and were organized try to make money off. Tell them additional product they are currently it is or shopping on Amazon are aren't you using your devices and it beat you could all also. Increased people you can get more people to join Amazon trying to get them to buy more from and I'm so you kind of look at it as. More of laundry so they don't necessarily have to make a lot of money off the device is is that control more people into the Emmett Honeycutt. Very good Ben thank you very much of the time. Really appreciate it much. Thank you that is Ben Fox Ruben from CNET talking about the suite of new products that Amazon is rolling out pretty things making war. Penetration to Siri the apple product or Alexa seems like elect's desk every I think it's him close yeah I I don't know that many people that have like the apple home pause because they're also 350 dollars. But the Syria just find it it's not that user friendly make it very rare dull. Well very where can I ask something and she gets it right on the first yeah exactly. Like I was trying to I was using S sailors distress at Rob Gronkowski or consult an up and she had no idea. How to spell is not a scorers and bush should be mourned the symphony and then if you guys kick start if you ask about Bach Mozart you can have no problem Jack exactly. Registrar gronkowski you know these these kind of interest to do it say this is a a big deal easy and home devices. This is going to be. Our in home entertainment it's going to be. Elects. You know can you turn on the TV. Elects one we encourage you that or does the new black you can I have I have a friend who's got a set up where pretty much he says Alexis it's bedtime and what happens is the lights downstairs go off the lights upstairs go along get started down the thermostat psyche he he's got his whole house wired. So that he says that in. Everything that he needs in order go to bed she's around ruin my evening routine that's tonight that's my job quarter for a lights but I walked through the house and extra doors are locked it turn off the lights Alexa can do that check the garage doors you're going to be out on street no time and I'm Mike usefulness is going to be. For those so yet Apple's got it to roll. Okay that's what is that called OK Google. A group goal assist our Google yeah but I don't know anybody who has that they get my father has dizzy and light it up a man. So there's the other kind of the Big Three that are out there I wouldn't be surprised if FaceBook tries to get into this game at some point. Interest and just this is the really think about how much data they capital late the funny thing about how much time people spend on FaceBook with the average thirty minutes today actions as likely 43 minutes I think about you could have pay FaceBook check lake what Jim is doing any believe Jim's eating sausage right now wonderful. The eating sausage. I don't know the.