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MUFON & UFOs - what's the latest in the search for alien spacecraft visiting earth?

Sep 28, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Chase Kloetzke from MUFON about her work in the field following up reports of UFO sightings. Chase also discusses her other work in paranormal investigations including her vast forensic experience. 9/28/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On stand on the west coasters and the East Coast mayor stuck somewhere in between local and beyond really revealing myself Jason must we always awesome. GG GRC just occurred to me. I just realized I've never seen you. In Hugh Hefner in the same room could be used that you were the same person. I've never seen the 2 June same room that's a little suspicious to me is so this could then turn into a and I think but. Of course the news of Hugh Hefner passing away is all while I didn't hear that yeah yeah it's all over it's just hitting now Mike Scioscia and 91 years old and you know obviously very very influential pop culture pioneer. Introduced the world to Playboy magazine in the Playboy enterprises that magazine was founded in 1953 I mean here's a guy. In 1953 that had the idea he. To find make a magazine and put women in there without any clothes on I'll probably sell a lot of them and he sure did the knicks are starting a zoo he's yeah he's it was it was at a time when that really wasn't something that was necessarily acceptable and that was just before Elvis Presley even hit the scene and he you know what Elvis was called all sorts of names of new shaken his tips or whatever. So obviously America was not quite ready but ready enough that it was successful and he built an empire obviously and he did. And if it's it's sad to hear that he's gone I'm sure he went out smile on stories oh yeah he's friendly but analysts say those of years back and I met up with that with the gentleman who. One it says he wanted to look at doing this whole water water park tightening and it was at a hotel. In these pictures here whenever. But grant and I went and sat down talk to them that hotel used to be owned by Hugh Hefner was that he was an of people Playboy club. At one point. It might have been doing and reason I ask is I went to one of those it was that we had to duke was a Playboy club to turn into Iran conference I don't know went to a sales meaning that once and yet yet that's actually the place. And it but now it's like nobody's there than it's just sitting there is a person's. Talking about renovating and everything else. And and they wanna do this whole paranormal themed water park. It was so we went up a set down we heard their pitch inning but. We stayed and he's like you know this is you have interstate here and you sorry to stay in a remote human Hugh Hefner isn't it probably should do politician wanted to turn around let's go to. At that point but it probably didn't wanna turn on Black Friday and missed it that much food but well it's it's it's the same page and on a night session of trying to put that together when you're saying is in the room and they what was that. I do when you're sold so you know is says the sad as it is that we lose anybody employment in the man with quite a life you know. Well why alive he sure did and speaking of living a life looks like we're well I mean September 23 came and went and we're still here. We are. He I mean there was a lot of chatter on the on that fateful day the 23 which was Saturday ranked. Yes and I mean don't want to watch the skies are looked around I didn't see anything I didn't feel anything unusual. Com although hole there are people that are saying make this Mexico earthquake in these hurricanes that we've been dealing with an all this unusual. Activity in the atmosphere in under the earth is a sign that and maybe will ya have started something there's an. Traditional poll in and so forth trading this whole thing and on and there is an Emory and add up is because well first off for those who aren't familiar with what Reid talking about here. It was said that a planet was to collide with terrorists on September 23 that was going to be at for a spot in appears now that doomsday. Has been postponed until October I implemented enterprise commitment had a prior commitments totally edited rescheduled so. Well we're talking with David who his one of the people who made the the prediction. And the one thing we say yeah he seems nice guy he he's getting all these crazy threats and everything else now because of his prediction and and that's just stupid people shouldn't and don't get me wrong I mean you put something out there today and put fear into people. And then there's going to be repercussions but I just I don't think he should be being threatened with the winds violence bottom. So all the world demands of components are bottom line. But the man behind the doomsday prophecies pushed the apocalypse back another few weeks September 23 admitted date that was widely pub publicized. Both in tabloids and social media as a daisy. Nine and the planet neighboring was supplied with terrorists but now David need to Christian knew more colleges and is what he's referred to. Who came up with the first predictions based on the rare celestial alignment. And its connections to the Bible has pushed back the date of the alleged doomsday to sept sometime in September when the world as we know it will end. And so it's. Costs GM about easily did you see some time in September. I told a sorry I look at them tennis sometime in October of and then the world as we know lend. But. Hang on its. It's possible at the end of October we may be about to enter into a seven year should be elation period to be followed by a millennium of peace he wrote. When a neighbor who is on close approached earth. Sometimes sometimes during the tribulation. You'll have solar solar flares and a possible loss of electrical grid for weeks maybe longer. And more sound. And if you got stuff he got to get done yard work whatever well you know a few weeks ago you didn't you can get it done. You know we've we've faced the prediction of the end of the world several times just recently I mean it and we will be whether it's the Mayan calendar or whenever North Korea is more than we thought we face in a bunch of times we always hope they're wrong. And I hope this one's wrong as well but I'm looking forty curing more from David armour working and getting them on the show. So we can get more. And I reached out. To meet the connected back with Meehan and hopefully were able to make it work around your schedule. But has been a lot of weird things and newsman and a lot of weird stuff I mean. There's a real nasty story at hand. Be prepared for it's I can't be assisting him with just one of those things were a small children should leave the brief leave the room in no small children are right now what's into the show and an apparent should and be checked out. But Paris or Campbell family in Russia. 830 people. Has tops uncover freezer full of human meat. With unit but no firm managing ensues but don't generally I mean conscious of the pictures of these people via mail and potentially some issues. But cops uncovered human remains packed inside a freeze along with meat in jars as the uncovered these grisly crimes please ridden apartment Democrats not our. McCain exhilarated but southern Russia. And uncovered at least eat body parts and Corey and crimp photos of meals being prepared these Campbell's. Community gets nasty to him authority is amino enemy gets the ability to us via but I mean the either public or call was a cell phone was found and they had pictures of these people live. Like a head on a play being served a guy with a human arm in his mouth and police and ESL. Dmitry bosh gap of 35 and his wife Natalia 42 have confessed to the crimes reports are Russian I'm immediate. The couple were arrested after a mobile phone was found containing pictures of me and posing with human body parts. Photos show found showed human head being served on a dinner plate. With decorated with oranges other magician human remains picked him picked in a jar and Armenian with a human and seeking out as my office on time. Pendleton in jar. Yet it's all picked in a jar so he has is top story Sharon but police are said to have uncovered further pictures while searching the property. The Campbell family lived in the hostile of the military aviation academy that belongs to the Russian defense ministry. Inside the flat police are reported to have found seven Texas human body parts in a freezer. There were also in nineteen samples of human skin and meet preserved in jars in the cellar. Another bag was discovered full body parts along with a bag full of women's possessions are. They're still investigating but they're gonna be there awhile and I gonna be honest that is one of the grosses stories I've ever had to. Well you know what I tell you know what they say east truth is stranger than section nationally. Surely illustrates that and the probably be a movie and TV series based on this at some point. I don't think Libyan in the last pentagon. An owner Russia but yeah so in God's name in our prayers go out to all the families of people were able were affected by that sort. So anyway we haven't even said. Anything about what's going on tonight we're talking with chase club ski tonight chases a move find UFO investigator. She joined the mutual UFO network in 1996 was selected as the star team manager and deputy director of investigations she did that through 2011. She was it during that time responsible for program designed protocols and investigation procedures for national rapid response unit. That included supervision of the most experienced investigators and access to the most sensitive and complex cases reported to move font. As of today she leads a special assignment team of experienced in specialized investigators and move fine. And they respond to reports that needs specific and thorough attention we're going to be discussing UFO's move fund plus she's done some other work or pro bring up during the course of our conversation. Then tomorrow night are we talking with Gary Parker Gary phoned which he believes to be an alien message at the pyramid dozens thanks in Egypt so. And he's gonna guide us through the hallway of our we can see this message through satellite photos and Ernie and some neat conversation. This is gonna be really interest in discussion I'm anxious to have it you know if if if I would know the story right now Tulsa tomorrow and obviously. He noticed in a satellite photo of the sphinx and pyramids the boos some some hieroglyphics basically write some some writing. Which he got translated there was a tickets it was some ancient language you gotta translated and it's a message from alien so where learn all about that tomorrow night is going to be great conversation so. And every Friday is the best of Dioner LE radius makes you tune in. I if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality rating only FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com where he can you can final agree stations we air around right there. It also click to listen lifeless and right from the website or download the free iPhone an injury and operator from the website allows journalists Michelle life catch past episodes. Join me online chat more if you do download the show do us a favor in just a read it for us and iTunes it helps was shall forward and that's what it's all about is in the word Alter. That is what it's all about emirate go to break him come back we'll bring chase and we'll start talking about UFO's and move funds work they do a lot of work it's it's the most. Organized. A group of view a full pathologist professional you'll follow hunters all that stuff they they coordinate the organized really well known don't seem to be due and an owner Rick. And there are credible and keep reports and it's just mom on the Dylan aren't the phone numbers 844. 6877669. Until freed 8446877669. You listen. Jason JVB honor Elena radio. The best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 16 Diego turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't bring. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters this Jericho on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com. Garner greater Jerusalem June 18 thank you so much for joining us steak and radio stations during the program running stations all the time were happy to be doing that it. Just makes it means it and we can be heard more places that's fun right. Pencil and we're going to be having a couple more to in the next couple weeks are all free posting those online you can check that out if you go to new the beyond reality radio dot com website to click on the station list. Hello list all the stations right there and we're constantly updating. You know what I don't know I wanted to ask you something though about Tom. You just in New York City right I was. And news into crazy opened its treasury because I just I've been to New York what a bit and actually some and some not so pleasant reasons. Dismal months of when she was down there but Tom. Do you think the city is. More active more prosperous now that it was or do you think that it's it's assignment as I'm kind of economic downturn and in any thoughts. I notice your question and see it's tough. Does it when I'm down their I'm always near either the radio studios or. The big TV studios everything from NBC and and stocks aren't also all those areas are doing phenomenal seller and they're constantly. Constantly upgrading and and doing it and fix it themselves off and adding on so those areas it definitely looks like there. They're doing better than doing veterinary the main than they were in the past. Stanton can I just curious about that as we're waiting for slick to get term. Chase ready to go so without further ado let's go to our guest line and bring in our guests tonight chase Chlumsky chases a member of more fun. Has done a whole much other things chase welcome to be on reality radio this is a pretty short segment will wanna get started with a discussion it's great to have you on tonight. Thanks so much tramp and the guys are looking forward Garrett. Thanks for coming on chase. Let's let's start by talking about how you became interest in all of this to begin with some you do a lot of work with UFO's obviously you do some cryptic zoology stuff you've researched many of the things we're gonna get to. In the course of our discussion tonight but how did you get started at and how do you develop an interest smallest. And then we started with a book by Erich Monday and again chariot of the guy that I read that the teenager. And Derek questions part of sound and shocking. But then actually it guys that haven't even had the nerve to ask these questions right. I'm a big and they go outside the paradigm in and the narrative. You know we all kinda grew up rich and I thought it was old and I would inspired by that. Talk accrued a lot of good victory. It will really. OnStar from that. It's so funny because everybody we talk to brings up bad that movie. And and and so forth as like I key key part to what really got them and interested in this in this area. It was a big. A big seller and I think it was just it came at a time when a lot of people are trying to pick and far alternative theory and a couple of times where I think Americans are changing ad during World War II we had patriot and people didn't really question the government and for those of. Back in the kind of born in the DYPD. I'm getting a couple of perish you know a week all I've government deception and then lie within a president assassinated in which they start. Quite so ready to get take back and are flying frog leap out of their upside to deal with kind of the politics all our generation. Yeah and I actually had the same. Feelings after watching the film whenever the book but I did see the films is imposes. Child. And I wasn't I was. Enthralled with that and really impressed by it and also wanna remind people that when that movie. And book meat were popular in the Ericsson still popular today because theories are pretty profound. There was no Internet you know these as these are things that we are being exposed to for the first time through that medium. It and that makes all the difference in the world and shortly after that I became huge in search of sand. The letter knee Maury mystery show that was a that was another thing that really seemed to be key to a whole generation of paranormal investigators. It definitely opened the door to all. Yeah absolutely and you will also raised on. Either. Born. Media that work will pay any attention to extraterrestrial. And Dick Cashman and consciously act. We could very much a part the US though field almost at contradict community and yep contact he's an all the pilot did it very interesting on how we all became later I'm Gary at all and they better not propose that we. And that's true we'll get into that only come back and take quick rate. And Morten Nielsen Jason GDP on Ellen. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio webpage. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality we. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Arianna you rodeo tiger justice chase clients and we're going to be talking about UFO's and a whole bunch of things will open the phone lines a little later in the program. The numbers 8446877669. Again chase thanks so much for being with us we appreciate it. Owners make sure people know which a website is its chase clots and that's spelled KL OETZKE. Dot com you've got a couple of books to your credit including admissible and are aliens really real so again welcome to program great to have year. And you guys hit good beat on you guys opt them. Our society guitarist Graham I was looking at the books I'm like she wrote a kids book are aliens really real. And and I just I think that's phenomenal. There really aren't very content kind and cash I mean I put my name on it but the credit really goes my grand and Clinton I did I actually asked me the questions in the dark because he knows what they do know that and I don't. And it going to add one day an aunt friend told me I probably should have turned and a little Balkan and every lie and I'm how many children become part the paranormal experiences or you know you're both fighting or allegedly bent. And I thought it would become an important contribution may be to let them know they are not the only one asking questions or want to know more about a situations now. Well what's funny because my my oldest daughter Samantha her daughter my grand my granddaughter. Actually Sams and me a picture today she got a book men about ghosts. And the whole life her whole thing was she wants to bring it over and ask cramp up. If if what they say in the sport is all true she wants to learn all about ghosts and you know granted a TV show for thirteen years and investigates paranormal so. You know she wants learn all about it so they're just wonderful when you can talk to about these points. Absolutely. And it's not so taboo thank goodness because the effort and I think you know did have a new show on TV really brought it into the living room and it may get out of normal discussion. Another week we're not that crazy people down the road any more about you know look we're both of you out I was right. On the other stories now. You know I if I find it generous inaction was going to talk about that the child's book on a little later in the program but since we brought it up. When you reduce the book did you get some raised eyebrows from any parent groups or any communities schools anybody who might say you know when I don't think we should be. I'm teaching this stuff for whatever I mean anybody give you some and some funny looks on that. Not an apple at the manner accurate complete opposite reaction. The dirt and glad that I did to get regional corporate my grand punch. Because a little character in the dark look at it like I had the illustrator. And it took about my grandson Ryan and it looked like Annika Q. I'm actually kind of read the parakeet and I'll cut it. I got to benefit after an and they were asking that the best questions I was a little worried at their age. But they didn't quite understand the concept art I would be cautious about scaring them Warrick and to get real. What the big question in the dark there are aliens really real and the court. I'm usually he probably lend bank the grandmother I realized when he asked me this question. I can answer seemed to discovered back into port in south but to do it. Delicately. Lift it pre surge and you know not necessarily. Believing everything you read on the Internet on anti approached certain class from the same way and when I was done. And it kind of became the hot thing to the school system heal people on needed because the read more in. You know I really haven't gotten one complaint on Debra. Question I had needed product. That's good I into some assuming the book itself doesn't take a position you said it does it doesn't answer the question it just. It it kind of makes the children or whoever is reading the book want to find the answer themselves that are present was a that I understand that correctly. Yes absolutely. I think it's important that income and I think children get kinda look at themselves and take that journey because it. For immediate explanation is that journey and everytime we go on an investigation award you know we find you know what as. New evidence toward Italy and kept from the Fed kept their DNA test that we did catch black and. I'm contribute to the gene bank. A little bit more release a contributing to bring quiet and have kids being tired of looking napkin I intend. Even get re search and can read. I hope a little bit a little bit intense eyes that my kids than anyone else for less than. That some big name of that book is are aliens really real so let's put that aside from active for men and have a question for you. Are aliens really real. I believe cell as you politic into UFO investigator. And the wind really kind of all our US and Israel ten years ago honestly. And really what we're looking for now is exactly what are they did they want. Actually you look at outlook going on around that field trying to get that gab and online. The world wide because most technically advanced radio telescope and we have. You know the data and I'm about brand with the world's most technologically advanced talent scout. Looking into state. We have billionaires. Like Jiri. Jack. Pretty millions and millions of dollars into the breaker initiative and then Hillary Clinton and death day and our politicians talking match. And you're looking right now I'm very. No question there's other intelligent sensor. At the scientific still trying to come to grip that there could track being whipped our. And I DUI investigators. Often answered. What do you think about the news the concept that we need to be careful what we're looking for and who were screaming out into the universe for because. Maybe we don't wanna be found immediately. When we find. They are race. And we sir talking to them and so assuming you know that do that if there are some here they're they're friendly but the ones we reach out to one space aren't so friendly and we may we become a target. I'd take back that very wide consideration. And I cabinet. We hope very true. And I work pursuit and we take that I can get very scientific approach equipped with Groupon like he is something we have to be careful when. Wind we have witnessed that that call us and I'm confident I track album can't make. I have to call and we have to be really good at what we do and the delegate honed in to help. Bad we also have to understand. We still don't know exactly what we're dealing well. Words like magic Shaq and have been pretty aliens are here never anything coming out of our mouth at our power. And we had to be really careful with. What we do in question out there I think that a dairy mart. The particular initiative. Out by Jiri that's going on right now. Data quickly people like Steven hawking then. He opened up our best. Scientists did and drinkers. I'll rent elliptical dot dot paradigm because it's something we Balaguer a bottle investigators. Decades ago. We know we're dealing with simply don't match or is it gonna be good for humanity. Well and I think that's the big that's the big question because these things. If there if if they ever visited this planet who they can be so far advanced beyond anything that we whom we. Have any intelligence towards. That it's sort of like the way we look at chimpanzees if you if you really think about it. They can be looking so far down on us like we're micro pretty much nothing. May come. I choose Clinton and let the. Picnic compared compared. And I I often think that. Unfortunately. Yes what would happen within intellectually. Superior race patent it but it transparent. And yes the content with a break. That propulsion and get I mean is it that we don't understand the action and what. And they're looking and Jeff Kagan an observation and then make the I'd fit you know. Don't have a lot had been running around like being and she'd been in that people can begin to want a book. We really deserted. I galactic. You know pregnant I I wonder if the little the partly because I've handled it very often. Well and even beyond that I was talking to a scientist at one point and he was saying that there's always a possibility as well if these things came here. That these things could be hundreds of times thousands of times larger than us or thousands of times smaller than. They could be here all around us right now we don't knowledge because they can be smaller than us but then again if they showed up and they were thousands of times larger than us. We would be nothing but idiots to. Certainly would they even know that's what we're doing bad light yellow and colony that you reference absolutely. Guess so it's it's just insane when you start really breaking it down on that a Mets sort of a level. Which is an area I never thought of because I was thought aliens they show up and he beat you know sort of about the same size as maybe footage to bigger maybe footage to smaller who knows. But now you get a sitter entity to be pals times smaller or thousands of times larger which. Is a whole different in a whole different idea and hold a whole different level of look into China understand. Or is that considered attacked and beat by Howard G intelligence our consciousness acute and probably the only kind of biology that would develop. So you're absolutely right and we don't know it can be a block it gently and it jelly fish is. You know but contrary thinker and that keeper of the planet and if it aching it's not a rabbit hole but you college. Yes man opens oral I think and that doesn't even touch upon the fact that you know four alien life could just could be a viruses that we don't have immunities to it could be bacteria that we. That we have no antibiotics for a minute could be something this is simple of a life form as that but could be devastating to human population. Absolutely. I really don't think we have. A lot of aunt Terri. Including our Angel pastor easily become a problem and if we don't know bat and we don't discovered. It's going to be hard to determine our future is. I think that candidate. And you know important as I agree that buttons and the hybrid race that allegedly had already been on the third before action. Whether it's a biblical narrative or could be extraterrestrial. And you know kind of be at the Mary pat let a big alien. Did Karl EU we have our outlook about long past of being re. Re designed to wipe out started over. It is contracting and it would come back to the question again. It is gonna be good for humanity. Yet and I you know I know that if it's if it's a virus that's Alan my form or it's a bacteria. It's alien life form but probably not piloting space ships around. In the skies over Earth's and that's something that we need to talk about because that's you spent a lot of time we move on and you are all watching the skies. Did you report we take. I'm an average between. Right now about 90211100. Reports from mocked and that we can't get them all over the world. If sightings or contact or they're keeping bad that people have witnessed. I don't have the 100%. That we brought except in the end breed. Probably 90% of them a week and I'll Wear a natural phenomenon or man made. It didn't identifications. Hoax period. A lot entered an act. But what I like up on it yet you can report. And they Europe find an investigator. And it's the only organization that does that break out and quick 400 national and have investigators are around the world. Pardon and not just move fund and also you have your your master trainer master instructor walk home employed with the Department of Defense as well so you're. The credentials relieved and there Alter our serenity a quick break and we come back more you listen to Jason GB and B unreal it. You radio can be opened up the phone lines are longer a force. Or 6877669. If you wanna be on the program join our discussion with that I chased tonight were having a great discussion this as a matter of fact and JB you brought up before we went into the break they chase is a master trainer chase what is that and what do wise and important. Iron I am mechanics engineers are working part department that the and I'm I've been buying program. To choose. Basically to the troops ready for special refinement and a two day military. You know they're very special like what they do so. Depending on and that I meant that they would have I would make sure that they were physically able. Opt physically mentally and emotionally ready to completely. And successfully. Accomplish what ever they weren't fine. And we would do that through. Yelled area opt witness then and I'm to protect the programs that you know we still don't talk about the content. At what point did you join move fun. I could vote on in 1996. And did you join because they recruited you oddity I don't know how someone becomes a member of move sponsor tell us that process. And you know what it meant tee when it happened. I'm on American won the first thing that Allen when I got a computer in my home. And everything new and the very first and I pipe Internet search engine when he left college age and little. Chat group would they be called chat back and let a little odd network came up. And in the bondage and they talked about I'm a scientific method and that we need to do it on the ground in an investigator than. They had training and I. I really don't know how to investigate something like that. I'd find out I became a member I bet. Really the profit today you get to the web site you can become a member took it like to be an investigator. We have the Bonn university of training. Program on proper interview techniques that I evidence collection and it astrology class and I'm talking university level training and up during the leadership skills training and it is a comprehensive. Trying to program and be a long line and I'll take it now has it been. I'm Andy like we did all over the world and I thought it was a great way to start when you're a beginner and you've really dealt. We know what to do or don't have that killed. There is no certification that you do giggle I'm bad at the end if you have the cab at the difficult task is supposed to be and should be. And when you complete back you get Nike and they started finding UK period typically in your own state. The organization if adequate state director at such a state director at I work and headquartered. Because I typically work only national K are international cases. I'm the odd film director of Mexico Cuba and a lot of these little countries battled South America. So I can oversee the case is right now. I don't Iran would be special assignment team. And Darren period level our investigators. Where does that really you know want to get out in the field and do some of the bigger cases we have what they call the arcade. Pretty darn had a trainee and an eagle on to an investigator. You want to the arcade which. It really Ari and Tibet people with experience and looked at that. And then I run the unit called special Scott McCain which is the fourth tier and basically. It's a brand new motto that we put in Q. You are investigations. And to try to moderate the actor and our police department we have the lead up to carry that blog take care of all the daily business. But when you have that did Kelly say serial killer yelled something big during an attack force. And that's what I do a little five we handled the whistle blower is the high ranking military astronaut media people that really need. Our confidentiality. Board here. Kelly is contained very sensitive type information. And we're trained on how to handle all of that not only protecting a witness. That dating the information we need to. Properly work BK can try to get the dispositions. That it knocked the ball or meet the burden per. Okay how we're gonna have to take break and we come back Edmonton's I'm sure you're here. I'm employment with the department of defense and all that stuff was a real. Real big element to them them wanting you to be a part of the most fun group called it simple get into that only come back he'll listen to Jason JV I'm beyond reality revealed that will be dec captains nests. It's the best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. 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In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. He can have fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com and. Understand unless there's there's been scurrilous rumor stuck in between welcomed any honor really reveal myself Jason Bosnia always Olson GD Johnson so I haven't see. The at the new adaptation of the Stephen King novel it has become the highest role in. Horror movie of all time. In a lot. Has everybody likes to see Chlumsky kilt so it's not the reason. I mean chart Sotomayor craziness garlic but previously the record went to the movie the exorcist which is you know classic when it comes to horror films and it's this this boy. One hit them what's been three weeks has been a very long. Now in the last night I took tickets to see urged them about a week and a half ago. And you know tourist aren't traumatized little kids taught how to work. They'd they enjoyed it finishes and its fifth hole they couldn't surprisingly they could even a nicer in my thirteen year old boys I mean. Yeah it was great mold. To us you enjoyed it. In the numbers that. Make it the highest grossing horrible we've all time are not adjusted for inflation and clearly was a lot less expensive to go to the movies in 1974. A 73 or whoever was for the purposes that it is now. Budgets and real dollars. Indian dollar for dollar it has become the now highest grossing horror movie of all times so I just got to throw that out there. That's not it's again Larry Syria and he had no idea Richard well it has to him. We got a lot of stuff going on and tonight we're talking with chase Clint ski she is aim wolf humble fund. I doesn't say a more follow know what some I'm UFO investigator toss a whole bunch of other things on her resume were gonna talk during just a moment again. Tomorrow night we've got Gary Parker joining us now this is a fascinating story that I can't wait to get into. He apparently was. Working on some projects and on related to aliens an alien messages. Saw a a photograph that NASA had taken one of its satellites. And of the pyramids in Egypt in the sinks in that whole area and I noticed there was some interest in symbols and. Yes and it's it's strange because and those symbols. And I've looked at pictures. And they're there and then in. In pictures shortly after they're missing yeah. Mr. McNair or mystery exactly and it's it's at pyramid in this thanks amount and and he believes that he's been able to decipher these. And should be its communication shall be animation you tune in and check it out will make sure we we post. The images for everybody and who get to take yeah that'll be tomorrow night's program entry join us for that and of course Friday night is a best of program as is every Friday night. 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You can songs that one's and you know standalone online it's a really interesting song EP and. I don't know the story behind it but their written this who later in the song Mick Jagger speaks. A basically tells a new story about an. Serial killer that lived in Paris and what he did to the people that he killed and where you bury the bones and stuff and it's a really deserve sawing. Kind of a recent on items and eighty song by the stones and we look back to the show it's beyond reality ready we are not a music show we keep drugs but you sick what with the weekend as we enjoy it and yeah we do events. We have a lot of fun whether it's expressed our plan all eighties music you do have fun with that this is it was a win musicals get it was it was really good and we remind people that every chance we can get and tonight we're talking about UFO's and other things whether guests. Chase Chlumsky it chase thanks for hanging on for all that and we appreciate you being here. Let's talk about what's happening now the EU and move fun are getting reports she said something in between 811100 reports a month from around the world. What is most impressing you recently as far as reports go and there weren't even investigating. I actually see. They can't come to an agreement can carry everything on. You know practically in the guy carrying light in the a eat and it appears to rethink it doesn't go away and at the same time it not changing much. And you're the late 18100 wind we started yelled I'm kicking the statement he did too deeply hurt. Recently if you can get anything and then you investigator. It. Strangely the front of the patent does we find out and I don't think there. They're very important. I'd like into the work recently would be I don't know if you don't get familiar with it the Google image. I've a structure opposite purpose Malibu. Doc been on our radar a couple of years and a lot of discussion on the Internet and it than under water day. What allegedly and underwent an alien day. Tablet where that hot and they got recently. Had an opportunity to fly out 88 now. I reported a researcher at the called the pearl Verizon. And completely what to eat and what would be quick group. We took and they are being detected that same group that worked with heated Spielberg. I'll put it. A liquor drones and fight scanning radar and the technology. With the Titanic. And we went down and I thought that structure. On to determine if it were ahead at one. And then in Britain and made it hit an elite eight or something out. Of course could turn out to be something out where it. Red tape wrapped fall because there's a pickpocket. You know the a defection. But the plot line opt in a mom okay and they didn't all right and flourish in the did you never know where you gotta battle and right after that I advocate Arkansas doing Kate that cryptic line. This is another big event. I'm actually going to actually get a couple of weeks to hold a town hall meeting. Because it was a situation where we can play at this. With a written statement that the other people look at the same thing. The only bad and the way we can do that without telling everybody get a particular US. It out of town hall meeting and to invite the public. Our strategy for different food that we're doing. Okay and now that I'm familiar with the the underwater. An alien base which in turn on not to be now have you been also covering a lot of the reports two I know there's a lot of these reports of these underwater. UFO's and him being seen throughout the years. Yeah I would call you act power under unidentified. Submerged objects in kind of a little Akron man that historically we've been using. That and I putted very important because if you if you need hiding something extraterrestrial. There are. Doing too good I can do Antarctica. And in our oceans. It very clearly you can't really hide things I let her particular launch area 51 proved that right and I think you know the US and the object that was being we get a lot of report coming out of the V there. People big thing coming out again that technology and advanced technology. It didn't hit yelling at just look strange. Turnout could be you know military or attempting very explainable. We don't have bad yeah addled by victory that I look at that Dolan now. Especially seeing that 90% of the ocean even more than 90% is unexplored unexplored. And yeah made new depths far beyond that what we have the capability to get down. And get down to do so would be the perfect perfect area. But there yet there's been a lot of reports of people. Thing showing up on sonar and then there was actually report scuba months ago people and I'm around are large ship. Seeing something go under them that was large metallic in this movie pirates beaten and not not long after that were people on the net oil rich delta air that we're talking about seeing something launch out of the water at 45 degree angle. And take straight off and Speights. And that's the typical report that we get with both on credible witness then it got on the oil rig especially. He'll be their engineers and you know I think it. Duncan the drama you know be the guy that it wouldn't wait their time if they were completely stopped. And we have the credible witnesses and be hitting a bit. Yeah it happens every day. I don't know and a lot of things to I don't know you guys don't know my husband is actually. Jet retired eight submarine commander. By the united beat navy yeah. Even our Ed to have an act that which doesn't tell you anything it's frustrating. Even different plot out. And that we can learn get on a submarine community about the validity. How can you didn't have a crack under water and anti candidate to twenty years below that there would be equity act circus. And make our own air or water. On the flip amazing yep and the technology that we have. Children add Guillen on that we crack under the water that are coming out on it went too far a stretch. So I have to ask you because clearly. If you if you were husband was a submarine sailor. Then he must have some information now do you think that our military. Amid the navy has some very sophisticated tracking equipment whether it's sonar other devices they use to track things are in the water around them especially if they're in a submarine. Do you think they know what's going on and haven't reported or do you think these. These craft. These alien craft have technology that doesn't allow them to be detected. Our military keeping all the time and sometimes they'll report it sometimes they won't. Most of the time they. There are. But did so compartmentalized. That you know is an updated February we have from our division. At least got something and it anomalous look at it and spend about right. I. Big guy back and it. You know the weapons department or the back of magazine they're not that I ever hear back. He settled with the kind of how these things can. Eight secret. And branded that the outlook I beat her. Secret and I love to talk about it and I can promise you expect 33 years of marriage. That and help me neck and it. Factory to hit the tech. Because I know in their going on. Thank you I think probably you know that you can't help but point me in the right direction where I can get public information or think they have been declassified. But it didn't military police believe like in military can because they're trained observer. You'll like our idling more aptly pocket there. The credibility. It is it a great actor ideal kind of weird case could get ago. I'm although we do not discount yelled at grandmother lived in the backwoods of Kentucky that wouldn't lie that they were light bright world. It's interesting. You nobody here's my problem with that. There are millions of men and women that have gone through the military. And millions of some of them have you know served whether it's been submarines or other navy vessels. If any of them I mean it you have to assume if they were seeing something at some point somebody. Wouldn't be able to keep the secret anymore I mean you can't ever were before people talking about something without getting out leaking out of the real winner in our federal government. How how you know how how is it that nobody would would. Ultimately even if it's a deathbed confession say yeah we saw on the real there out there. We do get power we can get the deathbed confession we can get with a boiler. However it. It's not a BD to come forward. Even the the military that your secret PO or. Leader. Secret indignation and I'll I'll be happy vacation don't expire the way it looked at the job. And you're breaking. Let it work. You're really you're really keying on just 5% you know it the working UFO report when you're trying to peak of gambling age and you got a good military anymore. If there are a lot of ramifications. And didn't quite look back kind of secretly. I think people that think the government cannot keep a secret like that at about 3000 documents here that are redacted. Please give that information tell me what sounded there you don't think the government to keep the secret righty. How's that absolutely can to. Secret like that and when you think that technology the submarine. The technology in one inch and an eight shuttle. How do we not know exactly what the latest technology out there and corn to keep the secret. Let alone their notorious for cutting off pensions to a fifth somebody somebody opens their mouth as well so. This whole thing when you lose all. And Tom to take care of your family askew put in all that time in the government. And get medical benefit. So they were pretty strong way of twisting your arm as what you're saying. Accurately. You don't want to talk about men who typically if you click career into the military which. It's a calling almost Il if I'm being a patriot. None of them aren't going to come forward unless they're allowed to. And did you have a couple of them that had been something opted to gear their content health and that the public. Should know that there could be the whistle blowers once again. He'll be an international organization in professional. Yeah we follow the law and worked very hard hit with a stop. I was happy I play secrets scorer. Yeah probably not gonna call me Kelly they government pop secret document one to beat me in the garage somewhere not gonna happen. Well we're gonna talk about a lot more this and we come back from the break because you've also moved into a bit of the political arena Reno as a lobbyist. For the UFO community and won't won't get into that we come back from the break again tomorrow night. We'll be talking with Gary Parker. Really fascinating story with Gary make sure you tune in for that and Fridays at best of Jay of course every Friday as. Every Friday is a best of make sure if you haven't yet and I know a single time but. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page for us. And then head over to be on reality radio dot com where you can click on the listen libelous or from the website. Click on the station tab litch should you list all the stations that we err on across the country and costly updating. Maybe adding more in the next couple weeks as well. Or UNG find any decisions right there. Or just download the free iPhone and android a predator which allows you to listen live sketch pad shows join me online chat more. If you download the shows to us a favor and read it for us it helps it's a numbers up we're just trying to make it easier for people find very we're gonna take a quick break Mordechai. He'll listen to Jason GP yeah. Your phone number 64466776. Accident prone to join the discussion we're having about your foes and related topics with chase Chlumsky from move fund. And before we go to break we are talking about a lot of different things but one of the things I wanted to tennis. Point out here chase is that you've recently started. The burn your registered and recently started lobbying. Our lawmakers. For the UFO community tell me what you're doing and how it works and do what you're hoping to accomplish. I think we've really under and that Rick Allen and the lawmakers and the publication. That we lack. We needed to wait and and knocking on the door and demanding disclosure. And veto picketing outside isn't gonna work. That lobbying community. Seem to be the next step for us to get into the door. We need help with could be classification. Of the FAA documents the government documents. Deal from the get to keep it no reason for that anymore we're not even using that technology. Let go I'll go. Because right now are only retort is freedom of information and request and yet we have a civilian behind again. Yeah okay your day aren't confined. You know it felt I really think that educating. I lawmaker. And I believe that good information belonged to the public to the taxpayer and there aren't secret to keeping that I don't believe they have the right to do now. Go to lobbying educate our lawmakers who are not trying to commit to action by the way I don't believe our president is briefed on the UFO. Reality. I'm he's the temporary employee. And he doesn't have a need to know unless there's an issue and that he be branded. Tell you can really become act compartmentalize. And bad break away into a black world. And how we need to access. Some of the data and I became an official registered lobbyists that like an easy. And it would be talked to them we don't say words like he let alone we talk about science and technology. And it that we're investigating. Top. So we're really get our foot in the door so far I haven't gotten far I'll be honest with you might get started and I don't trying to find my little. Cold in the end practically Errol. You know felt. It the next step right now against only two official lobbyist at the Europe all movement and I in the country that might help get feedback that. Now do you think though that they'll ever be able to. We're all really share the info and then the main reason I ask is because. If they did that would that would pretty much proved that for so many years they've they've lied to deny aid and hid this information from the public. And by opening up the door and allowing all this information help there. It would soon it would. Again sorted and all it would just solidify everybody's beliefs that the government is sneaky corrupt and in high heights things from arts. And yet in that. If you get a document they get happy and I BP deal how they experimented. On the African. Community with the Atlanta. You look at the dirty little secret are rolling out and EU document. Continue to be. I've gotten into the public domain. I'm and I think that you're a 100%. And the government would have absolutely no benefit. I'll let me any of their knowledge out and we do believe they're covering up I think thinking that country. I'm looking out for good reason we understand that. But there's a significant amount of the information and we being able to death there and put together in. Even when finally it which was targeted and yelled in 1969. Well Ali decade later. Base hit today. A lot of information that belonged to the public absolutely. But you're right it got to be an uphill battle but we have to start somewhere. Well especially seeing there is these huge leaps in technology that always seemed to happen. So many and just a few years after school's Leo a UFO crash in this area and so for the and then these huge leaps and in aviation and and things of that nature that the seemed come out of nowhere. Absolutely. And then you have quote. Eight you know our leader and I'm like can't work. It wouldn't come out that they came to light you know what you can do when you met. We already accomplished that or you know we'd been there we've done that and in big feet little leak comments constantly coming out of private industry. And I love the fact that I think in victory and dominating right now it. Period they program it not get snapping anymore we have Eli lucked out there kicking up dirt and you'll make it kind of can make a statement and you know I think we were on the brain I think what made a lot of headway and it's gonna happen. I don't believe I've disclosure will ever come from the government. I believe more and sign it giving a confirmation. And I believe will happen with something like us a radio signal it it gathered and then brought to the public. Especially seeing that any time the news via. International Space Station might see something in the distance the cameras being shot off now on when we started sending up. Other companies are sending out things I don't think we'll have to really concern ourselves with that as much. Absolutely and that we need to execute that technology. We actually have a group working I would. Look at Baylor tight satellite that we are projecting and he folic hit and it sending out. You know reading drove an out there there's all this technology. It comes down to a consumer level that we can now cap on kill and you'd like to our benefit. I don't think secret is cracking appeared in the world is. There aren't shaky ground and we're gonna say and can't every single possibility we can't. What is the official. Position of the US government the federal government on the existence of UFOs. That they do not. Poland a national security threat. So they don't. So they don't say and of course we say UFOs were kind of in a mixing terms here. You were where I am actually don't know flying saucers or alien craft. They're not saying they're here or not here they're just saying whatever it whatever it is or might not be they're not a threat. Absolutely yet that. That the official statement. And you've done an international work as well. Two other governments. Take the same position as this US federal government. No I'm still in a good morning and technologically they are great you have. In Chile is a perfect example of big government that openly investigate you have a report. And that court plant and that they bank. And the information is public can go in newspapers and they openly embraced that. You have played in the Peru and Bolivia don't do this thing saying they're more open. With a lot of good information and and the government has been hit seagate. Pocket. Because it like information. But Chile and Brandt is completely open. And pushing that and then of course you had countries like grenade at that actually brought it up in that be wet. And we hadn't Pollack is invited to the UN that that had meetings. I was prepared. Email if the political. If the political an almanac and and agenda that would be ailing list and get. You know read we could use all the help greedy get we need to I mean can't we need politicians and acting acting held at the odd national press. Core we called it the they've been hearing particularly here and they don't hold that thought crack a blanket the government can do to stop the people well. And Haig former senators and congressmen become a minute I'm a handle. And we held a whole theory that policy act rules as they conduct at congressional hearing. And it was interesting to watch these very highly paid. Politicians. Sitting on a panel. I'm being very polite on Monday. That by Wednesday. We had an air ball actually openly saying. We need to open a pile we need to push that I want and information I wanna know what that's true. And I'm even had some of our witnesses forward evidence. And in the form of a packet. And senator Kirk cook Patrick congresswoman Kirkpatrick. Wondered if he had security cleared that can even read what we gave her cell. I think it would improve was with the right witnesses coming forward and handing over our evidence. In in the arena that is professional and structured. We want. He buried hardened politician that actually back on. And yelled get that department committee and intelligence committee. Completely. Did edit an onboard with on our agenda by Friday get amazing. Sight we know it can happen. I've got one more UFO related question and and I hope we have a couple minutes to talk about a couple of things that I wanted to bring up in this question just is about Roswell we've had. Actually some guests on the program rather recently talking about the Roswell. Crash and that there is more more. Evidence coming out that supports the idea that it was a UFO crash despite the fact that the federal government denies it what is your position on Roswell. I believe that picked it up allegedly intimate you locally and Alan I do know about the evidence that will be coming out I'm not part of that team investigating but very close colleague of mine isn't all that that. And victim picked it is good stuff. Yes but I had to pick and it really that. Did you don't wavered on that that you can be in and discussed its coming out is that going to be enough to convince the public. Probably not I had the public's gonna need. You know people have their own parent ion or remake it believe it or. You know get it and get more worried about getting to work every day they're not thinking about some of these other issues. I I don't think it. Any information about one case is going to be enough and it worked welcome dealing with push back from government and people leaking secret. Remember that the government whole lot in giving up one story per rot while being given that really separate official cattle. He change. We the only ones changing their story are witness to happen. You are hundreds of witnesses can rockaholic one way or another has not changed their story. And you made a good point in the public's worry about getting to work in doing this stuff. And then and I think that's a big issue though the public has become very disconnected. From a lot of these it to the point where. They just they're there they're at the point where they accept a government lies to them and whatever so they're just going about their life and it's it's really it's not a beneficial way to lethal lives where and with all the stuff going. Absolutely. And they implicate connect and of course we talk about red flag color. Eight you know these. Opt out flags and eight news and yell at all distraction it's all look ordinary and yelled date. Independent of the country or its citizens of the world. Paying their taxes will you get tight until you carve out a little peace happiness for themselves. You know get. Don't have the energy or desire to go up against some of the things that we definitely need to change. Did did I gonna change the subject is we only have a few minutes left and wanted to ask Cuba to work on the elongated skulls. So tell me about it. And a good guy down on an expedition eighteen and outdoor and that is my Forte and at predicate for the sheriff's department Gallup did it a little thing I love it and and look out there and so far I've taken a little over 300 for an example the DNA samples off of the skull. Because there are many of them out there that be then. Very different characteristic. There. Red haired David baker picked different. I would kind of a population that emulating. Generated great. And saying you know what it got a great. It made me. The current head that would make up a good break we think emulating. But we learned a lot from the elongated golf what we're looking for is. That being the typical. Beat. Didn't think again. Thanks very get a human. And we believe that the elongated skull to let them we know that training and information it actually practice and we get that. Spirit and letter different and go to the ones that where after. I've loved it work you guys come get you lobbed a UFO investigator. And I I like helping invited again. And again to EO Peru and Bolivia through LE markedly used to lead. It can work and odd the premiere. Museum. In the back room. I didn't hit it culture because we have better tools access to the lab and money. And they do and they asked as they picked out their gold anomalies called and asked us to I've worked for DNA op that. And I did not only contributing to the DNA bank. Where actually updating rate to come out with an announcement. Definitely it thank you. Change at least. Let misconceptions. Migration. And the gear and if they add that maternity it it fell encrypting I'd love working on the along gated golf. And you also worked on the the star child's skull. Yet we depend upon investigation and and that was another complicated. I hate but. EL I about maternal DNA came out and capital group C one. Which now made it native American. We knew at that point we had contact. And in BP. C Indian. PRI the bureau of Indian air and work with them because they're repatriation or not and a lot of concern apparently that. Ford made it remains. You know we're basically out of time chase we've we've had a great conversation really appreciate your time here. I've given your website but I tell people where they can find your books and more information about your work. Absolutely I'm Amazon if they yelled late in Haiti and my work is basically on the web site and I want they look. It. And and as you uncover more of this fascinating information we promised to bring him back to the program. I like act like you guys are. Talk on the death quite an iPad in grander and I would love to come back. Carol we look forward to having you back in thanks so much common hang out with us and we look forward to definitely talk to you again in your future. Outbreak I haven't often night. That's it thanks very we're gonna take a break and wrap things up when we get back it's beyond reality rate. You would Jason taking control. Becky thanks to the chase plenty of great. Discussion. I was really informative and term through two script and you're she's awesome she's awesome let's talk with. And and make sure you tune in tomorrow or in me talking with Carrie Parker. Gary claims that he founded helium message and the satellite pictures. At the Peerman this thanks and I don't look in energy. I see what he saw and there's enough there to scratch your head and say must needs more investigation. And I think it really does and I think you all are going to be. Rather surprised when when we we get into the spot on exit to. Again thanks for that makes everybody for tuning in thanks to our guest chase for coming on hang in Dallas tonight. And make she tune in tomorrow it's Jason NG VN beyond reality radio can chill tomorrow night. And I don't know ingredients taste good she's supposed GB Johnson introduced by elements into each incidents with the it's an yeah on real ingredients. Yeah you know it's stuck on our feet in the agency hello fading sent peacekeepers will purchase almost all actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be sure to visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.