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Doug MacMillan (WSJ, Coding Education)

Sep 27, 2017|

Doug MacMillan (WSJ, Coding Education) by The Financial Exchange

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We're joined now by Doug MacMillan from the Wall Street Journal to talk about the trump administration what they're doing to Foster more technology education I dug. So what this is a big announcement yesterday belief that there. But yes it White House actually aren't Monday they. Announced that it would begin direct into the market it nation view. In enterprise. School throughout the country plays more and has been on computers by an agent it and I. Well at age is and robotic and now Bentley the schools that do data are going you'd. And any more than just barrel education grant and are urged. We'll be put out what a couple hundred million bucks which the president referred to lose peanuts. Yet it is not a lot of money. It like out. A lighter moment today and specially prepared you President Obama administration. At number four billion dollars but it should it compared to other bottle. Very small thing but people it. It ought EU. Acted dean bit with more involvement corporations and corporate America and wit and an increase in number. On line three he or real training school and then you can kind of make smaller amount of money bill. We shouldn't just be something it's done at the state and local level election might town be recognizing gee we. If we want our kids to get jobs when they finish college. We need to treat teach him how to code right why is this coming down from the federal level I would think this is more a state or local. Yet school but being Andy and program directly event a lot of local and state involvement. I think what has happened over the past decade or so is. Federal level we didn't realize that American again. Are falling behind other country in terms of patent Fine Gael. One estimated. That our students are great one it twenties and thirties. That you one country when he sport and I'm 38 and Matt. Under this situation you were right you you know our tree and a economic opportunity he turns country I think it there's a bush gore the White House or in the creation and administration. You try to increase. Are back at pine hill bringing more pressure on and. What's the appetite on the part of corporate America. To hire these kids that he indicated there are a lot of job openings in technology and computer science. There there definitely are has the skills gap in the country right now does something like the job they're built and at least half a million. Be it computers are an. I think that you know who moves in the future unforced eat more and more industry EE destructive RA. Where boat each man is an actor out there and get it incumbent upon. School that he's built now that we need to know you know what I think earlier period yeah it it actually is the drop won't work force. You know we hear about these boot camps out of Brooklyn in various parts of the country. Where kids go to school for twelve weeks and learn how to code. Leasing companies do this city you know would a company like IBM start their own internal boot camp or Raytheon her apple or Amazon yet. There I figured an increase in where's the art. Businesses. You. Gated ball and train I want to. Earlier and earlier ought. I spoke Newt Oakland school district court here in the Bay Area where I am who. Benefited from on from grant. Recently from sales force. And Intel were actually that is bringing teachers and Brittany trainee in the last group Al east bank like robotic out. What is it what is that wait for shipment and that a computer look like that and it there's more more awareness. It in Altman. I've been at it in these are current at earlier ages ten. Well you'll that I find out smartly there and eat in the future course. You know the problem is at the high school level are in grade school. You know it's hard to get somebody whose computer science major to go teach at a high school for fifty grand a year. Knew they they can go to private industry and make 200 grand here. It is I think it. It has been around that area structure and I won it. It was the is he try to currently view. Well. Teachers are there area in general I will each year. It felt it you know you learn it computers I there are online program. Quote or. Romney's national. Organization. And it made available DOT. Art instruction. Or four features. You out yet and you know I am eaters. He's it five yeah the heat you know yeah. They don't wanna teach at public school that's for sure Doug thank you very much for your time that's Doug MacMillan from the Wall Street Journal. Our kids are falling behind. As a relates to coding education thanks for tuning in. To the financial exchange radio network.