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Spirit travel and communication - what does it teach us?

Sep 27, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with mystic healer & author Sonja Grace about spirit travel and spirit communication. What do these interactions with the "other side" tell us about our lives and our futures? 9/27/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Joseph it's beyond real and radio would Jason causing TV Johnson over Jason it is not with us tonight he actually had a professional obligations gonna keep him from the showed her nineties in the midst of traveling from one part of the country to another. So we'll forgive him that but you've got me I am here and we've got a great show for you tonight in fact. In a little bit will bring in our guest mystic healer Sonia grace she has written a book called spirit traveler time travel healing long distances. And much much more how time and space are changing the fifth dimension. But she does a lot of things will be talking about that in plus she is the and test an animal communicate her. And much more that's on degrees coming up on the program don't forget tomorrow night chase clots you'll join us he's him move find UFO investigator will be talking about move on towards the mutual UFO network. It was on its its data organization that does I think the lion share of the work contracting. UFO sightings around the world we'll talk with chase on Wednesday night. And now we get a lot more coming up after that couple owner chat about tonight of course we scary con coming up. In just I mean gosh ten days or so. And one of the celebrities is going to be joining us is scary con actually. Is armed with me right now this is closer rows closest star of the film from 1983 the a lot of you probably remember and I think she was six months old when she made it. It's it was called it's called sleep away camp Calipso will show its creed or beyond here. Well. You know I love you I'm so happy to BI and I was actually the re not three month old look at I knew it was somewhere in your older and them you know how he already. We have a couple things to talk about an inner and a pretty quick short time here one is that you're going to be making the trip from LA to upstate New York for scare con. Next weekend October 6 seventh and eighth and correct me if I'm wrong but I think you're you're gonna have a good time when you get there. I am gonna have the best time and you know why it is my favorite invention and the act cat. The most amazing party's. Dean UGU act always you know the great. Time for me I'll get to hang out. And each issue of black and mean everybody should come out and see all the cattle all the films all the gas let. Vendors it just an unbelievable week get you know I know people come. You don't burn over yeah. It always surprises me on because we we don't condone its run in these circles we kind of live in this horror convention paranormal out convention worlds we know with these things are about. But if it's a team up to you and had no idea what something like scare calm was how would you describe it for them. I would say it's a weekend bills waiting. You know meeting a whole our pop icon it go on Jerryd venture alacrity it. Meeting up with that there are shelling in the extraordinary and signed. It just became the dip Cotchery. Parties that are. Re easy I would be the best we can have your life that's how I describe it does it have to come and experiencing it it's an adventure. Yeah I that's the way I always say it too it's the best weekend of the year I say life but I I would definitely say a year for anybody. It's open to everybody one of the things is kind of cool about this year is you work on a film recently. That your gonna be talking about. Eight had a premiere I believe in California not long ago and I'm not sure of the details there but tell us what the film as in why people should be looking for this. I am so excited talk about it. That there is that the contract chip that was written and directed by eating at a green on eight came back ten years ago it would be huge expect. Any changed a lot of it's before or right he just got back. Art scene. We Liddy and that they went on to me catchy tune match three well one year ago bill Hackett for. Secret you know what you baggage and the that the premiere on August 22 in LA art like theater in Hollywood she could Egypt's. Talk when they were coming to see the tenth anniversary. Package. Still bands that get into that keen thinking it would be regional loopy I think that completely. Cry the entire audience path. When people liking hotter ire of the celebrity and he shared the new movie which is actually called Victor Crowley. And I'm fortunate and not that I into the and I repeatedly I costar. Start all or the east Perry schett I think we have a huge surprise. Anyone who attends the pack unpack it and that can be another secret. Without end in sight. Yet and without these huge port without any spoilers. Of the film what makes it what makes it the best in the in the fourth film series so far. You know a lot of abuse has said he it's definitely you know on part to her liking it because it. It's a lot of five I meet its share it. Larry at beech hill are incredible. They are summarized here it is backed war. It's just a really unique ensemble piece of the great cat EP chair shot and it perish at our fourteenth. Crystal brown. I don't want to eat any at like pitching equally say Kate booed everywhere and spectacular in the bell. Oh we Siegel from impractical joke so cool I. He brings Adam green to wrote and tactics script and the actors are they. It really and even hotter start it. He played that to rally like yeah what they do what we were upset. And even there Victor Crowley. You know kind it is scary (%expletive) it would hire our. Be lieutenant so it's really to blast the movie's funny and scary at just a joy to watch are beginning and. Well we're really excited to hear more about that film also have you and Perry show and who was also as star of all the action movies on that in Victor Crowley that's Garrick Connie just like ten days or so. We're really really looking for the yeah he's a soap star to sweep crosses the genres that's pretty cool. Our. We could take days it scare and I want to thank you know his last minute solicited is due to drag you on here and we appreciate your and ripping your busy schedule with monsignor load. Buddy you are on that right now we're coming advance. Not bad right there Austin's going to be agree weekends listen rose thanks so much I went to our thanks for having me gave me. It's. And I just yet yet. It's beyond reality radio when we come back we'll bring Sony grace and we're gonna talk with Sony about her most recent book. What it means to be a mystic healer. What time travel and human long distance is all about that in a whole lot more with Sony agree some beyond reality radio I'm JV for Jason NG beer tonight I think to joining. We get a lot more to constantly away. The best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 68 turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrity. Leaks over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters this Jericho on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot com. The show it's beyond reality radio and TV Jason off. Tonight he had a professional. Commitment he's traveling from who will be joining us tonight but he'll be with this tomorrow night never fear Jason will be back tonight we talking with Sony grease on it is a mystic healer she's got her a new book out called spirit traveler a mocking ancient mysteries and secrets. Of eight of the world's great historic sites is to relatively new book we're going to be talking about that a bunch of other things also on the schedule to talk about but first let's welcome our guest Sony grace on you welcome to be unreal to radio great to have you on tonight. Thank you for having me on it's really a pleasure to be here and it's for let me let. Where you are. Well it is it's about midnight a little late in the world you know I. If so what if they hate all of your listeners you know could jump up your way it's great. It's the perfect time to be talking about things like this that's who we learn about it. I'm assuming by that comment you're not in the same time zone as we are. No I've been Portland Oregon oh it is exactly. Tying 21. So yeah really I mean if not late for me but it's late for you as slightly. Like wow this is that really great time for everybody did to an N analyst and the things that make your hair curl. Exactly and we're really really pleased to have beyond before we serve talked and it just wanna remind folks your website is Sonia grace that's SO NJ eight Sonia grace dot com. And the book we're going to be document a little bit does your more recent book called spirit traveler are marking ancient mysteries and secrets of heat of the world's great historic sites before we get. Into that how are a little bit more about you how long you've been at this. They'll I'd been doing this work for 35. Years. I'm only twenty force so it mapped out a I I was literally born this way as my earliest memory it's too late. Being able to be my guide to her height and jelly beans and I had all kinds of experiences here my child it. Of connect dean dean smelling hearing and feeling the spirit world. So it's sort of bend. Like I'm hard wired this place since the birds and the evolutionary process that me. Becoming who I am today in of course for the past 35 years doing this work. Is it's pretty interest scene it's been up then an intense security. So basically. Come from that information I would have to say you probably never knew a time where you weren't this way. I did not immediately felt bad at one point two meetings so bad like I had not yet. That in front of my first teacher really have this person help me. Like create a date field I knew how to work with feasibility. I would walk on the street and feed. Like people or as so intensely at what he likes like someone within a paintball game you know like they had colored black national over there. Their body it was just it was intact and we have really had. That she unit should you know visual ability. And you know like I'm forever grateful for the people that have. Helped me you know very teachers along the way Hugh. I understand ground. And work from a place of integrity and clarity and you know real. Real focus of what I do it it it it's helped me so. Since you basically were born with these talents these skills and abilities he sensitivities are we wanted to find them. Did you assume that everybody had this this is just something that everybody live Chris. You know when you're kidding knees start packet helps things. That other people don't talk about you learn really quickly did check your mail and should not talk about it because. It L people are raises an eyebrow looking at you at the last my mother. You know she really knew I was sensitive and that I was a little like usual and she the only thing she really do hate deal was she. Through the end of ballet class and I trained as a classical ballerina I danced professionally for about fifteen years. I was with said that mortgage Shakespeare festival and I really I really look at that. Time of doing theater and dance and being on stage in front of thousands of people. As a way for meat should really integrate what these. What does this you know my ability to see smell hear and feel the spirit world. It's like I it grounded me it made me stay in my body so I had to deal with it. And again I'm just how grateful that my mom did that because. Although it seemed like the political left hand turn it was the art and it did give me. And avenue Q expressive that ability from a different way. And it'll of course finally DNC I trained with my first teacher and started working on people and you know I was a hands on healer for years and then I moved into. Doing healing work long distance and I'm now. What people call me is at an energy surgeon I go in. And long distance to repair liver and spleen and work on hired in view triple bypasses the you know repair kidneys and work on cancer isn't he naymick in the physical body of work on it and I'm working in. You know the energetic body that I literally. And ideally in my book spirit traveler. I am literally in front of that person where they are in the world. I be able to put myself in front of them and work on them just like I did when I was in the hands on dealer that actually have the war. Ability to go in and read Luke something or it's something up or you know repair a I heard the other you know whatever it is because. I'm not. I'm not having to go through no. The physical map the way a surgeon would you have got to cut you open and split it and then you know take whatever out. Now we're gonna talk more about about the healing but I wanted to move this back just a little bit because you do a lot of things I mean you're on your resume is long your list of of of the talents again as long. How did this I did in a full what did you start doing first and then you know out what was the sequence where you started to relays well hey if I can do the second ad this enough I can do this while I'm feeling this and I can do this to. Well you know end as being all things that we you know we all eat fall and I think about that the other day because I had. And yeah anything experience. I haven't even written about this yet and I plan Cuba to share this with your listeners I had a I went into meditation the other day there was. The world medication for peace and you know like sign on social media and I and the account and just go into this medication. And film is like I'd I was just. Like I do what I spirit travel you know my body is at all and I completely. Gone like my physical body is gone. And Elvis that night was on Nadine on top of the Korea did you know we don't know that the big created that we live in and and they are where they. The Indy these. You know what I call the offended masters he'll be deemed that are like. High vibration or being and they were all sitting there nobody looked at me nudist sit down and going to medication. And it was so cool because the whole thing was focused on. How do we eat shift some things. So that we do not end up in particular war. And what they do it again that goes along with the yellow light spirit traveling experience. Is they went back with me included in team history into the past. And shifted things on the grid. It was so I think that we came back it was like. All of this then my body was like when she going backwards. And I felt the whole like he did try and things change. And now instead and it was like oh my god how cool is that. Do you approach some problems that you know we're facing here in the future. And go back in time and actually I felt like Michael J. Fox for a moment that the changes that come back. So it really spectacular about it you know I have people I have had my own process like I said you know hands on healing being very very. Dedicated to you know that the different techniques and style as sure as healing work that I learned and that was pretty much old school you know I was cut. Schrager and touch for help in building crisis polarity therapy and it'll a lot of the old modalities. Third as a group beans. You don't Wear my palate for healing and then and then I moved into the long distance healing work and and as site did that day in and day out and yet and I how I'm gonna work really hard and client felt they lawn and scheduled out usually three months and you know what I I'm. You know one person at a time do it in the work and and I find it. I am doing this as long as I have my own evolutionary process of they're traveling becomes really immediate. All right we got its picked it up after the break is it I have some questions about this it's beyond reality radio would Jason TV TV here don't go. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. On reality removed too because JB Johnson on TV Jason is off to nineteen and professional obligation he's traveling to get back home so we can be with this again tomorrow night. Don't forget tomorrow night we've got chased koskie from more fun easy UFO investigator. Or to be talking about his to work as deputy director of investigations through 2011. And we've got a lot of stuff talk about with chased. And a lot of great stuff coming up after that as well tonight we're talking with Sony grace before we bring Sonia back in I wanna mention that and our first segment we had closer rose on. Who is one of the celebrities attending scary content we've failed to mention the website if you want more information about what's happening. At scare con how to get tickets how to show to be there all that stuff it's scary conduct come very very simple scare conduct comes retreat check that out. So Sonya before we went to break we were talking about. A distant healing basically some of the work that you do you can do that. Without actually physically being in the same room and ensure patient. But you. Bring yourself to them any spiritual wait till tell us how that works. If you meet what I was explaining is is why. Working on people day in and day out as literally developed to my ability to air travel. As I talk about in the book night I go to different sites around the world. And on shelves because that literally go back in time. I'm showing what happened why it was built who built it what took place there so when I when I traveled that someone for a fashion to work on them. It's a similar kind of feed Elaine. But of course spear traveling to sites in going back in time is a whole different experience. But what my point is that I used to traveling there is it going all over the place. One day I was laughing because like first client was in Beirut Lebanon. I second client within Australia. Like their client was in Los Angeles and might force client was in Scotland the it's now that's critical and almost that are out. If that's the deal are frequent flier miles if you're flying that's for sure I'm. Am I what are I want to get into the book and going more deets Elena did but I need to ask you one of the things he talked about is that in the process of performing this work you communicate with the divine and we've had a lot of people on this program we use the word define an almost all of the music differently what sure. Definition of of the divine. I consider. Communicating. With the design or divine love as communicating with god the creator. You know with that higher. Higher vibration that spirit that we all. You know look to prayed to different names different words. I used in my mind I used creator. That got as I always you know include. The goddess of the earth and everything that I do because without the earth we would not be here. Are you believe Harry we absolutely are you a believer says so you know despite the fact that many different people many different cultures many different nationalities. Look to look to a different being or different version of a being the may be it's all part of the scene divine miss. You know I bet they're really great question I was asked to to define god. At one point and I and my experience. Was quite happenstance. I have had. Many experiences of literally seeing god to talk to me like this giant base in the feeling of guilt that they like. I it has lots of conversations with god. But this experience that I had. When I was in meditation. Was light with. Mike consciousness. And I I was looking up for some reason and for the first time ever. In years and years and years of medication. I could see almost like the ring double bowl. You know like of a range at the top. And right being. These faces looking down to about as Blake are OK I got to figure out what does this and I I would not and I look. I looked at them and said it will argue and they said we're guide. Anyway and I college they've got panel now because there's more than one which makes total offense. They each religion has a different god so they think he killed at their training sale in late total. No you know but it can't think god. Went. Yet when you're when your traveling like that in your encountering these beings are they are they formed beings or do you see faces and bodies or is it light of what you see. Out their form team and yes. It might steer traveled in the book IE I actually in Iraq with the Demi god or what I call. Garvey that Demi god you know Demi gods are the Greek gods the ejection the Tibetan god the hope because this. It that Norse god you know everybody has god and go to that Demi god that people have prayed Q for centuries. Those Demi god are not god for the god panel but there are highly highly evolved being that very different from human. They're huge they're their enormous. You know 121415. Feet tall they're large beam and they have. Com here at the beginning of a phase of humanity it was. Of course when Atlantis ended and a new face of humanity began around I'd say as. Atlanta is indeed around 121500. So somewhere around 121000. This new phase began. It's like all these huge portal opened up all over the earth and it was a signal literally to the galaxy be on. Okay we're starting a new face of humanity. And all of these Demi god came through to these different regions. And helped. Form and create. And cost pollinate with different groups that humans to create the society that they are at that we've known to up to this point. And and that they are you know I've communicated with so many of them and even down. And merit there incredible. I mean he. You know what what most people don't know is is it. Don't hand and ask all of that area in the UK. Was developed not by the Norse god which is what the people believed. But they were developed by the lady and they're the ones that came and helped them and gave them their ceremonies. And all of the things that that they did creating Stonehenge and those you know what happened there it's sultry played. But that north Scott came in and get credit for it and and that. Depleted in mind because they didn't want the people they didn't want that kind of attention and north sides did and they got. And it's history if you'll look back in history books. It it really is all about the Norse god in that area but it was the play Indian. So there's that they're different beans and they've had different influences. On different parts of the world. Thus we have different looking people in different parts of the world because everybody's been cross pollinated with Darby. You know we're not from here. Right now I won a movie back to some he said earlier you called yourself an energy surgeon. And you practice. Energy medicine. When you say it. Energy medicine does that mean you're your pin you're conducting your healing. Therapies or or procedures however you define them. A waste energy. Or your fixing the energy of the of the paper your patient. Well OK go out and keeping an example like right now I'm looking at your heart in your heart looks very healthy it was good. If there was something wrong with your heart. I lately your permission of course region and clear out like let's say that Al was blocked I would literally with my hand here where I am sitting in. My office in Portland Oregon I would go in and literally clean out of foul. And I would energetically. Removed anything which you don't have anything that you find out about now. OK so so I'm. Better how does say it is like I'm not. Necessarily doing something with my brain I'm doing it with my cane and for Michael literally working night you. Well well. It's great news and I'm pleased to hear that about my heart. But I'm I'm just fascinated by this this process. I'm assuming that you have. You know you have patients all day long you said C you've got a lot of record of success here. And you that must be rather satisfying. It is it it it's humbling really it's just tumbling. I have to tell ear to ear listeners site at this gentleman I have worked on. For three sessions now so it's one fashion month. He has glaucoma. And he has been completely blind since 2014. And he called me and he said you know I know it's a long shot but he really want you to work on my eyes because I want my flight back. And so I've been going into the optic nerve I've been. Taking you know swelling down the ice that means this seriously and work on every part of the I. And in. Since we've done three sessions he's now able to eat shape. And light around the shape and the demand could not see anything it was just total straight up dark grade you know there's nothing. And and so he's really excited I'm super you know Alex and me and you know sometimes people have this. We expectation is somehow some healing should take place in one session and sometimes they do little. Network of people all the time and you know once session down there fine. But sometimes when it's the conditions like this. You know this is like climbing Mount Everest I mean the guy has a physically. His eyes have. You know created a state that they're very typical for our view is it's been that way for a while. So the fact that he's now able to see shapes and light around shape you don't give me. Get a bounce back. Yeah well it it should in and you have an idea of towel if if it yet is their percentage are you a 100%. The success. Don't know what the percentage you know I know I know that different people have different experiences and let's remember. The biggest thing at all which it sits. God well it's not my will. And I am nothing but instrument for that energy coming roomy and the earth dedicated guys coming up here my feet. And and that they did what I call them marriages diffusion of guiding thought is that my heart is what does this work and IA. Really really take care of myself you know client didn't. Clean and sober for 35 years I have not touched any saying no drugs no alcohol nothing. Acting first 35 years and I've really. You know I'm dedicated to what I do know and it's that dedication and that sincerity. Of turning my life over to being in service. That I believe. Is why this energy juices to flow through me and I'm able to help people in now way. I work on other healers so all the time and you know they're like yeah well you know light. Looks some dope less and I feel really messed up and I worked on somebody and you know light tipped off line and you know it's like. Come on people but it didn't matter really really you know you got to really get yourself together because this stuff to eat out less around. There's energy out there there's quite clear entities. A clear alien stuff all the time I see aliens all the time I reboot energetic profile to try different stuff that people can not mess around west. And there's a lot of counselors there's a lot of people who are. Planes psychic and plain dealer and it's very very dangerous and I had to. Clean up a lot of people because that. You know quick question before we have to jump into a break here but. Going back to the gentleman you the patient to client that you were talking about with the idea to leave the cataracts. On. Did you want uncertain how much did you on after after having such success and that is you know it's the beginning of some great success there. Do you get anybody from the medical community tennis scratching their heads saying how did this happen how how how we making progress like this. Well he he's going into certain eye exam. I think you know weaker cute so people feel safe say it was it goes then. But I mean I've had people you know I had a woman in the hospital the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with there. And I cleared them god awful you know which gene black magic up officer. I mean they took MRI cat scans everything could not figure it out and I cleared urgent public health officer. She got a table and blocked and the hospitals and the doctors were like their jobs or on the floor. While. I can imagine their reaction we're talking with Sony agree she's a mystic healer also an author website is so on your grace dot com in a bit we're gonna talk more about her book called spirit traveler unlocking ancient mysteries and secrets of eight. Of the world's great historic sites it's beyond reality radio Jason TV don't go away. It is beyond reality radio and TV thanks for coming along with us tonight from the scene of one of the great radio stations around the country we thank you for doing that we also thank you for listening online there's no bad way to listen and tonight we're talking with Sonia grace she's a mystic healer and an author. And we've got a lot to talk about this is a particularly short segment Sonia but I did want to ask you about something you mentioned before the break. You were talking about a patient. That you worked wins that went in and the doctors couldn't diagnose the problem. And you cleared this creation of a lot of and and pressure I think some black magic or a lot of work though. I was she's yes she definitely has. The most joke with honor so. Like my question is where does that come from and how common is it for somebody to be afflicted by that and not realize it. My god you know. Most indigenous cultures. I understand this need this kind of you know which we call which scene on the reservation where I'm from that you know people black magic they do whatever you know there's that there's. Bad intentional stuff. That goes on and and a lot of a lot of our culture here in the United States doesn't understand this because. They were raised around that they weren't raised in it you know you know military community here or culture. Debt practices. Some of these two ways to beat them good batter other life you know there's good medicine and then there is good medicine people. Men and women I'm considered a medicine woman on on my reservations. But I know that there is this stuff happens and people practices all the time and this woman like clear it was it was someone who live from the reservation she had. Some really nasty stuff that. You know people. Basically. Put on her and and she ended up and not as she could not locker kids carried her to the car. And did their she was going through MRI is that you don't get a cat scan and she had X rays doctors were baffled scratching their heads. And one of her relatives text message because silence in another eight. And said to help initiate the possibility can't lock and you know IQ getting to immediately stop this stuff things cleared it and not five minutes later she got out she did on her legs and back dressed and walked out of the hospital. And so how common is that she'd run into this type of case. Well I think that you know some people will. Contact me who are aware of these type of things going on in nine if they get settled a lot of people. Going to show ominous some mercy on me to become a shaman and that they don't know what they're. Biting off I mean I don't understand that this is. Really serious stop this that they just. A let's close our eyes and pretend we're going on a charity I mean there's there's serious things that get practice and that happened and I I'd. I have. Probably half my client who deal with. Varying degrees of unseen. Things from. Italy and encounters to innocent kind of black magic or you know this is. Stuff that's been put on now. I have a client who is who worked with NBA ice declaring BA players from Matt's staff because you bet. There's people out there who used black magic conceded says this stopped some of these people you. We're in new York and I hit it worked and that the financial industry doing the work that I do you clearing people in clearing things. And I looked at one bake at one point but before the banks fell and there every buddy is at stake at a reptilian in them. I tell you it was never that scene and it was that a Bosworth alliance until the whole way the chance they'll. That way. Now let me. Because they altered and looked at me and I was like oh my god I am so out here. So you know there's there's a lot of this stuff that goes on and it is practiced in all industries. It's just a matter. You know people. Be aware and saying OK yeah I have this funny feeling I felt like. Something was on me you know have people call me if they feel like something on me I can't figured out that I feel depressed and I am not a depressed person. It sure apple look at them and there's an entity at all clear the entity and it I know how to do that I. My ability. To see all levels of the after a plane is is pretty amazing and I. I can't that it wouldn't it got to that level right. Gotta stop you right there soon you'll pick it up after the break it's the only ingredient. Best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon scary time central New York's pop culture thing. And convention is happening October 16 Diego turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially the celebrity. Leaks over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't break. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifty never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. You can have fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot com. And Ariel through our Jason Allison Jimmie Johnson Jason is off tonight I NG VM happy to be here we are talking. With Sony grace tonight we're gonna bring her back in just a moment she's in mystic healer and an author website by the way is Sonia Greece dot com. The book we're going to be talking to bottom in the little more detail is spirit traveler unlocking ancient mysteries and secrets of eight of the world's great historic sites. Don't forget tomorrow night chase plots you'll join us more fond UFO investigator. Chased joined the move on network in 1996. Was selected as the star team manager and deputy director of investigations. Through 2011. We'll have a lot to talk to chase about who got more great stuff coming up but in the next few nights as well of course Friday night is always a best of program. Don't forget scare economist just around the corner if you're looking for fun weekend these really really cool people. I'm talking about celebrities and talking about fellow fans of horror and the paranormal specially as we get into October we're thinking of Halloween. Great vendors panel discussions film premieres it all happened to scare con and you should get yourself there. Just go to the website scare conduct come check it out all the information is there and you can see what it's all about you won't be disappointed a promised. Let's go to our phone mining get him bringing to bring Sonia back in. Sonya I'm one more question I want to ask about this whole black magic concept and how it can affect people. Is any kind of touched on it you said something about you know if you've got a feeling something's not right. Is there anything more definitive to be able do sense yourself that you might be afflicted by something like this. Well that looks like make it really basic OK let's say. Your listeners everybody drives that car here in traffic. In yelling at you that you feel kind of like the back of my neck because you're stuck in the traffic. And you turn around and you see that. Behind you. Yelling profanity and you know really angry and writing your tale well that is a way energetically. That we attacking each other all the talent we do all the time. You know it's it's it's like that we don't ground our energy we let things fly out from Boston. You know we get angry and you know the back ahead of somebody in front of a skid hit. Because where we were angry that said that the basic every gay kind of saying now of course then there's the they're more you know it's that the people who work. Not practicing the way that yell at work which is is God's will at some light will there they want to we'll something they want something to happen. There are angry they're resentful they want somebody has suffered you know for something that they do it because they don't trust. Bad karma will happen that creator. Does. Deliver whatever that person needs to go through state is going to be eat a serving of karma if you will. The a lot of people don't trust that they think they have to take matters into their own hands. And and use things to inflict pain on other people and you know unfortunately. That's just bring it at all back on to them and they suffer from the and I. Can I tell you something really quick about. About all of this. True new thing comes out about the. I gotta get there. This so much let's talk about the I edit a client called me today long term client and and I guess they actually I called her because her husband's been in the hospital he's been in a comet and very. Very scary situation. And I called her and I said what's happening I I have this urgent need to talk he'll. And I can bend him I saw him get outside of his body. And he said his stick held her I was talking it was higher self he said that Keller that you really love future. And that he didn't want her to ever think daddy didn't love her. That he just was worried about his children and that they knew how much he loves it down and he said. I also just want you to know that. If you're OK with that you can you can help me teach a relief for me you can help me it's located go. He says because I really am ready to dull but like I need it has to let me know it's okay. So she said okay she was crying that she was all right she hung up the phone went back to the hospital. Said the him you know I love you and I really feel and I want you to know it's okay if you needed now. She called me back an hour later he'd pass the yeah and it was really you know it was such a great example. Our house beer works and that it is that clear. That communication that can happen from the other world this world to help and aid to people who were in that kind of situation. It was really incredible. It is incredible and you know that's one of the things you do quite often too is that you do communicate with the deceased and when you do that do you. Just explain the process to me is is it is this also told pat Patrick king are you are you traveling spirit traveling into their realm I think coming TU. You know I. Am looking to question that it's like it did build the wall. That division between the spirit realm and my world your world you know that were in. It there it's like there's no boundary is like I I literally can walk into that space. It might book that I wrote the forced air traveler become an earth Angel. Advice and wisdom for finding your way of living is serviced I I write about he held. The Angel flight work with high angelic being literally took me into the spirit world and you know like go in there all the time because Italy I wanted to. I'm talking did you know someone who says well you know my grandma passed but it never fear anymore and I never feel her presence around me and you know hi I'm literally looked like. You know opening the curtain urge that you might consider it safe and K I need Darcy or. You know and and it's animated. It's like I have said. Access to that place it's kind of hard to think about you know there's not access you know I mean it's been like that for my whole life. Race is natural and normal for. Natural and normal gap when I spirit travel would be amazing thing is it and I have some story that loves to share with you sometimes. I mean I have I have learned about giants and that there were races at giants here on earth. Debt debt govern did the earth long before. You know humans were here and and the giants are are. Solely responsible for those multitude. Of pyramids were built around the earth I mean they're just so many cool things. In the spirit traveling back to Egypt Iran. Or the places that I went to in Ireland there you know cheek and he said and the and the Mayan culture all of these things and how they all high eight in and Q this phase of humanity. You know that we're in now and there was a lot of stuff that happened with Atlanta fell in love the area itself. Started to get developed across the world fearing similar things at similar times. For example when the Demi god laughs and they went back because there are being they went back to where they were from. That's when the people started getting squirrelly and end no longer feeling like they had access. That means to who helped them who were there for them showed up. At their ceremony they had visions of them or they materialize. And so the people like a mine culture they started sacrificing people may be that we give to god it says. You know they'll come back and that god didn't want them to sacrifice people that's not what they ask for but it was sort of that fear. Fighter flight kind of you know mentality energy as humans said you know if freak out day was sacrificed people. Yet part of the title of the book is unlocking ancient mysteries and secrets of eight of the world's great historic sites. What's the concept here you traveled. Spirit traveled to these places back in history to see. Their origin and what their intention and what their purpose was. Explain how that works and what you got from that. Well you know a long time ago like within the medication at the in the mail my husband and I went through this really nice cap and that way up in the the world Allen mountains in eastern Oregon and I said because I want to do a little medication. You know just differed maybe twenty minutes at the most. And it we were outside it was fitting on the recall you know law convention and I went into medication and and he is you know he was sitting on on the porch you know we it was it was maybe four in the afternoon. And I an and Ike Ike came simian said. What we wanna take you somewhere and I'm like OK and I felt my body. Absolutely. Dissolved it's like particles let me flying out into the ear I install and outfit that happened. They took me by the hand. And we went up and we would happen happen happen happen happen and happen and we kept going until we came to what they said was the center of the universe. And there was this light. Energy Tyco wicket substance. And this beat. The light I will name as a about Iraq. Which is in my book spirit traveler. And the fabrics that Lee stepped into this substance as I was scared I was like let me get by telling you but I'm scared. Am like I said no it's okay so I stepped into it. Eddie immediately. It was like a fool. Body the list like I would in this such. As stable as I can't even describe Q. It was that's spectacular I was just come legally. Like well Ed and I wanted to stay but then like I said no we have to go it's like let's stay here now we got to go. So we went back and we came back beyond I came back down into my body. And you don't let. It was four hours later that. My guess that the city in the dark with me waiting for me to come to hack. And it was really really believe something I mean it was like obviously I went somewhere he'll ever since that happened I've been. Literally like Ike could come to me and said we wanted to be somewhere I never tell them let's go here here here. They pretty much decide where I need to go and what I need to see. And so I meet the beans or this step you know the start being the Demi god. They come through when I go back in time and they Shelby. What happened and why it was bill. And there are some really cool stuff I mean that chapter on. On note that the Gillick Michael which is an island off the West Coast of Ireland. It was seriously we recognize that because it's. Where would skywalker is in the Star Wars movies now and it showed the beehive on skillet Michael. And it it you know architecturally it's just a phenomenon it's incredible what they did the monks built these behind. But it's this jagged top of them Malin in the middle of the ocean its theories vary. Rough and lots of people died until it Michael they go galore. And ended peacefully Dan and eighth. Difficult group of people back in Ireland in the day on safety in this island for ceremony. And then monks do it. And these monks settled. Kelly Michael they built those behind parents still live there. Back in about 580. And they knew what particular again it had bound and they went there. And they you know they are cool month they went there and discovered the energy and what the energy did they literally slept in the east behind high. Where where they were like the north and South Pole one would sleep with their feet in one direction. And are there had ill went in and the other one with their head at the other end. Literally like they were balancing the earth as the north and South Pole. Is it really it's the coolest chapter but. While we're talking with Sonia grace we have seek quick break we're gonna come back and talk more about her book it's called spirit traveler a mocking ancient mysteries and secrets of each of the world's great historic sites. The website is Sony grace dot com don't go way beyond the great to have your car. The program tonight we're talking at Sony grace don't forget tomorrow night chase Chlumsky from move funnel join us. And will be talking about UFO's and move fund's role in tracking and documenting sightings of your foes around the country. On the lottery programs following that we always have good stuff for you I wanna go bring Sony back in and continue this conversation about the historic sites. As Sony when you learned of the origin in the builders of some of these amazing sites around the world. You learned also of their power. Does that power survive today of those places still imbued would that kind of power. I I believe they are but I also believe that. A lot of power is in this used it's been you know corrupted by humans. For example I think that does this style that Stonehenge were imbued with the you know with the eight I common ancient ones with with their energy and it and they told me. That win they put Stonehenge together it was their laps. Statement to the people that they would all week speed or they would all leave. He whipped bound and those don't have that energy. The lady and very you can feel it I mean you can't touch this don't think you can feel it. And and it was the portal and it it did you know definitely brings them the real. Felt very plane was much bigger it was it was eight portal with in a much larger. Portal so there's a whole lot more that went online and that was killed there this site just Stonehenge but don't hit a great example. Now or for whatever read that you can go visit Stonehenge like ideas. And you can help them. Time because you paid more money in the early morning before the visitors com. And get to walk around that you're not allowed to touch this don't you're not allowed. I mean really seriously it's a big deal the way that they care for Stonehenge and and and he's beautiful person stone. But and it's like England this site to go one key and on you know. They'll let everybody sit there and their climbing all over the bounds so they'll figure. So the street had a wild yet. You know it's like the breaking down in Hawaii on a lot duke you know there gosh you know people this. You know we're just so disrespectful. I feel you know people can be so disrespectful. You know began to come and sit down and you don't start going into some kind of you know whatever. You know. Process. And into me not respecting that this case is as sacred site of the native people and be. You know let's be respectful for gonna walk around and it and not. Try to sucked the energy that he owns it now. Ed and you know I know from my own native culture. I I I understand that and I and I I was raised that way and I understand the respect that won me out. That a lot of people do not have that kind of respect for for nature or forward sacred site so I really hope that that. I'd be able to teach a little bit at that you know by sharing these stories and sharing what I went through. In my book. You know I touched upon that ceiling becoming earth Angel because I think it's important. That we all how a whole lot of respect for what our ancestors and the ancient people of our world brought few. In this place you know especially if there's differences sites it is still standing. Absolutely we have this is a short certain got to go to break here we come back we've got one more segment with the UN and how the time goes by so quickly but I wanna. As some specific questions about a couple these historic sites in this in their beautiful all the way around the just unbelievable sights and we're blessed to have them. It's beyond reality radio with Jason and javy Jason is off tonight I'm javy taking you through this program tonight ledger long. Don't go away we've got a lot more so on Briscoe. Three conversations at the time consuming. Sonya thanks so much for being with us tonight to I know you said it's it's late for us but turned it still gets pretty late. Mean what you're approaching 11 o'clock they're so it's kinda late yeah but but but it. I really appreciate you having me. On your show thank you. So happy to have you here and I wanted to ask you question as a relates to the the information you were given her you were shown by eat with your spirit guides taking you to these historic sites. Showing you what their purpose was showing knew who and how they were built. Where you ticket to any sites that we have lost we don't know about them because they don't exist on earth anymore but they used to be here. With anything like that it will ever shown to. If not it not in my book. I would take and you. That great story it's gonna be in my next book but I don't think he'll sneak preview. I would taken you this cigarette as error. Which is you know in the Middle East and it is very. You know it's helpful. But back but we'll win it was so long time ago long time ago and I anger and of what the year was. That BC you know thousands of years ago it was this couple. This kind of rock. Configuration. And it was taken gallon in to the it was like here is going down into the earth and that huge caverns opened up. Huge space I mean it would be enormous there was no way. We like it alone. What he called applicants don't culture. You know. Plants and. It's why don't you go system. Its own ecosystem. Ain't you and and so I think any American marveling at rich free. Root score down into the ground it was so cool he could just you know it and anyway what happened was at the end of Atlanta's. The Big Apple rock. Brought the people in view this place they saved a lot of people. In Atlanta from Atlanta and Atlanta fell and they kept them in this underground. Cavern where they live. And they stayed there for months on end until all of the chaos above land has had. And the way they knew that it stopped there was there was green it started to calm. She'll you know grow on the red that the trees lay up in this healing of this huge cavern. And and so they decided to come out and what was cool cool what is in this time period. The leaders of this group was a man named Adam and a woman named eve. They led them out of this Katherine. And above them what this huge security and they came out of that Katherine. And they they call that the tree of life because their lives that and say test. And would like that there's still worry that upgrade. It's so great and I love Betemit right right I've had all many remarkable. Spirit traveling experiences where we learned a story in one way but it. Really it Bennett a little bit this way you can see. The true meaning of what was really meant happened here. Well you've hit it touched on a lot of those topics tonight and we've had guests on the have talked about underground civilizations we've had guests on and it talked about giants civilizations. That predate human civilization. We've talked a lot but a lot of these things you seem to have been able to bring them kind of together. And provide some meaning an explanation that we haven't been able to get before. Well thank you like Ivan Ivan. I really feel honored you know that I have taken on the spirit travel because they feel. Very certain that I'm being shown what happened historically. Back in the day and and we have of course you know from different rulers said. Religion and politics in everything we shaped and molded history according to what it. What it was early and at what that going religion was at the time. So to go back and how this unfiltered. View of what happened. And why should place. Is really I I'm just so happy to get to share with people it's really been an incredible experience for me. Now you mentioned the word alien a few times during our discussion tonight in in one case I think you said that people are afflicted with alien. Generated or somehow. Alien. Paused. Ailments. In the you've you've you've kind of touched on the alien thing a few times here let's let's let's open that door a little bit more what are you seeing in what do you know. Well I I've I have seen up on my L I have had many UFO experiences and I had alien experiences as well. I clear this kind of stuff from people a lot of a lot of people who have been abducted will call me. And I scanned their body and find what I call energetic probe. That I removed from the body when I remove these things when like clear. If some aliens are able to take form and if some aliens are in. Not in physical form and they inhabits people's bodies. So so you know I clear that stuff out of people's bodies and I had. You know tremendous. She had the Serb people in their health. And everything else because of it Cleary. I had one guy it was you know 250 pounds auto police greens. In Philadelphia when I pulled a pro out of his arm but let's. Yeah I mean he can he sell it and you know that night after I get that probe out of his arm I parked my car was in the evening. Standing in my driveway I looked up I sure I heard their voices basic turn around I looked up in the sky was this. Shape it was that dark sky and I could see a light moving around like it was looking for something. And telepathically. I heard them say you took those things out of you know out of our guy that won't name his name but you get those things that have been. And I looked right back at their shift like that that's right don't mess with me. And you know let the light went out and pushed it was done. So I take it I take it that you're not afraid of these. Being territory. We have free will. We have free will and we all need to remember that we have free will that is the one thing that old. We it email that's historic that's the sort we all pull out of this down that's what we all need to be. Very aware of we have free will you can say now. I'm not saying that you know you're not gonna get visited I'm not saying that things aren't gonna scare the crap out of view I'm saying you know exercise your free well. Note this is my body I inhabit the body nobody else does. And change gears a little bit here you wrote a book called angels in the 21 century. First question is what is an Angel. Well to me and Angel is eight dip buying it been. Group of teen Angel. That are the closest to. God energy that we can get angels to me angels have never. Reincarnated before they've never been in physical form so they are the clearest. Of energy. If you're gonna work with an energy that's why I work with angels because. They're super clear they've always been here to help humanity. You might think they're aliens in nature absolutely. The I think or alien in nature. When you talk about your spirit guides and these spirits and assist you are they angels as well or sometimes are the angels or is it two different things were talking about. No there Angel said my spirit like there angels and the book Angel in the 21 century. Is that new perspective on death and dying and the whole book is it really night. Or you know like if you're going through something you've got a family members and hospice there. You know someone's got some kind of stage four cancer is the great book. That answered all the questions what happened to us where we go you know war is God's gonna be there waiting for me. What is it about is that really great book for that. We've had people calling to the program before who've talked about an Angel and count or where you know saved just this is probably totally made up but something along the lines of they were about to step out in front of a bus and a stranger stops them and when they turn strangers gone. And they use the credit angels for that type of interference in a positive way in our lives is that over talking about here. No I think that I think that a lot of the you know Demi god and angels. And I starbeat I think that they can materialize. Certainly there. There's all kinds of folklore about the war and eluded material life seen him walking among the people in Norway and Sweden. You know there's stories of angels helping people in the end you know people a theory and helping them. And then addicted they're gone. That kept it in me me that the angels have actually been corrugated in physical form. I believe that they can take the shape of human and help someone and then speak on. But to do believe in and in the example I gave Zach. That's an example yes it out Taylor. Oh absolutely I just read a post from somebody unsafe but the other day saying that you know get chart. Let me around there and she was in valley she was terrified and she has no idea how it happened but these few people helped drive in the water. And she completely believe that they were Angel because they were nowhere to be seen afterwards. And we've often taught as we're growing not that to you know do the angels are these. Beings with these beautiful wings in blood flowing robes and but that's that's a fabrication of of I would say pop culture pop religion would when you said. And yeah I described. Angel I described by work with the archangel Michael Gabriel wrap my feeling aerial and I described him like describe the way that they're stressed. In my book become an earth Angel I think it's important to you know that dead people. Really really. It'll learn to trust their feelings learn to trust that inner compass. A lot of my work is about process scene and I worked with the inner child and I do a lot of really deep. Processing work with people because when we can get that. Those emotional glue that we have from childhood. And and they are very direct line to our karma and what we have brought with us from past lives in this site. Then we're starting it really is the feeling that it deeper level and if you ask me Sonia what is the biggest problem that people have today in our world today. It's that we have not. Didn't disciplined. Enough. To do the inner work it's much easier to go outside of ourselves and say it ill yeah let's just forget about it. You know have a beer and go played golfer you know whatever ivy and bug at least. Taking on any of those things. I can't say it's easy for us to be distracted and do that goat should things outside of ourselves rather than go. Which in and really do think that deep excavating. That we need to beat Italy. In order to be in this vibration that we're in now. Which is the fifth dimension. And it I can't stress that enough to people. If if we would just communicate was that inner child every day ask them how they feel and what they need. We would have such a tremendous healing take place within ourself that it would open up all kinds of things. For us to be able to access and deal. But so often people are allowing that little bit child to be up front. You know and days they have they take it passes the. When someone is his interest in seeking your help from healing perspectives. At what point do you recommend they become your client is it written in the beginning when when they feel they have an element is an after medical science hasn't been able to give them an answer is that somewhere between. My goodness you know yourself crying out that they really like I get an onslaught of everything. I'd love it might favor my favorite line from people is when they call and say. Kanye is stage four cancer in my last hope. It's like no pressure okay. Right yeah people call me at all levels and all. People called me about everything I mean I have people who call me who just wanted you processing work and really get. To the bottom of their psychology I have people who call me. And they got bad knees they've got a bad back. And you know their marriage is falling apart I have people who call me because they have medical issues that they just. They're terrified about and they don't wanna see a doctor and you know how can I help them I don't people have called me and they can wanna talk about their business. And and get you know answers from my guide about what's going online and how their business isn't where it's going so it it's so. It's a huge range of what I get in terms of people reaching out to meet there's never a bad time it's always bigotry and carry out because they think that no matter what it. We're able to figure out. We're all of this is happening inside of a view of the person calling me and be able to help start the process of healing. And that's really what we're all trying to do we're trying to deal. We've got a couple minutes left I wanna give you a minute here to tell us about your workshops and retreats so I know you have a lot of that stuff going on as well. I don't have got to retreat that I'm I'm doing and it's coming up here in Oregon. Just like in a week so. I'll be doing another one at this same site here and or again next year. You know in October that was coming up that people could sign up for it I'm gonna be one of the speakers. On eight crude that's going down the Mexican Riviera and it's called ancient mysteries revealed it on my web site it's gonna be really cool because. Not only by peachy keen workshops that I will be doing it in person reading with people in. There's some fabulous people on this cruise that I know everyone would love. We're gonna talk a lot about aliens that you have those things and view quite a few I mean feelings from the ship. I'm also gonna be a part. The countries like expo in LA February 9 through eleven. And I'll be teach teens and lecturing in London. At the college of psychics steady in May. And you know this is the kind of stuff on my web site if people wanna check it out and you can. Get a free. Earth Angel newsletter every Sunday I write something from my guy that goes out every Sunday morning. That's on my web site and you can connect with me on FaceBook Twitter and if it around my model from. And end all the books we've talked about several of your books are all available on Amazon I will remind folks were still having trouble with the book beyond reality radio web site. Migrating into the new sit server we have we don't have those links up there are so they should go to Amazon or imagine you linked to them from your website as well. Yes yes they can go to my web site killing and get the books. Absolutely. That's great well it's been a pleasure having on the program Sonya we appreciate your time and all the all the wonderful conversation has been terrific. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you having me on and have a good rest of your evening. It's beyond reality radio JD hero will be right back to wrap things don't go away. Great for joining us tonight great yes great conversation appreciate her being here appreciate everybody listening in tomorrow night we've got chase clock speed joining us chased. It is a move find UFO investigator. I chased joined the mutual UFO network in 1996 was selected as the star team manager and deputy director of investigations. Through 2011 she was responsible for the program designed protocols. An investigation procedures for national rapid response unit. And this position included supervision of the most experienced investigators and access to the most sensitive and complex cases ever reported to move fund. Today she leads a special assignment team. I've experienced a specialized investigators and move fund. Responding to reports that needs specific and thorough attention are we talking about all that tomorrow night with chase koskie don't forget to join us also check out scare con dot com. It's a great event coming up in a matter of days that's not this coming weekend but the following weekend in Verona New York it's near Syracuse, New York it's very easy to get to and it's worth the drive from anywhere. That's gonna do tonight Jason be back with us tomorrow night it's a JV for beyond reality radio C now. And I don't know ingredients used to dungy supposed to GB Jackson into this why don't seem to regional incidents with its can only be on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will Jason long slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.