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Deena Shanker (Bloomberg)

Sep 8, 2017|

Deena Shanker (Bloomberg) by The Financial Exchange

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Like most of you know by local good. He said hey nice fresh piece of action packed when I go to the grocery store I don't know it's been raised in a farmer. Was wild and that's what the militant was and how I was raised our guest is Dina Shanker from Bloomberg she's done some research on this very topic if she joins us today on the financial exchange. Dina how do we know when we go to the grocery store to the seafood place title we know the fish were eating is farmed or wild. Any thinking that much for having me and well that's the tricky and and I sometimes it will tell you back on it. I figured. Act at a supermarket you can always act at the counter. And I buy it that they don't know don't buy at hand and at a you can also ask that the waiter. Cataract. And it. Finding your way around the vehicle into the battle is is that simply. Complicate it. Will you farm raised is becoming more and more common is it bad for us like if we eat. Like salmon for instance I think a lot of the salmon and I by the grocery store is in fact farm raised. Is it is it bad for us at lake. Are we to get sick by eating farm raised fish. Absolutely not. I one of the complications and eat there it is bad just because something is wild it because something is our race doesn't really tell you whether or not. Either one of those that unsustainably. Pop culture our hands at army can be done incredibly it's inherently. And it can also be done very. What isn't so it can be done with her ample kind of antibiotics and you know at this captain very very close quarters and depending on the kind of seafood and we're coming from sometimes human labor is even in pop. But at at the other end of the spectrum there are some really. Agree mean apple culture operation and and it just hard and oh. As. At the shop are or diner which is what it. All right so let's let's go to like when I go through grocery store they have a whole section. That's organic rate eve you wanna buy organic radishes and red peppers and broccoli. Is there such a thing for seafood did when I go to the seafood counter. Eight is there does the Department of Agriculture brand for organic vs non organic. There is no bets staying at USDA. Organic the there is however organic. You'll Beckman from either country. But the USDA did not have organic it that if you beat somebody calling or even organic you can act and that the certifying body. And and sometimes the worded it. The round around Willy Nilly without really Annie back. Okay now you do reference something called Smart catch. Well what is this website. All about Smart catch. But mark the program that at that scene geared found a stand which is AM organization of act act. That. It isn't their program a restaurant to help app. I'd be debatable you would like it and it restaurant as a mark had. Logo. On the menu around at bay patent. Then it means that they are participating in the program and Abbott the program it is that how that make better like it. I using an online school called joy. That. As reading for all of the eat food like that that are really but the fact that it's not at arms am and it. Farmed salmon from this specific army get the ethnic country you know and and it will tell you whether about how the staff whether it in green raying her. Backed slate that yellow bird good boy or a red earth aboard. And you're gonna pay for. Right you pay a premium. Well you don't Ing and different tact and different ways. Bringing down the right movement obviously anything that higher quality usually caught marks. So it perspective maybe paying a little bit more because that buying I'd better. It that is raised batter on there any differently if you. Keep their menu prices about the saints one way is by our example you know lightning in higher bit it isn't the best bet. Might have otherwise and it up in the grass and now you don't like. Collared on bad but I attacked that day a yellow color my personal favorite and that's sooner and hit it. And there you know they're making doc about it at the bone they're finding ways to be more a bit. That they don't have to pack along. The cockpit customer I mean maybe there's a little bit and sat there really. You know there there's stale and a lot of people by there. The they know that cost in the big actor and. So let's Smart catch. That you referenced is that reliable in your opinion. I would say it is. You know I find it to be buried and it included very confusing when it comes with being ability. And the Marquette program is. Really very aware of how complicated this bad. And I and you know when you talk to people out in beard. They are not just beware of the complications they don't edit the constant process and I think that at the diner it I thought Marquette I would feel good about eating at at bats are. You didn't by chance interview Roger Berkowitz for the story to Jeff for legal. I did not hurt you back about collect. He's really good knee he very knowledgeable as you as you probably aware so. He's been on the show before you bite you might give apply odd I was fascinated by your story though and I are sure per aren't yet thank you thank you. Do you Shanker Bloomberg what's your favorite fish. It was swordfish swordfish figure soared in red grouper. I do like grouper especially get that down another four vary quite a bit and console salvage something tuna. I'm not a huge to defend salmon seminar like I'm not a big tuna fan though. I do like some good you know kind of white flaky fish is that all kind of blend together is wells while whom he got there they're all kind of near the same might attend the lake goes quite a bit not huge tuna fan. So if you add one to pick from it would be sort assortment. Good choice candidate I I know about you if off I pro go grouper but it's awfully hard to find you like you Waukegan down south he can get open up here it's tough. Knee you know I'd buy my efficient Shaw's and it's you know would he get there yet salmon. Swordfish. You get if you like fishes they eat in them they can select from. Very limited in in in terms of what you can actually get yet and the restaurants. Alarm up a lot of I think they get the better stuff sure you know you remember a time we had Roger in and you stalinists are at it that first cut right off the top. No idea. That's the only a slight pay the price she did we need to work. The Dow is up 33 points the S&P and NASDAQ are down justice midge. Oil is trading at 4895. Per barrel. It's very shot. From the financial exchange radio network.