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Bob Lang (TheStreet, CSX, UNP)

Aug 24, 2017|

Bob Lang (TheStreet, CSX, UNP) by The Financial Exchange

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We're joined now by Bob Lang from the street explosive options on that given us his opinion on some railway stocks. Morning Bob had every feel about that you bullish or bearish. Hey good morning Mike and well. You know. There sure. Is we step back a little bit. The transport are really kind of a great indicator will be used. Katrina or not kept me. Is rhetoric Nittany industrial. Lately is back transport and well being. That from high reached in early July. I Wear it or industrial. Just within. A way to Europe all eyes. If you look with in the transport the only. Rail. The automotive promoters war. Shippers like. That at UPS. Representing so. But you know we are on the rail. It would be liked what he did dock there really started doing well. The war. To be the end of the end of last year in India. Election. The stock like the act which are the only. Air and broke it operator. You know book being yet that might. It is our arteries in July. On an earnings which is the first summit and few quarters. And it was really. Like being. In the industry are out. In the economy's going. So what where is their primary revenue coming from for either CSX or Union Pacific is the other company mentioned UNT is ticker on that what you Witter's that is coming from the energy industry is it mainly you know individuals where where isn't during their revenue come from. Well we noticed a slowdown in that is an and it bewitched and or or or other yet eight. And more recently hit it in they're called lever in the cold cold going to be. Driver out there. Their profit and deliveries over the political careers. I'm of course you know was very deep with regulations on. From the prior administration. Trying to get it out of the coal industry that is really hurt them that had been a big driver. Performance. And it all you know I'm logging as well is that. There's there's that are at an area and it that they've been able to. To do well in theory that got a little bit too and then oil eight the transport transport oil. You know there's there's been a lot of inventory. Being built up in a while not moving. That then they're not getting it is the so the combination thing it probably cold on the leading. Well I hope I I hope Iran easier right if the if they don't do well it could be a bad indication for the rest the economy but you're right they did you have a lot of headwinds in front of them old infrastructure and different in different areas of energy peeking up here with pipelines and things like that. Bob really appreciate your time come on the show and talking to us about those two stocks. Thank you took. Bob Lang from the street talking about CSX and Union Pacific takers on those RC SX and you and.