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The cover-up of the incident in Roswell, NM.

Aug 17, 2017|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson talk with guest Donald SChmitt about his new book - Cover-up at Roswell. What happened in the New Mexico desert? Why did the US military first say they had recovered a "flying saucer" and them change there story? Who was responsible for the cover-up? Where was the wreckage and the bodies taken? 8/17/17 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Once yeah west coasters and the East Coast many years and between welcome beyond reality review myself just blows and the only saw. Some achieve each so is it this is at the solar clips. Things are going crazy I mean that you looked turn on the news and things are just not it's. And then you know people have said as this clips approaches it's gonna make weird things happen do you think there's any connection between. What we're seeing erupt not just around the country but around the world and just very very strange behavior by people. Giving that hasn't do with the some clips is going to be here next week. Well and believe there is scientific facts that people act differently during a full moons and things like that so aren't sure that. It would probably have some effect. On people yeah it is it's it's athlete Kris shelter really us. It really isn't saying I mean you read the things that are going on and you think you know mind the same country. My grew up in you know what is well that's that's a big now. Yet while I guess you re right there and that probably has nothing to do with the solar eclipse but. This solar eclipse is just you know obviously did that the path of totality is where the most concern is and governments and people that law enforcement and rescue workers are all really really panicked about what. The migration of people in too many of these rural areas is going to do above and beyond what we're sick in the news. On this really having a major effect on what people are planning on doing next week. Well it'll be interesting and treatment and that it'll I remember having one when I was younger having won eclipses and a I think I think it was still an upstate New York among a 100% share. But it was it was a neat experience. And it would it didn't seem like they were. Late crazies are coming out of the woodwork listener was entering a total moves at a total US. Total pledges I honestly can't fully remember I if I'd like to say yes but I could be wrong and I mean I know that they get real he really dark and I remember that it's almost like a bullish. Dart you know witches it was even stranger. I'm on my share and I am I don't remember them and most crazies coming out of the woodwork a. I'd love to hear from folks who plan on making the trip from somewhere that is not in the path of Tel totality to us somewhere that is. And just kind of get in this sense of what bomb you know I know it's an exciting thing and it's it's a historic moment obviously don't. Lori and if there in the path of total and they're just looking to get the hell out via via and then there's those people to relates to resist I am getting nodding here there's millions of people shown up at my doorstep Nolan yet. We'll be there interesting here from both sides that the telephone receive 446877669. And welcome everyone it is beyond reality radio we're going to be talking with debt Donald Schmitt tonight he is the former co director. Of the UFO studies he served as director of special investigations for tenure is ten years got a new book out. Called cover up at Roswell exposing the seven year conspiracy to suppress the truth we're gonna get some real answers about Roswell tonight. Well and I like it's funny I remember the movie. Was made the TV movie that was made Roswell back in 94. And say it is. And yet and if you look it up I think just type in Russell in 1994. They'll come up and Ed Martin Sheen and it it had you name and just Dwight Yoakam was an. When he boils it yet when yield on the country's of course and just a lot of Lotta great actors and so you can look it up on YouTube and stuff finesse there aren't. I looked it up but I I remembered I remembered watching it with my it was my sisters just sit chicken and I'll and still Walters was that it was that a dramatic move here was it like that documentary well there is a dramatic movie but it it covered a lot of things that written really seemed to go down there and just how how the cover up the errant. It was just it was done really well especially for TV movie when you get people like Martin Sheen and and people trapped in an intelligent that it it's gonna it's gonna be done well. Yeah that's a real production mold we talking about that tomorrow night we're going to be talking with side doctor Peter Sacco he's. Host of the paranormal profile owners and results also authored many books. And more than 800 magazine articles. About to paranormal topics including. Specialty things like psychology and addictions and mental health. And then net tomorrow night when we chat with him will be talking to him about science in its ability to prove or disprove a haunting. Well and every Friday is the best beyond reality radio. Arm but also and we got some great shows next week if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us. And then head over to beyond reality radio dot com where she click the listen lies tablet you can join the online chat or GB and I and a great punching a bunch of individuals are. We hang out equals in the show right from there. Where you can find any decrease stations where across the country. And listen on those or just download the free iPhone and Internet straight there on the website as well. Analysts atlas in the past shows cats alive showed join chat and so much more. You know I was thinking the other day and as you talk about the beginning apps for your phone. So much of our lives now is conducted on your Smartphone I mean so much of the things that we do are now. Don Imus and a device that we carry around in our pockets in our hands. It's really. To say it's revolutionary is is an understatement. I'm but it also made me think about things that we don't do anymore things like in this is necessarily just because of the Smartphone. But it's it's related to adjust all the changes we've seen in in the last 2030 years. That we've been alive and things like you know using a phone book or third or calling directory assistance to get a phone number and phone book is. Please use that now for a small child and make him sit up higher at the table first of all when you look at those phone books it's hilarious to see I remember when they used to come in when I was a kid they're pretty sick another leg in a little magazine pamphlets because nobody's advertising in them anymore does no really isn't but. Who there was a comedian has said oh in this that the foam is that the thing we're somebody's side to print out of the little bit of the Internet and send it to in the minutes he twittered it's just it's. It's stuff you can all get on the Internet but. You know papers. Please go through phone books just China finally the dirty it's something. You name it it's is at that was like emea prank phone call telling us and yeah and it's just Brooke like the thirtieth sounding last and hit and so penicillin the only reason Hillary is the form book any. It and that's a good use of it I'm not too and I'm delighted to very very did you sort of actually right now I feel like I wanna go and do that again and ethnic you can still fly if I know when the phone becomes my house immediately put in the recycling thing I don't even bothered us yes sometimes I use it's an horror of the fire starter on the back on number monologues and so yes. It's clear that it's good for that as well. So I appreciate and Romo wasn't NYNEX I don't know who makes a phone book anymore. Well used to be there are several companies the phone company you had always deliver dual form looked in the room a lot of independent phone book guys that would you know do regional phone book or specialty phone book can you get that one as well are important local business or yeah. The yellow pages plea of a local business. Yeah or you get the rest front dining phone book guide or whatever and in effect that a friend that was in the business for awhile he got out of it and I think he got out of it just in time so it's pretty it's pretty recently notes. A 61 listener call before we before we go to break here and bring our guest in this escape from Boston. Skippy welcome to be on reality real great to have you on. Also there's some. I just kept at least in that it would. Media in general and local bus and can react CEO and senior is the numbers there and I am. To say it is talking about and I know it might be an unrelated thing because that. I was just try to aid brought it back to return maybe twenty years ago. Apparently actually typically a legitimate inaudible owner lips. And we they ate at me just had the rights. You know. Do you think deliberately kept a colony on the moon were two people actually resigned. Well ahead with think that's what's possible of course. The had agreed to ask Lee is at all. My brother and I will not be as is true about Margaret start they carry people talking about. To a net you any indication what an idea. She'd be great appearance you know. You know maybe you live and that doubled they have pitched skittish congress agree that they that they get a critical but are now and at a restaurant. Yeah car or truck and I should. And I thought apartment art got about a like all of which is normal and kick or recommend that should acknowledge what basis like I should you could at the actual vote. In the best oh beer and nobody out but let this year. I don't want it back and ask Paris nice. To get that extra and that's a good foot excellent picks huts defeat. Thanks for oil and and we appreciate that is. There's no punchline so the assumption you remember a few weeks ago where oil by about a month and a half ago we're talking about the so called possessed doll that these people had on the TV enemies during during some news show that they are doing. It certainly rocking back and forth are you here and now and of course he couldn't civil rocky cheers it was questionable but. So that leading Debian Angus her husband. They were just they were terrified of the styles in the decided to put it on. And instead will put it on the image he wouldn't make a few bucks on it yet because that's how are you proving you're terrified some analyst so on the they put any and after all huge bidding war the new owner was a UK based kernel investigator by the name of Lee steer. And Leah guess decided to experiment with the screw stall then I would hate saying experiment tennis he's going bad things that order. However soon enough Lee. Two had to face the idea that this style is possibly possessed. Not very long to leave bought that he is dead both started getting scratches all over their arms and hands and and a bunch of other weird stuff seem to be going on the families trying to listen to say it's not the doll but it is the doll also really mixed reviews on that. It's not just scratches but there have been other things the family and claims has been going on. And they're saying they're putting so awful way that we can before it even arrived. And they started talking about the dollar and all the sudden pictures started swinging a wall. The spit one picture of crying boy started swinging on its own that they've got there. And they've gone months without anything unusual happening assumes that tells mention things start happening. On the paranormal expert on hate anybody calls and so caramel expert. But the terrible investigator. Many carried Allen actresses on the doll which even better he did this on FaceBook line of course he did so numb pain when he would expect. And supposedly in I don't know the problem and Harmon or whatever but Williams will find L eight I do ask I have to wonder. And all listeners out there. There's so much of sell there and people tend to do these FaceBook like things that had a very controversial to draw attention so. Do you think that does doll is just all hype and made out. Just draw attention to get more FaceBook followers to draw to just make himself a little more famous do you think that there might be some. Truth behind us I didn't see this FaceBook I think I wouldn't say it's not my thing in my wish my time on it but I do wonder. Enemy and in line it's gonna make you wonder. Oh absolutely I mean my him my initial reaction is this is a publicity stunt and an attempt to get likes like you Sadr followers or whatever it is I'd love to have these folks come on the show and tell us. Well how they how they conducted in other quarter put experiments in and what they did and what they found they have you video they have any audio. Anything that we can look at that might give us a hint as to whether or not something was faked or not immune. All those things would be important but until I see those things and and have to assume that there especially because we're talking FaceBook liven things like that that that was for publicity test. Well and also when you go from being supposedly apparel more impressed skater but now you're doing. Exercise it's happening that's a huge leak those are two totally different. Aspects of field. And de LA I work hand in hand wits with numerous religious organizations when there when they're doing. Doing exit systems and things of that nature could I do one myself. Probably but is it going to be as effective in all these people their strength comes in their belief of what they're doing. On. So I don't mind just just seem to really really Alter so anyways our phone numbers 8446877669. Dental treated for four. 6877669. And definitely if if you see if you saw this video when you know your thoughts on infusions if you seen the story in the information out there. We know your thoughts on them I'm wrenched it here. But we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest Donald Schmitt and it's beyond reality. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time for me to make your plans to attend spirit on an October. It dates are October 6 through the eighth place turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could scare con is pleased to it. They're all there generally hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times. Dotcom desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time dot com. Visit the web site. Day use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare. It's. Cheesy cheesy don't forget the telephone number eight. 446877669. If you wanna call on the part of our discussion. It's time to bring our guest in tonight will be speaking with Donald Schmitt using UFO researcher and an author his most recent book is called. Cover up at Roswell exposing the seventy year conspiracy to suppress the truth and his website is Roswell investigator dot com. Donald great to have you on the show welcome to be on reality radio. Wednesday when Jason wolf this is Jason that was dvd is just and that was it is the attitude surrendering we've just are my recollection that we've done two other shows before. Yes. But fielder of course of from last dozen years so ugly it was too which else. On room or your partner in ghost writers. Grant to grant Wilson. And I just recall as far as. Two to review interviews two different shows. And both times I happen to be in Roswell at the time. Oh yeah you know one actually yeah that's the original and beyond reality Radio One I did it come. Going back about ten years ago. Is correct that drinker and I hosted it and and so forth and yet and do we were we actually aired on them to its rescission spectrum. And then a 10 we too we went off the air for awhile and brought it back now now we're only to your ninety stations so they welcome back. Let's welcome back to look like we're having apex our congratulations. Group and resurrection. A partial but it. Well thank you and and it's always an on and talk duke Donald we only got about a minute and a half before we go to break but if you can introduce yourself all the listeners felt their interest. Alltel little by yourself in that time for retreat brick. It was video special investigator for the lead doctor trail on high and it. Who founded the center for you oppose stories in Chicago and there services director of special investigations for ten years. I was on the board of directors and I was a skeptic. And the one case I want to go after her and this proves once and for all of as far as that being anything. Truly extraordinary was Roswell. And here we are almost thirty years later and a five bestselling books and over thirty documentaries. And you were talking earlier what the ros will movie which was based on her first book by that most importantly we've interviewed. Over 600 people. Directly or indirectly involved. And I can state before your entire audience this evening I was wrong when I say it was a skeptic that nothing happened at Roswell. It. You apologized because that to me it's. The biggest story of the morning. Yeah I and I agreed on this desolate it's a it's a big wakeup call this a lot of information out there are so we're gonna take a break and we come back and really wanna get into a lot of different things with you you're listening Jason NGV on the unreal literate you will be right back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. TV again. Number eight. 46877669. What are we talking about Roswell but least he incident that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico we've all heard about it it's kind of the battle cry if anybody who is interested or following are curious about you a follow. Or alien visitation ends minutes relieved and the focus of all of that for about seven years at a time it was a workable in the -- government method government would not like never knew inner and our guest Donald Schmidt would. Would I agree with that rate Donald view you view government can't lie to a straight. Well there up to their foreign all official explanation. And knows jewel that was chew trident with the wives become all too late so it. We stopped the government on every other issue except you know falls right. Sure exactly and it but it's funny if you let the government it's against the law but the government can legally idea. Regularly. For me it always been a one way street let's let's back this up a little before we get too deeply into the Roswell discussion because. He told us you know who you were but tell us get started and I got in precedent and following any of this. Well I think it was. Back to the Kennedy assassination. Was a young boy area and a often. Point out some skeptics who would suggest that you a lot of memories you know for AD as the years pass and a I think for anyone of those who work. Alive on November 22 right in 63 rule always remember exactly where we work. And what we're doing at that very moment that we got the news. And the same could be said about two you know people back in 1947. You know as the investigator as a researcher who spent thirty years. Tracking down these very people talking them. Just in in drawing it to the connection between the two right. I came. A upon my first you're a full block entitled lying sponsors that are used business. Right after the interest Warren report came out and all of these labeling by the critics whitewash copper. And there on the very objective of this view up ball is flying saucer books were those exact same words. Pan and was forced and culture at that cute upon with the subjects band. I was talks. Especially the chapter. Entitled who's driving. And all of the occupant. Reports from all around the world suggesting. These were clearly. Craft from another planet piloted by beings you know higher intelligence. And one of being leading to another and even through as when college I was writing papers and teachers. We're complementing me because I was giving lectures without so much and note card because I was becoming sole. Educated and I agree with you about that were expert well opt he'd be an expert on the unknown. You keep you because you can become an expert on I'm Karen cases. I'm on the wisest. And you you if you are far from an expert on phenomena I mean it's. It's it's you're chasing a parent and you're still goal you know trying to get to square one. As far as establishing. The very reality of the phenomena. That's what especially as always intrigued me the idea that novel you are all on. But that we we are being visited and then in July of 1947. One of them met its fateful you know and and the biggest story millennium as I mentioned before the break. And the powers that be decided that well they were gonna decide for all humankind that we could not handle it that we were not ready. And that is the big box set up sort of the way. As even depicted in some of the Indiana Jones Steven Spielberg directed movies. And here we are seven years later. And I'm especially concerned that the old order has not passed down into the new. And in for though hundreds of people who were directly involved. Who never talks even their loved ones have taken away. Taken you know the stories the that is the case for the millennium with them. And I think that's where I come man and my colleagues that we still have to force their hand. And as much as I just believe that there's going to be any disclosure in my lifetime in your lifetime. That you know it's up to us. Or if the phenomenon finally presents itself. Be on a shuttle without that yes indeed we are being visited in I guess bespoke response and say I told you so. Well and it was what 25 years later after four people really started coming forward who who. Worked there and social right because at that point. There were old enough they retire they're out of it they didn't have to worry about march and then people started coming forward to talk about what they really saw correct. Exactly and and then Burnett picked referring specifically. Too late intelligence officer Ron Paul he at that time was lieutenant colonel we're talking. Jesse Marcel senior. And the he was the patsy he was flawed he was ordered to posed. Where is the substituted weather balloon with a radar reflector kites. Any issue even you look closely located the grimace on its feet slide. This is and one brought back from the grass side this isn't material. Reported. And here I'm being forced to oppose. With this speak with this morning material. And he was told the times in all Leo dispute good soldier jets and five years. Ten years it's all gonna come out there you're going to be vindicated. And so we waited anyways tenure as any waited fifteen point Torre for a and it's thirty years later Danny's. Been diagnosed with terminal emphysema. And he realizes. They're never gonna come this they're waiting for me to died. And that was exactly the case and so he broke his or the security any team forward van. They've by me quote you know. Being familiar with all materials. Were both foreign and domestic. This was not made on this earth. All in Finland and he was a person who knew what a weather Malone look. Precisely precisely and it didn't matter it was the type of balloon. They were launching daily in conjunction. With there atomic bomb test. Drops. Amid weren't exactly actually dropping bombs they were using the equivalent weighed in and send girls. But nonetheless the B twenty nines are going out there and the it training exercises. And they were launched these high altitude balloons. With these radar tracking kites. Two you know send that via opera a wind speed and the air pressure that type thing. And so they were and they were not strangers to again off the shelf materials. On neoprene robber wooden sticks. Reflect before role masking tape and strength. Materials of five year old child what are recognized. And yet disclosed the Bible united armed group. Station at Roswell post world war two and they were the first atomic bomb squad they were in charge of the atomic bomb. They reveal leaks they were the patrol and fuel who were to have been at first atomic bomb unit. And the very thought it here we are so over the years later and worse the last to believe. That the very people with the fingers on the atomic bomb couldn't identify. Whether below it just. It boggles the mind. Donna let's some. Let's laid out for folks who might not be familiar with the incident itself been a lot of people know the name ought to be known something happened related to a UFO crash or maybe not or maybe did. Laid out for us as it unfolded. And then you know them as the versions changed over the years. When a summer 47 any of your listeners group go to the public libraries and Paulo and Michael and Michael these. I think they'd all be in the eighties to see it was a rival all of these flying saucers. That those two weeks leading up to Roswell. The banner headlines day after day after day. The army airport that time and there are there are futile attempts at identifying. These unknown. Aircraft there were able to alt when you were all performed a boat speed our aircraft at that time. And all the concern about whose technology we were dealing with some things someone was clearly invading our airspace. And according to the Air Force's project blue book the most famous of their three investigations. There were more you oppose sightings in the summer of 1947. In New Mexico. Than anywhere else in the country at that time. And I'd mentioned. The first atomic bomb squad in the run out. Irate that I am amused when I'm especially on college. Lecturer at college lecture circuit. And I always ask even faculty were the first atomic bomb detonated. And most of them still at this stage while they say Japan. Well this news raiser that brought. If it was in New Mexico. Just. A 150 miles west of runs. Soul. It was pointed out that that period for slash. Is still traveling out through our own galaxy. It's an intelligent peak and then as saying. Take get a little of these guys third rock from the sun down there and there playing with the atomic weaponry. And it might have been the very sick that attracted the phenomenon which rides in mask. In that some work two years thereafter. And so there are many sightings. And it was a late night of July 2. That there was severe lightning storm the central high desert region of New Mexico old Lincoln County. And the ranchers describe it between the thunder claps heard what's sound like explode. And at the ranch Foreman by the name but WW Mack Brown so he went out writing true the the ranch the very next morning and he discovers about ten miles from his ranch house these huge debris field. It covered an area. About three quarters of a mile long hundreds of feet wide by the it was. That's rangers' material he would they're proceeding and there was so much of it. And soul which he spent the better part of the next few days alerting his neighbors and going into the nearest encore Rona. The state police officer by a neighbor Roberts brought in was even alerted. And Nolan biblically dent in this bizarre unusual wreckage. So it's Sunday July's sixty bulletin Roswell only takes it to the chip is Tony share. And the sheriff has impressed you know with the that your police dispatches through his own deputies to check. In the meantime. The share of context Ras or mere field and it's there that major Marcel. Very intelligence officer were talking about earlier who takes the call. And equal right to try was right to the sheriff's office to check it out first. And he's impressed enough with the wreckage. That he alerts is very base commander colonel William Blanchard. And Blanchard. He too was unable to identify and this wreckage so he just he just wouldn't send out a couple low blow and listed men and as opposed to check. He's sins of Mars all. And his head of colander intelligence in the event that something or cap insured account. The follow razzle packed to the ranch chicken out firsthand. In the meantime colonel Blanchard. Goes up his own chain of command he context is Bossidy airforce and Fort Worth, Texas. And there at the cheapest staff colonel Thomas the polls alerts depend peca and the Pentagon. On junior apartments McMullen. Orders some of the wreckage immunity won't Washington. And two days later they put on a press release. And the army air corps Rouse will announces that the event to capture offline so us. Five hours later they have the balloon press conference in Fort Worth in general Roger rainy colonel Blanchard boss. They pose for a holy pictures so this week pan installed swept the weight just is amiss identification. By Hindus norms goals over in Roswell. Albeit they're in charge of the atomic bomb but thank. John rain news network identify it as nothing more than one dribble the it's six but he's been stood for the next thirty years and two ago. Until. Intelligence officer. Jesse Marcel broke his old and came forward and says hell on Noelle it was the first press release if one is an actual lines. Benefit if there was nothing but weather balloon it would not have gone up the chain of command and the way it did they were not be so many individuals and balls I mean they would've just collected it calls today correct. Criticize it precisely. I mean even while Marcel was on route to Fort Worth. Or the press conference there were fifty to sixty troops all of the debris field and they would be out there for the next three days. And there was another site discovered an impact side. Where there was a capsule or pot the size of the Volkswagen Beetle and that's for the bodies. And a lone survivor. Where recovered. The of the level of response the entire retrieval operation. Was of such a magnitude that it was a full scale military project that went on for days even beyond the balloon explanation. And to have tracked down a good number of those very people through them one after the other to describe the characteristics. The practical leaving here look to the indestructible. Characteristics of the wreckage. And then obviously. Those who witnessed the bodies who were part of the agree car re. And we get this is what yeah we gotta talk about the bodies and we come back from break called on right there Donald it's beyond reality radio Jason's good. Our turn to about his book cover up at Roswell Roswell exposing the seven year conspiracy. To suppress the truth and Donna you're getting hit some pretty pretty interesting stuff here but this segment isn't going to be long enough to really get into the details but she mentioned. Bodies we have about a couple minutes before the top of the other break what can tell us about the bodies. The bodies recovered at the crash. And we may have lost Donald when they do well at the kind of block with me to get every time every time we have this particular discussion. We lose against it's this is not uncommon. Now and mcdonalds agree got to talk with so. It's. He's he's just done more. Like SAD got a check out that movie if Roswell. Head from 1994. It's just a phenomenally done movie and it really breaks down a lot of a lot of different things and kinda shows the way that. It it appears that the whole situation went and how. How people are pushed in certain directions to and say he's seeing things that they knew weren't true and and now years later they came forward it it's it was done really well. Well you know I find it very interesting when he has he's telling this story of how all of the events unfolded in Roswell and there were several days between the point where there was a crash. And the military started to offer explanations if this was a weather balloon or something that the military was doing. Routine basis and it just something crashed and they would have had that explanation right away and there wouldn't have been a scramble. And as you said they would have gone up the chain of command a would have been a lot different. Would have all want to Denton lightly they are saying I mean if it was just the weather balloon that thing would have come it would come down a wooden who would have not. It would not have been a big deal. Would have been one of those things where they're just like how well Marion Olazabal and came down old Cisco did that it wouldn't have to follow these huge. Chain of command all the way in order Pentagon's getting involved and and these people are being him blocked off the property and and only stake excel. And we'll get into a lot of news when more. We get him back on. Yet we we've got him ready to go on the war but we're gonna actually have to go to break here so if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality greet deal. Like the FaceBook page for us on. I had to be on Algeria did I com to find any degree stations where on across the entire country. Or and click to listen libelous or edit the web site or download free iPhone and Andrew and a printer off the web service while if you download the shelf my tunes do us a favor. I just read it for us it's being downloaded tens of thousands times day we greatly appreciate the support. But it helps push it forward when you when you rated so. We're gonna take a quick break and we come back we're gonna get into the bodies and all the stuff going on Roswell new listen Jason. Okay game the deepest of the approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Garrett Connor in October. It dates are October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection centers. Panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary economy and all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com that scary car. Day scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code G our armed with your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. I ask her strokes yeah. Yeah your style between welcoming and really hearing you myself just because you always Olson who cheer. Johnson you know cents. Anybody has been aware of the possibility of aliens or UFOs served alien craft for whatever it is we're seeing in our skies. And then around the word Roswell has been a buzz word in spent something that is bend. Cut at the hall of a lot of these discussions and I don't think come that most of the people who use the word really understand. Maybe it was the complete implications of what happened there. What happened there and and how important is that we try to get to some answers and our guest tonight Donald Schmitt is offering some. Or bring him back in a minute but this is a great discussion in this one but his book cover up at Roswell exposing the seven year conspiracy to suppress the truth. Addresses and it's something been really really needs to be talked about more. Well there really does because this and they're such huge comfort there I mean like we're saying in the last hour. If it was just a weather balloon days it would have had to go through all these crazy channels the Pentagon wouldn't have to would not have had to have gotten involved. So and things when have been blocked off it's just it's insane amounts of that happen and the original release talking about. Denton week to week sounded flying saucer men aged couple hours later to be changed to a a weather balloon. It is just so much so much I'm backtracking on this this whole thing. Yeah I mean it's quite a difference whether Bloomberg is a flying saucer at sea is hard to imagine anybody make that mistake before we bring Donald backe and I do wanna remind you tomorrow night. We've got doctor Peter Sacco joining us he's the host of the arm profiler will be talking about science and its ability to prove that a house. Is really haunted or not punt it. So that definitely read in my Allen Allen and every Friday is a best of beyond reality radio so and then great shows on next week so make she's just tuning in. Lot of stuff coming up including a psychic medium on Monday we always get a lot of phone calls for that speaking of phone calls our numbers 8446877669. If you're on hold be patient. If you like to get into the discussion. Give the line a call on me should be able to get through at some point. Parents so if he if while we're gonna bring it back American art history now but also you can check out. It's what set of Roswell investigator dot com Roswell investigator dot com. Donald we were talking before the break in the before who mysteriously lost you which seems to happen anytime we talk about government conspiracies on this program. On you noticed yeah only what we admit we've noticed that to the point where one night literally. Both our systems went totally offline which is unheard of because I'm tied into the radio stations TV is as well. So for them both to go offline is just an extraordinary odds of that and we're multi states apart so badly so things are doing. I'm not that upsetting the conspiracy I don't wanna be labeled as one of those guys but it was a little strange let's just say here. This release so let's see we can finish the hour now. So you were telling us about the events of Roswell and you let up to the point where used the word bodies this it's always interesting but men gets really interests and start talking about bodies. Absolutely because then all bets are off because. Richard you'd dealing with some. One out type of biological. Research that took it to this page. Is still more of the Mary Shelley's Frankenstein type both. Byproduct that. We are experimenting with a at that time there's no evidence of that. One of a personal Roswell maybe comment we were doing at CBS 48 hours it's it and it was a senior reporter Philip Jones and he's he posed the question Aldridge. Prodigy Knoll the V weren't from here. And is in the general response was what it sure worked in Texas. Fold me being new rule in effect much to the credit of the witnesses. Stating Colin speaks men and and call me he's been in coral. No me in Pomona to call the little people. Little men. Angst. You know. That's generally just peacetime they're general description the fact that they are dealing with something that it first. Very often the initial impression was oh my god they're children. And then as the approached as they got closer or has the world at peace hospital and were. You know led into an examination room that type thing. They realize that oh my god they heads are so disproportionately larger. And those eyes those guys you know those large black guys that report sides. As you know one described. And they ashen Greece skiing and three and a half to four feet in height. What took it always intrigued us. Why. They went out of the way. Beyond the balloon explanation that they went and they obstructive. The rancher backed proposal. That the kid him all that the base. For five full days. And he would later complained that they kept him up. All hours of the night and they asked him the same questions all all it and and they deprive them food and water. And this is the military to military has no authority they can't arrest people they can't you know take people in the custody electors martial law. Declared. And yet they were behaving as though martial law was. Some all the color. And then almost sounds like more like a brain washing thing keeping you up all all our skiing and keep it in food and water away from you and ask these same question over and over again. Until you start. Repeating the answer the way they want it period divided. Right exactly and it's it's just the repented business of doing this and being controlled everything with the you sleep. Sleep deprivation I mean that can lead to just world's things and then brutal hole by hole keeping the food the water there are forcing. Their. Their belief system on him and on it you know and if he does Rick if you. Yeah exactly. Break you down to the point that you are totally submissive. And then they escorted him. Around town from Roswell. For the 22 newspapers. They're the two radio stations were you recant that he all of this is that big misunderstanding. It was about the more than one of the balloon split a one person. That it's still appears as though he'd sell. Obligated. To and that was radio station. Reporter frank choice. At kgo fail. And while razzle initially was at the sheriff's office. Joyce just you know serendipity asleep all up push Europe to get some late news or is next newscast. And and that your assured George Wilcox like I think there's somebody here you might like to talk to. Well you didn't get the name but two he went on and on about all this strange material and who is responsible. It was gonna clear up who's gonna come on take charge. And then the anger became more and more year. As you start talking about the run the smell the smell you wouldn't believe the stench was unbelievable. And juries would ask what he's talking. He's suggesting never bodies involved. Well you know over white sands proving ground there launch rockets for those captured German V two rockets. Maybe they put a dog open one of them girls courts may be launched a monkey. And a coroner frank choice. Razzle shelter right back in the form they weren't any damn monkeys they weren't Q. And Seoul. Days later. When he actually meets. The person behind that discussion he meets Mac browser when he's brought to radio station to retract the you know the whole story. And he shocked he takes some off Mike and follows and I'll into the astute real lobby. And any realizes he's he's a couple MPs waiting for a while outside. The front door. That he realizes what's going you know it's all stage it's scripted you know he was brought there. To essentially you know recant the entire tale. And joint system browser or as he's leaving. You know what about the little green men. And according to George present trend impacting any response that what they were green. And gold is gold Brazill felt that he still old you know. That that looked to be the true. Exactly. Pan. And until then we always been convinced that's the reason that they were forced. To. Grabbed a rancher because these small lot more than just wreckage. That. You know they couldn't explain you know it's something a he can't talk about it. But it's been our experience. In speaking to specifically. Civilian and military witnesses to the bodies. Those are the ones that they really cracked down on also the ones that the intimidated but they threatened. Would it. You know who imprisonment. They threaten their families they threatened to kill their children. And we have as you were alluding to. A moment ago good reason to believe that they may have resorted to some brain washing all the way up to the base commander. Colonel Blanchard. His daughter dale. Often commented that every time the subject came up years thereafter. Her father would go into this trance. He would funeral starts very you know off. To enroll our and he would respond. The Russians has some amazing things. And this would happen every time according to prove that the topic came up the Russians have some amazing thing that she was convinced that he is great. My own. But so let's quickly take a listener call here this is a Barry from North Carolina very welcome to the show. Hey great Utah which we go out there is now. Most of all of that hundred came girls are gonna hit Larry tomorrow. Now now it's way off our coast or good. Are okay no problem could cut back in 1938 your ego or change your real big toward general problems at all. Listen to McDonnell. It gets a military air Matt brown the whole world allow altered go ahead and killed a true back in nineteen imported Dublin. We could. No and so much more about you're rose and it wouldn't be any kind of the main jail. But won't say it started all the allotted. It just had to perpetuate. Themselves and keep all of Gil de LA says yeah and what has sent. You make a very good point that it becomes a self perpetuating cover. Nick questioned that they would be you who would finally step forward. And you don't lower for the American people incident ladies and gentlemen you know we have. Physical evidence that we are not lol we are being visited by an intelligence off the planet. They're able to flight three or airspace were told impunity we don't know where they're from who they are what they're more those are. But vote for me come next election. I don't foresee it happening as I said earlier and earlier last week the callers that's Rick recht. Two they could have they could have announcements. But keeping in mind that this was just nine years after the Orson Welles broadcast from war of the worlds. So it was still very fresh in their memory. And the very thought that almighty god we're gonna have you know people panicky in the streets. And knew we don't have a handle legal and that we don't even know what we're dealing with ourselves. Seoul and they had the Russians you know breathing down their backs as well. So all they could do was contain sweep around the carpet and tried. The stall for time. And fortunate written down the weather balloon explanation. Stock. The public the press except that it and they were able to get away with that at least until major Marcel violent went public thirty years later. And the sad thing there with them ourselves. Was that not a single. Legitimate publication. Touched the story. The only publication that he can print that the account was a national and where. So again yeah help perpetuating cover that they don't yet to do anything it's ready and ready takes care itself. Are we were talking with the Donald's men were talking about his book. Cover up. At Roswell exposing the seventy year conspiracy to serve. Press the truth is it his website is Roswell investigator dot com we've got a lot more questions a lot more to talk about. We're take a quick break it's beyond reality radio would Jason in JV. Don't go away if you wanna give us call 2844687766. Later dot com news current book the most recent one is cover up at Roswell exposing the seven year conspiracy to suppress the truth and again Donald thanks much for being with this. I wanna quickly. Get another listener call in here in this last segment for bottoming or break this is Bob. From Tennessee hey Bob a welcome beyond reality radio. Yes I'm reshaping your program. Over WWL. You'll lunch I'll nice and welcome she and. All understand that he knew. The wreckage from our twelve. Was taken to hang her fifteenth. At the right Paris and careful patient Dayton Ohio. And do it Obama. You're not really had a personal attitude. What your personal knowledge of that or you have witness who it's mentioned that. This year trail well over a little integration program but I also understand about three weeks later and virtual crashed. Military murder crash on the rainbow nation Arizona. Echo. Would say nearly complete culture they had a correction at all that they they had there the whole trying to hear her in that he also. Well it's take a vote Wright Patterson. It's. One books we written earlier. Was entitled inside the real area 51 the secret history over Wright Patterson. And one of the terms we constantly use all roads lead to Wright Patterson. As long before. In the you know. There is 51 groom lake dreamland was deepened you know established. And soul we can document that the wreckage from rock Oslo went directly to right field. And we have witnesses who were there are under receiving it and and who were involved even with the analysis and testing. Why would you be analyzing and testing akin common elements provoked off social weather balloon that was the case. There were many other reported crashes. The one in Arizona. In the one or more famous in Arizona that aren't. I heard it was in Kingman. Just so Provo. Los Vegas. And and if I except rob boy have to accept that they are indeed could've then other. It's a such crashes but Roswell is the linchpin Roswell. It if not for that press release and the view photographs of major Marcel and and and and naming of the names of the people involved we wouldn't be here this evening because. It would be just like all these other religions these rule almost like urban legends. That to may have nothing to do with the you'll pull phenomenon but yet there's all of someone makes such claim. Today called Bob we appreciate your insight in your information and sharing that with this and and also I'm gonna bring in that toward tension. So we're gonna take a quick break we get him and we give back down a lot more society I wanna bring up brick at a sites I actually filmed right Paterson wanted to get pentagon clearance or anything else so really mixing place he'll listen and Jason NGV NBI. Really you really will be right. Filled beyond reality radio Casey TP 8446877669. Is a telephone number tonight we're talking with Donald Schmitt. He's got a new book out it's called cover up at Roswell exposing the seven year conspiracy to suppress the truth. We're getting a lot of that truth tonight and again and I don't think so much for joining us. A pleasure thank you. It down on this who we filmed we didn't have an episode of ghost hunters we've filmed over Wright Patterson underestimates our Internet. Yeah a bunch of over the world and yes and I can say that some of their buildings have such tight security and it's funny and I was talking with some of the people over there. And and you know silly as who worked there were telling that that's where they keep them in Alton and so from Arafat to on this very keep us and it's surprisingly in these buildings or locked down some I guess some of these Billings actually underground bunker there what you get in a kilometers underneath and that's really catalog a lot of different things I've never got a chance to get him there. But we'd get pentagon clearance to be able to invest if there and everything else so it's really it's top secret facility has got a lot of areas that are 100% off laments. And it does make you wonder what what was taken care. In fact. General the late general Arthur exon he was a base commanders there in the mid sixties. And he described to us that there and tighter areas of the base that were off limits to him. And he was the base commander. Seoul. You know that would clearly demonstrated. All of these areas that you missed injuries and and the sub levels we've heard is millions and levels. In fact you might remember then Hanson. Who. Posted at stake and so on scifi young what is grandfather. Was. Assigned to the were on the elevator. That went down long as far as to some of these sub levels. And so the way he's the bee haven waited watched you know and clearly demonstrating that occupancy word. That you even were here. That there aren't a level yourself levels are on the base. In the news about the rule eight. Six years ago six years ago I had requests from Peabody from NBC. Well Lester holt they wanted the film crew on the right path. And you describe yourself on. But yet they allowed you on on the base proper well I never had a had a problem in the past myself. Until. That more than one recent. It opportunities or is within BC. And they made me jump through hoops and medical through airports entertainment Hollywood. Aside from the Pentagon. And we were coming down to there in their shooting debt a deadline. And I finally resorted to contact you former deputy commander at the base colonel Jeffrey doll like chips but not letting me on the base. Get me on the base what's the problem. And he calls back the very next days has gone well quote for your next book I just met with the base commander. He's had to be jokes I don't period you have force stars Don Schmitt is not getting on the space. Soul PO. And I think she was just they were concerned about the publicity and the fact that obviously you know we had an angle we were specifically. You know. We wanted to evidence we wanted to ask questions and possibly film and some of them so all levels. Which in this state based build denied exit. Yeah well and I can tell you that when we're filming there there were all the special protocols like my my guys could not have their cameras rolling when they were. And anywhere outside the these buildings in these areas and in you know in their shots had to be signed off on its serious if they were gonna do. In exterior shot of the one of the buildings or something it had to be checked in signed off on for them to be Le billet. So there are a lot of different protocols and a lot of things each slipped pollen there there really make him mr. keeping such a tight lid on this it's just mind. It is it is and that is not the case another set pieces. That we have filmed. And angry and invited onto others as well. Now films and other other bases as well. Never had a these titans to such such tight criteria I guess. And and it was amazing going there and having just. Yet so homes so many people watching watching exactly what you're doing to make sure that everything is going the way it needs to go. The senate right right lets you oil. Quickly you know sort inspect deletes senator bird Goldwater and after you had heard all Roswell back in the mid sixties. From the very base commander Russel Arnold blanch. Well at that time was a four star general and and Goldwater made his request that right past. Through general Curtis LeMay. That he wanted to see the physical evidence he wanted to gold to the people who rumors we heard it referenced. Where they can be kept all of the flying saucer evidence. And Goldwater would tell us that was the first and only time that may upper crust the mulch. Colin Helen Nolan if you ever bring it up again well personally see that your court marshalled. Well LeMay was a restart time. And Goldwater was only two star. Sole lone it was a superior officer telling in uber bring us up again you know of the court martial. Oh. This could get up again perpetuate. It's going to be you know let's go to Kansas City and bring in Jim Jim welcome to be on Rihanna read a good to have you on the show. I serve per share it up like Esther guessed eight even then you're not gonna comment on that but I heard recently. That there think conflict. Between Philip Corso who wrote his book in Stanton Friedman that's standard doesn't believe course so this whole story. And secondly did you ever hear back colonel Blanchard. On his death bed did finally I get to Dan remembers he did admit everything he could you comment almost anything much weaker natural hear and thank you guys were great little. Before you do before you sign off. Did you ever hear this from anybody about colonel Blanchard giving a step. Idea I get here in the in the last month or two on some. I either I are good rhythm on the blog on the Internet or their own radio bit yeah I was critical boost the art it never heard that before and I just wondered who would ever come across that. Okayed. I mean. I'm gonna have to look into that a little bit further we're still in contact with a friendly and mentioned earlier his daughter Diego talking about his possibly being brainwashed. But as far as our colonel full course so. The that the blue the the opportunity interviewed him twice. And unfortunately. Is a cult no he did not write the book Padilla after Roswell that was written by doctor William Burns. And it's. They've relied heavily. On the testimony. Of sleep the discredited. Witnessed by the name of frank Kaufman. And then we learn that course so had been to Roswell on to the legends. Researching the book. And both times he stayed at the residence frank called and and so I'd like Friedman. I you I I take though the entire course Sobel who large grain of salt unfortunately. As far as his description of the reverse engineering attempts. That was all information that we had put out earlier books the government doesn't though the military to the manufacture anything everything has been out to the private sector. And we had first and witnesses that Battelle if Hughes aircraft that Rand Corp. General Electric or talking about having some of the Roswell wreckage. In an attempt to. Analyze and reverse engineer the material so Corso was correct about that yes but his account of Roswell and fortune was based. I'm not ranked cough and description and that is not a legitimate. Hey Jim thanks of those great questions we appreciate you calling in from Kansas City. Done we're gonna have quickly run out of time here I wanted to ask you lewd about the digs that have occurred crash test well yes. Top of the first of all how many have there been officially end. What what's been found. We that we have had all the countries five digs at the debris slash crash site. And two of them were even orchestrated by of the contract archaeology department by the universe than Mexico in Albuquerque. And in the 2002. Loaded. And we were not moving enough dirt and we were driving back to Roswell and I asked if there was any chance. That the scifi channel would spring for back culture social. Which they did. And so we have them focused specifically. On what the witnesses describe as the coach area where something you'd impacted. And skip the crust the ground for hundreds of feet. Obviously through the decades everything it's filled and everything is smoothed over but I will never forget. Ahead of the project. Doctor William Coleman calling up. And she just elated by the fact that the cross tranche. Perpendicular. To what the witnesses described as the trajectory of the couch and there are ones. Right below the surface there's loose sediment it was all the way and there was a symmetrical the right below the surface exactly were the witnesses describe. And I can assure earlier listeners that a weather balloon there's not created college. And has not created symmetrical be in this high desert stole an infield stole and lying. And very little topsoil soul it was a trip it was a wonderful discoveries and it again through the onus back on to the government. What weather below. He had that sounds were pretty close to a smoking gun if you ask me. In many ways yes and for us attitude clearly demonstrated that there was an impact site. And in more recent years we have been finding and specifically your geologists. Press Franken gambler has been finding fragments. Downside the erosion goes to win. Erosion site. Away from the debris field. And pieces that are mostly a balloon around but they also contain the L law. Modeled Denham and that should not be in aluminum it's the use strictly as a hardening agent course deal. And yet there it is in aluminum and there are Knoll registered compo. Proponents or alloys anywhere in the world. Of those two combinations. And sold that interest and we we were planning on having further analysis done on those fragments. So Donald do you think will ever get any solid answers from what happened in in Roswell or do you just think that at this point. Even even if aliens landed on the planet tomorrow they would still deny everything we're with Roswell. Oh I'd I'd I'd believe they would even should there be the announcement. That the phenomenon is real because of the culpability. The fact that the threat as many people involved the fact that they threatened to kill children for example. The response. By the civilians. The press and the military. Was simultaneous. It was unanimous immunity all re at that the same way as building were dealing with something truly extraordinary. And then the extreme tactics the measures that the government used the silence all of these people. And so there I I think there will be a lot of hell to pay. If it should finally be conceded that they indeed were covering up something all of that magnitude. And that they did resort to such. Extreme tactics. So they can announce fuel pools exist tomorrow but I you are actually correct I believe that but they would still sick but Roswell was still below. Running time. We're running out of time I mean there's the race for the undertaker with the World War II generation is is almost over. And we're already starting to lose the children of Roswell. On the sons and daughters so we realize that the clock just ticking. And you were pressing you know we're making one last effort to come up with the remaining witnesses. And it's also the fact that the government just doesn't like to admit that if we want it at any point. Two groups of people and they're not big on that Vick and they can legislate pushing off the side and just let let the cat it. Try to get past it. But they don't wanna admit that they gave her and they've purposely deceived all these people correct. And the point that they've been deceiving. The American public for seventy years. The last time we were whip of late colonel. Sure did have a and he was with Marcel when we first went out Hoover brief this was after a couple years have with denying any involvement. And we were departing we relieving his residence and applies to colonel you know each the year true patriot you know you you kept this secret all these years you'd be admired for that in the panic you know it's but colonel what gives you the right withholding it from my generation. All of us who weren't even born who weren't even alive back that what makes you decide for all humanity. Something of you know of this nature. And it's he paused and he says he'll have never thought of it that way before. And any finally snapped but I'm still not a terribly true. We've got just a couple of minutes left before we have to let you go on don't ask you what you think. Crashed there. Where it came primaries where it came from. And if if whoever that is nine massive ones in the crash but similar. Beings are still around and visiting us. Good questions. By eight at having for having star of a skeptic the fact that I can say that I am 99.9. Percent condensed. That Russell was the craft of unknown origin that it was manufactured off the planet. It was piloted. There was a crew there was a lone survivor. They were not human they were Obama on humanoid nature and that they slightly resembled but they were as I mentioned earlier. He worked in Texas sort of speak. I still believe there's still maintain its copper up ignorance that they still will have any answers. They still don't know from where from water from cool so what do they disclose what do the you know it's there their ignorance on the subject. And and so I don't have any answers as to I'll leave that to the scientists the astronomers. To finally determined what the likely planets oh potential inhabitants are. And and we know that they're discovering new planets every week. Sold the very likelihood. That true we are we have been visited and we continue to be visited becomes more and more. Not only a possibility but probability. Well. Gotta get the book now it's called cover up at Roswell. And it's exposing the seven year conspiracy to suppress the truth we've got a link on the beyond reality web sites for it but your website also has. My information on your other books and other things is a lot of information there and and where else can people go to find out what's going on with you. Well the international U local museum and research senator. Oh we are we're drawing almost a quarter million people year. Art museum and one of their original co founders. And we we continually. Present. Updated information displays material. We have speakers as far as we have the eyewitnesses. Even the families come in and the present new information. Soul. We we're working on traveling exhibit. Where we're gonna take the museum on the road and we're gonna continue we're gonna have another archaeological dig hopefully this ball. And soul of the hunt continues to search continues. Keep us updated Donald thanks so much for coming and talking with a Hispanic youth ball pretty good to be back so. I haven't levied on again next brightest. Beyond reality radio Jason JB will be back. The Yankees to guard against damage made great conversation arousal and. Gays always disagree person talked and I totally expert on the Adam on beyond reality radio in the beginning and but after assert talk you know it totally clicked he's just he's great. But so make sure you tune in tomorrow or and talk to a doctor Peter Sonko host of hosting the paranormal profile owners. And author of many books and we're in talking to him about a bunch defense stuffed every Friday is the best of beyond reality radios and make sure you tune in. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like FaceBook page forest then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can you can listen to pass shows. You can won't join me online chat during light show he can download free iPhone and android separates her from the website as well and more so. Our machine tune in tomorrow night's Jason NGV everybody of greed and the kitchen in my hand. And real ingredients produced by state idiots includes amusement Alexandria Johnson for a intercom yeah. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting that's. Slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.