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Hypnosis & hypnotherapy - are these more than just parlor tricks and are they legitimate forms of treatment?

Aug 16, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson interview guest Dr. Steve G. Jones about his work as a hypnotist. For over 30 years Dr. Jones has hypnotized and offered hypnotherapy to his clients. How does this work and how effective is it at addressing many of the issues that plague us in today's world? 8/16/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Tuesday on the West Coast Wenzhou East Coast many of stone. Between what we are really radio myself to singles always are some JV Jones no I know you're not looking Emmys saying why the heck do we just have some Elvis music there but there might be people listening are wondering why we just played a little bit of they'll listen. The fact is it was forty years ago today. Our August 16 that Elvis Presley died at 42 years old under very very unusual circumstances. Brought a lot of heart rate to a lot of people. I was a very young kid at the time and did it devastated me it was a big Elvis fan as child kind of weird but kind of cool to. And if he was rushed to the hospital said it was some kind of heart issue them later they're talking about drugs and as you know. One of the biggest conspiracy theories of the last thirty or forty years erupted when everybody said Elvis is still alive somewhere and people kept seeing him in taking pictures thinking it was ten blah blah blah and you know here we are forty years later. Plano as parent his father was initially told that it was a drug overdose and again nationalism armed Basque condition I mean his charm bathroom and and a it's it's a shame and he really he he got around a large that are near the end as well well it certainly is doing a lot of different issues. Yeah I can't through most of his career and yet do understand that he died at 42 years old at at the age of 25 he was the world's biggest celebrity highest paid celebrity most records sold amino an unbelievable career before he was 25 years old. And ripped through most of his life views over six feet tall he's been a 175 pounds but when he died he was double that terrorists recessed and I'm saying used double the height he was double the weight and down and he did not look good and use and all sorts of prescription medications that he may or may not have. Actually needed hard to say at this point. Mixing them together and now and he's Hampshire he's not really aware of can we may actually shouldn't be next and so that the united it was a bad situation of course you know he was surrounded by people that they couldn't say no to him because he was who was and they all wanted to be next tombs we've got everything you wanted and if you wanted more pills. He got more pills if you wanted. You know on different pills to get different skills so very very sad situation and it's one of those days that most people if they were alive in the news who almost was remember what they were doing the moment that announcement came over the radio or on television whatever happened to be. And it's worth remembering he would have been 82 with he had lived on possess as it is forty years ago today he died 42 years old. Well how how agitating on well I tell you what it was going great until about an hour and a half ago and I am. I don't normally walk around without shoes on but I happen to be walking around especially if he got like Hobbits he's sneaking in there you know I've got seven toes on each foot. And that's where it's great theater classes from. Yeah it's great for climbing. I X I actually turned in my office in and strong my foot around and smack the shelving unit and I think I broke. The tall next to my pinky toe on my left foot it is hateful and the Kurtz and yet so I'm I'm suffering from October Akron. Do you think that's total total loss. The I think a must I think that's just joke was that that must totally suck fear is a joke was just as bad. Fix our idea of not joining any toe support groups or abound that it's not like the thumb issue that was much more dramatic but Tim yes I've got a very resourceful right now. All right feel that I didn't ask you this because I saw this in the news. And I don't know any me much about reliably do you know more westerly Rhode Island is just very different story coming reform and everything's wherever there's an author wrote on everything technically Rhode Island everything's right answers from right everything's pretty close in Rhode Island will apparently be anywhere fifteen that's going to be in two different states in twenty minutes apparently. There's a mysterious object it's just off the shore in and near westerly Rhode Island. And it seems like they've been trying to pull it up from the water for awhile now but storms and other. Conditions have made it on difficult infect as a company called Rockies tree service that's been planning to pull this thing it's an eight legged metallic object. Which they don't know what it's from but he just can't starter rich yes and it just kind of appeared on the ocean floor on Tuesday night. Currencies and they're trying to pull it up at the the move has been canceled due to. A deteriorating conditions on the beach and some storms and some strong rip tides so they're still trying to get this thing up. They want to figure out what it is mom eyewitnesses has said is just an eight league it. Meant metallic object and it was not their last summer and suddenly it's there. Well and today. And I saw this actually on our local news and some people were saying that they thought it was a a platform system for an doppler. Is some sort of a doppler unit but. There's nobody who's come forward and say anything about that so. People are really at a loss because is solid the small lodge and you're talking about having to have heavy machinery altered to turn moved the site. Yet it'll be interesting when they finally pull it out of the water get a good look at it mean when you when the pictures that I've seen this guy you know nuts and bolts on on the very very clearly made by a man I would think fossil. But this is where to come from enemies of metal metal object with the leagues don't necessarily floater on the water and they kind of Spitzer in this profession Bonham they kind of stay stationary. Exactly and it would have to while would have to have been placed where it is Saddam. Or it would have to have taken one heck of a storm to move that thing Taurus now my own alma when the next week or so we'll find out. You know my favorites to Anatolia about missile time stated confusion you know. There cannot be a merry now. SI RS and now now let's South Carolina it's like it's always been my favorites say yeah we've talked about moving their own London on many times not. To get out now getting lighter fare jumpers to separate houses and get a vodka in the I was driving distance and he knows exactly how stone throw what I its site so speak at oneself to kick butt so. Did you see this. This warning sent out a South Carolina officials nobody that South Carolina of course is one of the other states that is in the path of totality for the eclipse rates soon it's yeah as do other things going on presenters are smuggling arms race. So South Carolina residents are being asked to immediately report any monsters seem during the total solar eclipse on August when he first particularly the fabled lizard man. This is come this came from so coroner officials. Yes now of course you know Warner what do what if it does tongue in cheek what's not but the State's emergency management division made the request via tweet this week adding that it was in response to media reports that are normal activity might spike during the eclipsed. Regarding possible paranormal activity potentially occurring during the solar eclipse 2017. Said the tweet. As always if you see something say something to tongue in cheek message included a map of sightings of the south Carolina's mystical lizard man creature. Which Wikipedia describes as a rip Chilean humanoid cricket which is said to inhabit areas of swamp around Sumter and the counties and in yes it's reported reportedly also listens sewers down. I can promise you this there will be an increase in strange activity whether it's paranormal mine I'm not sure sooner we can we can count on the strangeness factor going up but paranormal and attribute I funded. I always find it interesting when officials. Start to use terms like lizard men and paranormal activity got to wonder of course in my ideally. Oh hole. And it is for the apartment. Disease that had to death tolls on the right and it and they clearly did that to prove make a point in in more of contemporary pop culture way. Yes and now of course south Carolina's merge in management division does not know liberalism and becomes more active during a solar eclipse. But advised residents of Lee and Sumter counties tour it's remained ever vigilant. The messages comes weeks after a big foot was courtly CN Dowell county. And chip a conference double talk was reported arm South Carolina golf courses and T. Mean. Is double dog loose and then double dog that that in total class council lifts the actually does and then really an ensemble chocolate gate thing who has been an awful well if anybody happens to be what viewing the eclipse in the C went missing that they call us for post well if they see one of these things during the eclipse right well now. Don't know who or what but the way our numbers 8446877669. We've got a great show lined up for you tonight were brings doctor Stephen G Jones. Under the program he's been practicing hip no therapist since the 1980s he's off authored over 22 books and have no therapy. On and he'll be discussing hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind and he's been he's been on everything from none more millionaire matchmaker down. He's done a ton of media stuff mom did interview shows. He works with celebrities. He works with noted. Corporate of the leaders and world leaders it's going to be very very interesting. Peter about his experience. If you haven't MA she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com where he can check out all the presaged swear across the country. You can also download free iPhone and android app right there which a logical solution lies catch past episodes. Join me online chat or you can click the listen live with so right there on the website enjoying the allied jets agree community people javy and I hang out Merrill time and Sean full place com. Also if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor injury to force it helps push a show for it makes it easier for people to find. So. All good stuff again the telephone number 8446877669. We've got a lot to go Stephen Jones will be joining us. In just a few moments of beyond reality. 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Of course we always invite phone calls would love to have you join. Our discussion. A worker bring our guest in doctor Steve Jones is hip no therapist he's also an author his website is Steve G Jones dot com. And now a doctor Jones is great to have you on the show welcome to be on reality radio. Well thank you to hear. So the very first place to start I suppose is the beginning. How did you us start down this path. You know we have no therapies not something that you tend to get that offer career major in college that I'm aware of at some point he made a lot of decisions tell us about it. There you go yeah. Well when I was ten parents to a therapist and I thought it was kind of interesting and niche it helped and then. When I was high school I started reading a book on shipments therapeutic complete guide noses at THD psychologist is wrong and I was in Riverside military academy Gainesville Georgia and all my fellow classmates are coming to a room and sometimes I go to their room and one ties and I eventually. Was hit at sizing a lot of people just reading what I was reading the book to them. And it worked worked and were going to hypnosis I thought that's wonderful I went to college started out university lord in my plan was to major in psychology site did it in Hadley pointed out there was no major in the it and hypnosis. But might so mine. My education has been mainstream Mike Knight bachelor my doctorate. Everything mainstream switched or education at the masters. Is that teaching more than I was. And I was. Helping people want someone so that's been my story I was a dozen people in high school and having a good time and now it ties and that'll do big things. Well it's going to be something really screw around with and high school and enticing people I mean the emblem the the options are limitless things you name it anyway. Tell you if you hold a story ahead. Okay well I found out about some nickel post hypnotic suggestion. Which means that when an when someone under hypnosis you can tellem for example and injured were pepper the plot to scratch knows. And so great a program that into one of the cadets to called students. And then I told everyone. That night at. Dinner that I programs on so describes his knows that pepper so of course the old meal were saying pass the pepper asked pepper as the pepper and eyes scratchy as a reinforced to me the power that knows this but show me time the tune. Well it's funny I took delight to see an. And and now I don't know to what extent and it. If it's really happening especially when your show like that but I mean this this guy told told dispersant. The news and then have to go to the bathroom when he said the wording was going to go to the bathroom I realized that this thing wasn't. Wasn't there. And user Holland in this whole thing and we are who are dying laughing but you do you that you do sit there and you wonder really do is. Did he go in and think that this thing was not there. I mean yeah it. Good. And then you worry. Percentage of the population has that's adjustable and I don't know if you want an answer but a lot of this up you see on onstage at osu shows is real people do go into that doses and you do those things. And do for the moment. Believe those things that they they're in between. Going along with that and believing in diagnosis sometimes and sometimes they just if you interviewed and afterwards yeah I knew was going. But the went along with that anyway art is that early interest in March and most of them don't even remember. I shouldn't say most of them experimental and don't even admirable it hit those and highly suggest. This is a particular short segment so don't wanna get in too much deep detail here so maybe asking this question is an appropriate for the amount of time we have but. What exactly is hypnosis. Well it's just a relaxed state of mind in which are worse adjustable. And you go in and out day you wake up and hit the snooze button ego are back on Europe and hypnosis. And you wake up and was back off again in your fully in full consciousness which is beta. It is fully conch was again Shari go back to Al anything else thought or lower is considered it knows is he can be and also when your. I'm daydreaming and shower later on when he tried to work you can be and in all saw it in a car riding so people don't remember Utley got to work and they are wrong thing they just do it every day so their brain doesn't really pay attention during those times. They go to that are cubicle and they made go to hell again so it happens all throughout the eight people in the nose is ultra day the only difference in that fans coming to human like media professional therapist is. Two things number one. Causing them to go there were trees and number two we're giving them cause suggestions while there in doses. So is it fair to say that feeling of kind of spacing out that's us that's a form of sorts. Yes you would probably if we were two nuclear measure your activity at that point we which find out that you are in L thought so as stages obeyed all eight adult bases all wake and consciousness. Elton is that. What we're talking about that geek thing and then data and dealt that you are in Europe and sleet at that point. So in other words I'm an alpha 24 sevenths and so now. How to pay for the and so we're gonna take incorporate only come back a lot more again if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial it to FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com. We can find all the greasy Asians we are across the country or download the free iPhone and android app. We take a quick break more on after this listen Jason G. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's GB don't forget tomorrow night. Donald Schmitt joining us he's. The director of the PJ Allen hi nick senator for UFO studies will be talking about. His service as director of special investigation for ten years in the author's name doctor Peter Sacco. Who's the host of paranormal profiler send he's authored many many books in 800 magazine articles. About tell all things paranormal are talking about. Science and Ken science really or really not approve a house is haunted them to be an interesting topic. Yes and I'm really looking for that chokes and cash empire America. Well I think we're really gonna connect levels yes ought to be a great show that's Thursday night but tonight we're talking with doctor Stephen Jones he's hip no therapist also an author website is Steve. G Jones dot com. Many many books to his credit we've been talking about basically just didn't kind of a definition of hypnosis and Steve what things are gonna ask you this when you started doing this you kind of started it in one and about to say here but then he became more of a scientist about it more of it'd be educated about it but. Most people trying to get the impression hypnosis is more like a parlor trick thing but it goes we be ominous doesn't it. Yeah does end you know I used to fight against that our lives at times that's the only exposure to apt. Because stage in his show eight you know so doing a cruise ship something like that and what what they're possibly not relies those demonstrations are actually real and the people who go up there on stage and don't remember you know talking into the issue were dancing room or singing like Madonna earlier but it states when they don't remember. They get really convinced of our subconscious mind of their best and who's with them sees them go their total introvert would never do those things. They commence too so there is some positive values to be torture aspect of the. So I so people I mean I went to and gone back about ten years ago. I used to still smoke and I went to. That no therapist. They're claiming that they can I get to not to quit smoking and all this stuff. And I spent time there and after about a half hour on pretty much told me that. He couldn't he couldn't hypnotize me couldn't get me to pay attention to things long enough to actually have full focus on the long enough now why is that with some people that this just doesn't seem to work. Well I mean it could be multi effect or I don't know what was going on like at that I'm fascinated you're were nervous about something you know there could have been. Always get nervous and somebody's gonna hit the touches the puck because your gallery because it has that stigma long leg is going to be having me and you know clucking like a chicken. Bright and women get even more nervous as you know they're with a man that grew close our eyes were closed the lights are out talking to murals are you know what could happen. It's so they get really nervous. Gotten so bad it could've been I don't like his approach I don't like the fact that he said that because there're are always other ways to get it done you can always use all your linguistic programming their pattern you can use to to get you into it not 68. I I steal that perhaps not trying to excuse it knows is here but I chill that. Humana are in the skills as. As even a standard to a therapist because just sings like that is rather shocking well susteren we can. Focus on just crystal. It was there was this crystal and you know and it was just it was a weird thing him something I was never used to anyways because any time I'd seen them do it up on stage it was always a total Walton is different setup. Yeah and so what you expected something happened he should have gotten that information from you and gone along with that he could have done works at a they did. And made the same for use so you could have gone into a trance but each is not to do that we do know from the research that are Stamford. I've done trading the harbor scale susceptibility that people can be rated on a numeric scale its assault assessment test you can rate yourself on a scale and signed up house adjustable. Well that that brings have a good point in Jason's experience just illustrates it but. What can we accomplished through hypnosis or had no therapy. Well you you can accomplish everything that you have accomplished so far which is. You know figuring out where you want ago in what you wanna do you feel but you can. Accomplish it in the way that you'd like to accomplish it now so usually people at the present time worker moment or at their adult ones are adults they are election all of the experiences they had all the good advice. All the direction beginning given. And that's what they are and it's really not want to be in most cases they want to be charming to be wealthy that on eight. Things like that but maybe not so that's what it is and you can go in their re why. Re program to be what you eat. But now is that something that has to be done periodically years something they can just be done once in that person's going to be different individual or is this something that. They need meats be re occurring today keep them on that. Path. Well I like to look at it like Tony Robbins looks at a EP he does have to believe or not and he talks about like being like a piano tune a piano and eventually will eventually especially playing it will go out of two so sometimes people need to and that's why it's so people to keep recording of the hypnosis session so that it'll booster shot as I. And secondly and do that needed so it buries against a torrent and personal situation. And they may need they mean it to booster shot as a college or the main. Okay you brought up Tony Robbins so I've got to ask this question a lot of us and prepare and and and I know I have seen the movie shallow Hal. In which in which Tony Robbins administers. I don't know what you call and you probably have a word order better term for it. But is something like that real where. If you haven't seen the movie Tony Robbins meets the character that Jack Black is playing and and does something to them so that he sees the inner beauty in people instead of through maybe just a physical appearance. And then later in the movie aid phrases uttered which changes everything back to normal is that real. I mean in all the movies not real but it those types of circumstances actually legitimate. Yeah. Asks are they were overdone a horse because Hollywood but he was given that he was hit the ties that the word you're looking coach and he was giving any given a host not a suggestion. To undo things. That's that's all but how did that very strict or it's the same thing I was doing a fourteen year old kid in high school it's. It it's a very straight for procedure and mines Robbins is trained in hypnosis and that's that's what he's doing. That's really generous and by the way it's a great movie love it's one of my comfort move I was when I just it was something to watch enough to pay attention too much it's one of the ones I go to. Known as he can't escape this yeah it gives you kind of equated the state of hypnosis says you know does that spaced outer. You know kind of the thing you do like I've I've. Made a drive home her drive to work and I've been my mind's been elsewhere in Mikey said he got to work or whatever he didn't realize you made the drive you can't recall the details of it. What's different about that state of mind vs. When you have somebody in your office and you've hypnotize them intentionally. And you you've opened them up to the power of suggestion to the power of these words that your using. Or is it. Merely the case that during that drive if someone was sitting next to me they could have had the same effect on me. Yeah it's that right yet don't let somebody talked talked talked driving and doing everything to do argue that might reverse programs. But yeah it did yours situation explore options boil it down to be asked for options states of consciousness so there's Al thought that's hypnotic state are based out or sometimes yeah true wondered writing writing rebook their data which awakening consciousness so let's go and urged beautifully and clutches and help lower your candidate green data. And delta also states that consciousness but. Those bees states and outline the same as not it's scale scale and weight scale that spectrum is the same a week and hypnosis scale so we don't have a separate Specter so go and they had a relief and state when your writing in L in the same else that I would put human error. Now perhaps you'll go deeper figure delta which you wouldn't do your writing. Some sort of disorder or you worked very sleep deprived. But it is a senseless and talk also there's no different. If you do if you have a question for. Continental therapist or doctor Steve Jones gives equality for 46877669. Dental treated for four. 6877669. You know one of the things that I think in you've alluded to it you know those people get nervous and when they may go into recession or if they're doing this and at a public accession in some fashion. And the nervousness comes from a couple things one is they don't wanna embarrass themselves if there if they do something that would normally do but also. I'm sure there's a fear of of maybe it being dangerous is there any danger involved with the needless. No and that has a comment here yep people worry that they're going to go and uses the gonna go they're going to get going to knock out the going to go into a coma in Woertz. There was a movie by Woody Allen yeah. Tony Robbins by the way but Woody Allen and be called for eight scorpion what are he played a character and every time we got called eagle was Madagascar are posted not a question 'cause he because he was pulled that in hypnosis when he heard that word he would have to you I think it was Robin neighbor or rob a bank or something like that so hypnosis gets a bad rap that. People look at that basic. That seems weird maybe it's not true but maybe that's what hypnosis is an annular exposure to noses. True so they get misconceptions like that no one is that. Do everything you're told. Just like Woody Allen in the movie and that's. You will not violate. Scans or so those things are archery you'll not be completely under control in the says. And you'll also not go into nickel. Well I think that's important now because there there's even movies and shows Alter that they lead you down the path of believing that somebody can call you users use a trigger word on the phone. And next thing you know Euro assassinating somebody. And I can and that's one of those things that that south of the people of course some people do worry about as well. Yeah I saw what we have the maturity candidate type thing and at the and it's your. Reference in the end. Got that one you have the one that Mel Gibson was in the conspiracy. Theorist or whatever where he had the trigger words as well. That see that those are posted not suggestions the challenge is any. That would be a very very extreme case work were held up that well someone would you know get out there and and do something like that here's an example is to extinguished and earn a mind that a stage hypnosis show and I went to it told me that. He was going that way and I heard something I had to shout something I'm not only. Pursuit Tampa shots and respects the audience and had to you. At stand in the shout heard this and I did so I was of the dual mines are realized I was doing. I wanted to go along the front line shows one to go along with that but same time I wouldn't ordinarily do that leads question. How far do you push and how long is it like I just gone back seat may be two minutes apps it not. Days and weeks. The challenge the bad is it just doesn't hold up like they're trying to you know short distance yes distributed to mine probably a long time long distance I could look I adult things. We're gonna take a break here we come Akron and talk a bit more about this plus take some phone calls. The telephone numbers 844687766. Mannered guest tonight is doctor Stephen Jones. He's it's hip hip no therapist and an author his website is Steve G Jones dot com. You listen to Jason GB. Yeah see our student Johnson pharmacy for her 6877669. That's toll free number. Our guest tonight is doctor Steve Jones she's a hip no therapist also an author his website is Steve G Jones dot com Steve again thanks for joining us never. A quick question here. Or can you do or do you do hit and it tests. Have the ability to do leg grow group hypnosis or mass hypnosis is that is that a real thing. Oh absolutely in fact a lot of people that's how they hear about Jesus states shows or something going there around you know holiday in our weight loss. You know 2 PM stop smoking in people go to group in the in the hotel so yes witnesses does work. Then I need you to do something for me before the show's over tonight we've got a bunch of people listening through our chat room and I need you to hypnotize them and let's make them forget the pictures. That Jason has posted of any and doing that was. Instead he's just so you are admitting that the pictures you. Or the pictures that you put up my faces in America can get the best out in all it yeah and. Since Steve the and when it comes down to hypnosis I mean do people have to worry about their secrets being revealed when Walter under hypnosis. Because I mean it opens up by a can of worms if if an individual committed a crime. And denies it menu put him under hypnosis and he admits to it. And you know these things. You really need to worry about. Well you know as far as something being admissible admissible in court because so. Of that I don't know. I I don't sub believe that. A good defense attorney allow that to be admitted. But yeah there are other concerns that I have which is technology is getting better at mapping or seen the pictures that you were seen while you're seeing them that's that's something that's developing rapidly. And will probably be our concern at least to me but using as the truth serum it can happen and I you know I don't really think that's a great idea especially the person knows added that on the TV showtime one time and I sat up and out working each and he just didn't want to admit because he had. She had told an inaccuracy yet said one thing the show only pennies and another thing what he caught on nets they wanted to advertise and figured out so. We do see that so people can resist it so it's really not the best use of it I wouldn't worry about some advertising getting secrets everybody a computer do. Are let's of a supreme quickly sneak in one of our phone callers here this is Caroline from Kansas City. He Carolyn welcome to be on reality radio. How are out there actually having to work. What's. Well I would hit the. But they were not. Our offense should now there is that there are passionately want to try and yes we did learn swarming at you it. And what I do it again yes but I think I would rather have it done. A succession well let. It tie. It Wear on me. Caroline was this a behavior modification type thing. And Nancy not a professional B said it was in therapy session. I would imagine the therapist is a professional some sort. Yes you are an Atlanta Bert I'm doing and so it's. Our our our Guinea pig wants list. Yeah recovered. If it works for you I guess I can't complain too much with Steve what's the danger in that. Well I. You know as good as that therapist would not say up front I mean may help because of disclosure should disclose it but that's not something that's going to help at all because you want client state in what you're doing and saying something like that it works against a no assists actually. But having you know if you go to Florida you you were not allowed to be a therapist's mustered up kind of hurt your main stream licensed credentials. Registered with the state therapist. Then you could become a therapist I really had no problem with people being a means therapy using air yet it's great because. A lot of times on the other rich at the author who's not a means to our list. Then there are some gaps. But working the other way not as much risk. Thanks very much for the call Carolyn will bring gets mother called side after the top of the hour break we're gonna have to break here in just a moment but. I'm Steve before we DJ gets in there all I in my question I got a question or take too long Libyan acts are so good to. I was gonna say we've mentioned it's like some states and Florida which your example. Warlock he allowed you to use hit north therapy on as a sole credential. On the exact comment is that the is that the exception to the rule and we about a we have about thirty seconds here. That's the except to the rule that's litigation of Florida so there Mary Berry that high school principal is its sport is advertising. Is real and died like a few days. I think it's unfortunate when the data or did not look at it that way I think they are at this is how such as kind of reinforced it so usually it's litigation group and. Interestingly artists who was so we're gonna take quick break for the takedown this number in case you have a question for doctor Steve Jones. Or numbers 844687. 766 night again 8446877669. He haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio machine like FaceBook page. Then head over to be on reality radio dot com. Final agrees stations were airing across the country a lot more to come in the next hour you listen to listen to. Okay game to date is approaching and it's time for me to make your plans to attends Garrett Connor in October. It dates are October 6 through DH the place turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare con is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of panel discussions and film premieres. You can't find a better way to spend a weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit dot com. Com desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time. I'd come visit. The website today use promo code ER arm with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled Hillary's GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scare. Yeah it's just many years and between world. They are really areas myself Jason Hawes and it was awesome javy Johnson it's a great night we are remembering the fortieth anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley that was a sad day forty years ago August 1977. August 16 in fact. Fumble does a pretty cool stuff coming up to is what the sixteenth so old gist of what it days shy of a month from now also 29 days or so from now you and I will be. In Point Pleasant West Virginia. The moth man festival the place where this small mean creature terrorized. A community for a couple of weeks and then there was a major disaster with a silver bridge fell into the river. Killing killing many people plus many black hole put your stuff happened in Point Pleasant around the same time. Everybody drone we have straps to destroy Europe's gas I think that's a great idea I. I think that's an X and I think he's entitled leave to go to India and it's a via sound pretty curious just. But this is real like 151000. People descending in Point Pleasant which is as we've learned today very very difficult to get to if you don't plan out in advance guys who thought they would put an airport summary I mean that's a tough Saturday gets it's a tough period to get to but it is this couple hours driving a distance from the bunch of major cities including Pittsburgh and Columbus and others so. A with a forty meeting people saying hello in day at the moth man festival September I think was a 1516 I think those the day. Sixteenth seventeenth 1617 of its that a weakened their area so tonight we're talking with doctor Steve Jones and I U practicing he's been practicing at the therapy since 1980s. He's the author of over 22 books on hit a therapy and it's been very interesting topic on the phone numbers 844687766. Night and toll free 88446877669. Yeah. And if you're calling your on hold just be patient with us in we try to fit the calls and when we can I know we've had a bunch of people on hold throughout the night but we do. Up bring the calls and when it's appropriate in the conversation when we can and so we appreciate doing that. Also don't forget tomorrow night doctor or not doctor McDonald Schmidt will be joining us he's the former co director of the UFO studies he served as the director of special investigations there for ten years starting new foes tomorrow night. And then Thursday doctor Peter Sagal host of the hosting the paranormal profile there's. And author of many books and more than 800 magazine articles we're gonna target him bottom much different things as well so. Mean she's two and never Friday is a best of beyond our radios machine to an inch a tests show. So again our guest tonight is doctor Steve Jones he's a hit my hip no therapist and author his website is Steve G Jones dot com. And against Steve thanks so much for joining us tonight. When it comes to your books and you've written a bunch of them over twenty. Are these type of books that anybody would be able to read and understand or do you really have to halves of basic training or a bit of an education in the topic. To get the full appreciation for the books. Well one of the books I wrote is is buried mainstream and easily consumable by any so. I'd roller without undermining ranked ink on you can attract. That one is about. My. I in in what they do. So most of my books are like that out too. Concerning some details at nose. And that brings up over a second point inserted that brings a second point can anybody be a hypnotist does it everybody that possessed. Whatever skills might have still alive beneath the surface to be able to do this. I think so you know may be some threats wouldn't be the best candidate but so if you can talk some and calm soothing relaxing. And listen to them and then formulate. A plan of action which would be that doses session and you can these template that. Then you can do it so I would say. Almost anyone can do that successfully. But see let me SS can a person be hypnotized against their will as seen in like the movies and now you Simi. And and so forth where they hypnotize and individual without them going. Or to just added against they're willing general. Well there is Covert hypnosis and so that's what you're doing there are. Rising and the getting messages into their suck -- as these things are often taught in meetings and areas and business areas once they get a date with someone wants to have some and sign a contract those types of things are so they're our these techniques that are that are part of the game call Cooper witnesses that where you're talking to someone else call conversational. Hypnosis I created a program about the ultimate conversational at notices but it's just doing that you're talking but they're getting the masters. Oh it's a legal and of that day if you're actually doing something like that getting some sign a contract that they might not otherwise sign with great having that done. Yeah out so I teach I am very clear I you know believe it at Emerson that works it's about a sixteen hour program each meal conversational as her in and it's I'm constantly saying hey. You know you are not attempting to convince anyone of something that's not true you're just. Using this to make your point and have them under stand. That what you had some very valuable. Very goods or if it is now that's the fine line comes in because someone could attempt but something for some and it's not good for so as with any tool you know a hammer in the house story heels on with hypnosis you're not going to heals and by you and misuse it if you want to you luckily it's usually there's very little app as a result you know -- Going the wrong way so much and most of therapists are very open up any more. Well known a world. Where's the you have strong minded people yet weak minded people yet people in between has there ever been a situation where somebody has been unable to be brought out of hypnosis. Why used to joke and I had my house in Beverly Hills and let people come and fancy office expect that speak properly and asked that question Seattle on two bodies in the back room but so we don't have. That doesn't happen you don't you don't go in the hypnosis and stay there I you do come out of witnesses because. As I mentioned staged a two doses are no different stages of sleep go down to Al hunt and stayed at delta you can be and in that I was at the same time which is why you could fall asleep listening that I was recording and white TV loads fall asleep listening to commercials but you're going to personal stake in that information because you're still able. What are the best kind of people to be hypnotized. I'm sure that there hasn't there's there's sort of criteria. And the people or easiest or just him the embassy Aetna most susceptible. Well other is that scaled economic scale acceptability. Harvard Stanford or on but I don't ask people on the audit clients on the assessment with that but the it's it's really. There is a way to determine how suggest or someone's that is so ideally. I would say that would be the answer the easiest it ties will be someone who's very suggest the bowl on numerically. In. Graduated scale so true. In terms of who's best candidate you know it's normally you're just someone walks in the office that's. That's the purse you've got to work with they're going to be somewhere on the scale you're job is it a therapist is to help them to meet them at work they are. The best ability that's why I was shocked your son at the beginning of the show that guy so I'm sorry can't hypnotized for our chance is very rarely spoken from that they're out at second all you can because everyone can be in the in their own. Oil and it's funny to say I was thinking about that passed thing after I told you about it. And I remarks are sitting in the room and in the ceiling fan and it was going in it was like I couldn't focus on just one thing in general I was I was all over the place. And I don't know that was part of the problem or what but you he wanted to focus on this crystal on the way lights come answer and everything else but you know I'm watching the ceiling fan I'm hearing a hum commitment that I'm paying attention of this. And I have always been one of those people Wear mine mine's. I'm I'm paying attention everything that that's going on around me and have a hard time focusing on just one thing and one thing in particular. Yep and you couldn't use that he or she could use that you know and this and that and relaxed. And keep mentioning things are focusing on it's coming back TB lacks that sort of thing those sort of techniques are pretty standard and I'm really shocked that he's in use of those putts if there's as a way to hypnotize. Or that but there was a big. Boom also Bakken and the ninety's merely an early two thousands of all these all these places were popping up pine and there were one after another you know quit smoking or do this or do that. And and even their commercials roll the radio and those places seem to have faded out a lot as well so mean she wandered through a sort of fly by night places that were popping on. And just that's why they did the last. Yeah could be I mean you know is one thing get. In and some states and its you know hang out a shingle and start doing something you don't need or dictation to be at a therapist states. That's why I got my doctor education eight decided I was going to work on getting standardization. Credentialing so yeah you really don't know I'm what you have to you know nowadays you can look on Google and and luckily economic conditions usually wipe out a certain. You know businesses that really aren't solid anyway and so we usually factors that we don't have to concern ourselves with a Arabs those things for us the consumer paper something that's not good it's you know it's not good. Let's jump to the phone lines now we've got Marvin from Iowa was a question for you Steve Martin welcome to beyond reality radio. So I don't know if you're interested in the there are we doing something like bears. Are now mortar and we're going creativity. And. You're asking if you want to if there's anyone to work with you in the demo an error I would use as you were going to be. Growth only in. Oh I do I do not happy and unfortunately. To go to their. But I never now if you go to the website and you'll will be notified. Okay I'm what I'm understanding Urquhart I'm Eric strictly. Like. I feel like yeah. A good grasp on how money should be spent compared to. Meet him at decent amount of money. On the side. New album scholar I could mark a little investment bank. Notre so much more prepared and lacked a bit Oakland student. All true but in Tikrit do better. Order. There's something that could tell the focus and actually used to discipline to. Do what he do. It is it's eight tools so not all tools are appropriate Earl job or rural people so if it's something that it sounds like opens the idea of hypnosis that's great everyone can be hypnotized some degrees that's great so if it's if it's something that you want to pursue I would gently pursuant I will say yes I mean take it from a chance to winners. You know not good in school and ended early have much future in my mom died when I was six and all law I turned around and do discovering notices when I was eighteen. Are and yes a big difference. It's so. What are what you look for it to editors or someone. To order don't you were bears. OK I have a resource tool that's global on the American alliance that hit the tests dot org eaten go to her and I'm sure to find a therapist in your area who I trained. So again it's American alliance and the tests dot org. Larry how are. Scoring yet such a resource you can use this all makes of the coma. Yeah Marin thank you so much we're gonna take a quick break here we come back we've got more with doctor Steve Jones by the way make. The way again the website is. Steve G Jones dot com it's beyond reality radio to listen to. Again I'm sorry for her. Forward 6877669. If you like to join a discussion we're talking with doctor Steve Jones about his. Work in the area of hip know therapy and again. A Steve thanks so much for being with this. And we've been to a whole bunch of things unbelievable talks much a lot about the mind itself when you've done a lot of work studying how the mind works. End. Maybe you can explain a little bit of what happens to the mind during the neurosis or. Tell us what's going on and our subconscious because I don't think we fully appreciate how important that is to who we are. Yeah well that's quite true what you think about it the mine I think about. Concealed or top ice art that pops out water. That's me B I I don't know which 20%. Hole for lunch the biggest part of that is underneath the water and being written by currents underneath the water that's out round at similar to us. The top or can you be the clutches and were route doing what we do the sub conscious mind or were not aware that has a program. Or younger children. And all the advice our experience at that was pushing it just like current Rex pushing the iceberg so that's really the way the mind works. And we want to do is steal more important part to depart in Cushing we want to get in the air and we want to. Or not apartment which are being affected by the Cushing by the program at past. We want to change that aspect of the person so that's why not saying hey going in chains stop smoking stuff like that no equipment that knows its first week and access that. Underneath art it's not visible. Well I like what you said there in the stop smoking so for what other things can hypnosis actually cure. Losing weight I lost thirty pounds in the last year I used hypnosis I also parted dietitian and a trainer that helps because. Have to do practical things real world if you want to get at. Helps with finances Ellen sounds weird because people think hypnosis and get rich. Note programs you to take advantage opportunities to move forward to say yes reminders said no and to walk through doors that you might not otherwise walks so these types of things also built incompetent gaining motivation. My. Academic career as let me down the path of working with students got a full line. It goes products to help you improve your memory get her grades retain more. All all sorts of anywhere which reminders the subconscious minds ball which is almost everything we do. And that opens up a whole other can dorms though it like I did a show for it twelve and twelve years old ghost hunters on scifi channel and the fact and I dealt with certain with many many different individuals and I remember talking with say Hitler therapist. Yours back and he was saying that. Then they had the ability of time will with this and connecting into the subconscious but opening people up to the ability of being able to cease things. That usually they would not that don't of their mind would usually close them off to four whether it be for protection or whatever. But allowing them to be able to communicate with with possible spirits and things on the other side now do you believe that that's possible as well. I think anything's possible you know I I I don't rule it out in that when you you opened up cocked his mind are able to make changes like that help people see they don't you like or how I shall now he could see the beauty of the woman couldn't see it because he is focused on her exterior. So that need Ehrlich and so I believe that those types things our. Are possible I don't have a knee out firsthand knowledge. But because I know there are now reports. People being gambled and learning automatic writing and things of that nature but. We can definitely get into a little of that legally come back we're gonna take quick break the phone numbers 844. 68776. Exciting amidst all free at 8446877669. If you have any questions for doctor Steve Jones. Do you listen Jason GBM be unrelated renewable. Until it's done reality radio Jason GP. Doctor Steve Jones is our guest tonight he's a hip no therapist and author Steve G Jones dot com is the website and Steve before we went to break actually couple breaks ago we were talking about. Using hypnosis in in May be criminal law. And you had mentioned that it probably isn't some and its admissible in court and a good defense attorney would probably intercede in. In any effort to use it in court but I have a you know I've watched some of these crime shows in in one in particular I saw them use hypnosis to helping witness. Remember details of an event that they he just couldn't quite work hall is that something that's a legitimate use of hypnosis and this is something that's common. It is legitimate you know legalities aside which I don't. Courts statement sure but yes it is a very legitimate use. Treated it does is memory. Is myself because it's true helpful for that sect I was. Doing mighty mice studies at master's degree. In adult education I even had that the students as part of this thesis at the students. Received notices some diagnosis receipt Cebu is recording that didn't have the memory improving Rick suggestions receive nothing and we're able to demonstrate that the ones receipt for memory did significantly improve their third and straight member memory skills. Yes to use. And we look at the catalog of medical options for people on because I noticed some of the things that you mention particularly website that. Your treatments you therapy could address com or sometimes considered medical conditions. In years ago chiropractors were somewhat frowned upon in the medical community now they seem very very widely accepted. Does hypnosis fall into any of that gray area. I think it does I think that's up people aren't quite sure what to do it legally you know. So works it it's their let's secret take acupuncture chiropractor snippets therapists acupuncture is can be your primary care physician in the state of California. In Florida a therapist can't even be anything in the us or some other kind of credentialed. Person. And chiropractors enjoy oftentimes similar status as a medical doctor although it's understood they don't treat. Quite the same things in the same way so we have definitely got we're at the auto eat says as ours that that is fortune. What about self hypnosis and now I've I've heard a lot about battle the last couple years in and how does something like that actually work. Well a lot of it a therapist that you could interview it's they all witnesses is openness but we must admit that there is some hypnosis that another person. Help to happen you know you go to a therapist's office you're not doing their work yourself in their that in a therapist work you're so but in the in the sub conscious mind at all ends up being sane because programming coming in self hypnosis would be you're doing what they did a therapist does but I don't recommend that. And lets you make a recording because if you fall asleep if you go in those lower states has stayed at delta realize that big of a therapist has all asleep on both the patient and that no therapist are now asleep the best thing to do if you go and use self hypnosis is getting a recording or just recording yourself after you learn how to do it and then play it actors. So. Put something like that would actually work. Absolutely in fact I think if someone. Would learn hypnosis and do their own house recordings unless they're critical of their own boys that's a factor sometimes I'm less and less bad app. Might actually work better because they know what to do they know what eight exactly what they need to work on how to work so that could actually work out better eating your therapist I don't do it myself but I I can see where it might actually be so. Prolonged hypnosis and it with few if you're having this done do you often is this something that can weaken the mind strength in the mind doesn't have any effect. Either either way. Oh yeah well I mean what are working on true. Fundamental. Motivation cop and startling truth in addition to shoot that just overall benefit of hypnosis. I think if there's one kind of side benefit that happens with any type of hypnosis regiment I'd say it's just becoming. More calm person becoming more relaxed. OK so it's something that can happen it could have benefits or people with anxiety issues. Oh absolutely because they learn how it's done you know how how does their columns and down oh that's right that so yep. Definitely. Let's go to the foam onto we've got to Vince from Missouri on the show on the phone he's been on the show before Vince welcome to be on reality radio good to have you on. I. Good blown settlements. But let me get no casino. Are certainly. Has that gentlemen are. Higher and better all around here at the same town premier. You're just meters are to do anyway. RD and mash. You know just. Someone noticed all format. And man. You see people who have grabbed. Our strength and connectors like one person with co op certain other. And our order are guardians from tyrant diagnosis to you know extreme Taiwan arms like. Condition where available Astro reliably don't just like you Wear like a long retired. Not sure about that matchup notes. Vince are you talking about it as a couple like in a relationship. I used to Asian guy OK now I'm wrong I'll shoot straight and yet adequate. They usually a guy paid or not. Woman she is safe. And rock out who you. Say but it wanting either got millions and millions of dollars. Are you guys are under some kind of spell. I think we note talking about there what do you what do you think Steve. Well I you know after them later maker leaner times I had the same situation and me each and even have to use hypnosis. But. Yeah I. Knows I mean that's a rhetorical course I you know seeing. Someone you think isn't of the league of the female and seeing them together. You know that happens. I mean who knows what it could be third if you're asking could he had ties her idol thinks so. You because it would have to be maintained constantly. I mean if she does suddenly got a little glimpse of what the heck do you should be out there just like two seconds. So I I really don't think so it's not in a bullet that. It's also all almost kind of making him woman sound a little superficial and I'll just analytical data in the distance. Itself but what are what about the part. The events was asking unit when it comes to mass doesn't have noses and we've kind of touched on that earlier. Is that something that day is done in a NA entertainment sense because they hear that talked about all the time. And and you mentioned in other group therapy sessions in a smoking since it cessation or or lose weight sessions and it can be done in a group setting. Oh absolutely yeah and you know you can be hypnotized anytime you're doing something you enjoy new caught -- an -- and a tranquil moment at a concert you know that's hypnotic listening to your favorite musicians up there news caught and the old saying in relief to India and so yeah was massive doses happens a lot in and lower groups. But the official app to in the ways that I mentioned states that notices people going to you know hotels to lose weight. 1 o'clock and stop smoking at 2 o'clock that type thing so. Yes. Now in some cases like let's say it's a case where you're trying to hit an Alter somebody's behavior smoking cessation a one of these other things of people may go to a fitness test for. You wonder there are things in that session that you need to remember to actually haven't altered your behavior would assume and then. In other things like the entertainment thing we are clucking like uncheck any you don't remember after the fact. How how can you remember some parts of hip not a situation and not remember others. OK speaking of that I may not sit at you repeat the first part of the question again but the second part of the question is. -- on and it's basically has to do with amnesia so we tell someone there -- remembered as such we do that to scramble Cox recollection of the sub conscious programming doesn't want to analyze it saying no we lose weight don't things we want to have them or get the hypnosis session as much as possible consciously you know top of the iceberg at parties to get it as much as possible salute programming worked but people remember bits and pieces some people remember all things to go and knows this whole thing and yes they can still be an hypnosis because. You can be an ultra. And still be aware what's going on and you can actually recall what's going on that is possible. All right a Los. The image that was kind of the whole question I just rambled on a little bit with a combo or basically at a time Steve on working people get more information as mentioned web site a few times but is there anything any place else that folks to learn about you. Our web sites the best place it's got to you know all the contact information you have. You know notes audio speaker and you got 31 on his downloaded experience at right now it's Steve G Jones dot com is the best placed on. Okay well thanks so much. Amount hang in mountain we look forward to talk to you again in the near future. Elite guys thank you. Thank you are again the website is Steve G Jones dot com it's Jason JV beyond reality radio. Don't go right. So it's gonna bring. Integrate united and knows it's better when one of our our regulars. Contacts us with updates on projects that are involved with him and discipline we haven't heard from from for a while actually is a new member of doctored drugs doctor Gupta and doctor Dan drugs shipped via apparently he's got some pretty cool stuff to tell us about some things he's been working -- share with us I'll -- parent while they welcome the show doctored Andrus. Thank you want to again rapidly on your show guys have the pleasure. It's always great to hear from you so doctor Dan trust is a member of the group known as dedicated investigators are scripted researchers aren't I'm doctor just exactly a cure armor exactly what you do for Negroponte and what's what's your story there. Ali as I am known as the Dick. It researcher. Well Coca model and it's always straight talker you're so welcome back to show what are you what are you working on these days. Well Fort Dix I am I'm going around my mind at last time but it. Mine field of expertise that the court alien research. I am looking to. Discover. That there are more there's more life forms out there in the universe than just girl. I know there is intelligent life and as a last time I you know I discovered. I discovered big quote now I am looking at the star. And according to the notes that slick Eddie gave us here it's you actually. Found some of the sliced kind of very close to home yet you believe that it's here. I do I do I happen to be around Arizona. And I discovered. I discovered a hole all whole village of alien life lipid among. Well okay that's amazing is this is this a village they've done. It's you know scan secret and how did you come across this village. It's known. By the name of the fiery bird. I believe it's PO knicks and it's just in the Arizona you you confine it if you have a trustworthy match. Sosa was not secret at all actually so it's Phoenix Phoenix Arizona. Mean when you go there. Eight you'd seen this alien species curtain call I am here to tell your listeners that they are back humanoid. Really OK consumer looked very much like us. And whose strings playing as and you know what the research that bite you. A lot of my research is based on. Probate and trying I know that's how the alien like be communicated their favorite sport so I tried to draw the these aliens out I I would pose program in a pro ready state I would just go around. Go around this town. Undo my pants and then we in this state and the stages of probing ready for. Ready to receive the probe. Ready to receive there experiment giving myself looks just like that now. I am not a danger. Here to help you learn our way. Kind of extending an olive branch to resilience during the year yet smile when recruitment front but I would might backcourt upward. So you read you just you open yourself right up for them yeah yeah I am I ever saw what you wanted to be received habits. What I'm gonna say that's so I predict that research. Is that I was heading up brief search in this town and I I when I stumbled upon. If alien families were really wonderful they offered me. This unique here. Unique food but I would not aware of before it might be something from their planet. Yuri and it and it would. Actually lap and I cut I gotta I've got to be honest it was portable Alicia think buried. So blitzes and weirder and weirder but. You what you want to do you offer yourself up for proving. They like should I flop as you said some sealock who. Easy to opposites. Dock Ellis new tire and where you. They won't mix food. With the research because I I didn't fold up one of the taco. In quit my product. But it was an hour ago. That was not enough to entice them. There were not we do communicate. Yes yes. In the sixth grade I took corkum. Up basics Spanish and they. And the great now the barrier and we we commuted you to use it doesn't quite wonderful seeing you would say. No no what it would when I would what I would do my program. Stamp. Are you saying that they spoke Spanish these aliens spoke Spanish. They have names. You can you show rooms and they are we able to pronounce them and human language. Joseph Jose. Yeah there hope Jose maybe. It could've been want to get my hearing has it been right in the big or village. I know we do that experience. I I I believe B I believe the uranium group called the police comment I think just the fact that they didn't like me reading the crew got my. Pro area yeah that's why that's. My doctor made Emmerich. American I suppose it's if they were looking out their window and seeing doctors drugs on the from on displaying himself for them after awhile you might call the police regardless of the circumstances I don't mean that would just be me August. Yes yes there ought not only in front of the window but inside that would. And it was you wonder I was wondering and after the police came. Or who were quite understanding you know considering that I just discomfort. And other light because in they took me to a wonderful facility. Where I was picking Carol. And treated. And I don't remember the rest of that we can't. But I've recently been released and I just I'm looking for a place to stay Petri gentlemen wanna let me comment George. Arm you know let's let. He never ceases to disappoint. Yeah or me it appears he disappointed the feelings can't content. Don't think it all the adamant president. Interest and him being their bus I was speaking Spanish and and he still think misunderstanding. The alien I think is someone said there's Elian's illegal aliens living here or something and he took that as as something completely different. Well have big shout out goes out to doctor Steve Jones for coming on hang around the scientists explaining that the therapy and and the benefits and a lot of the misconceptions on it as well armed. Machine tune in tomorrow night we've got Donald Schmitt. Former cold director of the UFO studies where he served as director of special investigations for ten years. That's a long time. 21 town to be doing that a lot of great stuff course to best of hum coming up on Friday night and we look forward to having you on where this all of those nights so. Again and head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may she'll like the FaceBook page. And and feel free to download the show from iTunes to us a favor just rated over there for a so it helps push it forward to greatly appreciate the support on the panel. And then head over beyond reality radio dichotomy find stations we are on all across country listed there on the site he can also download the free iPhone and android upgrade there as well. That allows you to listen live to its past episodes and to join me online chat. That'll do it for us tonight make you tune in tomorrow night's can be another great show it's Jason GT beyond Reilly radio occasional tomorrow and. And I'm the only media is produced by speaking ignorance into iTunes but Alexandria Johnson and UConn reunion. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one work. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality real email too slick Eddie and that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.