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Exorcisms and the secret years of Jesus

Jul 14, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with J. Davila Ashcraft about his role as an exorcist. Why are they becoming more common and are they necessary. Also, a look at the "Lost Years" of Jesus. BEtween the ages of 12 and 30 Jesus' whereabouts and activities remain a mystery and subject to much speculation. 7/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Are they on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast many stuck in between welcome to be on reality radio myself Jason cause Camille is awesome Judy I noticed something for the first on an element to do in the show how long have you and I've been looking each other this wait for behind just knows that his assurance well that I've actually I've always noticed that I don't wanna. Then when root of the you have a nice big high back chair. Yet you look like you're sitting there and comfort and I got this folding chair and our turn to see your credit cards and Christmas cheap oil and that was my Christmas gift from youth to myself well did you like. I do now yeah okay good just like this microphone if if it hits so if they everybody welcome beyond reality radio and we've got a great show tonight we're going to be talking with. Yeah he's some he's actually an external all but a lot of things are relate to christianity com he is studied the church he studied the reformation. He studied Jesus and in particular the lost years of Jesus went on Jesus sliced between the ages of twelve in thirty is kind of unaccounted for. You know the rest of the Bible chronicles everything up until twelve and and everything after thirty but there's these missing years that nobody knows what really happened what Jesus was doing at the time and he's got some theories about that. So he's a lot of really interesting information based on the conversation that we kind of touched down last night would this. A satanic. Monument being put up in a public park and then kind of spurred some religious conversation and our chat room. This kind of comes this this guest in this topic kind of comes at a good time. I had comes at a great time and then tomorrow night is every Friday is a best Arafat so all of Amaechi tuna catch the show if you missed any shows during the week and then next week or and we talked about everything from UFO's. On things. Downed two armored guys wished witchcraft and magic you name Callista is an interest it's pretty. Pretty long yet we're going over all bunch of topics next week a lot of variety in the first fifteen and that's the first ten minutes of the show is right that the obvious so we got a lot of South Pole of Bartholomew will be joining us he was a guest it was originally scheduled for this past Monday night and had to I've rescheduled so becoming. Next week and then no appeal Harris. Who's an Italian American photo journalist and an investigative field reporter for extraterrestrial phenomenon. Mostly in Europe so bug that that'll be onerous interesting perspective on on the hunt for ET. Yes so would you an appeal to exchange or over a beautiful and I tell you what it will not stop for you need I'll its stride pools or falling in America it's pouring buckets and you know we have flash flood warnings the last couple days all over and the northeast but you know Orion in upstate New York they're they're gonna roads are being washed out on naturally bad really bad. Now I know we air on us and says stations all across the country you can actually find that list is going to be on reality radio dot com click the list he has station last. And it comes up we aren't things everywhere from all California and Washington. All the way over to you know buffalo and and Boston and you'd payment but. This week if any of your local in New England I guess ocean state Harris County is going on this week and it's set up by a couple of people and I'm good friends with. But it's a right it's presented by rise of paranormal its July 15 six and the sixteenth. 11 AM to 6 PM. And everybody from injury parent our good friend from the content means she'll be their dust and dust and part of my daughter Samantha Mon Cheri Cheri will be either from the show Joseph chin keys and Carl Johnson. And this goes on and so again if your local. And you wanna check out and agree on. It's it's a good one iron in a lot of great people there and it's actually it's really cheap as it's like twelve bucks a day or twenty dollars for the whole weekend and it's actually when that I wanted to go to exercise some personal things going on this week in which 11 need travel but it looked like it's going to be good event. And they always they always do great up and it's a lot of great a great people and I mean even Stephanie birth she's appeared on emea and Adams show and turn. And a jump right minimalist goes on an ounce of check it out it's ocean state parrot com. Ocean state fair and where workers are being held renowned as being held in Paris middle Rhode Island and it's not far from Tucson I mean romance Rhode Island you can no matter where he's going to run and took pretty close yeah exactly. Yeah some of the sounds like he grid events so this woman got arrested actually show as the men arrested yet they're looking for her because she was in a steakhouse. In New York City actually in the Bronx. And she walked in she didn't order off the menu instead what she did was she found another patron of the restaurant sitting there eating. Her state grabbed her arm and bit her arm and then ran out of the restaurant. Yet she union issues he did the resuming only in New York City or any extensive it was on Sunday Ed and fold it about 4:10 PM. And though all the patrons the rest from were stunned as this fifty year old woman came into the restaurant looked like she was gonna sit down and order but instead grabbed patrons aren't bitter arm and then ran out of the room they're still looking for. A well I mean does it do it did. You should take a chunk she sort of zombie attack she broke the skin. I mean she's done and that's a very serious but as everybody knows human bites are actually very very serious. And Anderson no explanation for it she didn't like you know big chunks so much but should break the skin and cause you know some concern. That's funny we we're filming episode goes on it was the USS Lexington down in Corpus Christi, Texas grand nine were sitting at a table at this blackbeard restaurant and exit hotel and we're just sitting there ramming launched. And I was like a second time where there. And always oh we suddenly hear a scream in some fight breaks out what happened was a lead he choose to seats down two tables down from us. Decided to stab her husband in the hand it Wallace there was on the table with a fork. And then proceed then proceed. To start eating a food. All illegals. The weirdest creepy yes he just like what all what's going on right it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna take a quick break if you haven't your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like the FaceBook page and then had to be on reality radio dot com. 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Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jon. This downed telephone number 8446877669. I was at 8446877669. You know he sees coming over over over against this or some weird to you this is like which it deja Vu. Because it's just happened last night to us is they could have been the exact same moment of the of the showed two. And we welcome back to the program everybody and if you listen one of the great radio stations during the show and be having yet dropping wind Tom on the appreciated we do appreciated for short. And if you're listening online in years a radio station close by do you think should be carrying and carrying the show let him know about it let them know we are available to be syndicated and carried on the radio station. Yeah we are already in stations all across the country and it's only because of the support and you'll shown with the recent shows success and we greatly appreciate it's gonna be talking about a bunch of things that revolve around the mystery that is christianity and texas' and so and Jesus and his life and who was and a whole bunch of things with. An expert guess. Discovering the lost years in the true identity of Jesus he's written a bunch of other stuff too. Korea right into the conversation. With Jay welcome to the program great to have you on tonight. Great everybody. Yet thanks for coming on and we don't look forward to this I'm talking with you just because. Now Texas isms are something that a lot of people a lot of people hear things and help but they really don't know much about them before we get into that. One to tell everybody who you are in in how what got you involved into this field. Okay why aren't ordained priest in evangelical. School ring in which Anglican jurisdictions. And previously. He actually brings in a and Mike bishop reportedly yeah sure sure it park. And that's really going to get all should surely. And now earning power ministers you can increase across country. And to all shall investigators. True. Adequately. Investigate clones or quarter natural activity. Or is demonic activity. So that it won't Dutch. At what point in your life did you decide. That that was going to be your career path. I didn't decide that really my ordaining bishops changing. What. Felt that I can cultured Arabic and he needed that in your part. I don't think anybody in the right mind would actually experience ministry in record almost. Put it it's it's loud as additional. It's not a difficult probably what people think it's now a question. Your match. Went majority. The work done. It is really very. I think I can't or won't say. Jerry. Lung situation. You know what the majority of that is. Receiving calling and analyzing those clients and looking for. And he. Did more curse only concrete captures all the clay rather jump into conclusions to. Well I love that you said that because when he and when we've talked about this numerous times in the past on the show I've always I'm always said that 99. The point now or 99%. Of claims of X about people being possessed. Had nothing to do within human spirit most of them have to do with everything from. Overactive imaginations over religious individuals people who. Really all are looking for attention seeking attention or people who just needed. Psychological help. There is that rare that rare percentage of very small percentage. That actually turns out to be some sort of a negative type NT possessions a scenario. But it's such a rare. Wrote it's such a rare amount in wouldn't would you agree with that. I actually agree that it is it would probably be less than one person and all the clay. I have any validity to them whatsoever. Good 99.9. Portion of the time dealing we're speaking exactly what you mentioned. There are people dealing with psychological. Disorder. Things that are medical environmental. There are people like you said true. Desperately want to spiritual or religious picture and changed and track. And and then you have the people who just want attention orange at all. Yeah and. And then that's why that's one that's why I love talking eject his. Yours your Berry honest about that entity where there I know a lot of other so called. Exorcist and I and I know many that work for the churches I know many that. Are considered. The black sheep it's and black she says the churches really don't don't I don't connect with and and they do it on their own but a lot of those individuals even. Certain individuals with the churches it's like they live for someone to be possessed with a person's possessed or not no matter what. What sort of evidence YouTube show them the dispersant isn't really possessed. They still no matter what wanted to be a possession is so they can. I hate to sound silly on campus so they can supposedly battle you know make it look to everybody out there that they're battling a demon. When a lot of times these people need other types of assistance and when it comes down to a true. Possession. I mean that that's a whole other that's a whole the world it's a whole other ball game. Yeah I mean you definitely have even even people in the picture. Cooler. Closely. Unqualified. For area venture. Who will. Assume that will end and I try to some extent. They use. True and so mortality. Their own tree. Which is Lucretia. And so they're willing to. Other people. In order to do so. Or. Simply in order to make money or get rid of you get a guy out there are. Really probably. For a foreigner. What I would call sludge that's or. This plan does music means so called action should. You know I think we're starting controllers tricky dollars and you're going to patriots aren't. Somewhere some part or 2000. Polish and really didn't do them by panic. Then you know these people oh really really dangerous because. If you don't somewhat correct you and much lately held out like a couple of which can produce some of the symptoms that we would probably a demonic. At least limit. If they can't you wouldn't. We're all rarity these these conclusions and demonic or or or experiences in you react or where. And that person could do something to themselves or someone else. Yeah. Irreparable. Damage law school you become an enable or even. Yes and they're not going that you could be held civilly or criminally liable for and you should be. Well when they're looking Q is the professional is you as the expert. Coming in to help the mile and there's so they're relying on what you say and of course she if you're just feeding that. When there's really nothing there to feed that then yeah you should be held responsible. Right into an attribute and yet you have people like Bob Larson and their other cruel. Presume you'll idealist people who have been assured her identity. The candidate with them as if they have multiple demonic entity. Now. The first thing you have to recognize. Your listener of lecturing. And you're not clear if psychological. Nor is it medical professional. Well Jack our whole hold the rate there because I know I knew where you're going in it's gonna take more than thirty seconds we have four to cheaper rate but on yet is that there's so much to talk about Oden and just really happy to have you on tonight if you haven't yet everybody head over to be on reality radio dot com and download the free iPhone and android app. Howard click the listen live or just put station tab and final season we are across the country or had in head to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. I like the FaceBook page on our phone numbers 8446877669. In this whole freed 844687. 7669. Or talk who Jada Villa ash craft out. Exercise. Will be right back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Kiss came on the scene in the seventies and they're like most outrageous thing ever. All the makeup and Gene Simmons the big on things he did spitting. Blood and I think a lot of people called them Satan in the double and and demonic can know all sorts of things like that at this time. Well they deathly look like. The federal good reason right network could talking with Jada Villa ash craft Jay is. 00. Historian of religion he's also an author of many many books including the messianic secret discovering the lost years. And the true identity of Jesus will get into talking about that particular topic a little bit later in the show. But we started off the show on our conversation with Jack about X Susan's in. Jack for went to break we are talking about the implications and and the risks and dangers of people who claim to be extra cyst performing these. The ritual ceremonies whatever you wanna call it for people who love may need help and a far different way end. And that can cause a lot of problems. Actually and flags and first thing yeah recognize that minister pre is that you're not medical or psychological. Your bottom and all what you. So one of the first and it should happen in any legitimate investigation. Is that I don't putback that person was making the claim. He should be told up front. If there church won't be clear we need her for anything else could proceed. They need to get a full medical. And psychological. Because there tremendously and Nick Cannon an election for. Create your symptoms. The uneducated. Or the dubious. Chill here. Crude. Computers for the Wallach. Possession or demonic activity. Everything from bipolar disorder. Trouble of epilepsy. Schizophrenia. And slender. All oceans it's slow. You know they needed the idea. Like excellent street for a year true look at things like social identity disorder may. So how can launch Google demonic activity that is so dangerous. And you know if there were always true. Virtually administer what Walt practice that would certainly be one of the areas where it should be done. It's it's just been and unfortunately there's no. Especially in the the proper structure evangelical struck. There is you know shorten governing. Body or toward governing. Model activity your investigation. With the trained people that. Or or. Harassment. Or the proper investigative process. That's kind of what we're trying to collect. On a very small scale. I won't be one person and people watch. But I have had minister's country and they are trying to show that they are aware and hopefully they can share that with others in your. Well inject a brings up a very valid concern because when I get sent in by the the churches and religious organizations to chew on goal and right up a preliminary report on a so called. Demonic possession I get sent in I have to literally right up. An entire report I have to go through these people's medical history have to go through what medication they're taking I mean you name Callista is there. And I'd but I Ben to a bunch of others who where they have people who have been sent to and who. Don't don't do any event since they're just going in and and then when it was nothing but looking for no information just asking some questions and then they call of the day in the bring it back to. To whoever sent them there. And it's just such a wide range because. Why wouldn't you why wouldn't somebody look into somebody's medical history why wouldn't date check into the medication that tease people Iran. Or any signs of sexual or alcohol or drug abuse that are going on the map in the house I mean these are these are key factors that really need to be looked at. When you're going to a house that somebody's claiming demonic possession. Again your actual correct. And I think I'm. Part of the problem is that. Her whole reality television. Parish to some extent contributed to the problem. You know you have shows I wore them. Out. We troubled well. We probably. Well but but the one thing I won't say where it with that Jack has. And the one (%expletive) like we we had a case in it was like for wolf first season we had a case where the leading. And then there was a lot of claims to being assessed now we decided not to air that show it was littered literally like a week before the show was there. And we decided we didn't want to air that just as we wanna hear the family's dirty laundry. And we've always kept it a point where I don't feel. I'll I'll I'll show cases were investigating claims of paranormal activity or demonic activity things of that nature but. There's no reason for me to show show. That is showing somebody soon somebody claiming to be possessed because ninety like we said 99% of the time. It's something else and that's that dirty laundry doesn't need to be shown and on TV and that's that that's a feeling I've always had. Mic Jack I think your point was going to be in you should pick it up there is that not all the shows take that that strict measure they they are far more Lucy grew see with the demonic possessions. Absolutely as a runner tracked after. There are very quick prayer designated and we think they come across as demonic activity. I sure you will last time we spoke were the case seeking to me club colonel states. Yeah that's a one we have talked with Baghdad Finley and that girl prior as well. Yeah believe it will music. It. What are solved synopsis. Of the case very clear you know mission in Haiti. Has psychological. And I told them as I told them are actual this girl you dispute college. And of course finishing well they ignored that are actually likely ignored you're punished. And that you cannot do it one bit. True so called picture systems. In the end result it's damage to a girl and and you know so. When people. The general public street these these programs. I think assume what are treating Israel almost. And job and education that is an occasion it's not. What is true and what shouldn't you also think should be released these programs is true value investigate. Some of the groups are probably. Much war or like yours. And it's what they didn't see. It may be. The difference in that case. So that didn't you do in control. But ought to be true actually. Hole made paranormal investigation group or jumping on the bandwagon word along. To burst. We're requiring every going to Wallach. And intricate they're equipped to deal with it you know they go away and of course control and circle around a place conditions are doing it ever and more. No no concern the worst. Whether or not their methodology and role not Gershon are structured about a quarter. Like psychiatric condition that you're shopping and fire mentally it's called legal and they are. I'm bad I'm going to Portland and I think. And it's true or not here. It you'll. Get it. Because that's what I want I was shaken by the social and your brother show real. Oh yeah and I totally get that and I think that. It's weird because it makes you wonder who to blame is here's here's the fact. Like my group existed long before the show we were a group that investigated along prior to TV where there's still rescuing long after TV. But there's so many groups that have been created. For shell and then that's a huge difference these are people who haven't been in the field giving tacit important to input into their shell and to deal with these things. So now he's got to sit back and wonder is that these investigators. That should be blamed or is it these production companies that are taking these these individuals who are not trained. And not familiar with what they're dealing with and putting them into these situations. I think it's a little bit about. I'm sure you'll agree it is it just takes a little bit Carlin trend should understand that you're not. Equipped tore qualified to your deal or some other issues that you realized program. You know you have to pick a little bit beyond. What trait for a PR on the plane. What could be behind that one of the things I like about. Your change approach in what will really be almost I would watch it during about her she's. Let's get another car wash my own jokes relive the investigations so we're trying to watch a 43 and a hell of a two week investigation and tennis sucks for me. I notoriety. But. What do you think what do like about your approach that you look for. Concrete. Logical reasonable that your former U even. Took a step towards say OK you're helping. Outside in the that are here. And I don't organic or something I can't imagine somebody not to. But what we're looking at reality television restriction in the colonel shocker. How many teens all of which they usually do. Old Nolan and I agree with you a 100% but what I'm saying is I. I could never imagine him going in. Into an investigation and not doing doing it that way that's that's been my method of always been a problem solver I've always been looking for the answers trying to figure things out and you know looking for the real explanation whether. Whether it's plumbing problem what it would no matter what it is I'm there to try to figure out what's truly going on so I can't imagine others going and and not having that mentality. I can understand that. You know that and again. Just what I know from your approach during our shoot even when you're when you do it in Kabul where it. You know and irked when you answer you still remain. You know very very president. To take that step and say okay nutritional thing outsider metro. And I and I think that would help you you took the approach that okay. I just have to say I don't know yet. I don't know exactly and gonna help. Well because there's a wide range of the paranormal covers. A ghost moving an object falls and the paranormal but also high magnetic fields condensing enough to move small object on their own. When there's no those present still falls under. Paranormal is a paranormal just meaning above so above the normal for reuse to. In a bit there and even into you can crushed somewhat with a close. Quite tension wires that are our radio. Trump card that that high concentrate. Electromagnetic frequency can cause ought to org nations. Can cause skin reactions. And paranoia. Go. We trick people can't get off calling and and you find out a little. Near police say a picture logical rancher what you really disconcerting. Is when these people are such believers. In the parable wall in the end not to say Tibetan people years under all the Al shall I do. In other dimension we live and I certainly believe and as for the they actually are in or near their very much like people watch where they want to hear so. So yeah one. They have pay pay legitimate. Symptom of something and you replied. A logical answer they want to argue that they don't want your. Another problem wolf that we charter law. I mean they're people will come to us and are treated seriously that can't. Tightening would lower. Claims that. Coached some kind of activity is an investigator and travel okay this isn't what you think it is in the search out Guerrero. Where they can follow and validate their career. And I and that has happened the night I we got to take a break but we come back and when will get into little of that because people sometimes people just ballot ghost no matter what you tell them but and we'll talk about that a little more we get back real soon Jason GBM Dioner Ellen revealed. After the show beyond reality radio Jason Morris TV Johnson. But everybody's along with us tonight telephone numbers 844687766910. Were talking with Jack the delay ash craft. I would get a bunch of things are gonna talk to Jack about bring notes were focusing on texas' and then we this is going to be short segment checksum. Owner bring a listener call in we got a few people on hold and the speed time to do that this is Chris Chris welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. I don't object and it beat Jack. Surely. Undermines that that. Well I had a question about a mile he would back the act. After I'd have pity. On the fear out there and I question it. If it was though it's been out there it is the real actors does them it is not that that suit you really block did not or could it. If you were to want to put that not be a they. A low wage or it's the gate to develop it. Like through the gamut that. Yeah and drugs in question Jack what do you think. Well. You know I've been or are sure what production company. In the outdoor shows while regarding certain ministry. And well you know one rule in the rule any legitimate. We sure appreciate all we heard ministry is we never. Allow this sort going to be. Brought her. For entertainment is not entertainment. It is a very private issue. Potentially. Embarrassing one. And wonder recorded on going pastoral counseling in the trunk a psychological out. So really my concern isn't so much that it didn't gonna go out it recently bought. War need that privacy. And the care the ongoing. What it. And that is more important. And with that with that comment Jack though honestly anybody who's looking to try to perform an exorcism on TV is only doing it in the hopes I would think of trying to boost their career make himself famous or. Or whatever because there's going there's never going to be a church sanctioned sanctions exorcism on national teachers. Well credit I would hope not. You know there have been from work and listen. Equipped individuals on no one will be kept it pretty well and on. TV and it warned. Who he was not trained or qualified to do. And it wasn't sanctioned. In a wasn't right there. Well and that and that's I mean visas and you see and it's even crazier when you see and I and I know exactly what than gentlemen callers who was talking about. In the first off they start talking about two to three months prior. That they're going to form an exorcism on this night on national TV well first off right there are red is a red flag you never sitting there writing. And telling everybody out there and everything out there that this is when you're going to do this because. And you and your opening yourself up to it it's just a world of trouble anyways because when you perform an exorcism it's one of those things where you just show law. You show up at. Whenever you that you're not help planning you know me you know putting the word elf for everybody you show up to you wanna show up unannounced to correct. Well I'm. And there may be valuable to shore when you're going. What I mean publicly or. But it's not going to republic certainly not going to be between you. And community in Vietnam. And two potentially. A close family member shall we were on that particular case you're mentioning here. You know I I'd want to disabuse anybody. All notion that either the individual and all was. Solidly. Increased. Order or bishop they would not. Is not recognized short of the church. And leave the other individual went on would've never got to go out. Can you present at any legitimate. Action shortly. And finally. You'd play exit they claimed to be wobbling BX or log on. There was no. You know. No connection that would then someone look there. Back in the 1940. Ish who hadn't actually done but it wasn't on the program issues that was elsewhere. Sort of were all all of this leading Shane about that program. And fortunately that. Those individuals. Tend to get a lot of attention. He. From their purposely doing that but. An alien that we had to take a quick break we gonna take the top of the hour it's hard break by now. We got a lot more to talk about only come back to you listen to Jason NGV and generality radio talk Fujita they'll ash craft recognizes expert in the area exercise room. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast when you're stuck in between walker and beyond reality radio myself Jason dollars and always awesome Judy Johnson so. Or having I agree conversation we're talking about Texas's ruby bringing our guest in. Things so there is off for trying themselves yes and that and then in the discussion came off a bomb about this televised sexism was it two years ago Jereme Perry thank you -- ago or so it was like to Halloween to go well we knew basically everybody who was involved in that thing and I think at the time we were saying this is just silly to me this is just. A publicity stunt which you know it's pretty obvious. But there a lot of people who didn't take it that way that a lot of people that is thought this was a legitimate thing and you know that's just there's just there it's inappropriate and dangerous. Norway's oh I would agree with you rented and so would disordered guests and thanks for hang analysis jacket greatly appreciate and so it was a pleasure to talk to. Always great to be here so generation I you know the singular was tall laughter I in the first aren't. People who knew that we can and while I never realized you had Jason would get along so well. And become against racial or did you order. Like. I don't know like what they actually were some of these other other folks who claimed Caribbean hurdle recently when you're you're really well. Now and that's the thing I have been in the paranormal. Communities cents. Geez 1990. Right around I think was malice initially while that's initially when I think it kicked off one of the web sites but. I've been involved in it for even prior to that Bowen is known professionally investigating. Cents a mom 1990 and it and see you when I have always had very similar. Thoughts when it comes down to a lot of all wanna a lot of things out there especially when it comes down X assistance because I've worked on many many X systems. Over the years. And as sanction to the church and everything else and you you have as well and we've always come from the same thought where 99% of these aren't. Are not in human spirits and people possessed or something else. And that's a rarity when you're dealing with with. Is self proclaimed ex assists. And a lot of individuals shelter who refer to themselves is deep knowledge is an all these other things. It's a rarity to find somebody who who has that same mindset issue and. Yeah and and unfortunately. We need current. Paranormal community. It's populated by people who really don't. And that that sort of thing can't do well. Well because to them and then psychological issues don't sell demons well. And that's yeah it's 90% or 90% of their problem. And if you dare contradict well and you don't talk. Well it's ridiculous I mean. What we're talking about the extra. Outlet all. Week. You want my appeared on that ghost psychiatrist. What I did was marketed as an electrician. But what little idea. I do the blessing of the property. And abortion or property. Just like in baptism. Contained community what they were college longer picture as well declines but he. It is compact and X or improper. But they are becoming more matter portions. Because itself. In an email says it will be also had no control of that is that's more production company's choice and that's on the year yet somehow they promote that. Actually end and I didn't. I had no idea there that what are we going you're marketed as. Interestingly. The individual who didn't show on the whole being that good on that show before I. And he accepted payment for sure. And when I turned it down they they sort of look at me like I guess it's for yet. Another well. You know this guy took it actually I'm not allowed to take. Where were doing it's not something I can be 80. Jack I've got to ask you question raiser relates to a comment she made before. He said there anything Jason asked a question or maybe made the comment that you know the church or. You know no it was a legitimate excesses and process would allow would be allowed to be televised and my question to you is. Media televised or broadcast has broadcast but do you record these and anyway when when a legitimate excesses and is is being performed. Do you videotape them do you audiotape them is there any record of them in an Arab unity. Media format. That's a case by case and it really comes down trio. What the priest or minister involved in this situation anxious appropriate and situation. Can the UN. Conference with his leadership or are out. Outlook and medical or psychological crucial should might be a bowl. You know when you take the case. I'm a lead from Michael in Germany. Back in the 1970s. Well that one was audio were ordered. And that's because their order. Other issues there as well shoot under her medical were all like yeah are proportional shudder. Unfortunately. The increase or not. Triple in the creation did not make sure she continued her body K. Well the result here. It in their own. Terror if I remember correctly without that case was the basis for the movie V excesses and of Emily Rose I think. Does that crack. Yes they're not done. I'm. Very tragic day and it won him what you were held criminally liable. So. Aaron is just it is really under quarter what you and I have been saying all armed and ready. There you are not a medical help her or current mental health would you need to make sure that. All along the way you're doing things. In conjunction. With any of this type of care that individual might. The life. You can and strange sort of criminal. Litigation and prosecution but it. Oh absolutely and I think more people need to be held accountable for that because I think in return. You're going to see less and less of these fly by night so cold I'm an exorcist. People just popping up out of the woodwork. Yeah I agree and use the Internet issues littered. Unfortunately people are taken because the general public doesn't want. About this year. You know and and sort it. It's quite beautiful some people who really desperately. Looking for church. Let's go to our phone lines and bring dug in from Kansas city's get a story to share with the star welcome to be on reality radio. Good move from the showed a. Thank you elevator so. So I am I here about Stephen Barrett a new movie that's sought asylum. You just. Yeah well it'll follow that type program. What the story goes that Steven Barrow went back ten and he was mistakenly given a book on exercise mat that got caught X cinema or something. And I he would mistakenly given that spot. Sorry record back to LA and he turned into a movie that's supposedly 100%. To Rio. What's in the exorcism a and then I. Our post on an interest in Teixeira you guys on the subject. That is that is interesting Duggan what you're saying is he went to the Vatican this book was mistakenly given to him and it's a book about excesses and he took it to LA and that's what this movie's about. Yeah yeah you got and they don't go on on their campaign by Greg now on it you can take them off there. Yet it should be are really really Biden's very movie I mean it's boasting 100% authentic. And boy and I won I wondered jacket and don't tell me if you if you degree of media that's more of a publicity stunt of what's being said because I would think the Vatican. Even a mistakenly giving him a book even though. The way that it works out out there and it's tough that anything secondly given Tom it but they have more than enough. Potential to hold that whole situation popping court leading well yeah alone resources to make sure it never happens would you agree with that. Yeah yeah I think. As nickel coverage behind it like you that are applicable. In the Czech initial body were being given actual thinking well. That would really sensitive nature. Actually at the Vatican marker. Yet. There's just so much more in this so many as so many levels you gotta go through before. More and honestly not even allowed to leave with anything if thieving Carnoustie is leaving give you the ability. To look through things there's other people in that room watching every move you made. It. They don't thanks. Jeff thanks for sharing it with a stud will keep an eye open no and be interesting to see what the rules real story is their yes. But does sounds like a publicity stunt really mean yet kind of a Blair witch approach to marketing their. Jack. Tell me about then missed a book when is a an axis is actually necessary we what are the what's the criteria that. Who you use and you teach. Two outcome to the conclusion that and actresses and was appropriate. Well after we saw it all on the other avenue. It was possible answer. A person of equity. Clean bill critical will psychological hole. It's not a union environment. That could potentially cause us. We're noble wounds to the conclusion that this real activity. In somebody could still be lying. Or. You know desperately want to experience and just. And whether or are you had that be a decent actress will use to determine. Well they're not used to dealing. We're being you know demonic possession. Of one of those Irish heritage public. Art. To anybody will be able. Oh to pick up too easily Brandon in the usual hole now. Opening nobody experience almost two years church there and then. The bottom Kennedy's sort aren't very negatively. Two whole Watergate. Introduced a victim's body. Their screen play or poor. So that it has little use it and we will help bottle or 00. One of those will be regular top order and Miller will be all. Now if we give a reaction into the top water well obviously we're not dealing legitimate case. She'll. There are certain test I will go into other records. Trade secret I guess you can. But. And there there are way trust to test now beyond the way. We used to pass. It's we might Jarrett well they have to meet. Certain criteria. Certain strange president. And probably common symptoms. Of a demonic possession. Are seeking any deadline shuttling. And or period all. Speaking in languages that the person could possibly. Dreary Jerry and your current portion of levitation of knowledge of things that are secret exit generally. These things are adopting or socialist or. What it is going to demonic entity will do. To remind they've been around for a long or longer than humanity. And so they know. Quite a bit. And it will be no all of our inner temptation and things we all of great shooters shortly and go yeah. And so during the during an actress and it is not uncommon or demonic entity to reveal. An area and from your past shall indeed you did that only you would now. Know they'll they will bring it up. In order to demoralize you and secure their playing shake your will to feed them ask you know. Children in the criteria is pretty. Recent very demonstrative. Record natural lecture he. Well so it is not easy to get from the point that claim to appoint an actual social. Year. Then when you're talking speaking in a deadline would you Thomas speaking in Latin and and other tongs and have been dead for a long period of time. And no way for this person to know the language and also being able speak not just a word but sentences. Correct. Oh yeah carry on entire conversation. And does it in reverse. You called extraordinary. All right we have to actually it's let's take a break right now we've got some other callers a couple interest humans don't wanna bring on when we come back Jay looks it's going to be good conversation. I mean I can talk with and analyst says Jack Carol I along so Harry we're gonna do a quick break more to come after the. You listen JC GB. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con job. It's beyond reality really Jason. Awesome teammate Johnson and our guesses JD hill ash craft were talking about exorcism and Ritter quickly go to the phone minds your trigger calling before we have to go to the bottom of the hour break. This is John from Massachusetts John welcome to the show. Morning gentlemen my name is John Massachusetts. Mom kind of looking for some guidance. I've received two excessive approximate fifteen years ago. From pot that are pleased with paranormal experiences. Aren't due to financial constraints they went bankrupt. Received documentation. Problem saying that. That I should seek. Additional counsel nor are from my local priest are parish. That doesn't go to war for company. The presence of the evil. Demons whoever stole around me are home. How would a spiritual since 1991. And out. She moved on an extreme media com. Our problem in miscellaneous places in the times she told me his sentence me. Send news doesn't balloon law. On the computers. Where I'm gonna go from here. Call for guidance. Yeah are you know you know what jump let's do this. Let's hang on through the break of pigs will have to go to break here. And and then we'll get to that Jack's opinion on what the best course of action news for you. I don't think we're off time to get into it right now we do have about a minute Jack Hewitt. Wanna comment and a but I think we should keep keep John through the brakes who can have a little more time to chat with them. Yeah I think that would probably be passed. Okay we'll do that then. This is beyond reality radio Jason caused JB Johnson a telephone numbers 8446877669. Be sure. To a jump into the conversation she got something to say lot of stuff going on tonight. And if you haven't yet NRC and all the time head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radial light the FaceBook page. And then head over to beyond reality radio dot com where you can now look and click on the station list fine stations are where our air on all across the country. You can also download the free iPhone and android operate there which totally freed allows you to listen to show lined join the online chat also catch past episodes. On the and he cannot listen right there on the web sites click the listen and the loss of life Tom parry and with that. Yes Harris who will take quick break in the NB a lot more to come on that you'll listen Jason did he. Beyond reality radio Jason Morris student Johnson our guest tonight is typical ash craft and we are talking about x.s Susan's and before winter break we have a caller John from Massachusetts who was telling us. Jon you said the heads two axis isms years ago but you're still being played by a demonic presence that was a correct. And you are home and you looking for a little bit of guidance. Right near where the pin well we're at the right place we've got the right guy with us tonight Jack what are your thoughts. Well John considering it to you really bought when it was a case of modern western. Any at one point it was going to be general. So I was sort of like saying that. You should do exactly what I told. Everybody is overcome that it was clay. Problems. Unique you can psychological and medical evaluation board are. Even if you are actually wanna accept positives. You're psychologically LC intrinsically LC is still necessary. There could be things going on that you're just not aware. And an outsider that I would encourage industry Castro can't. You know from your her screeched. Order your local bishop or ministry church and then you can go to crushed or talk about it. Because either way. Whether we're talking about legitimate. Demonic activity. Over talking about it that a Cold War psychological condition or something like that. You're going to need that help America at its chip that would be the only actually record ocean huge. John I I just one thing you said I think in income before were to break Wednesday. Seeking someone else would suggest you seek the help of clergy in you said that was not possible was the reason for that. But that is increased. Any. The accident took kind of our commitment to excessive understand the account. Supernatural unfortunately. Our line went to hold back and none got 2001 and it is. Founded by this year Montana. Republican oh lead to god Connecticut. So it you reliable source. Now well I I think I Jack's words of wisdom are exactly right you do need to seek medical help and make sure that there is not something going on that you know you're not aware of and you should take counsel with with them of clergy member. Yeah I can I can I definitely agree with that and I can tell you that there's actually a priest who covers Rhode Island and Massachusetts and that's his job is to. So honestly I handle. Things and all possible answer systems and things of that nature so I can't put his name on on air just for his for many reasons but. So there is as long as you contact somebody in and the parish they should be able to connect you with them. But you definitely should seek some help John you know wannabe the tackling this on your own so we appreciate the call and then you know if I hope hopefully you find help you need for sure. Jack when you mom. We talk about 1%. Of all of these claims actually. Having some legitimacy or not being able to be explained away. By natural or other phenomenon. Of how many of times if you come across a case falls in that 1% personally. Oh. Yeah in. The past. I would say. Seventeen years. What may be ten. Maybe in seventeen years. While also. Resulted. Actually. You have to remember they're different levels of demonic activity. Not everything there. There are a little bubbles in there well clothing obsession and Russia are very. Obsession. Is. Being ordered. Barnes. Fox comedy complete secular area. And this year as being paid formal. Outside attack on the demonic. Paid dire ball temptation. Then you have oppression. Well and also external. Attack by it can actually create. Situation in your life. There cause you to leave. Depressed. And error. To lean pretty. And in a million people that period so. He can see each other troop levels well. It's absolutely necessary that we are connecting people with psychological and medical professionals could also be of help prisoners there Iran. Because even for artwork they don't want it reality demonic cool. There's an order real psychological. Physical component to. As well at the same time. But no Jack aren't those are are those two usually. Legions. To possession those in those are usually the ones that are starting Austin trying to lower somebody's will there their fight and everything else to break them down. For the final to be the possession correct. Generally speaking yeah they don't always get or the general. Or. Control and all along the way we have to be connected trio the proper professionals in the in relevant field you address all of the owner of the pro. There are medical doctors and psychologists. Occur throughout the country. Cruel war wish. Dioxin and officials. In this year's entry actually help. They don't always had retired and attract both cute or pretty close in the car. Understandable. When they are involved in the pictured very much a part of the overall. Care you can give people more grip than a demonic attack. Are in this go to the phone again this is Steve from California Stephen welcome to be on reality radio. I want to thank you John. You what's in mind. You guys are talking about upcoming. Accesses the movie of the zone. No we are more not really sure about two the details on that but Tom you know we're we're gonna check into consumers throughout. Well now that are so that sees your upcoming movies every time. Yeah not the end of the road that director that produced it in Seoul and this absolutely just. Because I don't lift people disaster around me before. I've written books about actually. Meeting the double meeting god going to hell and it changed it's everything about me. And I wanted to make it. I was real of the possession movie as possible. And now we actually I mean I actually had to bind the book. NS. On the bench down I'm probably say it wrong. From the Vatican library through at least 200 of these made. And I had to have a translated from the Latin. How the Sunnis and see that's where that's where some of the information they came to us was incorrect we were we were just hold little while ago that you were mistakenly given a balk at the Vatican which it would totally different. This is. A priest. Support he. Didn't think so we weren't thinking as a priest. While I was actually. Buying. All of the legitimate. At least close and I mean bill to boost. Automatically upload the priest. Because of him not many people do that. Some you consider it was mistakenly told me Crittenton could. Well and we were everywhere toes mistakenly given to you which is a big difference and if you're you're buying some do you have anything to add to this jacked. Arnold. That if RO Stephen thanks for the call we appreciate you made clear of clarifying that a little bit. Jacket we haven't had a chance to talk about. Your book the details of the lost years in the true identity of Jesus and I know we wanted to talk about it a bit on the show a we've got a few minutes left so I wanna I do wanna spend a minute. What what. What would you cited rates the spot where you're looking to find out. Well I'm really what we're trying to do is read a lot of the popular bit. Around the so called lost your injury Jewish community as a whole and shorter. And there aren't a lot of help there. You learn from. Energy including India took it Jesus went literature animal rights activist. Trucking was an extreme. He was in England. Buddhists are all fortunate. And or. And I wanted to examine each one of them. And can he liked what I can find the worst racial or origins. And one. Scholarship sure. May go make the light of current day is an area in and read what they have the tree about. These claims about. This should call cheers. And what I've found that. Oh without a single exception. Only the most respected and knowledgeable let them deal. Came away from mentioning the whole range. We're all bloke on the concrete. They were based on initial period. Google got all written by. People were attempting to. Pass the waltrip legitimate right somewhere like nickel are not a two claimed to go through the doctrine that. What from an area where actually broken leg and crumble at all they're given given the curl. And political that political life eat cheese. He lived there are in trouble India and Tibet in Horry went back to Georgia. And it will all be and you Al problem and buddhists or they order issue at all. And actually turned out to the editor and presented the organisms. The law might at that won't affair willingness. Contacted by winning. Quality contemporary. Organs that air cool again urged the national elected today. And global was dumbfounded. That a lot of which could ever bit more. One such document their word of any unit know what the range talking. And that of glucose in the heart and in Tibet or area. Very hesitant. To welcome any westerner. And have a lot of rich that it is pretty much solidified their ware has convinced to trust. Westerner. Because he would kick or ball higher. Column on people and yeah you may yet other ones like. A reverend and mostly who has done a pretty good legitimate. Anglican Kris one time but he or our period all he got called a and that she and I think it is a goksel Chico in declined. Etiquette or. Interest in connection their original group. But this will all. Agree to this entire got a call. He called this year bringing our Chrysler which. G force of the animals are older machine it was all but they don't want to check which. Something that is what I was involved in himself. And aren't all only. Short of the allied Irish. Almost. Every one of them come from. On a cultural lurched and earned went into the more wary about. Oh blah blah. Was an intention of aren't. I'll crew we're trying to end to clean it all. To be thrown up trying. He admitted in a court of law that yes indeed yeah. She hadn't invented the document and not commit to a water where the Arab. What or where else it a lot longer had no record. You know it is different all these fantastic or. The truth that matters what we can put together we're about the so called law years have become a change in the gospels. That we have economical gospels errant largely. From what we know how archeology. In the contemporary writing. Crucial for historians. Gore when he walked the life you lose in the first entry into that area. Jesus would very likely. And it exactly where troops master. He. And what we call it carpet under actual years. A little. Little. The translation you would have been any of builder lawsuit is that what injunction. While it would have likely worked in your wife central or. In built somebody the buildings there including an gog G more than likely had been in an open dole. And basically girl are good things very normal. We're about life. Until he decided to engage his court. So is that mystery. Are really that area. He just with the normal Jewish law. And Allen Jack as as a minister I'm sure that you heard other people's arguments whether. Jesus was a real individual or not away and where they can break it down too well. Like in Persia he had missed rob a supposedly born on December 25 at twelve disciples and and so port and buried in three days before and being resurrected I'm angry she had what does it dialysis. Or whatever. Born December 25 the resurrected and these are all people great don't Egypt where he had Horace. Born December 25 and 3000 BC. Com and twelve disciples crucified and buried for three days and then resurrected. So would do what is what do you say to the people held there that a lot of times will say Jesus wasn't really. Knew it wasn't real all it's just the Christians view of what all these other all these other cultures had whether it be the egyptians whether it be that in the Greeks and so forth. Well first Campbell I understand that Jesus is their only triggered real short per. And we find that it tested you in writing to interpret or. Church as. Previous and a church. Some of them are well. True Christians and you know the followers of Jesus. But we nonetheless recognized Izturis should urging users will earn a living person. You. You got it exactly but it requires only get truly clean. The gospel. Sort of large screen based. He doesn't miss triple. Distributors and actually in younger than christianity. And that's one of the example you get. So if there was any borrowing. It would have been mr. Mubarak from christianity. But if we won't hold. At the claim made by some of these people were guarding a little secret met her the ball. Such an order and it just on this summer or. And Cheney and abortion lecturing shopper. What might actually came. If it falls apart. Dimensional December all the action it is simply designed to attack it don't count the board Christ. It's what crushing actually. Celebratory or. However. The bigger the former torture really helps a probation. And how long until Carrie Lee Hirsch has. It Jack yeah. Jessica I mean I should not have asked this question and as we need an hour to sit down talk about the us and we are and we're out of time but Jack we gotta have you on again real soon because you and I can talk for hours and it's just so intriguing to me and it's always great talk with you. Jeff what's the website so people get more information about your work in your books. OK you can find anything you know about. Www. Haley LP Eddy Leo orthodox go Archie eight. Go to. Great all right Jack coming to send you an email we're gonna talk privately but I and we gotta have you on again make so much training Paulus who ordered six quick break we'll wrap it up in the bathroom the only. Great show great. It's a station. Big shout out goes digital ash craft machine check out stuff he's such a wonderful guy to talk within you it's always a pleasure to have him back I'm really just stuff trillions to us tomorrow night is a best like always every Friday in the next week we've we're talking with Paul Bartholomew about UFO's and and we're just going to be talking wall witchcraft union or tougher and all different topics next week if you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page that had to be on her later radio dot com and download the free iPhone and intranet if you download the show from iTunes. Do us a favor and Sri at Forrester trying to get the numbers up to helped push it to the front of the line. Thanks so much for tuning in tonight everybody. Have a great weekend and a wield this and the success of the show do you all Jason JV and the unreal literate you can chills and had. And ingredients produced a speedy ignorance and platoons went Alexandria Johnson and her. Current don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you like to be Gaston beyond reality really email to split Getty. As slick Eddie ED DY bad beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.