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Tim Ryan (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 7 - 14 - 17)

Jul 13, 2017|

Tim Ryan (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 7 - 14 - 17) by The Financial Exchange

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Hackett told me plaza was the fictional name of the Los Angeles skyscraper featured on the movie die hard. The winner on this question was robbed from Everett Massachusetts rob is taking home a pair of tickets to Wales tales water park in Lincoln New Hampshire. One of the granite State's favor family fun. Destinations. Time for our weekly. Movie check up Tim Ryan from rotten tomatoes joins us now in a look at what's coming out and Tim thank you for joining us. Hey pleasure to be curious what does it say that we used to work in knock it on the plaza. A couple years ago we can't stop the couple times but it was interesting is actually called not until we pause and really out now is not but I mean like I didn't imagine every time I got on the elevator that might be bloody and you know. What I would have had a great time there I wouldn't of wanted to leave but at the let's let's talk a little bit about what we have coming out this weekend on the we'll get the slate of movies here. And it looks like we have a couple pretty highly rated ones at least in the early going or more for the planet of the apes in the big sick appear to be the two biggest names. Yet who want a plan of the it is interesting because it's going up against Spiderman which but at homecoming which. It really could visit last week to marvel felt the question of course the box offices whether it has the leg to be number one again or putt that the planet of the apes films. Has done. But they haven't really broken the bank but they've been creatively they've been. Really good about it really solid blockbuster series you know and it's it is I mean that's 193% of the commitment to critics love it so we'll see what happens. You know. Who is what you don't lose the. Who's in them at this point I haven't kept up with the franchise. That's what's been interesting is that the capital largely shifted this one. Has Woody Harrelson and Steve is Don. Eddie circuit who plays. Either. Is has been an all three easy but other than that it's you know that sort of shifted their service started over every time which has been really interesting you know. Interesting and what about what about the big sick I started hearing some buzz about this may be weakened after two weeks ago. What exactly is what what's that about. There's the big ticket or romantic comedy during Kamal and Johnny from Silicon Valley and that we can done Ray Romano and Holly Hunter playing her parents. It's being done come on Donnie is real life as a standup comedians. And his relationship with what is now life. It's a romantic comedy it. 97%. Of its made a leader it per screen average has been gigantic. It looked like one of those small heartfelt film that might do OK and then the reaction to it. From the critics and from audience it was so huge it's going wide this weekend so. Yeah this is the interest in counter programming to come the summer blockbusters. I wanna jump ahead briefly one week two odd Dunkirk which is coming out then and hope it gets so excited for it I haven't seen. Any reviews of it in generally if something comes out after July 4 I'm skeptical because otherwise it would have been released throughout Memorial Day or fourth of July do we have any advance word as to whether or not it's going to actually be good. You know sometimes I hear what everybody else does it say they keep these things look pretty tight he did give us any thing. I I mean I didn't I think that sometimes when these things come out is dependent on Dunkirk and wanna go up against Spiderman or didn't wanna go out and Wonder Woman had to come up. And that it's just clearing the state give a movie detention they think this do you think that deserves you know. Let's go over to watch TV then briefly we've only got another minute here there's a miniseries coming out on HBO talking about the I think it's the early days of Dr. Dre. Called the defiant ones can you talk a little bit about this. This is actually about Dr. Dre and Jimmy I have seen who has been Heather's interest goat and it's it's fast it's like basically like forty years of popular music that you guys being worked with John Lennon. Bruce Springsteen Stevie Nicks. Folk like that and then and then hooked up the Dr. Dre and you know established. His career and it it ends up with the apple. You acquisition there so it's really interesting not only good about changes in the genre but also change it and how we listen to music and overview of the really long stretch of popular music group. Very good look Tim thank you very much for joining us we'll catch up soon epic that much you guys Tim Ryan from rotten tomatoes. I'm I'm very curious about Dunkirk a sad about the evacuation of bunker. It is about yet the evacuation. Of Dunkirk. And it's it's by Christopher Nolan yet got a very good cast new led by Tom hardy. But I'm just always a little skeptical of movies that come out this late in the season but again it might just be trying to avoid Spiderman a planet of the apes ego no.