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Empaths - is being an empath a blessing or a curse or a little of both?

Jul 13, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with guest Dr. Judith Orloff about empaths and her book - The Empath's Survival Guide. These unique people have heightened sensitivities that can interfere with daily life and lead to other problems. Dr. Orloff addresses some of those issues and offers guidance for anyone thinking they may be an empath. 7/13/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Our eye on the west coasters and the East Coast and many were stuck in between welcome to beyond rarely revealing myself juice and caused me always some. JH so after last night's discussion I went for a walk after the after the show so it's like 2:30 in the morning here on the East Coast into a mile walk around looking up at the skies and I swear. I saw something. That was. Were intoxicated while no I didn't have enough time to get intoxicated the excitement that it would have been a good good logical conclusion there but no seriously. I was out and it wasn't completely clear sky but there was enough so a good patches of clear that. I saw something go over and I first I thought it was a plane. And then now and it just did didn't behave like the planet kind of moved around a little bit and was weird and I thought you know either either I'm just under there are you know the power of suggestion from our guest Cheryl Costa last night. Or on the I'm releasing some mechanical. Well I know Cheryl and that sending over some information earlier. PDF with a breakdown of what it holds all the sightings are violent she's right on top of things I had to get regret it's really kudos to. Know the amount of work that she and her co author put into that book and the data that they assemble demeaned him the UFO sightings from I can remember the exact years was it 2002015. To me like that. Breakdown by every county in every state it's that's really incredible work. Yet not a soul so it well if if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page then had to be on Reilly radio dot com to find any degree stations we are on across the country. The rate they're listed and you can also click the are low life madame Wilson lives which illogical listen from the website. Join me online chat or you can download the free iPhone and android dapper there. Which allows you to listen this allies catch past shows end during the chat. You can do it all in the dome just don't turn the channel ago that wouldn't be good luck and I see what. Good as the cathedral laws against that now to you can be can be doing anything any calls like that while you're driving I just wanna see anybody walking to a phone and order farm like seeing people that I was Hamels walked over a couple people today in Missoula log on my phone Texan in the glow and they did luckily they're watching where they you know we're going went up on the grass so what is plowed right through what's on the census iPhone app. And I forgot what it is because it was sunlight and one of my phones to a three apps ago but it was you'd download it and you literally text and you'd be able to see through your camera. You're walking and that's helpful well it what they have to personally not a helpful. I usually you'll learn it well no I mean but here trying to focus on the it's just because a whole world you're living in. And you know on a forum 33 inch wide it's a screen but you. No but it kind of brings you do you know that that was a Pokemon gold and everybody's playing in a bets that are still playing it but there's a new version out that's kind of gotten everybody stuck psyched up about it again. But then that's that augmented reality technology and maybe that'll be incorporated into texting some days of the heavily to hole augmented reality with people while occupancy where they aren't. Cars you know people are. It's the iPhone eight or whatever storm around September of SP interest if they so a question for purim you remember when we interviewed the and the spokesperson for the church of Satan correct I do and done beyond those it was strange conversation infected that was not the interviewing mr. they don't believe insane since I got the gentleman to believe that they don't believe in Satan the tests which I teach their own but we're able to get. To a minute minutes or so I brought that up because. There all the churches Satan Allen Salem Massachusetts I guess has created nano started this in this issue. On a satanic monument. Is going to be allowed in a veterans memorial park in Minnesota. Where and what he looks so dumb phone I don't. In Minnesota. In Minnesota satanic monument is going to be allowed and a veterans memorial park in Minnesota. Then. You get nothing I don't know it is helping dissect I don't know descent I know cleaning. Or so veterans memorial park to Minnesota will soon sport controversial addition in the form of a satanic monument. The small town of Belle plane. Has agreed to allow a group of statements that placed the monument in the park as part of a free speech zone. The free speech zone nuances and sense the area already features a soldier praying over crossed. The satanic temple of Salem Massachusetts. Seized on seized on this opportunity to express their religious views. Be a monument of their making. Facing the threat of a lawsuit if they did not permit the monument to BS to depart the Tom officials ultimately agreed. To the request much the shock of course to a lot of the residents who plan to protest. But I can't so there allowing that it. You know I find it very strange because certainly you know iron and are necessarily it it's a problem as it is free speech it's it's you know and that what I should say problem is it's it's very important it's free speech. Have been. I was to say. You and I got kind of are in the same place religiously you know I mean one of us are practicing we have our own beliefs we keep endorsed cells of practice and our own way I don't I'm not I'm an don't go to church every week. But I believe. And I watched around the country as these groups protest or remove the ten commandments from its city halls in this that and the other thing and yet the same people wanna put satanic. Monuments up and then claim free speech and I don't get white. Not the same people but but in this thing I'm not a very religious individual because I deal in very closely with the churches as you know Jamie. And and that's thing I'm not a religious individual but I'm still against them removing. A lot of these these things don't tell people lately can have a cross and can't do this or if we can't hang that the fact of the world is a much better place. Whether you or your religious or not but the world owes a much better place 20/20 years ago. When people when there was a world these things other people feared god yeah if they feared the ramifications of that of of there the choices they feel are feared and all. Men judgment at the even even more importantly I think his were BP what do you believing in and religion or not. Many of the teachings are just good practice for civilization in a league being kind to each other around Munich treat your neighbor as you wanna be treated and in an even thinks the ten commandments mean you can argue against who don't murder you know those not scale. I mean so it despite the fact that those happen to be connected to religion they're still important things to keep the society civil. Or I'm silly so this so the satanic monument it's it's. This from black cube which features the overturned helmet of a soldier. It'll actually make history when it is installed because it'll be the first satanic monument ever placed on public property in the United States. Yes well you know I would expect there's going to be some kind of backlash this. We'll you know going to be some kind of fun. The protests and probably even vandalism who knows what's gonna happen certainly not an end the story starring won't end here that's for sure now and they say there I guess the only way that they could stop would be too. Literally shut down. Free speech zone so you wouldn't be allowed their free speech and I also happen to be one who believes that those. Principles free speech and many of the others listened to bill of rights are far more important than these little squabbles are having you know today about these things because of the that the concepts are far more important well it honestly this image as slick so many people out there. Will fight for something not because they believe and but just to fight for cars today could be a cause that they don't have any connection to or anything else. But as you know if they gets a name in the paper gets some sort of tension and hence it's sad it really has yet and given that the comments going through Chatham there's a lot of people lot of strong opinions about then spread it surprise no one's called about it. On the if you are thinking about him like to comment 8446877669. Is the number it's a bit about. A different take on and on topics we we generally discussed here but I think it's a good one it's important and we didn't have a guess from the church of Satan so we've. We've learned about their or and is told us he didn't believe him said -- -- told us that specifically I noted that was she had the audio however imperfect player there we would be we could have pulled that up because it and just to remind everybody what he did say but that was it that was what he says. Yes so so again tonight we're going to be talking and ask survival. And I was doctor Judith or lost tomorrow we're talking with Jada Villa ash craft. He's a recognized as an expert in the area that your systems are gonna target him on that. Really had a bunch of great shows on next week as well every Friday is the best of just saying you know only make she'd tuna and catch that. But and I next Monday we hold Bartholomew. Actually useful on this we. Yes Paul was the one and Tom was a sphere on this last Monday and had to change his schedule also will be on this Monday again we talking about a bunch of different things to seize. Lectured on crypto zoology he's lectured on UFOs and haunting us. And also assess what so we can cover the gamut with Paul. So ask watches as soon as clutches are big cases of diseases is references. Aren't so we're gonna take your quick break and only come back cool get our guest doctor Judith or laugh will start talking about impasse but you have a question or. Or comment on any of the stories we're just talked about gives equality for 4687769. That's tool for 844. 6877669. It was an adjacent to. Yang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget if everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. It's. Ingredient. Telefono received 446877669. In a moment we're gonna bring in our guests didn't catch it wasn't 54 floor. 6877669. Not throwing off Q when we have the when you say it softens and I'm just gonna you throw it out there are so fast it's even hard to understand it but I'm in a moment we're gonna bring our guest doctor Judith. Or lost in and talk about impasse in her book. The impasse survival guide to before we do that we have a listener call this is Rhonda from Ohio wanted to comment on the story that we talked about JB for a winter break about the that Satan statue going in the him in the public parks I thank my name yeah they I run a welcome to the shows could having done. But thank you very much JB. I am 830 year practice seeing op pagan. And you know we appeared to Ali. Four years to get any kind of recognition in United States. Which you let me just say Iran is crazy because reaganism if you wanna be technical is the oldest religion now there. I I mediate any time people were dancing around a fire for a could kill any of the stuff that it was a style paganism sell in this predates all of their religions. Delhi are correct. And arm but even today the people lose their children they lose their job. Be loose all counting Goldberg they're replant. Which is crazy why they are have a talent. Is it on the beat are basically trying to be in the form of religious freak. And here there are a lot of lot of trauma can actually echo Y while I eaten that religion. Or that religion also on the being. Represented in in that the reason why is because. These hate that is their main goal is to actually. Aren't. Pushed back against the heat alms and if you don't come people who feed the United States is merely a Christian nation. And so. Well edited as it was and it is a country that was bolts by app on your files if you think about it so. And rent or I suffered damage yeah. And so is. Your phone's breaking up their little Iran used to this. I'm okay. But I don't I totally I totally understand with what you're saying. And even when they're saying that a lot of land other religious been represented walled ER I mean you've got to soldier leaning over cross right there. It's rates are presenting its representing our religion. And and I get the fact that Satan and that the seat BC nests are doing what they're doing. I don't think it should be at a veterans memorial park. Little awkward there I don't have a problem with any anybody anybody wants to preach to to each their own. I just I just think ethic. Ethnically it's should people should be a little. A little more understanding. On some of that stuff. Well you know is it. Yep do you want an already at Syracuse beer. I get representing christianity. Nobody would be no I mean what here. I got the whole point is the heck are we are eighty nation. Many religions. And then I totally agree you only watch the thing that's are trying to say. And on the idea funded these things in it. Actually get it not the first one there had been other statute they have been placed by the patent or in other municipality building. Across the country where the ten commandments have been quite. You know Rhonda thanks so much for making the point you make a very valid point we certainly appreciate and understand and I again my concern also is more just the all all these. These people fighting to have everything that has any religious tone removed yet that's exactly you know I think that's just me that's just totally uncalled for so that's an assay to we're quickly runner running out of time here in this segment must we would wanna bring our guests and so at least we can get some introductions out of the way before we get into the meat of the conversation our guest tonight is doctor Judith or a loss and she is the author of a book called the impasse survival guide like strategies for sensitive people. On Judith thanks so much for being on the show sort of bring in little bit late here but it's great to have you. I. From the show yeah this is this a great topic we've got a lot of questions for you tonight yet and in the few minutes we have before we have to jump into a break here let's start with that your professional path how did you get -- are today. Well I'm a psychiatrist a month that about the antenna. And hell I combine traditional medical. All of which win knowledge energy at a intuition spirituality. And I held this past and I have very emotional sponges it to a door yank of the world. And I got to that path I would and intuitive child I would predict things my parents are both positions would tell me you can't mention. These things at home like believing there was something wrong. Yeah that. Being a psychiatrist in an impasse must beat him must be tough enough I mean you're you're trying to help. People are sensitive you're you're you're sensitive yourself that this is going to be a constant battle. Well not really because I had to survive as an impasse selective ride and being an M passes. Maine and in effect tired it's because like at and what's going on in my patients and I can. Help. Deep compassion and let people are going through that I had to develop strategies how not to absorb. And negative energy has stressed the others and that's what. Impasse survival guide about because I know men and how suffered tremendous. Because they don't have the skills. And for the most part I do that I I don't absorb my patience Strasser what they're going through. But. Sometimes if I'm tired aren't sick aren't rushed over awhile and I errors are being so I have to really do have my own sensory overload. Well and we got to take quick break in just a couple seconds but. In being a psychiatrist year you need to be in control of your feelings and the and the things you're you're taking in how you're representing south. And that's what I mean being an impasse and being able pick up on these things. You've got to still try to keep yourself in check is a psychiatrist. And the way you you were represented and put. Certain things fourth but will get into that week come back because it's early instinct thanks. Are you all you listen Jason JV if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like to FaceBook page. And then had to be on reality radio dot com find all the stations we are across the country. And download the free iPhone and android app rate their words you can listen libelous and Nazi past shows you can join chat and so much more. Received a quick break more to come after this. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Rock and roll and they're hitting it look a little like Steve Perry municipal side has not been here we have senator. You know you know I played music and abandoned you know that he how I'm always confused and you do that you with the intro to the show you say it's you know what Tuesday and whatever wins and the other. And a Mosul confused with the dates and stuff in his 'cause we're on that midnight some are never sure for its in room it's today or tomorrow when we're doing the show and does so I did post today about some. Upcoming gigs I haven't had all the dates wrong because it was sort of messed up still. This show and how we how we started midnight and we think of it as you know the night of detecting the morning of so and we we should. Shows that time for Russia and it was solicitor double we knew we. Decided to do that we're like ours or we actually starting on Sunday or Monday house houses or Tuesday. Where where where we really starting what that. And we've had some guests confusion because of it as well but I knew in my sister sent me you know and say you know you're all your dates are wrong on your beard and gigs coming I'm sorry to fix Albany anyway thankfully our guest tonight wasn't confused by the dates and she's here with us doctor Judith oral lost. She's the author of the book called the impasse survival guide life strategies for sensitive people and we've got a lot to talk about again Judith thanks so much for joining us. Go out out. So Judas before he went to break that we are talking about how as being a psychiatrist you need to of course be in check of your emotions and and to be able to connect with the person here what they're saying and and explained in. In just of I guess and I melatonin manner. On on how things are or whatever and give it give your impression bush as being an impasse. In picking up their emotions and today and it's in that has to be a tough tough situation for how did you learn to be able to control. The emotional aspect and still keep on on tone when you're when you're actually doing when you're being psychiatrists out of at all. Well in arts really fascinating because I teach other healthcare practitioners. In hallowed. You know be a therapist how to help others but not hate on. The other key your patience. Because many healthcare practitioners are now. Because they just give give give and take on take on without adequate health care. But it's really important as tent and have to learn certain skills. And one of them is how not to take on the emotions of your patient energy vampires are under the chapter in the book on that. People who suck you dry. Now to learn. How not to do it and there are many techniques that I talk about in the book and one of them shielding. Where you visualize. Literally an issue will play play oracle lite or whatever color you resonate with. Around your entire body. If you're around an energy vampire are year round. Somebody who doesn't feel good to be around you can use that one technique and what that does it that it. Then negative energy from coming through to use that you don't Hewlett you don't absorb. They get the positive energy can comment so that's one visualization. Technique that people can use. You know if they're open and have their emotional sponges. And they tend to take on the energy of the world. And have they usually intuitive. Compassionate. Giving sensitive. But they tend over again and there sponges to even take on the physical symptoms. Of other people I talk about in the book the different types of them. There's physical and passed to literally can take on the typical symptoms of someone else into their own body and that's what I call the path that illnesses. We can literally take on your spouse's illness if you don't have the proper boundaries. Or an outlet to one element there I remember when I had the little girl I would get on the back and sit next to some stranger on the bus and they hit back I would start field. So I didn't know when I was a child how to prevent that a election that he he strategies are and passed. How not to do you know how to how to beat compassionate because M are extremely spiritual intuitive. I think chapter in the book on. And parents who can communicate with animals are out now that the community and you know with the earth. And Democrats can really deep and connect that thing you know which is what I love that and then pass by let going to. And I don't like small talk them much and I. I love you know feeling like you can feel as an antenna. But again the skill that is learned how not to take on that somebody is dumping her anger on you. You know are around you how not to take that aren't. Or how to beat you know around a chronic talker you know Timmy is the Bane of my instance it and I don't like a lot of chronic talking it it feels like bullets speech that you know how to interact in a good excuse me you know I have to it. Leave now or something like that they don't endure. A lot of negative energy if you don't have. So how to draw the line under yeah. Aren't exactly well and now but as as an impasse have you ever had an experience where you had an individual. That is just giving off so much powerful energy that you you can't block that that person now. Well usually I don't stick around too long. When I when you see how that affects a situation you get away from a. I do oh I do because I don't want a subject myself as somebody else's negative energy if possible that it that the spam in Hamburg get. That's what happens sometimes. You know where you have. And energy vampire family member you go to these family dinners and you have to be. So how do you deal with it in how'd you shield yourself how you. Not in any purposely don't sit next to them on at the dinner table because energy you know overlap. And the closer you are as somebody like especially in the morning eagle. What they're giving opt in front of the people are just going there really difficult time in there. Angry. Are really strong negative emotions and trying to conceal. Because where energy fields we have energy field that penetrate our buy an X and many feet beyond. And killing here now you can and energy and then it's their reality you can sense what people give law. And it could be that positive. You know really beautiful energy wary Europe lifted around. Four and pin being you know people give up a lot of supper hour. Or negativity here that are into something. You know that in ad doesn't feel hold on whatever they're doing and and I have to pick it up their energy. And so you know you know really wanna be around I really like in try and stick with the positive. Oh yeah and but there's also those those positive people at times like for the party that. And that. Just give off so much energy in the positive type where it's just it. It's too much to deal with at times and it's got to be very hard for an impasse to. To even handle that we don't me wrong it's it's positive energy coming in but it's just over overbearing and over power. Absolutely. Absolutely and and you know those those kind of people of not negative energy but it just slamming it that much energy. It Democrats are prone to sensory overload. And they're generally they could be extrovert or enter hurts that they are generally quiet people. And for instance when I do to protect myself because I'm. Really an introvert and you know I really love my solitude and violent time that many and how do. And I replenish myself alone. By many accounts do. If I go out and social setting a limit that two hours usually and I won't. Yep I'm driving with somebody else help them out and I don't paper five or six dollars and shot because I reached and that I can't take it anymore. And much as I love the people I'm done. In terms in her actions after a certain point and staying on after that like tortures and I don't do it. Because it feels like an overload and I could have a great time but and I am re go home. But learn to set that boundary with myself and and one of the questions in terms of the so percent equity would end up in the beginning of the book is do you prefer taking your own car please. Because M don't like it places they they want to be able to go home and when you're happy you're taking care of yourself. What happens if you get them. In search. And you get a lot of excitement. And a lot of compassion and a lot of you know connection to. Invisible world you know that you talk about a year show. Judy yeah. Yeah I just wanted to ask you a little bit beer because you and Jason have already exceeded my knowledge of all the senate needs some and I know their people isn't chat there also ask you some basic questions so. We do we get some basic answers here just to help us understand everything we're talking about and how do you. How do you define an M path what is the what is an M path. And the problem is somebody who is intuitive and open its spiritual. But doesn't have the same filters. That other people have. Are the same guards and they feel every. You know they just are not guarded. By most people lie and no. Typically what comes and it with a lot of stimulation can be overwhelming at times the empire are sponges. They bunch up the energy that's around them. And that could be really good at it beautiful energy and it does love benefit you know happiness than it. Feel inside our body like something really healthy. But unfortunately. And path and take on a lot of stressed especially with the world the way it is now. There's so many stressful. Horrific things happening. At a target process. And sent empire can just take on that negative energy and let me. And what happens if that they can get you know they've become a core of who they they don't go outside. That the world does feel like too much they can be diagnosed with anxiety. Panic. Depression. Fibromyalgia. Chronic fatigue because they care chronically on sensory overload that M. I I believe that happened and they the world. Because their sensitivity and there are deep caring for other human being that's what the world needs right now. That's helped impact and that happy to be in good shape to do that. Now I I heard a report and it's going back years ago that a lot of the medical doctors and doctors in the you are certain certain surgical doctor and so forth. Tend to be and paths as well and who now is that a report the you've heard as well. I hit a lot of health care professionals. Are and how. Some doctors are but doctors say trainer really Linear way and what happens after. You know twelve years of training is that many doctors are just stuck in their hands. And though they live and it really intellectual world. So they shut up that they weren't empowered patient and not because of training it's really regrets. When you you you know I worked them and that the that I work and then emergency room every third night. End that really take a lot out of you because they didn't get a lot of sleep and I had to pronounce people dead in my. You know what I did get woken up. So it was quite strenuous than many actors understandably. Showed up which isn't that. So I am taking your question our most position and use them past I now know that. I know for sure a lot of nurses are. I can Bangkok a lot of owners and a lot of patience or nurses and no there on the front lines and they experience a lot and a lot of them are sensitive indeed there's an open. You know there around so much from all of kinda get beaten down by. Right so we're gonna take a quick break we come back you know I'm more questions. You listen and Jason NG DMB unrelated radio back. Hi this is JB Johnson cohost of being on reality radio and I'm Jason -- from scifi show ghost hunters it has recently come to our attention to some of you may be experiencing difficulties contact in the shelter or coal free telephone number during some of these attempts there's been reports of unpleasant repeating beeping noises coming from the other end of the line miniseries exist in some have you have gone as far as suspecting the vast government conspiracy or some other improprieties and maybe interfering with the effort to reach the show our producers have investigated this phenomenon we've uncovered some very interesting information most importantly they too have heard this strange beeping noise but has been described by some of our callers and we've captured that sound in a rare recording now we must caution you this noise may be unpleasant and not suitable for some small children is such children are in the room with you please have them leave before the sound -- we will play the sound in three. To. Wine. Don't be alarmed we assure you this is perfectly safe and perfectly normal it's called a busy signal at first we and our staff were confused by this so called busy signal and had considered drastic action but upon further investigation we found that this noise simply means that all of your phone lines are currently busy don't panic this is a rare. In only a temporary situation should you encounter such a noise we have specific measures that you should employees immediately. Number ones first and foremost remain calm number two distance yourself from any sharp objects or small children number three slowly and carefully remove the phone from year to year number four and this is where it gets tricky. If you're on a traditional landline find the button that would terminate the call on the phone. If you're using the cellphone the end call option may be a little more elusive but it is certainly discoverable number five during this process please did not make any sudden movements and number six when you've ended the call checked to see the busy signal is gone it's so you were out of danger if not repeat steps one through five and finally once you're safe weighed one or two minutes and then tried to call again if you get the busy signal on your second attempt please repeat all of the steps to. It shouldn't take more than a couple of tries and this strange noise will no longer be heard annual peacefully in comfortably have your call answered by one of our professional call screeners every calls and. Or does have beyond reality radio and we appreciate your patience during this crisis. Yeah it's pretty clear that you have groups like too much time. Yeah that's what it's clear we have way too much time grants. But it didn't sticks do disarmament two when Stoner hands anyway welcome back the show it's beyond reality radio or guest tonight is doctor Judith oral offer talking about and pass and her book the impasse survival guide. And Judith again thanks for being with us I find it interesting that the name of the book the impasse survival guide and implies. That impasse have quite an ordeal just going through their normal day. Yeah they definitely can and undiagnosed and pat can experience in a lot of suffering a chilly type program. And they feel a lot of anxiety. A lot of depression and and just get overwhelmed a lot in that the captain of the content and have children. And I think it's not hard to identify. You know the end had children and support they're into it gives. Early on. That make a huge difference on how they hours ago. But children most of the time our. Sensitive anyways and because it to a child that anything's possible big factor becomes a chimney every Christmas have been bunny brings in a basket so they're able to see things and feel things that adults and not. I'm there wide open this and at some point in their life they make that transition they start closing off so how do you know which children are going to stay open. Or status keep their their impasse abilities. And start Starr working with them. Clinton's trip and because that the children who are supported in their ability early on at ten to honor it. Later on in and children are at different and other children. Where they'd like to have a lot of alone time and their love their imagination. And my commitment. Another pot to Rome. Whereas other children can go out and be more social or have a lot of plated two. Whatever and have children don't like that. And it melee and could have been by themselves and their one best strand. So there's a little bit of a difference and all children are sensitive and how children are super sensitive I remember as a child. I was sitting and pat and I would be so sensitive that I would pick up. Energy from my parents ran third pick up things I would now somebody would Bill O'Reilly bill actually one time I knew that somebody would like it could do it I it's. And when I try to explain that my parents they just said what now they are there and have children. Sometimes are. Not taken seriously. And so they're picking up. I'm energy level really an honor and that there and feel good at all and so for me it might happen and learning honor. My intuition. And I am now in overtime and help others. To do that too old but at their child when you don't have. Gives supported it can feel like. There's something wrong with you and that you don't it and I remember it would have. And it is that a spaceship Atlanta let our guard and take annually to my true home. You can't buy it and so it didn't feel like I belong. Did it occur in any impact children feel that. Yep we're talking with Judas or lost doctor Judith or loss about impasse and her book the impasse survival guide to get it quick break here. Top of the hour but I want to remind everybody her website is doctor Judith oral loss OR LO FF. Dot com you can go there and get a lot more infinite information about her books and take a break is beyond reality. Radio don't go away a lot more. Doctor incumbent. A gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Rescuers yeah. I mean we're stuck in between welcome to be on reality radio with myself dis and caused me always awesome. JB I shuts Jay you always do the best introductions thanks so much it's great to be here everybody a purity the have more great discussion tonight with our guest Judith oral loft doctor Judith oral off. We're talking about and paths. And you know kind of the things they they go through and how people can help and particularly Judas book the impasse survival guide. And just how it is to be an impasse it's it's such an emotional drain and how how to try to stay in check with the. And doctor Judith again thanks for being with us in and suit sticking through these long breaks we know they didn't get kind of growing at times but as part of via syndication thing but. A lot of books we're talking tonight about the impasse survival guide me you've also written books. Called emotional freedom the power surrender. And some other things on so you've been at this for quite awhile and you've been even working at these ideas and these when these folks for some time and he must have a real sense of accomplishment and how folks that come to you. As and pass particularly feel and what type of hope they looking for specifically. Well they usually company because they're burnt out. And Derrick not scared aren't they're depressed they're there and then and. And a lot of prime ticket over medicated by conventional medical doctors because. You know they misdiagnosed. And and just get me some kind of it is sort of quotas disorder. One and certainly need to be diagnosed because they're a special case. And if you're in an act he really didn't know about it and so first I help my patients I. Become died both of them happened in the beginning of the book there's so prepare that. Have you could ask yourself certain questions because it's pretty clear cut. If you're them path. You've been labeled as quote overly sensitive on your lane. You might be highly intuitive and great punch yourself in nature. Do get overwhelmed and crowd. And rent would rather repugnant here now. Alone. And he'll end up at you know at particular. Signatures that you could guide you know and so that the poor and anyone listening you know if you're feeling. Here overwhelmed all to make it clear from the beginning of the book that the appearance and a because of back and really be revelations. There it definitely gives me satisfaction. Thank you were thinking in terms of working with people are many many years seen that light spoke on and got almighty god that I am and this is what I can do about it. Now let me ask this doctor is to impasse is there a higher suicide rate with them past due to all these issues that they're good they're dealing with these emotions that they have a hard time. Understanding comprehending and learning to control. He until now I've never seen a study on that. I would doubt that because I am out of ten is subpar chronicling. And it doesn't get could be expensive as Philip finality when I live in. I don't know any distance and it's one of those things that make you wonder because they're constantly won't like you are saying they tend to be loners tend to be off on on their own a lot. And China avoiding people on end and also just dealing with it absorbing other people's emotions and things like that. Especially if they if they haven't been taught if they're trying to learn this on their own they they don't have anybody helping them it's got to be an emotional drain it's going to be one of those things that. The bring them to a very. I'm very bad. Bad spot no life. Well it depends how intensive care if they're better people just get used to being chronically. Low lying have a low lending pressure. Or if chronically. You know feeling anxious not to be expensive but when you heard on but just as a way of life. And this is what can make life market culprit and and a no but what's so amazing is that when an aunt pat Ryan. But it could what I am of the of what I can do about it I mean even breathing exercises to help. We move negative energy if you feel like you've taken it on. You know kept believing get out and screaming out of character stagnation are. The negativity that you were filler from other people can learn agreed and the proper lane rather than. Holding your breath withhold and all of that. No really helped the lead very simple act that prizes can be very helpful. Where and how so they could begin to turn it around creek pilot gave people a lot of hope. You know everyone is listening even here crime you've been chronically tired for years. Are you here and hear from picking up other people trapped in maybe you don't need another aspect question. Know that I can count my anti patient in Liberia and Iraq and ask yourself is that my hand lotion on Palin aren't that somebody. And if it is somebody else then you know what to do about it. There is kept a different way of looking at life that can be really. Knuckle illuminating. Her and and really really helpful but before you find out Aron and have it could be very confusing. I'm Judith does everybody have this potentially in them or is it just a select. If you were a select number of a percentage of the population that has these sensitivities. Or is everybody cable capable of. So it's not that about 20%. Of people are highly sensitive and a good portion of those there and most people are not and there most people do not have pillar banner here but there it. You know very very different Kabila and a path. I know you know my partner not an impasse and I could be going out. Places and stealing all kinds of things and I am anyway telling me there's nothing. Else in a very. Different perspective. Not that it on camera he just doesn't feel most of what I. Right we've got some several callers. That have some questions were tried as pepper these through the rest of the time we've got this is actually Bob. From Pennsylvania Bob welcome to the show here on beyond reality radio. Think you're good good morning to you guys you have loans to Pennsylvania. I've got a court. Where in Utah about impacts. You're talking mostly about like there are some things. I don't know I don't know I'm talking about every day. Everybody. You identify anti. Well. Where and I was in the military and I work. Psychiatry. Which was the what I called the infancy days and psychiatry. Probably debaters where it terms like deplores reach up all came from. Yeah why weren't things like PG EST one was just nerves and shell shock. Rang our mission back then what is your bird and neither. Character guys for it to go back or medical just stop short to. And what I ended up actually learning content through. Which worked out great then but I don't think it was what the medical field would call. Socially acceptable. Was too pretty much be able to turn my feelings on the top who will. Which bikers so it was great from the therapeutic aspect. Because I was very circular court to each particular was considered a primary purpose. Later Ron when I oh. I found myself. Almost automatically card program in my insult to turn the feelings are. Howard Bennett met most of my life partner actually retired now. And I wanted you here's what. Brett. But did you do you find that. Your heart it's open to people. Oh yeah. But I feel that way but normally it coming and I mean. Yeah I mean you've given so much to so many people. But I I Gary is saying and that can be a coping mechanism for them. Especially you're on the front lines. And I I can only imagine talent that was three year. And as an impasse. Is being an we knew that award situation. It was actually ago while Vietnam was Goldman's. Learn where you are climactic I combat aborted macabre situation. Because when I was working psychiatry. At the hospital. Sort wars and in the combat zone itself but I saw firsthand what it did to people. Absolutely and you could be traumatized by bad at an aunt pat Amanda I'm the most difficult situations. You can the end I totally understand what you're saying and it makes total sense to me that you cope with an acute it. I think it's important in your life now. And out to open up your heart as much as possible to people in your personal life and. You know being able to receive love at this point. Like so do that a matter of fact are still well veterans get to benefit the third title. And that standard working with veterans what forty partners later. As fantastic if you notice paralyze them cup and the population that you're working. I'll be honest I went ahead and out burger military. I ended up actually worked in an and other psychiatric 200 no outs and civilian life. And part of what our Isla. Waste my opinion on it. There is because of pretty different schooling. And some of the people that came into the field. I don't really think there was that much of a difference in psychiatric built. Between now and forty partners still. Now of course in the military we worked with a real. Team concept. Whereas I think a lot on the outside right now starter really utilized that what you bet you'd concept. That I had seen. Or other kind of doing it like it is what it is psychiatrist more hundred individual player. Level would referrals. I I hope would be entrusting with the bad that you're working it now to. Give them that self assessment at the beginning of the book to find out there and amp up their you don't have their questions and the Al compute speak out it would really help them if they work. Am tough. It would really help them giving them some of the exercises to practice. So that they can feel better. Bob Cynthia thanks so much for that phone call above and you do great work and we appreciate where you're doing out there for the veterans thanks for everything. So I am Judas before we go to break here I have to askew on that brings a really important point on I can't imagine being an impasse and being in combat or any. Yeah I Nina tragic situation like that that has to be overwhelming. I mean bit. Bob who did Colin is an incredible human being what you've been through and how he felt that that it's just stick who ordinary. Because they can't and the pass an award I couldn't imagine anything more. I couldn't imagine anything out there and and if he said he dealt lifted them have helped by. Just taking control of his emotions and chatting not selectively. Which he had to do to survive. I mean wow what a story. You know and his great one. We're gonna take a break when we come back are we talking more with doctor Judith or lost the book is the impasse survival guide. You can find out more information on her website doctor Judith or loss dot com that's spelled all RL OFF dot com. Aren't a lot more to come after this you listen to. All right now our honors is good stuff good stuff here tonight it's good to see and ask her not this Saturday with a we are talking with doctor Judith oral off psychiatrist also an author of the book we're talking about is the impasse survival guide. And is due to take a need askew if somebody had a suspicion they might be an impasse what you were advice to them personal how to they really discover what they. With her talents are sensitivities are and then what should they do. Well I have value take equipment from the book and find out if you aren't and pop. And see if you qualify and if you are. And you you have a whole new path in front if you add a lot of them ha happened to that it connects. And so everyone out there now yourself about your situation you know have you had experiences. With intuition that have been striking because laying. On and how they're really talented intuitive. And so am. Who are highly intuitive or what I call intuitive Africa. And you could and that's what's going on and other people they're different kind of and how you can happy here in tuition and develop. It is great skill to be able to do that. And you can get others or you can you know learn through you know really get information and a non Linear way that you can. Be able to read people very well because they're telepathic impasse and passed it and know what other people are are thinking that if they can and this pre cognitive Amtrak. And who are able to predict the future. Time victory meant and how to get. Information is in their dream ticket guidance about how to lead their lives. Their plan and you can get and current and past you can develop kind of tight that it tuition and some people that match affinity for developing. The one advocates have it and passed it in relation. And it is our third. And compassion. And being on the feel a lot for your fellow human. And being able to put yourself in those shoes at somebody else which is so important even if you believe differently. You wanna try and understand where somebody's coming prompt. Utley then you can have a chance at communicating. And so empathy is it's a beautiful gift regular empathy it's just the ability to. Feel what's going on and somebody else whether it's joy or sorrow. That the differences and actually take that job. So that the big difference between net and empathy as we usually know. Are you mentioned the different types of thought and pass. One that you didn't mention that I know is on the list as medium ship which I'm particularly curious about because we talk about. The quote unquote other side a lot on this program. On if freed a list that there that must had some credibility to the fact that the veer is a way to communicate with the other side. I know that I've been a little girl when I was about nine years old my grandfather. Before he died came to me and visited me to let me know here it's about how are. And then you let me very much in the next state my parents got a caller my grandfather's suddenly died. And so early on I had first hand experience but that was popped the ball and I think when you love somebody. You al-Qaeda things are possible effects of communication. And I had so many patients over the years in the hood oh I loved on diet and they came back and let me now everything was okay. Palin is that they come back our most frequently and it they don't worry about me who did. It's the survivors that have to deal with their answer you about what goes on in this time. And when you're an end. In and you know additional people talked about there near death experiences. And what they. Big experience on the other side ends. It's just something I think medical science just catching up Lance. Hopefully. You know they're they're terrible fear of packets careful Erica because they don't have any intuitive. Knowledge that goes on the other side. We'll have to pick I'm sorry we're just gonna have to go to break you ought to pick that up when we come back is a lot more to talk about when it comes to that topic. Very listen JC GB yeah. 766. These telephone number one parent from the discussion of some folks at home we're gonna try to get to those phone calls as we can more clicked quickly running out of time of their guest tonight doctor Judith. Oral off again the book is the impasse survival guide Judith. We before we went to break you kind of brought up something you turn to mud the medical community not. We're starting maybe to accept some of these concepts and some of these ideas and Jason Avaya and I had some. Doctors on the program recently medical doctors that have compiled books. And told stories and shared experiences from their patients on an out of body experiences near death experiences these types of things that were cut a hush hush in the middle community you're. Maybe not taken seriously for very very long time but. I think you're right in the fact that the medical community is starting to look at things beyond just may be what they learned in the textbooks. And can take some and this and consideration. As part of their their profession or are you seeing the same thing. I'm among some doctors especially the ones to do let that are integrated doctors your. Are more trains in two Shen and and acute ilk. Because you know it. Time is not. The only reality. That we go beyond speech and time are our spirit and it just the Linear mind that looks that they in terms of time. You get moved to a different part of the planet and at times changes and then about eight there at that time. So prominent intuitive standpoint. The past and the future and the present RO one continue on. So from that vantage point it would make sense that we communicate. With those who are not in physical form to earn their spirit is still alive. I wrote a book called guide to intuitive feeling all right I take people. On a medication to experience there. Because I believe it's possible to do apparently your line. It's just a focusing. Your attention on what comes after. And allowing yourself to feel and I'm glad people are rated Q&A. Because they're rated saying export. In and when they're alive that pie and that's just not so the atmosphere. And share it the medication they take people. To what is it like to have. Twelve feet and the ten feet from new. Two feet from you. You know your body went that feel like and if people our our brave enough to experiment that you see it tremendously creative energy. And I I used to when I first opened up my practice and psychiatry. I would see a lot on the patients. That the and I come home tired and I would do that a death medications. Just to be able to resume packed. And it the bulk of energy to create more energy to get that across to people. And I am are really good at that. And and mail between the play in the excitement is an. Solid as that is termed those people that like I'd been saying on that program and I think other people. Don't necessarily feel. And though. It could be one might that impact on all of you by any means that some yeah. Boy and JD was making a good point there I had written an article going back out while she's about 1718. Years ago are now. Schizophrenia. And sensitivity and how does this final line from from where do you of course there are people who deal would schizophrenic. Schizophrenia. But there's also these individuals who start for whatever reasons are opening up at a later time in life insert hearing voices. And they get diagnosed a lot of times he has thrown at the same thing as schizophrenics. When they're just becoming sensitive now I agree I regret this article went back a long time ago and it really seemed to make its way around with a with a bunch of doctors right doctor showing up to Tucson my lectures some minor events. To try and because they wanted to just justice and Saddam one of them being Adam Bly who then got involved in the paranormal and and did very well. But but it was nice to see so many doctors opening up. Jesus this concept of well and maybe maybe they're not all schizophrenic because out of out of a 100% even if 2% are just sensitive and were able to hold them in in the correct way verses just and just medicating them in and and so forth. And it's just it's so so hopefuls so beneficial for the for those people. Yeah it it has in you know prologue time medical questions just apologize everything they didn't understand. And I think more and more people lines are opening up and out of completely packed their patients were panel didn't spare and and especially in a few good doesn't if you hospital workers that are also am proud that I treat. You know look telling you does that. As people begin to progress to the other side. They begin to have other communications going on because there are more in app world and as well. No I remember when my father. And he had Parkinson's disease and at and it was a position. The way it is right lines. He didn't believe in any of their that then when he began to lose it Linear minded became. I experienced dementia he began to experience. Meeting with people another round and he was saying there's another couple girls who really who it you'd say the Rosa. Wrote it and you that they older not from here are the and I wrote just smile at them and you know that's about you know can play I believe them. Right let's sum let's quickly SE from Utica more of these calls and this is Ted from Indiana Ted welcome to be on reality radio Britannia on the show. Thank you for your match. Well. I was gonna show. Quite often and tonight sitting here listening to Judas. Speakers. In the past I've never heard of this for mark. But apparently. It's in is that they are at a I've been told my mother many times that my biggest a folder blocker too big heart. I actually take anxiety medicine because. Each given they have additional like if I don't do enough to help others. Bring on anxiety in me and I don't. I'm willing to produce just give up everything. To help others and so August was really a blown away by some assessment she was talking about an unlocked and actually learn more about it. Yeah look it's now by you know in her ear and I happen the other big car you love open there's that the typical event. That you could still help others and not pick on their stuff. That sounds like you might be taking on another anxiety as well. I don't know. Oh I didn't I didn't I. Jeanine any one person in fact that's a state with. C Beltran for twenty years now on and off. Don't have a lot in common but I've always felt sorry for. And god has hung on all the years just try to continue helping her. There's nothing you were talking about. Are so has. The ability lifetimes I don't actually listened. To people I can read what they're saying here saying by just watching. Their facial. Or rise. And I did a lot. And I tell people that you know I'm no torture saying they're an orchard thinking. And course that it memorably named term sidled up that's part of it as well. Yeah definitely good bad luck can agree people that. I have tried meditating. I actually have just started. Here recently Alison been listening to native Americans play. And I have the New York. Yeah era live I have a basement. And in this area we have used at all coal furnaces we Nicole Brown. Well I'd clean mine out and have made it kind of my meditation earned him. I sat there was in the native American's fleet and not act. I would have spoken seriously about getting myself away from negativity turn it just surround myself with a positive. Let it seems like I was pulled back to it because a select guy and he did to help. Well Ted can I ask you how that. Unnatural. Being in being an impasse then and always feeling like you need to held do you feel that many times because of this you've been taken advantage of by people. Almost certainly most certainly. And it and there are times I'm taking advantage yet and I know it but I just let it. Go because I feel like I have bigger show voters are so like I have a I can take I can take it all in and I decide am I letting go. And so yes I mostly are certainly days now there's times like to point where the nuts and and then I have a very good tipper. So I don't like that part of me that's that's what I had a lot. Well sort of sort. Doctor what can he do to in two still help but try to keep himself from being taken advantage of. I I would suggesting of medication and thank goodness he's building background. And in your basement because you could start receiving yourself you've given given given a higher life. And you need to start feeling some of their good and I think meditation. If you could focus on your heart correct and that tears I'll. And begin to feel the beauty and wonder if that feeling that the meditation and the book the book about an audio. On Amazon and you can listen to it might wanna live through it. You know while here quieter. Gentler. Our only because right I don't. When fiery guy I don't retain. So yes audio would get when bigotry being. Beyond an on camera you can get it on audible Clinton can get. Audio where you could lift it and I think a lot of things are gonna all of the plane trio. But it kind of give to yourself it's my message to you. We've given so much other people and in your meditation practice you could begin to give yourself by opening up your heart to you know. And for giving yourself a lot of pain. You know I am in a competitive network would be good. Yeah. A different objects you chasing lawyers old was used recently diagnosed with. Alcohol and bundled artists which is autoimmune disease attacking my line. All my tendon that I've had both Killington and Richard Myers right L lo and leading injections and rightly listening. There. And I guess I two point Jauron. I'm not scared to death at all and it's fact. I am not suicidal person I could never kill myself I don't know whether scarlet. Indeed I don't have occurred your but I would never kill myself but I'm not scared of death whatsoever. I was told doctor. That that. Gary Locke every you know you have a lot of talent here now that. I think if you know you'll you'll begin to heal more quickly if you could be syndicate yourself. And spoke with some of that loving energy has given so many people on I know you've been doing and present and that will be really nurturing you hear that there are now as of yet that resonate. When you hang out. And had to see if you can give yourself. Ted thanks so much freer call and you know who work on the meditation Bloomberg get Judas book I think that'll help you a lot and I Judith I have to ask you is this who it was Ted's call on the way he presented. I guess I'll call and symptoms what he was going through is that common is that the type of person that comes into your office. I mean every time they give so much to is because they've low but give me that they up and over again. And burn out themselves they're developed various physical symptoms are. Anxiety. In I'm talking about earlier so you have that the down side. You've kids don't much without total fund home not to absorb other people's stuff and then you start suffering and your own body that might suggest that live. Him to begin to build their own well up again as he does he do it too much and it is need to be more balanced. Now he's got a death wish her out a way to stop being taken it and having an advantage taken of him. Yup I think focusing on giving UConn now with help. Without a lot because. You know key young have been given to them now not a big gear that you wait that he could do it. The antenna also mentioned he had some physical issues that have come on recently is it common. Of four M paths and the stress of being an impasse. Does that end up causing physical ailments. Well it can because what happens if you have a lot of stress and you have it's just hormones flowing through your system. Which decreases your immunities that make it more susceptible to viruses and more serious thing. And know what you wanna do is stimulate and they get there quicker there. Eric sympathetic nervous system others nervous system that counters the adrenaline. And when you stimulate the biggest character meditation. Through the evening barely breathing. And you come home now. And it's very therapeutic there's a lot of resurgent right ATP done that they get there and how important is that an error that. Goes throughout the body to the heart of GI tract. And ITV content control. And and it calmed themselves down with something 98 people in my office. Know how you activate the parrot sympathetic nervous system which is. The calm me nervous system and the biggest that are a part of two. Newly calm yourself down and let go of some of the extra. So people need to be trained how to do that because they don't think about it. And they'll hopefully what we're talking about and really make a lot of light bulb go up and people in terms of what they can do for themselves. If you identify that they get them I'm here. Over giving like our last caller are you experienced trauma. And shut down and let you know previous color you know how it turn that around so that you could these sensitive. And be healthy and happy. We have about 990 seconds left and I just have one more question you may have already answered this pretty completely but I just ask you from a different perspective. You mentioned on your website. That intuition and spirituality you're an important part of health care who's not quite your words but you do say. Reference them in terms of health care how holiday important in health care. Well it's important that you believe in something greater than that now apple whatever that is whether god goddess. However you want a defiant act or because by happy about the effect that Phillip you're dealing. You know that the greater force of love in the universe there's greater forces compassion and at this though. Who. And being able to be aware that something greater than yourself than either Angel and guide each and helpers all along not just you know you've never been alone. Even though that's what people feel he always have backed up and he let that helped us and our helium human. Our guest is doctor Judith or lost the book is the impasse survival guide the website is doctor Judith or lost that's OR LO FF dot com. Judy thanks much for being with us tonight. Look forward to talking you gimmicks come not a case or to take a quick break. Eon reality radio and Jason GOP control. No it's. Do the laundry informed and put away for you. Mobile on mobile along the pedal Kaduna that two for one on the path sweeper and and then you get to ten million to two sets applause for a number it's all animals have two sets in essence what sorts out solutions perfect but it's. Well the death for a big shout out to doctor Judith or a lot for coming and hang out with us tonight and Amaechi tune in tomorrow night and talked with G de Villa ash craft. Recognizes experts in the area of exercise ends so I'll start talking about Casio ago. Yes certainly gets everybody's phone calls we had a bunch of people on hold adjust and have time it seemed like than I just went extraordinarily fast tonight maybe that's an impasse signature and maybe. But if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio mean she liked the FaceBook page then had to on the beyond reality radio. And and dot com which you can download the free iPhone napping and are separate area let's listen yeah and is gonna mention it we did have a lamps and some of our guests postings on there were back on track with that in anybody's looking for doctor Judith or lost some books you can find them and on the beyond reality review web pages go to the gas tab. There it takes tuning in tonight may she turn into ours can be a great show it's Jason je Giambi on our failure to catch old monarch. Media is to discuss its includes news and Alexandria Johnson's ever come leading. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow along or you liked being Gaston beyond reality really email to sleep getting nice slick Eddie ED DY. At beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.