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ONe of the most paranormally active homes on record & creepy true-life stories that are guaranteed to send chills down your spoine

Jul 11, 2017|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson welcome David Oman from the Oman house. This home, which has been featured on numerous paranormal reality shows was built very near the site of the Charlie Mason murders of Sharon Tate and others. The house has much documented paranormal activity, and David shares his stories. The, Dark Waters, story teller of the macabre, join the program to discuss his most recent works. 7/11/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Monday on the West Coast museum East Coast many you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality radio myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome. Dvd it's great to be here it always is as we come back from weekend to but we came back to a bit of change. We had against you can schedule going yeah we have announced that a guest tonight we've got. We've got dated all Manama many of you might remember him from my we actually investigated his house on CL a drive just couple doors down from the Manson murders. A lot of different activities that goes on noted David Justice is a great and we also got a good friend dark waters coming on for the second hour. Yeah well yeah I'm Robert earth O'Neal was originally scheduled he had to actually rescheduled for his appearance gonna last minute and when we you have a situation like that we love to bring on. What we consider to be some of our better most fun guess fan favorites if you will and these two guys fit that bill. I'm perfectly and and I'm David is pretty interesting because he's always got great stories tell about the paranormal activity in his house and unseal have a lot of inside as well believe Panama to show a couple times he's always got a new stories to tell. Enemy to steer Woody's gonna dissent. Yet stated stifling and me adjusting and it's a great location great investigations location from Andy he's just discuss some neat things or go on Aaron they always seem to happen but. There's a lot of weird things happened that whole area so I'm we'll get into that we have David on. But I don't know how many fuel saw that Emilia Earhart special last night and History Channel I'm. A washed with the family honestly FO last night initially it was Jeff margin Ochoa a ball American rep. I was totally screwed. Today at the vote honestly Emilia Earhart Inglis it's just a phenomenal show it came out really well and it truly gives you the impression that. The the United States government hid the fact that she was alive she was captured by the Japanese. And and they kept. Now was that part of the I saw a picture that had surfaced. I think the reporting on the news within their showing. A woman that looked like a millionaire heart. Plus from the back the F from the back end and there was what are her her and sure typical pilot and co pilot and they were on the dock and the Japanese soldiers around and the pretty sure I guess that with is pretty well identified that they in the human with the percentages may be 90% sure it was her. And that would have proven that she was a captured by the Japanese in actually wasn't Japanese soldiers it was oh they have as Japanese ship that was. Right off. I'm in the distance from them and at work so well stick a carrier on a little later was carrying a plane. But I yet she as she got her back turned to people and her co pilot was period standing up and they did. They did image comparisons. And and a lot of different things and to be honest with you Obama watching it you really you leave with thinking that she did survive in which means. Which is really sad because if you think about that she was caught by the Japanese that point and she was tortured in part to be a spy. Until her death and that fairway there were were reports that. Com miracle pile losses life might be heading and I'm not sure they get into details about how she lost her life but I'm sure it didn't it didn't and what. I did they have any like gum firsthand testimony they were there any. Living seat Japanese soon. Citizens that saw or knew anything about us. So a lot of lot of strange things I am a Grammy goes to show that. They hid the fact from us and it it's even stranger because supposedly they had the fact from us because. Debt would have a Gamal. The Japanese know that we were able to have cracked a code which again goes back to the whole story that we knew about Pearl Harbor. Long before. Pearl Harbor happened but we didn't do anything because the Japanese would have known that we cracked her coat. Interest in social tied together. While shipping via news that's that's been the story for a long long time well Pearl Harbor that we knew that the attack was imminent it was going to happen right and we didn't do anything when you move in here for people because it would have shown that we we were able to listen in on there. On their stuff and this is to shame how many how many lives were lost to keep that secret and I know that seem to meet argued with or how many lives overstated because. And then you know program and the information they garden and so forth but still it's just it's just terrifying when you're very. Mobi and be interesting to have somebody on the program was cut some by detailed information about that because it's a fascinating discussion it's a fascinating topic. The mystery of many airports disappearance has been one that's plagued. You know conspiracy serious for a long long time so on you know maybe this this particular a documentary was the definitive one but it still have to have some and on the could talk about it. Yeah and for everybody else they're just now and tomorrow night is the premiere of American ripper our friend Jeff margins that we have on the show it's about his great great grandfather. HH Holmes. First American serial killer who created everything down to. What that whole motel or whatever chemicals in the moment a murderer until noon. And and yes so I'm I'm really looking forward and and History Channel has been playing the heck out of matches and it was commercials really really trying to promote. You know we'll supposed to do really well done on Jeff was really proud of it and I don't mind of the on indecent it starts to runs and one starts tomorrow night it's on the History Channel tomorrow night yet and it really mostly came all well I'm just hoping it goes I don't think that'll turn into. One of those hole occur so violent things returning in 042 seasons. He it's a but know that this this really looks like the they went in and related I'm investigating in and tried to it's on Tuesday that your factors are adjusted actually poses some earlier about. Yes New York Times article. Totally shooting down his whole theory that. That his great great and could have meant him most likely was also oh Jack the Ripper and and made a shouted down without really giving it any information and asking Jeff his information which I think is. Is pour on Serbia but hey it's New York Times and Taurus no. They are they jumped to a lot of conclusions on a lot of things are probably prominent worth taking too much stock in that. I'm a lot of great programs coming up this week by the way Cheryl Costa will join us tomorrow night she was the host of an X-Factor of talk radio program. Covering UFO's many other paranormal topics currently she writes for the New York. Sure it's a New York's skies column for the Syracuse. New times dot com website. So be talking you'll falls tomorrow night. In a Wednesday were talking with doctor Judith or laugh it's the author of the game and pass survival guide. Life's tragedies for census people where she helps discover. In your impasse type insensitivity and and so forth and then there's they were going to be talking with. About X tests so they should be interest and as well. And I'm sure you've heard news poll. Pro rule mommy alien mommy thing he's young and all this video showing up only lichtman. Aren't so good guy. I guess initially initially reported. This you know. Mommy it was it was an alien enemy they'd talked about it but I'm and then yes a guy who were opposed the idea of the mommy was an alien. And then disclose TV. Well website reported headlines new alien mommy discovered in Peru and here. Now ask lines while I guess. A lot of a lot of people really looked into this and everything else and and I hate to have to ruin it for anybody but it appears that it was Jones that it's. A normal human mommy and you know of course are still these recent testing bullet. The elongated scroll through it I guess this just a thing of him they were notorious for with ancient practices and also on. Removing bones and adding extra bones and things like that so obviously to see what comes out of that. All over the period of time saying no there was a lot of push to really get that information out there in Africa. Just need to be checked Donald little morbid it's a pairing that it was. Most likely just just a human. Mohammed that makes a lot of sense and I know that they there was a lot of mutant on mutilations in I don't know if they would consider the mutilations I think by today's standards we do. In these ancient cultures they used to do those types of things and it looks strange to us but somehow is very ritualistic for them. Yet so I'm. You know or left to see what comes out of it and and see you know see what new information arises from a but I definitely think some people jumped the gun and tried to. Listen as this alien Rangoon and actually posted an article about it on my FaceBook page yesterday so long. Interest now that he cannot. Let's take a break when we come back to brief bring David Ohman and we'll talk about what he's got going on and his house it's beyond reality radio Jason JB don't go away. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com nets' Derrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Owner of Jews Hamachi on the phone numbers 8446877669. Has always we welcome people to call. I may have some interesting commentary discussions you've seen any of the episodes. Ghost hunters are on the other shows that the omen house was featured on Yemeni comments about that be generous and here we think as we talk with David on the and I know there has been a bunch of shows that have have actually featured on house so. Bullets or spring a man they David welcome to show. So let chase vehicle or Jason. I didn't do that I value out of California couple months ago next and become de LA and say how much you hated. Stopped by and hasn't read what I don't please thank you know we're doing OK it was worth it. What do you mean how much say he'd. Quote what you don't hate Ellis that you just got fond of the traffic in the seat. Mona let go though Willie we we can say that I do I heat LE I hate L I thought I'd get my. I'm gonna come from the for column from the PC. Yet come from the East Coast I mean it's it's definitely. A big change win when you get out because they Rhode Island were only state by a thirty miles by a man forty some miles and and come and had now Barry you get a cheese your city as does the bigger than my state. You have to that's not the thing that says this tasteful I'd have to say it's just there's a certain attitude that people have out here and it's. It's really like a melting pot because of the beta was born and raised in LA get to a certain age in an AK LA for the most part is I've seen. Most my friends and moved out of LA will undergo. And I'm one of the few dinosaurs still in India has to say but locals. That I. I also save it is to be able person and the real people of these coast where it's not a lot of bowl a lot of BS like more around real people that'll. Show and tell if you. By understand that and that's the East Coast has pretty much notorious there's that kind of people who won't stab in the back stabbed in the chest and the community but you know of that he had a love that about. I appreciate being up front and you know knowing what I get with a person instead of going on for months and months and months and planning of to a friend that didn't really hatred guts you know. It's a David traders so we Wear on we -- stations all across the country actually we just started a teal excelled there and how late tonight and so it just it just fill in everybody on and on your home and and what do what got you involved into this field. Well let's he has always been intrigued and insisted in the paranormal feel since I was a kid going back to Viet days of Leonard need morning and surge. For those of us who are old enough to remember that so yeah. At what the players I remember that the first few were really very period. Quality says that. After a while those like contents wise all right what's the next leap look at that what we can invest indicate how well. We're trooper's quick look over the barrel their letter that I got the idea what a it was a close second in mice started started out really commit an upper levels like I looking he would get out of make a stupid looking out of and it you know nowadays it's much different that means nowadays it is much more openness in the field and you know with the advent of the paranormal reality show which I'd have to say is is really you know you were the first to do it may be let's be honest that's right. When I said the people to look distances was the first show that was number out here I sit anybody wanna have returned to dissidents Cheney's. And crooked and it's just I'm around to come back to hang out you know. I think BA kick a hoot and Holler against figures show that. Back to my street so I've always been intrigued by it and and always wanted to seacoast as a kid. I'll be up simulate someone might stink when I was about four or five years old. What like twelve and the bad between my parents and I woke up and I sat up and bad they're bad my remembers seeing an object. I'm probably about. Ten inches in diameter. And it had multi colors looking at blue green and red and it was closing at about four feet in height. And it literally made the semi circle on one side of the bed in front of it. All the way around. To the other side of the bed and into the ball next on the other side. And I was like. I know I saw that I know I saw that I was loosely I wasn't imagining that I wasn't feverish. So I'm. Let's see about nineteen years ago in 1998. Late 1998. November my dad called me and says look. I sound a lot it's in our yet that's so so what it's Sunday morning at 3 in the morning armed armed sound asleep really. Just get up get up and to meet yet in this location. It's 40000 dollars in its tendency to cut father's house. I think this should give real post the likes Benedict canyon I simply can't. I could when he talking Italian Syrian. Excellent at a vertical slope. I could some possible thing is vote to put closure. A meeting at this address so. He gets muted grass cannot fuel Thomas guide this is before the Internet and questions status like. Kathy location on Michael steeler drive that's sounds vaguely familiar. I tried to this property and I looked on the the slow motion that's the Latin and that is some protruding rebar sticking out of the ground like. All right and then lo and behold my dad drives up to lately slides up and looked down the tribe said. Obvious some of them its decision that's. Where is that Tate letters went down. I'm like think to myself but the houses torn down that is in the constructions. Going on down there. I'm that was the houses torn down four years earlier in 1994 and I'm looking on the Oakland. I can't believe this is all these years have been trying to find this place and I could never find this cock and little tiny little private street. So I'm looking in my Beckham's and they say process that you see down at it yeah insensitive treatment that is went down they go gas so high the it would. Arlen it was Charles Manson are all old on right there it is because we're gonna have to take quick break and then. We come back I wanna get into that because a lot of people don't realize that all seal the driver then the middle of the Manson murders happened right now right there and with us Sharon Tate and sell. RE COC Jason GBM beyond reality revealed and take a quick break. 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The Bruins just to secure tuning in here Robert Bartholomew he had to reschedule last minute that we we brought in David Ohman and actually leader in the program good friend dark waters is well we're talking about the omen house Jake. House that you investigated and go sooners and what season is that by the way. Allergies from Britain David probably remember better attended every what was seen. No it was it is isn't it in. Paris a season three yes. Yeah somewhere around that don't you have investors so many locations but and it is and it's only a handful of really stick out. And that and that's more than means things about your house or your telling us in on nineteen years ago on how your file I told you about the slop that he bought. A seal drives and do you know where you realized it was only a couple doors down. From the Sharon Tate murder where it where Manson's followers ended up taken lives a couple of individuals right there. Yeah yeah they. The Mariners went down. I guess eight into the line which is Friday night Clinton in this Saturday morning. And Sharon Tate was she was an up and coming actors she was doing in doing rather well a beautiful beautiful woman more shoes so Roman Polanski is wife and a. Yes she was the request is why she's 26 host Hugh has not eight and a half months pregnant with their first child. She had just. Some acclaim from doing a movie called Tom Elliott adults and keep them from of those films but I mean. You know it's it's people have been some terrible I mean really obnoxious. Experts say about you know. Chan had she lived when the match and not too much in her career as an actress and somebody said. You know lake would have gone as far as Goldie Hawn and I thought to myself. Well. The Australian nobody thought that Goldie Hahn was gonna do much familiar Hutu and butterflies just reunited well she got his start really what she's doing laughed at which gave her opportunities. But called the hunt didn't become really successful until mid seventies. In 1975. She did a film called hairspray. And she didn't take some of the problems that she really got some acclaimed for Brett. That came along with dot dot dot growing up. It's it's really hard to see what somebody would've could've and would've become a in time if you pay is cut short and there are at the end aged 26. And the failure a bit of that does that fit you know the greatest amount of saint she gained that because she was killed and like. I mean I held back aside and try to say you know defending religious and look I think you know. That's not necessarily true and I have decided that this guy who brought optical behind porn is just amazing. Because. He had a lot of things that haven't heard it's unfortunate that. What happens it's a tragedy what happened and everybody else Abigail Folger. The heirs to the Folgers Coffee empire. Let's see inflation breakout ski you know I think we'll just beyond say. And of course Casey remiss most of the stores Susan is look early thirties who has you know like it was cut short. But it is day everybody's got to it that the guy who sees me as stylist instead of your neighborhood old fashioned barber with a little Barbara pull in front of that. You know the debt of gratitude to chase scene during because he was the one who sent in the early sixties in the mid sixties said. Men need to get taken there has so designed not by some old man and animal barbershop. With a bowl power over his head just kind of around the ball and they did Asia Erekat. So you know Sebring brought that about you know drug said that you know men have different style Eric. You know concept at all about bringing about some of the television and film industry. Two. Mainstream people in a mainstream public so to speak. So it's kind of operated you know in the same of course you can parents he eighteen year old kid who's just there meeting you know visiting the caretaker. We interior so I mean he's the worst of all because he has no connection militia man and the rest of them. He's the odd man out industry. Boats so a total of how many people were murdered that night at at home. Bite bite people were murdered and here's the ironic. Delay that the murders dimensions both trials gains give people the people gain the commute before them. They're marching orders to go to the house and into the drive Chambliss killed. And then go to the house right next door and slay everybody in that house. And then goes you know wasn't that excited feet down the house next door to me and kill everybody in that house's well. And that's a small little tidbit of the fact it was never. That's not games and has is is not predominantly known but it is a fact that that to happen and it was by a stroke of state. That the woman who would export is said claims she didn't care and he and shots. When in actuality she laid on admitted and confessed. She did get the gunshots and she said I just didn't want to get involved. But it does so by a stroke of fate. They didn't get terminated. And the people and extort in my house didn't get killed. And that's the irony of ironies of this whole. Publishing nineteen militants who have been you know another to a team where people. At the house next door. To that house and and an attitude to what people don't have an extra to me that should have been killed that could've been killed conceivably that night. Now what was the reason what was the reason that Manson chill and chose. Tate and mad house. Well there's all this mythology that. Queens and Manson didn't know that Kate was slipping in the house and that it was totally. As you say. It was like say that's like well that isn't isn't exactly true. C children pay the sense that came out his girlfriend who was Candice Bergen and the actress and Candice contained we're renting that house from the out about. And in 1968. Chant went through the Roman apart it for a party. And shin fell in love with the house and she says this is my dream house he says. That she loved the the wishing well that was in the front of the of the house and she just loved the thousands in between house whatever. Bottom line is is that they moved out in February of 69 meaning came out and Candice program. Upon which chance it will put asking it and and Chan was literally months pregnant. So I don't know and that is if you is actually try to you know they knew that she is party. Nugget pregnant at the time but she happened would be. That's what that's about the early early in 196919. Since launch got pregnant so that's February. Stirs decision Muhsin. Child comes looking forward Terry Belcher and mark since 1969. Because he's very proud of is that Ryan and Dennis Wilson. Because he's been too. Best in the chops and Brian Wilson to do is records because he's got these great ideas. And Bryant now at this time is of the pinnacle. Of his success. Did just released the album pet sounds and because of the claimant notoriety. And success of that Al. And anybody I mean everybody in the music industry. Was beating at down Brian Wilson's tour. To basically get at him to produce their albums. So mentally ticked unpleasant that kind of trampled underfoot. And because of that you get really pissed off to strike back in the crap. At a time Wilson appearing in his home is recording studio unannounced and busting his chops to the point where. Brian Wilson said look man I look at times you get lots. I can do that things I'd look at they're paying me. And so even in terms detain and also who could be poised and richer. And goes to them house and discover is that case not there so he's banging on the front door and he doesn't get any answers that goes on the backyard. Just happens to be the same day McCarron is that accurate portrait of photo shoot this Iranian photographer. And tiger figures this guy screaming and yelling and banging on the pac eight. And comes front and confronts Manson. And Manson's simulate haven't turned out to where they don't carry. And you're in his this argument ensues. And sealing. Comes around the corner and says to Manson no changes lick anymore I would have now. So the whole idea is Manson mostly without because he's been so many times at parties because he's got a girl that security. The parties and Terry have the gold and out there are so you know hopefully about what. So it's not any mystery man in the way that has to setup. So Manson takes up after this you know this authentication. And even though the house so when this kind Dudamel it is. You know there's other reasons if you leave the only book they think people should read and don't get health fitness which has been held to sculptor. One reason it was great. Time customers. Every blitz in there is documented. Current. In this sense it is currently being written at the time so. It's like if you bought the movie Manson. Which is a one hour documentary that was shot by documentarian. Who edit himself. With. The family in 1970. After the murders were committed. And interviewed all of the family members. About the murders. Other actors. But we move to real people and they need to legally. You're here because these people having no whatsoever compunction and guilt and remorse. There's not a lot. And you're talking now about books that are written forty years when neither. And the fake app piece of Latin chino for forty some odd years you betcha. Cheap he's sweet ass you're going to be changing his story. So that is new revelations is that you can sell something big has it's kinda hard just told yesterday's news if there's nothing new to it. So it still seeing it as he'd try to repackage it. To rebrand it too we make it to reinvigorate. That franchise says this peak. That's my personal belief that all these her. Books so will the real story of fly in the city's storied attention paid by the most possibly involved in the conspiracy. Put up and accept it golfing nation plan to make these commentaries. Outside people because of the fact that yes we have father was an army intelligence. And now we know assuming thinks so too easy to paint stories and you know fictionalized. And they explained as a world. If Richard Nixon would try to eradicate the the left and the youth generation would dispute something he would have an interest in pulling off. However yeah however remotely possible boost things are in the context of are you radical thinking. The most likely to get those chances and Charlie Manson. Being involved in the CIA our army intelligence says an operative are about a late teens chance in the eighties. If you understand what I'm getting at slim and none baby. That's not the way it went down Manson haven't done an interest in doing it and I don't think the elder scale it was necessarily. The real reason I think he was just hell bent on taking out revenge. And as they called sprint leopard scary that he wanted to take it out on people that were successful in their chosen fields. He took that on a market on our couldn't even been successful it is market come you know supermarkets. And it's a challenge and tapes and let him because he didn't like the fact that it succeeded he would hell bent on trying to basically get back. Asked and here's another reason I think of the Hitler. Who live here. Well hang our guys hang onto that for once I get Israel to take a break and when we come back we'll get into that atlas you talk about elicited Jason NGV we're talking with David only. Beyond reality radio would dig at home and tonight he's a producer her creator writer. He's also poltergeist agent. He is is the proprietor or owner of the Allman house which you could find an online too at the omen house dot com and also YouTube channel and David thanks so much for joining us. We've been talking a lot about two you know the Manson murders the tour that Tate murders on Charlie Manson and his group what they did basically in your neighborhood where your house stands. Let's change it. That down the sequel in my house bill does get that restricted by the way I can't hit the proprietor of anything since. Yeah. He'll have the element has looked flat but I would go to town that I can't stop them from coming and going out it certainly don't get paid for a dollar. If that be a millionaire I can get my Christmas spirit and must not think it. Let's talk about stuff let's talk about the dust they do here I mean you've few fund had a lot of groups come through a lot of television shows come through a lot of people on a lot of evidence we only this is a pretty short segment we did kind of lay the foundation for a system what's going on in the house. Well starting about down twelve years ago before I did DS so would Jason. I saw an apparition. Stitching as it was a mass effect that he shot. Christmas was better. What can you do get an FAA and 2004. I am about this time thirteen years ago I saw the apparition that Jaycee ranked one of the victims from down the street. I remember weight that I really broke up but it does the weirdest thing I've looked at the clock and it's at 137. I put my head in the pillow. And also my dislike woke up as they cut it feel like them suite for hours. And I look at the question is has won 39. And I'm like what. And there's some reason I said my guys suited my attention due to a towards looking down towards further the better it. And about a foot maybe kick went for the quarter that put the bat that. Well I was sitting you know that's inside the dead I saw this guy. Nobody. Guy play about five foot nine. And he's just standing there with his left hand extended that let them expanded. Couldn't left index finger pointing. Any award or forget he's trust in AM double breasted suits. Short the polls. And it's right and it's an indelible image and I'm seeing here. He's been like come shade to gray. And what I mean is instead of seeing colors like you know blue clean everything in this piece species that flight. Lou let us and equal rates. His skin is just how leak ready but he and there's no marks low no world. And so anything like that looked like you see in the movies when somebody comes back from the dead at. I'm there all gunshot wounds like none and none of them are good dia. And long remember getting left pin left index finger extended and he's joining electric quarter turn. And that the time. My mom is dying of cancer and pancreatic cancer. And my girlfriend was a flight attendant that United Airlines. And sitting there looking at least we're turning and I think at the time unless they see look we think he point towards the driveway. He's putting forward to try to break dumbest put down the street as it turns out. He made just kept it three times and evaporate in just disappeared. I woke up I called phentermine an expanded support is all about and she was very gifted. To think you'll find out in due time mrs. Lincoln too worried about troop there's nothing you can do about the duke find out. I was hit solid by six years ago. Is all the ruckus with the property next door to mine. And apparently some people I have that double lives but a lot like I think that advantage on the street. And they also as much more severe slope in the house was built on. I'm an excellent no news. Is the construction crew up there drilling. Some 25. Peace times in a case comes to basically I would consider to be foot diameter. To go into the air some thirty depending out and however many feet do you want. In this case. They were feeling some sixty eight plus minus sixty flat piece a closer to like eighty feet deep into the ground. 25 of these things to the eventual removal of the entire and increased. Hillside. So listen you would imagine taking a cut cake a nice big cake and eat and just waste. The the diagonal. And you cut out straight. Sixteen feet from the hillside. And from the driveway straight down and we knew that they're removed the entire quote I hesitate. The diagonal of the triangle of a hillside that's left. To basically coming straight down sixty feet from the get to sixty feet you demonstrate to remove all of Europe we get to a flat at. And you have an entire Wallace sixty seats in so doing the whole entire house that I live and was shaking like a gosh can be fun achievement in a wintry storm. And I can do not applicable here earthquake. Between the remove Libya from the compaction and all the work been done so well like. Oh my god this is which he was pointing out. Some five C is earlier. OK let's hold the right there that's an assertive who get record justice for the second we go to break here or top of the hour break when we come back and pick the story operate there. It's beyond reality radio Jason JV don't go away we've got a lot more coming up the telephone numbers 8446 and. 7766. It's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast many were stuffed in between welcome Dioner alien radio. Myself Jason Hawes and the awesome Jimmie Johnson we got a great show tonight and really excited we were little disappointed Robert marathon you had to cancel last minutes of your tuning in for him on he's going to reschedule. But we got a great guest come and we got David Ohman of course you've know him from the Allman house on JU guys investigated Darren go senators. And a little later in the program we've got dark waters coming in dark. Is a friend of the programs he's been on a few times. If you're not formally with his work stay tuned to you can find it very very interesting. Yeah I still gonna read one of those thanks for her turn he asked to do that he really shouldn't definitely haven't set that up Pia you know cells left. It did an omen many you might remember his back to think season third three of Osama as we investigated this house and unseal the driver was just couple doors down from the Sharon Tate murders. We're in the Manson followers went and killed a total of five individuals and police. And a lot of great activity is going on out there and it's just an amazing location. Yet it is spectacular. And if you go to the website the omen house dot com it's it's ONA and the Allman house dot com. David has a lot of video there plus he has links to his YouTube channel lot more. Console to play David back in and let's start chanting a little bit more about what's going on their David because. You've investigated. For which continuously. In the house you lived there. You were moved actually developed relationships and some of the spirits that day and have a house tell us who's there. Why they're there and what kind of evidence you found support at all. All right about two years ago I decided to stand and to crack some casts and speak that. Some heavy duty equipment Ide despite predictions sixteen yet this sixteen cameras for the three megapixel ten ADP. HD with infra red wit. Audio which. Has proven she's been nothing but a blessing and a half and cut so much. Activity. I played cotton Blair had been a creepy some of the beat and have them in the bathrooms because in such cases in front of the cameras. I had affront to turn on in life that sounds to me two years ago. I have the faucets on the third level to an arms from my son's life. A year ago come this August. When she was Eric and it's an amazing and it what you think about it. And there's no freaking city woke up it was that the worst part of it. When I think about it as people say we need to vote but it's deliberately. Deputy affect. They'll run into it and I. Is that why wouldn't the camera in my bathroom. He's sick he's seriously think about kind of approved now. But it happened I mean it. Image of his passes and she doesn't care about them is going to adopt them and he said that he had a party going on here and that little trash can that's next to the toilet. And he said it's straight dancing around. And I said and he's been screaming and yelling and pounding on the to look at these it will look like we couldn't get out and the door locks Leon's side. So there's no way to put should be locked. From the inside it was stuck. That is big bang and acting technique. He finally got out any good look who like you've got to where did you do anything you hear me counting the two conflict. What he's talking about the door the holy book the seventh but always. To the battle and they was about 25 sources in the room in the living room in the den. And we know that's a good thing. Other people such as he goes you know chastened and the cry. Was issued in the accident she show. Three years ago. 284 years ago in the 2013. In September. And and can very well know. They proved their investigation. And they had some did they lived for four days to initiate. And you guys here for three days to you people on step they went a little different they added full day of doing reenactment. Was sending you guys didn't do you guys have one day less because I remember. In afternoon maybe enactment. Nowadays I'm a style we do. Thank god you know I really like Kentucky because I I I honestly would like to bring something under the table either talking about tomorrow. About doing a miniseries. Adopted house. The hump things from the beginning. To the end to of the routes by about that to the beginning to the present could gut because when you say the Oakley. Yeah yeah. It's not the end dialogues that company decided to write a book. Because they've seen Elvis says and everybody. In 44 minutes and 42 minutes is when so much of an angle. That they can produce and show and I think apple lists and let the Billy the Kid that. Tend to and get there it went to get tight. You know that little tin type thing that made three what I episodes and think that this same thing with what to say he jumped out of the plane. And pick out somebody in the what's the name of DB Cooper. And I said that in my case in this houses case. I've got fifteen years of living here for years and four years of building at. And all the history of the of the Sharon Tate murders and the tongue to try that in recent slump. I guarantee I can do that we have four part miniseries about this house that would axed but. But right. And as far as the latest dramatic compared to this concession which is not a fact it's that it's a big limit somebody's imagination. And that things are just want to present the whole story because. There's so much evidence that I recorded and so many people stories. That occurred here between the celebrity's and it does this stuff they've had happen. I just think it would be an amazing I didn't miniseries right and there's implement. You have credibility. You have Craig because he did problem here is you can get it done Jason and it would be fun to duel with you because. It would be so interesting to say look and act in the investigation. And looked like cap off the final episode with an investigation may be too alive. You know there's so much stuff like on in the library that we could produce and show the audience and flake. Oh my god how outage that said can't put your blocks and opted TV outlets around. And all of this stuff that we can do people do real solid but in the fight. Put the real feather in your cap to dispute like they proud of because it has the integrity. That a lot of these fellows don't really carry. Well and that's Eliot that's definitely a big problem lately is a lot of there in the newer shows felt there that are. They're put together just to make TV and it's not truly about investigations it's more about just. Trimming up or or faking soft or whatever just to try to boost their ratings and and it hurts and javy javy and I have talked about him many times some on the show. Yeah yeah yeah it's very true and you know what you're suggesting David this is quite interesting but I'm. A what a little bit about the project due to completed some time ago the house at the end of the street tell us about that. Out at the end of the drives please every time we've seen out into the street and because of Turkoglu art such as. Those who don't know Millwood they did that after my living and they took some liberties with some of the story lines from Batman movies from my movie. And incorporated it. But my movement was based in inspired by my experiences. At the house. And trips I basically took it shouldn't take matters is that blueprints. And I said I don't know that I'm a fictionalized the murders can change some of the characters. To protect their intent there to a prison edges so to speak. And gonna basically changed the names and the the streets and stuff. But I must still humid here and I use a lot of stories that we're based on personal experiences. And complicate pat story. How is violent sexual themes that he had after acres visited. My home which as light when it was true that curiosity America forget. He has some having violence the violence sexual reinstated after you know the present yes let's bring us. I'm on that and I'm sleeping in the history go to Watkins starts in the size limit topless some. I'll certainly feel pain in my stomach and I looked like me is my head and looked down and all of sudden I noticed that there ripping my guts out. I think yeah that's pretty weird and violent that's that we sexual things I wake up in the middle between them Agilent of the kids like it in the blink and I go back to bad. Between starts right where it left off and I know what goes between starts for left off it just continues. Is it that way as I wake up again and again it can it go back right jinx something else I haven't seen the night of back Tibetan parliament starts again. As for five days straight this is tingling on nonstop. I could present themselves. And that was basically it must admit little success in getting it out there. Because unfortunately don't have any big names still wears to basically throughout the carriage. As you know you'd say you know I went public with prizes the people of when my contract laborers you have to strangest. Story. Before the house's even occupied he had this strange story. That that to this day I can't can't believe but I myself have had the experience in the same room with. It seems similar. Incidence between the voices. And that puts a steady earlier in the construction. Which goes like this. To lie about seventeen. Feet and seventeen years ago. This month he was working here. Houses six almost got music getting ready to do the tennis we're completely. The flowers and put in the tiles and all that stuff. So the rough carpentry was gonna wrap up. Pan down to them at that level working and he hears voices and footsteps. Coming from the top floor. And it is the last 1 here at 6 o'clock it's about ninety degrees like it was today. Indecent because when distances and Roman pots and Apollo. Pablo that he'd. Doesn't feel anything it was a side books and street conducting there. And then as a compact Johnston as a sort working. And try later again and put that come from the top floor. So the witnesses and I have looked a little place. Look outside again is not the conduct of the 6:15 am I am leaving. She is downstairs as packing access. Mexican tells me uses. Footsteps coming down the brother and stick cases. On the on the wooden planks that there are cases ticking louder and louder as the coming Dallas Palestinian case. Too they got the bottom and they finally stopped. He comes out in the room with a ham radios. And it looks to see nothing. And so wide open at the time as you know have the kind of put in a few years ago include that room. And your policy on his bicycle primaries. Appellate two inch wide piece of ice comes whizzing across the pac smack. And he's as he has in the back the next just stood straight up and he says I don't Smeal the boat we have you know label yeah I'll label me. Which translates substantial means. My god oh my god I'm leaving and leaving and takes up to six weeks. And I had did have when he told the guys who has also that it take care is sick mom. And yeah. He says like. A certain number two you're supposed to do to finish work on the tiles McMaster about. And I guess since last week he did do I decide liken it to myself. Two great regret this day I said Tom. I mean not not been the Kurdistan anecdotally thing. I put Amanda at the hell of a lot easier it is what sounded like the Google that abstained doing illegal and no longer ago yeah I get cocky so it would be like guy. Tried it it came out like SH IT. Some of them are little capital through this does little higher than the others when you the people the hope that happy at the debt meego. It opens a child and you kind of like about the that the the model and kind of like Joseph with the school make them took what some. Not English but on the left what Clinton rightly put the finger at the you know you got so that they separated right about before the equipment they they spent time decide. Out of LA edit and you you just look at. It's strings which left of that what you ask. Yeah you can go to that the wicked will destroy Israel and of people like commit you know police leak. Captain at that. That Kidman has vowed to adapt and you can event without Padilla that look it is absolutely get that up I'll. How does that compare to go oh my god what that's like yeah days ago there's a trade group cites the lie. David we have yeah we've we've Brent through a lot of time here pretty quickly and were working sadly out of time and I want you to I know you've got I know he's got some public investigations coming up that your inviting people fort give us you know information how people can find out more about it. I'm the only those dot com. We got the tickets for the sportsmanship. We've got six that was we're doing two houses this time of burst. And probably going to be elapsed. My neighbor his housing bill in 1969 wrecks we went out to unite and create. Sense that the chance to do on the anniversary weekend with his place in my place. It'll be nuts and I let's listen if you guys like him out. I'm telling you got tough and you ignored pre existing it just doesn't cheap round trip tickets. That might prove either of the investigation by the anniversary night on this like on the Tuesday it reminds. That's going to be another crazy night here as well as people that are doing a special I don't know with Republicans who do the Scott Michaels would dearly departed tours he's such. An interesting guy so. Well do us and also says and send your the phone number over the throughout the messenger and you're Jen earlier on and a similar union called moral touch base on the. Yeah like I said I think you'd be you'd get a kick out of this so complicated that. The final episode of could be the investigation to tie it all together but you're poor get that we get some people like Chris Fleming. Whoever else we get to you know to compete partaking in the investigations. You know make it a real special so because I'm tired and so can cut it. Watching him and let's be honest about it she says it comes to visit in exit and I can't we've gone from number of years. I simply can't do it shouldn't do is special PO to shoot myself in the pits we don't get on the air scanner. Because you know Hollywood is about last year what would an idiot who we factor that out but that because they covered it. That we do it we can do it right saying we can sometimes there's more to be taken JP. Thumbs up a pleasant thing on your I was always. Thanks and gone if the ethics are coming on short notice so much Richard Quick break when we come back dark waters will be joining us beyond the rating agencies to. Thanks to dig. The government through its last minute was great to hear from him again here Maura stories about his home yeoman house and denounced time to bring in our next guest. A good friend of the shows this is so dark water stark welcome back to show its average heavy on tonight. Guy got on the night that dude has been a little. I'm excited to be back don't go out and you want my favorite you so. Did you get every Beck talked. We we have about a minute before we have to go to our bottom of the hour break but I wanted you to take that minute and let the new listeners know who you war. Don't war would come up almost storyteller and what I do live like gather story you will try countered that happened to people all. We're well and then I. Illegals or are sometimes it's like we're gonna do tonight another continent. The audio format which are going to be pretty ignorant that you went so. And torture imagination you are engaged in. It did not include a work in the beloved community absolutely phenomenal. Is what I do I really ignored direct a love talking to people. All you do you do a great job on and sorry it's real quick minute man and we had to take a breakaway come back lot we'll get into little more than I still gonna do one with here. But uh huh Gillis and Jason Giambi unreal literate you weren't a quick. Great to more more after the us. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com nets' Derrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Greatest mysteries Scotland's legendary Loch Ness Monster. So does the late creature. Actually exist well if you ask one and he'll tell you it is in fact no men every day it's flawed and in front of your street hundreds of people in the valley say. There hearing voices there. You just using over police can be a powerful force no one knows that better than people who are sure he sees things like real accounts. That he knows his play mind games rogue government officials that are sponsoring this. Arts and crafts business officials. And it's real people. Hundreds of people turned out tonight for the unveiling of a very controversial statute here really is this atomic temple of Detroit revealed the one ton bronze statue. It's perfect. Tickets where I'm excited to see my lord save your back and it represented the glorious Italians down a duo besides gaze upon me and my allegiance is recognized. In the gulf war. Better guest tonight is dark waters were happy to have him back on the program a master storyteller. And someone that except Jerry you are the first time we had dark on the program were really really sure what to expect but we both really can creep. Opening and yes I totally remember that and sort of thing where in order to it's that it turned on the lights and listen nobody in this league it's from you know at midnight you don't wanna Tommy that'll falsely thought about it. So anyway dark will welcome back to the show's great to have beyond your one of our fan favorite guests or were happy to have you back. Even before the break you were telling folks specially the new folks to the show we've got a lot of new radio stations a lot of new people listening and they made out of heard of you before. Of about what you do but I guess that the bigger question is here's why do you do what you do what point did you decide you wanted to tell these stories. Well always drunk could go with a kid a little more talent and bingo and can be personally. Hand. It definitely cool couple all areas on YouTube. That I didn't and in a sort of you don't want them weaker opening of the stories that I think it's a contributing walk and from my friends have experienced very. I didn't show and it turned out to be trauma would it actually exceeded the it would do. Romney did much better not go to whatever do so and our start and end mob mare Meyer went below. Normal I love hate. Relationship I have with the normal I actually enjoy talking about it. But I cannot stand having a nice and then being bothering you when you didn't there. Are calling you bit and you and you feel bad. And in the didn't America can't and it spoke silk. I put together some room must go pick out I don't know what I don't think we're Logan relationship wouldn't it. I love talking to people and meet new people wanna bring that this was done as little remained friends all around the world or. I'm outspoken people who still got cattle mentally and I kind of recorder reminded. No I come back with an opportunity like. And you you know you used to warm ventured out into this world you started telling these stories you have YouTube channel that you do you view you know displayed a murderer or tell them on. Tom what's the reaction then because from what we can tell people get pretty excited about the what are you seeing. I think. All I can directly to bring in people who don't like that people don't look and people who literally. Commit every night. Yeah a lot of portable economical car. You'll play on the TV because there's no visual truly resist the audio in and out. It really cold to people who are engaged they're meant to make and one of the things we don't you reward they. Never been fingertips and got video and use your imagination couldn't overall. Then very very very proud that our attitude has not been on a number optional what we well should these stories so well there is extremely. Popular what I did way more popular now though that event. I think it's funny for a guy who enjoys journal stories but doesn't really enjoy to deal with you live in the wrong place in this country a I mean you don't know parents. The heroically could. Three and then when I. You. I have a good rule in place. They look at got the crowd technique as recently network didn't show where people are waiting. In wanted to tell the story in the about his doubles court buck that you agreed. I broke liquor and you know Al. He would be disrespectful book. You don't know me talking about in the guard court but rarely do you look at that won't let you know stand on sort of thing because. Are based on competition and people I can't Paramount or actually people. Are I'm. I think some of those things have been a little bit aggravated Whitney because. Aren't actually I wanna help people. And lack Ahmadinejad marked so he could that person likened their business and you shall we had to do an audit really cute story. Yet nobody is a poker pertinent. I'll laden as a significant amount of power would use in order to get volatile nation than some people that I talk to. You know some repercussions well I mean you're Beirut really are in Atlantic front and obviously. Problem. Market uploaded episodes about 1000 doubt my girlfriend and it's introduced a finger down our nose. And I'm just that like a year that's what I'm just getting old work. Actually looked that bat incident cost eleven act as a blitzer reports or year not having more or. Aren't you are attitude. That my boundaries Ricci my problems that took more than you do pretty. You know you guys you got to boldly dug Iran and in their first look at spelt out there have been you know. Attributed. Talk come on that was like javy and I are gonna come Marlins a figured we'd all go hang out a couple locations and miss you gray wants. Men we'll pay you I'll eat my. I'm. Made to the record that. So you you sent. One of your I think more recent stories for us to work to share with the audience who wanted to tell us anything about it. I watched actually could you look at one. How many actual to a lot of quick look at one that's actually the story about who and joint normal way too much. It's one that's what do. You are. I'm yet and we're very different community out there it is it's. Well out of a tree and could argue he couldn't put him. Until this. I Medicare so and literally carry. And bite you put on the ground took that trip. In not to come back a lot of good before he returned she drowned in the lead all within the military are. That again and I believe or direct order to watch ambushed. And the PGA. And that he was excruciating. Not backcourt. Hum. He ended up seeing a female I think that don't in the upper price we got a call for a hole when he birdied man. And saved a lot of produce about the people a little hole and I. Just go to show you that. People got the ground tomorrow bomb they don't treat that bing that are elected chemical walk normal what is the matter prospect of exhibiting cool precision like it's important supermodel scores of people we could do you bet on that saboteurs are not give up from the I think scary. And that would literature that was the black actually we're going to do that one that you. But that didn't distort it great you got all of. OK let's let's play the Angel story this is so one of dark waters from work and done. We play the whole thing right here it's Jason and JB MB I'm really really. True. Is out there. It is one of the world's greatest mysteries Scotland's legendary Loch Ness Monster. So does the late creature. Actually exist well if you ask one and he'll tell you it is in fact no man every day it's flawed and in front of your street hundreds of people in the valley say. They're hearing voices there. Just choosing or police can be a powerful force no one knows that better than people who are sure. They see things like real accounts. That he knows his play mind games rogue government officials that are sponsoring this. Arts and crafts business officials. And and it's real people. Hundreds of people turned out tonight for the unveiling of a very controversial statute here really is this atomic temple of Detroit revealed the one ton bronze statue. It's perfect. Tickets where I'm excited to see my lord save your back and it represented such glorious Italians don't argue look in his eyes gaze upon me Panama allegiances recognize. In the film work. The dark waters Jean Louis for routine purposes only. All the information in these stories can be tree Specter relevant and true sources. A quarter strongly discourages its viewers listeners and subscribers from visiting the site for instance and owners discussed or revealed on the show. In other words. We will not legally responsible. You are ticked by dog man molested by a big foot. Bitten by vampires she spoke to congress abducted by aliens accustomed by the men in black investigator arrested by the local law enforcement. CIA FBI and the saint EPA PO and we're another ultimate group when they're on US soil or abroad. Thank you for doing the direction. Do heaven and hell really exist. Well I can't tell you by mail. That definitely tell you about. The so it's a small child. Because he thinks. He's people you know but this is almost Oliver weird the first time I saw an Angel who was nine years old. My best friend Melissa it's playing in a tree. At a book by you she slipped and fell almost twenty feet into the war. Lending on my hit. I try my best swim towards it. Wasn't this one at all and has my childhood crush floated face down on Warner. So man appear before me. He was truly majestic the wings anything like that. But it was crazy uses regal who's a black man that weighs about thirty to forty years old. And his eyes were so intense. People Melissa from the war. Am sure the when I see moved he didn't swim and he didn't walk on wore. He kind of just flow with it effortlessly way the other man would have had a stroke can swim. Was almost like he was just walking toward. Please listen Donald Brown tested chess is you begin the call for war. And he was gone. It was my first time seeing inning. However was among last. The next thing count I had. Was while on tour in Iraq my company now while on patrol when a vehicle broke down fifteen miles away from the base we radioed in to help and waited. And then begin to take pride at about five minutes of engages in the fourth. RPG Detroit. Going 35 feet there. When I hit the ground there was nothing for pain. Still remember checking my hands and legs to make sure Marlins were attacked. And discovering that extra. But don't want my best friends. And I just knew I was gonna die and it doesn't help me in my company did that that I was just about to give up hope. When assault won the state in next and he spoke to me whispering in my ear to say get up and fight right now are every one that. Wasn't requested more command and as of this day I realized she wasn't talking to me she was told to my spirits my sold. Street George the payments don't have fought for the next 35 minutes did date to that enormous capable of doing. And with some clear almost feels. When help arrived I was standing in my life would have been turned ninety degrees to the left. I won't say how many lives that took bed day because not to be proud but I will tell you save five men. While fending off a total of twenty. So was heaven real. And wages exists. And one is with you right now this very moment. So that's our that's the story you were telling us of of basically. A man who. It's had two encounters of angels in his life. Yep absolutely commit more than that those were duped into that people mock outrage in Colorado welcome some local related Rebecca thank. Well now the mantle didn't let out military background everything here you sit. Record you know what I want to go within the company and then retracted the Alamo are these people like you don't Marty did it so. And you think about doing that. A circle where. Get a few people who BSE in Al and so good at it now I'll bet. When I looked him in the competition in and out of twisting it into the store would oppose the ten minutes ago also want to why couldn't. In the combat. I'll want to give support to work audio becoming a true and really really into it report from the remote Bennett owner. I Porsche and I'm in question and so deeply that it's old LB motions or. And what did you think emotion and really you guys in the manner in which. Into the lonetree. Well you do agree alien you got the perfect voice for it as well so I'm surprised you're not in the radio industry. Do a little bit scenario here locally and want more now. Love duke normal review working harder. Make it a critical to go water channel where we're going we're movement a little bit of YouTube to. Home private web site. Just because you can doesn't allow you to him. You know the copyright infringement on music and that the net income stories deserve. Good music that's available to a you know Nina Simone. Robert Johnson some stories deserve it feel to be associated with so I'm a little the weekly YouTube and in the greater respect regarding great something even better you know and I'm happy about that because I am doing now. Article didn't go great with them now it is it's amazing what I look at my cool in a manner that at all and so. All right so you know we we men don't have much time left here and wanna make sure you let people know. How they can find all of your stories and all of your work and and listen to them and share with other people. Are you do is. Go to you to reflect and ordered channel because Carney on. That dark age 201. On Twitter at dark age to a warrant. And then that's why you finally it was going to our web site to be. Toll and functional by the next argue there are all you guys and we have another conversation. Not cut into it now in America are we're honored numeral for run. When he could have Jason read one of these stories for a. I love from the duke it out and have one particular. Have been holding all. Opportunity and it didn't. And the young lady who call mine and a baby mama and Witten to channel beginning. In this City College seen the look negative to create. That you were there any older home. It possessed or bury it destroyed a man. That one fumble on a gay and become a big Natalie we get a kick out of region and doing it it's really a good story. All right I look forward to that man just let me know but thanks so much for coming hanging out with a send you know we have a definitely have you on for a longer period of time next time. Thank you and it's the dark waters channel on YouTube check it out gonna take a quick break we'll come back wrap things up it's. Eon reality radio I'm Jason. The show thanks it's dark waters thanks to David Ohman appreciate both him to announce my great show greets us talking about. So he's got an interesting one from meter reader around yeah that sounds really cool in the way described as somebody be really need. Yeah so and make sure if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real like the FaceBook page. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com. You can download the free iPhone in injury to operate their from the the website logical listen line of catch past episodes and joining online chat. Yet during election on if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor interest rate at forest. Wanna get those ratings are up 'cause it moves it a little further to the the front of the pack and lets people find it easier and we greatly appreciate the sport and people are downloading that. Geez tens of thousands of times today so greatly appreciate if we do appreciate you very much don't forget tomorrow night Cheryl Costa will be joining us who talk about UFO's particularly. A bunch of towners in New York State which which she specializes in reporting on sold VW postponement and then Wednesday doctor Judy oral offer talking about and paths to the impasse survival guide. Is Jason GV and beyond reality radio we'll catch all Marron had. You know the media is produced by sticking ignorance incompetence by Alexander Reed Johnson for Andrew Carnegie and don't forget. Stop by our FaceBook page gives alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one more. If you've got information you want us to follow what font or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DYU and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.