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Christopher Franz (Morningstar, JSCOX)

Jul 10, 2017|

Christopher Franz (Morningstar, JSCOX) by The Financial Exchange

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We don't have a crisper frauds for morning star here to talk about a mutual fund on a mutual fund Monday Christopher thank you for joining us. Crisper we're talking about that Janet Henderson small cap value fund. Can you talk a little bit about what this fund invests in and why it stands out Tia. Yet so it is look at. Formally known Perkins well look at. Completely change Chicago Perkins investment management and what lightly like this on as a performs just expected. Let me but is different because of high quality look at companies would. Strong Asian teens stable Balanchine durable competitor be it but. The important thing to note that the but he is as deep value fund so it used to get are buying not really because they looked cheap but thoroughly analyze it. The loss before content that. Want to know. I'm so and so looking at this fund does tend to be more or less volatile than the average small cap. So they've lost all of the because. You know what we like this that does better down markets really adheres to a defensive value approach scrutiny uses. On ministry metres along which date back nineties haven't we seen a lot of as a market. Bit of a market which. The overall equity market terms prevents oil market is down below 5%. Or mentally I've market. Or a market where index is up over 20% and they really want help. Reform in the market. Arc as meddling in the scene you know they perform better 2008. What fifteenth. It appears in the index's something that is cognizant of that we worked with. Looking at the other companies they've Biden they tend to focus just on US companies or are they buying companies across the globe. It's largely domestically oriented on the opposite now you know companies are going global revenue and it ain't. India or resources and income comes from but in these guys. Innocent and has largely been focused on small they are at now. It has to do analysis cellular growth over time you know their preference or you know drop the cash flow generators quality balance sheet is patently and eventually in a small cap style block. Well we typically think about value stocks a lot of times people think of you know your board stocks with decent dividends you're small cap value names typically are putting up much in terms of income though correct. What's the yell what are the expenses that someone has to pay to be in this fun and a small caps are typically a little bit more expensive than the larger companies. You're still another reason like this has actually at that point did you concede that works for the benefit of circle herself militant. And return three year basis person's outlook 2000 index it will go up and down maybe fifteen basis points above or below the base rate on aggregators Niger classes at those on which is good Berkshire who's trying to get access are planned in the institutional accounts so be it. An aggregate those fees could not be. He below average relative to. There into this one pretty much work this is a nice supplemental equity holding for most people in their portfolio. Correct it would be business as supporting. Piece in the portfolio again you know if the market for example last year the Russell two I was up almost 32% the stock was up 26. That we would credit you look at you elect this year through June in the market is flat on a 4% though giving up so I outside of. Sport outside now protection is that here. There are good Christopher thank you very much for the time thank you. Chris for fraud for morningstar's talking about the Janus Henderson small cap value fund and the ticker on that if you do want to do little digging on your own. Is JSC. A wax.