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Dream interpretation, spiritual healing, and the seer realm.

Jul 6, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Dr. Barbie Breathitt about her work as a dream interpreter, a healing minister, a teacher and an author. She received her energy and guidance from guide and uses it to help others. 6/6/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. West L West Coast there's AM on the East Coast and many are stuck somewhere in between welcome to be on reality revealing myself Jason Hawes and the always. Awesome javy Johnson okay so what's the story with your phone because it was trying to reach you. All day Monday was a Monday that Texas and Regis did you do. OK so. I just I was giving jet ski right Zahara whom it's in my nieces and nephews are in all those little boaters are even give back to your family members ready and you know one I had 11 and SP four times saw as a slate day yes fine and let's get on the jet ski and you know to that was I was up on the porch. And I get him on the jet ski and I'm just trying to back often soon as I do you know we get off. And I I hit the gas I take off and I realize. As I hit the water that my phones in my right. My phone wasn't my right pocket and it was soaked and it's an iPhone seven plus you know it's you know those are not achieved by any means and yes and they don't seem to hold that is their role they're supposedly water resistant but it guarantees I can tell you that they're not waterproof. I just house. Manages yes statistics the chosen expensive he's not I have still got after the July 4 I still are all lying and asked fingers left no hit that's good it's good to. I know what the other evidence that there were. Now anyways hopefully everybody out there had a safe and enjoyable fourth of July. I did to a would you had to do. Man I'm I actually did not do much of anything other than just try to play catch up as you know no we do you know I've done a lot of traveling last few months and I felt like comes behind and everything and it was nice long week and it caught up on stuff so we did a lot of that. Enjoyed. Minnow but but Cooperstown has to offer and that's pretty much it didn't go in Oregon and doing things nice. I know many view Al there or saw a post I did earlier all right so let's just get this out there. I died at a post earlier that was put out on dread central or whatever the website is some. Publications web site. And they were talking about stories that become well there are talking about the ghost of Shepherdstown. And it was debunked and Aaron listeners are staged. I shared that article. It may well and of course viral senator going 500000 people checked it out shared thousands times and so forth and strangely first off a nurse in Russia so what I so about two hours after a policy article. My phones are churning out look in its nick Graf now nick is a great I mean I didn't know the had any involvement met. So I pick up the phone and sure enough he's like hey I just wanted to touch base with you you impulses some general air. Yeah so we shall we started talking I realized that he was part of a show I've never seen them but. So after that I I did a FaceBook like video which has been jacked up about a 100000 times. And bottom line is while I whatever that story that on the where you dread central's getting their mission supposedly interviewed some people and our parent got some information but. I got to say I've known nick for awhile calm when he called me we spoke for awhile and he's always been a standup guy. In house. Bottom line is people are gonna have to draw their own conclusion I like nick I trust that what he told me in I believe them and some. I don't think that articles accurate and time will tell I guess there's. Some. Legal libel issues that are coming out of this whole thing now. So we'll have to see where it goes but I guess and I've always liked nick and and Elizabeth and and them and them accuracy and I don't know the the other guy. But you know it was it was kind enough for nick to give me shall talk to me explain what was going on and where displaced supposedly you got mixed information. So I wanted to talk about that on my FaceBook live and I got that out there so you're gonna have to draw your own conclusion. But. I can tell you out of everybody amend the paranormal field nick has always been pretty much most Armas individual and I got to get them I got to give him that so. You know the article itself wasn't anything year old who was now on our I was really sad because we too like to pass on news about paranormal and I'm I'm pulling back on the net and by any means I'm I'm up one back on that. Yeah I shall I shared the in the information. Now be I'm gonna take knicks knicks word on that because he's always been used instant you hung out with Dick yeah well absolutely no one of the most down to earth individuals out there so there. Summit to take his word on what he said and because I believe him. And we'll all see where this goes but I think that you get a lot of it's strange and I think you'd agree with this Jamie. There's a lot of information that shows up in the media the find out just really is an accurate Indian union might news we've here. All sorts yeah and of course it gets played a lot. And it's a whole planet as these days but the fact of the matter is or YouTube energy the UN I've had to let people go off we go solders. And sure enough you know two months later whenever you see these people saying are equipped. I left because of this reason I did this I did. No you're fired but rent I don't ever go out online and exits are trying to say now I fired him because that's just draws attention to them and that's what they want so whatever Heidi who wouldn't let him a lot. But a lot of these news agencies will pick it up and say so and so left the show way you know was doing this or too much time. And none of that was true so you see that there's so many news agencies that don't. If the information accurate or they just take you know they'll talk to somebody who's already biased and wrong with that story. And and we seen time and time again so. And what do you Terrence all the time and does happen all the time but anyway. You know so it's good it's in the it's good it's great to nick called a green had a great panel could have been on the show and the and the upcoming weeks Osaka and all buff that he's on the road right now but. I guess and he read the story but why also check out knicks nick Ross FaceBook coach outpost he posted something about it as well. And in and draw your own conclusion but. Now he's always gonna stand up guys always been an honest guy I like nick. And you know he's he's always been sincere and he's in the field for the right reasons so I'm and I'm gonna stand with the mama. It must begin about the right reasons we've got a great show lined up tonight doctor Barbie breath that is joining us. She's an experienced teacher a published author a prophetic voice dream interpreter and healing minister. We're gonna have her on the program talking about some of her books and some of the work that she's so done throughout the world. And we'll take your phone calls and 8446877669. And tomorrow. The none lately and this should be really an inch to show and just trying to actually get to an oaks have lost my paper has a moment can't yet the numbers lady has spent over twenty years of twenty years of experience studying numerology. And she's and is wall mount author so we're going to be talking to her about that we got a bunch of great shows next week as well. We're going to be talking on Monday with Robert Bartholomew. An American born medical sociologist. Writer journalist human rights advocate and certified high school social studies. So. Yeah great stuff there and also on Tuesday Cheryl Costa. Who's a military veteran a retired aerospace security engineer and published playwright she's had a lifelong interest in UFOs. From the years 1999 to 2001 she hosted the X-Factor which was a talk radio program Washington DC that covered UFO's and many other paranormal topics. In 2013 you BM rating eight New York's skies weekly newspaper blog for the Syracuse new times. In that column stalks about New York State UFO sightings so we don't bring your foes with Cheryl I know Tuesday night. No Wednesday were talking with doctor Judith or loss about and paths and then Thursday Luka and we're going to be talking to him about exercise rooms via a total acreage just. If you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like her FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where he can find the list of all channels we are on across the country. Jesus course optical ups and we just had has some more it nationalist and I'll get those listed but and you can also download the the injury to an iPhone app right there tree. It allows you to listen the show lives catch past episodes join the online chat and a lot more you don't if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just read it. Is it helps push it forward and allows people find it easier and that's what it's all about. Yeah we invite you all to join us what you listen one of the great radio stations that we err on throughout the country. Or listening online and also a stop by the chat room at separated the website beyond reality ready Jack Clark com just click on the chapped. Listen live button you can join chat and continue to listen regardless of where you're listening from so. It's great experience replaced been a lot of fun so I shared a story last week I am I'm beyond reality news.com and Rob Lowe is doing internal motion Nazis have seen this a big foot show what. Actually yeah it's just trying to look for. Any of these weird creatures I guess the first one is looking for. Some money or something I don't know Gibbs did get some kind of personal encounter well yes he did. He claimed that heat and that he saw bigfoot button that he was fearful that it was pretty much curriculum. Zero accentuate how is it new TV show exactly. What you gotta wonder is that is that just a publicity stunt. Or resist here really that this that this happened and I love the idea like I've always liked problem as I think he's a great actor and and so forth. On and I and I love the idea that he's doing this with his kids he's getting now because he has been inch in the panel for a long time right. So it'll be interesting to see if this was more of like a sort of publicity stunt or surely of this. If something like this release happily you know we're gonna have to get him on the show as well he can tell us what's going on. Yeah and they're going to be looking for all different things everything from all. I guess eventually locked Manson Unionists so this should be in church should be very generous and Wednesday when is it aired you know. I enjoyed in. Because it's a big debate is filming now aren't you evidence that they're calling at the low files. A LOW he says it probably some form of government that well. The rob files there Robin Hood. And JPM URL. Gangs scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. Tucson TP Johnson thought a receipt for 4687. 7669. Write that down even needed a little bit later in the program after we get to under way talking with their guests tonight. Doctor Barbie breath that she is a teacher and author a prophetic voice a dream interpreter healing minister. Her website is my own. Dot com she's written a number of books including dream encounters and gateway to this year realm and also eighty Z. Dream symbolic G dictionary. I think we just gonna ask her what she hasn't I know that's what she does at all. Very welcome to the programs did you bring caviar and beyond reality radio tonight. So that is the question right now what don't you do you seem to do at all. I got me. The match around. Are making so famous. Repeat ball. That he can gift everybody born with X and spiritual August natural gifts talents abilities. And more that you used them you're a little and got heat and so I asking her. Every year than I've ever seen an operation. And he straight orders to keep piling. Usually. You don't lose it. Well an animal firm believer that everybody is born with the ability. People pretty much being sensitive it's like to when children are born children are born they are more prone to seasonings and adults because they're wide open. It's time to start getting older and and people are telling you what's real what's not mean that you start getting conditions those beliefs and you sort of close off from that ability. We stop imagining. And I think that and its people because I think. Where ever we can leave for whatever we can imagine what we see. Spirit that's what god has called us to be com. If you can see you can be at hand so many times you know. At school has could limit on people on talk you know quit date stirring up and it. Childish you need to grow up. Well got children and he's added to kingdom got a inherited and shot like children are off. And so I believe that god wants us to start. Asking him for great things because he wants to become great in pass. So we get a lot of ground cover in this particular segment is a bit short so let's start would just talking about chew. A Barbie how did you get to where your today and get involved in the work that you're doing. I wanted to be it world changer. And ask a girl to raise me. Or use it. Eight. At that point got a call me coming budget minister I didn't how about half. Are women. Straight. Out the column got a hand that he said he wanted to impact me. Changed my life said I can change others and you get to know him. And so as a little. And aren't. He's elect stepped be talking about you know blind eyes opening them and getting you know he's all of that stuff that's happening anymore. That was on the Bible times. And showed that. I was that aren't aren't just a way I can answer guy that he changed. Our writing reports Monday. And I heard audible dot com my name I didn't know. Too. In three times by name was called and finally. I realized that of course talk. Got caught me at our. If you are legally sane and document. And that kind of set me on journey to discover who has gotten a spirit how RA. Since Scott had to change she said and he used quoted is to me that I changed not saying yesterday. I'd. Sure at the time. But that was the words that I hurt his boy speak to me outright war and later. That was a bit. That he quote art he has changed it was BM and could limitation. And traditions of man tried to know our power. Got it is not change as she used up our all and he's able to get estranged Asians he runs a cancer. And nations he's supernatural. An all we have to do. Oil and open ourselves up oh why oh why do you think and we've only got about a minute for principle why do you think he doesn't just. Talk to everybody or does he and Justin. Not a listens. Says in the book joked that he talks one way in and he speaks truth on that through visions and dreams on our bed. He speaks is symbolic language and a lot of times. We miss it. When really it's still in that god he is speaking to a time radio. Her bill more through books through people through music or nature. Always communicating that may end does not understand. And from our ears or spirit to be at the start picking it would begin to search and a it says search for him all of our hearts he will be found at begins shouldn't be able to discern always present at such. I am a lot and will be able to be in there seeing every person. On her wired gee you're not to sentence god Il. Pension tax we are created and his image. Aren't our lower gonna take a quick break when we come back more elicited Jason NG EMB honor really. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your webpage get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Getting into the meat of the song. In American troops. Kind of slow and Melo and then it just picture up there are so there are two greats on member Tony contain tumor. Issues and all those weights nicks video spec then I ran I ran a tour when I was on the only and actually ran into or two chooses here on one year but time she's an interest in waiting. Aris wonderful yet I'll get to tonight we're not talking about tonic attain or whites say he's king of the work that de doctor for every breath that does she's a teacher and author of prophetic voice a dream interpreter. And healing minister. She's written a number of books including dreaming towners seeing your destiny from God's perspective. Gateway to this year realm and the eighties he dream some biology dictionary again Barbie thanks so much for joining us were really excited to have you on the show. I'm let's talk dream since this particular segment. As a dream and reporter you must hear a lot of stuff. You've developed. Not only way to interpret dreams but you've also teach other people to interpret dreams. But let's start with the what you think dreams are you've called them visual love letters from god what do you mean by that. I believe it. Picture language that got used to communicate to. Show. That he asked for a taxi. Utley that he created anger. Or strategy are and it is evil because. Even with communication verbal icann is communicate you or I can be using a language in your. Which is easily understood or communicated. But the old cliche that a picture out Mars. And just show you an impression our picture or injury our Asia and from that picture him pretty well. And you can begin to follow it can't remember at GC at India. And love letters got a lot and he every entity to reach our highest and then as potential. He gives it a dream or calling. On to begin to. Follow that picture that he's given us in it brings out the best and I elite eight year. It gives us a plan strategy and forwards and we go step by step. And dreams I believe it's letters show any. Plans exe and as you can do. But every dream is pretty much sent to us by gun there's that we're not having training that largest inner. Inner things within ourselves. We are working a matter of conscience and dreams come from several sources that your body can cause you to journey. Your soul your own desires something fixated on their soldier. And Archie too. During a lot of times women pick out our man Nate hicks I don't think that's going to be. Your soul has he been dreaming about him. That's not true at all he'd probably Anthony and it being at that time but they have fixed it. All are working in the prison ministry prisoners altering. Or go for the Parole Board. Get out which was another soldier in that something they wanted so badly happened during. If you have areas in your life year. Taxing and then the double income and have us all giddy dark greens are nightmare I chairs. Where you'd be tormented by evil spirit. Ghost and Specter says type that things can come in. And even a spirit of debt and a lot of people. Die in their sleep because spirited dep had come in and their dreams come from god become our body. It comes from our soul they come on get dark brown so you have to learn discern what is rich this drain and who's giving it. Lot of times you got right at different colors that are here. Art but a wall what would you say to somebody who like I am. In IE ideal lot with with numerous religions. I deal very closely with. With individuals at high up in in those religions. But I'm I'm not a very religious person just because through my life I. I was raised in the Catholic family but through my life in my dealings. I've realized that 90% of religions Al there are are more of a business than than they are a religion these days. What would you say to an individual who's not. Not very religious and who's looking into trying to figure out their dreams. I would say congratulations. Because religion kills. And religion is it illegal stick and it's a ritual. God does not accurately as either he's in your relationship. That I eat its journey. So that he can talk Qiyue intimately about things seconds are you. And develop a personal relationship. Which you. Where as religion. Yet dictates that things are done produced can't genes limits and it doesn't really empower people urging members had a chief. The level. I think this restrictions they have got his love of his dreams com. In order to Sherrie this is where I created you this is your destiny this is your life her as I love you I'm here to RE two Sheikh. Whereas you know find that any religion. It you know like you said you see you Scott met some of the best in the highest and lidge. And you know it was the religious community that Chris I energies so it. A very hard task task error. Now and I and I agree with and I've been very forthcoming and I remember dealing with a one priest. Very closely and and I. I told specifically I don't believe I need a middle man to talk to god. And right and that and that's the thing and I don't I don't believe anybody does it you don't you don't know me and you communicate with them. Just as yourself. Right yes I Jesus died on the roster moves the mail that separated us so that we can go to. Face to face person to person holy spirit can access that we don't have to go through. We can go directly to god you know we don't have to goes or religion. Or quality. We just an end to his presence with praise and Thanksgiving. We share. He shares his heart aching to get our. OK let's bring respected dreams. You know. They often say and I've often believed that god works in mysterious ways and if he's sending us messages through dreams that has got to be the most mysterious way to deliver a message because I have to tell you. When I dream I seldom a remember it beat understand it if I do remember it's so is this something that's that's affecting our subconscious or is this something that we need someone like you to come tell us what were. Being told by god in these strains. I believe that if you start paying attention to your greens I encourage you credit and their job. Put every quarter use your phone to record dead pictures and images that are coming during your during. And then she began focusing on that assemble because as symbols. Begin to tell a story begins. And or you end impressions are going to begin I. So I. Don't intentions entered during that they do not benefit. Air there deals in your talks sealed drain. If you will focus on the hearings and you begin to ask the holy spirit should give you in her nation or get the ranged animal began looking up. The meaning me and assembles. Your spirit man I'll begin to guide you should discern. What those greens aren't honest in each year. And so that you can begin to apply those things in your life in. You can begin to change if we don't change would become stat people become or it drains are catalysts in each battle began to show you hire at. A war. Motion. Hidden gifts that you that you're not activating. Those dreams begin to. Recreated new imaging news that you can become or and be successful. Well I think you know if you don't electric car it's worth buying I'm. Hurting I didn't type that. And let us begin to hurt. Or use that you can begin to see a pattern. Better in your life and what guys trying to speak she needs you can't become green and destined should be. If you have a question for doctor barred deep breath and feel free to give us call at 846877669. In the Stoll freed 844. 6877669. So let's go turn turn the top good discussion to the not so pleasant dreams could you mentioned. That we're may be susceptible to. Dark forces. Just as we are being influenced by god. What are the what are the parameters which set the stage for that party. Why believes if we don't pay attention to just regular drain. In the messages that app that at dream trying to ignore it. During. An almost anything begin at eight and we can begin to have nightmares which is more likely salesmen how. How miniature or not that way they'll. You begin to listen to those trees are so there at my hair error. You know sometimes in our. Chairs or early bitter answer and forgiveness it says it will be turned over to the or enters. And so we thank sometimes. If someone does wrong and so we don't need to forget that happens. Are where. Access to us. They're our intrusion and there are invitations. And we cherry bitterness and get an invitation. Pretty dark around to kind of bring torment to us where we are not able to sleep at night she and Ellen today apnea. Night cares terrain. Nightmares those type things end. So they're different causes and it you have to pay attention. Too little journey and then you start having nightmares. And they can also country and generational curses. Are on here you're bloodlines. And what do well there there is certain things that we should be. Looking for and maybe some things that should alarm us in dreams I know that every dream can be different and there's sort of been a lot of variations but. Are there any real red flags that come to us and our dreams who should be watching for. Well look there's a drain that you know. Races last year raised your car any way. A round or more in the air. Where you're trying to decipher and so it's coming closer into reality and see me. Actually happening there warning green and two. Echo Warren. Accident. Are people who have Mal intent towards. Are on the wrong path. And it dangerous relationship. To get out of that relationship. Or harm to us. In your dreams. Halloween. Those type things and oh Warren news that you can change your pain or. She should take into. You know stop at one career switch careers. And instead there's a myriad of things can be. Television during. They're always communicating. Even doesn't matter the source. From every she began to look at. End in how to grow and mature in. Two. Rounds. Here. We're talking with doctor -- regrets it because she's a teacher and author dream interpreter were talking about dreams at the moment one of her books is called dream encounters senior destiny from God's. Perspective when we're gonna take a break we come back we'll talk more about that Jeff. All right you'll you'll listen Jason Giambi honor really to radio the phone numbers 8446877669. Feel free to give us call 844. 687766. To this show it's not beyond reality radio Jason JTV toll free numbers 8446877669. Or guest tonight is doctor Barbie breath through talking about dreams. And Jim we've got some some people don't wanna join the conversation and so Barbara gonna bring in a listener Paul here this is Derek from Pennsylvania Jericho welcome to be on reality radio great championship. Baker thanks to anyone there. Really enjoyed your gaps like. That one Eritrean Arab. Those are actual realistic you're still makes wind chill makes me cringe thinking about a cut off for so long. I don't remember my three and number. We very rarely are member majority at all. Just. What what they are are committed since a particular date. And already. I went to bed not thinking anything on that are still young and try to reckless. Youngster and our. In my twenties I guess. Not commit a cent and that night I woke up freedom Warren. Fordham warned that was shouldn't talk drenched completely topic swept. In and very scared. Would Billick cannot remember. Well that tree matters. I was almost. All of Norway describe it and I was sort suspended. Lol you're poll participant so what structure. And it was so realistic. That patient sort and I never ever. I forgot our arts 4040 something years ago it's still make it straight with different about it. And you never had that dream again it was just that one time pro. Don't know what strikes me just what the single application I don't remember dreams as oral. Then that stated that there was the same rights that I committed Spezza and the oil Bible Bible says and I would never commit to that city again when we played out. Well let's get some muscular guests. An opinion on that what you think barbies at second and what you were talking about earlier. That sounds almost like dark and cow Hampshire where there is true. It came in and it takes you out of the dreamer in Asia. Shall have. Actually ended and are now. That Sutton you know it's almost a trauma. Are apprehending. Al captive. Nightmare it's your sits on your chest hair eyes she can and that they're other's spirits come. In a nice ease and and currently is looking green on Harry ate like being demons are very badly. Because they've been described from inside out when they fell. And sent those type I mean. It sounds to life. That you had. Demonic encounter. They tried to teach you into our area. Britney are. Two neighboring you know great feared she used our. He she that year. In Jesus name I pray healing. And healing that strong. And how about the they description Derek gave of slum near being into like a cell like structure below the earth is that. Something you've heard before. Yes they're very different gateway import taxes and things were the enemy ever so all the men hands. I had been common dragging people Lotta times he. Experience they're not pan. The demons come and take them into dark place. Where they feel trapped end it it can be a warning. 2 person who's not morning yet that you want you need at least say so you have power are two of them. And so they can't take human touch you. There's a bloodline that apply otherwise you're almost at. Sea creatures and demons because they're thinking about it. It darkness and their thinking am I. I had beings that operate in McCain a dark this day people captive and pulled him into bare ground dark at bear. Captive. Victims. Are. Will not Derek without getting too personal was this a sin. I would violence it new Gloucester our program now because it was just that and because I'm sure that that makes a big difference. Doctor if if we're talking. A sin of it cheating on on a spouse or for talking a sin that involve violence or things of that nature correct. Yes the heavier descended the greater the weights the greater the penalty so murder rage. I've used those type of things. You know. Heck carry a heavier penalty. We are talking with doctor Barbie breath that. Experienced teacher published author. Dream interpreter and so much more we're gonna take a break and when we come back. Will be taking more your calls at 84468776. Or nine Unionist wilfried 844. 6877669. Elicited Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio. It's Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many you're stuck in between welcome to be on reality radio with myself Jason Hawes in the always awesome. Javy Johnstone before and during the first hour and and in the first segment I think you're talking about some extra schism suppose that the first our broken we have an axis is coming on the program next time I'm your next week but. There's actually an astonishing report that's I've been released recently. That says there's an amazingly high rise in demand for excesses and that's putting people that mental risk or mental health risks. Did they say where in the world. Well this study was done primarily in the UK. Envoy to staying saying is that Tom there's a booming industry in Texas citizens by people who may or may not be affiliated with the church. There's a lot there's a lot of black sheep priests out there who perform X they're saying exercises are now a booming industry in the UK with a number of interviewees knowing noting that the astonishing increase in demand often as one noted in defiance of any actual rules or procedures put in place by any church to the kind of just freelance Inoa cowboy kind of excesses that are out there in school I advertising their trade in and going in and putting people. Would risk won't hear it well but here's also the big problem with that as at as a guy who's been involved in in and the sex or Susan's throughout the last of thirty years my life. And working with all the the church is out there. The church a lot of times the churches make it so difficult if if if it's an actual real case 99% of these cases have nothing to do with demonic entities most of them are. Issues that can be resolved through. While mr. Ellison dust Yasser prescriptions through and through other things. Tom but that's a very small percent that that do the churches make it so difficult. To actually before they sanction before they they're willing to send somebody else. And a lot of time did he she got to go man we I you reuse the stuff without had to fill out Jim I read these whole preliminary reports. Go through everything right down to the medication the people around medical records and all these things and they make it near. Impossible. To it'd tips for people to get help when they really have a problem. So Ike I don't hold it against these people that are out there that aren't sanctioned by the church as long as they're willing to be it would go in and perform this properly. And help the family. As I think it's important to have them. Well dispute media especially need somebody who's trained and all the ways they need to be trained so and that's the proper break there can identify when they go into a situation that person may or may not have a demonic issue but more than likely it's a mental health issue or something else that needs immediate attention. And and that's up from there are a lot out there that aren't sanctioned. But also have no idea what they're doing right and they go in and it literally you know he made an apple exactly they want no matter what they could be a medical issue they wanted to be a demonic so they can write a book tell a story about it or whatever and they make the problems worse yet so are a 100% agree with you on that yet so. Yup sorry so yeah let's not let's get ready to bring our guest in doctor Barbie breath it will take a break one comic plus we have a whole bunch of phone calls to get two absolutely so we're going to be taking your calls a 446877669. Again toll free 8844687766. Are you listen Jason did. Unrelated. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Holland dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. IR OOK okay and we've got a great one for you tonight we're talking with doctor Barbie breath that before we bring her back in and get your phone calls. I tomorrow night. Let us McCants who's known as the numbers lady will be joining us she has over twenty years of experience studying numerology. And is the author of Atlantis has your number and loved by the numbers she firmly believes that when we have someone's name and date of birth. We can discover exactly who we who they are and that's what she's going to be doing on the show tomorrow night. And then we get a from great bunch shows next week as well we're going to be covering everything from and paths to exorcism isn't Cisco's arm on the up and don't let's bring out our guest in doctor Barbie breath that is a teacher and author. A prophetic voice to dream interpreter healing minister or website is my own car which is MYON. A she's written a number of books including dream encounters seeing your destiny from God's perspective he waited to see your realm and the eighties the dream symbol on the some apology dictionary. Marty thanks for joining the program again it's great to have you on tonight. We have a lot of phone call also we're gonna try to take a few of these as we go along this is I don't leave from Kansas Dave welcome to the show your arm beyond reality radio. I. Did well from the show. A lot of them go to their problem. It did it did it with them and I've been I've achieved. He sent to what's on your mind OK well. I'm I am and that bad resentment in Canada and Atlantic. That addresses deranged in a serious action president you know imagining. It was stroke and always known throughout my life since the child I'm the but experiences. Of the river and and then having bad dreams I have terrors. That I didn't understand it time that you know what what what what you can't increase sitting on chestnut couldn't see. I didn't see heavily. Be that bad but bad that it was something that there was screaming no no you can't no you can't. What I can't understand. I was brought to me understand the kind of been saved but it was. And instruction you would mean good quickly that it's I can't in cab or something in the matter what was that it was. She command in the name of Jesus. And odd odd odd but I believe the doctor or group and two compounds that. This interest in. Analyzing. Org or depict that they're finding out what the meaning of behind some dreams and and ordered the sources. Is very important because it's not address knowing that especially not man's religion but it. I don't believe Adam a member of minister urged other member of the body crushed so yeah. And bat. I are part of the doctor in an intra Arab assessment that that would assist this is what's necessary but. What do you an entry is that that might basic construction and I've come to the lead is basically biblical. And it's about the leak. It is the strongest. Thing the humanity as. In my estimation and in my belief system and and and and in my understanding. It has everything and activate this for Newsweek poll. And we are flawed. So warning about cinema who was sentenced a bit that we we can't help but because the bar comic books did we are. Yet you make you make some really good points they're David I want to bring Barbie in on this some unity first talked about. When he was younger having night terrors feeling like something was on his chest he couldn't briefed couldn't move. You describe that experience as well earlier in our conversation but that's that's pretty much how how it how it works that's what people a lot of people have experienced. A lot of people on yet sometimes you talk. More frequent and and realized. It's a nightmare. At als adapted spirit a lot of time it's on my chest. At that occasion. And then bad air again to tell you you know you can't eat or. Steer slide. And act like gazed at it Leo used and G our. We combine those spirits and cast off that's leaking Canterbury a lot of time. If they tank. And you can't speak in Q does begin to. The name of jesus' name of Jesus the blood of Jesus because. And reach your demons can't read our your body language. In your behaviors and things that you say they've got in. Part Saatchi and Jesus has blood. And there's demonic spirits nightmares chairs and tap. EE program. Dave thanks for that call let's let's go to Tina and New York Tina welcome to be on reality radio. I LAU. Did you look at the show. Thank you I have a question. Curb. Well I would feel if he'd lie age twelve and A half year old brother died in front of me suddenly and unexpectedly. And asking that all every single night. It would appear in my dream. And there was nothing special about the dream it was that this war and nothing ever happened and regular life was just going on. And as time went on he even age and my dream and this went on for. Maybe eight to its full year. I was wondering. The wind was that happening and why did it suddenly just stop. A lot of times when we lose a lot. I. Can't get your morning and it account by out great crowd witnesses. And they are able to grow it happened at same time with God's mission they're able to come back in short rates. Lot of times it's a process that enables a person who has lost their loved one to go grieving process. Word that person still remains close to them some type of communication. Or impressions are site where debt comforting level is still available so I believe it you know having. I lost and suddenly. You have the times again. She TU. How much she loved him and so. Through those years. On. Allowed him to. Busy training needs it was a time for a year year and motion to be he'll agree to. You to have that time special time. App makes perfect sense because. It that seriously leopard is stressing they were knowledge of the great source of comfort felt really natural. Yes thanks to god it's very gracious it's not communicating to edit the persons and would go light into eight. And so when he's on the mass transit duration. Elijah was there with him Moses that he is C. People who'd passed on before they are still when you haven't they still come back in dreams visions. Tina thanks so much freer for the call and sharing your story with a sensory with the loss of your brother. We're gonna change the topic just livable will continue to take calls we have a bunch people still on hold and if you wanna talk about dreams that's fine too but I wanna talk about your book odd gateway to the sea around. On first of all what is this year Rome. Zero is the invisible around the spirit where angels exists. Were the glory around is the state round everything yet. And we don't normally see an unnatural life. So it's it's seven realm or we can look beyond that natural. In CE. Into the divine supernatural Rama got. So that would be what I consider this a year round. And how does. The seer room sector into work communication with god. I liked to visualize when I'm talking to him time frame or should be. You know I liked to see ham. And so I. I allow my imagination. To take me into her to walk and talk. Or if there's worship you're going on I. Like seeing the colors that are testing. The spirit and each seed angels coming into the ram to inhabit to praise and just begin to. And make it a reality instead just am. Wish I could seek text guy I with our spirit we can go into that realm have seen. Got to be holding his beauty and the glory. They can begin to encounter god sorry Al. And how do you do that though. I just nice a year ago and I asked god to have. My race I asking to come to me and it's thirty love god is love and we begin to focus our loved him. Then he and hats that when they walked into a garden he was in the around the glory have discovered ankle so that two clouds of glory may ex Soviet collision. Glory each so god is restoring. Us back. To that time Larry Brown is so. We begin to enter into God's presence or trays prayer Thanksgiving each focusing our love on him. Are scared and begins to borrow big eight zoo I don't our body says that the holy spirit to his boat in and around us Dench our spirit and begins to meet the goal. With God's holy spirit and we it begins Sheehan. Be at tangible weighty presence they caught a couple. Bot the weighty presence of god columns in its tangible manifestation. And in that round. Miracles take place people are delivered you were talking about pictures is when that realm of anointing comes demons can't stay in rounds and they're cast out of the org there it expels. Anything of darkness anything sickness because it's okay. 118. Tangible manifestation of God's presence and such acts at gateway to cedar beach. Worship prayer. And releasing your love towards god that he inhabits. Every year he sets. Only a little while ago about and demons and not being able to read your mind but in almost every religion I'll third that performs extra systems. They and that is one of the big things that. Is is talked about it now are you supposed to be going into these places with a clear mind. And how useful so when your in the isolation you gotta be there with somebody you 100%. Have faith and trust in because these things will read your mind and use those things against one another so. I would say it's breeding line what they do know is it's. Because they watch you is what they call familiar spirits. And they have watched you they have that your parents or grandparents and I watched her whole family history. So they know your weaknesses. That you know your have any assistance. And they used against either not reading mein. They have observe and watched you. They are familiar with few. But they're not able to reach huge but they projected an ecology they are yet she needed to an exorcism very clean recanted. Washed in the blood of Jesus and then. Knowing that they don't have the ability to reach but you have an. GI is now. So they they can't they want to distract concert legal. Okay we're talking with doctor Barbie breath that or talking about several over her books actually gave way to the Siro home. Dream encounters and B it is he extremists in biology dictionary and a lot of people still on hold. We're gonna get your calls since we can and don't forget the number 8446877669. Lot of great stuff coming up the next United's checked. Yet but is she having Niemi she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality radio. And and like the FaceBook page we're trying to get those numbers out there are ready now way up there though calm and also head over to beyond reality radio dot com. We cannot find all the stations we are on across the country on that list will be actually updated in the next day or two. And you can download the free iPhone and android app as well seek to listen to show on the go on that allows you to listen to the show alive. Catch past episodes and also enjoying the online chat if you download the show from iTunes just do us a favor and rate it for us it helps push to show forward makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about. Price are gonna take a quick break we come back more the phone numbers are 844687766. I get talk freely for four. 6877669. Elicited Jason NGB I. Beyond really you really back after this. I was there like that. I like the stands or some room to go out there. Yeah I'll think oh I have path to welcome back to the show it's beyond reality radio Jason in JV. I'm glad to have everybody along if you're listening to us on one of the great stations during the show around the country drop of mine told me appreciate them on having the show on I know we've got some new shows added to our affiliates list we'll talk about them into tomorrow night and I don't know if we get -- Moscow's center nevertheless no I have an idea I have not I will be put them upload over the next editors apologized and we welcome you'll also on animals global specifically well commute tomorrow night. Yen shows growing all because you you guys are the ones who make the show's success and we greatly appreciate and then we know we all adults used to think you very much. All right so we are talking about a lot of different things with our guests tonight doctor Barbie breasted and today again Barbie thanks so much for being with us the web site. My. Own car dot com am I saying that right is that it isn't doing you would say it. Yet I we are is a Greek word that means journey so it's my dream dot com my own art com. And our during his injury angels come into your dream. She. Okay hurry so it's MM YON a your books are available all over the place too late and there on Amazon and on your website com let's a quickly go to the phones here in Sebring get another call in this is Amanda from Texas Amanda. Welcome to be on reality radio. And welcome to show. What's on your mind. I'm Aaron craft and about. Do you on my mom. And certainly sent brain what they're not so that I've been having gained about her and add. Not necessarily telling me anything in the game and I would like laying there is any saying night. That went in and they're paying. In your mother still currently living. With dementia though not with dementia okay right. Barbie what do you think. Say your mom's coming to you and your drains. And she's not communicating to you but she's just present in your dream. Yeah I think that it probably does everything. That she's. Wanting to be able to communicate but she's frustrated right now because of that and she. Not able to get off her words error message group. I would look to see what she's wearing out countenance. And that she can't because a lot of times actions can speak louder than words so when she comes in your dream. Begin to look around a dream and see you know. Let type expression issue wearing using. Colors she wearing. Even the color clothes that she has on communicating. She that you're. Zippy okay. Get that bed thinking semi. You're welcome and are you OK so you know we have we've we've covered a lot of ground here mum and we have a lot of ground we haven't covered and wanna talk about your healing work. Your healing minister what exactly does that mean and how does that work how do you how do you put that into practice. I'm it's thirty discerning spirits which is a gift guide Gibbs and or important knowledge where I'm seeing all we're all operate inning when I'm in a group of people I will steal Ole. As certain. Presents that other people have like. I was just in Kansas City and in the end hair and there's a lady they're suffering cancer she had it for seven years. So I mastered Condit. Had laid hands on what I did. The power god. Load from me in her her. And she fell on the floor of the polity Salinas spirit she laid bare under the present for awhile and got inning process healing she came back the next day. And she says she adds doctor medication I don't recommend. It go to the darker it got not. Fragile he's not idiots that if you go get your doctor. He can heal. But she had Stockard medication and then we are praying for her flops. And group of us are changing shots and to send to somebody else who had cancer 'cause it's called a huge mirror all where you can fit healing in nineteen prayers. And claw its and somebody may make contact. Their heels as she was touching o'clock. Here are crank or is she began again have presents that Kirk. If she was asking god inner heart that. She would be able to Tate and healing in nineteen going into that flaw in her car to be healed. Right then and there and that's what happened she she was able to tap ins and out and lines ain't. The prayers that we are releasing into the claw to send to somebody well she. Receive him or herself and she was healed a cancer just this last weekend. While while the that's impressive army knows who can lead medium my next question. Blake did as a healer what are you what are you capable of what can I done. Anything with god anything is possible and it's too didn't agree that we have fate Tivoli. And but I believe that god can do anything at all that he raised. You can heal cancer he you know mental illness I've seen him. I prayed for man who thought the three story building metal rod down his back and I asked god to heal his back and metal rod disappeared. Out of the man's back or E Street. So it would lead there are literally disappeared. It literally appeared. Added I was just came back from India and it still. Went through the bone and eat. So that she she'd fallen in her kitchen and after just a short prayer asking god to heal. No specifics but in my heart I was bleeding from matter rotten eggs disappear she came up on stage and sitting at her legs Indian style to demonstrate that she now. Miss her legs freely you know metal rod. Bullets in our lives I didn't just our sell it and Tony chimp dead where man had been shot leg but bullet robotic ball. In the bulk bullet this year. So god can do inning saying it doesn't matter what illness diseases. And god is able to Il Atlanta. And with all due respect are you know how to launch are many out there I must. It's just say that that sounds so far fetched that a metal rod just disappear out of somebody's body. Absolutely it sounds are edged bash there's they're unusual. Miracles that are taking place. Where you know it's not just ordinary each in back something that. You continue for you know yeah stat I want to be healed blind singing praise for fifty people there I healed and all that. Your state level reaches the point to where you lay hands on. A strike and then aren't you have credibility. To move into that round so once you've ever achieved a certain ground in this spirit I never takes away from his he only adds to that. So we have to contend breakthrough and we become. What people need in such a person comes to you for prayer. Meet happen. Then you can develop your fate to the leaves are metal rods to begin to this year. The children Erica I have some other questions about healing and or else someone take another phone call here about dreaming this is Rhonda Rhonda welcome to be on Rihanna read a great heavy on. Well thank you very much it's great to be here and and honest. My my question is I'd why is the truth I would appear young child. I have never had any nightmares because any kind. The dream GAAP to be cute theories or opt frightening. I was able to create change between change the settings and make it go and it is different light in the end zone. Typically when I was young cat I've been able to clean them critically. We're do you think the common problem in how old is how my able to do that. I think you because you'd like to city of her young child. Juries. In and being listed real. You know a lot of times and being loose at first I see your something supernatural access rights lying or talking today at four. You know something out of the ordinary that's usually solid at first triggers to let you know that you are lucid in your journey. And like Willie John is one of the best ways to change your journey. Or nightmare is to just go in and begin to change characters and settings. And to begin to process idol ice into the drink rat seeding destruction or deaths or car. A year released say so. Your day in the right thing and it just takes practice and you obviously are very disciplined. Error. Focusing on drains and empowering them to. Sign an hour. And your growth I agree that you know okay anything else didn't mean to cut you off. All right thanks to the color your round so. Let's let's go back to the people who who have the ability to and do spiritual healing is dead sometimes I think there are they're quote on quote. Patience I don't know a better word to use their may overlook. You know traditional Medicare I met medical care. I'm in favor of the spiritual care and is dead ever does that ever concern you. Like I'm like I says what the lady who stopped her medicine after break her that he. Or camps are you know I always tell the person. 'cause a lot of times in medicine that there would need to be weaned off that. Sculpture stock prisoners physical. You know repercussions that happen when you're on a certain type she's so I think that. It's it's one. Highest team. Gifts medical release and you want somebody to confirm that this is actually a miracle yet she yelled with X rays or sign and or some MR. RI because god is not fragile he wants to. Muted knows that you know that you know that your healed and so I rank and people don't stop your medications. Get the darkness for at least let this science trade gap fact that you absolutely are healed and it. Didn't continue on your regiment and continue to seek god for healing. That guy can also be heard in Madison and sometimes that's the route he chooses. Well I think that's important to make. Then no because we actually had on Jim you remember Bob didn't jedi. And Bob listen are great guy he was he is on the show and it he would literally was on the show the day. After he had found out that he had cancer. And he was relying on another individual to heal him and more spiritually and so forth. And he ended up losing his life dead just weeks after that instead of going GE medical route. Which I am probably could have maybe not but it will come out possibly could have prolonged his his life. Yeah that's something that you need it really need to seek his. And in you know don't just go and buying eight straight does not mind there has to beat tangible results and if there are tangible results science and doc medical darker will be able to prove that he. Three test results X rays or some type both. Confirmation. And so you know people in these winds down. Bonuses and that's another thing these metal rods that disappeared out of these people's bodies were their X rays prior and X rays after. Yes and ask any pain in the sense in this children in widget came back from India Africa. Here come on staying aged you know. Allenby squad and then see the scars. Because the rockers are gone by the time she. There are starting melt away scars were buried evidence. And why wouldn't something like that make world news why wouldn't show up everywhere he sings just apparent point. Well we are in the middle of nowhere they'd never seen I speak for practically we've had leveled. Little girl in tennis player all power lights and people you know these were. They were. Why people are located you know they were just destitute or or people. Out of nowhere they did have. Little. Airplane kind of things flying around now they were you know having video drones drones. Thank you yes. So it can drown because you're 30000 people bear out crowd increased aid. So you know that I I don't know why sometimes they're not captured on television. I think the you know but it seems like even the ones the lady last weekend I was on ears when it came time for her to happen the curse your skirts that camera down so it didn't get captured on. I had a tumor on demand based as all melt away. Cameras were back there so it wasn't caught on video so. I don't know. If they're just not caught because people didn't leave or. They would think it was doctor tampered hand you know I don't know why does things are captured at this. Well doctor about about how about the as YE a wise if you guys can do this why wouldn't he do this era I'm pretty much. It right in front of everybody. Just so totally changed everybody's perception of him the view in other words because. We're dealing and it did in the nature right now or more more people are walking away from. From their belief their belief system I mean if for if he did this. In front of everybody and it it would change everybody's face would be restored everybody would be back in. In two where we were you know in the past. Right angry you know the people that read I think chances again they didn't believe they are all. You know calling we call people on our cellphones he had cancer where at least prayers over. To people cash we have you know everybody Sunday brought prayer clock to be acknowledged that it did spark say. Where people became active and began to. Engagement people that they knew that are sick and begin to send her law and prayers and so it your act. I think there will be in white. To have the United States are spread her world again because they're billions of souls at the economy. And he'll do eat into its resigns wonders and miracles and we saw that passed but the greatest. Time is is it going to happen. Our time stadiums are going to be still glory. How did exodus. Well. It's been a great conversation doctor and we are on a time one more time give your web address and where people can get more information about your work and your books. They engaged you or break it dot com or to my Bernard mom. Or on Amazon and. Is your wells or face it is entering her Ers. 101000 geeks symbols. That help understand your dreams and visions. That's great thanks so much for joining us suspending all the shameless tonight. Appreciate I did have a great night are it's beyond reality radio gonna take a quick break we'll come back from references to the. Thanks to doctor hard bracket for joining us are very very interesting conversation about dreams and other saints yes she she definitely comes out of from a religious standpoint which I'm. Ist it's different then and then mutant the usual treatment servers regatta on the album be it is different in jury system wasted if the results are different when they actually interpreted dreams in a succumb if they get a different interpretation and you know. Me and Orson see them. That one over the volcano dream I don't wanna know. I do know that tomorrow night. The numbers lady will be joining us minus McCants she's been doing this for twenty years she says that she can take someone's name and date of birth and discover exactly who they really. Really are. With civilian U verse well we'll see if we get this evening get her to do that to a meter on there. Or prior she needs time to do it at a time Susan have slick and contacted tomorrow. Interest that would be a lot of fun. And Monday night actually Friday remembers a best of the money will be back to live shows for you all right here on beyond reality radio. And next week we're talking everything from him paths to extra zones so make sure you tune in if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Mean she liked the other FaceBook page then had to beyond that reality radio dot com. You can click on the stations tab and seal decision to Wear on across the country and also download the free. IPhone and android operate there and it allows you to listen to show alive catch past episodes and join the chat during the last show. Yeah all great stuff on we certainly welcome to join us on every level and be part of the B unreal to read your family. Until tomorrow everybody have a great and safe tonight and it's Jason JVB and or later he'll catch old man. And young the only ingredient is produced by sticking its include tunes by Alexandria Johnson for ever come media. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook PH give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what. On or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to swing getting a that's slick any ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.