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Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes)

Jul 6, 2017|

Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes) by The Financial Exchange

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's gonna rain on Friday and Saturday so. Might need to find something to do we will go to movies Matt actually from rotten tomatoes joins us for some movie advice I met our. I'm doing well. They're that we do go out and we'd go I think people couldn't believe the ring. Ari what is it that what are we supposed to gussy. But Spiderman home. Which admittedly is these third fire and theory that we're getting here. You don't get a third actor playing it in the movies like the character Tom Holland after. Garfield but a couple of movies. Acquired it very movie. But this one really good we caught up on the Spiderman and that America. Legally and. There's there's a storied football. Don't yet another or to support for I mean that's a good that. And it subsided a bit bigger and you know and I see little big bill and he's fighting in his neighborhood again. The critic who like. Like 90% of. What is you're female lead in this as well. There are yet but it. The biggest in the murder that okay. Yeah I loved it I saw a picture of her. And I think she's terrific she's just she's got such a funny thing she'd be very comical you know. Yes he he's very very good. You know. We we typically been. To Parker and played much older witnesses you know definitely younger. You know. They're definitely playing that character in my younger you know I'm. You know to the point that you get bit by bit a dark what it owner. We do you Robert Downey junior and as we got outgrow. Michael Keaton is glee as the villain here. And I really liked it. Think audiences alike if you advocate and you used box. Why don't remember seeing anything that had 92%. On you with rotten tomatoes and that's that's through the roof. Yeah that's pretty we have a well. The only big movie and I wonder what earlier. You know. Is how many theaters this this opening up and you know. This ideally that would mean a lot playing everywhere I think it's about when he 503 out of the ballot this is being made a widely. So nothing is that this is gonna be the blockbuster for the weekend when it will this last a few weeks or would just be you know one weekend and will be on Semel the following week. No I think the last few weeks of the big opening next week will be one of the planet by I learned at the bit tight race I think we'll be Spiderman. Probably take it week. Well how would do international have been in this those huge numbers they know what do more overseas than it does domestically. Yeah it'll do you use. I mean at that point the moment. Basically there to lighten the credit but Purdue. Is this a billion dollars they make a billion on this. I think it well I think you know little bit if you get their but it definitely went on for one of the first weekend of. What do you burn weekend you know I think what made a big old who under billion dollars. That's big money that's that they determine are good. So we don't go to the movies anything new on Netflix any new series any new movies being released on Netflix. No we didn't. Last week but it is still low. With Alison green is really. This is. Al agreed that actors to get involved with a bashful about wrestling in the eighties I. You know those that the old mobile remember Gordon wouldn't let that I was about and it is only area. Is that right yeah I side being teased on Netflix and distant. It didn't strike my fancy so and my wife still getting through. That movie based in Florida they show that's based in Florida with tech called. The one that tactic that got canceled after three. Lol yeah we talked about it. Yeah I note not. About. The blowing up boat in new killed her brother. What. Are on line. Bloodline I union good save. Him. All right well Matt thank you very much for your insight we appreciate it. You too bad activity from rotten tomatoes say here's. Yeah you know you get the wife and news ticker at C spider hole Spider-Man iron coming a lot Marisa Tomei terrific idea you know anyway one of my favorite female leads him and he she's. Bad news. And figure out to dinner and it's a nice night yeah. And then. If you want to you're so inclined he checked out glow. On Netflix or everybody's got netbooks are you don't have that puts you to steal one account from your neighbor your kids or view that night she could get your wife to sit down and watch nine hours of Celtics lakers highlights on ESP and with the I've been watching that documentary like him thirty for thirty owes us now lost in a great. I'm halfway through I don't think that's gonna happen. Not not in my household and not in your lifetime outside. If knowing your good way it is a the Dow down eighty points the S&P is down eleven points and NASDAQ is down 36 of the NASDAQ tech late in the index down the most. Tune in tomorrow and see if we were right about those Microsoft layoffs we're anticipating over a 1000%. 3000 now what was the radio I. We'll let you know tomorrow with the actual number was. That and more from archer match. Dot com Steve.