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The mysteries of ancient Egypt and the infamous old west bank robbery that may or may not have been an inside job

Jun 23, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Scotty Roberts about his work in Egypt and th effort to find the truth about some of history's most important characters. Later in the show Chet & Kim Brackett discuss their book that chronicles the life of a noted "cowboy" and his possible involvement in a notorious bank robbery. 6/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. There's been on the West Coast Friday in the East Coast many years. Between welcome to be on reality radio with myself to this cause they always awesome GP GRC can you see with these owner can see in this terrorists and hopeful but she's part of what is they're not nearly as healthy as carrots. He museum Alia moved up in the OK so last night after the show I just had this craving for these yellows orange candy slices or can only. July in this and then cut it kind of sugar coated yes yeah I had to create informant and what it was and walked over to the Tony for our growth historic bought me a package. Of the orange slices and have been joint enjoying the river sense but now about two. I think if had enough and its venison. You you need you need help. Analysts expect that we're good is that I had to hire going to try to survive through the night because as of right now I've been out for error. 361. Number thirty dollars now mine I am in this has been an extremely long long day and a half plus a whole host of a couple of days this week goods so I might be a little groggy so just and deal with me tonight well no worries we've got a great show lined up we've got to actually a last minute addition to our schedule here Scotty Roberts who we've had on the show before a great friend of ours. Really really interesting guy to he's he's done a number of things including written books and an ethylene is written books on each in Egypt and some of the on the the things that he's uncovered and discovered on his trips there. He knows heck of a lot about the Egyptian culture. And ancient Egypt and he's writing a new book on that actually is a fictional account of a some of the things that he's learned as he traveled throughout Egypt. Scott's a long time friend and I gotta be honest he's he's one of him the most intelligent individuals right now and who lost to survive heart attacks left and right. This means job he did have he did have some health issues and were very very pleased it is incumbent is just chat I mean I I love I don't noises as left to right I know we as kids left and right you little like you know when a commitment I would very Kevin did you they're everywhere rapidly to a small and my thoughts are but now I and then later said sky we I've known Scott for many many years and honestly he's he's one of the most intelligent individuals in the field so. It's always an honor to talk with a nine hour yes. If we're gonna have him on in the first hour and then later in the second hour gonna bring Tom K guy Chet and Tim bracken another interesting story Tuesday on. There's a there's a bank robbery and I can you begin to pronounce the name of the place this robbery occurred but it's in the old west. That was blamed on butch Cassidy and Sundance kid in that game in the wild bunch. Army turns out they uncovered some documents and home they bought. That points to somebody else completely and a completely different set of circumstances that would that was reported end officially be the official count. And they wrote a book about so we're talk a little bit about that plus some of the experiences they've had their families had as being pioneers in the west so it'll be something no that we don't usually talk about the kind of interesting. Yeah absolutely and there you can go to their website they've got a web stated that Duncan chronicles dot com sort of explains the story that their town that the telling Tom. And it's so low what do makah bank grammar yeah disappointment at not recognize this is an eclectic. Sits on a good to make. Ominous there so we'll have we'll have a couple of different guests throughout the night will always take your phone calls and 8446877669. We love to hear from you. On Indian of the EU and I were talking. And the still set daily emails just you're gonna tell you exactly as it was gonna say they kept coming in and there's so many funny was what DeVon night where we just have people share those on the right you know sooner and we. When we don't Phillips. Tonight a bad auto Chris Janzen and mean Twitter message and tell us a fun night race and yet did you see the did you shoot this crazy story that I posted earlier on FaceBook about this man who. It's it's just a crook tests story about a chopped off his three year old daughter's ears no cleaning seeing ghosts now on the end. And has so I'll tell some story I don't wanna get in too much because it's just and they they stopped him before in a taking historically thank god but a 35 year old man allegedly chopped off the years of his three of his. Three year old daughter. In the early hours ship yesterday after having hallucinations about a ghost taking away his daughter Lisa. The accused emirate by hunters family told police that. They were disturbed. He was disturbed after his one and a half year old. Daughter had died a couple months back which is got to be trumped harassing him off I mean parent whose child in the first place. But cents. He's been having hallucinations about ghosts who would take away his child. Guess he returned home in an abbreviated Indy in pretty much inebriated condition. And want to Wear his daughter was sleeping. Senior ghosts he says he claims he saw a ghost and then have threatened to take her away. And he's saying that as coach Jim was telling him first off to two maker cried you pour water on a washing sleeping and then. To remove couriers. No and I guess the the family heard the crying and came in and stopped him right before he claimed. That this thing I wanted him to pretty much in the dark and it from us and they stopped him in time and which thank god but still it's just. You know puts that were talked the other night about this. This mother beating him and biting her her child public over supposedly doing an exorcism and it's just really makes you wonder what the hell is small and with the girls were coming to an and what Phil's going through these people's mind. Yeah or there always people. For you know that have instability issues in the blame me you know one thing or another people hear voices in their head people see ghost people do whatever it is an and it is their justification for doing things it just Durham singled up. To fail from him I don't know I mean F. Telling your first or one place on your dog told the Billiton a report a sunny skies and stories well yeah and you know use a substance abuse of I was gonna see victim but you know I don't consider him a victim in all he is if a victim of physical abuse but he definitely I was worried that he was a big drug user you know. So you know it it just the you know the sting of the day to blame but these things on we're hearing more more or something you camper if there's things you can improve things you can't really you know they're not black and it's just it's discussing because well first off it. Eric child this is just disgusting enough but then. Also to. Around me just you're totally just bringing negativity into into this field by by making these claims and then you get those people out there are like. Maybe it was a demon telling him to do all right Maria come on let's get offered that this if you if you were causing your child terminal I don't care. What the hell's targeted if you go on to that extent. You know for so he shouldn't have any children. You know and it's it's a sad situation and so unfortunate that one they can always prevent but if you see somebody you know you know somebody use talks that way you gotta get a intervene quickly because you know to wait and could be too late. As sole. So are you so we'll take a quick break when we come back we'll have our close friends study Roberts on the phone and so is a pleasure to talk scud if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the FaceBook page. 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Yeah and feel free to and see that list decisions that we air on radon beyond reality iridium dot contest the station last week are all across the country so. Feel free to check the mountain to show show your support. Now as we said Anna in the first segment we've got a special surprise guest tonight he wasn't originally on the schedule but he's got a lot going on we wanted to bring them on the program om and tonight's in the great time to do it and it's our good friend. Scotty Robert Scott welcome to be on reality radio it's so good to have you on again tonight. Cheerleader on Jason. And pave Disco. I hear all excellent. So Scotty you know you've been you get your hand and a million things you know I had talked earlier tonight we're gonna chat a little bit about some of your exploits in Egypt in in the fruits of those labors. But before we get into any details give us an idea of what even working on. Well I'm working on a book with John Moore Hughes ya my coauthor arm the exodus are. And we're taking to cut about five different books that are in the works. That are just ideas are synopsis or paragraph here and there that we never written. And there will it would have been in researching the site in organ and do and very busy on his side each in Egypt. And so our agent waters to do a fictional. And so we didn't came up with a couple characters that were. Very loosely based on Unita which is kind of for fun at first just an article. Let me just general matter I I looked at the it's in the graphics stuff that you do for the Lucas not loosely at all you guys elect the spitting in my agent that fox and bear there I mean it's like. There's no there's no mistaking OK so continued. Well that's good and elk and we have our our our proper hats. As well. And so we we took story and says it would be fun to do storage for it but like a lot of the animated movies out there something that's for kids are great for adults too so it's got a little meat to teach and we started writing the story and it's it's. We're working on on finishing the book right now a there is the and an animation studio quite a large one. But I'm not at liberty to talk about yet but Clinton has expressed some interest and which is kind of neat because they see the picture stolen money that now it's going to be an illustrator book. Answer for more fines demeaning for all those who have their most people know that means you just means animals as he. And it's set in 1912. Egypt. And all the exploits that take place there are are. Egypt of the day it's right and it costs to between the old explorer's era and there are new archaeological era. And so it's gonna tell a lot of adventure a lot of supernatural and bit of metaphysical lot of history and it widow kids are gonna learn history are running in knowing history. And I think he's going to be a lot of fun so we are targeting about two more weeks. To it too were just about done with this. And you gotta love Sonya you gotta love when you're dealing with those big companies he can never seen anything that was NBA's enclosures and all that fun stuff I don't trust Maryland's ideal than all the times are still do that well now. It may go nowhere but to right now everybody is sounding very promising to looks good fun. And it's exciting so we'll see where Kos once we get this thing done and each it'd all all in the right hands. So so let's back up your story a little bit windy dumb you've been each of the bunch times done a lot of work over there you've written about it you've talked about it. You posted about it affect us one picture that I absolutely love you know John sitting on. Donkeys and mules whatever they are not a bigger than the big animals by the way just then the yellow that looked unfair but it's not big picture nonetheless. At what point did the that. That story the Egyptian story and and at this so much about it rich history that's there. Come on your radar as something you really wanted to dedicate this much time to. Well you know it it all started out very long time ago and at a lot of interest in Egypt they said Eric wanted to go there want to see things but I didn't know much about it. For for many years until it started looking into cash a little bit more when I met John Ward several years ago and I'm here. I EU was a British archaeologist and so I said I have to. Askew because I've studied it for years. What is sick and I and I think we talked a little bit about the Celeste and not just. Asked him what his view was on an historical most looks. And he turns out he had quite a theory developed. And so we have differing theories and that was our our book the exodus reality. It cannot a couple of years ago. And that's a book that. Spells utter two theories and so my first trip to Egypt was wish John Wharton course he had lived there for for over a decade. And he took me around all the places. During the course of mark. To where we felt our two stories converged in different places Scioscia. Luxor Cairo deluxe or in an over into the Sinai and in the Red Sea all of these players so that's that's. And and there's quite a draw here and you know there's there's a story that that you and I can talk about match. It's interesting that I think you. In life are drawn to the things that have meaning for you either create the meaning because you find an interest. Or the interest is instilled in you because you are something they year. That is drawing YouTube I can't say with that is some people might call it got some more color call and some people called a metaphysical or whatever. Com. And I'm not so much in the mumbo Jumbo needs to him admitting that I don't know every and that. I've had experiences. That seemed to back up certain. And if you will spiritual things. That it can't explain and I think that's what continues drawing air. Well Scott was how long ago was your first time you actually headed over to. Arm 2013. Many coaches out there is I remember sitting at the Stanley Hotel as you well in the front of the building and you were talking about how you wanted to go there because youth ball I don't go to the exact words but it was something about. A unit you have a feeling like he needed to get over there and is so it lives yeah then just a few years later to actually see that happen where. Mixing and on seeing pictures of human face on FaceBook and and you posing out there were other places that you are over there and you and your checking on all these locations and was so so you knew it was a calling a long time ago a long long I'm departed from being. And very interesting there was somebody who is it whatever people you or anybody believes about this jury still a lot of stuff. But a friend of mine that's a show on a share. And that he said to me before I left for Egypt about ten days ahead it's only said Scotty said. Go to Egypt he says keep your mind openings is going to change you forever and he didn't mean it's going to be a great trip but you're gonna have memories from the rest you like to tell and he meant something a little deeper this change. And he was absolutely right. Well we have to go to break here when we come back we're gonna find out exactly how these trips to change study and wanna get. His opinion on a lot of these newer series this MB popping up on some of these 82 million shows and Scott he's been on that show. That redefine what the purpose of the pyramids work. Armed and a lot of the ancient Egyptian architecture and the scientific cup prowler sexually may have come from otherworldly sources so. We'll get his opinion on that. We cannot stuff where lots talked about Omniture haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page our phone number give us quality 446877669. Again eat for four. 6877669. It was an adjacent TV. Roster guest tonight Scotty Robertson appreciate him joining us welcome back to beyond reality rating would Jason NGB Scotty what question for you remember 1985. I do. It's that sort of going pursue always cracks me up this assessment about there's one other question for you did you collect those orange jelly gummy things that. Then who should run on them orange slices that. Old dude. It couldn't all agree practically lived. Around it. I I get this this craving for the west and immune memory now so with that a good mind. I have to ask you this Jason I've talked about the slot. There are a lot of new series coming to light. Some of them makes sense some of them are seem awfully far fetched about what the if the pyramids were built for what their actual intention was it seemed like the most logical thing is they were actually. On Needham monuments to rulers who considered themselves great they may or may not have been great and served as burial places for those rulers. But what do you think about some of these other ideas that are being presented. Recently in on TV in other sources. You know I I don't think a lot of them I I pin up inside. Richter. And one thing I noticed one EU crawl this almost 45 degree shaft it's about four feet all. And of course it put wood slats are not on the notes or the shaft now see as you're gonna and you reemerge after baton almost a football field and links. And you're in the grand gallery in Tibet in eighty foot ceilings and it's it's it's crazy and you look at that and remember saying to John. When I came out and their message you know what it's very obvious to me that this was built by guys. And no no no detriment to win because there were pulled villages there that they're building that. I believe. Until we discover some anything different. There may have been rituals and all that were used in that in the great tournament I know Robert Paul believes that the king's chamber in the entrance is crucial king's chamber and with its actual sexual rituals with the right thing and things like that. I'm I don't know enough about that but it Yunel. I believe garments were just there is monuments a great stick great rulers and these people. If they were influenced by spirituality. Influenced by the odds influenced by other worldly things we never know that short because we weren't there. Lol we didn't know. Chris I gotta tell you it's like I favored Geico ad. Where you've got that's the two guys looking at the pyramids. And their big square block right and then they look at the plans and their pyramids in the wonder goes well. So I I think they were built by people it was a whole village there that you and she even now. Com that they have been uncovering there stairs. City to dead they're green cemetery will. All kinds of things they're showing that. This was the industry. Area. For their fair less than forty years old. So things on the new discount any of these theories that there was extra trash route guidance or are extremely. And there and anyway. I I can't say that that didn't exist because again it wasn't there but my inclination is to say it's a natural. People built it. They may have felt they had spiritual guidance but I don't think there were aliens their. You know levitating blocks for anything. I really don't but you know I hate it there burst on people's bubbles that fanciful and it's it's great. Imagination. May be there was something to that don't know short proved that all innocent people built. All right what do you make of some of the images and in some of these you know Arab list that have been discovered this seemed to indicate. Some type of contact with the future release technologies that wouldn't have been there. Global it's like the movie in the the other dusk cliff with that Ellicott I don't know things exactly well. And that is a product of what's known as. You rate sure and I know at some people very angry with me were talking about this on line once I honestly don't with Chris and I should look at the facts you re sure his son and arrows did. When they came to the throne. Many times those areas usurped the building projects some of pharaohs who would come before them. And they hit what was called you re sure they would literally go on an easy troll heart sandstone blocks. It would go in the wood it's great buff the inscriptions. And put their own inscriptions and is that why you have a guy like Ramses the second round she's the great you see his inscriptions are like four inches deep he did that purpose and nobody could scrape up as inscriptions later. And eligibility Abbott does cliff. They've done infrared photography and that you've got its three. I think three maybe four different layers. Of pirate list. On the air that have been squaring off and the new higher cliff. Owens who and it starts to make it different picture that emerged once you have thousands of years and wrote. And then all images start to show thirty got a hell when in actuality helicopters three different. Inscriptions from three different time periods that comprise what looks like soccer and then people all that's too. That's two routes you know it's too good to be true you know it's there were aura. That's that's a likely explanation as to explore. What is he richer and the erosion. That creates a picture with your eye it's it's a area daily at a different. Now is that something that time that you believe or is that the generally accepted scientific exploration this. This is the scientific Atlanta and they've gone down in Orange tie. Knots like it that John works they've done. Infrared photography at the shrine of a certain Farrow. And open a can mention this and just executed a it's not meant that the publisher that they'll build an entrenched are extremely China. Pharaoh didn't build this the pharaoh beforehand deal because we found all that pharaohs inscriptions in infrared photography in the X. The new carvings in the new paint the remnant of that still there. And so this is what you've got the Abbott us clinch all four of those symbols that you see here. It looked like modern things are not at all it's and I've taken I've broken it down there there's actually breakdowns reader players. The comprise those images. And Elson a TNT one. Debbie interest and so when you make these voyages and you spend a great deal of time. In Egypt and you actually were there when there were several political strife to I don't know if you yeah felt like you were in danger from any of that. You know I never felt in danger matter fact the last I am always their body Europe go on IE. State John and his wife for janitor archaeological site about a hundred miles south Luxor to her house and Luxor and I walked downtown looks like at the very go to crust spank what are the temples over there I met at an Egyptian friend of mine over there we had coffee and as walker on the back to echo my shoulder and I do I feel very safe here there are. It is very welcoming. And the people just love you to be. There is of course that political element. Of that is making Eric. Ice is is making lots of incursions. In into the that they've pretty much control assign. John and I have a friend. Sheikh Al Saleem Barakaat. I used to shake it served its okay had been which is its mountain John and I both Lee. Was the mountain of god in the in the old testament in the book excerpts the mount Sinai and not the traditional site. Way off the beaten path site. And so we've got a friend their but we can't go there. Because the science all closed off because the ice is ticker. And so. You've got that element there. While you've got LCC president of Egypt. Wants to reform Islam in Egypt she wants a revolution and in a slump. It says the world fears this week have to do something I'll. And so he's fighting with that and we've always said we hope he gets an an applicant Anwar Sadat. We I mean we often hear reports of ice is so I'm capturing historic sites in demolishing or destroying now is that really happening. Yes it really has happened. Up Paul Mara it was one sites. Where they take outside too we saw some videos and some are let's just take it was actually have been doing next on you had. The Muslim brother. In Egypt and wanted to destroy the curb. And of course that's all that's because the in it here's the thing with nicest. It's not political. Although it affects politics. It's ideological. And so how do you fight that he yeah you can see why did you sit on these six sects. Each other. Because are there their violent with the teacher because they believe on an ideological level that god wants them to do this when you've got god telling you to do something. You know you you know I'll let him Newman and you cannot children's yes. I guess I lost she's Sherrod story but yeah. That's horrible. Yes it is but back to this you you were by trips and what you do when you go I know the youth taking groups with few and you've kind of been up to the tour guide at times rituals do some really serious work when you're there. Com well I'm I took a trip with a Jun 22 people over bite my two daughters like twin daughters shorter 25. Came over with us back in 24 team. And we. Took basically in two weeks the trip to John I've taken a month. When I was there to your shore. And so I had no from bring my daughter's voice and the work had been a ball which John Maria have decided to gamble will also. I am not a part of that I'm not an official part in any way shape or form get oil shall shall. But there of those two at gavel will also look back on the map it's a quarry site it's about twenty miles square. Arm spans both sides of denial. But it's fiddle. With try answers 32 trains just on the West Bank loan and the Nile and then now over on the east bank. Is the quarries and it's filled with. Hundreds of thousands of instructions over the centuries. And and so they've they've discovered a temple there and it the ruins of temple Banesha temple. They've they've found a city of the dead and at and Acropolis. On with some amazing finds in those things and some things. Talk about. Can charge shared at least as easy if you tell me but you are you know I'm so it's just when it's unpublished draft beer or outlook it's sad because you still of people over the it'll go oh that must Beagle and we must mr. rated we must did it all up and one or not they're trying to work is all straw. And so. And it to be very careful. We're talking with the Scotty Robertson votes on his trips to Egypt the work he's done there and the fruits of those labors a little bit later in the program we've got Chad in Kim blank bracket I joining us to talk about. A bit famous bank robbery that a curtain in the quote unquote wild west which turns out to maybe not then as it was originally reported the become known. Later in the program but we're gonna take quick break Jay and then we'll talk more with Scott Newman come back yes a lot more to come we'll see Jason and JPM down or later. I GP Johnson welcome to everybody. A telephone numbers say 446877669. Or later in the program award to be bringing in Chad in Kim bracket to talk about. A bank robbery that has become the stuff of legends and in May not be what we thought it. Was yes believe in this hour have been talking with our good friend Scotty Robertson gets to check out his web saying it's got Alan Roberts dot com. And on and also Scott you've written a bunch of books and highly interesting books as well already written all eyes. The rise and fall of the an awful and the secret history of the reps Chileans. And what the in the wall the exodus reality any available besides southern bookie coming out and he. Any other. I contributed do some anthology pieces with guys have done better in that and blue ball and that whole litany of authors. 01 was just ancient civilizations and lost civilization something like grandma and remember the title. I wrote about the what I called the other people that again eight biblical mysteries like. The whole issue of Adam Cain and Abel. And who were the other. I'm better match hope so it was an article Cairo match after that socialism pieces like them to other and well. You mentioned them Monday and it can and I think many many people who listen to the show. Who kind of see you know primaries Freeman's own Schlesinger and a government study surfaced almost there's also a little else the other. Anyway I'm. You know at cherry of the gods. Kind of introduced a lot of us to a lot of these ideas. You thought of that work. Cherry his church in the guts I think it was exactly look on etiquette insults he says arm. I was just posting questions. And that's that's exactly what it is closing a bunch of questions. Alarmed you yes he was six espousing some here. But at the same time he was asking questions. If this is this way why is this and why is that why. And there's all these things we see out there are big questions. I don't think he was. At all wrong and asking questions. Perhaps some of his conclusions. Are are not. On the marker out what science like your. But I for 1 am a firm believers not alone Europe arched. I don't know how much contact each and we actually. You talked to some of the top scientists out there today. Even the pop cultural scientists stimulate growth Tyson's. Come on Stephen Hawkins. Are you listen to these guys and and they will tell you. That today it's very probable that calm little will be dissident or have been visited. Or that that life exists out there it's one example elect uses that that image that we saw a few years ago from the Hubble telescope where they took. If you hold your hand up to the night sky and he ticked about the size of your pinky fingernail. In the sky and they found a spot were with the naked on telescopes she could be seen. And they took their Hubble and the they did any infra red exposure over ten days in that little tiny spot of sky. And what they came back with was an image and held over 101000. Galaxies. Now when you think about that index falls now exponentially. For Scott. The probability of there being life out or use. Is astronomical oral like Carl Sagan wrote it's an awful waste space. And does so IE I think that there's something to I think presentations I think it gets. Very Mitt followed giants. In our candidates to greens it's the guys because he like eyes and order. If there's anything to that. I think what they have gone forms there's so many people all stories to people all true. Well it do you think that that kinda hurts the story I mean when people are telling you noted there's this kind there's the grays there's the G do you think today kinda hurts the whole story about extraterrestrial life because these people are certain sort of just labeling them and it's just it just seemed a little far like I'm a firm believer that there's something out there and am firm believer that things visited this planet but when somebody starts telling me about all of those things. And and labeling them I kinda get lost in LA can parrot whatever so but. What all lets it when somebody can come to mean Tellme. Well I'm gonna tell you everything there is no about the clean decent public governmental system works there and up and came in and entering central economic. Steady in my eyes start to glaze over and I put it in my mind factually what a comic yet. And I don't think you. I don't think they think they're really knows that. Now you look at guys like with the street. Here's somebody's head experience. What it is that the thing about with the streamers he's the only guy that was stinger. And the only guy that experience. So he's giving you his experience. I can say I have experiences in Egypt but I was the only guy that year. And it flew in the face of what I thought I need you and all of this solid pragmatism that I wanna operate the got thrown out the one. Okay hold it right there because only come when we come back to the Britain's got it said we are going and going and only going to keep you for about 45 minutes to think of her have to break that promise and keeping a little longer. Because we have to hear this story in the what you just referenced some that he knew that you had some experiences wondering Egypt that we need to talk about. So we're gonna take a break you're Jack. Paris so a lot more to come if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page and head to beyond reality radio dot com download the free in iPhone and android app. And just had tuna with us join the chat do as the Jason GB MB unrelated renewable. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday in the East Coast near stuck in between welcome to beyond really do reveal myself Jason dollars and they always awesome. Davey Johnson it's great to be here as it is every night and detonate we actually have a special program we've kind of split it up we've flood started off the program with Scotty Roberts talking about his exploits in Egypt in one of the things that he's learned their plus thinks he's written about. Later in the program will be bringing in Chad and Kim bracket and to talk about of an infamous bank robbery that was attributed to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in their gang. Which turns out may not have been the case may have been summoned closer to check and cam. As they discovered by finding a bunch of handwritten documents in an attic of a house they bought. Now Scott he's always just great to talk to a new and I've known him for a long time Judea and yet he used to read articles forests and everything else we only sang out and we still do whenever we see each other but a and Scott I blame I blame him for crept corrupting humanize him and we were very you know we used to be right I never used to drink no never drink we are never right and that's your ties and we are dome in you know exactly meaningful in Gardner's I was always a Sundays so -- Sunday school and yeah miracle in the school teachers at the time exactly what has it come on guys skip gesture children as god I'm in my fourth wife right now and nothing else. I should. I just remember I remember 2 AM knocking on my door opening up the door and he's sitting there with a bottle of Scotch and that's going to be news. Yeah it was me an agreement and grin. And now we're going to you know and had to suck monkey. What they actually Loria decided you know you oh long story but the soccer thing that we are talking a sock monkeys and ended up in the ceiling fan. That's the law in the winter would launch into the studio net and now for all the listeners Alter that happened that. The Stanley hotel and the funny thing was the general manager. I'm not gonna name any names was actually passed armor for. Yeah that's weaker with painted toenails we landed toenails which have been and I'm Leo. Whatever all right let's bring the conversation back to something that we won't get all red faced about us like Iraq general lists like a girl after party and into these sales golf Scotty before going to break you were talking about you Kenny made allusions and hints about to have something happen do you. Or trips to us the story. It's it's it's a store that could be very long and I'll try to make a concise here I am not one for shall given you psychic phenomenon vision but a psychic is a rock. And I don't draw I don't have that candidate to get him early pragmatic kinda guy. Although I'm a little box mole or should I say I want to believe but. I anytime that you don't. Obama to skeptical for that but but when I was in each the first time I'm sitting at a place called sikar words to step pure remitted to measure is their enemy in this big courtyard. And it's all ruins and since mid day sun. And for an instant it only lasted a few seconds I had what I would classify as a vision in my not really knowing much about in that. I could everything changed the lighting changed it to seem to temples where they existed. 3000 years ago I could hear the chanting were preached. Walking in front of me with. Platters and in objects on these platters and I could smell incense. Could feel the breeze ticket and all of that and a test bunny in just a few a few seconds. And I opened my eyes or her frightened. The hell was. And it is silly and it wasn't dreaming and now that the same trip it was about a week later. Nominee backed this up now this could get long Suze stop me where were you need to. But. If you remember Phillip Compton's from. Are ancient aliens sure. He was a friend of mine he wrote the forward it to my book or two aliens and those who are friends were like a community college where the shore and we're friends. And arm he passed away. In that in the end of December in 2013. Are sir Tony twelfth. And I was going to Egypt January 2013. And I remember when I found out about that. For some reason it can be really hard and stood there and wept. I mean it was like rolling up my face and I remember rescue myself. With a few export to in their. I think hell in my reacting this. You know I didn't cry like this and relatives. On and and so I didn't understand that and this one for a few days. And I went to Egypt. And when I was sent to the tune cinema to that sentiment as the guy that I. In the book the exodus reality he's the guy in the grand easier that I believe was most seats the historical Moses. And I met his tomb. And dad were in the desert it's at the tomb of ships at two year old opry in Luxor. And I'm standing there and it was very nonchalant and actually had a cigarette. And having the noon day sun. And I asked out loud just just. Without. Thinking ever hear anything pass so look so silent. So our argue oceans. As it moves so you send them did you even really exist. You know my agent's natural the three church had gone. And at that moment it hit me out of left field just some then slammed into me and it began this week. And my own money and just an. And I remember flailing my arms and use the DF or a couple times and yelled out in his echoing off the walls in the in the cliffs and I'm going what the hill should why am I crying. And hoosiers were weeping and I couldn't stop but it was like a sit had been turned on and does so after awhile you know it cleared up and it went up. A John and Maria were. Already out of the the area where we were. And now fast forward about a month and and I'm talking to Phillip Compton's widow. And told her you know it's that I hadn't told you how I felt when Phil and what happened and I told her. About the week in the day he died in that gripped me for a few days and I said I don't know why. And then it hit me too you know hunt for the same exact thing happened to me. In locks or at the tomb of sentiment. That crying and she kind of gasped and she said that she senate worked she do you remember actual human John. Philip and I were planning to go to Luxor might nature they're scuds were working on a book. About the relationship between sentiment and at shops the female pharaoh. And us oil that's extraordinary issues and Philip also believed she was a reincarnation. Of salmon. And the chance we wondered this happened to assemble tonight ice or in my journal writer to journal older. The dates and cheat you again the gas like kind of response and said. You don't have to me that very same day she said it was sitting with Philip's brother in Philip appeared to me. In our hotel room and his brother. And the saints helmet and hit the same day. And I said that's extraordinary and now and give you the very abbreviated version you're you put all these things together along with several other things happened. And it. Cute to have. The that the emotional response and it was very heavy. Remember earlier in this in one of the segments are told you it was a shot limited to only when you go to each something. It's going to have seen it change your life forever yeah yeah well that was cold mean. Right after Philip had done and I was stuck in this heavy emotion. And he didn't say anything about that he just he talk to me this link is which is sweeping through and I couldn't even talk and he. He said well he says you know I'm telling you messages Jesus. I heard an audible clicks it's a girl scout. Historic called in memory in the sick of crying about this. And he said I'm not gonna tell you anything Olin and attorneys go to Egypt something extraordinary is gonna happen you keep your eyes open to have an open heart. And so indeed it and then this happened and then I had this thing. The same kind of response at the Phillips left and finding out Philippines. It's believed he was a reincarnation of this guy. And his wife and her experience and again all these things are list of experiences in people's personal private experiences. That you can't pru. All agency uses anecdotal is what somebody might call anecdotal but I know from meet personally. Com John called me a week after it left each vehicle in Skype consists Scotty since you left something here. Actual whatever you there and then Maria again has come for Skype as well she says it's not something she says it's someone. And there was stuff going on out there and all this stuff all lit up to the very next year. When we took our group out there after all these experiences. We brought along with us Ben and Chris Connelly now Chris if you remember that the show. Most haunted all the screening women yeah that ship. There was Derek a Cora got let go from the show and they brought on a little psychic. A psychic. A little. Scottish medium by an increase com. Are soft spoken well and very fun guy ever witty guys good friend he came along with us on that trip. And he sat at sick car with me or and that first edition. And also its sentiments tomb and he told me there's a man. Ancient man he says that has set he's attached to you here. But will never leave Egypt. The will be attached you anytime you're you're in that. Key is attention because heats telling the do you think like he thinks. And he was this in this in this in ancient times in and so on and there's a whole lot more of that. Story than that all of these things all wrapped and together these three experiences. All told me that there is something more than meets the something more than just the science something more than just what I saw and that there was a whole lot more to listen and and and impeded did change my life forever I still go home and mall's grass just drive to work her to the store and did you buy stuff put. Internal only my life. It changed. Forever. Yeah and you know fool anybody we know you have a staff mowing the lawn analysts and you know we don't middle tornado warning your 42 kids if I can't yeah yeah yeah. Almost four yet that is extra you know and it's it's a story like that study that sound you know brings all the things that we talk about here on this program or would that we've talked about in taps parent magazine that Jason's investigate and Goosen as I mean that's really what it boils down to. No you can call that anecdotal which is probably the right way to define it but it's those anecdotal stories. At a mosque that lead to these so ideas and these these it's quests that we also down around tried. Finance you know all you've had experiences that no cameras were on nobody there nobody saw you have that experience you go. Yeah but I had that experience and I know that it happened. Nobody everybody else to look at. It's the same thing with this it's it's an experience I had. Nobody was there as it and it's the way. You know what I wrote the book and and and Moses said remember Moses was at the burning bush as habit he was the only guy there are. He's the only guy tell the story and everybody around pro. It a burning bush. And I am so I think we have these extras and there's a reason for the and I don't want obese a lofty new or religious is to say it's god. I don't know that's what I do know a six. Way too much going on. That we don't have a handle on that we don't know that we can't explain to our science to and so I try to keep my ear open to this stuff. And the com. I don't know what to do with the experience now that I've had it's I had that experience and know what's happened in the so much more meat of that story. But it's like I lived my life going what do you know. Because that changed you know. This guy we've had a great time chatting with you before you go once again give folks your own web address where they can get more information about your project your books and making a trip to. Shirk just go to it's my full name's Scott Allen Roberts. Allen is a LA and installer. And we spoke to Scott Allen Roberts dot com. I'm on FaceBook and Twitter all that and is gone over the budget. Scott it's always great talking you Linda I look forward to mean not sometime in the near future meant. So good Jason great to target Jim good to touch it all right thanks Scotty Roberts thanks so much to us for coming on last minute I had some stuff going on we wanted to talk about so we're sick to break. Yet perhaps you will soon Jason JPM down or later you'll. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah. Less painless as you can. Lot going on others have asked us a lot going on lot of things happening all good stuff immune systems is arsenic in a look at and twenty different directions you're dancing in the monitor me. You know all that stuff just like going on his pressure on this time. That's good they are welcome back to be on reality radio everybody again thanks to Scott Roberts for joining us. I'm just a couple of programming notes next week of course Friday night as the best of program as it is every week. Monday night we've got time Marion four Dutch coming on a Marion is a an author and she's written a book about parenting. And kind of the status of parenting in in the country in the world for that matter and should office a lot of advice and on how to you know properly raise your kids in and we have a productive family life and it's not again not something we normally talk about on the program. But it sounds very very interesting and I am anxious to have that discussion. She's great now look after much for starters and she's just phenomenal person so and then Tuesday were talking with Angus. Didn't stale. Some of Tim didn't tell the famed Nazi hunter from 19601987. So are you talking about. Nancy Kwan this monster that's a Tommy G two and an. Yeah that's one of those that's one of those early topics that we all gonna get hooked on it was one of those in search of episodes that we all talk about. And then to you know open the door to allotted to the paranormal topics letter namely. Yeah really sat there assists from Russia rich okay so now on our we've got an opportunity to bring our guests check in Kim bracket into the program. They are ranchers also authors written a number of books one called jets reflections the other is called the chronicles of tapped. And that we're gonna get the Baxter behind all of that welcome to the program Chet and Kim could heavy on the on the show tonight. Thank you very much in the air. We don't know honored that they. Yet you're you're really low to us so I don't know if you're if you're right on the phone or not but time if you can you get a little louder force that would help a lot but. How are you both there with a straight now. Yes for both their webcam that. Respect united says baker on. Okay all right that sounds a little bit better there now let's let's start as we were gonna have to have an abbreviated discussion here given the time to understand you had a bit of a some car trouble as well but. Let's start by telling us. You know where is your story began and we've got about a minute here for us go to break in them pick it up on the other side of the break. Added actually this story are now. I guess you can go quite quite late actor might have been cat is great uncle. I'd ask you with a bachelor and you live alone. Out three at midnight Heatley it out right dory to count. That was kind of in the app electric. Car radio or anything. Currently Peter King is Brooke Torre's. And as we purchase its home. Ever years ago have been adding we found. Up box Butler older. Stories that. There. Are an injury. Okay all right so where we're gonna get ready to take this break we come back after round. We had a little more into the subject but. If you have vignette head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may she'll like the FaceBook page then head over to beyond reality reviewed dot com Eaton gets Treo iPhone and android app. Or find any decrease stations we air on across the country or just click the listen live button join us in the online chat lawless and the show online. You'll see Jason je Giambi unrelated reviewed. You can. For joining us we are in the middle of a conversation with our guests chat and Kim bracket. They've got a couple books out one's called chats reflections in the others is that chronicles have to happen that's kind of what were speaking about tonight in the guy. Again guys thanks for joining us and we get John a little bit late blue wanna. Get right to the to the point here because. There's this is a pretty complex story there's a lot going on in the story. But Tom we got to kind of condense it a little bit firm due to time constraints so. But so let's start with when he Telus check who was tapped Duncan and why is he important. It was beyond my grandmother. Uncle is as family let him then told he had. Your action there's gonna. And the third we have got out of that started out got different and a legend but then when we got this jet streak right jet boat. And that told the story very soundly. And would put it together basically perhaps family that is we got into that Bennett. Went beyond our family and into other people's interest though. It's kind of a typical family story about they go out resource they have. At that at. Yes I everybody's got those in their paso what do you Trace for us kind of the movements and the origin of tab Duncan does he started out in Texas rate. At least I got and tech associated rather was framed for murder already into Manhattan. That ended up. Charlie and murdered them. Don't limit guys that it can be rather. He lived Idaho got a hand. Then I got paired killed a fellow. Group backed down Arizona. And then is rather hook. Had an opera foreign debt. About robbing a bank so they've put together a prayer and love the fact get a lot of mark my restaurant grease what about the background rate. That basically lump all that nobody can really independent of police say it all happened until we got that the true story about what about the bank robbery was. No that was thought to have been committed by butch Cassidy and his gang or at least his gang raped the wild bunch. Because we felt let. All of that far apart Pat McAfee was not in not in the neighborhood. They talk about that a Robert coming through three click it's. They've always refer anybody to come true Rick Rick Rick Rick is nada like she goalie bill through. If we get to make a go where you don't go through that. And very bad guys people who claim that they came to treat victims but all of those stories ballpark yet. Examine them but as Jim guy can start being robbed impact and didn't built it started really here after the at a much the bank robbery. Probably with the prostate simple and about the bank robbery. Interesting so tapped. His brother is wrongly accused of murder. And taps figures out who actually committed the murder and kills. Though per the perpetrators of that. It easy then a wanted man is that why he fled is that why he moved around. They did it ought to be if you don't understand actually can take it chat that someone would accuse him of this murder. And basically is that protector of his family and his brand. Didn't go out looking for travel. They need to let everybody travel can hit right. And then the you mentioned that so he had the he was invited to participate in a bank robbery and we talked about that that the fact it's what a summit of an infamous bank robbery to tell us the details it's a pretty interesting story. But Gatorade and Wear it down that happens it rather wet down through. Northern. Nevada hand hey you work like compare Iraq to fight for that app rather. Done Avery and what about. Bank. They tell them that they'd like and there's two of the Beckett there and talk about down they need to borrow the money bankers had got to where did it get mad at about much money would be to rub that. They laughed and get back there ready to bet that made that demand home. Well you're paid the banker contacted them that hey I need is that the bank of trouble. An eight year to rob the bank. So they went Matt Damon. They applied it and then that was they got together at the crew they got. Two of his Brothers. And brother in law and a good friend of is that. Our brackets that go down and biggest drop Greek parliament really is a lot of it was that no good to be hurt and they make sure they edit carefully planned. So that they can make excuses robbery get the money and get out of town. So but it was an inside job the bank manager actually had cold for the Staten. Apparently had I don't all the details no embargo you know all the big gale. There's probably some in Bethlehem. And pay them. They ended up in the coverup. The other side. Happening in the bank. I never what better way to cover up look at it and by the bank and have the bank dropped. An entity. That would explain anything efficiency and where the money gone. Gotcha yeah definitely covering tracks him. So you know this these. This whole time period the whole time frame of this going on and this is the wild west this is kind of a a long lists from unstructured. Part of the country that sound you know we still are trying to get her hands in our minds around. Well and times have a case but still it is good ball up the bat well and it's safe still wild west and and it respects. Yeah yeah so on and tell him the most curious part of this whole story is that you didn't really know much of this until you've bought a house. And you discovered some handwritten journals or some hand written notes. In NN trunk I believe the tell us that story because that's what's really fascinating here. OK there it bit her family again about this and that but no no specifics and then. The Internet I've bought that house that my great uncle tat Ed had. And he had written over in the in his spare time I see it written about to storage. That would come tipped it not to like that he didn't bear expose that there it would be bad attitude first I was very that he wrote. The national and the Trout and apple addict. And then moved out of the house and now up thirty years later 4030 years later I bought the house. I've remodeled it and at that remodeled that out they struck what the journal banner. And the journal's list they've they've filled in the gaps to vote the old amateur legend that I am in at about that happen. The debt what about the bank robbery and saw the other. Story about what had happened that they did that journalists get really field and the stories filled in the blank on. So in other words as they pretty much openly admitted to his involvement in this. Well. Say hey you know it can't hit talked it. Did that busy dad was dying. Kate outlet several other as a back end and anyway you get proper farewell. As April Hogan story than. That they told employees started out as purely like most repeat. Deleted that are like we did not. Publicly expose these stories but he did relevant element. Specter more weight. Then later comment. I found a man I thought they were very good bit. Not operate any time but I've been around so it may go ahead and get it out for the spam. Yeah I know that some really fascinating information or did you ever have an opportunity his take. The information that was include that was included in the journals and kind of fun you know compared to historical records to kind of it seems to substantiate sooner or more verification. About what you were reading. Well slowly open mail to we have there's to buck up the debt at record eight and that all of that. They usually late like my game came up to 32 Mac lost track of America they're journal blog at. The fight for my starters there's that other very dot. There is Dario will games. Tammy got a hole in 1911 and I didn't get out there and heard impartial and taking back Arizona which again that was in the journal that jet jet as. Post so we open verification. That the stories were accurate. Mean what do you think come in retrospect as you as you lug digests dollar and information you learned more about your family and what was going on to do change anything for you. Not not really. If I look at any age you have to take it didn't. Contact the time and the place that they panel can't. Let the cattle placed it was people had to take care of themselves had to do what they had debated. And there are a lot of ever bad people let them. Predict that Satan and that they tapped one at bay is 888 air off. They carry friends and family and I got a bad spot and he took care of them. And punish. The people who were trying to hurt them. And the them bank manager the one who it appears may have been involved in making this an inside job the bank robbery. There are some. Believes that he ended up getting into politics right. Well that was part of the reason he needed to bankrupt because if he had if it'd been exposed to. But what happened and then the bank it would ruin it. Prayer pulpit the banker and as a future politician. As it was sick issues were covered up. And came out of let down as the hero that. Tried to stop the baker outgrew end. Getting big that Mandel went on to become very respected citizen and then. Politician and banker and very respected it and it kind of really entire career if you hadn't added however that. Right now on are you folks still are ranchers in the area. Yes we are. You know there are likely to edit their passion it's what we enjoy doing and boat who has. It was that kind of what I'm saying wait a bit battered and ourselves and that entertainer apparently anyone direct there's been around so the higher. Children or grandchildren would have been the story about what happened. Yeah and Denton when Tapp had his ranch it was at one point. He was involved in them one of the largest. Ranches in the country right. Yes Fiat. Up to one point four million acres. Down and they Kingman area. They've told a Grand Canyon ranch and it has on our current extranet larger action very very successful. Well and what whatever happened to a view was it just broken up there was in the past under Sam Leno broke in pieces what was the disposition of that there wasn't that long ago. OK you guys again birdies all work. And yeah it was well it was broken out actually there's that feel bad remembers it a long portions are that today. Interest in Sarah off women make a town yet tough court to an elbow actually. So what's next in this and then timeline for you guys amused or more of to learn about this story or have you set all that needs to be set in the books you've already written. There's utmost outlet. Again we have found that we're still researching. That story of that credit goes to Brandon murdered. We keep. Coming up with different at different parts of that. We did a cutter district made okay. It mother even as an older woman walk the streets of can't ever let assignments that might that was murdered by the state of Texas. Apparently felt very strongly that he was framed and kill them. There's an NA evidence and just as it was yeah. Sure yeah. On you know I recently watched a documentary series on Netflix called the west and it's just piqued my curiosity for. Four the people who lead and then move westward expansion the pioneers the folks who. Braved everything in risked everything to start new life out and basically what was a wilderness and sounds like this story begins begins kind of along those lines. That is that it cracked actually. Very involved with the bracket side of the family that Emmy best Colorado amendment. Duncan and captain Kevin from. Is coming and steadily and practice. And I certainly people and after the civil war. Right more people find out more about the books and and the work that you're doing. Currently we haven't been the case or is it kept. And it we have Rick I don't think chronic. I'm not content. And I. At any rate it as kind of where we have of that area are working that there were other. Is that it looked very. Start. You. Okay suggest to you just to clear the two places it's on FaceBook under a tap. Tapping TAP Duncan and then you said it's the Duncan chronicles dot com. That's great are right Mo. Thanks so much for coming on hanging out with the us and and hopefully at some point in the future we can finds more time to to really discuss this. You take your errors at it at MI am badly but chemists get Medicaid. Great and good luck would that would be good in the car troubles could get an earlier open all worked out okay. It's beyond reality radio Jason and JV don't go away we've got more coming up by the with a telephone numbers 844687766. Six degrees Kramer and of such activity and stuff going on here tonight actually bless all we. It's been like that it seems yet early as spring crazy I'm great and great to hear from our sponsors Kraft Coca I was looking learn from them no no equipment that was in channel literally tune no I saw that and when I first signed in seasonal something but big shout out goes out to Scotty and the rest of our guests for coming on tonight and hang out with us. On and if you haven't yet analysts say it all the time address people crazy but head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. In May she'll like our FaceBook page then head over to be on reality radio dot com. We can download free iPhone and android app and a listen to a slide or find any degree stations we are across country. Yeah I don't forget tomorrow night is the best of program and then Monday will be back too with son Marian for got you going to be talking about parenting it's going to be an interesting conversation. Tuesday night's all about Messi was and distanced. Which is great subject it's because I know there was just a recent picture or video or something that somebody said that they caught on this new footage it look that up tomorrow. Yeah I'd be good to have that for the conversation on Tuesday. Wednesday doctor Barbie breath it will be joining us she's an experienced teacher published author prophetic voice dream interpreter. And healing minister she released God's love and all of this work we're gonna talk about that with her on Wednesday night. And if you download the show from my attention to us a favor and read it I'm we're trying to get their ratings up that way people can find it easier it makes just easier all around so. And the show's success all because of you. And we greatly appreciate this important. And we look forward to keep on adding more more stations across the country special it's what's all about thanks much for joining us tonight. And it's Jason NGV on beyond really real potential ma am. 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