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Spirit communication and a near death experience offer a path to enlightenment and spirituality.

Jun 22, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guests Brad & Kasey Wallis about their work as a spiritually guided and inspired team. Their work includes sessions with clients looking to speak to the other side and a new series called Ghosts of the Carribean. 6/22/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. All experimental radio it's great to have a long. Welcome to a degree were you stations during the program around the country we thank you that family is growing all the time and we thank you for that. And if you're losing your mind to know I understand that some people are saying that bombed one of the stations. That feeds or stream is having some static issues may be Ethier may be bad weather not sure which station that is but eight. And you can hear this if that's what you're trying to listen to but you can always switch around just go to the beyond reality radio web site. Look at the list of stations there almost every single one of those stations on their own web sites has the show available to listen to online. And lately TV set we are all across the country so there's and the station streams you listen to run into. Finally you'll like Tom also if you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real. Like FaceBook page or constantly updating that. And us sharing cool stories everything else then head over to beyond really radio dot com you can download the free android and iPhone app right from there. Which allows you listen the show lives listen past shows on the go you can also join chat now warrior on the go hopefully you're sitting soul you're doing that and you know so analysis to javy and I aero isn't Chad if you do download the showed iTunes. Just do us a favor and reap the show forest because it helps push it forward and holds more more people find via a tonight. We're going to be talking with Casey and Brett Wallace Casey is a medium she can communicate with the spirit world and her husband Brad. There's also had some experiences along those lines he had a near death experience that really changed his life. Together they make up a very powerful team and they directed starred in produced in an upcoming series called ghosts of the Caribbean we're gonna be discussing that along with a bunch of other stuff but I F. You know how frequently and I dynamic duo here of of the Caribbean apparently. Last hour yeah okay that's their leader Dustin. About. UFO's and stuff and we kept bringing him government conspiracies and how. The government immunity Newton is frequently on the side of the mysterious if not completely lying to us about things and I have a new theory actually. Oh all right says I was trying to text you. Most protectors in the very very important. And mice auto correct kept changing the words to to really strange things mostly dirty words and I don't know why that you see so many usually dressing weird things. I can say is I think the government's behind auto cracked I think the government in intentionally. Changes our words as we their typing them in through text message you know dismissed things. It's about an accident they have told the story before but I was Steve and I were texting back and forth what we're filming and episode listeners and I was in we're we had all I had to back hotel chill now. Any need is something soul. I responded to a and I knew I was gonna bring its so I just wrote. It be there in a sack. Boy ECO boy not realizing that it changed to be there for sex. And I get this. Steve and smiley face with sending back to me saying I can't wait to you get here you know I didn't I didn't realize I didn't understand what I at Santa Maria where it was. He literally into I look back I'm like oh my god. This is one of the worst moments in my life but hopefully he didn't really think I meant that I know that a so that is a letter you know I hate via. The structure that our speakers. You know I used to be just a bit of an annoyance now it seems like as they've quote unquote improved it it's become so much more intrusive I that there are people who or listen to the program with some really really funny. Auto correct stories scenario that we're episode. If so give us are called zone than the number 844. 68776698446877669. And we do we won't hear hear funniest stuff but here's funniest or spell check when you know whatever auto correct and just how it changed it around and you I mean there are some good I just know from my personal life so it's misty was like changing the content of what you guys have been we're proceeding ever sense and an episode with the leader. May did so yet so I think that's a government conspiracy summary that Apple's working with the government I use an iPhone and and they're just trying to mess things upper I don't know I don't know what it is the boy it is irritating is just nonstop. The terrorists are attack at a little traumatized by. Say what do we have coming up the next couple days since tomorrow night we've got checked in Kim bracket. They're fourth generation ranchers in place three creeks area of southern Idaho. And they have an uncle yes it was a great uncle who was hanged for murder that he didn't commit an impediment to stories talk about. Their life and in what he went through and some family history about the old western days not something we usually chat about on the program zones and be interesting. Yeah and every Friday of course is a best of show. The Monday we've got to misty Beckley a UFO and colonel Moore pioneer Tom and such an early age is life he said. I'm more and it's pretty much resolved revolved around the colonel from talking to him about all UFO's and the MG twelve papers and more. Yep and a lot of stuff coming up a distance dealt who we've and the program integrys priests in the case terrorist experts advocate yes and here's the son of Tim dimsdale who is the a famous Nazi hunter at the Loch Ness Monster he did he used to really was instrumental in. In the major efforts to find the Loch Ness Monster through the years 1960 through 1987. He's written a bunch of books. His to Angus is as followed in his father's footsteps. And he's actually written on the subject called in a book called the man who filmed in messy and will get. We have talked locked and not Loch Ness Monster sense he was on the program kind of a year ago right. And they were just some reports of people claiming to I guess some video that you showed. So that people so that they caught. Other footage of of Massey you know she just seems to ministers we shall be known you know once you know he once or twice a year noble necessary and Nancy gets all the attention and then you get champ from Lake Champlain to certainly get any attention yeah realize the USC US one document needed champ visit is just that the stepchild in the whole the whole thing and this is the granddaddy credits and child care that nobody pays any attention to have a. He cares nobody cares by the way feeding cats at the numbers 8446877669. We talked about a whole bunch of things that you've got some funny stories to share of those about texting and auto correct armed. Even a noun you know we'd love to hear those and merely we will have our fingers on the on on the head mute button it's weak that do it because sometimes that's the way goes. Am I sore and it's a quick break or come back morial listen to isn't it yeah. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. That's. While Obama. Our zone and you know so it is so we got some calls they were all in one go on its mission issues. Are fair which usually because of what that message was that just as funny a carousel. Issues talk talks with the our own. So it Jenny out in Texas was saying and she sent this adjusting kid I guess attacks he always said what's up to learn she said nothing just. Washing my boobs you. Should boots to. And yeah and just and it's says or I guess she stated she sits on about they are getting dirty and you can look at that Leo numbers don't think. It's of people stepping in your boobs who should my government boots yeah I meant I was washing my boots. Yeah that's a good when I've got a couple others who we're gonna save them as the program goes on from what will introduce a universal trend holds my daughter had a Taurus a kid. It's and talking with Casey and Brett Wallace Casey is able to communicate with the other side we call that a medium here not sure how Casey to find to be able to find them a second and Brad. Has an experience he said he survived a near death experience actually in Jay's you know we had several people on the program. They've had that same experience and it changes people to change them for ever. It really does and then definitely wanna get their take on and so hey welcome to the show gets. Thanks extra on. Oh aren't story line or I don't know. It got a little bit lower its didn't find out just how it ended our. Possibly looks like. Actually we are prediction there. So I I'm an aunt worked out the auto correct. Area. Or you are or you're right it is sure. I'm. Adding numbers aren't skirmish or else. I'm really excited. I actually reverse it Leo. Her. Problem. And as being here. Well I'm not an accident in group. It airs quickly here you know. I'm. Right and prince and did not. Under sticker on. Your character. I'm. Robert and I got it and it. Certainly. Don't know. Up. OK yeah that would not yet know thankfully that is not a word that the SEC frowns upon we can actually pull up that air support gay there while that is embarrassing Kasey what is imagine what that pour her in the head per person once they get pretend they got that email and. Yeah it is spirituality show we were all so you know they're not just bring kids. Oh big time if you're gonna go go big time and it's definitely big tax so we welcome. The program both of view we've got to judges does it take this really direct questions to the U case here you Brad just kind of keep things on. Keep things as so that when I walked in and each other here but I would start with you Brad. You know let's jump right into this tell us about your near death experience. And our actions should rhetoric life so. Sort of hurt me. Massive brain injury. Still a bruise on Bernie. On it is senator. My brain between two lobes and so. Sometimes I just don't get all implementation. Just a ruse stars. Pretty. You know the sensors. Jeter's. Treachery and sort of bring into the other and are here. Was given medication. Because it couldn't sleep. Streaks or days it just aren't. And my brain just kept order in order in order in Munich and initially. Saw that it. Pretty addicting. Medication. It Burgos to conduct in years. Pinch on for eight hours. And error. Or shall what to let this problem existent or paramedics work on injury or it means you know and there are. We live in an extremely rural areas in mountains. Or or the union and of course it's note. And so. Took forever to mean to union between now and when I got into town. That are basically in two older but he wasn't live. And and there are commercial commitments that you didn't mean. Don't mind shall. Bitten. They're being different. So. What an experience. I am sick. In this one ounce for. Eight hours eight hours or. And while I was gone. I'm not sorry so in a very unique perspective Ernie. Was shouldn't birch the source street that's you know wait for me to go to. A moon. Erica talks. Spain and shown means you're in pink or explain to me but why why this particular things happened. Why it came. Air and of course I was still wanted to come back. Air and to. Say yes but it being the person that I really any Aaron. Gray ash. You didn't come back with me talk to me because nobody whatever the lead story. And in what I interest experience in a agreed to. Compact. And talk to me that somebody's good or then turned their did it and so when I woke up in Austin locations. In her. In. They contact urged patience issues being hurt our ships of the machine to totally. England. Readers eager to wrap our pillars are so. Are so gonna just back this up a little bits we understand because your bread you had eight near death experience you're actually. I am I'm assuming that you actually bad word to clinically dead at one point during this experience. Yeah it. And you had an out of body experience as well you actually described what you saw which was paramedic working on you you raised up above your body. And then you travelled somewhere where you met and what we ought to describe what these beings were I think you used the word light or something. On in in your descriptions but Tom there's a whole bunch of things going on there. Try and her races. Entered. On their observers it was quite an experienced man on. Crypto people like the pictured pitcher. Under big flat screen TV werder and student are watching your dangling aunt and saint time. I'm in another resistance. Which the group. Well beings like being news explaining to me what Cuban experience is really 00. And what we as human beings in reaction to it or were cheered as loose. Really. It's just experience. Of the and so you're gonna. Yeah how's this gonna say in menu and then a Casey came into this story and mark and a get into arena we have to go to break but I'm anxious to an anonymous on the break to find out. What are your relationship with Casey was prior to this experience so. Think about that for a couple of minutes here as we go to break owner remind people the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. Will take your calls a little later in the program if you've got questions for Kasey and Brad as we continue our discussion or you wanted to jump in on the up auto wrecked the thing is well below its current. In the American Jimmy believes it is our government controls I think sixth. I think it's a government conspiracies that and if you listen to any of the great stations feel free to head over to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live to join us in the online chat hangout with us there. Or download the free and iPhone or injury and app rate their from the outside it allows you to listen the show alive. Was in the past shows join me online chat white while we're there and Ken Youkilis in the show on the go. Where is take quick break we come back morial listen Jason Giambi and. Beyond reality radio Jason Hawes TV Johnson our telephone numbers stayed for four. 6877669. Guests tonight are Casey and Brett Wallace. We'll bring contact Emma masturbation is they are about that's a that's so we'll bring her back and bring up both of them Bakken in just a moment literally in the program we are talking about auto correct disasters because. One was occurring to me just before the show started I was trying to tech's Anthony Jason. And the words that came out of money out of the text that were not anything that I had intended is still in the explain that your picture while that was just that was just a gift OK and a practice so we've asked people if they go ahead some into shared two two to send it to us and done a lot of people our little embarrassed to share these just because they're kind of and number of little risque you're off color this one isn't though. And this Lewis from Stephanie and she said done action we can't read can't I can't read this because they got the bleep myself. But here's another one this and actually was one that was emailed to us from. Looks like Mike. He said down orders grainy tonight I thought she was going to be here for Thanksgiving. And the replied to him was grannies in the grave and he said what great what he's saying and she is in the reply was oh sorry I meant garage mentioned getting to the extent they grave. Yet. So many texting or some new family about where the heck is there one moment Julia shopping. Dad is using in my house. Jerry adjusting on the couch choosing dear god I mean chilling this thing that's I don't even if it's some crazy. The other Mort of fighting and and if you've got to need to share of this police truly feel for either caller issued as she slick Eddie email or something you'll will try to read them on the year but it US perjury aspect and Casey Brett Wallace before I went to break we were talking with Brad about his near death experience and I'm Brad you said that out when you woke up Casey was there. I'm Casey had been contacted. By the scene beings that she had encountered during your your on time away from your body. And and tell us about the nature of your relationship with Casey prior to this and and I'm curious as to how Casey was contacted and brought into this whole story. Yeah well I. Gergen says construction company here and state. And species daughter actually blows. My personal secretary. And she. Was helping me through my rehab out. And in to. That arrow. Casey. Got involved was hurt her daughter. Were had been contacted. All right this group. And told chase sheet it there was a problem with me. And then her and her daughter needs to count on in. Here that house. Or. We that we got out. And be sure restrictions were all and be out. We got early and work well. Saw. Me in Italy. Now than peer out in order now so. We got it helps attract only the strong out. We traveled route home here in. Canada who are. Course on property. Now we are bracket. Purchase rehearsal. For war so I heard or perhaps. My daughter called it. I would not count in the stow it. While mom. Casey give an explanation as to how you had that communication or why you have that communication. You know. I consider it yet so I've seen. I don't. Think. I used to do it. Through I don't I. Oh here we are here and I saw her in. Two. Roster. So. IIE. You know. It. Or they. Used words. It usually. Share. The urgency. So another thing though it is a big thing and trusting your gut that gut feeling that viewed in that people tend to get a lot of times they overlook correct. Yeah you're out. They are looking at pictures don't drop it right in your case. Yeah and Casey were gonna get a little bit more into when you recognized you had Europe bills that he isn't how you learn to deal with Emory use their murder or control them but before we do that I'm. I wanna go back to breads near death experience and Brent tell us more about the education that you received and who these are what these beings were there were providing a T. Well being on the grand scheme of things whether the connection concept or just person audiences or improvement it's becoming more and more readily accept it. Is a chart that you or religious energy. And so we knew there are eight people all know what the world happens when you. Go to being energy. In some form of energy and so. I'd look miserable existence. To experience what energy. And an extremely well. And I don't witness. Lori central operations in mountain. And it was so explain to me that these Earl Cooper forms of energy that exists in the universe. And these are what make. All the universe and what we all basically. It into the caps. Actually leading this existence until we decide to go to a new existence. The normally so that ought soups and moved into war and to experience. Now we US spiritual person prior to this this experience. There's lead. Believe it or aren't actually deep seated in the end religion. But it. This is so contrary says that it's our Morgan Stanley to this day. Our own debate completely disown me because it totally goes contrary to the religious teachings that they. That they practice in her life. He's a hero the year Utah area cracked. I. The oil and it's it's funny to sell my closest friends. Are are Mormon and grant it was a co star. On the show it is his wife I'm older and their Mormon so. And I know that. For a little while they're grant had a hard time lit with the church and doing the show and then they seem to really embrace it. And and I accepted by. Yeah I dived just never known how much of a situation they intend to give certain people when they're when there getting involved and socially. Yeah well. It is real and it depends on how they view horror or an Alan Bennett in religion and war. Pompous just doesn't happen to people in the church. Com or it does happen. Is slowly to a select few. That crowd via tyranny. To tell other people what it is that they certainly don't. Total other people. They use our aid being. Picked creates everything in your. With a connection. So bread you went through this experience. You came out of it obviously changed but how would you describe the change to how did it affect your life from that point forward. Aren't totally different person than I'm wars prior to the accident. I don't and I was very. Angry. Person. And lose a lot of peer. And I don't do that anymore but not fearful person. And empirical. I don't Newt perspective. On what life is little crouched. And what he her resistance is low couch. And actually peach being out. And try to load their thirty minute edge. Well now when this when this happened viewed did you and besides becoming more of a it is a peaceful individual did it open you up to any abilities that you didn't seem to have prior where you are able to start. Seeing things hearing things. Yeah actually. Actually when I was involved in Harrison editor religion at a very young age actually cordoned. And it was cold too. My scrambling that we don't you Google stinks that the church does believe in us. And conversations with members of animal. When you're younger I wrote sort of people that I ceased in Indian rule. Discussions apparently people all the time where we're going bankruptcy people. And actually church wearing. It is tent becomes critical. To meet teachers it just wasn't something that the religion we. And sole party. And left and away from. It and he's in anymore. Oh wants an accident. Happened almost like awakening happened. All it yet so true back. And dirt track there. I can walk into a room of people control what each one of them setting in what they're thinking about our. Insurer to congress nations and just their lips moving. On its grip it it was a little. First. Good I learned to root races. And actually have a war on. So. And again. Who were these creatures being spirits whatever was. That offer this education to do you have an do you have an idea of of what you're facing a point. Yeah well. Explained what is from our lives we only we had experience past life experiences together. I was actually in the past experiences or actually now. The teachings in the universe. Was the teacher. And part of the agreement and what does that this time aren't being. An experience. And traumatic experience. Unfolded and I didn't give them opportunity to teach me. And so this is what this is all well it is this is keeping an opportunity to get it should be. The teachings. That are headed given how. From any of our house experiences. And won't individuals. We changed an inning and two years. Because one of the individuals who it was a dumb and individuals. That teachers. As the name that they are in one or less lives to remember that being. So that's what the coaches poll group. Okay we're talking wind suck Kasey in Brad Wallace Casey is a medium shouldn't communicate with the other side Brad. Has survived a near death experience also has sensitivities and together they actually produced and directed a series called ghosts of the Caribbean we're gonna learn more about that after our break in fact when we come back from the break. When I talked to Casey and figure out at what point she recognized her abilities and how they affected her. Solo Mordechai Nielsen juice and cheese. On reality radio would take her on TV Johnson thanks everybody for joining us glad to have you long paid everybody in the chat room was great to see people there. Yes so we're talking near death experiences in spirit communication tonight from great topics and some great people with Casey and Brad lawless yet and we talked with Brad about his near death experience for the first part of the discussion and wanna change the topic here bring Casey and Casey. You can communicate with the other side he said it's is the most your life tell us how you first recognized. That stability and that sensitivity in how you learned to cope with a in actually use it were from good. It started when I was at trial. I would. Recognize. Him I'd like rap yet I can't help warn that McCarron senator and I. Staying really. Current use and I'll. I. That we are soccer a sport eagle creek area square. Orton of course at this creates a lot I don't. I sparking tensions in the race and I'm not. A current eight. I'm. Not should be judged on my family and race. Or religion to me. And you know you're out. I. Don't consider it I. True. Owners not sure it stayed in my IQ active with. Julius or change her at eight I sort of chant transparently. As to. I. Read it really. Hit it. I believe. Well IIIII. And I argued and it shouldn't. It. A soccer or. On the fact it has started a young age and I estimate in a lot easier because you grew up never knowing anything different where. Some people who tend to open up. In what in their teenage years are ignorant dole years. I'm it's a frightening experience to this is something they've ever known so for them opening up and that's when a lot of people start getting diagnosed schizophrenic and and start getting different types medication and elites all different types of issues. Al I again I am very pleased with. The way out in my life and I do it now it would ruin kind of watching. You know. And I champs. Turkoglu and so much. Or even know how arrogant we. Can you trust your. Casey when you started to recognize what was happening to you as a child. And I think you kind of party answered this but artist Tony and hearing here a little more directly. On June brace or did it it it did it scare you or did you you know we confused by and what was your thought process. It not scary if it L. You know what you know what I think all our area or are. Each. You know whoever victory and shoot out here. Are your. It. Should be. Who you. Don't want you're not. And so. Every stint I might add. Nobody will eat that this. Is an. Argument longer. There. You're relationship. And he laughed and no. It. So. All it. In the light we are currently. I'm I don't. He pretty harsh. And. Yeah okay we're gonna take a break here in just a second here we come back. On the other side of the top of the hour break we're gonna get into more of this rose gonna talk about ghosts of the Caribbean that project that. Casey and Brad wall is so cool collaborated on but it does say something about you know Jane we talk but this all the time a learned fears of people are told the fear something they don't necessarily. Start out that way their child causing grid isn't born with the sheer tights no bright but there I think I remember my psychology classes in college and someone may be able to correct Murat do this but I think you're born relate to any fears I think the fear of loud noises was one of them in the fear of a falling and I'm not sure being a Miami now remember correctly but. But as though things are born with everything else has learned. Yeah and it's it's true so. Ariza we know a lot more coming up if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio late FaceBook page and head over to be on really radio dot com click on the station list and find a station in your area we air on stations all across the country. Doesn't Jason NJ he'd be unrelated review. West Coast the East Coast and stuff yeah. Yeah Carolina radio myself Jason cause they always awesome JV Jones so to it was today the first is Summers and how it works a lot solstice was like the during the night last night it was while we're on the air I wouldn't complain that Summers in Syria and that really technically hadn't. It is now though. And I know other parts of the country that are just under sweltering he right now and it's really hard to get into relief from that in Phoenix and Lanka of a lockdown unplanned planes couldn't even take off because and so are so hard Justin's been flies in the crazy and then nine a Las Vegas incessantly about Las Vegas being basically a ghost town because and so on. Anybody who was there left and nobody wants to go there because she just that you and I've been there it's everybody's in the casino an elected and in late you know like to problem machine exists guys Travis -- -- cards for escort services outside the casinos yellow anyway if you're if you're struggling with that hopefully you've got a good air conditioned place to be and you're able to manage does that stuff I know it was pretty hot appear in the northeast to few days ago and it's cooled off would have been. Menem were down in seven seasons gonna comfortable. I've solely so we got a great show tonight. We're going to be talking again with Casey and Brad lawless. Casey can communicate with despair world and Brad her husband. Knows finger to a ball the other side because he had a near death experience which really opened a mob yet and he's also. Had some. Communication with the other side prior to that he receive sensitive as well we'll bring them back in the program this little bit. A reminder tomorrow night's program check in Kim bracket will be talking about they're great uncle who was hanged for murder. He didn't commit this murder. And it's one of the stories that they're gonna tell us about two their life and their family's life in the old western days of becoming cool to hear what they've got to talk about. And then all next week we had a bunch agrees shows so I if you haven't had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. And then head over to beyond reality radio dot com and during the life surely you click the listen live Omnia. The actual site. He join us right in the chat room and listen the show right from the air apology via an irony usually during the show's well. Or download the free. The lush and listen the show live chat with us during the show listen the past shows analyze more and it's a hundred century. And not not to forget the phone numbers well it's a 446877669. Week. Would love to have you are calling in join our conversation. And and just a few moments will be talking again with Casey and Brett Wallace we're gonna continue that discussion. It's beyond reality radio Jason JV don't go away there's a lot more coming out. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Term. It's beyond reality radiates Jason must Jimmie Johnson and receipts for. 46877669. Tonight we're talking with PC and Brett Wallace we've learned a lot about both of them already. Very fascinating stories. I'm covering near death experiences and spirit communication yet and we were talking with Casey before he went to break about tire her experiences. And I can pick up on that a little bit Casey because at some point during your story. You recognize she had these sensitivities as a child you were comfortable with that it is simply decided to use them to help people. And to help you know guide people if you will and what what putting your life did you decide that was the move free. Or action in pretty much stature. At all and on the back. I started out rain you're ears to. You are currently leaders of rhetoric our current it. Ever the first couple years. Occur. The progression from curious. Insurmountable. What is now able to branch here we are. Hours so almost eight. Shoot straight hearings should I don't know. An. IQ. And you still crack at work. On and grow and expand in Italy. And so I wrote the book. On and on the conversation. I read. On the publisher. Of so. It. Rock and we're reaching on. The terse you know and I. Are honored and she. Ignorant on my breath. Oh yeah and he got it and I are high. We're curious I channel. Information until I. Read out. Or of course as I. Irene. It a source of income or worse than. Brad really. Recognize. The value. And on and on our nation. Really. What the program. Work is. You. Actually. Are. Bread are you still in the construction business serves that was that it we no longer doing that. You know. I could get all that it too little too complicated. Remembering international. And so. Now I just focus on energy on one are mean. They can keep on mind goes program. Okay and now so the two view again and Casey blames you for bringing her into this. And at some point you decided that this was a good move for the to a few what were you thinking and when was that. Well actually. Trichet was watching television. And she says let's go to a look at. Sure he and I and the church watching on. Television and of course I never heard anything about or well when she says werder who wrote it and I immediately. Caught your eye on. It's in stars. And do. I sit there are some open down there we got to go out there we got to find out what it is and before we. Even. Bought the plane tickets to go to Rhode ten under loose. We were visited. Here at our army and you saw we were visited by wanted to hopes on Iowa and asking. Us to. Connect children what is Mulder. And could we do that. We meet she's been real chance tonight city or country can cheat on her. We're an illness. I don't know we're going. But it. It has just been an absolutely. Non stop experience. For us ignorant and started shooting you know. OK so now were were talking about your project dose of the Caribbean right that's where it's word. Yet before we get into the details of that though I wanna get a sense of Sunday and we talked a lot about your ability to communicate with the other side and those sensitivities at what point did did you start to take an interest in. More like apparel normal investigation type approach approach where you're you're out seeking ghosts. Well. Is it in this urge all business it accurately walked it down to who didn't really weird thing we actually. Our standard Julius. Web site. We have eight all well and Ciurciu auto business we teach classes are we we do retreat should we try our whole world. Speaking. On a church who wrote in Nevada so empowerment. And in the process. Ours. Was. When the opportunity rose proposed program in and say hey. Hey. Totally human being perspective. From a spirituality. Tray. These heroes. Goats and our operations. Or worse to. We it and pretty existence. And they can't. Or will lead or don't know how the and art can determine who's in and soon. A very low conscious state. Program mean. Are you using the coast a goal and we'll talk to close. And give their story. And warm air trapped. In what is keeping them trapped. And let me ask them if they urged the that you want and we were there apps and so this betray. And everybody expected it your a lot of screw your Grammy out here is. Next. Year. Yeah and why you hear a little bit or nearly an hour or so. Ordinary outlines. How. Pretty much broader perspective which until it where. Our. Ops are one thing I can check out her on. Her. Socks. Well I think a lot of the goes program programming I'll fare has become really stagnant lately it's yeah I say we started on our show back in 2004. And there was something totally. Totally different there was nothing on on air light that com. But now I sense there's been you know a thousand other shows that have come and gone and some are still there and and they just seem to be following the same routine and doing the same thing not trying to change it not trying to make it interesting they just. And to be honest with your mattress sale of the big head but they they look at ghost hunters and they try to copycat that as much as possible. And that's been done and I mean so now it's it's time to really advance on from that. And look into it looking to coming at a from different angles. And then that and that's really. She never really pan a coach. I got beat her arms which you get a release. Watched that our programming on television it. By doing my whole work and actually watching. The old episodes some of this stuff that they have or television. Watched. Bitter and eluding. An own goal and why Powell there. They're sitting. Good. But not should all so the whole coast. All phenomenal. There's a reason why those people. Aren't there there's a reason why they are hanging out there's a reason they're trying to communicate which. There's a reason my better operation continues to Jews go saying. Being day after a doctor today. And so what we do in our ghost written program. And we're gonna go away you can't meridian and blow it on I'll pick it. East Coast. Of America. And get into the bridge that. Book and were cute is some future episodes but it. There are reasons why this happened. Not just because of history. But these people were trapped in the reason why we talk about in our program. And they actually are hours and not something. That other programs don't tune. Is we actually parent. And intelligent. Conversation. They're coached. And they explained to us exactly what it is that they're experiencing. In exactly why aren't it is that there still are. In order to. People thought our next aren't so you aren't an hour or. Saying oh my gosh. I heard her. You know you're. The dark eerie. And I really they may. I don't know what. I mean pretty. And I. I. Don't want my. Understanding of it where. When you're putting this together. Did you set first choice I need to have a better understand too. Is this film is this a series of programs is this where is available in would've been the details of of ghosts of the Caribbean. And yet. Because you had a very successful show. You do it is you get it. Aren't aren't winning in this okay are put this together Jewish from what I thought. What is going should be. Was going to do it and treat people. And you. I shot bill by Canon. Well HD camera. And of course we have our own editor that works or us and we video edit in our little office. Well them all ribeiro programs edit. I don't get it over the Turks and all of those things and so we kind of just what this secure order. It matters it's been a dirty. Low budget. Well but. There were on. I thought you wanted me on time. Arguing that in opposite obsolete. You know. Argued. Our outlook is urging. I go to earn so little. Inch. Right now and you'll write our program. Any. I'm sure that aren't doing it as we didn't know there we didn't do I mean. Interest and we are urging. Well and it's it's shot rather well hole I mean now I'm I've been looking ever android sites and yeah everybody checked out and expand with the Julius dot com. And AC's trailers software and its shot well and the main thing is as long leisure enjoying. What you're doing and do your your truly interested in the field. I think that you can you can add a benefit to the field and I think that's important. Well the other the other thing we. Today. Have somebody call me and most are and to me a little bit about film beat. And they say you know when you when you look at it goes urgent Google ghosts everything's changed but the work so hard to. But then you go to go run and get people to do so sales that you're all right art route. Britney didn't pull over program the engine on her FaceBook page. Org YouTube page as this big bright and dinner here Caribbean in or lower. And that's what we're doing work surely knew exactly what are Ian has already. Been beautiful. Beaches. Beautiful waters. And that track there Kos actually do exist he and you know places. As well as the dean tore secret places that exist. Beautiful races but beautiful places but also places that had a lot of tragedy I mean. And a lot of tassel of the pirates and everything else going on down you know a lot of turmoil a lot of stress a lot of emotion so. We're talking with Casey and brand Wallace Rogen had to break here in just a minute don't forget to phone number 28446877669. Love to have you call. Also tomorrow night we have Chad and Kim bracket joining us re talking about stories from the old west including. They're great uncle who was hanged for murder he didn't commit. Never remember every Friday well depending on where you are in the country as Friday or Saturday on it works out too aware it's a best of show so but makes you tune in check out the show. And you can also download a mall right and I to interest to us favoring him when you do you listen Jason and JVB and rallied to review and take the break. Six absolutely Dennis young students who come into a song about and it's a great and it's a grace and that's excellent and I like a lot it's called -- I've been welcome back to the program everybody it's beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and javy Johnson and we're happy to have you along the telephone numbers 8446877669. If we have any time on left at the end of the program will go over some more of these. Auto correct. Nightmares that are just so darn funny sent a bunch of amateurs are the hilarious Stark's air we just trucks for Africa nonstarter commercial break they are hilarious but we've been talking with TC and Brad Wallace and determine a whole bunch of things the last. A bit of a discussion we had is about their series called ghosts of the Caribbean and you know we're gonna run on time pretty quickly here guys but does so before we go get too deep into more of this conversation. Offer folks you're Webb's address here and how they can get ahold of you and find out more about what you're doing. They're good you to go to the Caribbean. And go to FaceBook. Don't coastal Caribbean. And or you or web site chasing bright call. Or expand would Julius to our call and everything is there. Talk a little bit about the Julius academy you've mentioned Julius isn't he. Of a one of these spirits soared blue spirit guides or whatever you would want to call them. That it helped you Brad during you're near death experience. And use that name the canal on your whole program. What is it what is the Julius academy it seems to encompass a whole lot of things. Well you Jeremy is actually. We have our age teaching academy. It goes into the great. Tips. Often. Human consciousness. And the thought process. And do what you say go and how to that your life. And we have eight Chichi academy. But it is true is that web site it is truly yes talk category. It is looks weak program. That. It's speaks for so. But we actually had quite a few students that are in the academy. That we do mostly program. That. Read it. Error or. We I. Noticed it it just won't. Be cheap and easy. Congress nation aren't kind aliens. Out early on yeah well. We. I. Our current camps were no student. I got me. In our apps right. Out. And I'm gonna ask you better of something I read on one of the web sites that you've got a natural which wonders several but. It's. Light energy group I believe. Gently awakening us from our earthly slumber and widening our awareness of how and why the illusion of this realm purposely shadows the knowing of our authentic essence. As source and the full understanding of ourselves as masters what does that mean. I mean everybody's pretty much sleep walking yeah lost all her apartment. Almost everything. Human. Is. It an issue. An. Hour. Rule. And their matches and you're underground. Human soul. Shall incur any. There are times and I am like. It completely block out. Count. Our focus so much underground. We support it. Argue until you get re an hour. You're on your heater. You're you're actually understanding. And really injure. Or. When you say were sleepwalking. What's going on around us. That we're not paying attention to. Well my problem is and it's going off around three dimensional ground. They're all high ground and dimension in reality spring and now it's an experience. You're urged. The original being her really and yeah. You're not seeing as we inner. International being used. Here. Are. Mostly those are very aware charter Erie where. We really. Eat. In our hands in the air. We are moderates are here and really need to wait. Until they are and we're reaching. Realities. Are an. Stay. Not on orbit around on all the indications are. What do you think we are is who do you think we're there in the past and we sort of lost it to where we are now or do you think that. And we just so we haven't been there or working towards mean sit in that place. I originally aren't first. You're out or are much you know like we are. Course and support. Or I or Spain or. But it. He's in. It we aren't. An hour we are. In motion. Art to forget art to it and we are out. Are becoming an outward. Give your work my host is there aren't asked to get action. How. Now we need it. Yeah. Only. Day we leave or. Section the action. Can. Hear you right war. But do you think also that the fact of us all just the population these these seems to be more relying on science. Than anything else so that and science sorted distant access from the whole spiritual. Rowell wouldn't would you agree with that. That is true blood and it. They are are. Ill gotten. Oh. Are. Turkey. Al. Agree. It is. An actual. Well. Yeah yeah. So you're. Conley how are you are not. Doing so there's. Our little. And it. Her rocking it out there are. Turkey Shipley. Are. All. Sure I. And so I stalk you. Or. It. Cheek her. Again. Or. Media or. Should. Here's a little bit. Well okay that's produced some pretty interesting stuff here. What they just to circle back around because so we've only got a few minutes left to Chad here and wanna I wanna go back to your work as a medium or Sony communicates with the other side. Both of view and you both have that sensitivity. You do that work for people on me on a consultation basis I know you do you do these programs and it kind of seems to be all encompassing the DD that specific work for people. I. And when you do that work on what are you hoping to get out of for your clients. Hoping to help them she didn't lose the election broader perspective and air force my resolution. Perhaps. Where. And I imagine a lot of people come to you wanting to. Reach out to hear from. A loved ones that have departed. Does that type of work. Change you as an individual when you have to when you do that for people. Are very. I am not out. Well I did not take aren't the emotional state. You're and so it actually kick you so I'm. Old. You are actually current economy personal currently. We're out there is bigger impaled. He. And it. So. You can't beat it really is her. Surely. It is working my perception goes I am not and I can catch and so it doesn't own personal. People aren't. Italy home this is. It. Much or. Oh. Yet so we're in terror emotionally and physically. It well. We've had I done surname reputed we're running out of time we've actually had some people wanna hold that one up on chat with you guys who know at least try to get more to these calls and this is Alice from donor. Alice welcome to beyond reality really great to have you on the show. All thank sure aren't. Like all about the home and when acute as we're chatter amateurish. That medium. Yeah sure you're on with Kasey yet Casey and Brad yet. Casey. You're mentioning that people. Our outlook or sleepwalking or right. And I believe that I am not. Naive elect. A key issue is either made you think that a lot of people armor. Or whatever but. I think I'm not like this we will chat. About me anyway. You read it you're not be as you know. Actually walking on the anger issue. Under an ala. All right attached okay. Is right Zach cleared up for. OK Alison thanks for calling in thanks senator and listening of course. So I guess what else was saying there is that not everybody is sleepwalking through what we know what you described them most of us is doing and I suppose that's true but I think to part of your message was. There's so much more we could be allowing into our lives and blowing through these veils that we keep around us. Well that is true that is true oh. Always good news is that here always and always. More. So you are also doing events I've seen that on your website as well tell us what events are coming up the people could be involved with if they wanted to be. We actually at bay retreat this coming up in September here in southern Utah. Take your opportunity should. Experience. Southern Utah the beautiful canyons and Stanley Cup is earliest. 28 regions under contract so. Or leave red mountains are. Were there any one actually the opportunities. And we've been tune in beautiful smoky area. Southern Utah or goat to expand it and insurers. Com. On an org you can go to our website. They don't Julius. Interim debtors and I can't accuse the program. And what else the only offer also offer all of your web addresses again. And her folks confines. The ghosts of the Caribbean on YouTube. Yet a lot of information and it. Go to the crew Vietnam based book. And argued suit goes recruiting mutually. And then if you go to expand wind Julius dot com. Or Casey and Bora. Dot com. That would take you to work too well so grapes or. Julius the academy. And it is the Kennedy's. Sister. Or call her own. Well thanks so much for coming on and hang analysis and just talking to us about your experiences and an oldest. We would in fact that yesterday you know yet another record. And our guests urged steps and I don't hesitate to contact us Barack. Reduce underage girl so. You. Trying to. Thanks for coming on an hour yet has have a great night we'll look forward talky again yes thank you Casey and Brad Wallace. A take a break when we come back we'll continue our telephone numbers 8446877669. Don't go waits to listen to yeah. If you. And kept calling 8675309. Am not sure we can get but it's not going to be beyond reality radio. Now on the personal probably very angry people at the did did you anybody whoever got that number after that song was at least I think in 1982. Had to have their phone number changed yeah almost like a tour that was the case I believe is set up some kind of 900 number thing reed's missing money on. I having. An endless emails from people about these funny auto corrects yeah. The net hilarious once oligarchs are so this one. From this terrorists love the game of throw Holmes guy responds I know that show in years it makes me wish I had diarrhea. While it doesn't have that impact on Mimi and there at the BO's top hide dire wolves that was huge fail position Joseph does not make me wanna have started. Up for votes is a. Light. These are really really funny and we had a get an email from Jared who with whom she said this when he said guess what I just did again responded what might that be weighed no surprise me and he said. I cleaned your meth and crack core is out of my car since she hadn't hit its ways of weight mass of crackers suck at. Not not meth and crack course now. That. On the island there and it's you home yet watching the game go to coming over I'm bringing colds or Massa dates with me. Lima. No thanks bro. Our mass today to high beacons Jesus Christ is calling it appears if a woman while I wouldn't want warm enough for dates of their throats anyway thanks to Brad. And TC. For their time with us tonight Wallace so we had a great time with them industry interest and talk to them and you can check out their ghosts of the Caribbean on YouTube. A great show tomorrow night as well we're gonna have zero offs paranormal topics are gonna talk about the old west and some really weird stories. About the old western days including. Some favorite topics and see including a chip in Tim bracken who are guests they're great uncle who was hanged. For murder he didn't commit the can of vigilante justice tennis thing you know you'll blast yeah and every Friday of. Course is a best of show mom and if you haven't yet I know we say it all the time but I head over to beyond panel mad over to FaceBook dot com slash or beyond reality reveal. Mean she liked them via FaceBook page trying to keep the lights up on the and then had to beyond a reality radio dot com and we have a free iPhone and android app you can define the stations we air on rates are on the on the web sites or station last. Whereas stations all across country. But also you can download the free in iPhone and android. And I operate there which allows you to listen the show alive. Who join us in the chat during the line shown analysts in the past show's been doing on my goalie makes makes life easy just keeps you connected. Yeah and done is something else JW and I've talked about a lot in the past so we haven't done yet we're gonna but you're gonna sit down new nine figure this thing out. We've got these wish machines that we've been hanging on to try to. There was signal they're just sitting here we have unplugged the men in yes they do require power. We haven't turned them on we haven't turned any of these knobs each one has like nine knobs on it we've had a meeting with them but were going to and were also going to end up giving one or two away. Courtesy of our our our Josh or just warrant and boy we have a very how we're going to yet but we're gonna come up with something we are going to work on this. If we are big summer. And things. I guess that's sort of a all right so they say everybody for tuning in tonight make sure you tune in tomorrow another great show and and this shows only success because you in the sport you've shown us so. Greatly appreciate it's Jason JV beyond reality radio catch Omar had. And the only media is produced by sweeping the ignorance include tunes but Alexandria Johnson for Entercom radio. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting that's slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.