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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, NKE, UAA)

Jun 16, 2017|

Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, NKE, UAA) by The Financial Exchange

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They're good friend Paula Monica from CNN money joins us now I don't Paul. Or do so were you surprised by the whole foods deal. It pretty much what you'd look. Hold on hold yesterday. Yesterday it is the Kroger bad news I predicted this. I predicted this ball in the winter months ago I predicted that Amazon was gonna buy hopeful that got a Lotta there a lot of city do you like to deal. They just they have from a consumer standpoint. You think it makes sense. I think that he. It makes and keeping in that Amazon experiment that we food deliveries of food is such are such another being multibillion dollar retail business you know the big question I think it can be seen whether or not the lower price model. At Amazon can be no power. Works its way mean to you. Whole foods is well made maybe you can buy a pile of asparagus wonderfully four dollars. It again if we got the company for free eating paper work as their stocks up two point 7%. So the increase in the market capitalization of the company paid for whole foods. Look at all cash deal you know not Stockdale but the other thing is sell the stock if its. Amazon not hurting actually. Yes it just as mullah blown away earnest about a couple stocks you like I assume you like the zoo like Nike and under armour is that we're talking. Yeah well. I don't know like a support I like them moved you know Nike was the worst pull it out last year. It's still lagging the market this year just announced layoffs you know 2% of its workforce so clearly they are still struggling and I think that the recent struggling he's not under armour competed under armour. Had been nice rallied during the NBA playoffs got I think the the staff curry bomb and now it's that stock is certain pace than people realize. A curry to choose to be in the often maligned I you know consumers. You know you can lovers were not being the cool out there it is there's a joke there. Catch shoes you know we have obviously coming up in. That she's not exactly flattering. And also we. That this guy Nike is gone away with regard to endorsements that curry it was the end is finals MVP characteristic. Is completely endorse I. Nike. What what does it take pills like. The it in. I think he really does help any we've seen. You know going back to Michael Jordan obviously how important. It used to have EP. Well known aptly it has a lot of charisma. You know being someone wearing your product. Clearly you know we we talked about doubt. Durant but you know Nike is another guy to you know good but it LeBron James Abbott and making it the NBA finals but always. Doesn't always win them but you know LeBron James no offense that carries they'll probably. The most popular and a star you know probably won't happen on the planet right now. So you know Nike. Exactly. You know pat how we last her most celebrity endorsers. Right pub load under armour and they're trading at twenty bucks a share but they've been as high as 44 dollars last year. Yeah I under owner has been struggling lately. Sales growth is cooled off and I think you know the ball they got during the NBA playoffs is a little. Bit unjustified people will be discovering the stock Summers back. Because. That curry DPP's that you. Currie for chute that'll be coming out later this year in the book better than the last couple models which you want to respond that they do get made fun out there. Honestly but conceded he's. You lead eat beef problem propelled these companies appease his surgeon fetus is also making a big move. We celebrity endorsers and well they got James Harden the star player for. These rocket. You know some of these that the company that you can hot just ignore these they're not American company. Indeed it is extremely popular on the world not a proper Nike and under. We're the French company here during German. And big and I was a kid that he. I don't get old audiences might be added I'm assuming that we might think it's around eighty. Not that I would get created and shot. All right Paul thank you very much for your time it takes for the weekend. Used to it I think. I think Nike and under armour missing out on this segment Tucker maybe you can chime in here to see a lot of people going back report the rich pro on vs and yes new balance shoes Nike and under armour hit that all they've got the sports shoes. They got the big celebrity endorsements but those hipster issues that I see everywhere on earth on Nike's they're not that ugly and they make me puke green. And then hit it it that that I've seen some bad ones that's awesome news damn well. And I would be caught dead wanna blanking on the compound that secured TiVo's with Sox. I don't care to expedite these socks if I with teams you know where teens with. Yes they've bears your dad if you can that's. Yeah. You want Sunday.