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Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, MSFT)

Jun 2, 2017|

Paul LaMonica (CNNMoney, MSFT) by The Financial Exchange

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As we do every Friday we're now joined by Paula Monica from CNN money and Paul thank you for joining us today. Thank you very. Paul we're talking about Microsoft which if you went back in time about six or seven years. Well investors probably were not thrilled with Microsoft is the company's stock it pretty much been stuck in neutral throughout much of the early two thousands. But pretty much since not in a Della came on board this company's just before line. Yes it really as being an amazing. Turnaround story for you know a company that I hesitate to call an underdog by any stretch of the imagination but I think a lot of people did. Start underestimating Microsoft and viewing them through the land and the sort of mold the technology that they. Used to be no four you know mainly. You know software for PCs and what they Della has done has really pushed them aggressively. In the cloud computing be it was or is that. Viable competitor Amazon web services and cloud is now generating significant portion of revenue profits for the company and that. You know people forgotten about the mistakes that Los Angeles Clippers owner and former. Microsoft he has they've all right and made with the Nokia DL. On it is and some of the other acquisitions that they made it didn't panic now. I will say no one put on a better performance at shareholder meetings and Steve Ballmer. It daddy's true but I think for that you would of Microsoft shareholders it's nice that you don't have stock in a Della. Sweating her insurer profusely in screening developers developers developers still has great theater it's wonderful in my line of work. Which is to comment on these types of things as a journalist but that wasn't the best thing for shareholders are in the tried to keep our tech. So here's the next question where where does Microsoft go from here to continue this because as we know intact the second that you start to stagnating get comfortable with where you are. You get past just as Microsoft did in the early 2000 what does the Della do to keep things moving forward for a. Got a great question I think they are going to continue to push. More in two cloud computing I don't think they are gonna throw that out completely on mobile either despite. You know some of the problems they haven't been Nokia acquisition and you'll windows code ever. Really taking off teaming you know another high growth area I think for them and you know they'd be transition we need from. But console model and Leo look at what Nintendo's that would switch. Having you know device that can go from being duplicated TP bit. Something you put Kendall will buy back could be up and pitching area currently also like a Michael does happening now eight. Subscription service for games that they're working on that somewhat like that Netflix that came back and gain entry area of growth potentially for them as well. Are they going to do with Linkedin. That is a really really big question weighing in was eight splashy. Acquisition that they me and let's be honest link in most vulnerable to a deal because that company like Twitter. Didn't exactly set the world on fire with regards to. You know being open and able to overtake FaceBook and in social networking but linked in I've always found that it fat in the company because. It wasn't just depend on advertising to have. A subscription model you have a lot of companies that sign up trying to find talent of course a lot of people. Update at Lincoln profile as well that ilk we kept the I a recruiters to I think you can variations he outweighed it fits in Q. Microsoft's strategy of really. Do it bracing. Corporate customers even more between let's be honest a lot of what they're doing. In the cloud gaming notwithstanding. Is more focused on the core enterprise customer not the average consumer. We often hear about how apple is sitting on a ton of cash at this point the Microsoft. If if I'm looking at the numbers right I think they've got like a 113 billion dollars in cash as well. Are they. Getting ready for another acquisition at some point is there anyone out there that will be interesting. For them to buy you know big companies not not. Billion dollar company but twenty or thirty billion like a linked him. Yeah I am I haven't heard too much chatter about Microsoft marks a war chests. So to speak being potentially used war. Acquisitions and I think some would. Would love you know this is just pure speculation is fantasizing about testing and all that they're gonna do something like this but. If you think it's on the list salesforce and how that potentially could fit and I don't think mark any op is looking to. Sell these companies currency union you worked for Scott in bella but when you think of what Microsoft could do. To continue to be really competitive with like the oracle that CP in you enterprise software. That is that he'll let again. We just speculating it fantasizing. These Soviet poem on the cover that could be outlawed that you know might be worth watching but I haven't gotten any indications from people like hockey that. That Dallas got shopping list percent. Texas the exact company that I was thinking of as I asked the questions so Erica. Outstanding Paul we appreciate the time and have a great weekend all right thank you very much YouTube stall Monica from CNN money talking about Microsoft stickers MS FT.