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What are crop circles telling us?

May 31, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talkewith Patty Greer about her series of films and research concerning crop circles. Are they messages from aliens, from Gods, or something far closer to home? Patty discusses her experiences with crop circles and some of the evidence that supports her claims which she includes in her movies. 5/31/17 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. It's Tuesday on the West Coast when Sammy still has many stuck in between welcome to beyond the reality radio myself adjacent hollows and mine always awesome crow snake Stevie Johnson. Thank you you sound like you still have a touch of that whatever is that until now it's a little stuffy still there's analogies. I don't I don't call me and I finished. Maybe two from Tyre and its spread spam and I mean we had a few days off them dead my sleep schedule annals Korea. Yeah with a holiday weekend of course some last night was a was a prerecorded program. And we used to get a little bit of breeze you're kind of recharge you know Linda. There was a long good long weekend and but I'm ready to go are you dimming you feel like you're charged up ready to go here. I can't see them charged up an idea if I spent their worth has took the white from the kids to Virginia tunes and that's what's a little boy's family. Throughout the week and so does not mean you should do set the tentative AK from that's exactly what happens when you take one of those occasions especially 200 don't ignore full north Virginia I mean. The place is insane I still love going there but now he goes there and it's it's like a war zone. Money it was like to sleep in twelve murder psychology music at. They're just there at that time we're Guerrero isn't saying that I mean the kids are tear mentally go to our series the Chicago. And felt like it is for us and I mean as this stuff like a lot of chaos goes on on the Arab areas stuff changed and it's it's a shame but. Welcome be unreal later everybody. Yeah it's great to have everybody along hope you'll have a great Memorial Day weekend also remembered the fine people in uniform on this Memorial Day weekend that we Claussen line of duty. I'm that's something that's very very important and her lose sight of that and is is hugely important. A lot of people look at it and just at the moment thing and it's a three day weekend Renton and so forth and and it's I had there's so many people who gave all for us to be able to rest our heads them on the pill and sleep. Now you're still gonna feel safe still absolutely days in a big thank you to. To everybody serving everybody who has served and everybody who did serve. Now I saw a lot of chatter in the chat room about our guest tonight were going to be bringing petty Greer and had he's been on the program before. She's one of the hardest working UFO filmmakers in the world she's completed eat full feature UFO movies in the last ten years and he's gotten a certain movie says more than the reader document Terry's there. They talk about things like crop circles and and aliens in new folk conferences and she really tries to document. What's going on particularly with the crop circle phenomenon in a what's happening and why it's happening. Yet she does a great job and we got a little special surprise for ready for tomorrow oh yeah. I think can all bring your own my good friend Steve consults ES TV from ghost hunters will be hanging out horse yet Steve is awesome he is going to be attending scare conned with that with it and Jason and he will be added ghost hunters moved to scare con. Mom I'll be running around there as well but Steve wants to come on he wants talk about some of the things that you and he have done you know during your twelve senior years of filming ghost owners. And talking about scare con some stuff he's been up to between then and we've had him on the show before and it's always apply. And the either thirteen now but I started the show they were five days old this crisis started the show and my son Austin said that he has. Can see the very first episode ago summer's massive who want to send us Lou this was to get egos but I've never seen you. Okay so and so I can assure personal idea and turn it on a and then of course a Torii comes down to is. No she was to reduce our run and run and seen and never been face Puerto. But and the twins center and watched the very first episode of ghost go senators. There'll X who are who we are five days old when that's why you can losses linked to hadn't even if hat. Signal thank you. But nothing is so but they sat there in the end they watched it. And it was fun I mean there are five diesel. You know that doesn't say that really puts things in perspective I mean when you when you when you when you put it that way that when you started filming of the show there were five days old another thirteen year old I think tea that just puts a time stamp and everything but it's it's pretty cool at their interest and enough to go. Wanted to see it in a debate and look. Or just looking at all of aspect enemy grants where she Steve and myself we we definitely all. Look too while we're just we're so young and say we all looked a lot younger but we were just we are young yeah it is it's so she even. Even Lydia I'm Brian Brohm how the idea he's actually looked young to sell our. But yet it's just it's a while when you go back to an annual he had engaged while I accept its so remember so much of that stuff that one mom. I mean that was a good time and a just an unbelievable time visualize a mean there was still a major steps in and new experiences and you can see how -- how can you not have that burned in your memory would produce better -- when we turned down during the -- -- -- different times as we didn't wanna be on TV in the first virus that's right so just amazed yes tomorrow night we're gonna have Steve Gonzales on the program he'll join us during the first hour and notre probably carry Malvern the second hour a little bit but that we're gonna have the Gettysburg ghost gals coming on. And they're gonna talk a little bit about some of the paranormal investigations they've been on. Yeah and are always wonderful talked to so. They come artists are you know why I investigated via Winchester mystery mystery house shelter at San Jose Eric yeah so I guess this is really neat but the Winchester mystery house in San Jose just opened new doors that allow visitors to view parts of the home. That have never been seen by the public and that's really cool. Which is goat as we we're able to access a lot of the rooms are noticed it until we wouldn't we investigated but the places like amazed it's truly. Well being in the mind of a schizophrenic. It's it's it's the only way you can really explain it. Yeah I mean it makes no sense there's steroids leading to nothing new doors leading nothing there's rooms he can get to agreed to the whole things you know like she did it while she's trying to confuse the spirits. Exactly well because a psychic who was there she's she worked to a I kept telling her that you know these spirits are angry and strangely the psychic Huntsman was the guy in charge of the construction side didn't I don't know if but so owner and air to Winchester repeating arms company fortune Sarah Winchester was convinced Scioscia she was haunted. But the souls of those killed by the guns that made her family rich. So she costly construct in reconstructed. The south Bay's how house's 160. Rooms for 38 years a supposedly throw off the skiers and Duracell place to hide. But it'll be the first time Taurus are allowed to enter the house through the front door. Just one of the numerous areas that word and were not opened a public. Where the word is that Sarah when just she didn't want anybody to go through the front door and see the hallway behind the front door because it wasn't furnished. There's also some story about Teddy Roosevelt knocking on the door and she wouldn't let him into the front. So armed. But another room known as the self which is cap. There's just one of the forty rooms in the Winchester mystery house that will now be open to the public some forty new rooms are opening. While third for court or. Are part of a house said to be visited by ghosts as well I'm. They historian at G GNN of the home said sometimes you'll you'll even hear whispering. He hears someone whispering your name. In that area and there's no one there. It's freaky. And you can also I guess you can visit to north wing where visitors to see you remnants of damaged and artifacts from the great San Francisco earthquake in 1906. Narnia and I we are able check out some Nazis couldn't get into a full area but. I mean misses this is great and I guess they actually have a movie being made Jim about the cells. On the story of sir Winchester is now being produced as a film starring actress Helen Moran. New report I don't know yeah it's critical story it's a great place to visit if you have a chance. What it's in San Jose so where does San Jose California also threw in that area should definitely check that out all right so let's some with sadistic break. Welcome back we'll bring prep pedigree or in most are talking about her films particularly you'll fall phenomenon and crop circles. All right so you'll see Jason and dvd on. Really room. Best weekend of the year it's scary car. We're in pop culture convention June 2 through fourth that the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean god Jason Hawes Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so when. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Carrara. Jason campaign let Eveready along don't forget the telephone number 28446 seats seven. 7669. Would love to have you call and be part of our discussion and also just note so much people in chat. We mentioned Stevens Els. Jason Steve and I albeit scare come people wanted to know we can get information is just scare conduct comets that simple. Demi she checked and Allen will be there for pretty much try to Saturday and Sunday so we can get on up there. Stop on by its sale to be great weekend but now it's time to talk about UFO's crop circles. And a lot of great films put together by our next guest turning his pedigree or patty welcome back to beyond reality radio it's been a while the great to have you back on the show. Thank you cried credit climate if I'll achieve this. Tweaked this month this year. It seems to beat there's a lot of things just popping up on people talking about ten if you actually got a second month we go for some of those things what are you hearing. I've got a second that they can't. He got even more than that actually. A a let's talk about what's in the news. Well into an I just got back from contact in the desert which. Has added. For I guess four or five years are really great USO a bad. And date featured at a nice variety of speakers. What we're seeing in the USO field. Is aide Harriet control problems that you really feeling the field with a bunch of circus material. And it is finally. Getting exposed that we have. I'm a product circus. Ended unfortunately had been one of the few people that didn't come man. But the budget funding from uncle Lawrence Rockefeller. You know there's just a cluster of Rockefeller initiative. Poster kids that are very famous today capped it healed. For decades and it's starting to become. Gary compared to most people that are highly anxious that they are circulating. Hitting the same data without giving us any reason to move forward. And the whole reason that you colleges and it all these years is pretty simple. Lot of I think the big players that are honest coming right out of the basics which is wired and I think you look and crop circles. Is because of the advanced technologies they offer. Bottom line we've done it gas we don't need. To be living with Monsanto and that we have everything we need to move already this species thanks to. These other dimensional beings that have been interacting with a lot of humans. The problem is. That there's been tons of money. Behind that information in the field of biology to try and keep their public distracted by misinformation. And boy has that worked. Now do you think a lot of that. That misinformation has been put out there to sort of make it look like the field is. A joke or something come to just making a mockery of it in trying to take away any credibility. I think it's kind of similar to what we're seeing with count and I don't. Wanna cut some political war I didn't vote I mean between Hillary entrap I was embarrassed to be an American. On the other hand. What we're seeing and I do believe this is true is an entire media. That. I hate to hate him. That was I hate to make sure that. The world negotiations the enemy of all enemies while I hill backstage. I really think he has taken out an awful lot of the swamp. And we're not gonna see that is about it but what we're gonna see it and it is hate trump hate trump and all that. And I increasing the same thing you college. We are seeing. All the media being focused on the terrorist. Circuit. So that we're totally ignoring. People that are being very carefully it because. Like myself into. The information is too important. In their opinion too early. I work I had. No idea what I was getting into that completed eight films I'd just won two more deep V awards. It internationally electoral congress convention. In February. For my final film and it is my idol reagans film. Because crop circle tire is at number eight sales of science. And what I've been through does that make this movie has put me as the number one most packed US automaker in. History. I did Kyle a freckle. I proved without a shadow of a doubt it will be one full hour and eight. The crop circles are real beyond a shadow of the doubt I have shown. Signs that technology. Actually it images. And I haven't done any research I didn't watch other people's films or read their books there for. My pre research was only being crop circles. Playing and them. Listening. Coming common epic all this telepathy. So I felt at a live when it comes do you oppose the war against such a thing. Because we're working with the really intelligence source that doesn't tolerate. Human misbehavior. Paddy and tell me. Go ahead finish your thought. I think this field is about to blow up and the worst of the worst is about being exposed. What are the questions that Jason I often have only for when we're talking with somebody US so much knowledge about what's happening and in regards to you flows an alien presence. And we frequently hear that there's money and there's government sources that are keeping this stuff under wraps and lying to the public to misinformation campaigns. Why don't these alien and intelligence sources to circumvent. The government and these sources and make their presence. The more obvious and an inmate might already be just by I mean what would we vote while talked about the proverbial UFO landing on the White House lawn I mean. That's that would remove. That middleman completely. Yeah well I think I held on his way. You know for that app and. Yeah I had a proverbial as well as when I was so I mean anywhere and anywhere in public place. Well let this had happened it happened so many times. But this news won't reported. A lot of things has been proven our problem skilled today. Is that is. Throw the old days but they've landed in obvious places in the news to says reported. So let's go to red. An ocean forest. Now that was belt plotters in England very famous location military. Facility. And deciding it was. Number of military man that created enough evidence and what about that oh. All things certainly didn't mention. It that I should compensate plant which is what I call placed over and I thought that Peter Rabbit. Is going public get Larry or does that they'll water. But the front. I mean this could happen today on FaceBook. Is that Peter Rabbit as the great researcher. Court so they say. It exposed in the fact that the co writer of this book. Was lying. I mean that I'm just saying everything is blowing up at contact in the desert which people have renamed conflict in the death. Eckerd contract in the desert. Add from some other journalists record came out in the desert. Sorry daddy hang Aurilia take uber April come back and that we got a lot more to get answers so why are you listen to Jason NGB on beyond reality written back after. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. On reality rating was chasing. And GP. Sounds like a perfect song padding should have been playing this contact in the desert things seem so crazy that you are getting blown into the jungle is our guest is patty Greer and petty we've for we go to break you want you sir Thomas a little bit about what was happening. At the the conference event when everyone to call you just returned to its its originally called contact in the Dez reason people are sort of develops mother names fort. When you pick up the story where you left off. You know Terry Drake it felt like my guys committed to get back to crop circles and so. Well about Pam. And what's so important I feel like during the course of the time we have I should focus on the good of the world. You know and and that big yet compassionate female. It's like I'm almost nudging myself to. Let all the anecdote because they really are at a time when are being tested and I am watching stuff blow up left and right. And it's because of effectively to get back to integrity. So. Lying. Liar that heading crop circles I mean this is subject have you heard much about them even in the last month. No honestly. It seems funny but I if I've heard about them a lot over the last few years but over the course of buzz last year year and a half. I've really not heard much about the. Okay we'll we've had fourteen in England already this month. He Clark had problems. And exciting Ngo and we're having a hanging trees and a crop circles southern England and nobody is talking about. Before we start talking about that I want him back the conversation a little bit when I dash surely if he had a few seconds of talk about the headlines it was before we got to the crop circle. Discussions now where there. And I want to know at what point did you decide to pursue crop circles through a film making medium or just have an interest in them that's that's on the new wake up. One day just automatically do something NASDAQ had death happened to you to develop that interest. Yeah I actually never developed the interest I think that. Lot of people say lost somehow I think I was. And it's so weird words sound americans' right to it that but there was something chosen about a lot of people having interactions with other dimensional. Not all of them but the people actually take the time to listen. Like it's frightening day here telepathy it's an addicting to listen. And then do something about it. What happened in May was well off the wall I was in musicians since I was six I played piano in college it took up higher and so. I've played music everywhere all the time and once I got done playing in band and I got a little. Quieter I was Everett and making movies never thought about it iPad it is kinetic camera my whole life still today the plane. Snapshot. But I am. I trusted that Dennis which in 2004. Completely out so well which ago I went. Later in this chair and I trusted him and I tip tonight is oxide laid back and I was gonna get my old Mercury fillings removed and I paid thousand. Is to get beautiful white clean port front nontoxic. Feelings and I woke up. And I had a mouthful of the new Mercury fillings ended made in the air and that in the parent said what at least starting is Edward dot I edit sorry what. I've got silver fillings is that Dow Wally Iran conscious you change your decision and I like. No that would never happen. And so anywhere up plays and added. So frigate poisoned by the Mercury selling. And that there wasn't a lawyer in America that would. Take the case because. I think still today. It would be hard it's kinda lawyer to take your case you get poisoned by it and it blah blah blah. Well I've been witness vaccine comes down the fraud and witness Mercury fillings thing. Try to cut it down and all these organizations go away. We're talking about the big disclosure of ecology. I think that they disclosure is. And can you imagine how much you guys know and most of your audience. When the rest of the world learned that. All of this has been a lie. And I was just on the disclosure cattle at contact in the desert with Richard dale lynch in any church. Nick Pope animal how. The Ramsey is that we're at as a tech crash site so this whole lineup and the question was. What is this closure. And they're ready to go regular cellular cellular vote it out and here I am a girl. There's also animal house and transient but I was sidekick Al how about. Look at that at our food supply how about the heart and the water isn't disclosure all these things. Suddenly you have fulfilled its massive. But really disclosure. Is going to be all. As a mistake that we're allowing so I think it's so much bigger picture and I also think we're really close. Really close. I'm really close to full disclosure. Now Canada. I do. And I think set. We're going to be shocked. Again I am not throw trumped crazy person. But I think that a lot has been done because he's not from those family. Eddie's so damn Eric and it just kept doing things hiring people. Am. I think it might be surprised how much has been done behind the scenes. But that's what's happening now in the electoral field also these people behind the scenes that are cleaning up the mass but the met. It is tense stage. I mean. It's almost like a weird words that came to me in my first film was it's about what you city it's what you counsel. And that's where my work began so I never planned to make movies. And when I got played and what happened in the as a musician pianist taxes bigger. The Mercury destroyed my fingertips. We are attempting to rescue we find. That. Somehow. Whatever chose me to do this work with the crop circles. Make sure that I was gonna make it music. And I had in music so many years that all those CDs are this out exit these movies. Making you know putting them great right now he can at times and I just go crappy apparently out stroke but it like art and music is practicality that I know. 25 years ago I read that confidence that they so that's what I'd say some of us may have been. Chosen and worked with for a long time I didn't have any idea. As I laid out the films it was like how it is easy. And everything was there. I didn't study but when I was trying to get well strums tons of Mercury really. A study experience to have and watch the did dental industry being so. Fraudulent to and then my doctors skated around blood test recent years because. They have scaled. And the insurance companies are all about it at means. Greta but our time. I think that let me shift. It's the tab which has led title birdied number five. I think it's not gonna come down and you bet I'm sure you remember the day week month she woke up and learned all these things although stages we went through that. No way that can't be true. And then getting it and then going to the anger of I'll like accurately didn't get all of us Tropicana trails the united chipset anger and then kind of that we're resolution and how to fix it. The map Robert stages. Can you imagine what the other. Hopefully ill afford it. 9% of the world but I think we're still looking at seven near 80%. When they go through those stages that it is going to be vicious. The big 28 while they were talking about is that caffeine polling say are going through is like that. I and then actually. This final stages everything that is character is coming to the Serbs is to be healed I believe. That's at all does that mean got re talking about heat okayed an. Oh it's all. Just coming to the surface to be healed. And this was something that are famous woman Patricia Cota wrote analysts said 20/20 five years ago I was hearing it Cooper really seeing it now so that. Crop circles. Oh my god. Two people were paid by uncle Lawrence Rockefeller. Two of mislead the public all these years and I shouldn't say names. I want but all of a sudden that some events coming up at November. He's making a comeback and I like a seriously. Each client is. Years ago it true that development council footage for the sake and everybody went back to sleep in crop circle land. There's only one footage that the world knows about it. Until my finals so weary continue to also likes spent a profitable bowden's second seed bed CNET. Okay famous footage yellow brick castle footage but. Somebody payments and it 88 team group it was fake and people rent and agrees. And then electricity and ever heard about this research and somebody gifted that prediction I stack at the end of the film. And what I can make actress Libya I left out the tire Wear. I. I couldn't get healed from Mercury poisoning I tried every penny you there. Ever candid actor. My hands. Were trash I was fighting it for years is really tired and frankly I was so desperately ill. That I went and laid in a processor. That's how I started this field. Without such desperately ill for Mercury poisoning and I went and over to England. Because I heard miracles are happening and I related crop circle and that's how like. Started. And what was the result. Well it is only that the first crops circle I ever reluctant. As a rainy day I have a daughter with me. I was with a woman that I had just met minister had no idea that color she was she still is the extra added that Stonehenge. And. We've followed her car through a crop circle. As tourists so you know we're there to. 51. And sure enough restarted a lot in this tractor tractor and a partner with drive because we were told that weighed down there. Keep going to fight skeptical left and it's. You'll find it but that's tramp. And tractor lines to the left that's the way you get instructions. So we're heading into the farmer's field. And all of percent to pair went up on my air. And it felt like inherently stepping up vomit up in my head and I had angles. Head ditto I couldn't see it parenting were lacking in this strictly gate with. We have to our waist and all of a sudden it was like this. Incredible shift frequency. And in that we'll. But I went I don't know what this is that I make it and about and that's later it was this law. It swirled around fielder weeks it was. Meticulous little. Each illegally and it was so remarkable. That. That was some moment I knew that I wanted to. Share it was people. Right well let's. Let's stop break there and quickly go to break as we come back that would get some anymore questions because he's crop circles there's there's some mysterious to so beautiful. Mom and there's a controversial. Born before. And defending if you have out there have any questions about crop circles or any anything that we're talking about and I give us equality for four. 6877669. Again tall freed 8446877669. You listen Jason G. He Dioner elegant reveal. Best weekend of the year it's scary car. Horror and pop culture convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean car chase in caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so when. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scared conduct. On that scare con dot com. And really rainy. Telephone numbers 84 or 6677669. We're talking with padding Greer penny is one of the hardest working filmmakers and beautiful world. I she's completed eight full featured view a full films. In the last ten years and she's received the prestigious awards including five EBE awards. It's a largest to a faux film festival in the world the international you'll Fo congress convention. For movies offer unrelenting explosive footage and evidence about the crop circle phenomenon which is what we're talking about right now again I'm patty thanks much for being with us. You said that when you first experienced. Across circle you when you view lied down in the middle of this of the circle it didn't Q do you. But as your experience continued you felt things you felt. Energy you felt things what were you feeling. Well it was ultimately. Spinning plasma. It was ultimately. An enhanced. Electromagnetic. Field with all these other enhanced frequencies. In this field. And things sensitive. My body was lit up to. And my guess that can respond hit it towed tingles Ayers standing up. And that I think with the electromagnetic. But there's all these different frequencies in crop circles. And all these years that I. Is enjoying being in them I wasn't ever really focused on the science because nobody was talking about it. In the formations we bridges to equally in feeling down. But for instance for a plan that would really interest that you might remember at Stonehenge broad daylight. A pilots flew over and get a scientist and they were doing measurements astound engines are the pilot. The sacred site a few times and then it turnaround and headed back on the same path toward his airport. And we within fifteen minutes twenty minutes Max. That they had hit it again and headed out across the same field there was in fact it triple. Given up chase sequence that carpet to Juliet that crop circle broad daylight within twenty minutes. And they reported it to the guards at Stonehenge. All these people hundreds of people ran across the road to get in the crops circle. At a friend of mine Heather groups like issues spreading it to work. Session at eight people under group and it went bad and this crap circle and she report it to me directly. That one of them started to laugh. And the entire group left for a total of three. Hours. Chase says they were completely. Unable to stop laughing which it was the leader of the group that means whatever remarkable. Situation. But also for it to appear in broad daylight so quickly. So. What I wanna talk about it ultimately this science to make sure we get to it. And my web site is crop circle films dot com. Crop of film with an S dot com. Now patty do you believe them most these crop circles are being made from other worldly hip sources. I know. The interesting thing is that. Crop circles. Were released scientifically proven to be coming out of the year. So coming from below. Two and well in effecting their growth. Obstacles are coming out appeared to hit counter rotating spinning a little tornadoes. The cult sport sees a plasma. Ultimately this is what it came down to an elitist scientists in the world that ever troops they were real and they did repeated test. Let this get it at the punch lines from. The laboratory of William Leavitt good and Kenny Kelly and this is really spelled out that's quite satisfied titled film crop circle diaries. Because this science is so different and what we are told. Which secret outlined before. So literally they're coming out of the years in counter rotating opposite stating orgies of plasma they have different distinct. Boundary conditions. With different layers of frequencies. And they're always coming out of the year they're always coming true and referral water some sort of water and quit. Currently measured years ago comparing the crop circle locations. On a map would push pins almost all of them are sitting on a late line which is a direct line on a map between two sacred sites. So. The epicenter of crop circle deliveries is since southern secondary cult Wiltshire. England. And it will sure we have. Stonehenge joke repaired to the east. And the west is left amber at the right in the middle and the epicenter. Is the eighth prairie stone circle eight. EE BURY. And discounts circle as famous as Stonehenge. Is absolutely older actually older and archer. And it took them circle on the moon circle and then amazingly stone circle. Is where three underground streams meet in the center Omar. The two most powerful. Lady lion of you're up. And maybe the planet item Michael and very lines and they actually crossed crisscrossed right there at the edge of the eighth street don't circle. They've got a tremendous amount of urban energy. You've got people that house they have great houses that they don't honey don't likely due in America you can see spider web in their. Then their cars they're kind of not as clean as they focus on here. But I. Petty act sorry gotta tell ya get a jump to the top of the hour here we're gonna pick this up when we come back it's beyond reality radio Jason TV great conversation. On the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast and you start to between welcomed beyond really purity with myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome GB Johnson. Everybody great to be here great to be your Jiang after a long weekend we always enjoyed those but always great get back at the microphone and asked her talking to some cool stuff and Sam are good friends and Chad never else. Absolutely tonight were and we were talking with patty Greer and one of the hardest working at a female south that are in the UFO filmmaking world. Where we talked in her about a bunch first off she's completed her east. A full feature you awful movie. And over and talking are on the enough tomorrow night we got a special guest my good friend Steve themselves from ghost hunters will be joining us. We'll be talking about well I'm budged off that yeah I think I think we're going to be talking to a dining secrets primarily I see he's also he's teased by these cuts that I sugar and analysts off out of his diet the viking which is which is great triumph I mean he's like withering away to nothing to really is intimate scenes in the most morning it's unbelievable so and because Steve and I will be attending scare cannibals GG. Pretty Thursday or Friday Saturday Sunday in Massachusetts Springfield mass and make sure if you're in the area come on by come to scare tonne if you wanna find any information just go to scare on dot com. And you know sit and check out the information and the guests are going to be either. Yeah one thing that's very very important because some people who've never been noon event like this some often think it's like a haunted house or of the innocent about Halloween show it's really not that it's really. A collection of a lot of people that enjoy. Entertain pop culture entertainment whether it's paranormal related or it is so horror films. And the celebrities are there the vendors are there it's. People hang out meet and greet parties. Film screenings panel discussions soon some very serious conversations going on but it's just a lot of fun and it's great for all ages. Well last Jewish when Steve and I were there we deadly grounds the party here has directly across us and all they did was keep on bringing coffee over and a similar wired they give us mugs they could deadly rise to the commodities and all the time it and some great coffee but it's funny because they have all set up in the scoffed and today things are. It's your ethnic interest that good stuff there hey just begun quickly before we bring up pack our guest patty and if Brazil just reported that to a man died in forty other people were bitten after vampire bats attack humans. I heard something about this is a there being a forty people are being treated for possible rabies exposure in north eastern up Brazil after vampire bats started feed off them to victims victims reported waking up to find their bed sheets. Soaked in blood in the operate. Is the largest wave of attacks by vampire bats ever recorded in the region and the death of the Amanda died is the first case of human rabies transmitted via bat in Brazil since 2004. A lot. And the Cesar creepy I mean the the end of multi when they've got something in the saliva sort of numb she'll. While they outlaw the turn compliance and due to tackle terrified panel. And a mosquito it has been a much larger scale it kinda numbing and you view human really no no no it's going on when you're sleeping you really don't know what's going on and so people been bull waking up found in their bed. Sheets were soaked. In blind to come one victim thought that it had been raining and water had leaked through the roof but it was actually his blood and it was a shock so they're being treated the one life. Was lost on the health of the Condoleezza once in time. That's terrorists may happen that's when you're you most or all anytime anytime. You know there's talk about being attacked in your sleep by anything that. Some mysterious whenever cash and there was another story I get a finder for him and gonna Leslie some. Somewhere out in California and there's been all these Croat attacks. Only student yeah at least it's like it's like the movie the burned alma Hitchcock was right he knew what he was talked to a he's giving us warnings back in ninth place just before whatever I was finance are definitely all signed Cody deceit and read it by sought earlier on campus just creepy but. I don't know interest and. It is our analysts to break we'll bring pedigree and we're going to be talking about her films are we talking about crop circles her most recent films. Crop circle diaries to talk coming from. It's beyond reality radio. To everybody's listening the local radio stations and securing the program list is growing longer and great everybody who's in the chat room or if you're listening online no matter how you listened to show welcome. Yeah and if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may she'll like FaceBook page and had to be unreality radio dot com where he can download the free iPhone in injury or death. Which allows you to listen to the shell while on the go and you can also look at you when you listen live show realists in the past shows. And also join the chat during the life shall so hard or you can find all the stations that we err on rate on the unrelated renewed common and find station in your area. Let's bring our guest in tonight we're talking with penny Greer penny is one of the hardest working USO filmmakers in the war world with eight completed full feature you'll full movies in the last ten years. What the website is crop circle films dot com and petty welcome to the show I ask a pretty what would might seem to be a basic question but I think it's far more complex than people give it. Credit for. What exactly are crop circles. Drop circle. Old iron. Formations laid into fields of crops they can be it wheat Barley corn. Oh he's been really sick crop. Quarantine one Micah to talk to bed that an outbreak hit. Is impressive. The other one is very much like court and it even more brittle is canola. And that's what we've seen in the early April may crop circles and southern England. When you see this field that are yellow. And it's flowering canola and things like in inched. Round huh. 02 it didn't know what you contended so whether it's aloe. Equipment curled over to create a bent down crops circle pattern. That's impressive. At what it crops circle live. Is ultimately. As she stepped back or fly over it or look down if you're on a hillside in you can see it down and field. It looks like a picture a picture Graham. Something. And they show up in. Pick Graham is like a bird or fish or a star. Or cross. And then sometimes they show up and mathematics. Such as the fibonacci sequence which we saw. We've seen them mantle brought. Mathematics. They've seen amazing come. Like by area codes it. Aid week we have these digits in the week it's stunning. The technology that really from the air when you're in the information. You can feel it. If you're sensitive and you can see how incredibly. Perfectly it's late but they're real. And human it. You can see it every crease feet it's broken week because it took aboard and ropes and they stepped out and break that we lay it down and then. Step up and treat it later stepped out against it could few lines of broken and we if they're not. Real crop circles. No in the first hour we're talking and you said that these are being created from from down below so they're coming from inside the earth. Now of course that happening in New York when you're talking about. Plasma vortex and stuff of that nature they have to have some sort of an intelligence now is that also what. Where you were saying its plasma is that why a lot of people claim to see these these balls of light the seem to be going over the fields before. Realizing there's a crop circle. Great question. And again in crops circle diaries that show the footage a bolivars scout probably show it frame by frame. We could actually. Statement stating plasma. And I also showed footage. Also like let it crops circle down in France that nobody saying. It it came. A private message on FaceBook from somebody in France and it was footage that was absolutely ecstatic just as good. As a Oliver's castle. So it's not. You rare change for an obstacle to happen in seconds it's a rare thing for somebody to hit play on their camera records. Most of the time just awestruck. Then there's these balls of light so the human eye it will be a ball of light. The William Leavitt good real partner in the lab and it was penny Kelly. That's I feature in crop circle diaries. Is any Kelly it was in the lab. Studied all these samples that were from the center that formations I feed out cantina and they were. Measuring magnetic. And the band and the size of the bio physical change at what I mean by that is that where that we it was bad. It's eleven broken every crease feed and there was this anomalous. The bubble. And sometimes they risk correction which it called any law. Obligated to note and then noted that little elbow as a stalk of any plan goes up Serbia's support. Outlook and a 100000 of them sent to the left and then an acre overt. 40000 of them I mean it's like how they do it how they throw the map. But what this is interestingly enough isn't agreement. Message between. The water. The heiress. And occasionally. Which we've seen many times including myself. People are. Asking for confirmation or. Speaking to what they call their guide to the earth and it thank you nick confirmation and bang the next stated that crop circle. I think I'll look public perhaps equities have an example of human. Asking Ford and bank it happens. It happened in base site I told the troops battle the weird thing to happen in May because. In this movie. Kenny Kelly eagle I said it weird things that I went trichet said oh I'll bet absolutely real problems other than my head back up like. Cheek tissue rationalize everything I realize that I've got certainly not make an app might stories. But it was really nice skiers scientifically. How valid. My experiences. Have been. So ask these spending authority is supply aspect coming at the ears stick out through the latter. Occasionally. Some of those layers of unity frequencies with distinct boundary conditions so they're definitely layers. Some of them can be human consciousness. Now also. If other dimensional AT whatever you wanna call. What ever these are being see it's open. This is an open communication. That you can always add their frequencies. Took crop circle which is incredible. Speak to the year. And because they're always coming true water these frequencies of these messages also include the water and then go out. Super Heatley. And the hurt like badly and it didn't. Acknowledge that of course she's a living being. She the year if he does but let me that at old. Lyrics that we that is humans but the year is definitely a living being re pro Arab Sheikh rose treats. And plants. So absolutely. Do think that she doesn't really care for like Pratt. Like sector oil out sector blood out and do all in particular apartment buildings in just. It out about honoring the ears like and other places. Revere it as a lot more honored to change atmospheric shaking us up from the volcanoes in near lake and she's gonna and that crop circles. So. Soon. Also in other words it's the Earth's away crop circles are the Earth's way of communicating. To us but were able to. Somewhat connect with them as well and add to them. Absolutely. I am so can't eat please and other dimensional. But chest. If there Alex say passing by our planet and I like cheers which whaling got to intervene as they might. Set of data telepathic communication to be here. And irritable and a responded. With a crop circle and we have Ole. Out of crop circles that are clearly pointing directional. Some of them have actually showed its orbital pattern is sleeping out a planet. Shelley a directional again head in that direction. So we've seen a lot of them that. Look like based messages which are probably. Again. One more layer of betting plasma based and ballot question. I'm hoping it goes into the ink plasma field it has been predetermined. What that crops circle is going to be because they've asked. Beer at a question so I think that what I'm saying is let Lebanon that was saying in any Kelly was saying. Is that we have these Coke communication happening. Ticket include all of us or none of us other than always feared that Ollie coming through water always something sacred site. High energy. Water frequencies. And there's a consciousness. Humans can be included each is another dimensional. Can be included to go what we have then how will it speed didn't let the authorities seized and end. Those different layers get to be exact. Stating frequency. Listen to this ball of light. We'll see and it may first movie I found that between those two ultra light. Idiotic council footage there was this there are telepathic communication where it fidgety editor at person put it Cheney did. I could slow it down he said outlet to I don't know. 30%. And slow it down and I found right they're between Cuba also light a bite Eric. Between those two plasma balls in the elephant and castle. Our footage. So what we have is complaining plus a ball up or receive. Let make it to the right frequency they shoot under message to each other. Kitty Kelley says straight out I showed this screen shot of my discovery. And I didn't LA that those salaried capital it said. Look at this photo that we look at that she is like. Wow what a great moment you've got to plasma ball communicating gigabyte every vote. I'd like I sure she's that well after that looking at that that's kind of about it is congress castle. That senator couldn't we get to a point than where we could dip as seeing that if if this is correct then. It's an open line of communication where. Extraterrestrials. It's mother earth we can all we can all connect. It can't we get to a point where we can decipher or somehow figure that frequency also can be direct communication to mother earth. Or use that same. Communication to mother earth to connect with extraterrestrials and back and forth. Absolutely it is that's okay indication Regis nailed it that's the punch line crop circles are all of us. And that coolest thing to. Add. Try to get and that's data entry in the middle of the crop circle and it was holding a cup this is ever going door in opposite directions and I went out I got. Leavitt that would write. It and the crop circle two accomplices were pointing in opposite directions counter rotating board at C. While okay this pretty much it's a mind blown belong there yeah our we've got a lot more to talk about we're gonna take a break here in a second but don't remind folks that the telephone numbers 8446877669. I know we have some folks on hold we're gonna try to get to all those calls as well. Arm and also we want to invite you to stop by her FaceBook page were constantly encouraging people to join us on FaceBook because we have an opportunity there. Communicate outside the hours of the shell and that's FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio and then also had to be on reality radio dot com and click and download the free injury now iPhone app. Logic to an end to the show live listen to pass episodes during the chat and a lot more. You'll sewage listening GBM beyond really the way to. It's a new England's best weekend of the year it's scary con. Horror and pop culture and convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in painting with a celebrity CK. I mean car chase in caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. It's smooth. He's just crossing you know. Had a great great group monitoring those signature songs as it is a stage when I was younger school there were just a great bunch of people analysts meant her welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason and javy we're gonna try to get to phone calls and numbers 84468776. 69 our guest tonight is Pettigrew been talking about crop circles and oh what a phenomenon that probably most of us haven't fully appreciated or understood from very very long time but patty you you've done a great job of relief. Making the points and bringing home for us but a guest. You know one of the lingering question it questions are in it and you know you've done a lot of research youth youth youth at several films on the topic. But there are people that just they just say this is just not a phenomenon this is pranksters out of field. Heidi your how do you argue that in non you know what evidence do you have that directly says that's not the case. Well the evidence is tapes films. And again I want to remind people if so what we're talking if you are just looking at my page called. Crop circles or about the photos are so gorgeous as these formations are so beautiful. It's crop circle films dot com. But go to the. The page crop circles while we're talking and just be looking at images taste better pieces in these crop circles that are master pieces of art. And I've been at the unity and the power of them is is. Right their next who also the fact that they have messages. But I think I wanna get the punchline it lies they've been not talking about it and the recent years. That the ultimate discussion of what happened inside crop circles to the seats after they've been bent over with these bio physical bubbles that elongated nose. Com get plant continues to grow but whether it laid out what boards and broke it kills the plant and it stops growing. But what happened in the lab was fake experimented with a fade inside crop circles that were hit. With these big ain't last reported seen innate talent that this seat you're gonna love this became supersede. Ever growing. Thirty to 400%. More food and bio fuel per seat. With up to 75%. Or nutrition care plan. And they found that they were crying at him and he's German nation chambers suggesting the climate too hot technical. Too wet to dry their seats became. To proceed. I pity and yet to ice skating last reported seen. So it's supercharged the seats. You hit. But the thing that was interesting. Was that it was an accident in a lab that constant left eight William Levin good to actually fight the ultimate result they do. That could see her a lot better but what happened was he lists. Cleaning is desperate they found this old little. Located at sea that had been lost. Just ask her sixth straight week Eddie pushed them aside is gonna drop them in the trash out little boy. Said don't do that. And there are shriveled up and it said oh no property is that it would do anything with these seats but the little noise. Came actually driven intimidation chamber. And they crew like gangbusters. And it was. Multiple times more advantage and it just take it at the examples. And started to experiment they had to actually write Arnold. Which was an accident 68 weeks and it just emailed them to become. These powerhouse goodies because they had no oysters they had no light. And what they were doing it was it was a little teeny packet of life in the gutter that seat and they had to use every ounce of their strength to stay alive. And so. Then keep but the minute chamber. And that's when the magic happened so all of this is leading up to the fact that. They re engineered in the lab. These counter rotating toward these sustaining plasma. With these different layers of frequencies. And they've mastered it here take you reproduce proceeds to. Basically impetus say about that break our food supply back once we get rid of month after. So I think that that's what I left skate got to unbelievably. Blacklisted in the scientific community. Because at a miracle here. And look columns with governments so as we shift into the next. And we have our full disclosure in the pants come down months after this is going to be another very important technology. Which again is why they're confusing the public. With you up close and you apology. And I am definitely got just enough time for the big story so what I wasn't gonna say in the beginning. But something is shown up Larry across my desktop. We got to end this show with this just can't. What is. I you're ready let's go I don't. They're ready for it it is what happened that tend to act in the desert was a lot of people. Are politely coming out and exposing what's going on with the secret space program. All the misinformation. And now it is Reagan exploding. And that there are a lot of people basically the title of the event chronicle today at this is the big one. It says more people coming out against secret space program disclosure and Corey good. And guy MTV. And that people are Alfred ever amount Webber did any major. Huge storied director Steven Greer. Christina Anderson bill Ryan's. Get your lips start journalist cliff hi. James rink. I've seen some of these air massive stories. Like I have dark hat and Randy Powell now planes and what they're saying is that this is the end. Defrauded the disclosure movement this is. The problem coming to the surface to be healed and they're all gone for it now and unfortunately the life for ourselves. Our luck to weigh it giant TV I let a bad deal. And they don't want we're getting out so much for felt so luckily for ten years. So I don't doubt these stories that I'm hearing. I think that's what's happening now is. We're gonna slightly. To create new events. We're gonna really be doing a different frequency. Information. But what they're saying is that we've got these major actors. And it what I recall is that there's uncle Lawrence Rockefeller. Took it a bunch the older people to abate. They keep spinning this same story run as well. Well as well and others welcome Britain's tourist I mean it is very important stories. Well. So in my united discounting those stories you do. My fantastic and they are very important. But when we have events that come up we need to beat rate in the new information. We need to not keep rehashing the same as we have a new audience. Well we haven't hungry world or what is happening now and how can we move forward. And I think the crop circles. Our a very important part of it because they're continuing. Back out it was like yesterday they were flooded today they're like every game now. And this as a cat season they're starting with the bank I don't know what this camera will be like. Every day after it. An email from the crop circle connector with another new crop circle and they're pretty impressive and not like little mini. In that house so how was your information. And received when you're at this contacted in the desert. Well I was. You know it was interesting for me it was like thirty years speaking and the first cleared for great. Aunt. It was run like I am and it was an increasing energy because there is this split in the field now where. I think we're getting the the big players are perhaps it's gonna be called out. And they're the ones being made the most famous end. Perhaps are not really telling the truth and the amount of money behind all of this is standing. But these news reporters are pointing out something that I it out. Until they started reading these articles but. This group. I am is creating a and it generation of younger. Korean David. They're bringing in this big generation of twenty and thirty year old to. Create his. Next two to three year law. Stretched out huge business venture with cartoons. Magazines and video games of this whole fake secret space program that information. Rather than. Let against their forward with a punch line. And it's it's a bit just and it's exploding on FaceBook and I can't believe how many people are writing about it but. I and then down. On there was a problem. But it exploding and this so called good because while we eat. Especially in the field that he's solitude which isn't that big it could be working on. Why they're writing you oppose all these years just because we have the technology in the plants over it and that the punch line. Yeah if they. Well you know it's a gasoline people it's the telephone people it's a car people then don't want. Chip is that we can materialize attacked telepathy. A little bit. I mean we are so pregnant clothes and I just I've been pulling a lot. New energy people ought to show as I've done making movies it caught it too much and even I wet side that can't connect in the desert. Was packed I think it was all day yesterday I mean. Analysts because I've personality. I felt the bite Erica because if you also light. I'm movies don't lie. And for some reason that reason that they don't want us to have good food and free energy. They still trying to hide UFO's but I think that I'm looking at this has there early for the July at all. Crap is getting hit and go away and make room for the real research. And the real free energy and the real. All these advanced technologies to healing chambers on my god and it's all out. So what plasma quiet out of the big buzz word that all the intelligent people is because. Electricity is nuclear. Blowing up things. Was the basis of our energy in the past and it's that is still hoping that the bag it says it still hoping. They were gonna hang onto that they're really the basis of all energy field is plasma. And plasma. Is slated these eat less understood the physics other than crops circle type Ares I final felt. Kenny is described related class is the basis of all energy and when you learn to work with it. And what Baylor can measure class though we are going to be able to reach created. She hoped that can answer she says the good news is they actually manipulate clap I can re create this glass of water or milk. Oh president and the problem it. It ticket in the hands of the wrong people we can't create or destroy any. The matter and that depends on the stand of the class of field. So it suspend them. In a positive way clockwise. We're gonna create matter as each news consciously. But at least stagnant counter clock quite weak hand. Destroyed matter and act could be a real problem. It tickets in the wrong hands and I think that that might be the reason that people ask. Whoever it is taken so much time and effort to hide it crops circle diaries. But I think ever read on the educating them nature movie deal let that baby get out we expect it to apply at least it's one technology. That we have an explanation of at the movie is really important. And I mean. Somebody even hit a lab that was editing myself. Over there in Washington State with any champion look as bad lap. Came back and hip 112 time. And took out five master hard drives external out of hundreds. They deleted fives selectively but let. The next day they didn't believe any conspiracy stuff. Let him on clay that was captured at the people attacking me it's picking up back up master hard drive so that's of course and many places why. If so well. Some have an Atlanta last night then. You know our older mainframe we had to pull up the platters likely they weren't totally currently have them out but. They deleted fight hard drive seniors particular com. So. Understood girl I really just want to Wear dresses big girl at victory movies about crop circles that for some reason. I'd failed to science and Procter gamble from drives that I was over the targets in the first film I didn't mean to you. Ike is at one of those techies who actually met in the beginning of the show it that actually listen. It's one thing to have telepathic communication. It's another thing to listen and do something about it and that's it is at least there. Paddy out. Yeah Teddy the website is set crop circles sums that's where real people and get more information about all the films that you made. You said you're not making films anymore but are you still making appearances and if so what you've got what have you got coming up. Well it's an interesting thing that because I do what I do so directly. I think at that Matt Affleck bulk. And sell a controlling everything. Really strange thing and that's to prevent contract to contract in the desert it was I pick years I killed at the first true and it is great at. They got it they love made but this year they actually called and fired in February has let. Higher age and fighting for Peres that the international you have a congress where I went it's best feature selvin people try. And got married. I'd bump up the sound sitting at my cable outlet that. I don't want to make sure I was really fired from your event being number one I don't get it I'm Rick you so much cool. But I am telling people look up to my cable lit up. You know that they can't wait to see you talk I thought well it'll. So they caught the excitement that there and let these speak like this and favor very strange treatment and quit at that put me. 7:30 Sunday morning black out. 7 carries Sunday morning so I candidate really is increasing at August April started pouring in as separate itself meant to happen if funk. Said yeah and I at that game. And so I got everybody up dancing against around the entire sanctuary room you're trail and we heated up. Everybody woke up and we have the best. So. I've made lemon it. Let me. Ask console to kind of movies and it's about hiding material and it really hope it doesn't continue. I think it is going to be in big new event coming out and those are the ones I'm going to be. Well we can reel out. We we really preach we have to run we really appreciate you being on the show paddy again the website is crop circles film stock comet's heading Greer eight films there you can take a look at all great stuff so we take a break when we come back. We're gonna wrap things up it's beyond me. So it's beyond reality radio too stingy defense. So some credit here for being with us and sharing and her expertise send. Her films in this stuff she's uncovered and her thoughts Milan a one interesting stuff there. Well definitely and inching view on the topic I never looked at it as well mother earth is sort of like the connection. I mean everybody's got everybody's it was assumed aliens I mean that's kind of what to Tony hello she made the point where mother mother earth becomes sort of like the telephone for us to be able to communicate with him soon if you think a button but first we got to figure out how to communicate with moderate. A spot. I just know that an Indian you look at those crop circles in the designs is sometimes unbelievable. And amazing but you can't a minute amounts in the messages in I'm not getting that message Edmund figure that out. I'm getting a message. To pretty artwork and yet Mozilla. So I had so we get a ratio makes you tune in tomorrow we've got Steve consults on with us of course my co co star from ghost hunters. If you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and had to be on reality radio dot com. And download the free android and iPhone app which allows you to listen live catch past shows all free and also joining online chat and then during the light show. Yeah and I wanna mention that serves in its programs going to be a it's going to be a best of program as we view and I'll be heading off to a scary con in Springfield Massachusetts a few interest in finding out how you can join us a scare con. To stop on a scare conduct come. Are you listening Jason JVB honor earlier you'll casual mana. And you know you media is to discuss its importance by Alexandria Johnson Entercom radio. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you want to be guest on beyond reality real email to sleep getting. That's the slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.