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A psychic's journey

May 26, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Jim Byers - a psychic who has recently begun to use his sensitivities to work with clients to help them improve their lives. As a medium, Jim also connects with the deceased for guidance and assistance. 5/25/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning dining room and online inning and news features and yeah me. It's. Lying and yeah treadmill thingy and land line game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. It's Wednesday on the West Coast understand the east. Coast and many are stuck somewhere between a welcome to beyond reality radio myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome TV jokes now he probably already knew this. I know he knew it as we schedule them but I have a psychic on tonight. Now we're going to be talking to a cited a series he knew the Euro awesome well he may have known that I don't know. But Jim byers is gonna join us we're gonna talk about time him being a psychic and now we got there and what he does as a psychic definitely interesting how people here yet it's just any cities and a different kind story yet it's a different path for him is seems seems very unique over there we're gonna actually glory to break in bring him in quickly surrendering to parents to the sentence. England's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. Horror and pop culture fan convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean car chase in caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Jason Thomas GB Johnson thanks for joining us when you're listening and one of the great radio stations around the country or your listening online we welcome you all. Absolutely make sure that you if you follow that list you can chat with stations we air on if you go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lines tab. Because we aren't stations all across country were constantly adding more so make sure you stay here stay up to date on that also feel like the FaceBook dot com backs rush beyond reality radio page. Who were consul Leo listing him there as well you'll tickle in your throat and I assume that it's just sore throat you know those kids they can't just bring home all these nasty viruses bring everything home in this time of year when weather is up and down up and down you never know what temperatures going to be its commitments and little harder to sell a one day it's it's forty the next day it's it's 84 or it's it's ridiculous. Slid hazard because welcome to the northeast anyway. We're gonna bring in our guest tonight we're talking with Jim byers TC psychic medium in fact his website is psychic medium in PA as in Pennsylvania dot com. Jim welcome to be on reality radio is great to have you on the show tonight. It so Jim we wanna get started by disputing a little bit of background about you tell us about yourself and I know what are you how you got into this stuff. I can't well I think it wouldn't psychic reading a steady at. And doing reading sir about four years now Tom he got a bit having experienced just broke my life. When it released thirteen. You know review myself and I saw that over time I was having experiences you know every couple days or every every couple weeks. And you know. Early on that. You say. Were when you start conferences when you say experience is what type of experience is a retired. Com well you don't want public. I want to wake up prophetic stream I would see the feature a little bit. And sometimes I would have dreams where I'm communicating wind. Members are much and they have passed away and you know also you don't like lucid dreams. OK so many and how you're seeing these lists are dreaming. Yes CNET intriguing and doing what I was younger I kinda had this feeling about myself that. There is just something about me you know what I go to a kid's party and I just couldn't pinpoint it is gonna handle it there's too much energy plan on. And you know my mom would drop me off against later on article picking up because there's just too much going on there. And that the other 87 or eight I just thought it was nerves but now that I do this work I see that it was just too much energy going. So even a child you're you're you're picking up on this energy energy you were sensitive to it and it was actually I'm knocking him didn't necessarily use the word but also a destructive but it was interfering with fear. With your routine you actually felt the energy and it was becoming a bit of problem for you it's time. Yeah I might get ticket isn't termed an and pat and I never thought I know there's a lot of terms. In this deal the people in a clear point psychic medium. Chancellor's. And you know I never thought about it and Patrick by. Note from the past couple months like that just comes for a real patient. Like it so when I look back at my wife and young people like these two terms psychic vampire. Deputy county like that term because it's cool and attempt. Well I really don't believe in that term I think it's more about the stormy peoples energy more than someone taking. And I think that's what was going on I was. Taking people's energy and it. Even at a young age you know rights so they can read people live and I kind of knew their back story and who took who they where so this would be going to knock my whole life. It just took on huge you know it's funny you know getting divorced tribute to come through because at that point you know my whole lights. You know turned upside down and trying to figure out why why am lights and not seeing somebody at the time issue like you know I need to take into the psychic you know. Com and possibly she can help you proceeds certain list and you know I went out there and to do and reading and here and so over my leg and I guess it does play to magenta stream of energy going to her aunt my lake. And she's just sitting marriage is that you know you need to start doing that for unassailable what it should sit doing readings seem to create a web site. He's certainly reassure people that you know helped them. Much so I'm helping you know. As late chirp so I'll. You know you guys around my age you know 1020 years ago he couldn't flip open. A phone book and look for psychic mentor you know and ballots. In eight equal on the Internet confined places and that's what I did that come from places around eighty. It took their inner peace. Which is close to each parent or Eastern Pennsylvania and are chickens and development classes. And it kind of just went from there. Industry you know developing crisis are good but there's a point when you have to start practicing. And I just kind of jumped into it not been doing really percent. And continue taking works continually taking workshops and classes to get better. Yet so so you EU this really started fewer than not not the sensitivities but your your. The idea of using the sensitivity started. With a visit to a different psychic who picked up. He on your abilities in your gifts and and recommended at that point that you start to using them yourself. Absolutely and if I can have people you know the use the word gets and Tahiti I mean trichet at the compliment. I really think that were all born with a yes. I'm insist that the differences. You know. To what level we pursued this you know it's even you look at yourself as you look back election pat experience citizens because her open. Everybody's open assist to what extent. Well and I hit in. And a firm believer of that and we talk about that Austin on the show where. I'm children of course are more open than adults they're able to see and hear things that that adults are not mainly because to a child anything's possible they haven't been conditioned on what's real and what's not yet a big. Fact I brings to get stomach chimney of big money brings them candy so they're wide open and it's not until we start telling them that. They're invisible friend isn't real. And are all these other things that we close them off we condition them to our belief system and that in return closes them off. Yeah you're right and everybody to his you know if you pay about a child placement goal placed no children don't have bills they don't get. You know they don't get into relationships they don't have works always staying. You know take our focus off of those things and it's one saint interrupt there. Just take our attention off of it and therefore you know we start to walk away from the open and I have to deal with these adult. Situations to wanna say. So we kind of lose that because you know I heard several people say when it like facilitate these classes that you know so people start coming back Canadian ship and didn't psychic. As they get older because when he your thirties or forties you know a lot of the things we have to do on life have called Downey. Come to college or start the chopping your. Stating your career they queue to get a little bit older now. Yep more time. To focus on the. Yeah and how long ago did this a meeting with the psychic happened that that turned basically turn your life for around a little bit. About 2014. And that was drawn somewhere up in Johnson city New York. So on and I'm very grateful for that meeting and yet you are cobbled are on standby. You know I traits you'd go to different places because there's all different kind of philosophies and different techniques that com. People used to each. Well you know I try try to go down as much as money in time allows to different workshops. Will loose it's possible. Who waited waited to go from EU EU being told this to you learning Howell to actually help. Cult people today because there's a there's a big lead when you. When you go on and sensitive or whatever toaster I hate towards psychic is are we still a lot of like on 900 numbers attached to it out. There's a big leap from when you go to work a sensitive. Or so so called sensitive and they tell you that you have this ability and then you've. You find yourself hoping people and there's a big transition there and there's a huge learning curve. How how are you going to help people what are you going to be able to do for them how are you gonna be able to pick these things up. Com so where did you learn. To him pretty much the the way of hoping other individuals instead of just picking up things for yourself. Yeah it won't you don't want it when it left let's play Kiki and herb. The suit also Italy's does a lot of birdies and yard drive and call. And our own. When my finger starts Ernie and the fear of this sort earnings would be the ring finger when I ring would have been you know being married and every day. And it's just a big change. A big weight off my shoulder and I came home. And just all these things just start on the place effective now like for you and I'm like wow this is happy my whole life. Actually this flood gate was open and to all this information stored content to be an increased about myself. You know twenty information about the universe and just. You know I got in contact but I kinda typical workshop on how to do in contact with my guides and that was really crucial because content. You know we have all different sites for different aspects of our lives and the first direct and up what was Mike Dietrich died and she really helped me and encouraged me to. Cheeks studies and also start practice. And they get you about these workshops is another kind of standards. I'm you know like everybody has the ability but there's a way to do or reading you know you have to be you know. Because. What were achieved some content and you know there's a certain closer reading a little thing but I learned of these workshops. And you know a lot of it has to do meditation Chilean people come to see you can pick up on in you know people have stronger buildings. And I you know I debts were offered help as much as I can and I never going to be guru who are expert. It's like eight people the money and time I'm asked to get them started you know what to do that. But it meditation is to be a big portrait I have to admit you know to try to do it is much like ten. But it's very very helpful because you get to reach that. Touch that level where your common. All these you know pressure look likes the daily life for what they need to concentrate. On yourself in the heat or you know ask. What you need to teach he wept when people learn and that's when I start to receive information. On on myself and how to get better at the. So before I didn't I'm sorry be you had this this experience with the psychic yourself which which means you. Decide to pursue this prior to that did you have an opinion on psychics of the fielder any of that did you ever give it any thought prior to that. I don't have an interest and you know like it's that I always felt that there's something about myself or just didn't know what what it's and I'd say about 2006 my grandmother passed away and you know I want to make contact so I went to psychic too and it is funny because what happened in that reading happens sometimes in my readings to I want to contact my grandmother. I get in contact with my grandfather. And you know I'm glad he can turn to. Armed. I'm content psychics ritzy haven't work anti. And they're helpful I think sometimes you can tell the difference between. Someone who you know deftly takes a series of practices and learn as much as they can and then someone who kind of have a template. That's what I noticed over time I went to this on psychic. Almost every year like a delicate yearly doctor's checkup and she is kind of tone you're listening to things and I needed more out of that massacre. You know we're trying to learn more about this and she would permit books which is helpful but you know for me. He when I was in college I need to be sitting in front someone interacting. I do want a one on one with the oaks country left with questions and I'm not Wear except those answers solo home. You know it's. Transition. From being a client to you know being a reader unions. Yeah I want I know what I I know what I went to psychic four. You know I remember being a client if you look on the TV morning give amnesty much like cat become used to be. No way new go to workshops and seminars and these sessions. How much of the stuff can actually be taught vs how much of it has to be in eight MM I'm I'm always a little skeptical about teaching somebody how to do this stuff vs. It being you know just part of their natural makeup and him where's that line. Well you know what raise what the classes com. A lot of it's about confidence you know on the aggregate these greens sometimes extra course. You know I for one right so they can't believe it is possible I don't know eat out and the other thing is. You know sometimes you get information and nordic and that's right the that would make Easter. And sometimes Brett help on information. And fifteen minutes later in the reading it quite mention what I had received. All while ago and to me at that point I can't present that to them to turn that it's all the information. And I really does keep repeating what they sat. So long. You know a lot of its the confidence. Having him yourself and another part of it is realizing that different ways in which he received information. Some people armed. Just know Pete's piece some people see the information and for me I'm a big fear for my third I received a lot from east not wait. I can keep people poor living. People pass to declines in salt like conceive them in different states in the arts. In the allies if it's necessary if there's a story there there's a message in the east again. Some people get sensations and I do as well and people taste now. I'd case and now once in awhile. Using that's you know make someone's cooking can be used in one case succumbed that have to do with addiction. And you know I get that once and opened using my case I can taste the all. Com. So there's all these different ways to receive information in our own. So learning how to bring him that information also on the kind of decipher. The heat. You really shouldn't as a reader you really shouldn't be you know and lacing the information so much should be just. How receiving it and I'm passing it on the sometimes you receive information symbol. Like one easy one as a burst they taste you know for me when it cheaper steak cake that means that someone. Either had. Recently had a burst eight or it's it's coming soon they got a really premiere don't release for cap. The next 2030 years of someone's life permeates spill without in the near future. And that's the thing I like to talk people do 202 reasons that. You know on Aachen outline the next 2030 years your life and there's such industry well you know I can tell you explain the armed you know whether it's about a chopper relationship and then they can walk out of here and take another route. Well it's not gonna manifest. And there's you know there's also these that we need to do people we need to meet. Places we need to go in order for for those things and add them. So you know. I can do so much in reading that some of it's up to the person and so. Well we're gonna take a real quick break and come back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Jason juicy thanks for joining us our guest tonight. Is set psychic medium Jim byers his website is psychic medium in PA as in Pennsylvania dot com. And we're talking about basically how he got started chairman and when you first heard recognize seniors abilities and and how you use and help people one of the questions I've always had. Is sound when people come to you. And look for guidance I'm assuming that a lot of people come looking for some type of comfort or were her or resolution to closure. From from a grief situation lost loved one on is that a Roman though a good pro portion of your work. It's a little bit of both you know when it comes to the titans to part now I had for being. Somebody come on Mary wasn't going so well and eighteen to appoint a reading where they meant small you know I'm really here for information about law. And Fergie. You know all Reese might do it at that help people you know Monday. Relationship to your secondary because they're seeing that we need to do in life in order to prepare for those. Relationships other opportunities for money to calm you know nothing comes to your front door you know. A guy or girl and come knock on your front door say it that date. Or you know orders open you're going to check the certain that we need to spew. And those with a company. That I. As he traditionally get that information passed on that sometimes people have armed. Police in their path patch relationships are passed on situations. That traumatize them and they're holding onto it. And they need to work through that. And sometimes it just takes someone out of your you know your circle of friends he circles assembly. Treat someone to realize like OK it's not I'm on my back telling you about this. Someone else to come about it. Interest on it start to deter. And you know. And wintry mix and I get has also you know in what ways to attract. Sometime on people. Start cheap they need to purchase speak up so consultant and the insult but there. Not too young to be now. And that's not he would use the color light with which is related to the French soccer which means that they are having issues with their communication. Sometimes. You don't like it mention about past relationships. People are still holding onto. An atrocity. You know and emerald green collar which is related to the heart soccer which is still. Have each you know what troubles and the need to cut that tired court. From that relationship and apple work. Palm sometimes reading all of also. Didn't tradition about pat slides. And you know that's. And relations that India had a camera lights they were someone who didn't speak up for themselves they or someone who was physically or emotionally abused. And if we don't betray something in the past slights he conquer it. You just kind of repeated police finally attracts and you know what it's and that's brought to help people that is that now at that time for you to step up. And Richard these issues that you've been doing it in a slight and in the past. Now is this one of those things where you you can give readings over the phone or do you need the person in front of you or. How does that work for you. I prefer people in person because Aristide alternate energy. I'm I'm beyond that never done a strong reading because it's pretty just like I mentioned before about the whole. Bring about the word psychic. I have the country and the sync connection and related to phone greeting because the whole miss Cleo king maker released after the capital that. I how I do I offer you know reading. And with that you know reading what they do it on Medicare on someone's name. And then take notes and then you know translate those notes and I draw during reading that well. I can draw people. The client themselves or can draw a spirit that's related to them in some way or I'd trawl. You know a place or object that's related. I'm and so transcribe that Austria whatever photos or whatever artwork argue that you know electrical. I started doing Skype and that's going pretty well. Only two different way to do reading. I can still get off that energy eaten right quickly you know readings you know all. A concentrate on a person's name. And not my spirit guide to Pope needs I'll receive information and weather titans are connections related to bad name need to be capital. And that's what I do it's for all my readings are really at all and the good hour or so trying to get Nat don't get to that level where. You know all my personal costs is kind of puts aside I reached a level I'm comfortable and relaxed and calm so you can mix and come through. And then what do not concentrate on. Client's name and sometimes they get their first and some time to get their own. You can't let anything get and that's fine I'll just concentrate on. You know who's going to me at 7 o'clock tonight. In debts from the traditional come through about then or about appeared associate with them and has been several times when all draw. Someone. You know the client installed scoops on eighty provokes. Us a lot. I think little by distraught it is true you about half an hour. Or will go to the reading in doubt I'll have my notebook I take notes and I patted them on tonight I client. You're not sick do you recognize this person while I'm. On my mother. So you know I try and draw is much like can't eat sometimes. It's just about the information. I so we you mentioned previously that someone of the difficulties with telling people. You know what you see for their future is that in general it's difficult it's actually kind of a benefit if you look at it in that way. But it allows them to actually go out and change their course right so you could see something happening. Whether it's in days weeks or months. Yeah. And if it's something that's you know not and this is not a good a current surface and they go they could that would cause them harm that can actually change their corners making what you saw. No longer their future. Absolutely and you know I have attached several people call me back and say thanks so much that information not acted on it and these are progress. I've also had people come back and say you know you mentioned that person and you know I met them and our data or this was a person who I met. Hope he get the job somewhere. I united in a lot of things. What a night. During my medications for someone gets here and also when they are here you know I'm unfortunately exceed. People being murdered I've seen people actually physical. Fights I've seen you on sexual assault such scene. That I have also seen beautiful place you know that there's times when I can't have to you know I am myself a little bit my hand and relaxed because. Sometimes things are so beautiful sweet that I start to feel that. And make an apple hold myself back from like literally crying in front stumble because it feels so good. Will meet army. Let me ask you know and just be the devil's advocate on what Jimmy was she sank. Where eaten sometimes you get these these visions of somebody's future and you can tell them at a time to him about this and they can change their course. I'm. How does a and I've always been a little confused on that I mean. If you if you see a future wouldn't you be able to see multiple futures then with different. After somebody makes a choice just for the fact is if you see somebody future and you tell them about this and they changed course and that future never happened so hard to see the first place. Well. For me I really don't try to brought text too far in advance and the other times when you know people come to eat and that sale Heidi feel about that person. You know I guess has someone or pursuing for a relationship. And you know a token went right typically seen market sooner or not and I felt you know it's it's up to UT pursuit unloading you know that. I feel negative energy towards it I feel that this person BE deceitful. Or is in the did actually have some kind of issues that they're not telling you about. And you know that's why I have to be careful about how I present this information because it definitely don't want someone to. Reid acted as certain wayward something happened outside it's here in. You know someone gets hurt her reps that are you know you like that now that's one of these that you. Learn in these workshops and how to present information and that's when the most important pieces to make sure that you presented delicately. So people don't. React a certain way weather's they're sitting in front of you or. Age or a week later and I had a lot of people come here who are still mourning the loss of someone. And it. You know I have to you know what I exceed them I connect to peace spirits are. It is not to take my time. You know let them know added com. It was still there. That's that's on the big thing to people calm him to do they still lucky to racial. Watch over me are they do they feel OK you know you know out of a bad illness asks and answers yet and I don't have to be psychic to tell somebody that. I'm they're always around this they always love. In date that most definitely feeling better because all that political game of golf because of our physical and more spiritual. And the you know a lot of we Gillette spot on when people pass on all of the emotions you know that. The complicated relationships with some people. You don't weren't about building car payments and all the chops and everything all goes away so when you go home a strike call it goes up. Not a sport more spiritual than religious so from the heaven is universe. So when you go home you need go to happen all the things that left countered. Honor so they're most definitely happy and they think you watch over risks it's about being open and opts. To receive those messages whether it's a whisper. Or two smelling perfume. Or you know there's also synchronicity where we come across someone you know we're thinking about someone we can cluster photo or you're camaraderie the other reminds us. A bad person. You know some pine and I I've had a couple clients where they're so deep in the morning. And then they want to be visited by. A seminar was passed away that can't remember not gonna visit because they know prepare presents. It's upsetting them more. So that person needs to work through that morning in quarters you know start getting messages because. He now they can sense that. There it is just neat thing works. We're talking with Jim byers she's a psychic medium his website is psychic medium in PA as in Pennsylvania dot com. We're gonna take a break when we come back I want Jim to tell us a story about his grandfather in a special relationship he's had ever had with his grandfather and how it resulted in. The book but you might. American Protestants. England's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. We're in pop culture convention June 2 through fourth that the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I came upon chasing hard Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scared conduct. On that scare con dot com or. We're talking. Jim byers. Psychic medium in located in Pennsylvania. Sorrow. Lets you back to yet he gym on before I went to break I mentioned the fact that time you had a particularly unique. Circumstance in relationship with your grandfather when you tell us that story. Okay I'm well I was in college on the it's with the Easter break in the 99. And you want out because they come stay with my grandmother. So much yet. Actually become it'll turn that country and shoot gospel soul you know they're on myself and my mom stop by to pick up a couple in particular Korean. And she said hey here's your grandfather's. Will torture diary you know what you read it may begin to some of it. Because that was. Of the communications and our university and student journalists. So it gets her out like a proper in the eye and ready and tickets and so you know and what she did which he had I'm. Written and typed up notes on his stateside. Training for going overseas. So I read that he and and regular contribute more to this so luckily my grandmother was an excellent return apartment apart you know every closet every tore. And I couldn't find much in there was one tore last night look I'm not out in fact some of these two little notebooks. In the sector Reno like wow this is is notes. Picking up. Basically where the basic treaty notes left off. In saw it start to read it and I can crop that one line where it says you know I felt scared me first start now but I was OK after hundred yards. And yeah I read that one a couple times in. Just out of nowhere. I felt like I was in his place. You know I can cure might have beat Brett I'm nervous brats like it here the country rock under. Soldiers' boots like it here at the Democrats going back and forth as people walked through them and try to stop very nervous very anxious in. I never experienced an apple for. And I went Contra and enter Q and the next thing I'm now credit card and it was pulled out of it because notebook three dropped out. And I try to separate person like what just happened in practice still trying anxious to go in Arabic. I just had to get up and start walking around in cause breathing heavy and start to cherry canary and I figured out that you know I just pretty much just relived. Moment in my current college life and deter polluters retard mission. Com. And just know one thing. A walk through that hole like well repeat do something to eat to pull this altogether and you could tell this story because what happened with my grandfather is he passed away in 1968. From polio and you know he's 44 years old and no at that point I'm he did a cure for it in the immediately. Title disease and he was 44. So you know I can only presume that you're a boy scout. Troop leader I don't know eat it got a pat wave or father was in the nursing home cancer and make. Pick it up during your visit I can't really. They earned figure that out by now somehow exotic and he had incurred injuries. On bodies in the war. And back injuries in you know back and tedious you know some of Clinton's polio so. It is doctor came and visited him at home when doctors told him that he. Yet he too said that you know at Tikrit you know like and they just thought the sick but this really polio. Starting to really kicking in within a weakest count yet. They found out after you know right. Before at a time and couldn't do. They found out it was totally did numbers tricky up and be on and and he kept within our two. To a hostile you know ability to to move and swallow and breeding enter into Q can really fast because it had been. Misdiagnosed for awhile. So you know he died in 1968 and you know he had at that point it started working on stumble that. Story for ended up I guess it was just story but the weight that he was writing it was pretty intended other people reap. And you know once they start to read the other notes that he had kept in the war. That's I like it had to assist I got into some risk and then. That's why have a star reached researching and this is trying to get older and the members. Or friends or people that certain wit and you know this is 9992000. You're on your own net to end. You guys every pay more and more war or two that awaits order harder for the to find people to contact to learn more about my grandfather. So you know luckily he Nokia had a of the couple and he looked on and on which has been able to use. Well because there's a fire. At the end National Archives in Missouri. And wiped out thousands of records which has included its. You know we had a flood here Pennsylvania 1972. And I imagine that your old clock ran. So you know those are some obstacles great you know I couldn't do anything well I haven't. Forward so a lot of a lot of latter's parent or agent season. Clicking makes that much like. I wrote this in particular that is being guided. There are times when in calm but be ready and I would again get one of those moments where I'm reliving it. And that would salute emotions again which I'm glad I did because I hope you write the book that there. And that completely and I tried not to edit the book too much because I wanted to his words. Saint is working used so. You know there's times and I like when I questioned why it lower key communications manager there's a lot of money in the newspaper reporter. Out by. Learning that skill how to write how to edit attitude on how to be finished this book about it and the other profession. I don't know what happened almost view that. So you know it's one of those secret to become where I suggest you and that helped me dismiss all. Of these. My what a journey I mean that's that's really credible and and I just have to say from personal experience from I have to go to break here but I'm sure. You know I'm just spend fascinated by the stories of the men and women who fought in world war two and what they sacrificed and the things they did and I know every soldier in every war is equally. Should be equally honored but. You know the men and women who went into world war two and gave up everything and for five years or so. A left their families and stormed beaches and you know storm bunkers and just it's just an unbelievable stories to me and it's. It's probably a Scully very therapeutic treaty to go through this process but we're gonna take a break we're talking with psychic medium Jim byers and we've got to once more Jim McKee talk about the stuff. Absolutely so if you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make Sheila FaceBook page and then head to beyond reality radio dot com you can download the free app for android or iPhone right there and allows you to. Listen the show alive catch pass episodes Chad do all that stuff totally free our were to take quick break. More to come and listen Jason G. Stay on the West Coast Thursday. Just goes to. Start somewhere between welcome to beyond reality radio with myself Jason Hawes and GV Johnson hey it's great to continue to see the list to radio stations during the program growing across the country the family of be our our affiliates is getting longer and bigger and we're really happy to see the right so let's see what we have going on here we should mention that we got scare con coming up jedi that is just geez days away basically yeah earlier this is going to be grades in Springfield Massachusetts. This year coming down Steve and I are gonna be their camp otter who was adjacent Friday the thirteenth. Tony Todd. Going to be there and awesome Walton then head over to a scary comment dot com for more information check you know. Well look forward Seattle and one more thing and I just think is the coolest thing ever. The most anticipated horror film probably in 25 years is coming out this fall it's called death house its stars everybody who's anybody in the or. Acting community. And day it was written by Don Hansen who passed away recently. This thing is that has been anticipated for a couple of years now. We are going to show the first screening of it ever. The first time it's ever been seen publicly it's a special private screening at scare Contra scare con attendees to be the Saturday nine scare con. And got answered him in his lectures. Yeah it is whether face in the original Texas chainsaw massacre that's right yeah so I sort of mature but he knew that so. Awesome well that's going to be a great time and animation he'll check it out if there are so we're gonna take a break and we come back more with our. Yes you listen Jason GB MB on her own. England's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. We're in pop culture at convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean god Jason Hawes Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Geez yeah thanks to some true. Joining us chat room scene own participating in the show thanks and emails to get a lot of fun great suggestions for guests. And ideas for the show we. Shoot them put. Yeah added and they're and they're coming in left to right with I guess requests and there aren't just ideas even even people contacting us to be on the shown greatly appreciate that. And the nice thing is still get a lot from the app lately as well as recommendations yeah. That app makes it really really easy for people to communicate with us will thus which is what we like what happened my tongue there who. Kentucky win Jim byers he's a psychic medium. He's in Pennsylvania in fact his website is psychic medium in PA as in Pennsylvania dot com. And we are talking about his book my American Odyssey which is chronicles his grandfather's experience and the unique thing about that particular effort for you Jim is the fact that. You really feel like your grandfather who died in 1958. Guided you through the process of of writing the book about his story. Absolutely you know there there are certain times when I would come up against you know writer's block are you aware where Michael from here. That's why in you know I have these these kind of at Tiffany's where it slightly to contact the agency because it would have this information. Or unity got to try and find that person that I circle. And it was helpful and I do that mistake you know as I start to work on this book out sitting there and you know with my mother. I am a grandmother and we're talking about it in Yemen dramatic it's gets the mail. And she compact that this package. And successes from Terry I want it and she opened it up and it's a whole bunch of letters and a couple of pictures and what it was little. Someone my grandfather had met. During the war at least. Resent these things I know back during world were cheap they use like trains and boats and other. Civilian ways to transport soldiers and my grandfather was on the way back up furlough from the California Arizona to Pennsylvania. And yet met a young woman and her daughter and it became an opt train and basic contact. For the you know the grammar remainder of his life. In. On these contract with my my grandmother's well. My mother is actually. Named after. That the woman's daughter Jenna and whatever happened to Janet's mother had passed away out in Arizona. She's going through summer currently. Stands he comes across my grandfather letters it sent some other photos and smother thing. And she sent him back. Which really. Coped with the book because. You know usually when you see someone letters to choosing their receiving light got to see descending. I got to migrant policy to other people. And I just got to see the weight but he. The differences in his attitude towards the war because. But sometimes when we don't worker but he can't own teacher when you start off because of the mission in World War II. I don't know there's a better mission is basically just take humanity really think about it and so he starts all that weight and then as we used recurrence. You know you don't know what you except for five year. Indy either there for awhile you just want to come home he does one achieve. Due to attitude come home because he's envisioning ECB wants to do consult you know when she started in the war you at this late twenties almost thirty. He had richly. Volunteered to serve but. Because of debates they're inimical one. After. On pearl are. They wondered everybody. In else so com. In boulder changed you know that's. You get to keep from that perspective too as you read it is you know being an older person curses at someone. ET nineteen years old and does a different energy level there. I'm an I think it's amazing to think about keep eyes that were lying when they're like 1415 years old lying to get into the service. Which it's very commendable. And so I have these letters and I was able to incorporate them into the book Q. End I'm very grateful which and it unhappy troops. It would happen personable as much as personable. Side. Yet that's not that's a real treasures that you you removed it all blows and makes makes a big difference yeah for everybody out there you can go to 337. T each. In century dot com and you can look up my American ROC the book that we're actually talking about. So would generate dumps are gonna. It's available on Amazon Kindle an apt to say that. No really what would start and you know I had written spoke a couple of years ago and deflect short run train passed an opposite trend and we well couple. Copies spoke with this Amazon. Possibility where you can publisher books and there is no pops you know and you know they ticket's energy ticket sounds like that's really open this up from. You know and you know I'm very glad and the sun does then I think it allows people like myself. You know could riders who have this skill and ability to get these published that way because it's still for so many years. You know you have to kind of wait hold it a publisher experts are works sometimes it decent and they don't now. He can publish sit on your own. Want a lot of times they you know they'd they won't accept a lot of great work that they're really should be accepted because the person doesn't have. Base of of people who are automatically rule by a lot of times you see that makes these. Companies only state in altered to people who. Are famous. Because you know they they already got a fan base and people and they know that people don't buy instead of there's just tons of great India authors and everything else our experiment it's nice to see these things opening up for all those individuals. Jim let's let's go back to lose some of the work that you do are for your clients in the readings that you do when you when you get somebody that comes and to see you who wants to reach a deceased loved one. What's the process you go through to make that connection. All for auto what I do aggregates and I am I meditate before hand foursome becomes deceased so at that point it's kinda. Whoever wants to come in you know you walk in the comment. And I'll ask you know what's your main. You know happy to pass what is something about you. That this personally not because that's early. You know when people come to the end yet I get no looks deal for which they're reading or let them know that I don't FaceBook people I don't Google people. Our own you know I wanna keep inflation is not out here. And went to become the sea ice you know I'd talk on what do you information you give me yes sir now. If she'd chew it confirms something here explains something that's fine but don't spill your guts because known it's my job to give you information. Because depending on. Who you're going to. You know build steps that Fisher for at certain on what to do is I'll take those answers. You know move him around and feed back to elect while a rate the toll that we gave in the he gave the EU Turkish. I always find it interesting when when people that go to a psychic and come out all happy about their experience when. All they did was hear about things they already knew I mean what's the value in that affair and knew it so or who they supposedly weren't a pass or over him and that's always famous so is something dangerous into but I would ask you about something you just said specifically he city don't look for people on Google or FaceBook are you suggesting that that's common in the industry. I'm saying it's a possibility. All I mind don't you earlier tonight you'll still be held by weaker that there. This is don't be politically correct area it's it's it's pretty much. Public knowledge that a lot of so called psychics let alone. And lot of the famous ones will will go on and research individuals long before. Long before they and they sit down and talk to the person so. You know I absolutely do not you know as soon someone context he rode through troop FaceBook. Or through my web site or over the phone I do my best to shield them. Initial myself learning from the pop and alternative or as much as possible because. I'm just like you you know even though might use these greedy they actually have a a little skepticism and I think everybody should because there are people. Could do this for ego would do this money. And Chinese you know. And and that it's sad that act that happened but it sure you know I've got to look at couples psychics. Of course are doing and that's where should I about it was that they questionable ice I could it then the same kind of Reading myself. General. Yet on your hero is gonna have people that and that and deathly contaminated that's in the field that your and I'm. I'm G-8 TV and I and SK claims the paranormal or did not with the show goes on us for over twelve years. And the fact of the matter is there's been tons of shows and of coming go on that. Are notorious for for faking things let alone investigators out of taking things and those people hurt all the things that. The and the real investigators are trying to work done so the same thing in the in the psychic field. Yeah absolutely and you know I I I pride myself on being ancient mines just at church. And you know are getting back what you're saying before about making connections. You know I basically let you know whoever wants to come through and welcome to visit. Com but here's our. Like Edmonton about myself I want to connect with my cramp I ran some time that happens earn my reading someone wants to connect with their mother. I get their brother com. And it's sometimes it's really you know who do you need to hear from more. You know are you ready to hear from the other are you ready to Turkey your brother which one would you be able to handle more especially covered certain what you post on morning. If I make it connects with their own you know. In the future about who marks someone trying to trying to I don't want that out I'd rather cheers Detroit and features of mourning. And if someone. Can't handle. Connecting with their mom. The brother comes her net meat prepared then maybe for their next visit web whether what he or whether it's with another site. He kind of have to sometimes it's about getting used to the process on what works and preparing yourself for the next. When you tomorrow when you make these communications one of the things that toys cure I've been curious about. Is do you ever get information from the other side as to where they are what they're doing what's going on I mean other than just communicating with a loved one that's sitting in front of view. Do you ever get information about where these spirits are. I can't Trace it and content about oh what they're doing because once we we go home you know. You have a decision to come back. Her reincarnation. Or stayed there and do what works and that's great that we can do it makes Ike edit their their their two marks. I'm there helping other crossover. Or. Baird being working their sites because there's a light for the you know people talk about security gates and I'll let you know there is a lifer you have to learn what you did right what he did wrong in this most recent Weis know what. Which do you feel you could have done better you know pitch each used to go back which he can do different. Tom. So. You know there's that aspect there's also. You know them. Coming back and helping others here on art that. I do get that. You know what are they doing now and that's what I do and that there's the work continued you know you get a little bit are not optimal action what is a prop desks. And that's when that happens to Durham I read into the note from time to come to me like very quickly after someone is pat and there's a transition going on. So sometimes they don't make a great connection because they're you know trying to catch somebody in the Milledge is some middle of doing something they urged conditioning. And you're trying to make contact and you're kind of policy holding them back the year coming in Iraq and the trying to break into that. And that's when you contemplate just a little bit at the difficult if it simply really recent. You know what I have learned over time as well someone's been calm longer I get a waste stronger action. You had said that some of these spirits from our does decide to help others pass make the passing. Now we've had people on the show with talk about near death experiences. And an out of body experiences and frequently we hear stories about. You know while I was out of my body all these other beings came to me we're trying to guide me in a certain direction is that what you're talking about. I'm. Not not really com. But to touched on this out of body experience like that's something that was really calm. You know this situation that I had would miss my grandfather reading that Opel was a significant experience for me another one was all. Right and on the content of my real first out of body experience. And you know I'd mention that divorce not all this kind of came together x.s like Nikki not to both oral that. One where it bit but at this. It laying down the middle captain and not having it happen and kindness. Became conscious and in away and I felt my body piper it. And I could hear these voices above me telling me to come out. And some from the boys who are saying those are ready on. Adamant voices that I was ready and they're called black worked consultant. And a little rise writer not continent like at and I'm ready. And you know I'm trying to emerge out of my body make it's. Just couldn't do it. And that's when I woke up and I was like well I think they're just almost actual projected. You know it is an amazing thing and then. Yeah after that that's one I'd I'd really till that moment in time I real wake. Like as you know during the process to getting divorced and everybody you know I get messages from my spirit guys that would tell me you know you're only meant to beat her. First certain amount of time early meant to be here to help her prepare for her backstage. So. You know I don't really chilled to back up the whole thing really because digital learning process and I think that's what a lot of people have to learn whether it's between. Armed forces or hard tests Portland and a child or whatnot is that it's all learning process. Right we're gonna have take a break here we come back we'll continue the conversation we're talking with Jim byers sees a psychic medium his web site is psychic medium in PA. Dot com and the book we're talking about earlier is called my American Odyssey it's available on Amazon. Or he can go to the beyond reality radio a website and click on the guest tab and there will be a link there as well for the book and for information about Jim. It's beyond reality radio would Jason JP will be right back. Jason Collins TP Johnson thank you everybody for joining us tonight we also thank all the great radio stations across the country that are carrying the program that are part of it beyond reality radio. Group and family. And that we like getting to those to that list every week so would stay tuned in May be stationed in your area Walt. We'll pick up the show as well we're talking with Jim buyer sees a psychic medium i.'s website is psychic medium in PA dot com. And Jim again thanks for joining us so we've got limited time left here but I want to move the conversation to a couple questions I have used the words like comic tree. I think and it correctly tell us what that apps. I mean that's reading object basically and I'm glad you brought that epic that's where this book release starters from like we talked about earlier. And Serbia I really enjoy reading objects because I'm home it's a stronger connection there's a lot of energy related to these objects can be about it. No all of my economic plan to me you know like I say then you know you welcome to bring an object and what do they tell them. To break he has come to go to pieces of jewelry all of you know like a watch about a watch and sticker not what state Warren these years and years and years. After you know after another and there and YouTube is important for the and can beat goes up as you get eaten a stronger connections and more information on them more personable and permissions and because there's so much more energy from net optic. Dick and what I'm taking up. From the person across from me and I had people Brady watches to necklaces are clothing. I had somebody walk walk in the one days and they at this point 23 foot thing wrapped in garbage spec like somebody brought a gun. And I didn't like that really wants to actually like those long armed 1970s. Black leopard statute and everybody at W bring that in. And I'm like well I don't knock on Baylor read this it's huge you know also likely to be in my lap and start reading it. And I picked up three or four different spirits. Connected to the other audit relatives but but it took one right after another and disturb the best accomplish a replay I did. And it was only because two of the spirit I'd pick up on were both named bill so as a reader I expected. Get a little confused sometimes when names or some you know some time I receive my own. And it's like is this Jim byers to resist Jim related to this client. And I'm gonna have to belong to them and should if it's not to relate to them then that's I have to think about myself what if there's something about. That correlates with this client that spirit third party connect. Don't allow. I'm an object like that why he is why our spirits attached to. Well I tell people watched. You anywhere that your seniors over again when certain objects you know we take pride in something we all want to. Altitude it's a pathetic scenes or in a deception that need you don't. Some people don't please statute it's literally just statute religious admire and they put a lot of energy into me so true. Alison look like a trophy that they want from elf bowling Puerto. Or you know high school sports you know this means something to so this energy connect. And I'm so in other words more later residual type it's not that the real it's not that there's really a spirit there it's just. The energy from. It it residuals candlelight a tape where real whining and playing itself over and over again. But in fact of the matter is. It's not that there's any intelligent I pawn it's just that the energy from. The from when the individuals living in the individual past as somehow. Attached to it with knowing intellectual ness. Yeah yeah I hear it. I can reach photos to. Not at all the objects because you're with a photo. We put in a train put on the law and their sit you know on but I can reach photos just object century so much more. And I you know I do my best you know to. It's funny it's two foot. Panthers statute you know I do my best not even look at the object outlook the O and just get a ticket from the very close my eyes and just read from the car. I went. Looking into it cited a system and its the its curious to me and I really need to know more about this you talk about the cash equal records general foreign pronouncing that properly. I'll see all your decent country and so I think the cat Kasich. Would be a caustic. I mean what that is is it's really neat and an interest of the book lights it's the Boca view. And everything that you started artillery and will do our. And you know built three Eric different from a psychic or a knee injury because you know you're grandmother not gonna come through this is a region specifically about you. About in cheek personality and things that you onion and they. Need to address right now and things that are Kotnik. So that's when you don't want more futuristic breeding tend to push for more towards the medication records then request psychic. And who who and what are are the main team leaders of those records and what form is this does this take I mean I know this is not a book and library some very what is it. Well it's the lord for the record. Are in the spear that maintain these records and they. They meet and make aren't them and you kind of have to go to them and let them nobody decay I'm coming for Jason Collins. Indicated record so when I come back when when Jason soak up. I'll be back for the record you know I'm I have to ask your permission to read those records that's like going into your purse or man purse or wallet or you know it's your personal. Just to be clear I I don't carry a man personal thing justice either declare a test it. And what is your. Personal information and I can't go in and out. That's not until I can't you know or you're here I get in and that you beat Michael back and that's not how it works it's strictly for that. Time period. Com. In. You don't from knee would write Q is kind of go to that's partly on this tee it appear like an old Greek building. And that's where going to and it's like a library because everybody's record. And sometimes icy there records at all sometime just given the information. I'll end you know people I tell people come with a couple prepared questions just because sometimes but the accounts greedy packages go. They sit down work on I'm reading I'm giving information sometimes. Armed. They want more of a specific question and I don't know about this and said about that's why I'd like to have come and prepared questions. In the Whitney asks the question is important too because the court records are kind of panicky and you know they don't want. Com. So just questions you know it's easy questions sometimes we are in audience just so they don't want you to comment saying mom you know what I can falling somewhat. Now the question is what do I need to do in order to become more and actually stable more anxious successful and that's one inch Mason make that is you know. Maybe need to look for a new line of work to make you look in this field. Or you know maybe there's certain things that year you know some will some people are spontaneous purchasers. Eat the slowdown comments deconstruct say com. Sometimes they get to it's all speculation so you know output and exports are going to be. Armed and not gonna get even name during the question is. How do you need to prepare your next relationship because being you know from one relationship to another. They're need to be partner for us cheap under reevaluate that what is all our. Was it was immediate it was a panel what that both of our own doing need to become more kinder and pay more attention the person that I'm data. In other at all we've seen this sometimes we'd like to admit about ourselves but when intimacy comes through. Being cultural reasons because we need to address back and it's so I guess so before we don't address certain things. It's just gonna keep repeating cookie company the chicken and leave that relationships. Or I can I know because you keep. Paving the same way he keep pursuing the same kind of person. Whether it's the bad lawyer whatever may be you know you need to start looking elsewhere. On the you muck and pick them up on Friday night at a bar that's not going to be your year there's always. He would. Target. But you know maybe it's you know related to a popular YouTube and that's where you're gonna find this person because you're like I'm. All need to let's move to come information I get it into the classic records and it's pretty arm you know what I have learned this kind of like they caught up quick prayer. And it's just a way to kind of let the lord of the records and other were content. And there is usually when I get a case a record and I do that aptly prior art and kill this. Energy surged. Where it Tokyo like all right current. And I'd just go from not. Mutt now did you say that the acacia records has information on pretty much everybody out there. Absolutely. Fools everybody couple at least you can only get information on you. And a look at someone else's record that's that's what your question. OK but you said if I gave you permission and you could correct. Get permission to look at your record yes. Well I mean doesn't that seem a little intrusive if you will kinda records do they have and everybody. I'm well it's it's gonna be pretty much outlining your life. Now one situation. However there embarrassing her props situations are out there so if you you give me permission. To look into that and just let information I don't even touch because it's not pertinent. On this something must. I do get to see that maybe some people might not be so proud to hear about and you're hearing about it because for one. These don't repeat that please work on that aspect that yourself if you wanna say like performance like observers. And they just keep taking notes. Paris are supposedly there is late movies these spirit type things that are telling these people things that are going on in my life as a that was things. But couldn't. I'm just I'm confused and that is how do how does anybody know that it's legit like they can be raiding. Any anything about you look at that point but how to they know. That it's legit and how are they now with and I'm not trying to put it down please dead. I'm not only highway I mean I can't hear you just you contact us you to monitor for possible the other is irresponsible troops will be. And they're recording this and help us. Yeah in regular light I mean how do you know I know the Sully I know that whole things run by a doctor how completely HO. OW it but how do you know that. Yet when you contact her or Sony contacts or I mean at that point he can just aren't like generate this name company and a you know and then they can be. They could be researching you whether it be online or whatever to write about history so I guess it's just you've got to do you know that on serious threat. I he yeah there's creeks and getting this from the books and more to their records are you know unlike source. It's as if if this in any way a religious type saying I mean can you could be you now he can be viewed that way though I mean a spiritual guess is the better. Is the better way to define it is is is that what we're talking about. Yet it's our spiritual saying you're an I guess await the best way to describe it just there's some observers should just take these not to keep adding onto it. You know pretty much like Dalton. Not someone takes minutes during a meeting in a kind of one of those things where they just keep adding on to these books and recording our lives. And brown. Momentum change its subject quickly here we don't have a whole time left I wanna talk a shock for us because it did more and more they seem to become. Are becoming the focal point of a lot of psychics who work. And a lot of so a lot of people are talking about it what issue or an interpretation or understanding what shoppers are. Well I mean with the shoppers com. And we have many I just concentrate on the main seven choppers. And you know that's going to be the route this April solar apart. The throw. The third guy and account I think some big year on myself just because I'm. If it's about hearing information better. But army with this shoppers to you know there are related to you on certain aspects are actually the root soccer is related Qiyue on the grounding in our family life our home life and works hard to obsolete finance. So. If I see the color red for ninety ghost. This religious or shock or so there there's an issue there. What was delivered shocker on sometimes it's either someone is being complemented on the fact that they are you be a financially respond person or a they're being is being brought up because a person is an attitude or spots or there's you know there's trouble or. And that's why this is being brought up and another thing that's the location of the choppers is sometimes I'm there may be a medical issue. In that area and I'm not a doctor and don't on prescribe medicine and you know I don't. I'm Tokyo that they have diseases OK but when I feel there's an issue medically it's net area. You know I can only tell them. You know into the meat and nick and playing with a doctor. You walk in there and you pay the deductible you find out. Usually that is not on I'm our contract so. Additional and find out that I'm just stop looking at the Internet. Because that's the problem is we all self diagnose in the Internet we'll have everything now at. Ya yeah I am like every other month but I'm. So you know when he. Feel that there's an issue with someone in extraordinary early to shocker I'm I'd just say you know on you wanna check into that area just go to doctor. You either you're five or maybe you find some pretty early on in the you know it can be taken care to the worst thing it it's so you know estimating IP answered and a walk and out here. Own crazy you know you just give them like Egypt as a reader can responsibly. It is up to. So just talk in the go to doctor I think covers it and helps them. Typical that they need need whether it's physically or the emotional on the cult of knowing that your on. Have you ever had somebody come back after you gave him and that reading in that advice and they said saying you know thank god Jim my went to the doctor they found this and we got it in time so thank you immediately visited him in that personal for a. I've had people turn my 3COM. Where it when it at a certain part of their body and said you know I really feel you need to get this checked out. And you know kind of one of those things where. I think people treat their bodies like feature their cars where they don't take it to the mechanic and total breakdown. And you don't go to the doctor until we break down. And there's been times when I get information currency caller percent it was shopper. And it's actually your having abdominal which is normally yet. Its market in better like these encourage you please go to the doctor they go and you know they they find out that you know maybe something might very minor. The irritations gone doesn't template get something they have gotten sensation in my elbow and it's an issue and not so they don't let eagle for a long time and like that taking a you know I've had on you know sometimes you know acupuncture this capital I credit them myself and I swear by it I think it's fantastic. The guys against these down even. Headaches and I argue with my doctor whether to migraines are seasonal finest. Gains I don't code and then I go to acupuncture and again I goats were treated as a and it's caught. Jim I finally quit yes final question here in the we're gonna we're gonna have to let you go earlier we asked discuss this of every psychic. Why can't we get winning lottery numbers. Because PG. That money such consulates when it comes to social work for nothing history. Trust but invited us knew the fight on important technical burn you need a ticket for. The thing is that you don't want a while ago down he casino down here by exactly the ponies and tomorrow ID OK. You know. Yes sometimes you don't go there and I'll feel like I. And to put on this number and I'd look at the program like that course is terrible tech but it's somewhere else and so when my gut. Yet a Mohegan sun's out there. I don't know that we want rate across the border from me Connecticut's. Awesome. Yet heard about that when he this one mom you'll have a courses near the casino on elbow once brought up so bad but. Through TV and I don't hang out meatloaf. Yeah well you know this you know I'll put some time that I'm gone I'm like you know optimistic escape but he just get one or two and I won't. But then when I come home I have 23 appointments and I you know we talk so. They would rather me earn the money can be given the money. That makes sense probably better way to get it anyway we've been talking with Jim byers psychic medium the website is psychic medium in PA. Dot com. The book is my American Odyssey anything else she went on direct people to hunt Jim. I'm out of those two web sites he beaten by the books that way. And I'd ever accused you guys have me on the show and I really encourage people to I'm not don't buy that book because I'm Matt NG EU I'm Matt. By the book because he wanna read it by a soldier's life and the sister you know it and when I grab for the it was a wire you wouldn't hero or that he did. You know endorsement some personal battle and you know battleground that the field well. You know like you said every every so there's important whether it's a Coke. Or truck driver or wire winner infantryman and every one of massive story and my whole goal a pistol that not only Q. You preserve the termites and we but all week urged someone cheats eclipse picture in their lives economically we would. Learn more about you know why is perhaps a little bit anyways he so quite like this and he do this to do that you learn that it's rooted somehow and service and learn more about them. And down. Yeah it could be pitied for people to pass up on an opportunity because I never got that chance to have its you can work works. Thank you so much for coming on the hanging out with us and we look forward to talking you again in the future I would be taught you would Jim byers psychic medium again the website psychic medium. Great destiny do. Of course tonight thanks for joining us we'll see next thing. And it's produced a sweet JD Edwards include things like Alexandria Johnson and her. Omri don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what bunt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio emails to sleep getting that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.