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Suzy Welch (Business Journalist, Top Companies 2017)

May 23, 2017|

Suzy Welch (Business Journalist, Top Companies 2017) by The Financial Exchange

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Suzy Welch is a business journalist and television commentator you'll see here on CNBC pretty regularly she's good enough to join us today to talk about Linkedin. I Suzy welcome to the show her. According to talk about this Linkedin study it's that is the title of your articles Lincoln's top companies of 2017. Reveal what employees really won so curious to know what are police really want. Well they really want companies that are in the tech space that's for sure they want companies that are. I'm very delicate lands dominate the list cut it by the Qaeda companies that are in our life every way. Alphabet apple one on the list of course Google everybody thought Hillary brain but there's a lot can make a two hour without in the body your life all of the brands in the top. In the topped hatter are very familiar with the help companies get credit certain. A gap between them they're begging you industries inventing new technologies and really taking making the big place. Susie is it primarily large companies that Linkedin survey day because I'm thinking I know I think of like a small company like draft kings here in Boston. And all our young people that love working there at Texas collegial environment and a wonder how with the break point is in terms of companies that considered. Right absolutely the company had to be bigger than 500 employees to make it into the methodology the methodology is just incredible bill there are 500 million. Members of Utley didn't so what they decide if there were doing was looking get bitterly billions of user action and it looked at thirteen different metric. And done get this last year were able to determine by looking at the thirteenth district metrics across. Billions user action. Which that accompanies the people were applying cute about how long lead how many jobs they apply for how many. How long hunger cock their got now hovered over that job description that they've really got bury it into the fine be elevated any of the companies the pop now. Get the point of reference. Three million people applied for jobs that Google. On the ate it every year an error at this moment right now 954. Openings in it still says that it's harder to get into Harvard. Or anything else you'd ever wanna do. You know I think back to when I was graduating college Susie and IBM was the company and everybody wanted to go to powder they rank or did they show up at all. They don't show up on the on the top fifty that the United States but they do shop at the bit of warrantless but that blue chip company. That you know what I graduate from college also you know what people would who would not mean you like somebody you know Procter gamble. On kind of companies they're not they they're not. There come leader incredibly great company but they're not exciting enough to see. The company that people really want to look at that though in the fight for talent. Where a lot of accepted an offer that byte for the top engineers then every companies can come out of these very familiar. Amazon alphabet based book Google they did you even put her on the list right so. GE I mean that's a company that's changed a lot since your husband ran. Sixteen years ago or almost seventy years ago out lately Jack retired I mean it it and get them all described into the technology company and that of course bill. Doing incredibly innovative exciting thing and it GE's on the within it foreign country not United States that would about. Scandal you know you wait we've covered. Ad nauseam. The situation that Cooper. Fox News has been in the news was Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly. How does that impact the desirability. Of what work environment. But that is a great question let's take it separately. I'm over which has had a great internal strife and widely publicized remained on the list and very high up on the list and if I believe the numbers six and and even meet analysts' and I think that we admire me there because again it is the bowling and that everybody used every day to meet obligations and with technology it. Google Barbeque BC market mover you would attack company edit pre IPO. Stopped by contrast along the list of in quite I am list. It was that made the twenty Alex it was built entirely again in the sixties and I think they've had. Scandal and I think that that it also like cold back that talked eloquently that the people just got tired of politics that both of these. Companies are very politically charged. And and be comically here. What do when it. What did you learn and what can a corporate leader learned from that linked in study an hour or is there a lesson there at all because it sounds like it's it's it's a narrow band. Anything less and the companies because you know you. You you at beef based but he can't be Amazon but what top secret especially the really great talent what they're looking for that the excitement and relative. The article even at the company with. Six people. They wanna be doing something that is exciting it is. But with you and it is why there's no more job security people are joining companies for twenty years they're not the it will for the first years all. I'll go to the vocation dollar. Marketing sales of fighting it we don't career or or actually. I think of the past the people are looking for. Excitement and learning at a credential that could help them get the next job that each month or two years into what it for you wanna get the best employee you can US that they went contract changed also and and you've got a creep up the kind of culture and work that is going to draw people to your place. Very good Susie thank you very much for your timely. And Suzy Welch business journalist and television commentator joining us today and you know it's. It it's changed a lot since I was a kid but. You know be vague about use the computer science majors at Dartmouth when you're graduating. Right where did they wanted. Most of them we didn't have a huge siesta partly didn't know we knew we were not beat Ian I'm on the tax side of things when I was there there's I think in about. Tufts and witches were won by boys and yet. And you know the places those kids were going like the top of the class by Columbus day of their senior year dale knew their going to Google. Elliott does and aid the second tier was. You know they they found out in April their own Amazon you know the guy and that's again you know the big names continue to be the big names at this point is it just money. It likely to kids graduating is that the primer about status is the biggest thing into the money was pretty good but these kids going in the broad scheme of things. It's don't care about the money. They're more in the Dayton Moore want to be able to tell their friends I'm going to work place since they bill then lose the they also know that the money isn't that Condoleezza. The Google kids were getting could get the trip they were getting. This is a few yards and 30000 dollar bonuses to just to sign up at 10151000. Dollar bonuses and but 95000 dollar salaries always seemed like a lot to me without breaking a sweat but these were up it's coming out of a pretty good school on an Ivy League school your your base offer to get people in the door now in that tech world was probably around 125 stock options.