WRKO>Audio & Video on Demand>>Who was the Sundance Kid? Was this western outlaw who traveled with the infamous Butch Cassidy & the Wild Bunch the person we've thought for 100 years, or does new information point to someone completely different?

Who was the Sundance Kid? Was this western outlaw who traveled with the infamous Butch Cassidy & the Wild Bunch the person we've thought for 100 years, or does new information point to someone completely different?

May 18, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Jerry Nickle about his research and book Bringing Sundance Home - which outlines the evidence that the infamous Sundance Kid was actually Jerry's great-grandfather, and not Harry Longabaugh as has been thought for over a century. 5/18/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's on sale on the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many are stuck between welcomed beyond reality review with myself Jason bonds and they always are some. Chief each ounce and welcome to everybody's great speaker. And alone unit you look in your eyes a little heavy that our Josh turning the Texas the an animal might keep my kids and they're like little Petri dishes they come home when they bring these nasty things home and I am and have a sore throat years and I can barely talk to him I know oil that we and I were doing some work earlier in your popping the lozenge is and vitamin CE India is then zoo for the fruit dish I sent I sent to a picture of this place like you got to get better Schmidt acts traditional work to do you know entity and an enormous time and oh boy yes we got a great show tonight about educating you know sort of meet. Part of the wild bunch gang and they were the most successful if you consider getting away with the crime to be successful. The most successful of the wild west outlaws they. Rob Moore trains and banks and got away with a then any other. Criminal element out out in the west during those days. And there is some confusion or some controversy over the the lineage or the actual. Name of the person who was the Sundance kid. History is told us one thing but our guest tonight. Whose name is Gerri nickel was gonna tell us something different he's done eight years of research. On who the Sundance kid was it started because he had a sneaking suspicion that somebody in his family his great grandfather was actually the Sundance kid. And throw this research he says he's got a pretty compelling case that his great grandfather was in fact the infamous Sundance kid. Or in the stomach common to have those. Just. You have who do they really relate Billie can I know there's all of this this mix up on who he was who they think he was some. And then there was rumors thing there he was still life what Beckham where the sixties and seventies and and I had to sell the possibilities there. You know that records -- me first all these criminals used aliases all the time so it was hard keep track of who they were to begin with what their real names weren't on and where they came from originally C couldn't tracked them and you couldn't really figure out who their family was particularly because they didn't want you to know who their Fam it was because if you knew their family was she could. Track them down easier. On there that Pinkerton slocum for exactly the Pinkerton detective agency was out looking for these guys so and you know we all heard the story that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the game moral killed in Bolivia while I guess that's up for our discussion as well. Yeah so and then tomorrow night we're going to be talking when Barry Katz the producer of documentary I killed JFK. Which features interviews with the only person to have ever confessed to killing president Kennedy. Com and we're going to be talking to him because on March 3 may 31. If this movie of his opens up 419250. Movie theaters across the country. And that coincides with John F Kennedy's 100 burst. It is hard to believe I mean when you think about Kennedy and you think about him being assassinated in early sixties on and you think about him being one of the youngest presidents ever elected. You don't think about the fact that he was born in 1917. And it just seems like a hundred. Ago doesn't chaos and that's all century ago and then every every Fridays at best of show on if you haven't yet. Amaechi had all for an like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And then head over to beyond really radio dot com. Where you can download via iPhone in the enter adapt. You can also learn analog version three so it allows you to listen to the show live feed if you prefer to listen on on one of those devices he said of any of agrees stations we are on. On the can also admin and listen to the past shows and beyond that he can check he can do everything. Yes a lot going on to I don't forget the telephone numbers 8446877669. And were you know open up phone lines later I think we're gonna have sex time tonight Jay were we can do some open lines I know. That just by watching the chat room the last few nights is a whole bunch of new people that have been joining the chat room and many of them have questions about. You know what's going on with ghost owners what's going on with you on TV those types of things. And Demi doable do is if we have some time and I think we will toward the end of the program does have open lines of the call and ask those questions we talk. But that stuff yeah I have no problem with that whatsoever it is a story to run by you. You know but he might start stockpiling now. So I don't like real salute you know I was stockpile food anyway I think some of the top scientists out there are saying that the world will run out of food. By the year 2050. Banks of the population. OK so that is there are here 33 years from now. You know when I have to tell you one thing though I think back in the eighties I heard this story about him twenty or twenty. Fifteen or something like that and didn't seem to happen so I don't always take these things seriously but what are they saying this time. Ordinances were assessed a lot of food by a 25 U 33 years a lot. As a population continues to boom humanity is slow and the slowly but surely running on the resources and by the middle of the century. They claim that there's going to be too many people so it tests those sustain. Humanity. Experts believe that the population will reach nine billion. By the end of the century. Where where's the demand for food cannot match that growth by 2030 the report says. Prices of staple foods such as corn and rice will climb by 180%. Well. My first thought on that is thank god we live in the United States because we've been a country that's been able to feed itself and feed it a good portion of the rest of the world because of our agriculture and our technology and I think we probably will. Old Sarah on the better side of sad but you know places like please China China can feed itself. Now do you know there's so dirty too many people in China they can't produce enough food for themselves they buy food and once those markets start to dry up what's gonna happen that. Mean 33 years ago. I mean they're going to be able to defend myself and their careers gets through tech and foods practices I guess I guess that there's you bring me in this redundant but but Robert Bailey Oxfam senior climate of ours said the food system must be transformed by 2050. Every nine billion people on the planet in the demand for food will have increased by 70%. Missed a man must be met and despite flat lining yields and I increased water scarcity and growing competition Overland. And have it may have this whole thing's broken down it comes really terrifying if you think about it because like you were saying there's a lot of countries out there right now. They can't produce enough food for people you know and in the US is notorious for sending sending food too good to other countries as well. Yeah so. Well we do we we don't know the statistics are but I know we have we feed weighed more then. We produce way more than our our our per capita isn't for the rest of the world we feed a lot of the world and I'm that is do my own mom got a great abundant resources here but we also have a technology and down minerals is something that workforce armed. You've seen the movie sort of in green. That's former head this morning that's one where. They're there they feed of the people crackers those crackers the green crackers and turns out they I never saw this all mullah Charlton Heston this is a classic sort of the last movie or solace and was Omega man which you know it was like of those in the movie. And will Will Smith tried to read media it was apple prior to that it was Vincent Price last man on earth. That's right now an element a man was a chart NASA's version but turned red around the same time he made a movie called saw him in green and anybody who's a scifi fan knows this film. But you know that it's an overpopulated futuristic world he's a police officer he's investigating a murder case. And his investigation takes him to AS factory outside the that basically the walls of the city that they're living in and it turns out this factory is producing food detail league which is called so we went green and I won't spoil what. They use to make the food with but it is not pleasant. Or nominates an accident and it's a good month. Our says does that sound of somebody in Chad are you spoil us appearance you know the answer anyway. That's not a chat is trying to. So which reminds me everybody out there if you're listening or immigrant station he had to be on reality revealed dark comedy click listen live that'll connect you into the chat which just secret punch people Torre is a very welcoming community. Yet it is it is a great community Anderson they do spoilers and has to be careful if you don't go in and going I know I sit I sit here and teller it is now. Ari not soon moving. Now on the seat next week ago we were not really sure what's gonna on this and shuffling of the schedule going on for next week as far as guests go I know that we have psychic Jim byers coming on at some point. We're going to be talking with him. That's that's definite but I think the rest of schedules being a shuffled around a little yet at all. This is a couple days there right now I've got to take off on taking off to stand with the family to Virginia to go down and visit Christians parents that are down there so over the weekend and all of stuffs are. Yeah but yeah we have to Bristol coming up for short. I do have one thing that that I thought was pretty cool that my nose touching on here. One of the things that medical community has been really really. Frustrated with the is just not having enough amount lot of things but. Blood the blood supply. Yeah and you know the constantly. Looking for people to donate blood particularly in some of the more rare. Blood types they just can't get enough of it and there's enough people to donate ball turns out. We may be seeing very closely. The end of the need for a blonde blood donors due to stem cells being able to create an unlimited supply of blood. Really blood donors may no longer be needed after scientists have showed it's possible to create blood directly from stem cells it's been a twenty year project. But it's pave the way for what can be could be an unlimited number of blood and immune cells for transplants. Or other types of transfusion Saddam by reprogramming a patient's own skin cells so they take. The cells from the patient themselves reprogrammed. Becomes basically laboratory blood and they can put back into the person. We you know there's a movie I don't remember what it was and you might members like 1520 years ago or something come. Where they were creek in the treated blood and they would literally and I'm Roger your old blood on your system. In its install new blood and we knew cells and everything else and people were able to stay young business has finally changing occurs well. Right right. I don't read that in that again I don't remember them when they interest and well I don't if I think we're getting there this happens is as patients can this can be used for treating cancer for blood disorders. After accidents during surgery for mothers whose blood during childbirth. Obviously two very very important part of health care. And this could be a major step forward for the medical community and for everybody and all of us who use the medical community at some point saver lives. Or and then that is huge and they're really or think of it all the benefits that come autograph com. Especially with the men and assume so many weird things that are going on with blood these days. There's there's people and African now Jim that children that are being born that have. Something in their blood that actually. Hoops and they have aids but he keeps aids from ever. And blowing up in the in them and taking amount it's just another way of their blood and and their systems evil thing. Past that putt I mean in the possibilities and the circumstance where there. Yeah it's pretty narrow it interesting to watch. Anyway we're going to be bringing in our guests in just a few moments will be talking with Jerry nickel he is and basically a researcher in the sack that he wanted to find out. Is it a suspicion that his great grandfather. Was actually the infamous Sundance kid he's got an argument that says that's true it's a pretty compelling argument he's gonna tell us all about it we're going to. And hear the story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid now is great grandfather fits into it. Somebody and we were just talking about that whole blog thing somebody chatted just post something about how three printing and they're able to do skin and different organs some things like that now. And again that opens of the possibility of just constantly if something breaks just replacing. You you'll forever Jim. And we hope we're not all of I don't want to take it to a sliver run out of Rubin Tony fifty. We're gonna take a break we'll be back with our guest is Jason JP. England's best weekend of the year it's scary talk. We're in pop culture convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I came upon chasing cars Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. It's beyond reality green. And ginseng Chan and Lance thank you for being along with us tonight will do listening one of the great radio stations during the show part of the BRR family or you're listening online welcome to U haul. Yes Staten. Territory except. If I lost their senators are so it's an going to be talking about what is a bit of a mystery and a bit of controversy. Jerry nickel. Began in 2004 pursuing a dream to discover. The history and the story of his outlaw ancestor and after years of research he discovered that his outlaw ancestor was in fact. The Sundance kid who was part of a Butch Cassidy skiing I'm sure many of you seen the movie with Robert Redford Paul Newman's one of the I think probably Hollywood's best efforts. I'm Lisa it's considered that. And I Gerry wrote a book called bringing Sundance home and that's were gonna talk about and Jerry welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on with us tonight. Well thank you very much for inviting me. Really do like. Do you on doing interviews like this I'm there I thank you very much. Well here's the thing I know this is a really really complicated story we've got about three minutes here before we have to go to breaks wanted to get into. You're great grandfather story yet let's first talk about you tell us about how. You grew up and started to recognize that there might be some kind of connection here and what that would give you a passion for this. Well I take a look at my family gets react I was rated borders colleagues but he and the great up there. And then of and they're accounting you don't call wind county network Butch Cassidy. And the Sundance Kid. You know at Robert Cruz was and my uncles my grandfather my. Relatives would talk about I would talk about. Butch Cassidy and Sundance get morneau was a young boy and they they would we would go to places where there hang out I was so it's all of a inscription on the rocked the Caspian description and and not a I think had a an obscenity or old history to the right. Become all the not to read I I started reading books about outmanned. And the cowboys in the outlaws and all it took an apology to my great grandfather. What an outlaw that ruled with Butch Cassidy we didn't know exactly who we want because he hid it from he did everything he could. Two to cover up the fact that he act. That you did admit to any new look at Sydney wrote within but he didn't want us to know that deet tails and I think power the reason why. Is because well one thing you lawn under reward on. Another thing was he was married to my great grandmother. And would been kind of scandal that Fineman and you know with the yeah. With the family and with that and the neighbors up there are trying to conserve the so. He'd be he'd duties he did everything he could to high it is at bu. Law passed and that. But I knew we all we will now Lawny wrote put Caspian I guess you'll. I cannot lose this guy won't. Want that angle what what's remembered again lucky. And that. Friday in 2004 I got yeah I'm I'm contractor or got a little prime. That turned that is sort of my son. That's like had a little time to us. To do the research and die I. Put out a web site. And I had a mother out launch it to be an outlaw occasion the contacted me or a group of about orbital nice. And we all kinda look bad got together. And between the poor of a week we've we've been in what one what he wouldn't have a tag to one record lot of local newspaper. Or records. Another guy in the lower. Other record war and court side are still right there aren't as Smart family. And I'm so. We've yet and you got together and then would kind of a typical watch out because I needed everything he could I it is true identity. I will hang on dear we're gonna you were gonna get into little more that we come that we had to take quick break you listened Jason. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. First the group. Rush from candidates Tom Sawyer. Love that song it's really really good to rush scrape their mentor and it and I think there was turn to release an amazing musician a mean bass player that sings like that unbelievable stuff I'm not a huge rush fan because some of the stuff is is all too busy for me but that song is a granite thrift or good songs do you hear other people that are fanatical about an mechanism like quickly. They're amazing and Daniel Curran drums and just a phenomenal group but anyway. Pack to what we're here for its. On wood Jason our talking and we mentioned earlier. Later in the program we're gonna have a little bit of extra time over an open the phone lines up to talk about anything you want to and I know that there have been questions in the chat room about. What doctors briefs boxers briefs what's happened to coast owners discussed on his Wear boxers briefs. On what's happening in the future who's doing one who's in where's everybody all that stuff is open game later in the program during our open lines segment how silly. And right now we are talking with Jerry Nichols about Sundance kid did Jerry nickel a wrote a book called bring bringing Sundance home his website by the way is bringing the Sundance home dot com is also Sundance kid dependent Henry long dot com and Jerry you're tell us about how you and several other what you called outlawed chasers are hunters not true he said there. Began doing research kind of helping each other out to get some answers to all this. Right exactly right yeah why a lot of the web site. And I abided people can help me and it wasn't a lot take this and if you let like a lot of people made inquiries but. Trip or these guys are Walt Obama or the senate to mother outlaw. Them and another man was via professional investor Gator. And even really knew how to analyze. All records. And so the group unless we we put the day you know it changes everything because you concur couldn't duplicate the instantly. And slowly we would just. Start getting these wrecker and Enron remind each other's feet. Well what. Kamal what because they've even though they said like they were some of the new super Arnold would say they deliberately misleading. Making misleading artery statements. Another one boy there were dynamite and it's exactly we needed. So. And cannot complain ineptitude here went to the six year. Yeah let's let's take a step back here because at any wanna get into the blue all the information you uncovered during that time I'll get into right now what you heard around your family dinner table. Or in the living room during family gatherings that means you start to suspect. That tell you had a an outlaw. In your ancestry be that outlawed may have very well then the Sundance kid I mean human there must've been talk going on around the fireplace tonight. Oil he would government would. My uncle my mother's family to come to my mom's side. But they would talk about butch captain mark apple acting new new look at being Annie accorsi was. Sundance it was his peers all law so that you may need. Grandfather personally knew Butch Cassidy. Right he was a blacksmith. And he was in and got a Udall that Robert Luke is in my county Utah. And that's what that. Look at him again what I doubt actually that get to two different robbery it would go there. And that day. Like Obama are upon. You had a black finish up final run on the road. And he bewitched horses. Like if you read the book. They eloped trail written by Charles Kelly it was actually in her book written about which got. First published in 1936. He referred to a manager call. Now walk all kids Jackson. And my grandfather's name was Jerry Jackson's epic that. That was probably my ground while the begun pouring marry my grandmother. Kia. I think you might hear you don't know because they cried idol spotlight EU. He went and many new book I think that my government in any dignity in the week which got becoming Matt. In Windham in 1945. And it's amazing but he didn't like that and I think maybe because he yeah. Some outward associated with the when he was young boy. And I I that this suspect I can't prove it but I suspect crisper and called kid Jackson. Was associated with problem in my ground. Wow OK so I wanna kind of booted the names get kind of confusing as this story progresses there's a lot of personalities involved. And anybody who might be trying to solve this might wanna get a piece of paper and kind of draw flow chart because it does get a little complicated. What are things that made it so difficult for you. On is that you. Or these these outlaws did everything they could to hide the real identities including kind of distancing themselves from their families and their families would deny York. You know disavow them or our however when it had to happen so they didn't get caught or there wasn't. In a retribution in some ways so when you've got people change their names constantly moving around the country not keeping any real address and and than using other aliases it's almost impossible to attract them. All the stuff they did a good job. You know that they'll hide you're gonna look at me it deadly fight your part you know like at all. But I think it's in my stomach it a little. Discovery occasionally even in this date but. And only have been intentional. By the fact that. And then they wonder people think that they were killed in South America. So everything they get what is that to be live into obscurity. And didn't get away from that. Notoriety. Expect a Pinkerton detective agency. Get away to know wanted. Reward that were put out or. And and net that would say but they don't want. They didn't want their families to be in bears they did not one of the Sundance get migrate. But even look at the is that the year. He considered his life at ten series is right. I shouldn't have. Become an outlaw and that even an out or another one and made mania. Every day they get one and air for families and remote Democrat replied no not at all no but but. But a lot of spamming guys they get wanna put their boundaries in the position of embarrassment. Well not just happened you'd have the Pinkerton guy's coming back channel within two pretty much take out and I could do and and it was yeah who is a tough tough thing to have happen especially for your family to find that out there to see that happen. Yeah I you know Marie who irk or were still reward for where butch Cassidy and the and some baskets or reward still in effect. It never really. Closed the investigation when no name when may yet come back from South America a great music back AM record Jordan. What's actually. Was in net and you've got nineteen. Thirteen. Build it they know they come back and never called her record and look at those there's combatant killed modern art and at least Albert wasn't them it was someone else. Let's let's check out. Let's back up what are what is the up until now may be accepted story of the gang Telus kind of Trace walk us through what they did where they ended up on what. We've been told for so many years actually happen to them in in South America. Well above the baucus and that's the idea that want to South America turn that my my Greg Graham Paul. What what what what that another woman with a woman and this is identified as at a place. And I think that there were actually two different women and a Democrat called at a place. One more than back that you were from mount park Colorado wondered book about her she's paying experts and now the second one I don't not sure about her but I take it she was one they wanted to cal girls around. Why can't you stop. He began when it went. And so many ways they want to stop America. And down. Pay. Prices they are they bought big rank down at that Argentina was given people use crack Andy North Americans. They have resettle there so they may settle for some lap the pickers at a reward out further capture. All the Piccard and note that they want to South America can't Sundance kid wrote a letter backed up on that it took an informant in Wyoming. Telling him that that's where they went South America. To owners are so. So particular senate detected down. At least outwardly wind and where they upon the money actually was lute would welcome bank robbery and eight outwardly it. But didn't settle on this ground out there Argentina whale fifteen hour mop and bars are on the frontier. Well. If I put out reward or Spanish town in Argentina. About a report that they bought this does ignore the settlement establishes riots all I put up a reward poster and net and they knew well. You would think pot here Lleyton or air. So they did they couldn't stay at the lead because that this week war and they suspected. The one that neighbors that they knew from Texas district directors at tournament but in fact what really happened. Was. Dissent that kids have wrote a letter back it was Brando in wild. And told him and his unborn czar. That he was in the arts and the Piccard and port 81 apple pickers they want to customers booked and done it never occurred exactly. Who informed on them but it was a former up from Wyoming. So maybe they put up they put out these rewards and and they didn't say it was going to be that that trigger is could be there to pick up and there was a reward money offer prevent not by the record and that Albania are so only they armed were from these reports. So they called ranch. And they've robbed a bank would edit and and it's of this second and in. Case you right now. And I'm not really sure about her but I think I knew it but they robbed a bank in. Argentina. And that they erupt despite it's remote woman say yet chances I he had enough she's I don't want any more this a formal back. I wanna go back to United States. So I'm NASA would be alarm clock DeLong it might break out it was. So built along. Took back. To what we took our political system in Goteborg are dirt or ousted Chile. One up to whatever Cisco. They're about to Denver and that to Colorado I think that's working from. And then he stopped and Wayne county and from my great grandmother and while it was Terry bought from ground. Andy and the I think that's part of it looked from that top Americans back in the yen in Downey. And anyone backed to Argentina but. That's all the rats to one back and they knew that they can do they couldn't do that anymore had been. So they went to work for this marketing company did not like a movie show you remember. They had that. They then went to work for a guy named perky Hubert out demanded. In the movie that was right now you'll but they. They want to orbit the mine company. And then maybe they were discovered here particularly this government or play music they add delete. Or not but I and they let well. The mining company that he worked or that get mine company. The table were brought. In this I think night penal. The table was raw but look at our return back. To United States he was he's a quarter million. You'd draw. Just a poor that robbery. And then he's recorder being Wyoming just accurate apple people picker at this record so they knew that. They weren't there weren't committed out robbery but there wants to guide it did admit. About liked that movie show. And they were keep it about like that movie show. So. But some that didn't come back and bought they were welcome back on the loose someplace they missed that only he. He came back and money was told my nineteen candy on that he went back and great grandmother. He's on the census record. Andy Andy remembers her but until it happens to die. 1936. Well this story gets more and more complicated and more more in tracing we're gonna continue talking about it after break Jim we've got a lot more to talk about we do are you listening Jason GP MBI. It's best weekend of the year it's Gary Condit horror and pop culture convention June 2 through fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in England this Liberty City. I mean car chase and caught Steve Gonzales it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found its. Or con dot com that scare con dot com. Aren't the and change here telephone numbers 8446877669. We're talking about the very complicated. And very controversial story. Of a notorious criminal known as Sundance kid. Who track trying to write notes here yeah yeah it is he needs flow chart you need a flotilla we've even gotten into the into the real details our guest tonight is Jerry nickel and he's written a book called green Sundance home. By the way their website is springing Sundance home dot com also Sundance kid Henry along dot com. And you can get information about Jerry and the book on the beyond reality radio website as well but Gerri thanks so much for joining us and we try to bring in listeners. Throughout the course of the evening we do have a listener called to take right now so let's go to the phone lines this is Nina welcomed the show and Dana. Yeah. I did today. Then why did that something then is it. Not really change cheated Sundance kid's birthday but. And it it kind of goes story calico. Kind of reminded me and western diet and. Yes sure we've got a couple minutes ago I'd. Okay all OK we'll. Adding calico there'll a lady. And people can alert Marion is just nit game and I huge stress it from making ended. And she looked like you know just a classic teacher from back then and and people are kicking him and people thought that she does like it did. An actress or something and they were taking pictures that. I've heard you know cute signing autographs you know whatever and then after a little while doing that. They sorted a couple of people turned around and she was completely gone. Like she disappeared. There was no Trace of her. She'd been signing autographs. I never really goes signing autographs screen. Sure yeah they are hugging and earn everything I think I do and yet she was completely. Like seem cool blooded every. Now my dance line. Literally as Lyles. Out out pretty crazy out yet. And good rock Redford the one that played the Sundance kid bottling. We've figured this out the other night she waited what it was Robert Redford yes okay. I. Live Robert Redford told. Alike. Share it. Yeah well Nina thanks for sharing that with us we appreciate you monitoring the story. OK and I am so Jerry. You uncovered ghosts of different kind when you were doing this research she started to come up with names in connections and as sadly we've only got about three minutes here in this segment by Tom. Start walking us through. The names involved in this story and how they connect. Well I'm very complicated. But a lot of people quality. There are aliens could be BA leases and use Monday that they had reason to record and pat him and yet they're record military long bow and Allen because. Perry there was a Berkman hammered on the school course and or rewarding future. Offer to a at all our players are well and a couple of crooks crooked sheriff. I wanted to collect that reward will late date rescued my. Bill law on the my break now although the stricken son Nat ray at Wyoming. And to collect that reward but it got to commit your. Didn't get that name they've made 33 timed it into the tonic Richard collect that reward. For the chapter very long about my pick what they become mr. finally realize we're. That may edit framed it migrated bill law Poland along. And that he was not. Wanted man very long about. Okay. Just so I heard yeah I just so I help people along here were on the same page there was an outlawed by the name of Harry long about. That's the wanted man. But these folks arrested your great grandfather who was. Wouldn't William Henry long or as you just said bill long and tried to pass some office Terry long about. Right so they get collect that reward seemed content here and they wanted to but along they collect at 200 dollar reward. You don't credit record 200 dollar reward but it got to a certain enzyme that Wyoming coming down three times they turned down and I had made that. Well you navigate and no you know you're not gonna and then they did they have been on in jail. In combat an eight day. The governor out involvement may didn't they released him at a given the full pardon agents say. I'm skills or ordering out stop they just. Only pardon an opt out of that JC's. And he did leave but servers apple pie in the. That commit criminal Harry long about ultimately is the one that's connected with the name the Sundance kid and what you're starting to suggest here is that the video identity confusion started way back at this point. Right now to run it depicted as strict about because what when they rob and I went to market Nevada in 1901. Day Eckerd and called Ian. Well late discovered that one of these Robert of that same man. Noah and the Sundance Taylor 1987. And he was identified as Terry on the bow. Because that this identification. You cannot point BM archer. A lot more to. I'm Wilson and Jason GP. Schools Thursday on the East Coast the start turning. Yeah review myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome JPG so summer. We went from winter to summer and a matter of lake a day and a half in the northeast yes it was like forty degrees three days ago it was eighty something today it's the Steve six here guests and yours was junior nine year in the 99394. Employ its you know than the men and change its exports via electricity set yet and yet and that one's life you know bruised and sore throats instead of history exactly welcome back to the show her -- great stuff coming on tonight we're going to be talking about the Sundance kid others a gentleman by the name of Jerry Nichols who. Had a suspicion that someone in his family actually was the Sundance kid did some research. And operating a book about it called bringing Sundance home. And their presents a really really interesting and compelling argument that in fact his great grandfather was a notorious Sundance kid. And you can check out the website at bringing at Sundance home dot com and actually term break and dvi I ended up going to the web signals looking around and I clicked on their kick start a campaign and it's a neat setup there actually working on putting together a pilot and it looks really nice Bada. A pilot covering all these old cowboy. A story that's really aware of but they were digging up and they and they literally dug inquiries and I recommend anybody just good and just go to bringing Sundance home dot com. Quick come in the video for the kick starter and watch the video I mean they're they're literally digging gray is out and doing DNA tests and it's it's just incredible. Yeah and we move when we bring bill bill Gerri I just a few minutes to a level that talk about all of that Tom we will remind you got a great show coming up tomorrow night were actually get some breaking news about tomorrow night as well. Because we're gonna supposed to show. Yeah so tomorrow night we're going to be talking. For Howard talked when Barry Katzman he's the producer of the forthcoming documentary are eight killed JFK. Which features interviews with the only person to have ever confessed to killing president Camby. I'm going to be talking with him because as of may 31. The movie that he created with and with this individual actually opens in 250. Movie theaters across the US. And it also coincides with John F Kennedy's 100 birthday. So from Aaron also on and on Friday always remember got a friend who Goodman Zaid also tomorrow night. In bringing on I guess is he McGill yeah because if anybody heard show the other night and there were some technical difficulties and we ended up. What we're doing the dream interpretation. We ended up losing. Losing in the station for awhile one series or so anyways so we're going to be bringing. On the dream interpreter again in the second hour and we're gonna be taking a lot of those calls that weren't able to get through the other. Yet that's the thing we are we had phone lines filled the whole time Sunni McGill was on with us last night ended because of their technical problem we lost a lot of people that'd called in and Justin had the time. To get to a lot of people because we lost a good twenty minutes of the show there. So she's agreed to come back on tomorrow night for a second hour and will jump right back into the phone calls with her in the dream interpret. Just how will begin in two volcanoes center. Yeah and things like that would definitely try to gauge even if our itself in Jimmy's prelude and make it hard for me to ask these questions and Cameron on the spot. So I ask you to call and ask a dream interpreter. Exactly what Jimmy streams have met him before you caucus he can't stop you on that the doors wide open he doesn't know what you're gonna ask novel you do color number 844687766. I get to all free at 844. 6877669. Star rating down your questions about Jimmy's dreams for tomorrow night. And then a final note before we had to break here and then we'll bring Jerry in we will be taking some calls later in the program we're gonna spend at least that are one segment it's now more. With some open lines Sosa got questions about any things what people wanna know about ghost hunters what's happening. Where's it going is a coming back all the stuff will all those things will open a phone lines were Denish. That's the way whatever whatever questions with Brian really is a nightmare he and littered DNC have solely. In all you username and Willie answer are you listening Jason JGB unreality redo this take a break and we come back. An idea. Run and I'm Asian summits and. They welcome back to hit reality radio Jason injury again the phone numbers 844687766. And I know we have some people want to hold. But one regular guest banking here Gerri nickel is the author a book called bringing Sundance home and it's it's the result of an eight year effort. Of his where he took a suspicion many thought that maybe one of his relatives in this case is great grandfather. May have a connection to actually be the Sundance kid and three years. Jerry research in this exhaustive lead and debt came up with the some very very interesting information and Jerry thanks for being with us. Tell us right now. When you when you started this project in this process did you think you're gonna come out. With the evidence that was in fact showing your great grandfather's Sundance kid or did you think maybe. You were gonna end of disproving that discussion. Well. Heidi didn't know I cannot just like at what our government that he was Butch Cassidy. Associate they wrote was cast all of them I got up up photographs I original photograph. From a cousin who at a regional photographs. Of my great grandfather. Bill long ET had a she gave it to me. May doodle or straightening iron up what this original photograph. Well you can put these two photographed side to side with that famous. Or were I photographed or examples. By the outlawed that you were born on the money went and you could see that are strikingly similar they are and in my Gregg got all of a bit like this. The Sundance kid. But in that photograph it was a down but certain long about what is alias. So once I got that photograph and it happened to go out before. On I got that photograph and I may end product you know an amazing similarity. Is starter right here because I knew it broke with Butch Cassidy. Then I said wow is actually. This Sundance kid because it he looked like this it guy. But that trouble lies the border passes and they were very long bow truck that that's not put up a web site and how long they get people to. To a public dole. Why was that while political very long about. What I haven't pitcher I have an outlaw I have a same picture that same man. Then but it not very long at all ipodder burst. That my bill long break ground Boller. Real name was very long about them when he was married to my great grandmother. That they even used the alias. Bill Hall. But it was yet because we didn't Horry completely unique and it is true identity we didn't know. Horry looks from. His siblings his brother sister Whitney and only events. And so a lot. I'd I don't parallel I would like I got only diet they tell me how we have a market that is record and then I got the university you'd gone bald. The doctor McCullough perhaps apologists. What he did it compare him on that photograph by apple that it four or five photograph. And they come up in the same man that this is the ball. Soul we did that way at this point and we have all my content in all or like. We got a court approval. And we we dug up these you know we've exhumed his body. It was a no rule wouldn't GAAP and really way so we exhume the body per DNA test. And that. What lake come back and inaccurate Lama about Sloan is an act or artwork Olympic one guy ERA annuity centimeters. He's a well to do DNA back who's putting in the aggregate. Analyzes. I yeah did he did get back crap out of luck in large debt I don't know how long he can ease the credit. He's I know we're all audited you've got the Sundance kid. But the Sundance kid not carry on about these at all. And they hit it is not. Is it long about captain you're an alias to. And and they pointed me world record Horry go up here it's see you could see what happened up that Sunday jail. What the camera can record even if you worked very long hours arrested. Where he escaped and worry went to we went to Canada. And never came back. And so many new law but he knew this lawless province and the two other than that this is the rest of the sport where. Probably get to readers for. Couple years of pilotless. And this one guy yet not yet altered out work Reston did. So so what you're saying is that the the real Harry long about oh who was thought to be the Sundance kid. Ran off to Canada lived out the rest of his life there are kind of in hiding. In your great grandfather. Bill long. Assume that identity. Became the Sundance kid and it was him that was it that was in that grave is that what you're saying. Yes right that was. Now my great grandfather was at so ready. Were you able to test that DNA vs your family's DNA to move to confirm that well Kennedy. Well as well when we know it was this I meant to be a DNA completely we're able to do well to DNA. Define his family and we found that he would Horry was born more breeze spamming it moved to Washington State. And we Allen Brothers and sisters to add in grand per hour you exactly at race creel. He was Turkey and park rage. And the more that will write back to Virginia is that history. So while. We went down but he but but what look all want to would probably ought to lead off. What I absolutely. That fear and unity and unity was when bill along but he backed entity which you'd been was very long about. And that's what and that's what airport confusing map right there but Eric talk about one out accurately. Akron and they did rob that bookmark a blanket had been a record about the report. Carry on about what you want and he was in caddie he know by. Berger who worked for him but I think what he did at that point. Is he kinda disappeared. You know I think that he'd probably changes name I think it. I mean I think he just state leader candidate. A whole new. I care. Or not ginger indeed you're great grandfather ever admit to anybody in the family that he was the Sundance kid. Null but he admitted that he wrote a book you're not outlaw. He did did that they would say things like light it is yet to money in the bank during the Great Depression. And he locked in the bank the banks folded them eat a lot of money he had in his back. And he's Annie and these dead people I'm well he says he says you'll are robbed a bank and in the bank raw meat back. Also less critical of an entity you know and then it talk about what's happening. He would be admitted he that somebody has some of the people but he was being called my grandfather. In 19100 before he went South America. That he was longer that he would there were a reward out for him. And he and so he did admit that. Another police ship was. What they. Is daughter. What I'm would be migrating and you do that he's suspected Tuesday. She knew that he was that he wrote a look at the everybody knew they broke britcaster. We just didn't know. That it would carry law bidding that we didn't know that he was some that get beat up so let's get a run off with that a light. And I think Ellen of that back because of that fact. He did everything he could have to fight that the country get warm air is scrambling. With that. Yeah yeah. Via we've got some people are waiting on hold here have to just chime in on this conversation so let's go to the phone lines ring Terry from South Carolina and Terry welcome to be on reality radio. Good morning gentlemen thank you I would have been chapter and this at September. I took a trip out west up along the way I visited copy bill Kansas where the ball and gang met her demise. And on a return trip back east I was driving through the small town of Leighton in Mexico. When I saw a sign of further Hirsch I'm used Sam and I rarely turned down a chance to visit W I am. So I went inside and apportioned out one of the Walsh. Is dedicated to an outlaw of whom I had never heard. Black Jack catch him. Who wrote for time with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid turns out it was a cold blooded killer. Was finally captured near Clayton after a botched train robbery indoor and the Muncie was in jail he gave a lot of late. On the day he was saying that the Angolan head this calculated that there's actually the thing. And then it got decapitated catch happens objection instead of packing and then there's a vote on display actually shell and his decapitated body. Move that's gruesome. Yeah is this this someone you've heard of. Only app. Yeah that that DNA. They robbed a treaty and that LT lay who has. Another guy that wrote it's got its on that get robbed a grain of salt of New Mexico. Like they caught them. And how do they went to prison and that kept him he would he had killed somebody. So he. They thought they were assisted death. And and that play and exactly with the elements that's exactly what happened. Mom they thanks for sharing that story with a stereo yet that's really interesting and it's really needed you know. The whole concept of these wild west outlaws I think it's something we've heard the top you know. Few there are gonna notorious but there's a whole bunch of mineral roaming or on the west during those days. So Gerri we've got a couple minutes for break time here tell us sound as you'd uncovered the story you may these connections. Did you ever present this information to maybe mid western historians people that. Would consider themselves experts in this particular topic and if you did what kind of reception you get from them. Well I did I use I can't let a while the book I sent to the magazine that sent to the this'll Karl expert but then they ignore. And I'm I think pick out that the regular ignored dozens. It's destroy their narrative that it is and give her long bow. And I can't even in my book. And you know they are cataloged in that it may just signal or pay a federal law I. Except for the fact that. It's it they're they're analog or lack a little club these guys are like a little bit publishers. And record anybody public and I think I self published book. And I'd get everything act that I thought it made it their regular can be got a book and you'll note that I have documentation of the sort girl or everything. And or there I do make a few people engines are mild. But most of this stuff is. Is source is document. And I and I and I Rick and I did that because I knew that with this new argument. They would I assume that they would argue back with neglected they didn't as they're trying to do they just. You know invaded good morning good that they just it OK you know and man. But it's time soon other reluctant to do except new ideas that seems to be either way with a lot of change and a history and they don't know and no one's been knowing. We're talking with Jerry nickel his book is bringing Sundance homer gonna go to break but when we come back we're going to be talking about. These women that were involved in this story there's a couple of them that are kind of notorious themselves we're also talked about what happened. Two Harry long. After the suppose a date that they were all killed in Bolivia which apparently didn't happen and they came back and and but remember these gains settled and kind of live quiet lives after that. If you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you elect a FaceBook page and head over to beyond reality radio dot com. And you can download free android or and an IOS app which allies it listen the show lives Lewis in the past episodes and also join the chat with us. As well there were gonna take a quick break and we come back more you listen adjacent. It's new England's best weekend of the year it's scary car. We're in pop culture convention June 2 through the fourth at the mass mutual center in Springfield come meet in its Liberty City. I mean car chase in all honesty do themselves it was a little changed a ball and so many. House it's all part of your mission and Friday night's exclusive celebrity VIP party Saturday night it's the monster party with costume contest it's a weekend of fun for all ages more info can be found it scary conduct. On that scare con dot com. Girl pants coming on he'll be talking about his forthcoming documentary it's called I killed JFK features an interview but the only person to ever have confessed to killing president Kennedy that'll be the guest in that documentary that's who will be talking about. And then we're also going to be joined in with the same guess we had on last night and via I'm are over the season Gil Santa Miguel. About dream interpretations because she and they're getting caught off due to some tactical issues we had. So make sure if he gets dreams that you wanna ask her about opening just this year calling in manuals and the show. Yeah and we also know that throughout. Last few weeks and you we've had a bunch of new stations coming on board therefore entitled lot of new faces are new names anyway coming into the chat room we've seen a lot of questions from a lot of those people. Serena opened up the phone lines for basically just over my questions anything you wanna ask don't talk about ghosts honors you wanna talk a load in anything we will take those calls later in the program the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. Be happy to answer. Questions and big shout out to everybody in key DET. Al. Senator Texas part of its report and our market area and welcome to the of the unreality radio family and it's always great is every week we're adding new and new stations and he's recovering pretty much all across country are ready and more multiple stations and indifference to and the same state in different areas as well also. Welcome aboard the and we looked at people who look forward to having that lists grow more and more so tonight we're talking to Jerry nickel Jerry is the author of the book called bringing Sundance home. Which basically outlines his argument and discussion that his great grandfather was actually the Sundance kid and it was a big case of mistaken identity that had us believing for very very long time. At the Sundance kid was a gentleman by the name of Harry long about all. When in fact it was his uncle bill long and it was a case of mistaken identity or what you said Jerry in May be of clarify this. Danger of a great grandfather. Bill long actually assumed the name carry along the bow and that created part of the confusion or was it just a missed mistaken identity. No he hit he use that name he used that name or an elite to intentionally. And once C a when he robbed at 1 o'clock a bank and then it doesn't have accredited debt partners. Very long bowel lacked that he did everything in the two make them think it was very wrong about when he let that stop America did he would. Views no longer it and he knew very long while that work out together in miles city Montana in 1987. Red baited it like they were both great debate they work quietly together and were they were problems but they use that name. And and it was serving well because they cabinet but the record is open for very long about all. And they never will come from Burr bill on a family man in Utah are they were looking deeper parent on the island. And then back in Pennsylvania in you know and they were just some of the wrong I. I'm not fly yet and I use it to his advantage. Or just a Smart move to keep them off his trail and keep his family. The house. What was the role of these women there are several women the you've alluded to throughout the course of this discussion. And they seemed to float in and out of the story you who were there and what was their significance. Well it reminds. Or to real mother a real wide legal wife. Was. Wasn't my grip German her name was burned that's an unusual name. Lose or not her maiden name was all red. And and then the they. Per person that he went to South America work. What that will remain and Bassett and she was huge blunder and that photograph that they have full Grafton. Of the two of them. That was taken in in the Buffalo, New York. And it's genetic library a congress. And out she was two from brown park Colorado Q they've written a book about her she was contemplating our. Rupiah great story. About her bitchy she didn't go out on the right cheek went down and when he took a look from the one remark a bank Epoch that. And he would go out on that frontier Putin wouldn't go up there and Sochi. Wednesday when they had when they applied for all our Hughes. Take a recount in Argentina. To recruit to go get dinner morrow from down and you do not speak Spanish or they. Done that took her back while only. And redo it she could go back over region let art or wildly in place rounds Clark. Because our moral view. Team now moving to calm or lose but played by Steve McQueen but he was hired by the cattlemen's association and clean that. The rock or not brown market and he would children from a bit and he wouldn't look Wacom alum. And put a stolen it like a mark he cinema has sent a letter Urquhart an album that. The color out of brown park and he was part about it the cattlemen's association. And he killed or not. And after a sweetheart and until lambasted. Another person ambassador and and they send them back in that letter. Warning her to get out of round market that you didn't choose the consequences. Scioscia had to delete browse park. Well after they have rock that much is under rob that. Bank in what do makah. They went that route park and they already en route park. One thumb war he. Told that. The second and he did they they they keep. Palm oracle Berkman just before they ride around market and until that I don't. When they were there and that and that and your doctor's letter he'd actually out of the window of the Capital One night. Warning her to get out of browse our. So EC at spam. If you get north south summer when an Iraqi capital brown spar. And and they cover the 8% net ticker along pepper. To South America with an idea. They but Q what people are really at Q what people are on that ranks one win and one day when they apply programme he wanted to come back. Back to Wyoming or Colorado and one quarter. And by that time probably weren't. We're no longer of epic the war or a the whole political situation that change in the paper the small. Cattle that rector. And they become more he was he was on broad and killing of boy named Willie nickel and that sort of in the day's paper was gone. Acute horrible backed out organ that's what she did she went dark brown park and she should let their kilogram harper. Well another 2030 year and Angie and she moved down so you proper. While NG you know got in which your Riddick a little later they've written several books about over. And they're all work reading it and that. And then I'm not a federal one and we're not on the omni Omni Media a ranch. But Omar as application or hurt I am ban act because it could be one or two different women. The one not to are on the second time. That it didn't block to that ranks and down. In particular the one that that that will air when they Piccard and put up a watered bolstering and drop them are. And she was the one. That rob that bank in Argentina and the bank will be nation I think they called it. And and it's. And an actor rob a bank she should get back deliberately opted out of the box years. And then he brought her back and one of political system I'm prepared Californian brokered Colorado where you're from. And out. And then that you know that was a two women will really involve the ice is no real legal why. And kids or just. Those two there more powerful. So what happened to your great grandfather. You know in later years in his life did to but what was life like at that point. Wylie Kemp he came back at MIT and these honest sensors record 9010. And down at any bit right there aren't that network neighborhood might grand terms. And he got like Big Ten name on my cheek my grandmother and you know the whole Larry it was it's a small party utility because this is not. Densely populated. Is wind county Utah. But he they lived there until 1917. But I have two daughters are actually stepped. A step Greg grants and I come to my grandmother first son was killed and likes it. And then she married Sundance kid. And they had two daughters. Well in 1970 where there are the youngest daughter Mary Matalin do Cheney underground argued ought. So they went to be Cheney. The debate bop as younger smaller one elected do change. It was two think he'd pay cash for lecture on camera Mallon piglets. 15100 or are big money back and based it was gone for two weeks. And I think he'd be he would not yet some more money stack up in near strictly Utah. And they have been a part of that loot from not. From that South America not. Back property any great actor of this burden this right to do Shane and Nate and it yet. You know and I know why no Torre got am and I mean that he had an older Animal Planet and one that got this. At this money someplace and they paid catcher so we just only he would go along well these neighbors neighbors. 81. And anybody he he immediate help toward that app for urban blight he would tell stories like he would say that. That when he was younger and he's now days he would get you some. Lou Don and back. Money down and Robert who's in the market. And he said he wanted to go get it. But he he could ride or is when he well goal he really at all writers really speak at right or two getting brighter core. So and they were they and admire it watermark on the record breaking down to Robert hoot. And you virtual war were to get that money never let her get their money while you get that never went out there and so but there wasn't any there because he. When we're good weaker through this book we found that campsite. We're we're we're very remote and they went at it and gender energy and there are geared a good story. A great story. We're we're getting we're gonna run out of time here Jerry and I wanna I know there's do some conflicting stories about. I think tell your great grandfather died on printer couple stories that are right he had yet to lose to tell us those quickly amendment after minutes which goes to that. Okay well there were two Burton says it won't come through or daughter and the other one country is you know explore. And the older daughter said that. Still did the last two years of their life simpler time he had outright so bad from the bright note work. That he that he had he lived Lipitor. And he. But there in 1936. Her husband and as they needed it felt like butter they had no money at all or lost that job they want to do you can tell them they just couldn't take it in the this Warner and they that the should it become live an active streak in debt. There's no way I can think and candidate. Scioscia he walked in the bedroom. He got to try to pick only walked out or insurance company hand. Now Bloomberg. Now the other Kirk and his. There was an hourlong and his name is Matt war and they've written books about him he's really come out and they knew each other at Warner. Belongs on that but they knew each other do they were neighbors won Lipton. Brilliant on it it didn't do shamed. In her younger days eight. They knew each other to an in problem base. But they. At that time he. Lord I wouldn't write a book about his outlawed they needed write a book in the book but they want anyone over the chain and he told. The long that you are elected to identify you or. Have been total one of the gang member and happened that's so Matt Moore did in that book he did he had a lot of good information. But I think what happened was. What belong to no I don't want to identify me in and never rock beat Hillary knew that war arm artery car lot and I never like each other. And so thank and I got into an argument. And Matt border killed criterion in the corral and the corollary and change a law prowler. And he laughed. And they let him down there. Well the second daughter sunny came out there and founding debt was back down. And so that was the that is second bird now one when Parker often neither the Utah did depressing. Or is nick. Forensics economics in a certain. Yeah then examination. Then haggle over the ball make that went into the jet and came out was consistent with a rifle. But they've battle. And you know whom and that and you feel sorry nominate any candidate that is probably. Good that September 2. Down right now. He Gerri we're out of time the book it's called bringing Sundance home. You can find it if you go to the B unreality Rick radio web sit is a link there you've also got a couple of web sites springing Sundance home dot com. Sundance kid Henry long dot com anything else you want folks to know about. Yes I have actually have a FaceBook call. Pages on the Internet to other one called bringing fundamental unit some film clip on there and as I think it probably extinct. Grateful we appreciate you spending the time when this and trying to walk us what what is a very very complex story but it sounds like you've got you've done your homework here and it's a pretty cool us started tell. All right well thank you very much I sure appreciate your body and Asian. You have a great nine now. All right so again it's Jerry nickel the book is bringing Sundance home you can find an Amazon you can find it to the beyond reality radio website. Barry were to take a quick break him we come back more you'll soon and Jason and JPM via rail. It's beyond reality rating Casey JDJ that that segment was. Heard Jerry went a lot longer than how we had anticipated soreness. Half the time we thought we are gonna. For the phone calls but we will do this will do well and and we can make up for a probably tomorrow and I sent an animal have a units would do look good more organized with that we but the wintertime it's a one in the first one in line is a front numerous events from Missouri Vince. Welcome be unreal you really can't be on every body. In the car and there are good you know you answered one question for you. We're what we're safe are your career yes I'm sorry I don't say it inside her. RR a cryptic and well one question I'm interviewing you what Kraft Coke commercial do you wanna hear. It's. Matt portrait court and Cowell out after you can answer right. I'm not a world out of Iraq or are you about fifteen seconds what's on your mind. Encore intrigue. Air dry out Chad are you guys. DA amazing you were a problem that Syria and mission over integrators Cheryl reply. Arab buy out here are a little bit show ever in my back come on underwritten by Raoul other program. He got put on the great gift sometime we map should get. Your. Remark it's a good dancer. Well it won't dispute that we appreciate you Colin invents a heavily thanks for the support immune status associated pick when I'm in a pick one. That will play this and Warner be pretty much out here all right so if everybody have a great night's Jason JVB and our area. The costly charges and bombing a loved one doesn't pass the meeting with the mortician interfere with your play on the back nine at. Oversaw there's got to be a cheaper way crack. Save money and do it on your own time with the craft go home and bombing chick. The crowd go home and bomb weekend. Consistent all the key instruments needed to start bombing at home today to hide her respirator is a last lunar gravity. Chemical in chapter operating systems super dream to suture needles that and more. Don't let it cancels passing me as a pitcher. True to the home why political heat stroke interfere with your backstroke used to critical moment only get to start small business. What do you show that not intend to call themselves. Trapped in the penitentiary. Hartnell crap goes to see you money. May not be right Mina PS ankle held may not even be legal what the craft Golan bombings and you'll save on. The greens transco pumping up the living so you can afford to go. Highly recommend that you didn't panic and 2%. Don't constantly you know you just rolled vaulted him to do both teams were to run around my house all the time. If so why not see your Hardwoods and let those energetic piece using your workload make those kinds of yours earn their keep. It depends sweeper and now. From ground zero to crack cocaine sweet yeah our special patent technology molds in the bottom of those four legged freaks throw them the ball in the holes and won't face like around trying to stop. Our technology grabs dirt from all over the house won't. Make your parents do your work the pets Weaver are correct. It has nothing just like animals that they have side effects and so get yours today. And yummy ingredients to discuss its intelligence when Alexandria Johnson and her. Current don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page gives alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one hour. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality realty email to sleep getting. And then some slick Eddie ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.