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Angels and deceased loved ones guide us and help us through our lives according to one author. How do they do this and how do we know?

May 16, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Maryann Spencer, author of Lady in the Window, a story of how angels & deceased loved ones help us and guide us through life. This story was influenced by her personal experiences. 5/16/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Mario West Coast Tuesday and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcomed him beyond the reality radio myself jeez and hollows and the always. Awesome GG Johnson and it's so he's good to be here him I'm really excited about this week I say that every week but this week they're really really am excited. Now this week nominees are excited this week has anything to try different now you know next week it's different but I am excited I promise you we'll tonight we've got a great show we're going to be talking when Maryann Spencer and now she's the author of the new novel lady in the window. Which is about Howard deceased loved ones in angel's help heal and guide us. So she's going to be discussing how she was able to draw they'll write this book through personal experiences. So that they should definitely meaning. Yet she's got a lot of really cool experience not just it's as it relates to this book but she's petite TV producer and writer she's done a bunch of movies that come mom I'm sure many of the people. Listening have seen. Whether they're on the scifi channel Hallmark Channel showtime she's done a lot of that's a plus she does a television show on a local PBS station. A called simply deliver delicious living and it's a body mind and spirit. A sustainable living philosophy with food diet in and keeping him by army clean stuff so it's gonna be pretty cool talk with her. And it tomorrow night where we talk to Cindy McGill author of what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep and javy you've got a lot of questions for I'm gonna let you ask the questions because planning and ask her questions about your dreams of volcanoes or tell us about your dreams for a change my age I don't know it I don't in his sleep how nice for you don't sleep -- and I just. Keep thinking and obviously for -- from amateur hour and a half for -- authorities are the dreams that you that you wanna talk about that I mistakenly asked about what during one of our first broadcasts. One of the teen -- But throws you out there are wondering what in God's name we are talking Murray now. Gigi had Aston we have been a dream interpreter ongoing America course acquittal or congress has before where we were still just during the streaming chill on line that's right yeah it was literally sell off. And we're trying to decide if we really wanted to do radio a hard sell a threat and javy and we had a dream interpreter on MTV decided to ask her what his dreams you know erupting all surely these younger was in its issue probably we probably should go and break it that I wish we had issues filling NGV on his. Sexual tension issue service pipita puberty related to end it was done in a year 34 what the British businessmen. No originally she would when we when we offered that dream for her interpretation she practically laughed to shorten the spit it out because it was so funny and it was so it's really is such Chillicothe cliched saying but I had no idea I mean that businesses in hopes of him. If you haven't yet made she had over like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and you can head to be on reality radio dot com. And you can download the free android and iPhone app right there which allows you to wall humorous initialize from enjoying the chat was in the past episodes. Arm pretty much everything it's all free so. You probably heard about this very very strange and very very large creatures that washed up on shore. And I saw something and I have yet and it was a giant carcass there was found washed up on a beach in Indonesia's central Maluku province. And people couldn't figure what the heck it was. It was at first thought to be a giant squid and then people thought maybe it was a kind of be decomposed whale. On the last I know they're still trying to figure out what it was but it was about fifteen meters which if you do do the conversion about fifty feet in length. And it was believed have been dead for about three days before it was discovered so they sent on samples of these species to a lab to figure out what it was they couldn't identify. And that there was talk some were saying there was a well there are saying it was giant squid. But it. And they were there was just nothing on the yet nothing on it to really identified in the state it was in on but it was massive and if anybody happen to catch an online you can bid videos and stuff of this thing and it was a really was a gross looking very very large former creature. That you wanna welcome key DET. To the B honor reality radio family albums and has senator Texas. Now artists Shreveport. Market is so well and welcome beyond reality real family on you know speaking I'm a weird things have gone on. Hampshire. Are quick I had yeah did you see anything on that tattooed fish that they were they found. Did he find we'll look at the tough attitude that's what I it was it was all over it was on Good Morning America. And every and that that's half the problem are so that you were pretty portraiture so what exit or exactly but the riddle of the tattooed fish that was pulled from the CEO of the Philippines it's been solved for everybody out there who. We saw this crazy marlin that had all these weird designs on an there was a flawed and online speculation about a hollow blue marlin could've. Come up to Walt obtain these strange markings across his body and it was close at all or social media right you believe you didn't see it but. But now walk in the fishermen and faults come forward to explain how this happened the fish netted by fishermen from Lopez and the Philippines. At his our markings that look like letters. And tattoos. And of course it it so everybody was wondering what was going on dom. By a pair and hit the path from GB is. The people who just take things around with it they don't they don't look into what really might be an answered or right they don't look for an explanation I mean they they just jump on race but so there colonel enthusiasts were quick to blame the markings on the supernatural. Some even claimed aliens were trying to deliver a message. Others sheered yes exam our English it's better and better but it really does others feared it was due to changes in Earth's ocean. Eric good morning America's news said whatever may be the reason. And be as Howell the fish got these design and on its body nobody knows but maybe it's a sign that perhaps something is wrong or oceans. -- So around some entrepreneur or decided to open up an underwater shall we tattoo parties and what exactly. But another and another thing was how the system symbols letters numbers such remains a mystery book could be that fish was sent by something super now deliver a message to humanity yet because I'm sure that's what we're gonna do we're gonna. Pray that we can catch fish and and it's Earl. All the questions you that's that's wouldn't cracks me up about this stuff than it would the speculation if someone was trying to deliver that kind of message of that importance they wouldn't have to put an anonymous fish. And hope we caught sister who read this site but this is stupidity I I mean I half point cut but well some alien hunters scout. Wearing. Editor of UFO sightings daily. Was quick to point mystery on. Alien visitors before and he blog this fish may have data visiting alien species list that wanted to mingle with species similar to its broad. Only to get caught and he does for whom cook with the that's an epic fail for the alien race I mean a man at that point showed on your website it because you adjust your bad. Are so the fishermen who who caught this fish came forward. He caught the fish and explained how it received a spark exit mr. Tom I'll said he had to wrap the fish in his printed teacher. In the image had somehow reversed on the marlin told indeed. As CBN news. It has no tattoos I never thought that the print out what I used to cover would embed on the Fisher skin to prove it he showed the T shirt with a matching print. And hater so all the Fitch fish which Joseph was only tested today but. So and that's that's half the problem I mean why these people are late just jumping on it's an alien species sent here to mingle with its own. With him with things that are similar to itself and get to know each other because. We hey I'm a big fisherman bottom and I'm gonna say there's some there's some big dolphins things here and intelligent fished him. But they're really dumb fish shelter. And this is no if if an alien species. Is pretty much the same as a fish. I do I just need to know first off how it designed to meet indicator do you know. Can. Relish I mean. It's like talking or rock via a lot of hope you're not talking to the fish just a bit just for your sake I hope that's not what's the earth I talked British romantic fish and didn't bite the whole time despite. But it and now I know your big he had a pit windows user wreck. Well I MA windows user yes parent entity that would considerate someone knowing I'm praying and hoping they don't. Four and and some you out there probably did. This whole ring somewhere thing that's going on and now it's it's in well over hundred plus countries. And initially. Relatives of people in Russia came out and said this is created by the Americans and the American government and of course. We denied them because as we did well welcome to find out. This was created by the NSA. This ransom where that is hijacking all these computers around the world was created by the NSA. And that is affect. Arid soul is designed by the NSA tooth in fact in control windows computers. It was hacked into of course was all the other hacking that's been going on to the government. And our group called shadow brokers pretty much put it out there for for the hackers use. And you know and they did they and they took it and ran with it. The computer goes by the name and holding and the malware actually warm goes by the name want a crier one on two character. And it's it's all over now and it happens to anybody Alter who who might have it knows that. When you computer gets affected within a pretty much locks you out so as Uga then that the you gotta pay 300 dollars and allows you to only access certain site pay the money. You know anybody who's paying this money never got any and never got to control that computer again but then accountant has countdown clock kind of Jim. So why why would the NSA. Develop software. That would take control of people's computers and asking for 300 bucks well no they didn't they didn't. Create the part that OK so I asked for three in a box that was just an add on that that's what food but they created this the initial name of this program was eternal blue. And it was created by the NSA whose code named eternal blue. The US software weapon. Allowed the agency's hackers to break into millions a window computers by exploiting a flaw. And how certain versions of windows implemented a network protocol. Commonly used to share files into print. There's. But that's if that's the thing I mean what would and we talked about other things on the show where the government is it like this whole Lyme Disease with tics. I mean the government working on these things taller tax hours we know nothing about it and then all of sudden now you get and know people in effect of Lyme Disease and everything else. We had a guest on my last week of the week before we were talking about Tom doctor Mary share that was a shepherd. Remember her name exactly that was in the guess that was the book was about a doctor marries Mongolia dark and they're talking about how this the US government had a Covert. Our research operation going onto weaponized cancer. Yes I did do well but somehow the cancer gene had gotten into via. The whatever it was too. At Politico there was people Novak and his whole thing I mean it is so many things going on that we just don't have fun in our public knowledge or or. Related to us until someone happens to stumble across the right thing. Uncovers the information and then we're all we all act surprised when we should know the south is going on on time. Well there's hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of computers that are affected with this and a lot more computers that. People don't even know that there are affected yet. Palm. Soul even even right down to the FedEx FedEx has been attacked. Other Russian interior ministries and attacked. As Garrett goes on over a hundred countries are question is how do we protect ourselves is is something that we you know comes in an email and I am Mac. Money can do that too. On the Soyuz but is this something that comes through an email or is it just something that they can find you regardless of what you're doing does does not anti virus offer ketchup and a knowing this is what two things we should find out I would think. That in mind the antivirus. Stuff must not catch it because. Especially all the systems that are infected right now are saying that this. It could be the worst infection. Worse windows infection in in history. So turn off your computers hasn't been to the figure known as it was there and promised turn off your country go to turn it on things that kids say hey listen that's why they set a target people didn't even know they're infected until they showed up to work today ma. You know Michelle on Monday and return on their computers. That's when I find out is that's a heck of a wake up Bettis actor stuff but everybody had and so I've learned that lesson the hard way this several times at. Barrett so mom yet so we're gonna take a break and we come back we'll have all we joined by air guess Marion Spencer. You listen Jason did. The MD I'm really great. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I'll I can't call today. Tell onerous 8446877669. We've got our guests coming up Marianne Spencer she's an author her book is called lady in the window. We're going to be talking about the book about angels about deceased loved ones how they help us how they guide us but we went a little long in the last segment Jane is not fair to bring Marion here we don't have them because of the NS I know we'll do a -- retirement and these are tough from a secret government project humanize Disco and we go all sports. But there is something that's actually good news is kind of cool that I'd like to it like to mention. On. You know it's very very common for for. Elderly or people with sports injuries to have knee problems late problems and you know really becomes debilitating and in many cases it makes you bet wheelchair bound her rocker Berry Berry is a mobile. I had had the knee surgery last year I think they've using new advanced materials. Doctors and researchers have come up with a lightweight robotics outer skeleton tenement excel skeleton and they can put on. Legs particularly the elderly that will actually allow them to walk basically normally. Really yeah Amy is basically an exterior bionic leg if you will on it's designed to limit stumble sticky helps keep them debt balance and has to fight the sensors in the device that can. Determine in real time if a limb. Sorts to buckle or fail amenable little strengthened for that women pray and keep it to where it needs to big. That's amazing that's gonna change things for a lot of people wearable wearable machines and enhance your movement and endurance. No longer belong to science fiction they are now about to be created. For everybody who needs them well you know honestly will will need them in like a weak man. In a week and a half because rupiah scare. Mr. Steinbrenner and we were never stopped from around that's true scare con is coming up a home in we're from the hotel to the event back and forth. Yet and and with the crew that were going to be hanging with them and we've got some really really need people coming in from us see if Steve marry him and Michelle yeah Steve and then of course you know people like Cain hotter and Tony Todd Tony played in the candy man in a decade did candy mainly text when he hit 25 anniversary. Tunnel is Jason try to thirteen king was Jason friend thirteenth. And said hey everybody knows who Sid Haig is a me too this is such a creepy guy and he's a nice guy. Nicest guys but at least me out I mean you Rosenfels a corpse analysts because he he was evil point hone in that movie is he clones clowns of politicians do things but there's going to be a lot of great people is about thirty celebrities and all their parties there's panel discussions and his film premieres is actually a really big announcement where it's in the works for as far as of film from or goes and I'm hoping. We can make tomorrow or the next days of some great stuff check out the web sites Garrick conduct com. It's in about two weeks and weeks in a Springfield mass June 2 you know. So RS emaciated checked it out Torre to take a quick break when we come back we will have our guests and you will be talking with Marion Spencer about her new book lady in the window you listen to Jason and javy beyond really really. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners to now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. JC take Sunni and run a. Among parents and aunts and nothing related to. Brett biggest since it was of this didn't I am watching the tube in the. Back on the show welcome back to the show it's Jason javy beyond reality radio or telephone numbers 8446877669. We were little late in bringing her guest stand because who went a little long in the first half hour of the show but better late than never our guest tonight is Marianne Spencer Marion is an author among many other things. Our newest book is called lady in the window. A re talking about the book about angels and deceased loved ones how angels and deceased loved ones can help us and guide us Mary Ann welcome to beyond reality radio it's so great to have you on tonight. It's great to be here well thanks for coming on the deathly inching up book and not a great topic. Thank you very much IE it's close to Iraq. Well before we get started talking about the books specifically yen and some of the other things that we're gonna cover with you tonight I wouldn't give the audience and actually for my benefit in Jason's benefit. A little bit more of your background because you Wear many many had to do many many thanks a kind of give us the reader's digest version of all the things that your into. Well you know I started it was at producer writer CNN. Right after I graduated college and I worked in a lot entertainment news. Went on to become a publicist. And I was of vice president at panel studios remembered. And after that I just wanted to really get back in production. And I. Started you. Look and beat that for scripts read scripts and put together and be deals I've worked with Roger. Who's done many scary and absolutely lone run and love bludgeoning his. Awesome is so awesome actually each in college I had to read about him and I finally I worked on project Reich at some publicity archer. And he said he did such a great shark said how that I make you hip action and and nice I was all ears so I it. Really was my first production deal produced movie. And what I did was I would come in with different movie projects some of them. Had financing. Partial financing and we would find respite that would work with Roger and I worked on a series called showtime presents. Wore on it was that Roger Korman. Series for Showtime Networks. Now Roger Korman was known not only for doing a lot of horror type stuff on but he was able to create some pretty incredible films on. Shoestring budgets and mean next nothing I just that's really where he cut his. He's the master. He's the master at that and I'll tell you this I know. It's a hero he talks about and it is. In Los Angeles. And he owned all the equipment. So it was easy to keep things all the cameras all sects. It was fabulous and that's how he did it I mean really he had as a studio so if you own everything you know after rented out and that costs. So he spent money. The actors. And then probably and also have our own editing bays and his. Now this wasn't going to be actually worry is going to start this discussion that you. You brought up the Showtime Networks stuff you do with Roger Korman and one of the films I think was called the shepherd with C Thomas Howell who is good friend of mine and and the late Roddy Piper but I'm curious about. I think it was a series of three films under that title right in and where they all kind of we interact. Today. Well there are side fine. But that mysterious I find that one is calling fire which is Canada's call us that was my correct. And we did another show all of futures fear. And we did this weekend several of them those are the ones I worked with. That he had the whole series I think in thirteen. Albums one so there's a lot. And the films I worked on site by so I had to go out porch different types of scifi. Movies and I. How to read a lot of scripts. And that we found some at that we thought might. You know fifty series and they were great he did it in Canada. Was there a reason use specialized there were tasked to local after scifi film specifically. Well that's pretty hot it. Got because that was something I wanted. Not necessarily something that you were particularly expert at expertise send. Right I acted just. For that I had done a lot of heat reducing and and writing for news and documentaries things like that but not so. And so when he gave me my first look deal he said if you come on I'll keep it the title of co producer with me or co executive producer and I'll show you the ropes and if you'd you'd publicity for my company. As well so I had an office in his office. And I had my I operated my own company. What was status was credited for several years and he is he was is wonderful because Roger there was no red tape if you if he wanted to make a movie. You would go and pitch him and he could say yes and it would happen. It is great. Pretty clear I can and that's how we got stuff done that's why he was successful for sure. Apps let's let's let's change topic back to lady in the window tell us about the central theme of this book because it's it's pretty personal free usenet. Yes. I'll tell you I. I knew I got 2013 I had a ninety that I want it you have spirit. Hell a living person. And I just got that kernel of an idea and I thought well okay. So let me think about is what can how can I tell what what story do I want to tell and Qatar and my parents for a living in a beautiful town out that's how. It is like years at the Hamptons that at least 1520 minutes away here in years it was like courier or not it's time I have to place action is such a great place and then. Leader Ron I started writing and not him at. Having the novel take place in France during world or you. And I thought I wrote a couple of chapters it was really great and it wasn't leading in the window so when I went on a family vacation to Hawaii. 2014. I decide that I really had to placing who died because it was so. Now we go to Hawaii all the time different islands that I hadn't that was my first time way and just something about -- any and they don't wanna. Of Hawaii. And I a man I have at least there. I that's what I know I noticed I noticed a lauded wanna look through your website. Clearly Hawaii is a very very important place to you. Yes and I mean musty magical I've never had the honor luxury of being there but if it seems like it's really really used so many ways. Yes it has and it did its very first visit which was I don't know how many BB ten. I had gone to rally that ache islands. And just the first time I ever actually. It was Mali's the first trip. I cried when I left. Who's tied them to contact first times that much of an impact because it's so amazing. It in nature that nature of the people is the feeling that you get when you're there and from each. Being in nature. It's very calming and I get very in tune I'm intuitive anyway that went on it. And a place like that I start getting very creative and everything just. Is just. It just keeps up I can't explain it and that's what happened when I was there I just thought I was able you kind of pull it out the whole novel while I was there and then when I came back. I went to your situation with my mom she passed away. And then I changed a little bit again but I still kept it there and then everything started I wrote to wrote a novel in 2000 and each team. Well it's it's good to hear that you had such a great time in Hawaii yeah I didn't really have agreed at a time when I was there we are at tsunami so. My timing was not I would I was there and I was there in Japan got hit and then and of course chaos in the only thing between. Japan and the US's toys and you know we're there. I was on a Wahoo and we couldn't we had no matter we had nowhere to run. The so. It was a interest and a beautiful place and we enjoyed our time there up until that point. How just an incredible place. So as I. Yeah. As we look at it as we look at lady in the window we talk about the central theme let's talk about the angels and most of what the deceased loved ones and you see that you had a kernel of an idea or word you just wanted to spirit to be helping somebody but I couldn't in my work in Jason's work specifically we encounter that a lot so that's not a fictional idea that's actually something that happens. Yes it does and Adam. It's happened in my. But I also. I don't want I just thought about it at that moment but something very interesting happened while I was writing in. My. The form my mom passed away in my parents gave me a box of things that. They for each one of the children they kept boxes when your kids with the anniversary cards and take heart stings at given them things that we had written and I I. In the box and I saw that I had written some short stories and my mom capped. And I have started through it and I discovered it. As I was writing and well. That one of the scenes I was writing about how angels and skiers are up and help us with it that short story and I completely forgot about it. So I actually put that in Phnom. Put that pulse sequence where he's given that box of a stain isn't she goes through it and it's actually the title. There at that little on the ballot that I wrote Jessica is about it coral and sham being tradition or war and one of her friends tells her. That after her mother dies. Our loved ones are always around us and they helped items. And I thought was that is. I. Mean it's just cheaper. Now you ever had any personal experiences with what you believed to be a ghost spirit or an Angel. Yeah. I have and I me. To be perfectly honest with Q it was this book. I think that when I started doing that writing. That I really came to terms with a lot of things. And every it put everything in perspective for me. Things that I had experienced growing up. And things that other family member ethics have experience. And I I used it for the book because I do believe that our arts and loved ones on and steer. I I've all I've always believed it obviously even I was writing about it when I was 1213 even if I forgot about. So on yes I have had situations. That I have had actually experiences you try to ease up at that. Actually I go ahead we have time for one right now on the rim take a break we can continue on the other side of the break to. Sure I had an experience where I was. Just. It was early morning and it was dark dark rainy day. And I was actually living in Woodland Hills at the time and I sought to spark he come to the witness. And I just that I don't I don't you know I is having fun it was like in the morning mr. might pop it out that's funny and I started act. To myself and later on. Something happened when I got home. I saw because I was living alone at that time and I had painted chests. Of white. And I've left it and I went out came back it was sports they were words. Wow. And I thought oh my god and I took a picture. Sent it to my brother in Boston sent my sister in York as it can you hear this what does this mean and the letter. They actually I didn't realize that time my brother told it made up the word. Or that sound. Calling them. Moon it was a symbol for. I did you have. An idea or two where did you know what you had just witnessed her dude you know work Cain now I'm who was what I'm on any of that. I had no idea and Ito. Lee I thought I had a few different experiences like that that are kind of disconnect it. I couldn't it's not something that I looked. Or want it to witness. And later on after I was writing this book and I realized my fitness you know. There are ways people can tune in and be aware of what's going on around them and signs. Where you know it's like every one. If you talk to most people they've had some experience or they know someone. Jim it's true art we're talking with Mary and Spencer her book is lady in the window. On and that website by the way is Mary and read Dini Spencer dot com. Or you can also go to beyond reality radio website and find her on our guests have been did a link to the book there. Pitch go to be on reality radio dot com and click on against them and to all the information for pressing guests and to pass guesses who his rate there and and also links to their books and so forth. Perry were to take a quick break and come back more. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. The next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. I don't around chasing Jane can I break hello to all the radio stations and all the people listening on the radio stations in the beyond reality radio friendly. Yes and more constantly adding musicians every week we already Errol across a creek country and this week one of the stations we just added was. I'd KE DET. And Texas so welcome to be on reality radio family I think we are like three channels in Texas and I got through stations is so in Texas right now is recovering good part of the state and if there's a station in your community that you think should be curing the show. Feel free to drop them on line and suggested to them. Absolutely if Phil the station Lewis is growing and we appreciate the support you'll have made the show a success and that's why we're here yet another. Another reason the show is great successes we've that's really fascinating guests on my tonight's guest Marion Spencer Marion is an author her most recent book is called. Lady in the window. She's actually done a number of really really interesting things we'll get into more of those things as are in discussion goes on but I'm Mary and I are just gonna ask. Something that's kinda weird to me because. A lot of people spend a great deal of time writing books and then move into movies television you did at the opposite way with their particular reason for. Aetna. Well you know something I'm still writing the piece at the last but lots Allentown was Betty White and I'll let Hugh that was. Very popular knock on wood and I have other east that I written. That are being fixed and this summer novel adaptation. Other people's work summer original screenplays. I do have a screenplay at this script. That I'm definitely going to this this this book is definitely also because I sought as I was there right. So I think just did it as. I have a story to tell. And I I thought it would really translate well and novel. But I'd love screenplay writing I'd love novel writing I think that. Certain things. As you know certain things work for TV summer features. Summer translate to book some can be boats and I think is a writer had done a lot of magazine and newspaper writing to read all different and down. I just. This just struck me as a book but I have to say I always monitor. Ever since I was I've been telling people that for years and finally I said okay you know it screamed lazy do all the so they're writing have to write. Ridiculous. It's taking too long and so I really had put myself on the schedule. I literally took out to counter. And I. Broke it down myself cat or attempting pages I broke it down 28 week. I don't care what happened you know ice had other things I had to do with other projects and and writing and things like that but I said I have got to cart that time every week to get these twenty pages whatever it takes could be couple hours a day could be. One hour a day. And if I skip that day it doesn't matter as long as they get those twenty each and by the end of a few months in have a book out or seeming to go back and edit and what have you but I like to work really good outline so that's probably a process that takes a little bit of time from me you because you want it at the tweak it and work it's you know what's gonna happen but so much stuff happens while you're writing. Turns out that it's just a fact it was six. Mole I. We'll get into more but we've got to jump toward top of the hour break here or talking with Mary and Spencer about her book lady in the window. Beyond reality radio and Jason. East Coast many of the stuff in between welcome to beyond reality reveal. Myself Jason Hawes and the always are some GE Johnson great to be here great to have everybody listening on the wonderful radio stations that are part of the beyond reality radio Stanley plus all the folks it was an online or. Through the magical apps available for iPhone or android yes if you head over to be on reality radio dot com you can click in and download the free android and iPhone apps. Ray from their allows you to listen to the show alive. Played past episodes and also join the chat and on and so much more so and it's all free that's sort of spark you get federated beyond reality radio dot com scrapped the app there. And also if you haven't had to make she'll you head over it and like FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Yes and not in in just a little bit we're bringing our guest in our guest tonight is Mary and Spencer. She's an author among many other things that television and film pretty much doesn't she should have checked she's done everything just isolate -- like every now I I spent twelve years smiling for a few scifi channel she's worked with them tell yet knows his work with everybody very very accomplished and her recent book is called lady in the window and it's on its draws on the experiences. Of angels and deceased loved ones helping guiding us. And in our lives and I think that's a really really interesting topic we've talked about a lot of those things recently with death bed visitors and and of those his visions and final words project in these stories that. Really kind of relate the fact that there is something to my what we consider to be angels or. The whole being visited by deceased loved ones just before death in this so many stories that are just. Unbelievably. Uplifting in ways. To give you a lot of hope and a lot of encouragement so we're gonna get into that discussion as we as her progress here tonight. Slam then that's a huge thing that's why a lot of people really get involved in in this type of a subject anyways just to know that there's something after taveras. The warm clothes arise there's something more. Yeah us will be bringing in Marian in just a little bit we also some great shows coming up for the rest of the week. Policy tomorrow night tomorrow Cindy McGill via author of what you dream what you're dreams are telling you'll unlocking solutions won't use we keep its origin don't do it I just and we you know we gotta talk like gee gees you're interpreting you hate these dreams have to talk a window because we we've done before and to you know all is where dreams you have. So bomb yet so are we talking about dreams and and what they mean. And on what can pay. Cuts aren't just I'm trying to apple after receipt of Dick once it. Felt very wet stain I. We've got Jerry. And and joining us Cherie is in 2004 he pursued his dream of many years to discover this BS story of his outlaw ancestor. After he eight years researchers discovered that his outlaw and sister was in fact the famed Sundance kid. What. Parker what I mean just what what has a kitchen I know. Telesis owner a row life story in finds out that he's actually the great grandson of the Sundance kid in his book called. Bringing the Sundance home. This is the same outlaw that road was the legendary. Butch Cassidy so if you've seen the movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman you kinda know were talking about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid always an arm or from the movies they. They do they hold hands and jumping off the cliff into the water. I have set a course Martin in its own predicament but greater degree it's too because anytime we talk about that some of you some investigations. And so mode when wild west towns are my tombstone I tombstone Daryn very investigator where well Buffalo Bill. Where he was as well idea tombstone I added just an incredible time are ya and then none did you do the the golden. Gold fields go to a hotel in debt and mold musical field Nevada now. And he set like 40000 people in this town and now it's got nine yeah and then on there was no joke and insert its. You've got hotels and these incredible hotels and our environment. Just sitting their vacant nobody's there docents literally ghost town knows those are gold rush town ring until 8 PM at night in Yemen night EC on the hillsides. And these lights and what it is is just a handful of people coming out of the the mines. That they work and then walk down and and stay in these trailers and that they haven't found which just it's just ordered a single world it's it's incredible. It's incredible to see what kind of terrifying as well especially if you have recently tackles advise things like Barack. And you just. The view you get a little concerned yet you don't wanna see them moving before you go visit that town. But got a demented critical stories are so. How we look forward to all those guests don't forget the telephone numbers 8446877669. We always welcome phone calls. We be happy to take care of your calls as the show goes on to assume. Iris so we're gonna take quick break when we come back we'll be joined their gas Marianne Spencer Nielsen Jason. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll. And that's a search. Talking about an angels. And deceased loved ones and how they can help us and guide us based. On a book called out lady in the window its most recent effort by Mary and Spencer our guest tonight and they welcomed back Marian. Thank you. So Mary and we were talking about Saddam. How you made the transition basically from doing all this film and TV work. But you really had this burning desire to write a novel. I did I have I've had it for a longtime team and I would tell people and finally I just put myself on a scheduled to write one. And and I idea that I let the experience and I do and now I'm going to be reading more books and screenplays too but I just I really injury the whole process right now it's a lot of or. But it's very unsatisfying. This war as as a guy I've written six books and and I well yeah and I've been lucky enough because of course I am at a show so. It helped fuel the book so now I'm six like for New York has been Seles but I found. I was always flying so much that I I figured soliciting I'm planning constantly watching TV shows or movies and an Iraqi. So when I guess I'd get on a plane to three times out of every week in an odd punch out 203040. Pages each time a plane and it's it's just self fulfilling first off and such a great use of your time because you wanna be able to get that information are you wanna be able to share that information when wit with the world. This is a great time to do it's nobody's bothered. I think if you if you something to say. Really from your heart. It's fabulous it's a fabulous medium and that's a very tricky subject. And because that's on the plane you're captive. You know go anywhere. Knock on many and it's so agree to you know that you're able to put that in two. A plan for yourself because you do any time you righty even if it's screenplay it's at TV script is our custody. There it has to have some kind of planned but a novel I think hours of the cash I think it because eking kind of get lost in. And if you need to like have a from me anyway some people just top. Consciousness you know I have to have a plan and then everything else. That journey and the fun comes with in that you know seen the character say you know being meant while you're writing. And in a way it's all channeling you know that. Marianne car Maryann. You be shared with us and experience that you had that kind of a window open your eyes and maybe your mind to some of these. Topics and ideas. The book lady in the window. Talks talks about angels and deceased loved ones and how those. Beans are spiritually aware crew went home and can actually help guide us in Hewlett's. To also a bit more about that concept. Sure you know when I first had the idea I wanted to steer it to help a living person I had. No idea. That was actually going to what I would take from Matt later after my mom passed. Because my mother really was inspiration or Katharine. Protagonists. Mother. And it's. I. From that point on I started trying to certain things mile ice for example. I get. I have a lot of screens that tell me. I know I heard that you're gonna have a dream person on coming up sand well for as long as I can remember. They would tell me at things that we're it would happen at work each. In in my life important events. And even the fact that them. A year to form my mother passed and my sister knows it's because I told her and I am my grandmother came to Munich green. My grandmother who would pass and she says it. She told me the exact time. Curious that my mom was going to pass later that year and she was fine. There was not any Q is aging she was older but there was nothing that we knew that was wrong on and it was it things like that you know it can remember. And so I started driving Mike Stan and you know not. It makes sense all the time but many times they've predicted teacher events. That are meaningful to me. And I'm you know so I think that and we're in two and we. Getting in touch with that everyone has certain parodies like act and I think when you're brighter it's really important to get in touch. But I I after. My mom passed is Glenn I think I really start at eight cents a lot of things that happened in my life thinking maybe you know. I didn't realize not everyone has certain experiences like best. And I even my sister is set up edit I think I've discovered it earlier here and now. I don't know why but and I think that. It started making me read it and just be aware of things come may be kind of do meditation. That type. Thing but it's it's really amazing and it's still blows me away happens when you're right about something. Or if you see something or having to issue a bats from its system. He says it well connected. You made a comment earlier you said that you were sensitive verse or feel that you are sensitive. What makes you think that and another job obviously had some pretty interest in dreams and experiences but he must have more. To that fought the dispatch. Yes because. Sometimes if let's say at work I've used it a lot of work if I I can sense. Energy or feeling you know if I get a coldness or five cents something about a person that does there's no reason or me cents. I get IIL. And there's going to be. Projects and I try to. Do things so they won't happen. Yeah I tested its clerical. And mean and sometimes. You know I mean I in the past when I haven't listened to that that's when I get into Trout also at Aaron you know that I have to listen those tuitions are urging. But down. I I am very sensitive and as it is to hate the not the protagonist and not I think I use some at my experiences in her you know what what she experiences isn't life. There are. Writers can't help but trough from parts of their own experience. And I use that because I think. Part of when you hear people talk about experiences at angels were. Loved ones coming to their bed. You know after they passed now that experience my sister. Has had she had that my grandma she eight years ago my grandmother had come to her for her that she was so distraught. And I am. And for me I always felt. That to my loved ones were around the ones who were deceased so it's just it's something that. I am. When you feeling and are key it's something that you hear some time it's something that you just know. It's something that may be certain people they're clear when or maybe their combination. So if you're just. In team to what's going on around. You can pick up kind of a sign. And sometimes it might combination of stings you may have. Katrina. And then something may happen and that's a synchronous stick events. Or you know some you may hear a song and get some information and you put the pieces together like. IE you know just. I some people asked me about synchronicity. Or so I actually looked it up and I didn't realize it looked it up Dutch colleague on. He he was the first one to clean it is being meaningful experiences. With no casual relationship. Yet they're meaning you eat it. And so if how many people key you know have ever said political winds. You know what that's secret this ticket. And so. That is how. What I've discovered after writing the book and putting some might piece together and doing more eating is how angels Kate with X. You know arts aren't loved ones now that we know exactly who it is 88. And sometimes might it at cents or screen that it's this particular her son but you know if you if you even Google some of the stuff it's quite amazing. It's been around for centuries and different cultures and religions but there are symbols. You know like the butterfly which is why I talked to my publisher about putting butterfly on hunter. They came up this beautiful cover design that the book has and I just couldn't butterfly I am because that is assemble an ancient symbol meanings well. You know. And it's interesting because we had more grip a formal my grandmother passed away. And one in one of her favorites things were butterflies. And I remember my daughter before we'd even on my grandmother passed in my daughter had been running jumped into a pile leaves or whatever and she came up. Shed a butterfly on our nose. And you know and they spread after that would have to call letting us know the my grandmother passed away now she had all these butterfly things all through the house and in original spot. And from there it was and then not long after my daughters in the tub and somehow butterflies. He's gotten an als which Sweden didn't realized and it was right there at tub with the with my body so yeah. That's that was the atmosphere. Of the program absolutely. Now that's what you call a series of some sticker. And that it just confirms it over and over again. And because how often are you gonna have better ice house in how often that Atlanta now it's you know all those things and it that was her game I have you know. To me that's like troops. I actually is at. Doing something when I was on my way to JFK airport coming I was in New York coming back right after my mother had passed. And I psyched myself I was eating about. Butterflies and how. Sometimes they that can be spirit of eleven and it's it's very powerful symbol. And I normally. Would not go this particular way at the share but I did I am I. I and I had a choice I could go on other and a particular door. And I asked my mother of four at bat in the car on the way when I was reading up out of my mom around you tell me. As a butterfly. OK so why can't you at the airport what I see are huge like wal. Painted as a matter of while it any that was eating out may not meaningful they're. I'm sorry unit just like your your story. Mine was that it struck me and then also and it strikes. You get chills. Or you may. You know it's just you know. It's it's an overwhelming no work for me now I get shields. So it's an like series that chills even if it's like hi. I need to bring in a few. And I think. There are ways where you can sharpen skills I'm sure there's books on it but. I think there. When there are certain some ions that validate themselves like I need you to swim. Slightly yeah that would Tuesday and then you can and give us is examples Youkilis and Jason NGV on the honor Hillary do right back after. Ingredients Jason watch TV Johnson told one of receipt for a 46877669. We. Are talking we have Mary and Spencer. She's an author among other things her book is called lady in the window and her website by the way is Mary and breathe Dini Spencer dot com Marianne again thanks so much for joining us I wanted it broke pick up on this discussion. Of Ainge now the books the central theme to the book is about. How are deceased loved ones and angel's help heal and guide us. Right when people use the word angels. It seems that there are many many different definitions of what that means and people the country different visions I happen to conjure the the white winged downs type of you know romantic folklore or whatever happens are now senator religion. But when you use the word what are you talking about. Well I too believe that our guest is spears severed deceased loved ones they are angels. But I also think there are. Types of angels sparking Angeles. Adam. Who are angels for from god who are very high spirits. And then you know. So there's different kinds of angels sure. But I do I considered are the ones that are passed spirits angels psychotic intro makes the tar. And I hear more and more stories about people who may have what they call angelic. Experiences where. You know the BM about to cross the street and a stranger stops them. And sure enough have they taken that step Abbas way to hit them they turnaround strangers gone and they say that was an experience with an Angel. You know but it isn't it the time it looks like just a regular plainclothes person just walking on the street and you know that's your team more more common most of its stores. Well I think that maybe just people her I see it in movies a lot now I think two people aren't they eat more. With it I think it's probably always existed it's just a matter of what you are allowed to say. And sometimes you have experiences. That don't talk about it they're frightened that acting keep. People may think you're crazy or something's wrong with Q so I think there's been a stigma attached to it but I do think it's if you see if you read it's been around. You know since. Man was here on her from her ex there's so much and all different cultures. That reference to act and I think. The condensed or days to hide that people believe in angels and most. Com we've had some people winning analyst wanna Susan get a call or two in here this is surely Judy from Canada. Judy welcome to the unreal to radio protect young. Yet bank here. I just wanted to know what is fair lady believe in god I can't cite certainly do. He's great yeah that's that's something that a lot of people struggle with some new and when you write about these things some people will write about angels and not reference religion and all were where do you stand on that Marion. Oh I totally believe everything is directed from god out keep IQ think that people have. Different beliefs about god but I do think there is a god that this. Watching over all of us and on. Loving us and we have certain free will we get to Hughes but hopefully will choose to follow his heart and you know do unto others. Judy do you believe that angels are. Messengers indoor. God's. And we've called them protectors and tests whatever he had TVs in these angels come from god. You deal. You know I think that's a pretty well pretty calmly takes a much Judy really really appreciate that. You're. It's stuff. Goes way beyond just this book I mean it. Marion you've done so many things we talked about some of your movie work earlier on and I don't wanna get too far away from the book yet but I also curious what you he'd done some radio work as well. Yes I had fifth. I've done a lot of adjustment at the enterprise. You know it's just it comes out some of the projects that are working there and most of might or which radio. Has dealt with health and wellness Adam. Healthy eating and sustainable. Type. Sustainability. So you know and I have to on women is this kind of thing yes it. I've been aghast and I've also found in and eat fewer. You've become both sides of the proverbial microphone. Now in the book lady in the window you told us that the key character who's the main who's a protagonist mean for you know was he kind of inspired by your mom right that she says now Katherine karma I'm sorry Katherine was who inspired by your mother. Now there's another central character in the book Olivia. And I have a good system who who bet. It's inspired by but Telus. After a cut out a OK fair enough. On. And you know you certainly don't want to be not what about people all law aloha spirit what is that. Yes aloha spirit which is why I had she. Rather than cut shot and I'll says the rain Brown's turn to I felt I really had to sit in Hawaii. Because the story was about steering. And and love and I just. Aloha is just amazing it's a way that outlines keep say it I that it encompasses its and action and so much that I sound when I started asking people and looking into it it's just way as treating people. I'm Patrice back at you want to others kind of velocity. It's respect and I'm your motto which are your relatives as well as your friends and you're on network. And it's just a way of being and it's so powerful and so in reined in their culture. That they. In 1986 they actually adopted it in to a lot below Hospira. State on. And which is. Really something and it shows you how awesome days there that's white has. First year. I can feel it. There. When she. Leafs are. Out they are out. You know they say aloha. They it they really it it comes from a certain places so beautiful they wreck. Recchi IC. Got you. You don't. The cotton. Yes so I think. That comments like that it's just awesome and there was a woman to die and odds on T. See if I can. My name on T he lives. Is actually help you're out law passed. And she was just easing her. As a spiritual teacher and leader on. For the for the culture so I think. If if anyone wants to Google that I mean there's so much information. And that's one of the reasons why I wanted to place there because how much can you think when they could steer it in a scary stuff right doesn't practically it is you know yes I understand that can't exist and it's probably report stressed soul that haven't you know had no way. They haven't found their way over to the other side they may be trapped for some reason but it doesn't have to be frank. But it better. If it's your lucky ones. There's not at all it shouldn't be anyway. A signal the listener call this is dean from South Dakota dean welcome to be on reality radio. Our staff will soon. Q which are all. Due remarks on my. I cannot remember the last time. Remember it tree. Or tech dreams it's because Stewart retard this year. Not to wake up. The better it is absolute match like it server strong and off for Arnold order sheets are so much work. Might have a bruiser true strong. Role on golf should do to get peace and table. There's been a couple of times August 20 years or more holes in the wall. They deem have you ever thought about videotaping yourself falling asleep to see what exactly is going on tests. I didn't. Never thought about it now not much digital electronics to. And while I would suggest that sound that you you know give that a shutter or seeks some most some new their doctors that specialize in sleep. Issues are certainly don't wanna be in a situation might be hurting yourself and you know we gonna make sure that you're you don't you don't cause harm yourself or anyone else. You can always go to the beyond and go to the the Atlanta journal cited dot com click on the taps family find somebody in your area though it's. The works closely with taps and in having come out they set up cameras to see if there's anything paranormal about it or. Anything of that nature doesn't cost anything it's all free it's free of charge. This team would do we don't have a lot of time here but do you think there's some there's some an Angel connection here or spirit connection of some kind. No way you are sort of feel. It. Honored some characters are work Genoa specially unit. Off at a lot of all strokes heart trumps. Physically. And metallurgy. Challenging. Problems brought on August there's a lot of physical contact. Pot nonfiction. I'm sleep but I could look at her amber at times ought to end. More times archer remember a particular. Oh wait I remember thinking it don't watch. So sixty years. Or so sore he chipped a ball. Always talk tomorrow. Touchy issues there. It was a us known as the Mets. Yeah. Teachers brought back to purchase story sort of market like yeah. Yeah. Yeah I mean I I would suggest that the first thing you do is some is seek asleep professional a medical doctor that they can examine your sleep patterns and see if there's anything going on there. Throw video camera if you can just to see what's happening to make sure. In this not something else going on and then if there's a paranormal connection like Jason said connect contact taps Stanley group and and you know see what they can do but in the first thing everyone is concerned about is obviously safety dean so natural make she addressed that person thanks so much for calling and I'm Mary and eat you are already in the process on issue of following up leading in the window. Yes I have written the sequel majority already gone it's written up editing out of four I had. And it publisher pat and I think you plan and releasing that sentiment when he eighteen if I read it correctly. Yeah yes now tell us how does this sounds like it's right up my Alley told us about simply delicious with their. What do you didn't eat it and ready exactly. It's you know this is something I. Had done a lot of journalists and I was writing about soon which injure Ewing chefs I've always let it could come from a big giant Irish. Family at time in and I urged Boston. Based family. Big family so I was always. Kitchen and I I just I am always at LSE. And that month thing happened at another write it's cooking segments I worked at CNN I used on produce all the cooking segments with all the different authors are. Books that would. Creates some wonderful. Things from their book and I. That's another thing I said hi how is it. So I I can't bright. And 2013. But how I got to do it on air. And how might block and then have a column out I am I was. Really acting like 2010. I was a approached. To do a project for cable TD and down. There wasn't a a big budget so I thought well you know something. What I IA lets see if I can do this because I. I I cook and why not right. I and I knew that I can control myself and eat at work on I'm not charged I. So. Want to let and other and it started this project and then it's. It was airing come on cable for awhile and now it's on Kiki s.'s southern house and blah and a call and inter county start dot com so. It's something that I love and I. I I really made choice a few years ago at goats only teachings that I usually chilly and I feel people. And it's healthy it's healthy eating easy simple rest peace. Yeah buts that's the way to doing do something you love in Philly you're contributing. We're basically at a time Marianne you've got you've got a ton of stuff on your website all these things we've talked about Snyder basically. You referenced store or talked about on your website give the website address one more time for us. It's merry and Rick teeny Spencer dot com and that's my name. And they are why and and our idea and I Spencer taco. An apple will definitely have to have you come on again and talk about the new book on that time finally comes out so are but thank you so much for coming on the hang in house tonight. Thank you it's fun thanks Marianne okay Marianne Spencer again it's Mary and redeeming Spencer dot com the book is called. Lady in the windy you can also find a link to an on beyond reality radio website. Tire Wear and it's a quick break we come back morial listen Jason's. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. The next Derrick Todd is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. O chase all champagne and that'll definitely big shout out goes out Marion Spencer the author of the new novel Levy in the window and you can check hurt her out go to beyond reality radio dot com click to get stabbed and all the information is there now for her and also on task list. Yeah great stuff on there it's a great resource for anybody who's been listen to the show even if you've downloaded it you know you've downloaded past episodes you can Teresa but against most likely you'll find them on that page. I'm we haven't been doing it's it's the beginning of the show but we've been doing them less than a couple months or so yeah similar settings are rich or trying to catch up. Your staff of catching up we caught up on these apps through its great. Apps out there we do we deal for android and IOS just go to beyond reality radio he can download the apps right there from the web site. On if you do if you download the show from iTunes is to us a favor and rate it. Comment helps push it forward and helps more people find it. And no a lot of people than Dowling it just download it from multiple thousands and thousand times today is silent. Greatly appreciate the support out there be up please read it definitely helps us out. Amid you have not yet had to choose FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And right there page for a short constantly updating you with news stations were jumping on which were adding. It's news stations every week I tonight we added. TD ET in center Texas part of the Shreveport a market so. Welcome everybody TD ET welcome beyond reality reveal family. And I think you'll enjoy your stay. Yet we've got a great show for tomorrow night to weave guy tests me McGill she's the author of what your dreams are telling you unlocking solutions while you sleep. On should be interpreting dreams pitcher questions ready double take phone calls and we can see with some of those dreams mean. And there's going to be a lot to cover under a JV just can't take a whole Miami of the people are gonna call and find. A I'm not going to I'm that's an award a RE well I'll tell her for you. What is house thing about two the freedom lounge. There's a lot more to this guests and I think the women we actually are readied for an important dissolve into solitaire but. They they have booths at porn conventions around the country where they interpret dreams and never ruled that we'll. Sobel life words that they offer their guests a future forecast of their lives to science a party that you and I usually isn't. It is it's going to swear I have no idea but thanks everybody for your support and a U you'll have me do show a success. Mean she tune in tomorrow night we've got a great show coming up listening Jason NG Giambi on reality radio catch old man. It's. Clearer. Just don't know he's painting he was lying and saying hello and he's the only only refueling worrying if you. Information you want us to follow along or you liked being Gaston beyond reality ring you only email to swing getting that's swinging any EDT winds and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.