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Near death experiences are some of the most mysterious parts of the circle of life. Are they spiritual, imagined, or something else completely?

May 12, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dr. Laurin Bellg about her book - Near Death in the ICU - which is a collection of stories from patients who have experienced something amazing during their struggles to stay alive. The conversation also touches on other deathbed phenomenon such as visitations, final words, and more. 52017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. All Ohio West Coast Friday and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to beyond reality reveal myself Jason Hawes and GT Johnson and you can see West Coast regency left coast. Leveled Pennsylvania welcome mat you know who most people who say. But added that efforts abuse who left those that whatever I don't know I just think it's kind of funny we're we're definitely the rate is the right coast and we are there racist as that sounds a song by the fact anyways have welcomed the show everybody in the nation tuning in we got a great show tonight. We're going to be talking about pretty much the crazy things that tend to go on in a hospital specially the icu area. Arm and I said this for a long time Judy I've talked to you about the numerous times there's. Hospitals definitely seemed to have. Some of the most internal activity especially ones are operating. Some of the most paranormal activity out of all the locations I've ever bent. Yet all we know we did talk about this and one of the things you can say about. Hospitals particularly intensive care units is that there's a lot of anguish a lot of strong and a lot of trauma. A lot of deaths. And down a lot of family emotion all the elements that seem to be essential to creating its types of paranormal activity are all in place there at all happens there on a daily basis. And for everybody listening to Emory we talk a little Lauren bell. And yeah if you had an experience or some sort of a paranormal experience or or felt something strange while being at a hospital. You know give us a call let us know the numbers are 844687. 7669 in the Stoll freed 8446877669. It's just hospitals tend to be some of the freaky is places Tom. Yet when somebody goes to graveyard the whole idea behind a graveyard being spooky is people know that there's bodies buried under them break. And that's what is creeps people out there walking possibly stepping on bodies. Tom but the fact of the matter is people have been dead for multiple days before they go to the ignorance. At hospitals a lot of times that's where the initial death happens. And you know so when you spewing your spirit leisure Bobby. That's where it is now an old closed down hospital MI have activity. May have residual type activity and things like that but again a total closed down hospital in the street leasing spent time to move on. But at that initial mandate or that an initial second. When you passed in you do leave your body. Would you bear. Yeah and again you've got emotion involved whether such frequently it's people that have been sick for these days are over longer. And there's a there's an anticipation of deaths and then those circumstances so there's a lot of energy built up a lot of emotion built up and you can see how those places would. Would be full of this type of activity and our our our guest tonight will be talking about that Loren is a critical care physician. Who works with very ill patients in the icu and at a point she decided to start chronicling these events and I'm anxious to have this conversation because we've had several similar. Conversations talking about death bed visitors deathbed visions. Final words only stains and they're all quite fascinating especially for me. And Janet you've done this you've had these experience too but you know having gone through this pretty recently with some more some do your loved ones under fascinates me. Yet it really does and so it should be hadn't been great conversation then we've got great shows for it tomorrow's going to be a best of every Friday is a best of here. And then next week we had just a bunch of great shows coming up as well if you haven't yet. The FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio make Sheila FaceBook page. And also ahead to beyond reality radio dot com you can download the free android and iPhone or iPad app. Greg from the air that allows you to listen the show alive catch past episodes. Tom also. The logic to join the chat room during the live show hang out with grosses were GB and I hang out a lot you can also go to beyond reality radio dot com and just click the listen live. And that'll connect you when there is a while. Yes and another thing owner I want to mention I know there are a lot of fans of the TV show ghost owners obviously listen to the program. And a lot of those people would love to meet Jason Hawes and Steve Gonzales in. Is that my household intimacy and a so there anguish and homeless pets at this lady is like a brother and it's so funny I'm DeVon yeah we're gonna be a scare Condit desperately hang and now. And skirt on his June 2 third and fourth. And it's in Springfield Massachusetts it's an easy drive from a lot of places doesn't take much and there's a whole bunch more going on. In fact if you wanna see all the stuff happen to score to scare a con dot com. Usually usually when javy and Steve and I get together calm terrorist police and alcohol and all affect and some bad guys decisions yet larnaca slotted that decision but I'm not exactly general Dayton area we're we're going over a bunch of stuff and distort or working on and there's always great anger and yet he's he's agreed to at least so much weight only guys who he cut to be cut sugar and everything else out of his. And his diet which is great it's. When you when I initially loss ultimately I went from. He's a one point win 246. And I dropped down a one EL 180. I didn't and I looked healthy but it didn't look healthy and he looked really drawn even and that I'm back to them about 196 now which is perfectly from the Steve has. He's dropped like 4060. Pounds now. And it. EE he's had a good weight but it's just not the Steve level is only remembered Steve to have. Some some weight on and so is that a test but when you look enemy mean if you didn't know he'd lost the lead intentionally and there are a lot of people think maybe he's scared he's sick or something with those are saying when I lost weight on repute are almost things online people talking about me having cancer and prevail lots of people automatically assume when there's a dramatic weight loss and and it's you know until you get used to seeing the new Steve it's a little dramatic. Yes sir harmonic did you hear about and wanna tell you quick story. Over 7000. Asylum creatives are thought to be hidden under the University of Mississippi really. Yes this is those deals without supposed to move them they just didn't just go over them. Honestly when the bodies of as many as 7000 former patients of Mississippi's first mental institution. Could be buried on the grounds of what is now the university Mississippi's medical center campus. Tom completed 1855 of the Mississippi State lunatic asylum house some 35000. Patients. Between 1865 and 1930s. Thousands of whom were eventually buried in the facilities graveyard alongside churchgoers offers and and many others. For decades those cores were virtually forgotten until workers in 2013. Made it may discovery during construction of a road on the campus of the university Mississippi's medical center a work crew uncovered 66 on Mark Critz. Belonging to us to some of the asylum summoned music in the asylum individuals. The next year when work begin on a new parking garage alongside the medical center. Another thousand coffins were. While house and he acts and the figure only grow once radar scans let officials estimate. The site contain more than 2000 graves just in that area alone. Can you imagine. I can't imagine that and amber are you can see how some thing like that happens particularly with these old the institutions where they did have paupers graves and they didn't. Just unmarked burials plots for patients. And they just and keep track it. Well that's it and now revised estimates are putting that number and close to 7000. Bodies now at seven thought Collison. Bodies buried crossed twenty and twenty acre site. And as a head count grows so does the estimated cost of respectfully but practically relocating it sounds warmer former wards and it's a cost of about 3000. Dollars to X zoom and Ribery each bought. So they have to take and there's no lawsuit they have to takes a much of the dirt around them now they can't just my nose in some states have that law I'm not sure about I'm. All of them but officials are made and they say they're looking at about 21 million. Dollars mile to move the cemeteries inhabitants. Teresa some some the researchers are hoping to handle process themselves taking the opportunity to study the history of Mississippi State lunatic asylum. As they carry out resuming in moving agreed to themselves you know we treatment seven found. And I think the hardest part on me is that I'm one of those guys weren. When I'm when I'm gone I'm gone okay it's I don't I don't need anything special com. I'm gone but. The fact of the matter is these people were buried and forgotten so are you saying that we should stop construction on the beyond really ready mausoleum that you and I we're gonna. Listens to halt construction on the Ernest Smith Cordelia or we have we wouldn't be buried together. We're gonna time us perfectly. With a solid might that phone call from the LT gambled away at him but. Put the I think the hardest part with that is that. His 77. A man that's a 7000 people I mean there's there's endless numbers but. There just forgotten and never given a headstone never given. A location in that know me and and think that's the saddest thing may they died not only alone. But without anybody ever remember him loving enough acknowledgment of your place for anybody to mourn if it was anybody to mourn but. Crazy stories like that that's for sure yet and there's and there's these things all over the place if you think of. Out of a lot of the homes out there. All especially the older homes they had family plots buried on the property a lot of those have been forgotten its own set of fallen apart or markers have fallen apart so there's a lot of people that are buried on all across all across the entire globe that. You don't know about but it's just it's it's amazing when you when you look at that it's just a sad thought when you think about the yeah. We investigated the place Alan and out and Ohio have the future. 556. Years ago. Part of the theater was built on what used to regional port Paul percent to. So you know thousands of thousands agrees that repair in removed and it's just it's it's sad it's sad to see that those people had. Yeah that first off a rough life in general and then at the end of their life. They're just pretty much thrown in a hole and forgotten that they were there. Nobody sent for sure. So orderly talking about near death experiences and other phenomenon that occur in the icu with our guest Lauren bells. When we bring her in right after the break it's beyond reality radio Jason G. Pete don't go there. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Ariel and radio Jason JD your telephone numbers 8446877669. If you'd like to calm and call in and join. Our discussion in any point out we're going to be bringing her guest here doctor Lauren Dallas is a critical care doctor. Also an author of focus called near death. In the icu this going to be fabulous discussion the spring Lauren in a doctor Dell's welcome to be unreal to really great to have you here on the show tonight. Great to be her comment thank you. How they serve so much for coming on and mrs. such and inching topic especially dealing and then being NI CU that is so it's a tough place. Can't I mean we are surrounded by wake up and dying every day meet their story. In tragedy but also miracle. And it's really hit a very interesting place to work add lot and I think going on. Yeah before we get into any of these stories are your books specifically. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how and when you decided that she even wanted to be common article doctor. Yeah I get well. It would it for anybody can just did not look at a lifelong fascination to just really want to cut its. Understand helping working at apartment yet at that strict and I hate ministry you know just really fascinated. It's human and pick your audience acceptance and I'll tell works except. A lot of them to. I think most people are not a Turbo can only treatment street to a certain point. It mystery it long to explain to record comfortable and when are we going to Muppet son. You know we meet capped at two com. Equipped with nature and pointless we feel. Complicated. But I think and my other son. Well sweetie you know enter into that field and capture out scheme doesn't quite fit the care act that we at all if you're comfortable on acting. Arm that's something that can I attract and like well that it. Integrate its intersection between Vietnam being that we understand that we don't interpret that neatly into that apple think a week and caught. Beat uniter break that want to find out more just kind of rhetoric aside eight. Well you clearly. I reached a fork in new York road professionally and I'm assuming that's who go good way to describe it when you first encountered these near death experiences. About prior to that were you a spiritual person. Or did you have any paranormal encounters are experiences yourself. That to ultimately became some you can lean on as these other events started to occur in your life. At a fairly damning not anything that actually at attention to other street focus on other. Are not very distinct goal in mind I want accomplished artist. It started medical field. He they get them and it really kind of took it at the on eight with a cheery. Pier on the patient and it's. I'd did not understand and that really propel my journey along their capture and understand. Auditor can graduate medical. School not forty years ago and I count urgent patient on a multiple award to refused to have like it is surgery. And in my job with cute charter arrangements perjury and facilitate and getting up like a procedure eat it it he says absolutely not I ever had surgery again but the electronic dead as a whole thing. Freak me out to. And that kind of stopped me in my tracks. And you're just trying to understand is still on a theory you know western left brain Ottawa trying to understand where capital and I sent. Well in your lap surgery did you feel pain but they know that sometimes you can have. Op perception that you that a piece of street but sometimes stray beyond virtual patient can still paint eat in LA and they'll paint and I could beat them. Coming up my app to record these gentlemen surgery and it at this aura all and I never had a cat. And I aren't really didn't know how to respond to that he actually is great to meet marketplace is. Surgical. That ain't it and it was from that vantage point that he should not that the people Fiat to up would you predict that the surgical steel and particularly abdominal surgery which. What you chat. You up to fifteen years earlier. Other spreading to meet airs Carol trade debt is set up on the captain are you quite operate and the extent up. Between the fate and the acumen so that it that it is totally hidden from eagle. And you indicate geologists and under general anesthesia he's totally out to hand. That is exactly what happened with the chocolate actually trekked up a records do. I'll look at that procedure that it happened for years earlier and anesthesiologists report. Recorded to keep this totally. Unconscious whole time. So I I really did not know how to get that in Q Mike reality at that time. You honoring his decision. We can comfortably passed away that that ST with that really wanted me because I'll buy it I understood what happened hair may occur at. A comfort camel Tibetan encouraged them and haven't played it straight but that would cut that. Yeah and that's got to be. Mind blowing and also creepy all the same time. Well it might all ain't. It was a little bit. It's creepy it's really treat cheap that unlike a what happened wreck I'd note that shouldn't happen but what is really startling to me is that. Whenever it started explaining that might superiors on my assumption was that some things that I just can't. Maybe. At a psychiatric puke state Ers something and it and it just was aware of and I remember distinctly. My interior replica. Telling me that tomorrow on medical grounds when you're Keller attending physician. About the patient I would try and app. Are you get older right there because we we got to take a break but I like deathly wanna years other Vietnam and the part of the story you'll listen Jason Teague. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio Jason Swanson TV John. And welcome to everybody listening all the great radio stations across the country that are members of the beyond reality radio family and also open everybody listening online tonight. Yes and if you wanna see that list of all the channels we air on you can check that out to be on reality radio dot com this station the Stanley also put in on FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio we Arab stations all across the country every week grading new ones so. Mean she'll like the page over there and stay updated on you and to talk. Knew about near death experiences in particularly in the icu our guest is doctor Loren bells and her book is near death in the icu she's a critical care doctor obviously an author. Her website is Lauren that's LA URI and bells should be. LLG. Dot com and doctor Dell is great to have you on the show before we went to break. You were telling us about a pivotal event in your life and your professional career for that matter where. He had a patient the refuse lifesaving surgery because because of an experience they had an out of body near while wasn't near my guess who was near death because they survived that surgery. That it changed their life how did it change your life particularly professionally. That's it that's not really startled me and I could but didn't have a ready answer for it to IE let it calm. Geary and secure it be wise but there was no real tight out original wage Joan Kennedy. On and it became clear it really what they can talk about two and a traditional medical environments. I'll let overtime occasionally patients let you know cheer me things that it happened to them. But I hate to calm. It became clear to me that not only could they want to Tony. Ardidi want to listen and it was important to. The year he. If something happened to them that they didn't understand. Fairly accurately can understand it became clear to me gay people talk about it to acknowledge that your app search but actually park their count or urged. And so I became very intentional. Acts are now seven years to my career whenever someone shot a cardiac route to work. On the yard and etc. we're near tapper actually clinically dead I'd just ask them after they can't hurt update anything unusual happen. Every new Xperia Korea asked her diet and irritant strike in the earlier than usual or anti question. It happened but at a peak at a experience occasional and that's how I became very proactive and are curious and my story. Well and that's and that's a big thing especially I've dealt with a lot of people who had near death experiences and so forth. And it's a big thing is that they want to talk about it but they're scared. Dave they're scared they're. Going to be scrutinized or they're going to be laughed at or mocked or made fun of and it really it's it's beyond that I mean these these are amazing experiences. That everybody everybody wants to know and just the fact that. The out of body experience at that one patient you had at. Had that was so traumatized into him at that point where he was unwilling to have surgery that could have saved his life. Goes to show that a lot of people take the take these situations differently a lot of people look at them as amusing some look at them as just completely terrified. We don't that's actually what motivated me to write. I thought actually I initially wrote it for medical professionals speak IQ your colleagues sometimes say. Well you have to understand your brain was very hectic and is strange thing happened when you are so close to and that essentially. Shut them down and I kept interest at all and so my my point of view had become. We're talking about something that you at tradition cannot prove. It did not happen on occasion kept groups you'd do it happened so let's talk about the experiences help them meet patient after patient care. But in the midst of taking action on that point appeal. I've been privileged hears them seat story and they if you actually take time or the patient. And and that knowledge that something really powerful it happen it can be like change not only the patient that per year. As a guy who goes and I mean my main thing for over 25 years I've investigated claims of the paranormal. And and that doesn't just fall undergoes an on things are in JV and I've talked abouts in the past where I've actually been asked to be and be. Present when. Certain people have passed away and this is so just for that in just. There there are set such a wide range of things that are possible in this world. Arm and just to look at it and and say now they back can have your brain's doing so in just a strange things it makes you think this into shunning the amount does meaning give them the ability to. To counter that or to at least try to explain their side didn't they feel like no matter what nobody's going to believe what they experienced and and that's chain. Should it convert some things out our arms human existence of that week we didn't understand pork and we do our electricity are. Affirming patient all these mysterious thing that we not or spiritual quality now interest candidate that's Banesha. And I think that's one thing it plant that's really well at all things geriatric art we can do out about it's. Part of human except start that we don't understand technical eat that much closer to understand. So I'm ducked back to that original. Incidentally that occurrence would that a patient that you described it as though. It's a real head stretcher if this patient. Had a would I think would you call it tea and not a curtain but some kind of baffled over their head of a sheet or whatever wise. So they couldn't see that where the surgery was taking place in the abdomen yet could describe to you. That has got to leave you. Very very curious as to what was going on there. I mean at that actually kind of stopped me in my tracks look at it told me I can't thank you helped her and you keep writing to meet you should not able to. Speech and so that actually on kind of shouldn't start my curiosity got the fact that something else going on here beyond the reality is yet to actually describe a bucket I actually collect on. Two with a body count yet another story real quick to add to come really and it kind of caught my attention as well. At. Really totally that the it can be trained department of experience to an hour and now at a young patient or an atomic are already are young patient immediately unease. Cool I would paint I Erica kind of floating up behind a boat and copy attention. You know all women down a below Hammond from partying began and he locked. On concert Akeelah. Concentration and get hit like a conference wire that he fell out of a lighter into the water. And had a near drowning experience. Palate are Gershon at acute percent it actually he actually com saw him out following into the locker. And saw himself drown out and help being toppled onto a horrible at least very equipment to keep its wording web. And he is on rescued. And you know whenever he woke up for his trauma experience. He was so excited about it he didn't hear people lead to not secretly tell us how action. And it wouldn't you know it it was eight self petition transformative experience for camp on. But yeah Kiki actually this quick italics he perpetrated diet especially at that following that collapse of two beautiful women. Well. Let let's bring back a second back to the in the medical field do you think that a lot of the doctors tell him he's not and not talking yourself. Com and their mean bully Fong then why the stuff isn't possible or whatever is because they've got such a concrete foundation of life and death and that that's that there's there's nothing afterwards just because they see that south so much in their field that it just sort contaminates them to death. Geary and I think the medical field are very powerful machine I mean I'm I'm part of that machine that I loved and respected. By. It seemed that it's scary part it's important like buy dot com. I've actually had encounters a position to get kind of kind of funny out on the high end end end. It looked like let's Ers will say you know something interesting happened to me or I heard that patients say that I don't know I can talk about it. On like that that com. I think it irritate curious curiosity out air out thing that we all heard that but medical treatment. Often supported at this time. There's the potential and that's good I actually medical professional. Particularly our sister were at the ad site or attempt suspicions are. Actually. Eight to talk about an 888. So how long was it after you had that experience with that pivotal patient. Did you decide that you wanted to start looking at this more closely and chronicling some of this stuff. While I pick immediately. That at always Britain have always arm that's how I eat world and well I I journal a Al that particular experience just trying to understand it and so anytime anything interesting experience that crop up. I'd write it out. And you thought on it probably wasn't and I'd finished my training. Opt out speicher after that actually started working on in my church repeal the critical care. On I became very intentional about its end eight they. I don't know that I specifically sought out critical care for every event. But it was a natural fit for me because that might intense curiosity about. The genetic you're at a yet to light and with. And it certainly surrounded by it you don't. Every gay and fly all along I cat then. Chronicling its interest ain't experiences and you know not not all immersed so intricately detailed from time it's just people. That experience and can't keep them love or acceptance or you know just calm. Ethnic a sense that there's something more. But on occasion. Upkeep people come back with a iriki Celtic spirit to caddie Matt lucked want. Com or connected with an autopilot being on the other side. Yeah we're gonna get into all of that as our as we continue our discussion on what one more thing before we go to break here. As you set out on this journey to right about this two chronicles this to collect these stories. What we are hoping to discover what would you hope would you would find learn or be able to it articulated the end of the journey. On the claim might might sole purpose and right in the spot where it's just to get employees to experience. On these phenomenal. Is near death experiences. For the sake of my colleagues and it actually writing to my column Ecstasy from happening here we need to be attention to. Eddie respect a lot that was my call. And also to give the people a voice who sort of Walton tried a lot of times keep this in him in fear of of just nonbelievers. I would think. Exactly. I'd get born to outside strictly. All right so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back a lot more you listen to Jason GB MB unrelated revealed that kept. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. And her son. Our finger is heat. 446877669. It's not 86753. On nine and it is you got to do your voice over. Back up but are not heard their we do we should do that. We've been known to do with Sandra TJ we can send right over that thing about where Sarah and going into excruciating I know right Ari welcome back the show everybody it's beyond reality radio and our number is 844. 6877669. We'll try to get to some phone calls hopefully in the next hour anyway. Our guest tonight is doctor Loren Belgian she's a critical care doctor and author in her book is called near death. In the icu when you've kind of been out leading up. Two some of these stories. That doctor bellows has collected inexperienced herself. People that have. Bad near death experiences but also. Nom I'm I'm I'm assuming doctor we're gonna talk a little bit about some of these other phenomenon as well whether its deathbed visitors. Revisions. Or strange things that people who were near death saying I mean that's kind of all part of the same phenomenon isn't. Well I think I want to pick up at ethnic spectrum. Conscious experiences. On that seem to make much sense to me the people who we don't think her ear capped. Actually we'll come back and hell of a thing they experience you're and a pretty routine procedure call or an out of body experience. How appetite at all you up but it certainly at street chariot and you mentioned outside that type of situation that's. What is really interesting to me because. Doctors will more readily be in action or they will believe in ethic to out of RD at I expect that mission at but it. It's the curtain of pro I mean we we have over hundreds of years experience. Patients who were Donnie. Began to carry on conversations with a lot like we can't see each conquered by name. On a couple of beans. On that they may call angels or whatever kind of get their beliefs construct. I think it really kind of my suspicion is that it is along a spectrum are human experience just beyond. Typical reality. Double spoke four this whole that whole experience started which you were you have did you happen to be a believer of the afterlife did you believe in that in possible ghosts and out of body experiences and things of that nature. Well it can't end it in the context. You know being brought up in a spiritual tradition and arm but I really didn't get it that much thought end and certainly Mike Leake actually eat all tool. To think that. We experience it's actually bigger thing. What can be defined by a limiting belief system. They need to try again I think might lead the limits really expanded GO PX. I certainly get up at our early curious about Ike I think that does kind that you can't. Not only near death experiences that what happened. Actually die at that at. Oh stamp act or. You know kind of residual Pratt are. That we meet behind me eat proper urged certainly being in the sixth gear it in that field and cabinet experience. Patient and really it's really stretch ink and make me think about. Well as TV and I talk about all the time mom as somebody's investigating claims the paranormal for the last 25 years. Tom the one place I have found that always seems to be the most active whether it and possible on things or or other strange phenomenon going on tend to be hospitals in the main cash. Especially especially ones that are still functioning that are they're open because. A lot of people go there and then traumatic experiences they they pass away and a lot of people are terrified of graveyards now they think how little bodies there are ghost on the albeit people have been dead usually days prior to ending up in the graveyard but the hospital is where. A lot of times the initial death happens so that's when and where they have their out of body experiences that's when it whatever happens set in seems to happen initially. And that's high in the hospital seemed very actively seemed to be one of the most active locations when it comes down to. You yeah. I don't disagree with. All in fact an attorney at the hospital have to deal I think it just had it been a lot of let begin a I eat there are a lot of trouble like action we have com. Oh operating around in our hospital that. They remodeled eight on decided to use network storage unit for our panel later in the middle of the night keep we. Apparently it stricker. Like what an air laughter. And yet an estimate coming with. So yeah even yeah people who work in the hospital or hear it we're expecting settled out or inattention to being around you and there's not. Apple and apple a day yet here and we all. Make jokes about academic with more comfortable but I think we acknowledged certainly that you know being at the hospital or Geary active. Week. Especially ones that are still function and it ones that have been closed down for a long period of time or whatever things tend to move on but. Once it is still functioning these things are happening in daily well weekly however and so it's just more prominent at that at those times. Yeah he's not archer quick story get cute and it just came to mind that actually pretty point yet but it's. It kind of it's tonight yeah that keep extension. All around you. We had ever portion situation for years ago where family hits from. From black ice and a higher upper midwest rancher and now Roche. And the other one of the children were killed moderate badly injured and more children badly injured. And we had the mock air strike you oh and up. One at us that the children that was killed. Art art nurses and keep election monster kept on. I'm intricate seen them in their in the monitor. On but it was someone who had been identified as having a big east. In in the arc that was really astonishing. That they can actually over the course of several you know a girl I keep actual hours per second at a time. This young boy it would appear on the monitored because admiral Mike on the mind you see them the right at others. Yes that was just it was in that. The pressure at that point yet to distract. But it really get to those people who witnessed it now. Into the mother survived it's incredibly comfort change that we had to cheat Accenture at that moment brought it to her attention. That would have been a moment lost to her. I've absolutely and and it's just an amazing experience product. Are so we're gonna take a break and we comeback we've got a lot more are you listen to Jason NGV on the unreal at. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Our third Diana West Coast and Friday and the East Coast many were stuck somewhere between welcome to beyond reality reveal myself Jason Hawes and my cohost the awesome GB Johnson. Great to be here great to have everybody listening on radio stations across the country plus online welcomed everybody make sure you stop by the FaceBook page. And like that forests is just beyond reality radio on FaceBook we use the FaceBook page you can communicate outside shell so it's a great place to be and I don't know FaceBook works these days 'cause even when everybody follows unit of BC stuff but in skeletal yesterday like three Iran getting into much detail that's I FaceBook stocks -- under fifty bucks a share right now. And though also ahead to beyond reality reviewed dot com there's this whole station list there. I'm we try to keep dedicated as well and you can download the free android and iPhone app right from the website as well. Which allows you to listen the show life if you don't wanna listen to and only stations in your area. Also chat name join chat room from now you can call from that and you cannot cancel all the past episodes are great from the app as well offering. And I think it also predicts lottery numbers for you to doesn't do than they really use the amazing hockey over the I thought he does that that's right never great discussion tonight with the doctor Lauren tells you she's a critical care doctor and author her book is called near death. In the icu were gonna bring her in a little bit in the program. Tomorrow night of course every Friday is a best of program on other radio stations around the country. Monday we're back with Mary and Spencer she's offer author of a new novel called lady in the window. Which is about how are deceased loved ones and angels helped heal and guide us she'll be discussing how she drew from personal experience is to write the book. And that's another topic that I find quite fascinating. We should be psyched for Tuesday were in me talking with Cindy McGill author of what your dreams are telling you thought our marketing solutions while you sleep from. So we can honestly we've talked for about Hiroki and I knew this was coming and an analyst anyway and probing into Illinois power. We're close I think you're the one that's excited about to have my thought my dreams and so now I did just because I know what embarrasses you it does I want I don't I wanna mention something about last night's program anybody who listened to it we had Daniel's balls Keon and issues a self proclaimed witch. I'm among other things and there were some there was some controversy over the religious nature or that are the entire religious nature of that conversation I just wanna say that we let. Everybody. Often their point of view say what they wanna say we're not judging yet and I here's scrutinize a pig's not just we're not taken aside. On everybody on this program as it as well as everybody listening has their own beliefs and we respect. Those in the bone issue she was born into a born again. And calm morning family so the fact of the matter is she she decided to make it changed their premium born again Christian too. And getting able to into the witchcraft area. And to each their own and I think that's SF the problem with this country as it is I people people wanna get me if people wanna scrutinize everything somebody else wants to deal. Somebody everything somebody's going to leave leave them alone let people live their life. You can respect ridiculous is respect we do respectfully disagree with whomever you want to that your prerogative but we're not judging here and we're not here to judge people at all. On this program more here to just let people present their case and let the listeners make up their minds we asked tough questions we try to get to the bottom of the stuff on. And everything from pastures on you were excesses exit system ripped out a statement cement on the you know. I mean is the doors wide open you want and people from the church of Satan came on and I got together and at that they don't even believe him in the state is so but the fact of the matter is you in this show is to talk about all these things it's open it's an open topic and you know everybody needs to you don't agree that the person but at least have to come curse courtesy to respect. The respect him for having. They goals coming out in the end or that wouldn't that being fearless enough to come out and talk about and I think. Most people who listen to this program and particularly people in the chat room because we're so into what's going on there I think they are very very respectful and I wasn't trying to imply that they weren't. On I just want everyone to know that Jason I each have our own beliefs and regardless of what we're talking about this program our police are ours and would keep them pretty much yourselves. And dazzle you know it's not gonna is not can interfere with Clark who are discussion. Armed with whoever guest happens to be that's just the way it works good job in the affair. Did you express our I think we need to take this breaks or we can get our gas Burkhardt I think that's a great idea that we can continue talking about near death experiences in the icu ends hold each other things that it's really really cool stay with doctor Lauren bell stereo listening Jason javy beyond reality radio we come back to. Beyond reality radio Jason Hart Stevie Johnson don't treat the phone number 8446877669. I'm really really excited. About this discussion with doctor Loren bells she's a critical care doctor and an author her book is called near death in the icu. And are talking a near death experiences deathbed. Visitors. Visions of final words all these things that are Kirk. On to people as they approach. Death sometimes they recover from that those circumstances sometimes they don't I personally. Have not been around that quite a bit recently unfortunately and done doctor belzer is great to have you on. I aim in his just kind of tease something great here I'm gonna have you hopefully tell a story I've heard you tell in other interviews you've done. That has a very very personal connection to something that just happened to me. And when we get to that point I'd I wanna do one of those things where I can write it down. And put an envelope and then you tell the story in seminoles to open the amble consider look at this 'cause it's identical to what happened. To me it is an hour it is unbelievable and but I don't know how we'll do that's only think about that part for a little bit I don't want I don't want people think we talked about it ahead of time because we haven't. Exactly so we've let's get into let's get into some of this you obviously. Have had a lot of personal experiences. It in critical critical care situations word these stories that you wrote about in your book. You witnessed and you've probably talked others of have had similar. Experiences you've shared those stories is well what do you share for us some of the ones that really really touched you most deeply. Well actually one that comes to mining it and the recount is so important to ask after someone that had cardiac arrest is. I had a woman who pet cat too. Multiple cardiac arrest in our hospital around this same. And that and it was unclear she is going to survive. Are not in she dead and talked to her I out Kurt. You know might might make you a question to become at it shall happen at whatever to. Diet or whatever her heart stopped. And her case crumpled and cheaper and it cheers and she. Cult leader and they could experience and it wasn't you know it won't elaborate but it is you know she had an iPad application for a lot one and a you know airy lobby experience but what struck me is that. She was afraid to tell her family because of years early air. About ten years earlier she had somewhat of a traumatic brain injury issue recovered from Matt and after that experience she has had com. And psychic ability. And which is a mystery in itself. But that hit really factored very conservative family is so she kept this. In her inner cardiac. Had had intimate experience and felt like she wouldn't be able to share. With her loved ones some thing so account that it happened to her because they actually shut her down ten years earlier and really cut that touched me deeply to. It really trophy home to meet the fact that. I'm not just the body mechanic. And asking people can be an intentional that asking them if they can't get experience. Is good patient care. Because she didn't feel safe and telling her Campbell each other let Beckett I had the opportunity to actually talk about a figure it out. Well I think that's important you brought that a lot of people have had we talked about it a lot on the show a lot of people have had near death experiences. And the when they've woken up they've had. Extra they've had abilities the men Morse Alec the word sensitive because they hate the words as I feel like 1900 number should be attach the word psychic. Com and 500 dollar price tag but the fact of the matter is a lot of people have had those near death experiences and then woken up and found that they were. Sensitive they were picking up on things that they were an able to pick up on Pryor now I don't know if that's because they were that much closer to. To actually passing away and the other side or it may be it's just for whatever reason a part of their brain is now functioning that really. Wasn't functioning prior by. It's it's not uncommon and it a lot of times it terrifies the person. It it's terrifying situation needed their hearing voices or seeing things and they wonder truly if they're losing their mind. Rates. I you know I advocate I work with people in such an immediate. This situation and don't always followed them outside of the hospital I'd missed some action but I did. One person that was. Eight ordered the outside a hospital he added our judicial experience at. Not not necessarily. Being sent to chip in in and knowing our Kathleen capacity. He had. Had they weren't Dick lapses before choreographed act hearing eight. And for are you after his critic round last year she had returned position and Erie. And it faded somewhat over time but it never quite got back to yes appear deficit baseline that he cannot afford cardiac arrest. And early adjusting to meet cubic that it is it really pedigree is like a curious question about. On a capacity not chance. Being sent to captain and be able to an end to it that you would normally be able to edit a critical it could actually have a group at. And that really ethnic. Yeah and almost almost like to reset button. Normally it's a light and it's it's just reselling the problems that your body has at that point which is amazing upon itself. Well I did that help would be just don't know that much. About what's going on. What I coming from a doctors can scare. So. So I'm. Doctors there has to be some water cooler chatter break room chatter about this kind of thing. And unity you were a lot of people and you yourself have arm or their everything you do is based in science and and you know researcher and things that you can you can put into a book that they know it's black and white. On words but we're talking about tonight isn't black and white and what's the general consensus among your peers about this talk in and they almost experience it's so. What do they chalk it up to. Well I mean the exchange content. Unclear I think that are a little bit morrow and now I mean acting that there is you know Bora an expansion. Can't just from lack of a better word and I don't know it's just that. It more people are appealing arc after express you know I think Italy and they hurdle to get that you cannot. But. Right at the U a lot of our perception mattered and at eight in history a team. Madison was kind of a back Alley arch about two years ago it. Circular or round ink education of the ocean. And I am not a character really struggled against social gravity or time to kind of let that I'll it'll Angela great model. On a better community experience a way it's just that they're kind of talk about it and usher was first tournament striking example of the act is out we have a theory. Ed very formidable. Surgeon and our system. Com and you don't eat eat eat it very weak economy and he should not very social and he just has this era out camp that you. Federal that would occur around and use it can't help et optic achieve yet such a cut. And perhaps I thought came out two and I had no idea who credits I worked with and chat groups. Came up to me in income to carry it on the typical great thank you Mike keeper work and ice and he wanted to console application that keep looking around him almost like that. Wanted to tell me something that's. He didn't want to be urgent weakest link and he kind of let up quite richer. And not I didn't expect it and pledges that Beaulieu. And PE Peary chemically that you know it's true I have a fourteen I turn around and I can't get experience. But it clear that he didn't he didn't feel comfortable talking about a medical prior. But you're right at the more we do talk about and normalize it booked for patients and are now. At the more common at will be at a part of an op mainstream patient care at my hope anyway. As you've collected these stories and talk to these patients yourself. What's most striking about. The way these experiences changed their lives. I think it's very clear actually mean it it most people who haven't are kept Xperia. Are even attempt to stop all land where they just shut it. They don't have anything official but just the experience of presents and and lack of skier and development a lot out of it I. APEC they come back quit you know at some common themes are at that they feel more altruistic. On earmark tolerance. I think that physical things matter left without. But the most striking thing is that they don't appear that's applicant most of them you have an experience. A lot compete in and no right to your nation that had negative experiences even at transform. A couple of occasions I catch to having culture had a you know like an urgent darkness and then tear. Are they can actually come back and expand acts and still have a positive transformation of result. Let's see the season get a phone call in here desert kind of lining up and I don't wanna leave them and try to get some anyway this is Lorraine from Louisiana rain welcome to beyond reality radio bit heavier Michelle. Staying here at Yankee inch. Alan he had operated and sexual sin. And I want our eco that they actually don't believe they tell me. And on the floor. Performance since the game on the other side of the room. And watch it everybody wore on me you know. Then. I was more and more at the awards during that time. I mean I couldn't stop smiling I was really really happy. She. And the and then close. A camera and that Obama was backing the debt. And my dad would come in Q1 and and that I look at mentioned Luke Donald Lauren and actually I'm 31 of the night you know we didn't get blown killed. You know we call all of grill and the that we can hang. On you Maynard now that are in the form of those benefits. Much skill you know. Was crazy that really well so it is. Was it right outta nowhere else. You know surely you really. Nice experience and I was very happy. Well that's a great story during thanks for sharing that but that's not something and something in common is it to a doctor Welsh. Not at all Graeme thanks for sharing that ticket like he cute exemplified what most people can't accept help lakers' that they feel kind of the detachment. Physical pain and what are maladies struggling at which they do other than that peace and happiness and many Democrats are treated actually come back. To the editor at their current problems and their current body. Yes I ordered go to break here and when we come back I'm going to have let's let's. I'm Cintron for how best to do this I think most people Jada listened to listen to the program that are in the chat room. Know of my personal experience that occur when my mother passed away shipman not long ago. And it's that experience. That I heard a doctor bills talk about completely unrelated to my mother. And I think if people on the chat room just kind of they remember what I had told them happened if they just writing in the chat room to kind of mark. You know the vocal line here and then when we come back we'll have doctor bills tell this story. And it's it's really when I heard this I just took a practically fell to my knees is pretty amazing. While RA lol we're gonna take a quick break and we come back a lot more you listen Jason. Harrison hurt her 6877669. Thanking everybody for joining us. Have a great conversation tonight with doctor warned bells she's critical care doctor. An author her book is called near death in the icu which by the way if you go to the beyond reality radio website and click on the gas tab. There is a link there for the book but you can also visit her website which is more embellished. Dot com and a doctor again thank you so much for joining us tonight this. The sad night is just going by very very quickly and sadly we we've got a little bit of time it not a lot left here. So before we went to break I was kind of teasing the fact that I had an occur something happened to me. My mother passed away at where I'm going pretty close in two months ago here but to shoes off for a long time I spent a lot of time in the hospital. And our last few days were in the intensive care unit in the hospital and I was wither when she passed away and something happened to me and leave it at that. The party mentioned it in our chat rooms so it's on record of as to what happened to me. Now I don't mean to put you on the spot but he did hear you talk abouts another doctor that confided in you. That was lost a patient in when they lost that patients something happened to them do you remember. Oh absolutely yeah that absolutely acute because mom yuck that would I wrote my book option. Kind of floated it to the world that weren't sure what kind of reaction to get my colleague. One of our creator ethnic urgent cut this year with me. An and I actually conversed with them all cheered the saints story they work. Not the case that patient and you know she Utley rhetoric dramatic action or not people you can aid her and her are apps. And arm after she asked to pick cleared her they all felt a pre they all felt kind of Russia where it too. Other come and moved crop for that I'd end up can't. That they were pretty stunned by act the way. It public interest is making little meat on it that they HL yet at this. Phenomenon that it had experience you know there are safe place to come and cheer and apathetic it impacted them and it really kind of stunned them. But when I heard you tell that story in another interview it's censure of shivers in chills down my spine because I was standing in a mother's bedside. Holding her hand watched her take her final breath and I talked about it in this program about a week after it happened before can actually bring it up. And what it happened to me was exactly that I was standing there I'd been standing in that same position for days never felt a breeze or wind anything for days. And she took her final breaths and I say good bye terror and right at that moment of a breeze crossed my face it unmistakably. And I I looked around nobody had entered the Rome there was there's no air and some near mean nothing. And it was that exact same phenomenon which when you told that story and heard for the first time that sent shivers down my spine. Well I can maintain. It felt like that our comfort GO. A lot of comfort to me was tremendously comforting actually. I just I just remember you you contact your name right after it is our. Yeah sounding voice it and it's it's amazing experience and one that most people never get a chance absolute and I've walked away from that experience seeing experience holding it dear to my heart but you just reaffirmed it for me with her story. That it really was something very very special. Well and attacks so I'm really glad you shared that would meet Kurt. The same thing happened with this patient the doctor didn't say anything to the patient's husband and Erstad and that was incredibly copter and didn't know pathetic apathy and he was that the ethnic and it. And it. The I think that she you know if we attention those those. Several names are sometimes not so subtle or dare to bring it. There it is more than just a matter reality. When you. We're collecting these stories now is how many war. The stories it's an event currency that you experienced personally vs Clinton and from other people who shared them if you lose it and assume saw a lot of issue self. Most of what I write in my pockets when I've recorded now. On an eagle put a red color perhaps collect them and to that collection under it kind of seems astonishing but what do you think about the fact that. Practicing for twenty years I can easily get touched the care our era to patients in a week the fact that I. I couch fifteen or so stories in my book is really not that phenomenal it actually kind of at the national average get experience and it's actually. A little less. And the national average but I actually started. Curing more when I started out ski. And I'm like I am wondering if is this happening more than we realize we need them more than I have this recording but can we just don't ask. And I I maintained that you know to my colleagues if you start asking don't start challenging because they want a safe place to talk about. Well and that's a thing without somebody asking me feel the feel of a fearful of just telling people because the men and the way they feel they might be scrutinized or looked at Paribas. And it's it's got to deathly hit close to home in your book within two days of its release it became a number one best seller in three different categories and it's now a four time award winner. So you know what. Think it touched America people wanna talk about. That's exactly that so many people are tired grabbing your book because because it has touched him whether they talked about it or not. So many people had these experiences in that and a lot of them haven't shared it. And and that's what people are grabbing your book value also people want to know that there's something asterisk next that this life that you do when they do close her eyes. They wanna know that if something more there's something that are trying they're going to move on to because it's not it becomes a terrifying terrifying thought that when you close your eyes that's it. Yeah I and I told my husband recently I get to the end of my adult life and look at your feet are actually opens the conversation are on the topic apple app. Because it can get the report action and I think it it just such an important part not just. Like strategic air and I can communicate that you circuit Ers and and have to actually do that I kept. It has long Hugh plea a part nominate. You whether it's a large part whether it's a small part. And that's always something I've said in the field of the paranormal studies as long and I've played sums dual role in helping to cheer and truly figure out what. What's happened what's what is happening. Then then I've accomplished everything I ever set for. Doctor in looking at these and I don't know office is even a question you've asked people on but it would be very fascinating and you know. Is there any difference in experience between people based on their religious police. District mighty. Observation. Is actually an act he get. As human habit and maybe it's just the human condition to take our experiences and and try to see answer filter are available to us. I have a herb and the patients treated carpet at the past twenty years at the air experience. What tickets gripe is actually quite similar but what they are just really hit their belief that. And you know we have a large. Among. Population here from blouse from Thailand are refugee eighties and win and those. Patients have near death experience that they can't be in its ski ancestors whenever they describe it it's actually very similar to what. Our ark Christian acacia park it American patients are at patients while the strike. So it might at. I suspect. They were all cut chain that same. You know site. The existence and spirit and just kind of interpret that await makes sense to. And when you talk with the family members how did they perceive it. There they remembered. As the patient and Utah. Yeah right at its end of staying. Different patients families proceeded to wait a material Byron and talk com I'm installed and actually had a chance that there. Lot more experience as well I actually CNET the and some people are feel better right diet. And actually have one patient. Patients are actually quite agitated when his mom. Came back and that she actually incurred at other and what it after a burst rates at that what's impossible and you know we we actually became cut for only right that we actually and I discussion around that he was used quite a up to the street grade eight. And you know what we were able to cut at Cog Hill is it is kind of kind of redirect the conversation to say if she nearly. Experienced something that is not upsetting to her it actually create a lot of July 8. And you seem to caricature on getting better while that we can be agreed to let her have her true. And what it had to retreat at her spirit as part of marketing back there and he was able to embrace happening let's tightening up. He didn't understand it. Well but I think he definitely made that call there I mean to her it means so much it meant so much to have that experience to him. It has main concern was just thinking at all accounts she's she's having these issues but. The fact of the matter is it it meant so much to her so why why take that away why they let her embrace that because it's it's a powerful thing for. Right at it it's unpopular here arcane art art art structures in her cast keeps he'll get. It may look like habits reflect how archer. Like Antalya beginning contacted by a much people online and the chairman everything else and they're saying that means that in a lot of people I guess have been buying your book and they planned to all have talks about it so you can handle it well I thought that there has made. BR yeah yeah. When you've. Again go through these stories and talk with these people. Are there any differences between those patients that have had like a long term illness and approached deaths. Verses people that have had you know a sudden is occurrences you know heart attack or something along those lines would there was nothing anticipated. Gee is there any difference in those stories. How you know I am. Restore it comes to mind is actually 1 I am I right about now in and I a branch of the next year. I actually think this patient had a long you're tactics that are out two years. Unlucky he had an experienced. His cancer coming and talking to come. Before he actually knew he had cancer and he rich at eight fury at encounters with his feet and hit it may not creepy talk about it but. It this year Kim expressed that he actually had that low chance. Asia and Oprah that you years and I I spoke at the near death experience compete at blocking your cat. For two years. And at the end it says you know he finally it did cap the way it's cancer but on his experience of transformation at some other similar hallmark. To a sudden. Near death experience. That separate out your rent them cents. Encountering something that was beyond out. And he really felt like she encountered and times are. Up a couple of Pratt and it actually blocking excite him are accompanied them on this journey are. Out of the coming to can't server time. And that. My attention and I thought that we we we actually became it's unfortunate human capital we try to categorize every. Yeah paranormal experience and pretty tickets and your terrific turnout about eight I think you're legal rights Spectra that experience it's. That it can lead to the same arm ultimate goal of a lot for your captain and understated or are dark it's nobody's. We are basically out of time but have one more question for you. And as. Any of this as you've gathered these stories and then Ben with these patients. Changed your. When there was a fear or feeling or understanding of death. Absolutely. Absolutely acting change by anti. And unite. I think that is part of western in my curiosity. And a I can say what are percent I'm not forget I epic that I can't allow myself to be attracted. At a park that way by the amazing stories and it's patients contracted out. Well that's awesome and it's been such a great time talking to you. While we definitely got to talk to you generally and especially when you get the next book set to allow. It all right so so the book is available on the beyond reality radio website plus your website which is Lauren Belgian dot com. And then you take stories from people they wanted to share things with you. It's unlike a block I don't hit it much attention that I would like I I still worked full time budget. It patients. I had people conciliator experiences learn how to block chairman might block. My website. Terrific again as Jason said we want to have you back on this issue when you get the new book out that's terrific thanks. So much for your time tonight. I dig deeper opportunity appreciate that. Parents so we're gonna take a quick break when we come back more you listen to. This show. Again great guests and I really enjoyed the conversation with doctor bulge concrete topic in she's just phenomenal person to talk to us. Deflated big shout outs terror and yet Chet and do you can check out her book and all earth mission to go to beyond reality radio dot com click in the gas tab. All the information will be listed there her website in and stuff like that so I know bush people did did grab her books are kept going getting compost and people come on talking about it. So did it to be unreal to renew website and so we said look that would mean I'm madness on soon as so that's awesome post pop an off with the Amazon links molest our itself. In the episode tomorrow night. Of course every just remember every Friday is the best on the show but so you can tune in ketchup show from earlier in the week that at that point. On but if you haven't yet make Sheila FaceBook pages FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And we had some great guest coming up next week and China gets the list here. Yet we've got done Marianne Spencer on Monday night she's the author of a new novel called lady in the window which is about how are deceased loved ones in angel's help heal. And guide this kind of what we've been talking about here she'll be discussing how she drew from personal experiences when she wrote the book. In the bunch of really really intimate and personal things that happened to her. That she shares of other people that other we both had similar experiences so I'm going to be equal discussion Monday night. And then Tuesday and Jimmy's are right no questions talk on Sunday legal on she's the author of what your dreams are telling me. Unlocking the solutions while you sleep. Social lead discussing interpretations of dreams and act and I am pretty much hoping people find their trade and so he must be sacked. Man well I cannot wait to hear what my dreams mean because that's the last time might some walked into that trap a recluse I didn't lose down still malignant down. And then Wednesday we get Jerry. Jerry NN. And heat in 2004 he pursued Jesus and Jerry Lewis and and what the heck is that I have no idea and pianist farce like we were fired in Syria and and yet. So 2004 he pursued his dream of many years to discover the story of his outlaw ancestors during years of research he discovered is a law ancestor was in fact the Sundance kid it. Who played well who was the Sundance kid it was a Robert Redford Paul Newman which of the two of those guys in that movie butch Cassidy and Sundance kid was the Sundance kid I thought it was Paul Newman but. I don't know I don't know. Somebody knows somebody channel tells Paul Newman I'm extremely cool hand Luke stuff in on removing. We have fears failure to communicate. So RA and then nets and we've got Thursday as well but yeah so every Friday as the best of some issues too and and check it out. If you have if you download the show from iTunes just it was a favorite memory at forest because. Helps push it forward helps him make it easier for everybody else define it and I just it's an ultimate for. I know it's a little bit early but one a we when we close out the show with said. Number one smash hit that unit recorded. To his people been asking fourth Campbell we they'll be able literal and the whole thing look at a couple. And so it on the way out of him apparently apologized at a time. And I think we utterly obliterated every weekend. Broadcast. There's guess that's waiting. No this car. Aims to see. Claims. He's just done. Okay. Yeah. I. And on the other ingredients produced by sticking yeah. Alexandria Johnson yeah. Conrad don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page and give us a line and say hello and it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what punt. You liked being cast on beyond reality radio email to swing getting that's slick Eddie EDD wine and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.