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the Real "X-files Man" - A former FBI Special Agent discusses his work investigating the paranormal - including many alien abduction cases, and other strange occurrences.

May 9, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson interview John Desouza - a former FBI Special Agent with a passion for the paranormal. John talks about many alien abduction cases including the famous Betty & Barney Hill case & the Travis Walton case. John also explores secret government documents that you too can find by searching online. 5/9/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On the West Coast teams down the East Coast and many were stuck in between what can be on reality radio with myself Jason Hawes and the awesome always awesome TV John both thank you for that wonderful and very inspiring introduction we finally do we costly. Orders also relates yeah we use the U when I get to talking about and where we're talking back and forth that more watching the clock and all the sudden we're right. Oh wait a minute we're supposed to be a there was a report music thirty seconds ago what just happened all of this is the sad thing about it is a slick Geddes shall see keep track of that stuff and was involved in the conversation to reduce good little distress on both times we fire him don't look at that. I think we've broken records are. Well welcome everybody to the show tonight we we got a great show it's never be talking with John d'souza is now he's a returning guest. But John is well he's known as the the real X-Files man yah they X man the X-Men which nourishment audio but arm and had John was the next there was an FBI agent who had a lot of weird in strange cases. So arm but just a phenomenal guy we're going to be talking now about a bunch of different things. We'll see extra dimensional. Plasma is the smoking gun documents alien abductions. And the list goes on. Yet we we talked about a lot of that stuff last time and when John I contacted us to come back he said and we kind of got brand at a time when we chatted last time. And you know we need to pick it up and he's got a lot of Newser if you want to talk of double and revisit some of the same things that we were talking much skid in more detail like. You know that the vault dot FBI dot gov where the smoking gun document is and downs this strange story. Of fun of the abduction that took place I think it was and it it was a New Hampshire New Hampshire Kmart deal they used to be right near the Spalding and that's that's where that happened right near Spalding and the grammys yet Serena talk about that we're gonna talk about Travis Walton you know he's he's another person who bomb hit that has claimed for a mile gosh when a thirty years known to have been abducted and a lot of great stuff survey are we talking about that in the end and John is investigated all the stuff so he's got he's got details. Yes in the tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Dennis stone which is a perfect last name for the guy who grew up at America's Stonehenge. The fact you know I hope these liquidate them. He's been involved as say from last 55 years during re talking to him involved and yeah and rhythm when they were taught me Daniel dust dole ski longtime activist for a wild women spear spirituality. Yes this. Another odd when too because so she's got a soon to be published book called woman. Most wild liberating the which within and I just don't know what angle that's gonna take I'm really anxious to find out. Exactly so with the who would you would you and in doing this weekend it was a crazy retirement yeah Chris do we conforming to a lot of stuff going on you know you don't it's like we do the show all weeklong then let it play catch up on the weekends to you know just get stuff done. Well Friday night we had an assist Torre went to her prom on Knight star cast of sorts hearings were really my youngest daughter as an astronaut where the were there any tears shed just. You can be oldest vampire boyfriend does not because he knows the kind of person I am and that he better be nice senate are now. But our heroes are clear a hurdle if cheers of yes we are proud of the Smart thing but an RA easy he's agreed to it actually Larry I've known his father for years so it's that he is a really is a decent kids are gonna give me that but then Saturday was Austin's Eritrean Sunday was Logan's and and zero and what Alex sorry can Christmas of course we can't do anything easy in this house we have to my twins actually have to have different birthdays. Because one was born and 11:55. PM June 12:19 am only in the Hawes family to some of the ethnic and we liked willing to give them their own individuality and you did for sure. And totally unjust birth dates I know your twins and they are so they don't do nothing like Hewitt and know their Brothers nothing like. Like we're at a track meet today and one of them and their coaches walked up and says something about a Logan mass attack him his twin Brothers and they're costly don't think his way. 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I think it had to end its grain of salt free cell and if you're having and also like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. A semester FaceBook page for the show were constantly updating it with new stations are grading weekly. And we're trying to keep that information out there for everybody. Yet it's agree awaited them to stay in touch of what we're doing and also one of listening to remind you of the web page the web site for beyond reality radio as a guest tab on it. If you want information about our guests throughout links to their books Serb dvds or whatever they happen to be offering their work it's all right there on beyond reality radio dot com. Yeah so our soul take a quick break you week come back we will be joined by air guest John d'souza the real X-Men and so are you listening Jason dvd on our own. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you can. Otherwise. And files access stimulus it was just brutal able to be a really groundbreaking television show Bob paranormal topics tunnels that really made fox eggs in really made Fox Network. Of serious contender on television. So on the exams X seven seasons in the like that ran a seven and and they did a horrible movies yes but they brought it back it was decent return I think I was kind of mixed our guest product. I still watch sealed answers is phenomenal show Neil ones are great and the return they'd talked about maybe you know kind of testing the waters bringing him back full time I don't know if they're gonna controller bring in their doing another season yet again so will laugh even on them but there somebody that we've talked to on the show before who is known. As the real X man and really who's and head is our good friend returned to X John. D'souza word that you're we're gonna talk about a lot of different things that we Jon and done he is a special or as a retired special agent from the FBI's got a lot of really. Really cool stories but in the years. Since he's was booed when the FBI plus a lot of the time you spent with the FBI he's just been investigating all sorts of neat stuff a lot of it has to with the aliens used on some ghost stuff. But remembering him in right now and really really get into this John welcome to Villa back to be on Rio and we have great to have your connect. I'll. Thank you Jason JB it's great to be here with the guys again that's terrific tour. Beyond beyond reality radio has been really cool it's good to have you on your and your great guest we enjoyed really a lot talking you last time and we look forward to a new again. And John before we get into any of these details some of the stories in the team investigations. And weirdness that we're gonna talk about tonight. There are people who are new to the show because we've been expanding in syndication adding markets and stations all along here so they're people that might not be familiar with who you are so just for their benefit division background again. Sure. Com well and I'm enjoying the the new apps by the way it is tough on your show he's been great to give notification to about so suck it. And for your listeners my name's John this is it was a special agent. In the FBI for over twenty years I was sun during that time also I had mostly works out. Beat Howard terrorism cases for the most part terrorism and some violent crime cases as well over a span of Brooklyn to settle for twenty years but during that time also. I collected a lot. Stories law enforcement stories. Of the paranormal. And that's not. Sometimes that means is people but it sits up. A little. Easier now that it's a little easier now to convey the people know about the X-Files and it's pretty very very popular thing in society for. People to know what the X-Files aren't what they are out. And so that's that's actually that's show was one of the things that really got me started and down my interest in the paranormal. I actually it was a big fan of the show in the ninety's when it came out of and so it was an FBI agent at that time and it was and well known that was. Big fan of the show at the same times there was a conflict going on because. He some of the higher ups in the X-Files to be kind of a little very realistically. Very realistic on some stories and some of the procedures that they that they actually contacted. The out them maker so Chris Carter talks about this today since he felt yet there was gonna shut him down. I don't know how they would do that. Any questioned him where he gets information if he gets information from any arm port ID two I was questioned myself that I was able signal and no contact with Chris Carter but. It kinda. In Nam. And eventually they were satisfied with the answers that he gave and that show went on without problem except they got that nickname that stuck to me after that which was the X-Men although I've seen it sometimes that's the X-Files man. And I like that once I don't know. Our purpose or you're suggesting there that there was some concern among the FBI he leadership that. There were leaks going to Cris Carter in the X-Files because some of these summits is episode direction curing things going on in the FBI. Exactly but they were supposedly they were saying it was because a lot of those procedures. That he was. Using an employing were very exact. We're very exact but I believe there were also substitute stories that were taken from real life and to this day I'm still trying to find out exactly which stories in the X-Files were in FBI files will and his group. That's not a common though I mean when Dick Wolf we knew was doing all law and orders it was very common for him to work. He and in hand with the new York city police departments. Two to learn the procedure everything so he could have all all those guys. And as accurate as possible so it that Alec comments to have that. Exact but the FBI am would be totally against any any connection or any learning the inner workings. Well it worked out pretty well because because that's exactly what happened he was being used getting consultations. For more right from when I was told he was getting consultations from people who were retired FBI agents and that was fine that's fine to do that's very common thing also. But. At the same time I think they also my concern over some of the substantive stories. That were being holed that were reflect that or paranormal in nature and that were reflected in the X-Files. But because they couldn't say which stories they work. And Chris Carter wasn't going to volunteer that either it was kind of called high and everybody went back to their corners that was worked out well. Well John is a guy who any idea I didn't. Have many friends in numerous law enforcement positions they're just because what I in the field I'm in a minute all the a lot of things I do you work hand in hand with. A lot of law enforcement agencies on different types of cases. Now I did it does the FBI actually have. A branch or set people that handle specific cases that would fall under the paranormal or. Extra terrestrial type bearish. No they would not they really they really wouldn't and they would never they would never. Aren't due that day arts prairie and much street by the book investigative. Agency was primary mission is criminal in nature. Stuff that has to be prepared for port for criminal procedure and a book and also aside from that there'll some intelligence gathering body as well they can gather intelligence for purposes of you're terrorism. And for preventing crime and that's and their very. And they're very straight ahead now mission and the ten and they would not. Have separate. Sort of truck X-Files division or something like that. Actually the closest they keep the closest they came to having an X-Files division was basically when I was in the characters cases of that sort of bent. Somehow always seem to end up with me some reason. Well and I and I can understand a bit but wasn't even when dealing with law enforcement arm and might I've been called in numerous times. Brought on as and outside counselor who Wear whether it's cases covering the hole or or things like that. Com and there's always certain people that I would I work with within a law enforcement community in those areas I didn't know of the FBI had specific people like that as well. Well you know outside contractors. & Associates. You know and sort of that went out contractor type of thing I yelled back that you never really know what because that sort of thing can be done on the books you know I mean there can be done. Through the unofficial means as well as official means so if you're having some kind of a criminal. A desperate criminal situation. And you know you find that you need to happen independent contractor consultant like each sent come in and help in some aspect of that I can be kept off the books and that I content are are that probably do it happened many times and would that sort of thing would have been kept to. Under undercover. For the most part. And it goes those types of stories I do believe ended up in the real Xbox over the years. Joseph we've got about a little more than a minute here before we have to take a break and I don't wanna get into any of the you in addition to being influenced by the X-Files television show is being something they gave you an interest in the paranormal topics youth and experience. As a youngster they knew. Yeah I had in New York I think it was yes I have experienced in New York when I was about nine years old. Then I was I was when my parents send out we were out at some kind of a party and I we kind of in a bunch for the little kids got to stay up way past our bedtime and we ran out into the streets of New York City I want in the morning. Bunch of bunch of sugar up he greedy kids who were about nine to twelve years old and we just played really you know played tagging. While I got herders certain point went around other kids who ran against Brenda wade because they brought it was seriously hurt and so they and I got up and there was that was a starter starry night and it looked up and it was a there was a black spot up in the sky that was completely black with no stars and I looked closer edit and it was like a giant black and clout and from the bottom of this cloud came this sort of looked like an old fashioned sort of book flying saucer with lights spinning in the bottom of the team that looked sort of metallic kind of and was coming down between the two tallest buildings have ever seen. In my life and I got to that point and I was looking straight up that it felt that spotlight come down from a ends well for me. Anti over a couple of girls on my left side teenage girls who were screaming their heads off site in the oil isn't the only one seeing and then nice to kept looking up and he disappeared and I just looked up but the thing as it was coming down towards me and we both countries are months in time it took a step back in the thing reversed course went right back up into the ground. And just like a cartoon character pull the wind into the hole and pulled hole in the electorate and who was gone these horrible with that we're gonna take you. Quick break and we'll learn we'll get back into that a little more we get back he'll listen Jason James. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Reality it'll take some pause Gene Johnson so bring everybody along thanks for joining us when you listen on every radio station there are many turning on the show. During the shown many the bull. Continue be added to our family or you listening online my. And everybody yes and I know there's more stations that it registered ridiculous it's so I'll I'll try to have those tomorrow but again we're talking with John d'souza known as the real X man. And we're talking about some interesting things that he's worked on throughout his career at things he's learned a sense and and so forth thanks very analyst John. Well thanks so much it's so it's. I just wanna mention quickly that Ted did Johns website is John Tamil books dot com. They're couple books that that are currently available I think the parrot investigators Jon and also the extra dimension olds are currently available are you a whole bunch of other stuff you're working on as well. Yes that is true and also all be the period contacting the desert may nineteenth to 22. And that's going to be our that's going to be quite an event hernia a very big TO for an ex sweetie no job no quick question though let's. And I know I know some people vast but I how old. How do we know that you were real FBI agent. While that's an excellent question let me let me do public service announcement for your audience there. Because there are sometimes. You guys meet me you know there are sometimes people who pretend to be things they're really not be a tremendous and we if you had a hat and there's people pretend to be FBI agents CIA agents all kinds of things and there's also this. Hole. Problem that's a real problem of the men in black. Who can beat who can be re old woman in our Orton this type of audience these people they could have run ins with. These men in black that to come to your door and one question you and sometimes they can be from real intelligence agencies or or they could be from criminal agencies or. Or they may be. Beaten on humans and for Halloween. Our according to a lot of great research pregnant but the great firm so I pointed my PSAs this. Anybody tells you that they work they are or work and the FBI each and war. From any criminal agency anything that has gone in a bench. You almost always ask you to not let them into your own personal you don't open that door front door what you do is see you as you have a legal right term government attorney also we you don't have to be attorney is noticed you have a legal right. To asked for a name and a batch number of free. FBI agents have creep law enforcement agent or officer knows their batch number. Mine mine John this is my badge number it's his 10585. And that will always be a batch number and that is publicly release of blue information. That every every FBI person or every every law enforcement officer every officer can give. Because it's for the purposes of identification you take that action number you take that mean and then you can call 22 number at their headquarters which is always in Washington DC to it was a tool to number that you called hey I have this person at my front door or on the phone nor have this person. Claiming to be such and such and have their name is their badge number can you please for five for me that they are who they are from your engines. That's it and that's my PSA for you guys that's that's you know. If someone is actually what all was. Each. Well and I actually had a run. In years back when the smallish ogle Spanish first came out about 23 years into it on I was dealing well when I was doing with a stalker issue and the guy with a guy attacked my email not to name any gamespot com. It's it's not hard to find out when you look on line but the guy had my email account he attacked all these things are you sending emails and the FBI it was working hand in hand with the FBI they were trying to track this individual. And they found out he was emailing me from this librarian in Pennsylvania well. My twins first birthday party I had the Secret Service show my house. New booking tool but looking to pretty much arrest me at that time because emails that were sent from my account. To go in house in the making threats. Which had nothing to do it may hit it had to do that this individual and I had actually have the FBI come to my house and meet the Secret Service people there and tell them and show proof to them because I tried to tell these guys of the you know they were at my house that was ongoing investigate. Should they didn't care about that. They just want me to come out didn't have a car. I was gonna do that silk thread at the FBI show in my house. And explain and show them proof that this is an ongoing investigation that they were what they are watching my email. So I wouldn't be arrested at that time and it would best thing that ever happened because from there. The Secret Service was able to sign on. Stretch and try to test and it was in weeks they'd they'd autumn and handed because what once that happens they're able to. What what you make threats and suffer identical White House I mean they can set up cameras everywhere they wanted you motivate those threats. On the FBI's ten limited net ability. So alarmed by. Yes so I had always people sure I had no idea who who is the rift if it was real if diskette was really with a government or whatever I had them the FBI come down and and prove who they wore. Yeah that's that's really something it's here it's amazing India when the FBI stays within their their assignment but what they're supposed to be doing their amazing organization. I mean nobody does she agree that people. Yeah kid nobody does kidnappings Banner Bank robberies are terrorism. Things of that sort when you see them operating in those areas I mean they're they're really amazing and they're very good and they can be become a big help. Two people can get some typical position so it's. So John before going to the break you were telling us about an expert Chad has a nine year old boy were you saw what looked to be a traditional type flying saucer for those who gonna know you know what what. Those. Shapes and discs look like does that that's kind of a romantic image we all have flying saucer. And and you know ECB had people with you've experienced this as well. Juju later in life to winning you know looking back into news reports to see if there's any anything reported from other people or from any official agencies. That may have corroborated what he saw. I have always kind of look through records trying Tennessee. Whenever iPad paranormal experiences to see if I could find. Find something that matched up two women had the experience and never had any luck with that. Maybe it was the place where was who are our crew opera is pretty run down neighborhood in New York City in the in the upper west side of Manhattan and I quote I was never able to find records are to match up to anything. But but here's the thing. In the paranormal I believe one of the most top powerful. Saints' most powerful saying people can say is I know what I saw. Yeah and truthfully I can tell you honestly it was when he saw that when I saw that parent when excellent vehicle that foreign saucer it wasn't just a physical experience for me there was a spiritual. Perception component to it where I felt like I was looking at something that was a life. And was real. And I just knew it was and it felt other worldly Samie. At that time and no one knowing even though I was just a kid on no one can convince me that I didn't experience what I know or experience. Some one. Sounds like it all happened pretty quickly. And it was late at night so that did mean that the idea that maybe media didn't catch tutor their people and others didn't see it reported isn't it doesn't sound like there would be that. That and usual. Yeah yeah and though my parents were not of course my parents weren't happy to hear about it. And I my mother gave me the briefing. At that moment right at the moment she gave me my first briefing on got to be really careful. Who you talk to about these sorts of things and who you mentioned these sorts of things to. Because these things can be taken in those very negative way. That could have bad consequences so you always have to be very careful that's and I took her advice per share. Now we're gonna we're gonna talk about hole which is different things. Tonight and one of the topics. That we wanted to touch on is that Betty and Barney hill story. Sure that's churning at times looked into. Yeah absolutely. And what's what are Benny Barney hill worth PO first. Globally document to end the Greeley I would have to say corroborated. Stories of alien abduction caught humans. In 1961. And what's up what's amazing about that particular about that particular story is that their interviews beaten black and white and continues both together and separately are still available today that there is still out there that anyone can look up their weren't there are YouTube and various other databases to. And when you look at those interviews I mean that you just see them talking about how their experience was of course they were driving home along Massachusetts highway. At one point and they were. And we're just. Being trail being targeted and trailed by eight or UFO. What I would call plasma that was following them and coming closer and closer and closer at some point this thing on this thing took them. Actually took them are disabled their vehicle what we see we see sort of the sun we see in all these cases and that was a classic case because so many cases followed that. Pattern in the many many decades since that time and that was just disabling of the vehicle that was what we believes stoppage time a stoppage time manipulation of time and the vehicle body functions they were able to. Choir that targets the two are both Betty and Barney Hillary kept them. And then they are transported. Them. 28 to wipe. What they believe was youthful vehicle into the interior. Have you told people they were both six. Berman took upon and they were both examined and they were both fairly friendly or harvested they were all there materials. All the different materials were harvested from both of them one of that and of course then they had screen memories that were placed over what happened to them like like a curtain. Just strong pull for what happened to them to make them believe something. Else has happened. And 21 of the things that total came out of that Louis several items of evidence we have. She had a draft steps out. Convert some sort of reddish powder. Back then of course I'm. Unfortunate that was not preserved ultimately. We have. We have about who's up star map. That Betty was able to create. Now from her from under hypnosis. That was later verified. To be some some star system that we had not even. Known in 1961. And it was provided term by the alien visitors as this is where we come front. Look at it and she did and she memorized it. And she was able to recreate that and two day anybody can look that up on Google and it's tough out there. And today we are able to Phelan the planets and the star system that this this man actually depicts. So I mean there's there's an item physical evidence right there. In this story is always really intrigued Jimmie and I because I used on a hotel in white field New Hampshire and now this happened in Lancaster New Hampshire which is literally for miles from the hotel idea. I used on and JV and I are always up to snowmobile and all through it all through Lancaster very aware of the subduction spas we happen. On now do you believe I know we meet we got to take a break in a minute but do you believe that this was a true encounter that they truly were abducted. Absolutely I do I believe it completely. And our since you drive through there are pumped. He drove through there now. How driven through there are four. You probably mill that took officially the believes the state of New Hampshire officially believes it too. Because there is a plaque there are the only abduct he's probably in the world the half a state plaque on the highway. And I believe it's. Either it's. Hampshire anybody can Google image this it's the official plaque to Betty and Barney hill commemorating. And right on the road right on the highway. Saying that this is the spot where. Betty and Barney hill were. Doesn't say abducted says. Where they were taken and it is officially recognized by the local university and to the state of New Hampshire that's in the it's. Yes amazing. Our were to take a break when we come back we'll continue talking about the Betty and Barney hill story with our guest John d'souza. His website is John Tamil books dot com John is known as the real X-Men. Harry listen Jason did. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's Gary Condit dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. On our returning cast John the honesty and real axe man he's a former special FBI agent. He's the author for a couple books what is called the parent investigators the other is called the extra dimensional he's got. A much other projects in the works his website is John Tamil books dot com. And before we went to break gee we are talking about the Betty and Barney shall abduction story and on John indicated that it's one that he firmly believes is based in a real. Event really happened in fact. Seems to be something that was sanctioned by the government of New Hampshire to which says a lot when it's an event might that actually gets somewhat of a an official recognition from a government bodies and Eric John. Absolutely yeah it sucks and I would also invite people to just go look at their interviews for themselves. Just any of their interviews just. Sit down and watch how they are there in pain when they're talking about this and not looking for notoriety. They're not looking for to be famous. It was very difficult for our friends and relatives get them. To talk about this at all. And once they did you can see the authenticity in these witnesses when they're talking about there experiences it's not an easy experience for them. But they had to come forward to help others. To help people who might go through the same things as them. We see in the years since that that's exactly what topic because he's abduction experiences. I've become more and more prevalent. And they're not they're not leveling off at all. But what I was just so much scrutiny towards and there Olson went through with their claims of there experience I mean I know they were they were torn up and down on one side man and the number. Whereas with a lot of their claims even Knoll along as saying the they were they were. To I'm willing to do adults there and they were willing to go all these different things turn to recall some the activity that happened. And know that they were in talks with it was different people in in higher positions that. It seemed to believe their story in and supported. Right but they've become jaded they became a maelstrom of controversy. And the reason was because of exactly what I just said because. They were. Very authentic and everything that the accent and they were so credible and believable and that is a great danger. To that people want us who don't want people anyone to believe these sorts of things. And that is bat is dangerous they post this say it's the same way you all are. You know the major. Cases that have great authenticity corporation to like Travis Walton a story the young men are well he was young man in the in the seventies. When this when this experience. Her attempt to end it was when he was up also a doctor by any by a vehicle and he was his story is corroborated and he is absolutely authentic individual in what he went. And because of that he's been again. Censor a great great conflict. And attempts by skeptics and by many forces to trying to terror is testimony part. And like the hills he has maintained. Like hills the hills maintain the absolute veracity of every single thing he ever set right up until dating time and our charge Walt also forty over forty years has maintained absolute. Truth everything that he sat and not to him but many other witness. Well well for those you all there're small annuity Travis Walton is if you ever saw the movie flyer in the sky it was based off for the experience of Travis Walton claims to have had. Where he assumed he was he was abducted many appeared what a couple days later naked in town nightly correct. Yes about five days later he did appear on. And he was helped and he was helped with his son who is memories than was hoped to two. To get the young man out of trouble actually who couldn't be accused of murder house murdering them. So that was there. The most important thing he accomplished by heart coming back when he did. But on but he was able to tell the story of and or man he was taken on board this ship and one of the great developments that has occurred pretty recently. It is that out there it was a discovery. You know their witness. Who all Swiss person in. Who was person there that night. Anyone who doesn't know how a school was a very young men who was blocking the logging crew with his friends with his coworkers and me. And then on this plasma people appear just about the tree line. When they were getting ready. To leave Iraq after long hard days work at night at nighttime and they were going to end this thing just. Hovered above the tree line. And Charles Walton are. Left the car. He brand right under annual light on this thing and some kind of a this thing felt like it was he said it felt like he was gonna take off and he was hit with some kind of bolt of energy drop dead basically right at that moment. Andyaat. I slipped in order disappeared at Sonoma aren't so we had to take a break a week. I'm back a lot more Johnson he'll listen juicy. It's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday. East Coast and you're stuck in between local and beyond reality redo with. Myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome JV Johnson grass. Be here it's always great to start another week of broadcasting. Late night current normal based. Weird strange the I want to keep on our wireless. For desert like that there's every night or talk about something different in every night. We're exploring new territory and tonight will be talking with John d'souza who is known as the real X man you know the TV show the X-Files that whole secret government thing. Well John is the real X man he's the one that that six. We're all that stuff. John has a great guy and we we enjoyed talking Norman every time he's on the show so I just wonderful stories and one the most onerous people you can really talk with. Throughout the week though we've got tomorrow we're talking with time. Dennis stone. Who grow up and America's Stonehenge. In has been a vault with a sorry for the last 55 years or me talking to him about that. When's they were talking with the Daniel until ski. Longtime activist for a while the women's spirituality. And the divine feminine his return. She's the author of soon be published woman's most wire olds. Which sounds like girls gone wild Clinton and whatever liberating the witch with Sen so who which is coming or pretty much this month. And Serbia out there. So we had a great week shows BO. Lot of great stuff coming up and of course we invite you do stop by the FaceBook page give that a like this is beyond reality radio on FaceBook. Also our web site is a great source for information the stations that we air on are listed there you can also linked to. Past episodes and you can find out more about the guests that we have on the show including what books and stuff they have offered. Yes are constantly updating the website with a news stations are granting a couple stations every week so lake lake. Or head over like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real because we're constantly updating at fair. And also just beyond guerrilla radio dot com but you can click to listen live button and join us and online chat while we're line on the show and also read from the web site. You can download the new IOS and android app which sour it's been tolerated thousands thousands time people people enjoying it. But you can listen the show live from that chat for a chat with us on the app. You can also catch pass and listen the past episodes on his loans all for some issue grab the tree and then I'm nets really can read it to. Polygamy Jeffs when they bring to podcast yeah mentally if it Allen and from iTunes is SuSE favor and rate the the podcasters that helps pushes forward and that makes it easier for people to find it in a world of and must podcasts out there aren't it make you standout yeah. There's a lot their but I really think sorority for joining us the telephone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna get involved in the discussion any point during the evening love to have you. Have you calling and oh you and I are scheduled to appear at their small man Cecil this year and I. It's an honor now have you seen an order like what fiftieth year anniversary or whatever. But there's been. A couple different. People who have now seen this a small banner and recently but it it's its move him off minister Maurice has been seen recently known or seen by three separate witnesses through separate witnesses have reported seeing huge Meehan size and burned. Which has been described as resembling the legendary creature that inspired the book in film the most men prophecies. While reports are being investigated. But the US based in. Move Fon network. I'm Alphonso world's large organization dedicated UFO O'Neal and research but also looks and other apparel cases. But the marketing creature stems from West Virginia. Soared to their creature that was a scene in Point Pleasant area in November 12 1966 to December 15 1967. But people think claiming to see this the first witness was out of Lake Michigan was her husband. Two other couples celebrating friend's birthday. And says there about two miles out on the lake. When then about 10 PM and saw the single plated giant. At or whatever. So this bat was just holes my husband was 64. Or even baker so and then nine have somebody else on Chicago's Suze. Saying is it just popping up randomly because its fiftieth year anniversary KP maybe that's what it this contract or is his story to promote this Chris Martin man festival that they have arguing that's so awesome guy and a pseudo they're flying around at my pin is choosing your first to be I think it's going to be great year and I know that that this is this creature Borough moth man like creature has made appearances throughout in the last fifty years and I think they received in Japan at one point and you know so pops up occasionally and it's still very very mysterious is still. It's so hard to get a good good solid explanation for what and those phenomenon are. Yet and somebody else in Chicago civic sought to us as well so. How else check the skies are could be. Something bigger than what six and have seven feet flying or about June with red eyes a scary enough for you write about it really is our would take a break on the combat to bring our guest in John this is are going to be talking about a whole bunch of a very very interesting stories including the Travis Walton abduction case we're going to be talking about extra dimensional sweet talk and plasmas what are all those things and find out John you know who knows Joseph explained it's socialists and Jason JV BRL anyway. Here the night were talking. The winner. Gestured John d'souza he is known as the real X-Men or the X-Files men interview prefer he's a force us special FBI agent. He's the author couple books one is called the Perry investigators the other is the extra dimensional us. On his website is John Tamil books dot com he's got a whole bunch of other projects on their he's got events listed on their I think he's gonna place. On there that you can actually go and if you've got stories of you know things have happened to you paranormal related deep in them you can tell them about it. And he made mumbled into littered gonna discuss sitter whatever means so much stuff on the web site. Absolutely so apparel spring imminent Israel off talked about welcome back to the show John. Our thanks so much to AB Jason X great being here and so we were talking two in the past about Travis Walton and in the fact that he of people that you met John and I've met Travis is well who who relayed a story of being abducted. On the it's it's hard to listen to Travis tell this story without. Sensing the emotion without us completely under the scene the pain and the fear and the you know the lived just a wavy in events unfolded. Back and I can warrior was Susan 776. And a short. But here it's hard not to look at that man in in truly believe that he went through what he's Tony went for. Exactly and that's what goes back to what I was saying about Betty impart hills well it's that the authenticity. These witnesses. Is the single most powerful best evidence for the truth of their situation and about of course there's also other many other corroborating factors as well. Are in these cases but in Travis Walton particular what's amazing about the case is that after forty years. It has continued to you call you by even by Travis his own our own testimony. What has happened with this case is that like a set for those who everyone knows basically he was not taken he was taken is missing for five days. As a very young men and seventies as logging crew and his arm his crew when they saw he was struck down a bolt of lightning. Came from the ship they took off in the truck they just peeled out. Like about how they took off. And so what has happened since since that time. Is that. There was another witness was actually a member of the who's a member of the military use from some local military base and he was hunting. At night in that in the forest. And in that farce and he was I'm not sure what animals hunted might not but he was hunting he was actually with his wife. But he was the witness because he emerged at the moment that all this was happening. He emerged from forest he looked to his right. And he sought you heard this truck just healing now. Taking off any soap opera troupe put two guys inside of it yelling and screaming at each other and they just took off some big cloud of smoke. And many look to his left and she saw. Any young man of very thin young man. Being lift it up. In 20 beam of light into ship. And just being lifted up like he was so just from the inside out there is no no sort of pressure stress marks. It's just floating up or. Into this beam of light and into the bottom of this ship. And now what happens right after the is this man who was a member of the military leader whose army. He went to. Back to his superiors. And he. Ask them or he could come forward and his hobbies commander told them don't say a word. Don't say anything unless those kids are charged with murder then you can come forward and second and then that take the risk of saying what you saw anyway years later this guy Dick come forward with our terms will self. And actually provided. A polygraph the polygraphs that you've taken to show that he actually was where he said he wore this. And he was there that night to see how this has already being lifted up into the bottom of it shouldn't. It's if you go if you go on Amazon right now and go look at my arm my book the extra dimensional school on the copper. It is an exact representation of what that. That witness says he saw it is a representation opt Travis being left it into the bottom. A ship just above the tree line of the forest. And it's and it when I heard this testimony captured my imagination so much that I put it on the copper of my book the extra dimensions. And what happened of course since then is that this witness although he he provide Travis with the polygraph results showed he was telling the truth about everything are however when some background was done on that witness. It was shown that he had some current tax where. These arm. We call these scientific cynical cynical groups that lower have been trying for years to tear it down. Travis is witnesses and tried to pay them to to say Travis was lying. At us a real mess but anyway it came up that this. Witness in arts against logic he did have contacts. With this and take with this group. That took charge that had problems for many many years. Leno so we'll Travis soon. A couple different polygraphs are correct Intel are no one's day one when. OK but one was listed as gross deception. The the personal himself. You know if there are no I had never heard any assumptions wrong trap mrs. Test is a matter of fact. Against my against my own vice Travis actually is believer in polygraph test for that reason because. I had always heard I didn't see the results myself and I that was heard he had had very positive results on every polygraph he ever had. OK I mean I knew one had went well the main news that there were some people. Beautiful researcher. Philip clocks or whatever I was claiming that moved claiming that one of them had a deception on himself of that nature but who know no matter what. No matter what some and there's always going to be two sides of there are a believer in the non believer and as a guy who's investigating claims of eternal almost for 25 years. And did hit show for twelve. I I ran the gambit as well I I hadn't I had the supporters in the people love the show and I had no matter what I caught. You know view you got those people out there are saying who were saying these things affect cell. Bottom right. Well then let me tell you I would I would say this to Travis Walton also. I I do not believe in polygraphs I believe in a lot of things but I don't believe in polygraphs crawl and I'll tell you why it's its investigation one on one. That can't I have had to say this is standing room with very high government officials. Its investigation 11 that couldn't polygraph is not an investigative. Pool. It is and I say they get it's not an investigative tool it is coercive tool. Four after you know. Whether something is true or not it is it once you know that the group that murderer he did it once you know that something you can see it's good as a course is too but it is not too cool for trying to find out if something is true or not it's not for finding out who killed who did the murder of this subject is guilty or not. Because it really doesn't tell you someone's telling the truth it really doesn't prompt it to what it does is tells you some but this is nervous. They are uncomfortable. If they are are are. Unhappy with the topic. Our heart don't feel good about a topic that you're going into and that's just that's what I've seen over the years. And so on I don't put any stock and polygraphs at all I put. More stock in seasons experienced investigators that knows the accused to look for in the body language and knows how to tell if a person is. Telling the truth or not. That to me that's more reliable than the machine. That is up pretending to know somebody is a torture or line. Now I get a Greeks and they Demetric wanted to attack an issue or are holding their breath so many different ways they can be played well but and I'm John tell me as an F as an ex FBI agent. Did that ever give you any advantages. To find out. On any of this this information UFO's or anything else to working essentially worked with the FBI. Oh yes it it gives the advantage. Just knowing just having a very good education around. Basic investigation. And being able to nil. And also having a very could cents. When there is no wonders lay her to deception going on in a situation. Because of my cause of the skills and experience that I picked up over over the years. Expect and I found out that that's like the most important thing that I bring to our normal because I've been so many situations where. Everything was told to be certain way and then you find out halfway through. It's not actually not and our condensed a lot of that also in the paranormal. Because. People are all herded. Kind of in the same direction. Bull leaving the same things. And eventually somebody who's just putting clues together and seeing where he patterns has to just say. This is something's different here something's not right here and to what we believe what everyone believes necessarily. Is not sure at all. Did it that was my clippers but didn't ever give you the ability to access files that you wouldn't be able to access otherwise. No not not really I mean you know in some cases are sure you get to see things because all all FBI's top secret clearance a gutsy things. That no one else would. Are sometimes. But I'll tell you but truthfully. I'll most things that really matter that really important are. Are already in the public in the public arena and open source information. And I can and what I'm talking about specifically is anyone can go to. Vault dot FBI. Tucked up where all the declassified documents on every three. Formerly secret so hush hush topic are just load runner than that anyone can download beast these documents are free and they they have found many Arab documents on cattle mutilations there. Documents on UFOs on Jimmy hoffa's death funds JFK assassination. So. There is we're now living in the information age basically we're living at a time when they're they're just isn't any way to keep important events secret ending all this stuff is just loaded out is just a question having the will to really go through these documents and find things that really matter. It go right Jim Butler I wouldn't have to go to break here in just a second here but is it possible John to actually go through all those documents I don't know how many they're falling millions of the monitoring. Yes there are. Then one of the one of the things is that you need somebody like me and that's. Cool kind of know where people should go to and also not only that but also interpret some of these documents because they use sometimes they use our cake language sometimes they use little government told. Probably goes well. And so that's quite in Michael they actually mentioned it to a prairie careful examination. Are the single most downloaded documents and history of government our hearts in the millions of downloads which is the. Our memorandum of importance. That is that is right there on. Armed bolt on FBI doctor. Each document where the FBI agent whose former scientist comes forward and tells everybody. Our and who alien visitors really are and what they're really two. I want to come back from break Cole will get more details on that it's beyond reality radio Jason. So so. It's awful. Part of if you don't like to welcome back to be on reality radio Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson. A we got a great show coming up for tomorrow and get re talking about America's Stonehenge yes there is a site here in the United States. That's kind of got a Stonehenge feel to it and we're gonna hundreds of Stonehenge feel mounts primitive stone structure. Don't call me out of things to say I mean just it's just it's it's a weird thing here but tonight we're talking with the John the Susie he's known as the real X-Men are the real X-Files man. He's a former special FBI agent he's written a couple books the parent investigators. And the extra dimension holes his website is John. Tamil books dot com you can also find links to his books on the beyond reality radio website if you go there and just click on the guest John it's. You made reference to plasmas several times in our discussions and I want to give us. Did definition of what you're talking about when you say plasmas and you know why that's important. You don't where India in a follow chi well in paranormal in general was still operating on her language that. Comes from like 1950s. Air force pilots. You know and the UFO the word beautiful means almost nothing I think it's just means there for a foreign object. And one of the things that I advocate for. Is that we need to replace term at this point. I was something with a little more certainty to it and so I always I always propose. That we should start referring to these. The genuine UFO not to the ones that are genuinely. Unexplainable and may be extraterrestrial. But the genuine ones that we should start referring to them as of classless. Basically. And for me nuts and Akron then took an acronym that carries a lot a lot of a lot of wait to it behind it to a paradigm shifting weight to it. And that side. Parent which stands for paranormal living or reading sole printing mall pile aerial scanners. Because that's when I believe these things are criticizing him. This is. It is as well a plus. That's was is less syllables than your nose and I'll I'll say plasma amount I'm now but and a serious now and you me you make a good point there at the word you afloat just stands for unidentified flying object and most people automatically assume with the word you followed that it means span alien spaceship which. It doesn't it just being something that's not identified anything if we see. A plane that the government is burden has built and top secret flying through the sky we don't know what it is it's a UF well. Right and that suck and so it makes you think it's like why why is it that this name UFO was picked as the war because at the time. And the air force are coming up with a lot of different names for these things and somehow UFO was picked as the. On that was going to beat. Distributed globally. Overall Pia at the media services and offer everyone. And why is that you know and maybe I'm just a conspiracy. Thinker but. You know to me just looks like the reason was picked was because it conveys a sense of complete vagueness and nothing that's really and that's why it speaks to be distributed all over the world and that became the actual label that everyone's effort used forever after about. So it's too bad but as we do need to change or change our language and paranormal and then with that begins to change our ways of thinking also. But if you wanna know. Where a lot of the eight years for plasma came from it came on it for back. Name it came from a back document referring vault dot. FBI talked out where actually. Came from the FBI which was amazing. There was there was a former FBI will not be an agent. In 1947. And July July 81947. Who was a former scientist himself that he. Was put out to communication out to. All the scientific community said he was doing this is service to them to let them know who million visitors are really are said he had. Me a. Source and reform. And his informant he said what super normal which is not timing word form paranormal. So. Looking at the contexts. I mean I don't think she is has informed with the ghosts or. Anything about sort. I can only conclude that his informant was himself from the alien visitor at this point. And so this document pretty we will see when I'm looking what I'm talking about it's in my book the action dimensional like to examine this very carefully. And it's if you just go to default on FBI director out you can you go to the right side where it says unexplained phenomena. You click on that. Then on the left you click the word UFO. And there is many boxes of documents that quick that show and on the left side you quick UFO part one. This just click on the and then go to page 22. And on page 22 there is the document that is. Again it's dated July 827. In its title a memorandum of importance. To top it has the number 6750 warned that the top. And it is the delivery of seven or eight conclusions. That this FBI agent gate to the scientific community that we're given to him by his informant. Who he said Willis super normal. And those don't those conclusions. Include. That alien visitors are not like us they are not physical they're not cramming themselves and a little metal ships sailing across the galaxies. Like we. They're just not like us is not a factor not physical at all he sets in this document. He says that they are actually from other levels of existence other dimensions. And they changed their vibration to match our physical vibration. For short periods at heart and that's how they beamed into our existence being and your for lack of a better phrase he says they exist in parallel dimension he calls event that's been escorted locus. Which are genetic terms ancient that in terms that mean. I'll different dimensions of reality that never intersect. And so they come from these other dimensions. They've been themselves in here and he says also. UFO's there's nobody in real your house you don't have anywhere in sight he says they are some sort of in the says he uses the phrase remote control. But he basically says and he also says these UFO's aren't genuine your files they're not. Many of the middle there Reno or some kind of ingredients mature. Like last month. And he says so bunch of other things he says that alien visitors are here to see if this is. A good place for them to settle permanently. And that's and they're here for peaceful purposes and then he also says and our air force must never attacked them because they too. The results will be very bat. And we've seen in several ounces throughout history that he is certainly right about that. Hands not just that in that instance but in many. In many of these conclusions that he gives. There's been many cases. Where icy patterns. And clues that connect to is who the conclusions he has in this document. That people really need to seek its already the most downloaded document in the history of government our cars it's in the millions. Some people think that the RI hotel memo is the most. Downloaded it's not. By the guy hotel memo is it different is different document also very close to this one. That is. The one where that your supervisor Ron writes an email to opt rights and AirTouch to Hooper. Saying saying hey Roswell as a real they had a ship crash. An alien ship supposedly crashed there. And are suppose they kept me helium bodies inside and they the air force is all over its the FBI scan over immediately. And that is the guy who tell them which is also extremely popular. But not as popular as this memorandum of reports. So the good news scientist. FBI agent that wrote that memo he said it was in 1947. Yes July experts report separatists to teach he end up doing any other work that was new you know significant and notable were in his reputation it was some would verified or somehow otherwise in his his. Ethics anything anything else that would support his credibility. Not that I know and as a matter fact. Bright after he wrote this memo. It was completely buried from from human memory. Because shortly very shortly after this Roswell, New Mexico happened to me. And everything everything shifted over to the story of alien visitors being physical. And being are a couple of dead bodies are going to be in this this alien not saucer that just crashed just like any of us could crash our cars. And then that's so basically this this document disappeared basically from memory and has only resurfaced here many years later this time. It back yet and in in in 1947. If if this information. Was being kept guarded in government circles in some fashion and here we are but soon seven years later dozens of my math rank. Has anything else showing up anywhere else that would support. The descriptions and the definitions that are outlined in that document. I believe there have I mean we've had the arm. We've had the battle Los Angeles. Where we had to the entire west during World War II where we had the entire. West Coast was militarized against the Japanese zeros there worst rumored to be coming in at any moment to attack the attack the West Coast and what happened there was we had. We had a couple of UFO showed up over Los Angeles at a time when paranoia was incredibly high and the whole place is militarized and they just threw up. All the all these ordinances that they could like an anti aircraft fire. And they lit up lit up the entire sky or Los Angeles and the sneak through so many shells. In that at that time that several shells crashed into each other. Creating explosions that meted appear that targets had been destroyed. And unfortunately many of the shells passed right through these New York Post passed right through because they returned to the earth. And the couple few people on the ground work kills. And they were the only casualties that night. Because once the smoke cleared there were pictures these these two. Are you a holes happily sailing away and completely on damaged. And I think that that backs up that yes. These vehicles tend to be classed like in nature and apparently. A threat if our remember the story. The UFOs have responded that night there were there were you know caused the panic and caused all the firing of antiaircraft shells. Work slow moving and he may move if my heels and they were moving for quite some time through the sky and they were seen by a lot of people. Yes there were absolutely. And the fact that Tom Billy shelves just pass right through them. Just mitigate through the conclusion that they they work. Perhaps mete out of some. Type radiant energy some sort of plasma. That they were able to convert from solid to this plastic nature so that all the shells just. Pass right through them and that's that's what I saw that in that night. Well I mean if they have the technology to get here then we'd be stupid tried to attack from the kids they have the technology get here there is technology taking us out. Right and we split yet that doesn't couldn't stop people from trying in 1952 Solo Cup in Washington DC. For almost two weeks when not in 1952 the entire area over the capitol building was salt to the airspace. Over the capitol building and that general area were assaulted by numerous. UFO vehicles that just. Just showed up just started buzzing everywhere and we had the air force just skewed there there the only time that I see that they've made a huge response I mean many many. Jack Smith whatever jets we had at that time out just went after all these field. Try to go after these vehicles that was like a like three year old children chasing after results. Because these are air force was absolutely. Our plate where it was was powerless. Against these vehicles because like he said in this memo he just played with our with our planes. It will loops around them did did come face to faces with them and then disappearances. And it was very very embarrassing situation and they could very easily destroy. The entire course of air force. That sent after the and that's something people can just to look that up that incident and look at all the reports on the and that's basically went down just like that those vehicles could destroy your free airplane that we sent up there in 1952. And they didn't. Well just John just like the first time we had you on the show we've run out of time before a run and things to talk about on your website is John Tamil books dot com. And you've got to the parry investigators you've got the extra dimensional you have some events coming up. Accomplish you've got some other projects are quickly tell us what you've got in the works and what you should look for. Yeah I'll be appearing at contact in the desert. Joshua Tree California in mind. Mean nineteen to 22. And that's going to be really really huge conference I'm really looking forward to be there with great speakers like Graham Hancock. Giorgio will be there David will cock doctor Steven Greer. And it's gonna be a tremendous event ends up. I mean I'm making I'm doing a workshop that's based on you guys about based on going from. Regular investigator to Paris investigator. And how that process go solemn looking forward to that great bully. We look forward talking you again in two just a continuing this conversation seems to counseling won't to seems to never end. And so is more to talk about yes. Every or right takes its John d'souza thanks so much for joining us the website is too. On Tamil books dot com if you wanna find out where he's going to be in get a hold of the books or you can. The right to be on reality review of several thank John take a break Jay welcome back wrap things up it's beyond reality radio. The only other radio Jason in GP despite threats of new magic. Absolutely and a big shadow goes out chances of coming back on hang out with the SEC such agree got to talk to a wonderful guests and interest in all around all intelligent and it individuals interview yet he's got some great insight into the and a lot of things we talked about and and angles on those things that we don't normally hear or cease so look for him back in you can check him out if you go to beyond reality radio dot com click that gas tab. Our past guests information is there are directly suit books and things of that nature so they she checked out now if you haven't yet download beyond reality radio app. It's free for android and iPhone I should do that I should do the Russian dominance in adults. I the old one still doesn't work yourself I get a get the new one but you can get that Skoda beyond reality radio dot com is going great here for a depending on your operating system and it's free do you listen to Pashos chalice lives during the show. And listened to and Russia and call right from your phone as well and doesn't all for a tolerant one place doesn't at all so one stop shops. And it is on injured jumping around on the Internet looking at stuff sweep by the scare conduct com website. Check out what's going on in Springfield Massachusetts. The weekend of what June 2 third fourth. Capsule so that's going to be efforts tonight to make she tune in tomorrow it's Jason JVB and really radio that you also had. It's. Yeah. Yeah he's painting he was lying and saying hello it's me I'm really really really worrying if you've got information you want us. Follow along or you're going to be in Gaston beyond reality revealing email to swing any. That's swinging a TE DDY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.