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Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 4 - 28 - 17)

Apr 27, 2017|

Matt Atchity (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 4 - 28 - 17) by The Financial Exchange

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Ulysses grant was a Democrat at one point in his life however he won election to the presidency. As a member of the Republican Party and Jonathan was yelled winner on that trivia question Jonathan from polio can actually he's taking home. A shell gas card pick it's 25 palaces and grass and Jonathan there. And as we're joined every Thursday Matt actually you rotten tomatoes joins us now to help us preview the upcoming weekend that the movie theaters I doormat. I don't know. Excellent thank you thank you so yeah it looks like it's the third straight week of fat feet of the furious absolutely. Killing it at the box office could you just tell us about the out latest figures of that movie it's it's insane how well they're going. Yeah. Now inside. It. There. Doing well. Globally. Huge global smash. And you know and now rumors that we may get it did not wit. Eight in the rock it will be irked that line. Yeah that's a law that stars. Yeah a lot that art. In your you know is this really tight as the last couple oh it completely insane when it you know and it's best moments. Told Leo the top. By and bring you know not everybody's cup but he. The little orbit and I expect the lent you more of these although. I would suspect was seen. You know status they're not. Probably with with the rock air there you know it is starting to get the point where. It's really hard at all these guys work out there right now this minimum. Yeah you know similar to what what what marvel at is that it was vendors and guarding the galaxy cross over the coming up. You know they have to you know everybody else has other jobs are greatly. You all the actors are basically really. Think it that way and so even though they're under contract if certain movie got a double. You know the case but vendors are look at a dozen different schedule. Or A list actors and haven't put that in an issue with. With. It's your though. You know it's harder and harder out which is part of why you'll hear them now. Oh you're our next year or a movie franchise. So that they can get ahead of the production very particular actors and we are now committed to date. At or other movies out. Right so of course we have faded if you're still the box office if you haven't seen yet and I command this weekend seems like it's sort of quiet but I've seen this trailer months ago actually misses the new Tom Hanks movie with Emma Watson called. The circled the one thing Matt. That scares me a little bit is that there have been very few critics rating so far in this movie does that kind of raise a red flag do you think that this movie is it. Died. They are not. Cleaning this movie they're doing some regional screening last night yeah there side of the screen here much Angela is this morning about Al. They've held at the last minute though like I mean they don't wanna say. All the news out oh in green at the boy they're not make it and eat it is eight and never could you know nobody holds back a good movie review the credit. They're real quick what's the root exact premise and a cal looks like Tom Hanks is almost like Steve Jobs sort of character and it. Yeah. It. You know. A lot and is this woman who are going to work the tech companies. Company. Iron and they're an experiment that had ethical implication. That he'll didn't do you know whether and I. All connect cult like five. And you know that techno thriller done the couple over use it really that. Well at that you really have ample authority. That I think that court crop that critics on. And Matt group we get about thirty seconds or what can you tell us about this Hulu series hand maid's tale. Story based on the map marker now they're really liked you know the other thing I'd mention real quick that you haven't been much better call all that back. Yes big fan that. Yes season three and if you haven't seen the first two seasons that is available on Netflix highly recommend those for benching. Matt thank you very much for the time all tucked in next Thursday okay. All right great thanks Matt are at that was met actually of rotten tomatoes dot com one of our favor web sites here -- yeah financial change I wonder why they would use that like who make their answers because they're owned by LB network so they they're they're manufacturing tons of content on the girl I think they're trying to dip their toes in the water similar to what Netflix and Amazon had not been doing creating their own continent and it's not for television exactly I mean we saw a series with Aaron Paul who was from Britain back Kamal the series by as a really taken off and they're trying just I've just think they're playing third wheel here pretty much who lose weight behind I think so yeah.