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The most haunted spot in Savannah - The Sorrel-Weed House plus other stories from a paranormal jewel of the south.

Apr 25, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson are joined by guest Nicholas Wood, Operations Manager of the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, GA. He shares stories of the house's past and it's current paranormal activity. Plus Nicholas offers some insight into Savannah's paranormal and spiritual depth. 4/25/2017 Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. It's. Really honeybees are beyond really bring you. Jason Lewis Jimmy Johnson great to have everybody along and ninety's we kick off another week and welcome to the show and it's going to be a good week to word tonight we're going to be talking with Nicholas wood to. The Savannah storyteller. On operations manager of Sorrell we'd house and Savannah Georgia which we investigated yet you will see that he supports. Quite a bit of time you are a lot of time there and assume some pretty cool stuff remember correctly. Well in the place was amazing how we have all these this weird activity it was tapping out behind behind the place initially at one point sounded like Coca. On Regis caught this crazy screaming that was coming in. I'm one of our recordings and a boy and a bunch of other stuff that was going on. So I'm and then throughout the week we've got tomorrow or rhetorically Debra Holtzman she communicates with spirits on the other side. As well as the cement center where she hears sees and smells spirits went with this. Just gonna say what well actually you know it's kind of funny we see the borders of you know that the whole. You know you've you've done investigations here we get to notre something you know sometimes people smoke her fumes and smoke cigarettes or flowers you know as there is someone who is past is known for being associated with that smell. Well and with whom we should refrain trees that has she smells sense. That something is different because smelling spared our but it at the at this itself which she's out tomorrow night. Wenzhou we've got John T you be returning our media picking up pretty much where he left off. I'm not time travel much treachery Olson. And all the strain. Yep yep for those of you don't remember John he is a self proclaimed time travels traveler says he came back from the year. 2036 who was part of the US military team that specialized in time travel. And he came back I think Lewis to the year 2002 were something Jerry Merrick and I think that was and he decided to stay because he film of somebody. South our league and we. Connecting with them on that eight point which you do this weekend I say yeah I did I went to Salem conned by the we Salem Massachusetts if if you haven't been I don't know you've been there bunch times Jake. Is just an unbelievable little town with a really really interesting history and I have to say all the little shops that are kind of focused on. Paranormal or witchcraft or Reno in the history of Salem as we know it on the kind of cool is kind of a lot of really cool stuff in that town. There's a lot of it does there in become very commercialized. And it's like everybody seems seven dungeon in their basement now but it's really it's it's agree. Place. Lot of historical things and just. Still while place actually spent some time walk around see the sights and step and it's it's blasting aliens. And selling content selfless fun I got to hang out with our good friend John's SS and of course Sherry from ghost owners and and some other friends and hadn't seen in a long time it was great to be there -- so. So there while welcome to new stations on board as well WMT. Role in Melbourne Florida welcome to beyond reality radio and WGA. And the hell. In traverse city Michigan well welcome to the beyond reality radio family so we can again that's new station we down south a news station William Norris on you know come across in the dead and learn on the run around the west were on the east and I didn't throw that out tonight are mr. My Allah. It's cents Monday on the West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast then many you're stuck somewhere between welcome beyond reality radio listener myself due some dollars and my cohost -- Johnson you know let's Mondays sometimes -- in its money and we we had a pre record on thirty denied best of such a long weekend here really has a lot of running around right. I ended up finishing their tea language that I was bowling for why is he took that over and over to the house panel says the Chia spindles and another table. And the brilliant person must of came out too good to implement this one really isn't like a table but it's Orly this. Big acts I don't know whatever she show me a picture rescind yeah I gaze she's she's like Akamai this for 900 ascetic and build a for a 120. At the I'll do that. Of course doesn't carry your time but that you like doing anyways is not really like breath and it will timing is you see the prices that they charged summons for and it's it's just outrageous. The design if you can spend an afternoon in the in the garage building and then you might as well so. For those you Altera theirs and ours so there's this whole thing of the Orion isn't and never ends in and all it always it's gets worse. And it's funny I posted something the other day about. About this new information just came to light and there are some people out there Rupp who while you're kicking him when he's down no I'm not. Trying to let everybody know one make everybody aware of what what's going on. Because at the same time Ryan you'll still tries to show up to conventions he still tries to sell. Autograph books autographed pictures things like that which. You gotta wonder if these people are really getting out of seeing people posting that they haven't gotten things that they ordered so. I'm sorry but to bring it luck or you're gonna say you know the. Whole thing he did on number was a face replied that he did that that was serious terror it was just it was a disaster and it if you look he looked like he really needed he was screaming for help without saying you know out saying it. Just as whole has body language everything used to scan screaming for help. Well Ryan Beagle is in trouble again okay so are Ryan Buell apparel state was arrested Friday. Now eleven and Darren you was arrested again. On Friday after reported fight as is at his residence. A state college police said it and Buell the host colonel more reality. Show parent almost state. Was previously arrested on theft charges back in September 2016 which we all now. He's separate trial for that fast. On May eighteenth. According to this new report an officer responded at about 7:20 PM. On Friday to a 40400. Block of where he lives on a call stating that deal all was potentially experiencing. An overdose. On the that was the initial report. So again. Wish for the best on land it but. Just the fact that they're showing up for possible overdose. About on the scene however the officer was made aware of an alleged domestic assault between Buell and his boyfriend. The man stated that when he arrived home. Keyon Buell a gun into an argument as the argument escalated Buell reportedly scratched the man's face. When he pushed it Buell back to him away from him. The police said that deal bit his finger. The officers observed a deep blaze on the man's finger that penetrated through the fingernails that I had to be pretty aren't doing. He also left scratches on the left side of of his boyfriend's face and neck. When interviewed bill stated that he in the man had an argument which he didn't remember any physical altercation. Duels arraigned Saturday before district judge Kelly walker according to the court documents and charged with a misdemeanor count of simple assault. This summer in charge of harassment. So bail was set at 25000. Dollars preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. No I'm sure they'll be more released on Matt. And just it's just a sad story from what it is it is there enough that the police are showing up there for a possible overdose. There goes to show that there are still issues that are going on substance issues and and he really he needs to get help he's not gonna get help. On his own path and just so we we are you know that. But the fact of the matter is the people in his life. I think really need to do some sort of an intervention. It just forces hand around you know the minutes and only the only thing I'm just gonna keep getting worse otherwise well and getting worse or if I mean how much further down can he go. So the fact of the matter is he he's good he's going to potentially. He's potentially gonna kill himself now and it's weather is it's an overdose sorted something out and meal or somebody else I mean he he doesn't look healthy. Now he's he's an owner he's a rough shape. And and I I worry about us and I knew Ryan years ago long before parent most states. And he was a good kitty and a good head on shoulders and I'm not sure where that changed what happened there. But how he definitely needs some sort of assistance she needs people in his life to to really try to force him into getting getting that help. You know another note a friend of ours. Lost a sister note Tony Moran who bomb has been its Garrett Connor a couple times today he is an actor who played four in the original Halloween movie he was one of the Michael Myers actors. And his sister Erin Moran who most people know as Joni. On the sitcom happy days from the seventies which if you group in the seven DC watched happy days it was the shuttle watch it's time. Meant she passed away and I think the most most recent reports she had she was stuck to it struggling with their own problems. Which is home Lester for homeless men to Colmes chemical abuse sought alcoholic bunch of different things but I think the report is now saying that she. Died from a cancer complications from cancer but I think there's still some things to be determined there but anyway our hearts go out to the brand family Tony is a friend of Arnold and. And it's a great guy and today here and elsewhere personal thoughts and this whole whole family. Now and and you know again we'd we talk about the stuff too often on the show but it's just the way it is in the world to dispose. There really is but. It's sad but again a big shout out goes out to a WM. EL in Melbourne Florida. And WJ am L. And Travers city Michigan welcomed beyond reality radio Sam. Yeah a great to have you joining us so we appreciate you becoming part of the network and everybody was listening on those stations don't forget we take phone calls the the telephone numbers 8446877669. And we invite to join our FaceBook groups up in FaceBook page. If you had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial like to FaceBook page. But also had overdue beyond reality Rio dot com click the listen lie you can join us in an online chat. We're always in there hang announce agree community people very welcoming. But also now. She's a couple weeks ago we had the then brand new android apps there was available. The iPhone app is now available so you can find the link directly right on the main page of the unrelated review dot com. Straight there and it's it's nice also apparently it works well and some people were asking why. There are only about ten episodes uploaded right now and actually that was where you and I are trying to work on the of the day there's a problem with something of an iTunes and iTunes feed and that should be resolved over the next couple days spot I know I tend to change a bunch of things around so. You don't NASA. We're just trying to catch up with a little bit on the again tonight we're going to be talking about Savannah. In east end this or we'd house sorrow we you know Seattle and also managed as one of the coolest cities. It is that you he spent time there you know I'd been there I don't have any paranormal investigating there but I'd spend time there it is a beautiful city. Savannah I I was actually had a ghost Walken Savannah and somehow. Ended up on another crosswalk. He gets to I think can go hawks that it was crossing cast their crossing paths and somehow IE. Guy walked out of mine and ends up in a total other one of the Sony. And it and how it happened. And we're going back to the same locations they've ditched its dark house I can't see alarm wins but. Going back to same locations in the whole time and talking to people in that are there with me in my. CT it's packed it's OK we're just here at the opposite Manning finally after a little while it clicked so I must look like a total idiot those people. Let's have been very dirty either the guy this guy psychic or he's just pollutes the zone by calling it a little off one more thing on imagine before jumped or break. One of our co producers notes Johnson celebrated a birthday yesterday since Teixeira Fidelity's eighteen can. Eighteen again for the fifth time. The Japanese director Alice at the sellers says they have so all right well so we'll take quick break and we come back morial listen Jason JB yeah. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. We. See. There are around our own Jason or Austin. Alive and well and going gangbusters in their if you want Noah protects its current yeah always it's just part of the web seat is going to be on reality radio dot com and click click on this a little. Button on the on the splash page there. Listen live in Chad even going there he could still listen on radio station but Chad and I and the online chat room and it's more insight have an opportunity you ask questions. We tend to try to see those questions and sometimes the scroll by quickly we don't always see them but war. And also if you download the the iPhone app or the android app you can chat right there are from the app while listening to the show so again you can get he had just go to be unreal you radio dot com. There's links to the android apps in the iPhone iPad and operate there and enjoy. Yeah we what are the long last segment we're gonna bring our guest in now prominent we start the conversation we will have a pretty short segment to begin with but. Our guest tonight is Nicholas wood he is the Savannah storyteller. He's also opera operations manager of the straw we'd house in Savannah Georgia Nicholas welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. And it's great to be on Eric yet. I would definitely look forward to our communities are spent some time over therapists are always Dallas and edit and secret investigation or thinker one of the first teams have investigated. Back adding. An important museums that we are. You're it would. Nader. That's right strategy the Stephen bitter house. And does he still wanted to or not. No actually you know the out today. Mr. Nader donated house. That our nation. And today it's governed our border operated at that historical. And site. And that we run historical art actual or a course I. The date we skate problem is it goes. That barrier against them. While there there were definitely active owner and bears are back. Now they get into that come as we get into the discussion but we've got about a minute and a half year before we have to hit the break he answered just tell us a little bit about you Nicklaus were IG gets started in this. I. We'll debate just incorporated and you have a lot of time out if you needed apply its media party and part B that's okay. It actually did it. It house call people. You down. I don't the people at work here today and it on time we really eat it out. Is sort this all our lap we are extremely. Fortunate to be in late like this you getting church street. It goes and it called V I stumbled into the job backwards and area today. But you also have a lot of experience just as a as a guide. First event in itself frank. Yeah REIT. Did locking your. Career history in the years. And and stories. About it now. And sharing Airgas. And vote yeah or here. Okay good bullets let's spirited take our break Jay and when we come back we'll really get into some detail I wanna know about the house itself what's been going on there you guys consummate of his. We can really give in to detail but I also want him some of the stories dose of attitude is just. Cool town Savannah hold the whole place it's it's a city built on a certain I believe that's factually accurate it's extremely. Built on a step yeah so does the enemy you don't get a kidney creep here of men and certainly in some fodder for some great stories you know the phone number for the show's 8446877669. Against whole free at 8446877669. Feel free to give us a call you listen Jason GDP on our own. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Her Ali Al grant jays can can thanks everybody for joining us when you listening online are you listening and one of the great radio stations carrying the show around the country we welcome you. Absolutely welcome Phoebe on router and your family. I'm Tom Morgan who our guest tonight is Nicklaus would he is the Savannah storyteller he's the operations manager for seraw we'd house in Savannah Georgia we're gonna bring him back in just a second at first we wanna go to our listener line. And bring in Nina from California need a welcome to be on Rihanna radio great to have him shall. I don't. Good sign. I don't think I want to discuss. Tactic actually but unable to and. The crap out alone at a. Well it at last we got that speaker arming era and keep it straight to describe a it's good that you really quite have the correct term. A bit but actually transcribed. A healthy. And the large dog. That local would be an ending a dire something. Oh yeah here you know that was our lives and Tora and her yet she had written several books. We're talking about the books and yet when a tournament when she was talking about that particular creature was. And you know and I went in relationship to what I remember this story related to that but. So it's a kielty. Apple actually beat a lot of different form they can even come on initial aren't like a young woman. At at that period of one and then they might disappear but. They are generally. They generally take a parent. Like a large war. Or are. And some have a little bit they can also look like picket this. It elects sort of let the polluters something. And and one thing is I know you guys definitely Jay and I know you I'd go out on the water alive. Yes I do know. Okay well I was reading an old. Story an old legend. A mermaid. That plan is found by a failure. And it she used her. And island for. For his payment for doing that she. Gave him three wishes. And and actor. He told her wishes. She. Wanted to take him under the water. And he threatened to kill her is she she didn't beat Malone and she said after nine years I would return to this day. And from the day and it. It's and and I'll claim you'll have to retain that for those questions. And after nine repeated an actor. An actor each succeeding generation. Each. Male of the family after nine years would be claimed by the seat either willingly or unwillingly. Somehow someway. So I. Showed up well if you see any sort of mermaid out marriage is keep. Bro you're going out. I can guarantee that I am not going to the pick up and you distressed woman just floating in the ocean now. I'm especially for entail certain. Things are greatly appreciate that and thank you very much. Thank you so much for the call me too good to hear from you okay let's bring our guest in our guest again is Nicholas wood from. Savannah Georgia he is the Savannah storyteller he's operations manager for this or row we'd house. In Savannah Georgia again Nicklaus thanks much for joining us before it went to break we kind of asked a little bit about you personally I don't know how you. You said that the house drew you into what you're doing now but you must've been an interest in. The paranormal stories and did you grow up in Savannah and if I mean were you you are you raise their soul that might be in your blood. You know actually Jack might disappoint. And cal or in board raise. And gay. There is well we're on board. That. L. And it our out and the key in the parable and goes and wanting to know. You'd existed accrued that they exist and there are ways to use. Is there a way to get it and answer is the spin is. Spirit. And I guess I just got myself. In places that. Out intention. Rent an apartment. It it'd. You know out. But might get into an opt as. Well. Or. It ought. And select it. The whole idea that being her. They are. I literally stumble in this out one day. Today. I. Decided I wanted to be called it. Like at 88 regulatory. Or EE. I ordered an act. Four. Or. Really open rhetoric this early how I can see it in and hear about it. And he didn't they never let it happen tour or. Try to jump over the airport. Had no idea and it someday. I would be at work guy in this mansion but so less. Sort of magnesia. So what I brought it and act is Kirstie appeared. While in Savannah Savannah Georgia albeit thomas' one of my favorite most fair places in the in the country so I think you made a great move going from on the West Coast to. To Savannah. And it's just but the whole city. Is it just has that aura about it and in every place you go on surveillance seems to have some sort of haunted tale. Of things that are going on whether it's them moon river brewery that we investigated over there. And the Sorrell we house which speculators bitter house. And many of the other locations that we spend time and it's just it's an incredible place. Well they're in here as well I. Really think about. Signs. Perry normal activity and what it per day. On. Location. Or acceptable. Use a parallel activities and yet got it right back. Are surrounded by three. Art body water are murderers and ocean. Currents are strong water racing by her. Rock lifestyle on clay volcanic action and our nation. And it seems to be at. Bubble as far as the weather goes just near logically. Their attic there at city could feel it. You know it's like at a close. Storms. Your interests are complete now right now get. And I think the actors are that you can be used some batters. React if you'd. Know your personal story you said you know you you you rent an apartment that was haunted rented. And office it was haunted view we know we BC did have this experience where you go do you think it's something related to you is it something that's following you. Very funny abstract it's not acting. Or. Just yet today. One of the staff members here and how it sure it. You're not out. I ate I am I realize. I guess. There are tied it early twentieth at a park. A gave it strike. It be questioned my sanity and and I brushed off. Very careful in. My early days I started as an act. That building. Also let me get up. Here. Things I could explain my doors opening and closing out there are always. The other at light speed on their race I'd look at all here. How do you explain it are you record lighter on this. And I'd be over the same time speech so. And it just before Libby Savannah my wiped out how. Old neighborhood. And we're experiencing very strange things are. Her bother asking you'll. All. They gain net it was my mother she'd never met and really what it all and and then at six years out we're experiencing things being grown in house and that's being picked up and tops card and and that after doors locking itself the REX. Why don't you BP can't pick places that are hot. I can say I did it intentionally seek out. All right let's do this let's take a break when we come back let's get into the history of the house itself visceral we'd house and you can tell us. You know that in some really strange. Occurrences and events. In that house over the years it's an old house and a beautiful city and at what's happened since I've been yeah. I still get into that our guest is Nicholas wood or telephone numbers a. For Ford. 6877669. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I don't know are we can't change being a telephone receipts for 46877669. If you'd like to join the program -- lottery shows coming up when the news tonight we're talking with Nicholas wood to have a civilian a storyteller and tomorrow and I were to be talking with Deborah Houseman. Irish communicates with spirits on the other side she sees. Or hears sees and smells spirits. And she also sees things regarding your past present and future so I'm sure much you're gonna have our questions for her summation you give us a call. And then Wednesday were and we talked it would John teeter he's a returning here we're going to be taking a pretty much where we left off on time travel. I should treachery rules and so much more. If you don't know John teeter we've had a mom in the past. Supposedly he is a time traveler. From the year 2036. He came back I think Christie the year 2002. Fell in love with somebody signed and stay he's part of via a US government official time travel division and I guess battalion regiment or something of the military. And as he was he's done he's done time trouble missions all across time and across the universe and I asked. Milan hard questions western news here. And two he really didn't have answers for awhile ago so I'm hoping that maybe travel and time was able to get some of those answers from. Yeah I remember him being a little bit stumped on some of the stuff we're talking about. Mobile suited as this time we know. The commercial Panthers they were re talking with Eric Altman. He's a lifelong interest in the stranger than usual being a fan of horror and science fiction movies she spent a good portion of his childhood watching films and television from genre. We'll be discussing bigfoot SaaS squad scripted paranormal Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventures and so much more. That's of these new big foot campaign admit I don't even though Roland that's that sounds right gets to come yellow let's just. Yeah and there's so many. Jokes are to come from director of the bill. It's happening minority go in the right and I are talking about Savannah Georgia and specifically this are all we'd house. Which anybody who is seen goes under what was that season to object. So I wanna say there was no I think it was season three that we and they weird elementary. The great episode of go senators also would it be season duke is season three departed Bryant. To answer that today. A ghost adventures also spent time there are a lot of paranormal television has focused on Savannah and the places in and around. Savannah and our guest tonight is Nicholas wood we're talking about the the Soro we'd house and Nicklaus and I wanna get into the history of the house itself. I don't know where the best place to start you'd be the person to do it ended tell us about this or we house. We are look at this are we it is. 161000. Square foot Greek branch in action on the square here and there where. And it simply taking 38. Very well. It should be urged. Ears and today was no wedding get. Actual. And it was it is ousted the celebrated. It raised I'm Marty. For Beijing area right until tragic. Agency. In. Matilda toppled from the Urquhart over. Railing and land and a crumpled at in the courtyard gondola. During those times. Mail had. Other tragedies day checkered of course there's a lot folklore and legend. I. The story and urgent. The committee on which. Story that you were coached or guide you about their urging the it's street it took place here but fortunately it eat at. A little bit clear picture. It injury it transpired here. A little bit more fascinating and tragic that the well. We beat the property itself. I don't know yet noticed an opposite the side of British Turks. Red shirt war. And this second at. Higher air ish east eat it. Today and I think it's an accurate we're experiencing now are pretty. Regain visceral. Soldiers being seen. Marching treaty. Lower house. At all. The users. Marching enters year really attack and perceived been described as we. We didn't white stockings in jail. The finder. Arts actor Kirk here property. It similar picture in. You you use try to repair industry. And get a correlation between activity we experience and what transpired here. No matter when I was there they were also talking about how even in the cemetery that certain bridge tomorrow for you. And the soldiers were removing bodies from some of those entities and staying in there. And colonial park secretary. Yeah colonial. Well at that opened at eight and thirteen bit. And so at our leisure work. Eat. There. The secretary was already. Quite a whole spot and we grew up yet all. And it sure they. Dig out there are a secretary. Hey doctor Ed stay. They change. And extras. And they get it break open well. Whole topic and subtler way. Currently laid to rest and an eight point eight take shelter and equal. And your ankle that whether it. Right out of it paid in the industry. Incredible. So pretty much right in also when I was there I know that they were talking about her so many bodies. They were buried throughout Savannah that even if they wanted to build. I'm building a structure whatever they had to do core samples because the possibility of them hitting. Hitting bones and human remains who it was highly and a lot of these areas is that is that true. Yeah actually even there early colonial. Agree or interior. Art church. Here. Where homes were absent at the court in oh eventually. And being relocating body. When people to secretary beer or typical cat. ADR. We built on top of their senators built on top of their debt it truly a city that. Area. It. Leading Internet at a cheaper install it Jack back court. Holes are now. Plantation that how. Eat out there and that is great Barry just outback where you try to build is actually Shipley cult Eddie. And senators yeah it is our report are now. Ain't that out and you ought there art I'm not sure what the course is eight. They simply entered the McCall got a record it and that was back. She's in the all right so we're gonna do we get a ticket top of the hour break the we come back more you'll soon GCG. Beyond reality really chase and javy is we are enjoying the start of another broadcast week. Yes it's one is and it's Wednesday. Monday OS goes Tuesday and the on the East Coast and many to start somewhere between what can be on our failure to myself gee sounds like oh Stevie Johnson did you miss a few days and I EMD head it's you know what it is it's because I went to bed last night at around 1 in the morning I got up at 4:30 in the morning. And I've been up ever since so marking only three hours sleep which is an uncommon for me you know that right. But I feel like. I don't know element I feel like I've I've drank couples expects just look like it and I'm fighting to stay away you know he'd instantly he had that feeling without the calories exits are pretty good secret if you consider that I do that now I or just get let's get lessons or hours of sleep and a CIA functions. You know who Jack Meyer is right the guy who runs the red Chinese Amazon the Chinese version of Amazon which is called Alibaba. Oh yeah yeah. He gave a speech the other day he is talking about how the world needs to prepare itself for decades of pain related to the shift. That the world will see in all of its economy. From a brick and mortar type our economy to a digital age economy basically the Internet is going to take over most of the economies of most of the world and it's gonna be very very painful transition. Well I've I believe it to be true just speak it well you see it with everything from like Barnes and Noble's that are closing down left and right now how is everybody's getting their books online. Two it. Half the time I don't even go to the store and you know it's. I feel like sometimes in my house chairman exile certainly a three days go by it'll be lick my eye when he left the house. His everything aborted has been through rams yeah because I can get it in 24 hours so why drive down to store. It is really unbelievable how it's changing the way we are we we shot the way we live our lives. I can tell you the last ten things I bought at all then online. And with her Amazon prime or wherever it is guarantee it's usually the next day you can get. Basically anything you want. The exact one you want you don't have to settle for what the store has asked if there are twenty different versions disarray. Not to set he get a great price generally it's ship right here house I mean it's really really hard to beat it in as somebody who's the who's been radio for a long time it's been a painful process for a lot of radio stations because. The mom and pop stores that used to sell products like that are not able to compete and then I can understand what he's talking about he said. In the next thirty years the world will see much more pain than happiness social conflicts in the conflicts in the next three decades eleven impact. And all sorts of industries and walks of lights as will the job disruptions caused by the Internet. So like the new world beat them you know the government stop paying your Amazon shipments from coming your country bring you an edge in that. So we gotta keep an eye on what's happening but we're seeing these things and he also ties and into robotics and how robotics between robotics and and and online commerce. You know our the our economic model the model that we've known for the last basically 200 plus years is just going to separate going to be gone. While but I think a lot of the younger generation. Are already prepared for that they've grown up well they just who had nothing but elect right there habits are that way but still the economy is still based on people going to work in building things are people going to work conserving things or whatever happens to be. And is that disappears as countries from series of people. Well even there's a whole thing our line I'm talking about. They hope to have a set up or eventually everybody's got a three printer. In your home and boy when you order something. Is the it's just the plans to send you three printer and it can printed out there and depending on what it is of course. But you order an iPhone case you order something similar to that in just its printed out your home you you have it in a twenty minutes later. Going to be crazy to a system evolves we crazies. Here hear about that that lowly and moved that car company. No no this so electric flying cars. Flying cars might actually be right around the corner if you look at but and then. This one's all electorate this two seater Lou Williams jet. Took its first test flight this week Lillian aviation prototype consumes around 90%. Less energy. That a drone style aircraft while it feeds trans transportation mode of the future they're calling it on. This week Germany based company Lillian deviations to its new all electric two seater vertical takeoff and landing. Prototype for its first test slightly Chet was piloting normally during the test. But its creators say the vehicle's first manned flight will happen extremely soon. 36 separate jet engines mounted on twelve movable flaps normally in jets thirty foot long wings. Park Kraft flaps looks up and Donna take off to provide vertical lift. And the NATO gradually until horizontal position for forward thrust lien says that the electric battery enables the aircraft to reach a maximum cruising speed. Of 183. Miles an hour. And it can achieve a range of a 183 miles. While it all while it's consuming around 90% less energy than your own style aircraft. So litter Lou I take it sit there and say if I get one of these accumulated TV I'll I'll be over about an hour and a half. Now and up but I think it done is it gonna require it humans to pilot the yet there and it kind of scary that part scares me a little bit he met I mean how bad enough it is for people driving on the roads and imaginative don't do flying all over the place was just like my who legislate my drones here I have a set up around in the iPad where I can literally just open up Google Maps. And just tell the drone Politico. Seoul and they have no detection software and so wouldn't rely on the human polls put him in these I guess right now they have. Our pilot controlling it from there on man but they expect to have men vehicles being tested shortly. I'm so I mean if you can just program in. Think takes her and offerings that are critical stuff. They wanna give a quick shout outs and you stations it just came on how it's WNEL. In Melbourne Florida welcome beyond reality radios family and WJ and L. In Travers city Michigan Ian welcome beyond reality real Sam. We got a great show coming up tonight will be talking with Nicklaus would he is the Savannah storyteller we're going to be talking about his. Work with the sorrow we'd house in Savannah Georgia which today you know you've got some experience with plus other things going on in and around here has just sound used to be the bear Stephen Bader and believe in we told the master master yeah yeah I'm sure he'd been dead Tuesday we've gotten death. How oxman joining us. She's a spirit communicators she talks with spirits on the other side as soon as a messenger. When she hears sees and smells spirits and then she also does things. Regarding your past your present in your future social talked about. I guess so we can have listeners called stalking in the past or present or future whatever. And I guess you like my jokes are totally laughable and quickly before the un ethical things to a new Lindsay we got Jon Jeter returning our gonna pick up pretty much were left off we talked him in the past he. It is a self proclaimed that time traveler so we're going to be talking now about time travel I should pressure goals and and more so I'm on Thursday we've got Eric Ullman. We're going to be talking about all weird things bigfoot SaaS squad scripted. Colonel Pennsylvania big foot camping adventures which I know Jimmy China sign up for now and and more. We got a lot of great stuff coming up. Her phone number is 8446877669. Or to take a break when we come back Nicholas wood will join us he's with these are only counts in Savannah Georgia it's beyond reality. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. On reality radio Jason Hawes and TV Johnson our telephone. Received 446877669. Thank you. To the news stations joining me beyond reality radio group. Yes WM EL in Melbourne Florida and WJ ML. Tremors for city Michigan and we had a much more coming on next week as well also you know if you like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash B unreality radio or. Beyond rallied to radio dot com or consciously keeping that updated itself. I took it were to be talking about Savannah Georgia and visceral we'd house specifically. Which is and so is energy spent time there guest. Is Nicholas wood he is the operations manager for the Soro we'd house and nine Nicklaus again thanks for joining us some beyond reality radio. I really wanna get into some of these stories though you see this is awesome most people are trying to run from an analyst at. You're. It's a unique role here. Work at it like this we view and Jason we get I care. Go. You did you have I eternal or is it still people leaving their due to the activity that's going on there. It yet and it yes I suppose that would be. Our story. No you know read it not everybody. War. Right now where where. There are. Well there are. Everybody right. Well we're doing now I mean I burst your Jirga. Boulders out trying to lock. Well and extremely hot air. Two. Large this. Are assembled that's like my perfect job. Well now all we were there leader there we have a lot of strange things that one on that the the beer house and no we're who we caught screaming which silent obviously female screaming and a bunch a bunch of other strange things what's the weirdest thing you've experienced since you've been working there. OK so I try to error on constantly. Number we're actually captured the screening. Out from our church nine. There'd been an disturbance. There we are being very similar Q and we got record record banging. Apple or carry yeah. A scenario I'm hearing. Being. Somebody up here shouldn't be eaten you know maybe just do things like Gartner. Staircase. She's ED beat former slave quarters. And there are no pain I don't I don't scene here or where it where Molly's. The doors opened and light. Outside where an. Iconic. Writing her or just sort of not up here around. That happened. And I all I can hear EU. Background. Yet here. And in the very large. Black shadow. Very tall very large. Starts. Eight start from the doorway it brought. Not moving slowly ease. Very fast paced work it. That shocked me copies off guard I expect it turned out there. Reps in Italy and Britain about me or are there other. Former Ole. White sheet and I'd just see it goes out and start. It took a little while eating eat and polite got to where I can describe what you're seeing it. So all these years here that's probably this straight. Startling. Slicker or property. But it's not a thing where you're feeling in fear of your safety there go right it's more justly. The fact the you might encounter something may year on prepared for. Because it. He normally you're there wasn't like at any point. We felt like we're our our safety was at stake it was more just. You can be walking around a corner and sees something that you are prepared to see at that moment. Exactly exactly and typically average. He had harper electric swore a real her. And or. Being an alleyway here you'd be you beast out to be sure. Typically wind we might well or others after a period. They can and promote an extra year there. Are. Great what their spirits were. Confusion and I'm very confused. Here. It is really happening. And so it really worked there until. We. Now go back and I know it. What we spirit or. Is real it really fair where not a lot. We've got about notes about four minutes for we have to go to break me a little less but I want to get into some of these stories because this are just really cool story you mentioned Matilda you mentioned Molly's Telus. About the stories individually they were met we're tragedy. Somalia the story. Paper editors. But ever. There. Aren't there during an art at age sixty girls. It in the party are cute party guests were right. It's a girl is looking all property or. Error a young Haitians eight at call sheet being. Two years. She until personal. She surged through yet there are our. Lord. Reluctantly telling Gary. Or scores aren't lower. Your work. Imagining her. She's ever tell our Ali. Lap it. Would be great quarters Ali. Being Mitchell is personal and and answer currently. Our quarters. Why would she be out there. Searching where our search should go to eight quarters not all or out. This story. All the issues that are for sir well. And get it by case she is back out there. Are. Better. Her lower. And and every by stating she can we age should go well we we we ocean. All got got out been out in. Others she should simply rumors well. It lunacy as it was reported it got eight hours. You are now. What is this I am letters. Crumpled mass. And story continues to Ali. Is out two weeks later. Insider. And oh lord it's a little lower. I'll opted my little digital pier Luigi or. Understate. Perhaps all now play either hand than what it is Eddie didn't partners try to eagle scandal. Utters and again there are some anticipated I don't believe she may be murdered they rent out. And it's just trying to cover it up or out of anger for a loss I out of. At a I suppose that it and businesses I mean it isn't it is he achieved this source. Is out there. Or on line being depressed. Yeah to god knows it can't be the guys all right. Yes and and RVs and you're. Either or both of these. Spirits Mali and Matilda. Is there any evidence of them being contacted in the house. And we're about twenty seconds here. Yeah. It back we conduct rate where it should that are open. In but it. Numbers. To count and try to error is very near. There are just so people apple the day they added. A EV action. Think art Whipple who needs the entities. Sorry we're talking with Nicholas wood from the Sorrell we'd house it's beyond reality great teams. Agents Jason stats is Jason TV veteran beyond reiterated Jason just Aston chat room which crap co product prep golf course the sponsor of the program on people seem to like has some. The bit to craft collection takes requests as to which marshals the play during the program during the program yet so far via the home surgery care at home or church here seem to be. The favorite has to. But the sooner we get that little bit later in the program for all the fans and the critical products but tonight we're talking with. Nicholas wood for. On the Soro we'd house in Savannah Georgia he's the operations manager there. Just it just a fascinating house and and as you've ever seen pictures of it Tom he's just did is a marvel to look at in his for your very very beautiful inside and has some really interesting things that have occurred in the house over the years and all of that plus being situated in very very. Paranormal active city of Savannah. It just adds up to a phenomenal experience in Nicklaus we talked about Matilda we talked about Malik. What goes off Francis. Threat is sort of very clever. Man and eat at lot of ways he needled. You'd dealing solely eat snacks and I well. Time. Lower personal attack. You. Very Smart. Enough to hurt or it. Maybe a lot of may I don't know this practice actually armor. Pretty crazy secret sting at work. Were pretty dark for it today. Those that. Are well. His greatest secret was back at other. He was born and seventeen I read ago his father was a French nobleman is up there what should. To add sheet I. That we shall. And that is fodder. To your. Slave uprising there eighties. They. Hear it or are actually being. Slaughtered and edited it. Has to try and eat it served Barnes. Is too. It that way I walls and sellers. Well until he smuggled out. Ego. Big week in the US but. They are in history some more. Than a lot of great pictured. Anybody that now the act did I did. Agree. He himself was very very dark market. It would have been educated. His entire life is well it is is fortunate it is I'm connections. That it would have hit it basically it. Until about the last month or BE IBE. He sort comes clean to his eldest daughter. His at least area who otherwise was. A get argue. There. But it surprises me your mandate the world. We read this broad truly was even know deer are very late. He act here on this property. In that our minds. That. Via your website is Savannah storyteller dot com by the way for anybody looking to get more information about what you're doing but you. You've also you're. A toward guides for Savannah. So you know a lot about what's going on not just at this role we house but in other places can you share with this a couple of cement his best. Creepy you're ghost stories. You know why yes. I actually were so. Old city is being. It. 300 years back. Here here. Location that we get straight. Year. It. It got some brick story. About it being inspirational. There aren't they. Tragedy. That beautiful Victorian mansion. It square. App. Pool is ghost stories that I like art is. Yet. Where out on air talking about. Victorian. Yes stepping. Street. Are actually. Right and it'll street. They capture. Goes to goes back captured the few people oh walking. Across the street. And deeply jumping up. Almost like you see scare well you know it's very. Are all the guests are senator world watching. Air. Pictures here this. This woman who has urgently she grew. I ever and all urgently eaters straight across the street. A little creepy scary it even better they're dressed in what I call rather waters closed. So here it is right get that you know we can't go Larry it's ignorance or your career where. Guests are seeing the things that occur in photographs are got a child. Over. Yet square. Running around. With an actuary and hot that we. Should. She's YouTube exact. Chair her weight. That is unchanged out sheet or square. I really creek parents are. But it really creeped out there check this out when they're out there watching. What are absent. They're out here and and it's just what we find your hard earned her. Ghosts are. Well and and there in Savannah where would you say would be the most active location and in all of Savannah. I'm gonna happen on perhaps follow by iconic status we. I investigated and locations. Dot org district could it now. Well. Internet any Internet is. Very. Favorite. We got beat. How where people are spirit during the day there. Or here or history or are snapping photos way it. A soldier. Sitting in their photographs marching. That. But when we go to Q. Squatters. Or want it to try to capture moisture and air. Or. Air. It kept as a real terror investigators. That are here are researching it starting and looking at a yeah an open perspective. And stated that are we actually release is the most active location. And how many visitors would you say you gays get through there monthly. Multiple and so every time we get it matters. Between 2 o'clock in the morning at 10 o'clock. We act and now. Art in the six and it really. Well. It struck a camera that our our bench against. So 120000. Visitors the year it's small or tourist attraction. Where we're not a big. Where is and where we're just used to work. We should really rigorously. Now I just spent so weakened in Salem Massachusetts senator Menino Salomon's history and its reputation and Salem comes alive during the Halloween season to Savannah see that kind of uptick as well. You know how to write about that when I first got this and a week. Ago and I aren't being. It is because like how we are year round. I was surprised at how league but bigger it. And it her way sure all the ghost workers out you know we do a special I'll investigation air. But I really about it to be celebrated a little bit or so. Compared to how much how it actually. Quiet as far as fighting games. Issue because it's Halloween goes oh are. My well or basically out of time Nicklaus wanna thank you for joining us and again what did you give the website or any other information that might be helpful for people who find out more about what Europe too and what the house is doing. Yet Jason our favorite pick it means that story. Our app HD creepy images. That are are bringing out here. I also auditors are we out. See what we're doing where is street architectural or your day. Special or. Limited sides to order I and it's a bit more it yet. But I check out these rights and and check that. We regret it. Captured in the last few weeks they really get actors. We'll javy and I are gonna have to figure out timed charity get down there and stop arm over him and check of austerity and anyway so. But thanks so much for coming on hang out with listen and talk annum and Walsh and talking less about Sorrell windows. Yet yet gay and expert partner. We. Right thanks so much yeah. And tired of the costly charges and bombing a loved one doesn't. The meeting with the mortician interfere with your play on the back nine he oversaw. There's got to be a cheaper way. Save money and do it on your own time went to crap go home and bombing chick. She had crap go home and bombing can. Consistent all the key instruments needed to start bombing at home today to hide her respirator is the last meter Saturday. Chemical in chapter operating systems super dream to suture needles that and more. Tillman and vessels passing Mickey that's a trip to the small why little. Local keystroke interfere with your backstroke used to Prague Oklahoma bombing came to start small. What do you show that notre intend to call themselves. Yeah. Partial credit goes to see you money. May not be right Nina theatrical hell. It may not even be legal go to craft go home and bombings that you'll save on the way to the green Franco helping out the living so you can afford to go. Chipped. It to him. Well mr. let's that was a close call your recovering nicely but good thing we got here for that emergency surgery when he did it. I feel great now oh and here's the bill for insurance didn't cover would. Well there goes another one. Listeners who got lunch in ten minutes. Does this ever happened to you go to the hospital for a little surgery only to be stricken by huge bill like this will not anymore with the crowd go home surgery can't tell us have. You must sign that doctor wanted 200 dollars or look at me. Minutes later on the Internet I was pretty sure in my. It's polite crowd that crap go home surgery can we got for Christmas in twenty minutes later we are on our way to dinner at the dark and clear this isn't what's at the moment thanks crap. Got an estimated 3700 dollars for circumcision house able to do Hamas Olson comes to my own and they were crap goes home surgery Q after a couple monitor affections I was a move around like around our welcome our mosque Mac. 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I think I think to suggests as a consumer that. They should probably bundled those two together you know late. And that's just yeah he sent on a lot of sense is if if you fail with the surgery than you can have the home Obama can you know. They can lose his name and some of the tools might be the same antitrust experts feel that sells about a sick at the pep. The thrill is nasty feeling about it through oh man what do we do tired always got to be of a big shout out to Nicklaus would. Santa story teller c'mon I'm hanging out of the signings it's talking about while the activity going on over there and it isn't great location we were there for I think all X six days. And we discussed some incredible activity level and it's a beautiful prop you know really gorgeous and logo looks on salute gorgeous in the whole city's ordinance. Alia Savannah she just itself when one of my favorite. On tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Debra Holtzman and she communicates with spirits on the other side as well as hears sees and smells Adam. She also sees things regarding your past present and future so I'm sure there's going to be a lot of people wanted to call and have questions for a zone. Take that it actually stick over now receive 446877669. Agony for 4687. 7669. Interest to have your. Less children yet and time traveler John teeter will be joining us on Wednesday night we've had him on the program before not only do it anyway. My parents I mean what have you traveled back prior to we have him. That could change everything. Then we've got to change trial back prior to when we have him. Then yeah I don't know. Hasn't worked I don't know I'm Adam. Do you see the smoke amount of years now. We will be talking to him Wednesday night and he's going to be picking up where pretty much where we left off fees from the year 2036 this is our story goes he will. He came. It's as if the 2002. She actually stayed there because he met somebody and phone love fend. He still travel still has time machine and we'll talk about it some more when we have him on Wednesday night. But couldn't he go into the future and keep on going back to that point where he meets them this person falls in love that we can. Feel that sensation. Well me and he won't there are a lot of things I mean one of the mile and a morning out of so again how would he if you went there and went back. I mean. It's just that it's a big mess. It is tarred it sort of did your brain around it. Tonight Erica Altman will join us Eric is a good friend of ours and he is. I think he's the president of the Pennsylvania bigfoot society we know he's done something with the Pennsylvania bigfoot camping adventure. Which sounds like it might be PG thirteen related and sure. I'm I'm going to tell you that are brought. It's as this that's this that's this around now a quick and open a big footnote ten days this is just it's going to be a rough rough. Decade yet. He's been a fan of horror and science fiction movies were very very long time spent his childhood watching films and television from the genre and will be talking about big foot crypt kids paranormal. Events. And more throughout Pennsylvania when their Coleman on Thursday night if you haven't yet again head over. To the FaceBook dot com site. A FaceBook dot com and back slash B unreality radio and wait to FaceBook page were costly updating you with the news stations starting Tehran. Arm in two big go to beyond reality radio dot com click to listen lie to join a somewhat as some night during the show. While we're alive scum and hang out were always in the chat room chilling own taking questions from Matt. You can also there's a brand new android and iPhone app you can access some break from the beyond reality radio dot com site as well. Yep do that makes things easier. And dull the sharp podcast via downloads should podcast or listen favorite charade when you do please and thanks to those who have rated that's been very very helpful for us dealt with the word out and as some feedback and great to. One among the one more thing about the website if you stop there there is a page for the guests you can go to the gas tab. See information about guest that have been on the program there are links to books or dvds or whatever they happen to have that they're offering listeners and it's been great and easy way. To find that information. It would try to put all at. And pretty much a one spot makes a nice easy you know not looking at him look at the past guests if you wanna look up some of the books of paper didn't. And things that they talked about. But again thanks for everybody's support on the show you're the reason the show is a success. And we all that all teal and will never forget that be listen JC GB beyond really to reveal catcher tomorrow night. And media is to discuss its include these in Alexandria Johnson ever Conley. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello and it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what you want. You liked being Gaston beyond reality radio email to swing getting. Let's slinging any ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.